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oeems Likely That Is Where Impart
Toutn uot Hit Idea of the
Duties of a Wife.
"You fllll the pails with Band, and let
me turn them out," suggested si
year-old Jack to little Doris.
His playmate obediently complied,
jvow we'll build a castle, and you
Bimu leicn tne water to go round It,1
exclaimed Jack.
Dutifully the little maid struggled
up ana aown the beach, carrying buck
eta of water.
i. . , .
v-uui you ieicn tne water now.
Jack," Bhe suggested, "and let me pour
h rouna:
"Girls can't do that properly," an
swered the boy. "Let's paddle. But, 1
ay, Doris, do you want to marry me
when you grow up?"
"Yes oh, yes I" Doris was delighted
at the prospect.
The boy, however, assumed a bored
air, and lazily I extended his feet to
ward her.
"Very well, then," he said noncha
lantly. "If you're going to be my
wife, take off my shoes and stockings!"
Look Ysara Younger! Try Grandma's
Recipe of 8age and Sulphur
and Nobody Will Know.
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, brings back the natural color and
lustte to the hair when faded, streaked
or gray; also ends dandruff. Itching
scalp and stops falling hair. Years
ago the only way to get this mixture
. was to mako it at home, which Is
mussy and troublesome.
iNowaaays we simply ask at any
drug store for "Wyeth's Sage and Sul
phur Hair Hemedy." You will get a
large bottle for about BO cents. Every
body uses this old, famous recipe, be
cause' no one can possibly tell that
you darkened your hair, ae It does It
so naturally and evenly. You dampen
a sponge or soft brush with ft and
draw this through your hair, ' taking
one small strand at a time; by morn
ing the gray hair disappears, and
after another application or two,, your
hair becomes beautifully dark, thick
and glossy and you look years younger.
Darkey Had by No Means Lost Hii
Faith, but He Was Just a Little
Bishop McDowell tells a story about
a southern baptism. A colored preach'
er was dipping his converts In the wa
ters of a tropical stream when one" old
darkey saw a crocodltle sunning him
self on the opposite banft. When his
turn came to be immersed he drew
back, casting terror-stricken eyes at
the sleeping saurian.
"What's de mattah wid yo brud-
der, said the parson; "yo' all ain't
skeered o' dat dar gator, is yo'?"
The darkey admitted frankly that
he was.
"Don yo all ' membor de story ob
Jonah an' de whale, an' how de whale
dun spit up Jonah on de shoah?"
"Yes, passon. Ah 'members erbout
Jonah. But dat whale dun bab a con
science. Dat 'gator looks lak he might
go to sleep an' fergit all erbout me."
Similar Bill Has Been Vetoed by Two
Former Presidents Opponents of
Literacy Test Made a
Hard Fight.
Washington. The Burnett Immigra
tion bill prescribing a literacy test for
applicants to admission to the United
States was passed by the house by a
vote of 241 to 126. All proposed
amendments relating to the exclusion
of Asiatic Immigrants previously had
been eliminated.
As tha bill passed it provides that
every Immigrant admitted to the Unit
ed States must be able to read "the
English language, or some other lan
guage or dialect, Including Hebrew or
Yiddish." It prescribes the' method
of testing immigrants, providing that
each applicant for admission must
read a slip on which is printed be
tween 30 and 40 words. i
In Its present form this measure
passed the house and the senate In
the last congress, but was vetoed by
President Taft. A similar bill was
vetoed by President Cleveland's sec
ond administration. The supporters
of the bill are confident that it will
again pass the senate, although Presi
dent Wilson has let it be known that
he does not approve the literacy test,
Opponents of the literacy test
fought strenuously to the last, but on
a last effort to eliminate the test from
the bill they were defeated, 140 to
239. The final vote came at the end
of vigorous debate, which at times
threw the house Into confusion, and
on several occasions threatened to
cause serious trouble.
