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(Conducted by tha National Wonian't
-""""an .temperance Union.)
In Phoenix. Ariz., before tha Novam.
ber election, all the liquor places put
up a sign to this effect: "Thin hull
Ins will be for rent if the 'dry' amend
ment carries." After election the sa
loon men refused to give up their
leases, some of them opening drug
stores, some soft drink stands, some
restaurants. The law went into effect
January 1. The day afterwards ever
baker and grocer in the city for the
first time sold out his stock of bread,
and the meat markets sold out their
meats. Last year the arrests for
drunkenness in Phoenix averaged 12
per day; on the day after the saloons
closed, for the first time in its his
tory the police court had no drunks.
Phoenix bankers also have a tale to
tell. The day Arizona went "drv" th
Valley bank, which suspended early in
November, reorganized and opened up
for business stronger than ever. The
Citizens" bank, established by local
capitalists, opened after the saloons
were Toted out The Central bank,
organ! zea by eastern men after the
election, filed articles of incorporation
three days after the law went into ef
fect and now occupies one of the
"empty buildings." A branch of the
Anchor Trust company of Wichita,
Kan., was established after the state
voted "dry." "Watch Arizona grow,'
say Arlzonlans.
The following "tetotal" pledge is be
tag circulated among the British
troops on the European battle fields:
"Don't ask me
To take drink;
I've decided to be teetotal while
On service for my country.
"(Carry this with you and show It
whenever asked to take liquor.)"
On the reverse side of the card is
"Temperance Battle Card for the
Great War.
"Recognizing that as army, navy
and medical leaders have stated,
"Alcohol or drink is detrimental to
health and efficiency,
"I promise, Ood helping me, to be
teetotal while on service for my coun
try. (Signed with witness).
"(Get a mate or the chaplain, 01
an officer to witness this.)"
In a recent number of the Technical
World Is a contributed article entitled,
"The Worker Who Drinks Must Uo."
The editor In an Introductory note
thus comments:
"Emperors, business men, social re
formers are all agreed upon one thing
alcoholic drinks work positive harm.
A single glass of beer lowers a man's
efficiency 7 per cent. Imagine what
strong vine, gin, or whisky will do.
The up-to-date employer will not keep
men who drink even 'in moderation;'
the secretary of the navy will not al
low them on our warships; every com'
mander in the field today is leading a
sober army. Everywhere the brains
of the world recognize that alcoholic
liquors weaken both muscle and mini?
Atlanta, Georgia, is the largest dry
city In the country, and the capital of
a state In which the sale of liquor has
been prohibited since 1907. In that
year the realty transactions of the
city were $91,840,350; in 1913 the
amount was almost double $172,292,
004. Building permits for 1907 aggre
gated $4,564,771; in 1912 they reached
the sum of $9,987,444. Corresponding
Increase In all lines of business is re
corded. The tax rate shows signiS
cant reduction.
The "farthest north" local Wom
an's Christian Temperance union is
in Dawson, Yukon territory, only
about one hundred miles from the
Arctio circle. It was organized in
1913 by one of the national organizers
of the'' society and is doing activa
work for temnerance "living, work
ing, gaining new members," writes
the president, "and corresponding
witb. the Ottawa officials in regard tc
the observance of Sunday closing o
saloons.". Plucky I
Did you know that over ten timet
as much money is spent in building
churches as In building breweries T
This, at least, is the record for the
first four months of last year. Ac
cording to no less an authority than
the American Contractor, a building
trade Journal, In that period the brew
ers spent $429,000 in building opera
tions and the church people spent $4
What is the difference, asks an ex
change, In moral quality betweer
keeping a saloon and running adver
tisements of whisky and beerT
In fourteen European universities In
structlon as to the nature and effects
of alcohol Is a recognized part of thf
The spirit of the times Is not In sot
ties. The Temperance Caus
Builder of Human Habitations D
Well to Avoid Too Many
Straight Lines.
Nature makes no straight lines, fot
whether It be the canopy above, th
horizon about us, the shore of ocean
or pond, the course of streams, th
lines of horse, bird, or even of the
human figure, beautiful curves and
variety and multiplicity of curves
everywhere abound. Without guid-
ance such as a taut cord, a straight
edge, or ruler, man cannot make
straight line. Even with the assist
ance of a crack or continuous joint
in a sidewalk the homeward-bound in
the "wee sma' hours anent the twal1
cannot maintain their physical dig
nlty and equilibrium, however assidu
ously their feet woo "the straight
and narrow path of rectitude."
must then be apparent that nature
never Intended man to make straight
lines, and the present writer lovea
them not, even in a dwelling-house.
