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Dunbar Rowland
$4th YEAR
Early Recollections
of Old Noxubee.
- To 77k Beacon:
It seems there is no end to the inter
est mj humble articles In the Beacon,
; touching upon the lone ago, have
I have had' several letters from par
ties scattered all over the Sonthern
States whose fathers, brothers, uncles,
nephews or some dear friend's name
had figured somewhere in them and
wrote me to thank me for the mention
. Below will be found a letter from Mr.
W. CJLloyd, manager of the Postal
Telegraph Co., with head-quarters at
Atlanta. Ga , and who has jurisdiction
over several southern Btates.
Mr., Lloyd is a son of Lieut. W. E,
Lloyd, nuntiou of whom was made in
my article six weeks ago as having be
longed to the Gulf City Guards of Mo
bile, 24th Alabama Regiment, and
nephew of R. H. Lloyd, of the same
command, whose tragic end, near Rock
Island prison, Illinois, after the war,
I recounted in my article a month ago
Office Superintendent. 3rd Division
Postal TVlegrraoh-Cable Compiny
Atlanta, Ua., January 27.
or, j. 4. nayme,
Quitmar, MUa.
Dear Mr. Haynie:
My brother-in-law, Charles Daniel, of
waynesooro, has forwarded me the
copies of the Macon Beacon, containing
articles written by you touching upon
ine early experiences of my father,
W. E, .Lloyd, in and around Shuqualak;
ana or me tragic death of our kinsman
Richard LloydL
. These articles I have read with deep
interest, and have carefully preserves
thorn lor future reference.
Your interest is greatly appreciated,
anu i desire to especially thcnk you for
your courtesy in putting these article
in the channel to reach me.
"'ishing you a prosperous New Year,
and with assurance of high personal re
gard, I remain,
v- ' , W.C.Lloyd."
Another letter comes from Mrs J.
Frank Williams, of Malvern, Ark.,
who was living at Shuqualak when the
Quitman Light Infantry ball was given
January 1st,. 1855, and who was ?!ien
, jast seven yrars oJffcge, in eomme.u
upon my articles, -all of which she has
seen, says among other things:
"I have been reading your articles to
Macon Jieacon with so much interest.
( ior tne names ot many persons you
mentioned are so laminar to me, al
though I was but seven years of age
when the military ball was held, Janu
ary, 1855. In the first reading all does
not seem c'ear. but I sit and meditate
over the articles when some faint mem
ory of incidents connected with Bome of
them makes all clear.
"I dearly love to dwell in the past,
especially where narratives, like yours,
touch upon so much that was, and is
dear and I hope to see more of them."
The Mrs. Williams referred to above
was a daughter of E. B. Haynie, of
Shuqualak, and who, just after the v. ar,
, conducted a millinery establishment in
Macon during - the years that C. M.
Thomas was sheriff, her establishment
being just south of the old Bush Hotel,
she later removing to Brandon, and
from there to Union City, Tenn., and
later to Malvern, Ark.
Following up my "recollections,"
thoughts now possess me of the order
. issued by the war department of the
Confederacy ordering out "Sixty Day"
troops, which inlts sweeping required
that every able-bodied white male be
tween the ages of 16 and 60 years must
report for duty at once.
Shuqualak and the vicinity were able
to raise a ' small . company of these
"cradle and grave" soldiers, and with
out any time to drill, they were rushed
to Boiling Green, Kentucky, where a
battle was iminent.
Dr. Bates, though exempt because of
his profession, went along as the Cap
tain. , ..
I remember it was bitter cold, and
that these poor boys and old men were
rushed off to a still colder climate with
out, (some of them), more than a jean3
"roundabout jacket." with no lining in
it, and pants of the same, and with a
thin quilt or blanket as covering, and
that within fifteen days after they left
eight of the number came back as
corpses, having died of pneumonia.
I well remember that among a lot of
the corpses unloaded from the( express
or baggage car at Shuqualak one morn
ing was that of Isaac White, who was
the tallest man, by eight inches, that
ever lived in the county, his height hav
ing been 7 feet and 7 inches, and of the
wonderment the length of his coffin,
(a plain poplar-wood box), created as
it lay on the platform, pending arrange
ments for burial. I also remember the
Btench these corpses created, these
deaths having occurred, some of them,
five days before and the corpses brought
all the way in the stove-heated baggage
or express car.
Speaking of Isaac White having been
the tallest man in the county, reminds
me that be also enjoyed the distinction
of being the biggest eater in the county.