We believe that we carry the largest
stocks of rooflng in the -south, In painted
ana ca'varuzea steel. ruDDer ana compo
sition; an prices, uue per square, com
plete, and up. Try "Parold," the King of
Kubber Hoofing. Ten years without
brush. Fldgeon-Thomaa Iron Company,
Iron, Steel, Railway and Mill Supplies,
uempnig, Tennessee. Aav.
'Is Typhoid Conquered?
Vaccination to prevent smallpox Is
so general in this country and has
been so effective in abolishing what
was formerly one of the most destruc
tive scourges of the human race that
nearly everybody except the small
number of people whose temperament
predisposes them to "take the other
side" accepts it as a matter of course
and recognizes in it one of the great
est blessings conferred by modern
medical advancement But typhoid
vaccination Is somewhat comparative
ly new, with which the public
whole is not familiar. Yet It will be
well for the public to take heed of the
results that have been obtained by Its
use In the United States army.
Cleveland Leader.
5 or 6 doses 666 will break any case
of Chills & Fever, Colds & LaGrlppe;
it acts on the liver better than Calo
mel and does not gripe or sicken.
Price 25c Adv.
Practical Celebration.
He was idealistic and poetical. She
was practical a good matrimonial
combination. He came home one eve
ning after a hard day at the office and
said: "Maria, my dear, do you real
ize that tomorrow will be our wooden
wedding? We ought to celebrate the
occasion somehow, don't you think?"
And Bhe said: "Hank, my darling, 1
know it. Been thinking about It all
day and have it all arranged. I have
ordered a big wagon load of kindling
to be delivered tomorrow afternoon,
and you will come home earlyfrom
the office and carry it into the cel
Several Missing and Thirteen Injured
As Result of Minnesota
Hotel Blaze.
Bemidji, Minn. Five men are
known to be dead, several are miss
ing and thirteen were seriously In
jured as the result of a fire which de
stroyed a three-story frame hotel at
Kelliher, forty miles north of here,
The fire started from the furnace.
It was discovered by two men - pass
ing, who gave the alarm. The flames
had then reached the second floor,
Nearly all of those who escaped did
so by jumping frou the windows. The
temperature was 17 degrees below
zero. The property loss was about
u. s.
Cruiser Denver Will Test Locks
of Panama Ditch Before
Formal Opening.
San Diego. With the promise from
Col. George W. Goethals, in command
of the Canal one, that his boat will
be the first to pass through the Pan
ama Canal, Commander A. H. Robert
son has started from San Diego in the
United States cruiser Denver. Ac
cording to Robertson, Col. Goethals in
tends to use the cruiser to test the
canal locks before the big ditch is
really opened. Unless the navy de
partment Interferes with Col. Goe
thals' plans, the Denver will enter the
canal at Balboa on March 15, passing
through to Colon and then returning
to the Pacific side.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets first put up
40 years ugo. They regulate and invigorate,
stomach, liver and bowels. Sugar-coated
tiny granules. Adv.
Blame Located.
A crabbed old misogynist said to
Ethel Barrymore at a dinner in Bar
"Woman! Feminism! Suffrage I
Bah! Why, there isn't a woman alive
who wouldn't rather be beautiful than
. "That's because," said Miss Barry
more, calmly, "so many men are stu
pid while so tew are blind."
What He Did.
Grace I told him he muBt not see
me any more.
Her Brother Well, what did be do?
Grace Turned out the light! Dart
mouth Jack-o'-Lantern.
Astonishing Tobaoeo Remedy aaaranteec
to instantly rdoti teste fur clitsreltee or tobaooo
In aj form, or money obeerfallr refunded. Sena
bo and recetre wonderful remedy by retnro mall.
Address Beek s, TlhuM Unih Oj., ffleUU, ."
The Reason.
"Cat shows are generally a success."
"No wonder. A cat show ought to
come up to the scratch."
. The supposed ideal husband is not
always such a fine fellow at short
range. .
Many a man falls to get there be
cause he carries excess baggage.
Hold Alleged Yeggmen.
Summerville, Ga. Four men, one
of them a mere youth, are in jail here
charged with the robbery of the Bank
of Lyerly. Four thousand three hun
dred dollars in cash and a quantity of
notes and checks were taken by yegg
men after wrecking the bank's vault
md safe.
