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70th YEAR
Hog Chulrra and Black I-eg. jp':
Without Uml.t the Kroates, ;'
iack to tho live stock industry in V'X
ubec County in the continued preva
lence of contagious diseases, especial
ly hog cholera, swine plague and
black loir. These diseases are incur
able when once contracted, therefore,
it is incumbent upon every one to use
every precaution possible for preven
tion,' not only from the standpoint of
the individual, but from the duty that
You owe your neighbor as well, Pre
vention is the only safe course, it is
profitable for the individual and it
is patriot ;c to help prevent, the spread
of disease;- in the community. One of
the most patent carriers of disease is
the buzzard, wh'le we may not be libit'
to control the t'uzzard we can at least
prevent tbuu from having access to
the carcasses of the animals that have
died of disease, and thus in a great
measure control the spread of these
contagious disease.
Too often we see by the side of the
read or in the pasture the carcasses
of cattle and hogs that have died of
disease, accessible to stray dogs and
cats and buzzards that may carry the
disease to unsuspecting farmers even
miles away. The buzzard will fill up
on the flesh of a hog that has died
of cholera and then fly away to a pool
in another man's pasture, drink and
lialhe and leave the germs to further
spread the disease. The stray dog will
cat of the carcass, pass on through
pastures leaving the germs on the
jrass to be taken in by other hogs.
The law requires that the carcas
ses of all animals that die of disease
he buried or burned, our duty to our
neighbors demands it. If every car
cass was so disposed of the losses
from disease would be lessened by at
least 50 per cent.
1. Prevent disease by burning or
burying all animals that die.
2. Prevent disease by keeping the
stock free from worms and lice.
:i. Keep charcoal or wood ashes,
slacked lime, soft coal and salt in the
hog lot.
4: Keep your stock away from run
ning streams of water.
5. Clean up the hog pens and keep
them clean; filth breeds germs.
fi. No germSjp no cholera.
Owing to the very rapid increase of
purebred hogs in Noxubee County
their sale for breeding purposes has
heeome very restricted, and in order
to relieve this condition, it is neces
sary to organize a Swine Growers As
sociation to be composed of parties
who raise purebred hogs. With such
an organization the secretary would
know just what animals were for sale
and would have access to a broader
market. The organization could be
come known with far less expense
than could an individual, and could
take care of all hogs for sale at quite
a saving to the members.
Also, such an organization would
be of benefit in standardizing the
breeding lines so as to give a greater
uniformity of the stock that was
grown. J. McL. RIDGELL,
County Agent.
Poultry Shipment
County Agents will ake a great
co-operative poultry shipment at Ma
eon on Saturday, June Hist. They ask
the co-operation of everybody in Nox
ubee County, and thus make it the
greatest co-operative movement ever
put on in this County. In order to
stimulate community co-operation
and interest handsome cash prizes
will be offered which will be published
next week and also distributed by
circulars throughout the County,
'i'hesc prizes are made possible by the
generous merchants and business men
if Noxubee County. The names of
these men will also be published.
Get ready to participate in this
gnat forward movement.
County Agents.
Home Hygiene and ( are of Sick
The Red Cross is offering a course
in "Home Hygiene and Care of the
Hick," to the woman who wish to pro
tect her family from preventable dis
i ases and is anxious to fit herself, in
the absence of a trained nurse, to give
intelligent care to those who are sick.
The safety of the family demand
fiat some member in each household
1 now enough about elementary nurs
i lg to make a patient comfortable
i nd to carry out accurately the in
'.ructions of the physician. '
The course in "Home Hygiene and
Care of the Sick" consists' of fifteen
1 'ssons of about one-half hour dura
ton. One-half of each lesson period is
devoted to theoretical instruction and
the other half to practical work and
(Vinonstration. Girls sixteen years of
I re and up are eligible as members of
t le class.