It was White who said that a turkey
was a very inconvenient fowl "a leetle
too much for one man and not quite
enough for two," and I remember fur
ther that in 1859 he was summoned to
circuit court at Macon as a witness and
that it fell to his lot that day to take
dinner at the Cub Williams hotel on
Main Street, just across the street from
the southwest comer of the court house
square, and that after having sit at the
table, eating, until the table had been
cleared, (all but him), four times, and
the fifth crowd was filing in, (Williams
here seeing the .waiters were in convul
sions of laughter and the cook; grum
bling), he went to White and told him
that if he would get up and leave that
he would gladly make him a present of
what he had eaten, here White answer
ing, saying: -'If I can't make $2.50 on
a public day like this, I think I ought
to," (here proceeding to carve a fresh
baked chicken that had just been
brought in, (all the while the waiters
splitting their, sides . laughing), here
Williams agreeing that if he, (White),
would agree to never darken his door
again that he would gladly giye him the
12.50, which hedid.;
Note: If there is any old citizen
about Shuqualak now living that figured
in those days he" will' vouch" for the
truthfulness of all that I have said
about Isaac White, for this Macon hap
pening was well linked to his history.
But alas for generous, genial Cub
Williams and many others whose names
I have, in my articles, mentioned like
tutumn leaves, they are now scattereJ,
dome here, some there and others sweet
ly sleeping where the daisies bloom and
the ivy creeps. J, J. Haynie.
The road hands on the Stovall Bridges
Elace was assigned to road link 110,
.eland Hines, overseer.
The petition of Tom Eaves for refund
of taxes was rejected.
S W Heard was allowed the sum of
$44 29 for lumber.
Wm Spiller, Sr.. was released from
W J Thornell and Jim Shaw were re
leased from tax on dog
Petitions of Sid Webb and Imperial
Cotton Oil Co., for refund and reduc
tion of taxes were rejected.
The following changes in toad over
seers were made:
Ed Norwood resigned; J F Barnhillap'd
B G Coleman
A M Dinsmore '
G Din8tnore " 1
W J Barnhill
Jim Stewart '
Leon Dent "
v The resignation
not accepted, and
WE Dee
K C Smith "
' Jim White "
Henkle Moore"
no overseer "
Pomp Smith "
of Jim Garten was
clerk was ordered to
Board of Supervisors.
The Poard met in regular session.
All members present, also clerk and
The contract for building steel bridge
across Horse Hunter creek was let to
the Champion Bridge Co., at and for
he sum of $3,850. to bs completed bv
June 1st, 1313. -
return commission to him
W E Mauldin, convict overseer, was
ordered to make complete report of all
property in his hands at next meeting
of board '" c
I sham Bell was refunded "poll tax
Contract for building bridge on Shu
qualak and Wahalak road was awarded
tott L Cotton.
F O'Byme and. Tom Williams were
released from poll tax. ' '..
In the matter of additional-assessments,
made under the direction of the
State Revenue Agert, it was ordered
that the clerk of this board furnish a
copy of said assessments to the tax col
lector and to the auditor of public ac
counts. , tr
In the matter of additional assess
ments made to W W. Shannon and W
E Stokes of $17 000 made by this board,
it is ordered that the actio ? of the
board is herebv reconsidered, it appear
ing that said sum was bearing 6 per
cent interest and is exempt from taxa
tion. The road commissioners In district 3
werd ordered to Lave the street in front
of the court bouse graveled the full
width of the street.
A G Cunni igh;im was appointed over
seer of road link No 141 in place of
Walter Parker.
seer of link No 22 in place of A G Cun
ningham, Jr. . I
M G Weybnrn was released from tax
on land erroneously assessed.
J L Kobbins, J L Grace, L L Good
win, T J Maxey, and u fc tunes were
released from dee tax.
The following accounts, petitions,
etc, were continued: Jv T McLeod,
petition for new road; in re repair of
river bridge in Macon; in re bridge over
AVe deliver tiour
purchases onthe
Walter Roby was-released jflfya ff TC,2iwri,ic5e. . cwM.acoa-.and -Memphis
Coiirt, State vs.
Officers of
Rolit. Divine
same, mq on lSlmore Inmble
Doment Pr't'e Co . book. . . .
W O Barnes. Sr.. desk....
Columbia Trust Co., bond..
Pauley Jail Co., hammocks
E, Gales, resetting grates..
Officers of Court, State vs
Robt Divine......:;.... .
Same, vs ChaH Moore
Same, vi Pom Silvey
DC Ferns overbid........ .
L W Smith, overbid
C L Heinrich, cuspidors....