They stop the tickle Dean's Mentho
ls tea uougb Drops stop coughs by stop
ping me cause oo at jjrug stores.
Common Form of Insanity.
A party of Clevelanders entertained
some holiday visitors and having
showed them everything Interesting in
Cleveland proper they had to take
them to Newburg for a view of the
asylum. The superintendent was
a genial frame of mind and he con
ducted the bunch personally.
"Here is a queer case, ladles," he
said, pausing at a particular cell
This man has the delusion that he
possesses the motive power that runs
the universe. He is perfectly harm
less, but he actually believes that
without him the world would not
move. Strange notion, Isn't It?"
"Why, not at all!" exclaimed one of
the women. "My husband has the
same idea and he always has had it
Is he crazy, too?"
Be sure that you ask for Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pilis, and look for the signa
ture oi nm. nng-nt on wrapper ana box.
For Constipation, Biliousness and Indlges-
wuu. Aur,
Harsh Judge.
Judge Stephen C. Greene, at a din
ner in Charleston, was defending
harsh sentence.
"I am a conservative," said Judge
Greene, "and I believe that It is bet
ter for law and order that sentences
should err on the side of harshness
rather than on the side of lenity.
"Look at nature, the great judge of
us alL Was there ever a harsher,
severer judge than nature, who sen
tences each and every one of us to
hard labor for life?"
Blssell, Ala. "I was troubled for
several years with, protruding hemor
rhoids. They caused pain of the most
severe kind and some loss of blood.
They were so Inflamed that the touch
of anything against them was most
Intense agony. I got no rest nights
and half to have my legs and feet
propped up In the bed.
'I tried all kinds of advertised
cures, and I was told that an opera
tion was the only relief. I suffered
untold agony. I saw the advertise
ment of Cuticura Soap and Ointment
and sent for a sample. I tried It and
then procured a box of Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment I was cured
sound and well in three weeks' time.
A cake of Cuticura Soap and two boxes
of Cuticura Ointment accomplished
what all else failed to do." (Signed)
h. R. Cook, Nov. 12, 1912.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post
card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston." Adv,
Plan to Get $6,000,000.
St. Louis. Plans for a campaign to
raise $6,000000 for missionary work
are under way by the Men and Mil
lions movement ' of the Disciples of
Christ. R. A. Long of Kansas City has
pledged $1,000,000 on the condition
that $5,000,000 be raised for the same
Nebrasa Banker Indicted.
'Lincoln. The special federal grand
Jury, in session here, returned an In
dictment of eight counts against Mel
choir Lubben, president of the Sutton
(Neb.) National Bank, which recently
failed. Falsifying accounts and mis
appropriation of funds is charged.
Goethals to Be Governor.
Washington. The nomination of
Col. George W. Goethals to be gov
ernor of the Panama Canal Zone was
confirmed by the senate. The ap
pointment becomes effective April 1,
1914, with Prsident Wilson's order cre
ating a permanent civil government
for the canal zone.
Women Whltecappers Fined.
Waukegan, 111. Five ' women at
Volo, 111., accused of riding their
neighbor, Mrs. John Rlchardsan, on
a rail, were fined $100 each.
His Vow Came to an Anti-Climax. '
A much-bearded man rambled Into a
barber shop and submitted to a shave,
haircut, a shampoo, a singe, a mas
sage and everything else the barber
could think of, at the same time listen
ing with keenest enjoyment to the
tonsorialist's remarks about all things
on earth and in the waters under the
earth. ,So long before that he had for
gotten the gentleman a name and
what office he was running for the old
man bad vowed never to be shaved or
shorn until So-and-So was elected.
When he at last awoke to a realization
that nobody cared If he never shaved
he concluded to shave just to show 'em
that he didn't caro whether they cared
or not. Kansas City Star.
No Rest No Peace
' There's no rest and but little peace
Tor a person whose kidneys are out of
Lame in the morning, suffering cricks
In the back and sharp stabs of pain
with every sudden strain, the day Is
Just one round of pain and trouble.