Certificates will be issued all slu
('"iits who attain a final average of
p -t less than 7f per cent and must
1' ive attended at least twelve of the
i ftoen lectures.
for further information see
Mrs. M. E. Holmes, Hrooksville,
Mrs. W. C. 1' utvoye, Shuqualak,
Mrs. Jesse Sparkman, Cooksville,
Miss Emmie May, Macon.
A torpid liver is a heavy handicap
t ) a. working man. It robs him of
t rength, energy and mental alertness
'. ) remove the burden the proper rem
( ly is Prickly Ash Bitters. It is a
1 ie liver, stomach and bowel medi-
tie. Price $1.25 per bottle Tarns
I i-uj Store, Special AgenU.
in 'i lit-i e was a small sensation in Jai-ksnn
Monthly In'i'imso of the receipt t!:olll tlie
mails of mysterious packages a.iih'osscl to
(liAt'rnor Hillto. Mayor Srott at.il Feic! crick
Sullen-. At a time when bomhs an I inti iiia!
maerimes are beinK sent to the Rreat, the mar
jm-at aii(f sunpobHHlly jjreat, it is not Mirpri
inu that these gentlemen were included in the
li-t uf those lifted for bombing, and that they
iewed with suspicion the packages referred
to. Such things are among the penalties of
neatness, nt'ur greatness and supposed great
ness. Meanwhile it is gratifying to note that
"no ca-oinUU'.-" resulted from these Jackson
incidents.- Madison County Herald.
Addresses made in the presentation of dip
lomas to graduating classes are as a rule,
lanrely theoretical; hence the following, cred
ited to one to whom it fell to make Mich an
address last June, is refreshing in that it is
exceptionally practical : "(lirls, in presenting
you the-e diplopias, if, by their significance
you are let! to allow your mother to do all
the work, hake all the bread, sweep all the
floors because you can read Latin ordemon
rttrate a theorem in geometry, then has your
s.-hoid been a most unfortunate course, and in
all Ihe teachings you have ever received at
my hands, 1 trust there has been no lesson
that lias weaned vou from the dish pan. Hoys,
if from this graduation you go into the world
too nice to cany wood and swill the hog, if
need he. then has our school failed in its pur
pose and sown the wrung seed." - Madison
County Herald.
The old time jrirl, the kind of jrirl
that decorated the family abode in the
days of yore when our mothers were
in their Vens, before the advent of
the K niekerlioeker skirt, the silken
hosiery and the French lingerie all,
weil, she is but memory. And in her
stead we have the ix'irX that whips an
avito around a corner on two wheels,
cocks her overseas bonnet over her Mt
eye and orders her drinks by sayintr
"Coke." A tfirl like our mothers were
is now dubbed a "hick," by the bright
and intelligent feminine caste, but
somehow or other her kind is longed
for and souyht after when a man
wishes real comfort and a good moth
In another dcca.de there is likely to be nit
longer a servant problem for there will he
no servants. Household service will .still lie
neeeasary, but those who perform domestir
tasks will be "home asitants." A committee
of representatives of the United States Km
ployment Service, United States Department of
Labor. Teachers College, the Y. M. C. A.,
and the Consumers League has been formed in
New York City to establish an eight-hour day.
with weekly payment-, for those emrnged in
house-work. According to int'ormantion ob
tained by the United States Department of
Labor, the plan is to promote a new system by
which the worker in the home shall be engag
ed for ttand:rdi7,erl duties which shall com
mand a regular scale of wages. By means of :
this system home aistuyts viWJ have the HanlV i
privileges and stand im: as factory emjdyees I
or workers of any grade, it is believed, and a.
more intelligent cla.'S of workers will be at-1
1 rafted to the vocation! of cook and waitress.,
This effort toward reform is only one of mrny :
experiments that will be made in this country
in the re-adjustments in Km', land to improve
the system of domestic service that has long
prevailed. The ritrht to organise has been con
ceded to housemaids in the Bromley District
of Kent, the cable dispatches announced April
17. An agreement was reached after a point
conference of maid and their employers. And
among other rights to be enjoyed in the future
U't an annual clay and an evening off each
week and a half holiday on Sunday. British
Weekly Mail.