E Hagin. globes
Jas K Jackson, salary and
C L Cole, sta allowance
Horseshoe Gro Co., peas. ...
Foote. Davies & Co., books
R Dusran. bridire and lbr
W A Williams, sundries....
Gus Cunningham, repairs...
W M Hunter & Co . nails..
D Tvson & Co.. nails....
8rooksy!e Hdw Co. lumber
and nails
W B Cade, lumber
W W McG'nee, nails...
W C Strait, lumber
E Clear an., lumber. ......
Nunn & Co., bridge and lbr
J Loiton. tick inspector. .
B C Moore, Jr., same......
E L. Stevens, same '.
City of Macon, lights
Henry Herman, cabbage..
'no A Tyson, sundry items
Horseshoe Gro Co., convict
Klaus & Co., same. . , ....... .,
G Augustus, stumpage..
ff Bell, lumber
City Hdw & Fur Co., sundries -
Al & F Bank, Dist 2, express
on bonds.;
Memphis Stone & Grav Co. .
Wheelock Eng Co .
Healey Con Co.
H H Brooks, Jr............. '
J A Tyson, sundry from Dist
Ed M Murphey. medicines. v
E O Kirby, supt poor house
J T Kemp, repairing bridge
G W Taylor, repairing bridge .
A T Dent, salary.. .
D A Williams, salary
W E Mauldin, salary......
John mimes, board
23 50
1'4 00
6 50
13 00
5 00
40 80
4 50
8 60
22 SO
17 30
2 8.1
5 13
9 00
1 80
93 85
, 5 05
3 00
55 25
29 73
. 7 83
6 85
" CO
4 35
12 P6
' 2 40
5 25
25 25
5 94
12 30
45 00
30 00
22 20
74 32
48 99
127 16
5 27
'4 00
6 00
26 63
818 8'1
108 16
819 87
10 00
56 63
26 95
84 50
5 00
3 50
20 84
46 50
75 00
6 00
J w Haddon. salary ... 100 00
D F Allgood, salary 100 00
Geo Richardson, dist 2 100 00
Jno A Tyson, sundries for
office 5 95
S M Thomas, sureying yard 5 00
Macon Beacon. Drintine and
publishing 67 14
Geo Richardson, . dist 3 125 00
M & F Bank, frt on gravel 2,136 36
C L Ferris, sundries. . : 13 00
K E Dantzler. postacre. etc 24 83
S;me. feeding prisoners...; 94 10
Western Scraper Co.. plow
points 9 60
H P Thomas, bridge and lbr 8 50
V A Thomas, nails 30
Noxubee Co Hdw Co., sun
dries " 40 30
W B Cade, lumber " 4 50
Tom White, putting in light 1 78
iroop a, rent lor armory.
road: E L Carpenter, communication;
J B JarviS, jus.iee of the peace, peti
tion of substitute tor bond; & L (Jar
penter, account for moving drift; J J
Prince & Co , account of $5 65 for sun
dries; J f Hunter, !j428 tor repairing
river bndire.
On application of trustees of Hancock
county school fund, it was ordered
that the sum of $531 53, being amount
on hand, be and the same is appropri
ated for the purposes mentioned in
Code. ...
Petition of J S Defile- to buy Deale
school house was rejected
Petition of Mrs Emma Cockrell for
retund of expenses or abstract was re
jected. Clerk was ordered to advertise for
bids for building bridge in Bnykin field
and Harlan bridge on W E Skinner
link of road. ' '
Petition of trustees of Martin's
Chapel school was referred to County
School board. . .-. ,
Petition ot Ch'as Hardin tor corection
of assessment was granted.
Petition of E E Dantzler for correc
tion of assessment -against Sarah Rob
inson was granted. .
The following trustees of 16th 'sec
tions in following townships are hereby
appointed for year .1913: T 13, R 15:
T H Hurst, G & Reynolds, Geo Connor;
T 14, R 15: W C Strait, W B Rodg
ers. Ince Russell: T 15. R 15: E H
Burch, J N Boykin, B,0 Triplett; T 16,
If 15: W U Morgan, u l. Archer, J
F M Allen; T 13, R 16: J W Rogers,
J R Dugan, N L Cotton; T 14 R 16;
1 G Guy, Tom Jackson.. C J Byrd; T
15, R 16: B C' Moore, J L Bell, B W
Craig; -T 16. R 16; J O Cook, T F
Harper; J R Carpenter: T 13, R 17:
J W Jenkins. J C Flora. 1 D Tvaon:
T 14, ,R 17: I R Evans, Gus McLeod,
C Colburn; T15, R 17: W Y Rogers.