It would be strange If all-day back
ache did not wear on the temper, but
It is not only on that account that
people who suffer with weak kidneys
are nervouB, cross and irritable.
Urlo acid is poison to the nerves,
and when the kidneys are not working
well, this acid collects In the blood
and works upon the nerves, causing
headache, dizziness, languor, an in
clination to worry over trifles, and
suspicious, short temper.
Rheumatic pain, neuralgia, sciatica,
lumbago, neuritis and gravel are fur
ther steps in urlo acid poisoning.
Don't neglect kidney weakness. An
aching back, with unnatural passages
of the kidney secretions, is cause
enough to suspect the kidneys. Use
Doan's Kidney Pills, a remedy which
has been need for years, toe world
, Jf "veiy Picture f 1
OA, 1 thaUp mad.
over, for weak kidneys, backache, tr
regular kidney action and uric acid
trouble. Thousands of grateful reoonv
mendations throughout tha country
prove their worth. v
Cured After Doctor! Failed
Mrs. Henry Zumach, Hutchinson, Hlnf
says: "Ltmt winter a terrible, sharp pf
caught me In my back and from that ty ,
on I had a constant backache. If 1
a broom, It Just seemed as if my back a
breaking-. 1 was In misery day and nil -and
at Times I got so dizsy 1 thought I
was going to faint. At night I had to put
a pillow under my back for the allsht re
lief that this gave me. 1 got eo weak I
couldn't do anything. The doctor said I 1
had a floating kidney and two specialists)
In Minneapolis said the same. The phys
icians' medicine didn't help me- a bit audi
reading about Doan's Kidney PI lie. I had
someone get me a box. Aa soon as I be- i
gan using them. 1 got better ana by trie
time I bad finished the third box, I didn't
have a bit of pain. I can now do any
kind of work without suffering and all
the symptoms of kidney complaint hare
reft me. Doan's Kidney Pills have oatf
t&lnly snared me a irreat deal of mlserr
and suffering. I am only too glad to rec
ommend tA&m to other kidney aim
nMrchfoqr pock b.-Lno--ROTV3mbcrtrio Name"
BQcWS iaDWnxs
SoU MMbJLra 50 certv HOt Ox, Baffa&v K Y. hpprletorj
George Ade on Matrimony.
George Ade, discussing matrimony
in an after-dinner, speech at the Chi
cago Athletic club, said:
'Marriage has the effect of giving
a man a swelled head. "
Many a time, looking at this hus
band, or that, I say to myself:
Ah, If that man were only as wise
as he thinks bis wife thinks he is!'"
'Tape's Diapepsin" fixes sick.
sour, gassy stomachs in
five minutes.
Time It! In five minutes all stomach
distress will go. No indigestion, heart,
burn, sourness or belching of gas, acid,
or eructations of undigested food, no
dizziness, bloating, or foul breath.
Pape's Diapepsin Is noted for its
peed in regulating upset stomachs.
It is the surest, quickest and most cer
tain Indigestion remedy in the whole
world, and besides it is harmless.
Please for your sake, get a large
nrty-cent case of Pape's Diapepsin
from any store and put your Btomach
right. Don't keep on being miserable
life Is too short you are not here
long, so make your stay agreeable.
Eat what you like and digest It: en
joy it, without dread of rebellion in
the stomach.
Pape's Diapepsin belongs in your
home anyway. Should one of the fam
ily eat something which don't agree
with them, or in case of an attack of
Indigestion, dyspepsia, gastritis . or
stomach derangement at daytime or
during the night, it is handy to give
the quickest relief known. Adv.
The Sequence.
Just as we were wondering where
the money for a feed was to come
from, Billy Smith, who always has his
pockets full, blew In "
'Well, what happened?"
'A blow-out."