We hasten to arise and say that we
never did believe in a woman working
longer than a horse, still it appears to
he the popular theory that they should
TTiuvpvor Kho is ji limit, to ioin the
union for female emancipation (who
ever that is I and now it will ue hot
cakes and coffee at the nearest henn
ery inlieu of crisp bacon, straight
up egg and luscious biscuits of home
for the man who goes to work before
8 a. m. We knew it was coming, and
no one is to blame hut the species
We would not have used the words
in the caption of this article only we
feel that owing t the "outside pres
sure on the inside" the Huns will have
signed the treaty of peace vertotal
before this column appears. But what
we started to say was, that a gontle
man (we suuppose it is from the per
fumed paper) writes in to know whe
ther we favor the keeping uf dogs in
preference, or rather in connection,
with sheep. Do we favor hijrh priced
wool or low priced mutton, and third
ly and we sincerely hope, lastly he
wishes to know if we can deride a gro-
cerv store debate or the J lot Stove
Club as to whether the Allies will
soften the peace terms and make the
road better for the Germans. Now, in
regards to raising dogs with sheep,
or in preference to sheep or in a rad
ius ot a sheep s domains, which do
mains are his grazing area, we are
as much opposed to it as we are to let
ting the Huns down easy and that is
some opposed unalterably opposed
to such demeanor. Dogs,, though they
have demonstrated their undying love
and friendship for man and that they
are man's best friend, have no business
about a sheep patch, as nearly all of
them have a Hunnish disposition and
a hunkering for killing sheep, and
since one sheep is worth more than .1
times the priceof one dog, not includ
ing the wool, we consider that our per
fumed correspondent will have no
trouble in discerning where we stand.
But to the wool question, that is dif
ferent. High priced wool does no good
to the producer, as he pays out the
high price to the manufacturer when
he purchases the wool hack in gar
ments. The same applies to cotton or
potatoes or any other product of the
farmer's skill. And as we still have a
lingering memory of our first wool
shirt which made us feel like our
back was a cootie boulevard and we
treated it the same way, we are not
prone to favor wool either low or high
priced. But the last query tickles our
vanity for the good brother thought
w had u strain of spurting blood. Hu
quart jar beetsrf $1.50.,
1'iart jar string beans,'
To Club Women and Girls
Last Fall on account of quarantines
etc., we were prevented from holding
our County Exhibit, but this year; we
expect to have it at the Court House
at Macon on Thursday, October j!ml
and am giving below a part of the
Prize List, so the girls may knj'w
during the coming season just wjat
they are working for. Special priles
for the Sewing, Basketry, eti . will 'be
posted later. The Poultry I iizes will
be gotten up and put on in co-operation
with the Farm Agents.
1. Exhibitors must be members of
a Canning, Poultry or Home Demon
stration Club.
2. No girl will be awarded a prize
who fails to hand her County Ageiri
her record book properly filled- ,y)
and attested.
3 Any Club Member may send U'Sn
than the number of articles indicated
for one year, but may not send more.
1. Have exhibits reach
House not later t h.1n October 1st, so
they can be in place. Nothing will be
put up on October 2nd.
i. Club Day will be observed on
Thursday, October 2nd, and an appro
priate program will be prepared.
Prizes for First Year Club Girls
are as tollows
Best square
oest square (pi.
Best square quart jar tomatoes.
Best square quart jar blackberries,
Best square quart of pears, $1.50.
nest square quart jar peaches,
Best Record Book, $1.50.
Best Booklet, $1.50.
Prizes for Second Year Club Girls
are as follows:
By-products packed in 10 ounce
jars, except ketchup which must be
in 8 ounce bottles.