Philip Goussett, H B Gurler; T 17, R
17: T W Madisoh, R S Curtis, T W
Tate; T 13, R 18: W J Thornell, V A
Pate. WiU Hill; T 14, R 18: K T Mc
Leod. Leon Dent, W R Bush; T 15 R
18: S M' Cockrell, J F Carr, J S Cav
ett; T 16,R 18:-. Jno M Robertson, C
T DougJas Thoa M -Dee; T.13, R 19:
Dr R L Holladar. J E Robbins, J R
Spark man; T 14: R 19: J H White, W
W Binion, W E Skinner; T 16, R 19:
W A Cheatham, T W Jackson. W H
Smith; T 16, R 19: W S Mullins, J L
Patty, J Q Poindexter. . .
Said trustees were directed to make
report at the April meeting of this
board, which lands or proceeds belong
ing to said township and when leases
expire, and such other- recommenda
tions as they may think proper.
E O Kirby, supt of poor house, made
report and it was ordered that said re
port be returned to him for completion,
to De hied at next meeting of the board.
The following petitions were received
and filed: J S carpenter, communica
tion as to road; J R Moor, communica
tion at to back taxes. -
YV E Stokes was granted permission
to buy tvo or three pieces of culvert at
the original cost of same.
W A Williams was released from
dog tax. . ; ' .
The appointment by county assessor
of W N Haynes as deputy assessor of
district 4 and G M Gilmore of district 5
was confirmed.
Petition of Gus McLeod, guardian o.'
Winifred fv'rLeod, for change of assesi
H invite yoiP to visit their store at JB
your earliest" opportunity, to:. in- 1M
111 I I " SpCCt anC try n tlie'stvn'sn new B
Report of clerk as to jail bonds was
received and approved.
-The resignation of tho Wheelock
Entrineeriiig Co', as engineers for dis
trict 5, was received Hnd accepted and
the. contract between the company and
the commissioners of said district was
The report of L F role, county treas
urer, was continued until next month.
The account of the Contm n.al Trust
Co., for commissions in' handling road
bonds of distridt 3 was allowed in sum
of $8 60.
Good Roads report of J C Campbell,
Thos Dee, Jr., and W, P Beasley was
received and filed. '
The trustees of the Barnes school
were allowed approppiation upon their
complying with the law.
Jim Pope, on petition was released
from poll tax.
Additional assessment against B T
Rethany was ordered stricken from the
roll, it appearing that said sum was er
roneously assessed.
County auditor reported that the sum
of $6,Fi00 borrowed from Dist 3 Road
fund for General fund had ' been re
turned. .
Dr J M Stanley, health officer, m&deJ
- Proposition of Noxubee County Hdw
Co., to screen jail was continued.
Communication of K Green as to D
II Thomas loan was continued.
Chancery Clerk Was given authority
to purchase desk for his office.
Board allowed per diem and mileage
for its members and ofrlcen.
Surveying Don on Short Notice.
I am now prepared to do all kinds of
surveying and civil engineering on short
notice. The making of maps of farms,
towns or town property , a specialty,
also leveling for tile drains, etc , done
promptly. S. M. Thomas.
Corn, Oats, Meal,
Bran, Chops and Shorts
We have just closed trade ..with our grain people for
75,000 bushels of grain to be delivered from January to
August. We feel .that we have bought right and all
we ask is opportunity to prove to you that we can
save you money on your grain; purchases. Our facili
. ties, for handling this commodity as well as many others
' is unequaled," as pur warehouses are located on our own
private spur track. ( ; ' ; '; r-'-.: , .
Account of S W Heard for lumber granted.
50 00 ment from district 3 to district 5 was
Notice, Dairymen.' '" ' -The
rules and . regulation tf "Ike
State Board of Health must be tonv-.
plied with within the next two weeks
and permits applied for. These per
mits must be secured -.from the County
Health Officer and application for same
must be made on or before March 1st.
I consider the sar.ittry privy one of
the most important requirements and
no permit will be issued urftil these are
constructed, so -do not wait until the
last minute. Have- your premises in
the condition required by law and there
will be no friction or trouble.
J. M. Stanley,
County Health Officer
Land for Sale.
Special offer for tbirtv days. 12i
acres good corn land, six miles east of
Macon, at $30 an acre; easy terms.
Write M. G. Greer,
Raraona, Marion County, Kans.
.... . ,
'.Irish Cobbler.
'- ' ,;v
2nd Crop Tennessee Triumph,
Early Ohio.
Early Rose.
25 Buiheli of nice fresh Soft Shell Scaly Barks. Call 14

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