The clay cottage with thatched root
Is the very acme of beauty in shel
ters for mankind, and often the sim
ple, old-fashioned garden round about
holds more of natural charm than the
most favored part of the grandest es
Those who have tramped over fresh'
ly-fallen snow, though intent upon go
ing In a straight line from one specific
point to another, looking back upon
their course, may easily descry what
beautiful and smoothly-flowing curvet
they have traced upon earth's win
try shroud. Even the paths of do
mestic animals through their pasture!
are of most artistic and gentle de
parture from the monotonous straight
line. Still, we would not advise fol
lowing these in the economic dlspoai-
tlon of traffic, as did the Bostoniani
with Sam Fobs' calf trail. Likewise,
we should avoid violation of the dic
tates of common sense by trying to
Institute curves in a front walk from
street to door when the distance la
but a few paces. Curves must not be
made to. appear ridiculous. Sometimes
restricted scope precludes their us
and straight lines must prevail. Still,
the straight line is not, as Ruskln is
reputed to have said, "the line o
Planting Association of the Great
Metropolis Finds Itself Facing
a Hard Problem. ,
Manhattan presents a hard problem
for those who want to beautify the
metropolis with shade trees. It seems
that certain streets are not altogether
hopeless, according to the report of
the Tree Planting association of New
York, just out.
Such are Seventh avenue and Lenox
from One Hundred and Tenth street
up; Broadway north from Fifty-ninth
street, also West End avenue, West
One Hundred and Thirty-eighth, West
Seventy-ninth street, etc.
On all of these there are plantations
at present. In spite of the fact that
some people have the Idea that New
York has few shade trees there are
dozens of varieties of all shades and
Styles and patterns, from- aristocratic
shade trees to scraggy slum dwarfs,
Tree doctors and surgeons are very
necessary, and tree surgery has be
come quite a definite science. Many a
fine old tree if saved by "filling its
tooth," as It were that is, filling its
hollow cavity with cement to prevent
further decay.
The committee of the association
has divided up New York into dis
tricts for special examination, and the
report .on the different geographic'
locations is exhaustive.
City-Planning Assoolatlon.
For a number of years tho city of
New York has contemplated the crea
tion of a city-planning commission for
regulating the various civic improve
ment undertakings of the municipal
ity, as well as those of private individ
uals. The work which .would come
under the supervision of such a city
planning commission would include,
among other things, housing, Indus
trial structures, ' the conveyances of
supplies and materials of manufacture
and manufactured products, the dis
posal of waste materia, the arrange
ment of the various sections of the
city in accessible manner, rapid and
convenient means of transportation,
the provision of facilities for educa
tion and public recreation. .
These are the fundamental objects
of city planning, but many other city
activities would come under the super
vision of the city-planning commis
sion, such as regulating the height of
buildings, dividing the city Into dis
tricts and zones, traffic regulation
Good Judgment Needed.
Good judgment not a matter ol
opinion, but a matter of principle,
training and experience is necessary
to the selection of a proper location
for a civic center in order to avoid
the criticism and condemnation of fu
ture generations to which we lay our
selves open if we do not exercise
proper judgment at the crucial mo
Just Once! Try "Dodson's Liver Tone" When Bilious, Consti
pated, Headachy Don't Lose a Day's Work.
Liven up your sluggish liver! Feel
fine and cheerful; make your work a
pleasure; be vigorous and full of am'
bltlon. But take no Baoty, danger
ous calomel, because it mal es you
sick and you may lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver,
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel crashes Into sour bile like
dynamite, breaking It up. That's
when you feel that awful nausea and
Listen to me! If you want to enjoy
the nicest, gentlest liver and bowel
cleansing you ever experienced" just
take a spoonful of harmless Dod ion's
Liver Tone. Your druggist or daaler
sells you a 50 cent bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone under my personal money-
Campaign Against Tuberculosis Will
Shortly Have a New and Im
portant Ally.
A new campaign for closer co-operation
with labor unions and other
groups of worklngmen is announced
by the National Association for the
Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis.