Best tomato paste, $1.50.
Best ketchup, $1.50.
Best Mince Meat, $1.50.
Best soup miture, $1.50.
Best Creole Sauce, $1.50.
Best canned pimentoes, $1.50.
Best record book, $1.50.
Prizes for Third Year Club Girls
are as follows:
Best green tomato pickle, $1.50.
Best Dixie Relish, $1.50.
Best B. S. Chutney, $1.50.
Best chili sauce, $1.50.
Best mustard pickle, $1.50.
, Best cucumber yickk, $1.50.
Best record book, $1.50.
Best booklet, $1.50.
Besides the above prizes offered tn
the girls there will be n prize of $10.00
to the Community Club, either women
or girls, who have the most attractive
booth or exhibit of home grown pro
ducts canned, dried or fresh, also of
hand made work, etc.
The square quart jars may be had
at the hardware stores of the County,
also tin cans for t hose who wish to
can for market, and the Community
Store, Macon, also handles square
quart jars and eight and ten ounce
hermetic jars fur Second and Third
year products.
My advice to all Club Girls is to
provide yourselves at once with the
proper containers, so when your most
perfect fruit and vegetables come on
you will be ready to put up your fancy
Assuring you all of my best wishes
and my willingness to help you at any
time you call upon me, I am faith
fully yours,
County Demonstration Agent.
Dr. Thomas F. Riley, writing in
The Medical Record of the famous in
fluenza plague which is by no means
a thing of the past says: "In general
the mortality was: below five years
of age, about 15 pre cent; from five
to fifteen years about 5 per cent;
from twenty to thirty-six years, about
,'0 per cent. In children under one it
was approximately 50 per cent, and
yet there were comparatively few
deaths because pneumonia was not so
common in children as it was in the
adults. It was nut so common nor so
fatal in the aged as it has been in the
past. Women had almost double the
mortality of men. If the disease was
contracted from a patient already suf
fering from influenza the outlooK was
worse than otherwise. If the first pa
tient died of the pneumonia the sec
ond was likely also to die."
A writer in the Jackson (Miss.)
News, commenting on the number of
failures which occur in business and
social life has this to say regarding
the n atter: "A western newspaper
says that a man embarked in the pig
ui li-vaising business several years
ago. The next year he let the pigeons
go and tried rabbits. The next few
seasons his activities included hogs,
chkkd.s and garden truck. Thin year
he has decided to let his garden grow
up in weeds, and is buying a couple uf
lines o- hoes and will pro.luoj honey
for the market. It is certain, of cuur;.e,
that he will fail at produc ng honcv.
It seems that when a man fails at one
tiling he fails at cvorythi'V.". Th-jre
is something that makes for success
that enables a siuressful man to suc
ceed at anything. As a rule, where a
man succeeds at one thing, he would
have succeeded at anything he turned
his hand to. The successful saloon
keeper would have been just as suc
cessful a dry goods merchant; in all
probability the fellow who raises big
hogs successfully would not fail if he
were raising pigeons or pet rabbits.
All men are not best suited for a cer
tain calling in life; that is not the
contention. There are men who are pe
culiarly fitted for a certain occupa
tion who are not so well suited for
something else. But the point is that
a man who fails at one thing has in
him that which would enable him to
succeed at anything to which he turned
his hand."
Though Howard Chandler Christy.