Shipping Feyer
' iPwiuwHiaifjnjWri sum iu nosto ma Tnirni mmmmm iiiiht
'r. no matter how "exposed " kept from hawing any of Utea
u nrunn a muuiu Hinrr.n tVKfi. XBTM to
aura ft easa. One 10-eent bottle guaranteed to do o. Seat U
and all othei
diseases with
doses often cure
for brood ma res. Acta on tha blond.
doien bottles. DrnaglsU and ha moss anooa. Distribute)
ru&xanieed to do to. Best tiitnse
60c and II a bottle. 16 aiwl t!0 4
fintnv uamtn at sr ma
ChemlaU and Bacteriologist, (ioaUen, Ind, tj. B. A
II II, "Too Much Weed-SjJJJ V
i Rains Many a Cotton Crop .jl j
" f?wpCir The answer is Balance hIJ i I
ily yur fertizer' The idea Vj III J
t tiat cotton doesn't need much J
iImt potash y1 -
iffi' belongs to a past age. Few soils have I
Mffi&&M tnough available Potash to produce the I I
W&MM bestcotton- IL I
&3&Mj$i Trjr a cotton fertiliser with 5 to 8JC Potash and li i
SmT ule libenU7 tide-dressings. Add tea in f
'S32SSSr oM-'T'e fertiliser an equal amount of Kainit. j j
rotaah Pays. Write to us for free book :
X on Cotton Culture and for prices on any VJ
f ul'' 1." 11 1 V amount of Potash from a xoo-lb. bag up. f U ' ".
MS GERMAN KALI WORKS. Inc.. 42 Broadway, Hew York I
iTJify Orlmat, WUsmt Oateal auk SUf . I
iMrrmaclMS. SClll.rll. AUtt. tmtm llt.
1 . s
It sometimes requires a buoyant na
ture to keep up appearances.
Will cure your Rheumatism and a!l
kinds of aches and pains Neuralgia.
Cramps, Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts,
Old Sores, Burns, etc. Antiseptlo
Anodyne. Price 26c Adv.
The man who makes a god of wealth
Is generally just about as crooked as
the dollar mark he worships.
A man always expects his wife to be
a lot better than he expects her to ex
pect him to be.
Suiting Her.
"Show me a hat at once,
busy woman."
"Then here's a beaver.'
I'm a very
"Harold, I dreamed about you last
"You dear girl, did you?"
"Yes. I think it was something I
ate. Judge.
Remedy for the prompt relief of
Asthma and Hay Fever. Ask Your
druggist for It. Writs for FBEE SAMPLE.
Cm DENTA a p!ea&nt new solenufltt pwaami alloy
put up In mostsanltarj collapsible tute nuastbl
Only a second to appl. lb seconds to rvile . falia
tesa, No bad effects,
25c - THE TUBE - 25
Bom postpaid on recrlpt of pile, Writs t r ikm)
In yonr terrllorj-. MYSTIC CHUUa ilVUs
Granger lUook, Toledo, Obia.
tnetignatnrsor u. w UKUVH. Vurm a Gold in One
Dar, Cares urip In Two Days. Ho.
Er ah, beg your pardon, miss, but
haven't you lost something?" began
the would-be flirt
No, I haven't. But there goes a
lady with a dog chain. It's probably
her you're looking for."
Exe Cigar, old manT
Wye Thanks! (puff, puff). Capital
weed this. Aren't you going to
smoke, too?
Exe (examining the remaining one)
No, I think not.
Wye What's the matter? Did you
give me the wrong one? Boston
Sore Ej-t. Granulated Eyelids and Stirs
promptly healed with Koinaa , Eye Balsam.
Between tha Acts.
"Sir," said the man In the orchestra
chair, "in passing to and fro you have
ruined my silk hat."
"I cannot help that, sir," said the
other. "If you had gone out between
the acts 7ourself your hat would aot
have suffered!" Puck.
Putnam Fadeless Dyes will last un
til the goods wear out. Adv.
Vienna's Model Tenements.
Vienna builds tenements for its
poor. Each building Is supplied with
a co-operative store for the benefit of
the tenants.