A committee has been appointed
with Dr. Theodore B. Sachs, president
of the Chicago Tuberculosis institute,
as chairman, to formulate plans for
immediate and future action.' Other
members of the committee are Samuel
Gompers, president of the American
Federation of Labor, Washington;
George W. Perkins, secretary of the
International Cigarmakers' union, Chi
cago; John Mitchell of the New York
state compensation commission. New
York; Austin B. Garretson. president
of the Brotherhood of Railway Con
ductors, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Dr. Wil
liam Charles White, medical director
of the Tuberculosis league of Pitts
burgh, and Dr. David R. Lyman, super
intendent of the Gaylord Farm sanato
rium, Wallingford, Conn,.
As the first step in the campaign a
special health bulletin has been pre
pared for the labor papers and will
be sent out monthly in co-operation
with members of the International La
bor Press bureau.
Remark Hard to Explain.
Everyone had gathered in the draw
ing room after dinner, and all were
feeling contented with themselves as
well as at peace with the outside
world, when it was suggested as a pas
time that every lady should state the
gift she most coveted, and the posses
sion of which she would most prize.
With prompt acquiescence each regis
tered her choice. Mrs. Wellman wished
for the most exquisite jewels extant,
Mrs. King desired to be the best-
dressed woman in 'society, Mrs. Dray
ton preferred to own the handsomest
turnouts, while Mrs. Smith craved
popularity. Robinson, springing from
his chair, exclaimed: "Heavens, don't
any of you care for beauty?" Some of
them still think it was Intentional.
Save Your Halrl Get a 25 Cent Bottle
of Danderine Right Now- Also
Stops Itching Scalp.
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy
hair is mute evidence of a neglected
scalp; of dandruff that awful scurf,
There Is nothing so destructive to
the hair as dandruff. It robs the hair
of its luster, Its strength and Its very
life; eventually producing a feverish,
ness and Itching of the scalp, which
if not remedied causes the hair roots
to shrink, loosen and die then the
hair falls out fast A little Danderine
tonight now any time will surely
save your hair.
Get 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any store, and after
the first application your hair will
take on that life, luster and luxuriance
which is so beautiful. It will become
wavy and fluffy and have the appear
ance of abundance; an incomparable
gloss and softness, 'but what will
please you most will be after juBt. a
few weeks' use, when you will actual
ly see a lot of fine, downy hair new
hair growing all over the scalp. Adv.
Her Preference.
Young Mawks had decided to enlist
and go to war, and his wife was ob
jecting. 'But, darling, he argued, "even if I
were killed, just think how fine it
would be to be the widow of a hero."
"Oh, no, Wilfred," pleaded the young
wife earnestly, her mind reverting to
familiar proverb; "I would rather
be the wife of a live jackass than a
dead Hon." Judge.
It's the high spots that knock at
the rolling stones.
If Yeura la fluttering er
back guarantee that each spoonful
will clean your sluggish liver better
than a dose of nasty calomel and that
It won't make you sick.
Dodson's Liver Tone Is real liver
medicine. You'll know it next morn
ing, because you will wake up feel
ing fine, your liver will be working,
your headache and dizziness gone,
your stomach will be sweet and your
bowels regular.
Dodson's Liver Tone Is entirely
vegetable, therefore harmless and
cannot salivate. Give It to your chil
dren. Millions of people are using
Dodson's Liver Tone instead of dan
gerous calomel now. Your druggist
will tell you that the sale of calomel
Is almost stopped entirely here.
Between Deals.
The Wall street broker who ought
to be in vaudeville came across at
lunch with a fresh conundrum,
"What's the difference," said he,
"between a taxidermist and a taxi
driver, one of those chaps who gears
the taximeter up to the highest
Everybody had bad experience with
the taximeter but nobody could supply
the answer.
"All right," said the broker. "One
skins you and stuffs you and the
other stuffs you and skins you."
"1 can remember when we could get
an idea of how an election was going
by taking a straw vote."
"We never depend on straw votes
out our way. , The only chance of
learning which way the election was
going was to discover which side bad
the most two-dollar bills."
It doesn't take a woman long to get
wise to a man's actions after marrying
him then she proceeds to call his
Winter Chills Bring Kidney Ills
' A spell of cold, damp weather la
always followed by a fine crop of kid
ney troubles and backache.
Colds and chills damage the kid
neys. Other troubles common to win
ter weather are just as bad. Grip, ton
silitis, quinsy, pneumonia or any other
infectious disease hurts the kidneys
by overloading the blood with poisons.
The kidneys get worn, weak and in
flamed trying to work it off. ' '
It Isn't bard to strengthen weak
kidneys though, if you act quickly.