Thsst Weafr Bzcti
accompanied by pain here or there extreme nervousness
sleeplessness may be faint spells or spasms all are signals of
distress for a woman. Bhe may be growing from girlhood into
womanhood passing from womanhood to motherhood or later
eunenng irom tnatchangelnto middle life which leaves so many .
wrecks of women. At any or all of these periods of a woman's life 1
he should take a tonic and nervine prescribed for jnst such esses
by a physician of vast experience in the diseases of women.
Favorite Prescription
Baa snccess rally treated more cases In past forty years than say other known remedy. Is
ean now be had in sugar-coated, tablet form aa well as in the liquid. Sold by medicine)
dealers or trial box by mail on receipt of 60 cents in stamps,
J Uisi Hxabeth Lordahl of Berkele. CaL. In a recent letter to Dr. Pierce saldt "I was eomplers'
tnaownln heal tbUwesachlngsjid had petasaJlo
Lf anyone talked to me, but I bad the cnod fortune to meet a nurse who had been cured br Dr. Pieroe'a
Vseeenpnen, I hare nerer had an occasion to ooneuit a phrsldan slnm sm in "irlVit health,'
Make yonrcorn crop
pay by plawUn
Hastings Prolific Ikv
ftrMflsl SmiJ Ctkm
Thti eorn baa won a reputation fnr are? yfeMr
throughout the Bo a them ti tales, afuet noted p rise
win ner In Oorn Club contest, where ykekt-por-aorw
wins. Deep white kernels, ears solid and beary, tmav
tures .00 to 110 days. Germination nearly SO I be.
Specially selected seed (nearly enough to plant three
acrns) 12.00 ez press prepaid. Lancer quantities, U
desired Sample free. Bank reference. Buy froa
frower. John & UloatfU, suuiaui MTATiua, sua.
FOR SALE Esa'A'-ar
nroTed. In thaTsnt.
ionl Delta, thai mvnt. fort I In ailnw i eW
orld. Good for homes and InTostmenia. Flftv-ta
t inne.iM
Sage book of facts mulled on request, WKKJ ill?
Be the first In the field ; jnst ont. the greatost seller
eyer Invented : demand tin limited, 10 to l.ouo netdesi
In everr home, ntfine. hnrl and iuuai.i i
ample and terms for exclusive afeneypost paid.
AJWUHXHR COMPANY.?. W. Court MumphleWTenn.
Onr LlTer-Gall Book sent rasa.
Care TOnntelf at Iwuiu. Wr4
ALLSTOSEREMEOrca. D(t. 790. 2)1 S. Inters St, Calcife
Ir. Pierce's Pteeusant Pellets rente te atomsu-hi.
Mtot mm bowels enamr-coeited. tlnr amaniaa
o. this paper desiring to buy any
thing advertised in its columns should
Insist upon havinp- what thev ask W
refusing a., substitutes or imitations.
Memphis Directory
LAX-ANA, "snre Chill Killer en-ux, beettonla
ihuwu iur
Dr. DeerlMfl
br all drugsUls. Trl-Ine Bug Mlf.
nown fur llrer and beadaobes erltaoat ealomeL
rroaa ana euona. Bala
Dr. DeerlHWlMTMdrrWMae-
W. N. U, MEMPHIS, NO. 6-1914.
It's a good plan to mind your own
business. If you don't some one else
will. 1
The only exercise some people set
Is throwing bouquets at themselves.
Dr. Peery's Vermlfnse "Dead Shot" kill
and espela Worms In a very few hours.
Actors Imitate mankind; amateurs
Imitate actors.
The Mercantile Bank
CAPITAL $200,000.00 SURPLUS f 100,000.00
DIRECTORS T. a. Barton, A 8. Caldwell, S. T. Carnes, J. M. rownres, W. at. Hue
Jf. u. Jones, K. B. LeMaster, B. Lnudee, E. w. rorter, o. B. Balne, W. O. Re
H. H. Beeee, J no. W. Short, E. A. Bpeed, T. B. Tnrley, E. K. Wrlchs.
Boauaof thos ugly, grizzly, (ray halra. Ua "LA CREOLK'1 HAIR dressino. PRICK, OO, retail

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