At the first sign of backache, dizzy
spells, headaches, loss of weight, nerv
ousness, depression and painful, irreg
ular Ltdney action, start using Doan's
Kidney Pills. Rest the kidneys by
simple eating, avoidance of overwork
and worry, and getting more rest and
sleep. A milk diet is fine.
This sensible treatment should
bring quick benefit and prevent seri
ous kidney diseases like dropsy,
gravel and Bright's disease. '
Clip this advertisement and mall It
to the address below for a free trial
of Doan's Kidney Pills, the best roo
"Experience is a great teacher."
"Isn't It? There's Brown's case."
"What about Mr. Brown?"
"He married a widow."
"I know."
"Well, Brown had an idea that he
was a bandy man around the house.
About the second week after his mar
riage she caught him with a monkey
wrench on his way to fix some of the
water pipes."
"What did she do?"
"She stopped him."
"She said her first husband bad the
notion that he was a plumber, and she
had all the trouble from that source
that she wanted."
S or 6 doses 666 will break any case
of Chills & Fever, Colds & LaQrlppe;
it acts on the liver better than Calo
mel and does not gripe or sicken.
Price 25c. Adv.
Up to Mother.
The mother of thirteen-year-old
Page has a gift for rhyming and a
generous nature.. The other day Page
returned from school with the an
nouncement that each member of her
class was expected to turn in a poem
on a certain given subject on the mor
row. "Well, that's a very nice subject,"
replied Page's mother.
'Yes, but, mother," the little girl
asked, with Innocent assurance, "what
are you going to say about it?"
It's imrjohslble to sunnrftsa tha man
who thinks he can tell a funny story.
It fflte lia
weak, uae RINOVINK." Made by
Colored Parson's Description of His
Satanle Majesty Brought Converts
Jo Mourners' Bench.
The late celebrated Peter Vinegar,
who in days gone by used to make
periodical visits to Danville, says the
Advocate, for the purpose of deliver
ing his sermons, remarkable on ac
count of their startling texts, on one
occasion spoke to a large assemblage
of the colored population and a few
whites at the old colored Methodist
church on Walnut street. He arose,
raised his spectacles from his eyes,
and said:
"My beloved brederen and slsteren,
I take my tex' dls evenln' in dat por
tion uv de Scrlptur' whar de 'Postle
Paul pints bis pistol at de 'Fheslans,
an' whar it . says, 'Whar de ben
scratches dar's de worm, 'cetpin' de
case whar sum prevlus hen hav bin
dar.' " . He then proceeded to tell bis
hearers what a horrible personal ap
pearance the devil presented, with the
following description: "His eyes look
like two balls uv fire, his teet like two
skinned sapllns, bis ears hang down
like a 'baccer leaf an' his bref smoke
like a tar kittle." That night Peter
made many converts.
With Cutlcura 8oap Is Most Comfort
ing and Beneficial. Trial Free.
Especially If preceded by touches
of Cutlcura Ointment to spots of dan
druff and J'-ching on the scalp skin.
These 3up.rcreamy emollients meet
every skin want as well as every
toilet and nursery want in caring for
the skin, scalp, hair and hands.
Sample each free by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cutlcura, Dept. XY,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Wears Many Crowns.
He She's a thoroughly queenly
She Yes; even her teeth have gold
crowns. Town Topics.
The Reason.
"The man who uttered those forged
notes made a very clumsy job of it."
"Oh, but, you know, he stuttered."
t's' twry fictur
"I'd i all right only fot my lack. '
Wn'Y6ar1S3Ck1s UlTle-Remember"lhe1arno,,
iSotd by. Oett&LhkoSD cents, fostoMubum Co, pvflalo, frppdetoti
Watch Your Colts
For Coughs. Colds and Distemper, and at the first symptoms of see
each ailment, give email doses of that wonderful remedy, now late
most need In existence,
BO cents and tl a bottle; K and tlO the dosen of any ojngglst, ksisisssj
dealer, or delivered br SPOHN MKDICAI. CO.,
Chemists said Bacteriologists, Uusben. Ind., TJ. 8. A.
The Female of the Species.
"I tell you, sir," said the sad-eyed
passenger with the bargain-counter
tie, "all women are born gamblers."
"That's right," observed the but
ton drummer. "And they nearly al
ways win when they play hearts to
catch diamonds."
When Your Eyes Need Care
Use Marine Eve Medicine. No Smarting Feels
Flue Acts Quickly. Try It for Bed, Weak,
Bora Kyea and Qranalatea Kyelids, Murine la
compounded by our Oculists not a "Patent
Medicine" but need In successful Physicians
Practice for many years. Mow dedicated to
the Public and sold by Druggist at Wo per
Bottle. Murine Eve Salve In Anemic Tubes.
CSS and 60c Write for Book of tha Kya rrea.
Murine Cya Remedy Company, Ohicago. Adv.
Falmouth 1b probably the oldest port
In England. It was used by the Phoe
nicians at least 2,000 years ago.
Anyway, we admire a cheerful idiot
more than we do the other kind.
Q "" J fyj
Remedy for the prompt relief of
Asthma and Hay Fevar. Aak Your
druggist for It. Writs lor free mm Pit.
W. N. U., MEMPHIS, NO. 9-1915.
IA ufes
Van Vleet-Manafleitl Drug Co., Memphis, Tenrw Price ti.oo
It is cruel to force nauseating,
harsh physio into a ;
sick child. '
Look back at your childhood day.
Remember the "dose" mother lnBlBted
on castor oil, calomel cathartics.
How you bated them, bow you fought
against taking them. ,
With our children It's different.
Mothers who cling to the old form ot
physic simply don't realize what they
do. The children's revolt is well-founded.
Their tender little "lnsldes" arsr
Injured by them.
If your child's stomach, liver and
bowels need cleansing, give only deli
cious "California Syrup of Figs. It
action is positive, but gentle. Million
of mothers keep this harmless "fruit,
laxative" bandy; they know children
love to take it; that It never fails to
clean the liver and bowels and sweet
en the stomach, and that a teaspoonful
given today saves a sick child tomor
row. Ask at the store for a SO-eent bottle -of
"California Syrup of Figs," vrhick
haa full directions for babies, children
of all ages and for grown-ups plainly
on each bottle. Adv.
The Proof Conclusive.
Sunday School Teacher What i'
the outward, visible sign of baptism?
Johnny The baby, mum.
Will cure your Rheumatism aad aJ
kinds of aches and pains Neuralgia,
Cramps, Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts
Old Sores, Burns, etc. Antlseptle.
Anodyne. Price 25c. Adv.
No great success was ever attained
by kicking.
They stop the tickle. - Dean's Mentholated
Uougn in-ops stop coughs quickly. A pic
am remedy oc at au good uruggista.
One little taste of defeat Is difficult:
to swallow.
ommended kidney remedy in the
world. You'll decide it worth a trial,
when you read this enthusiastic testi
mony. A Clergyman's ;
Experience ;
Tell How Doan'a Came to Hit
Aid Just in Time
J. W. Hall, minister of tha Goepet,
Adams Ave.. Memphis, Tenn., save the f
lowing account of bis experience Mi Juno
9th, 1911. He said: "During; the past lw
years 1 suffered a rood deal from kldney
dlsease and bladder trouble. I had a con
stant, dull acha through tho amal! of xny
back and limbs. The kidney secretions were
scanty and accompanied by s burning sen
sation. Although 1 took a great Seal of
medicine, Doan's Kidney Pills was the only
one that brought me relief. They went rtht
to the root of the trouble and although X
have used them only a short time 1 feel Abet
ter In every way. I Intend to continue no- .
lng them as X am sure they will bring me
complete cure."
said: "Doan's Kidney Pills have given me o
complete cure. I have been thoroughly coo
vlneed that this medicine Is Just what It lav
represented to be."
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
uo qutcKiy De overcome Dy
Purely vegetable
act surely and
gently on tno
liver, cure
ache, Dizzi
ness, and Indigestion. They dofheirdtrtsi
Genuine must bear Signature
A tollel
II n 1 u to ereritMle
Beauty to Gray or Faeleel Hear,
sea. ana ilud as tmisvsssa
DROPSY nUTTA usually areas oak,
emvrvt soon removes sireUsosi
and short breath, often fives entire relmt ssv
' 1 S to SB days. Trial treatment sant FKKSJL
DR. THOMAS a. CREfN, Ssiniiir to Dw.
ptL B. Gretas Sana, lax A. Caets wests. Get,
Build UpWith2ffS
Cmedy tor malaria, chills and TVsraiW
var. colds and srln. 60c. n 19
Jl mm itti r i
IHIirn I
S f I II r. . r I

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