Court Hho artist, said that the figure and
physical proportions of the Venus de
.Milo were those of a "dub you are
c-.mvinced that he spoke in haW' as he
had never seen her arms. Long search
has been made for them and here is
a writer who gives a new angle to the
hunt: "The Isle of Milo was through
out the war one of the Allied bases of
the army of the Orient and was placed
under the orders of a divisional chief,
of the Aegean Sea patrol. Most of us'
have noticed the likeness of this is
lam! to a split ring or a crescent moon
while traveling to and from France,
herded together over precious car
goes, with lifebelts about our loins;
many have run in there fleeing from
suuniarines, awaiting a propitious
night to venture forth again, and for
the, formation of those slow convoys
which put out toward Salonica r Mar
seilles, on a sea full of lurking terrors;
several of us have trodden the rugged
slot !, called by Dumont d'Orville the
"field of wild oats," where the great
Ver.iis was discovered, and on the same
site ft few of us have dedicated hymns
to lier. Indeed, it will soon be an
hundred years since the peasant Yor
gos. searching one day for stones in
his t'cltl, by chance attracted interest
to t.ke island; and the. controversies
whiciJ bin discovery aroused have ne
ver C 'f.ed, so. that today Beorges Rei
tr, auxiliary commissioner of naviga
tion, who remained at Milo through
out t4''war, writing in a guide to the
islaiinfevives for the use of the sol-,
dierj,:rtUv1fiJ-l!w-v-aiti'v-irKU tM
discussion of the arms -of Venus, as
serting that a tradition still exists
among the inhabitants to the effect
that the arms were thrown into the
bay of Kilma on the occasion of a
quarrel which arose between French
and Turkish sailors over the possession
of the statue, that the arms are still
in the bay and that they might, per
haps, be recovered. Unfortunately, en
ticing as this hypothesis appears, it
does not seem to be confirmed bv the
facts. For that matter would it not be I
worth the trouble, one of our corres
pondents writes us, to make, with our
precise dredging machinery and the
up-to-date methods at our disposal, a
few Investigations of the deeps that
are reached by the Greek sponge fish
ermen with their primitive diving ap
paratus? Captive balloons or hydro
planes would likewise permit of a de
tailed study of the depths, which are
not considerable in this spot. Perhaps
the arms of the Venus could be found
if the searchers were lucky. It is
impossible. And more than one among
us, on the way to Milo; is constrained
to think, with the inhabitants of the
island, that the wonderful arms sleep
under the mirror of waters, in their
magic prison, incomparable flowers
among the flowers of the sea. And
who knows whether certain ones more
happily endowed than we may not
have seen them of evenings in the
Aegean, when the solar lieht has died
and before th'e moon has comi', when
all the universe is like the inside of a
pearl seen them rising slowly from
the sea where it joins the sky, be
tween the swimming forms of the si
rens and the bodies of the sea gods?
The lost limbs of the goddess, the head
of the Victory of Samothrace, the lit
tle arms of Venus, arouse in us more
effectively than those prisoners in our
museums who daily unveil themselves
to our sensual gaze a curiosity, an
unsatisfied longing and become in
some way the ideal goal of the stead
fast pilgrimage of our dreams."
was not mistaken, hut the rules of the
game hinder us from refereeing gro
cery store debates or cut-chees argu
ments or have-a-prune questions, but
we lay down and writh when asked to
decide the question propounded to us.
We were not a member of the Council
of Four, but since the Huns wanted to
be hard-boiled, we believe they should
be fed on the diet they sought to serve
and plenty of it at that. Mora anon.
"Frank Waller was a unique char
acter. An honest comment is difficult
to make in a newspaper. We do not
want to say an unkind thing about
him. He put nothing into this world
and got nothing out of it. His hoarded
wealth brought him an early grave,
and he could take none of it with him.
He was honest as he saw honesty,
obeyed the laws of the land when it
cost him nothing, neighbored with no
one, trusted no one, got all he could,
and kept all he got. His uppermost
philosophy of life was a false one;
that is, that a man with money in his
pocket must of necessity have friends
and happiness. He contracted no
debts, gave nothing to charity or pub
lic enterprise, knew nothing about the
high cost of living, traveled none, read
little, never spent a cent "foolishly,"
never invested or gambled. Many a
lad of ten has seen more of life worth
living than he. He. belonged to no so
cieties, fraternal or religious. He en
joyed making good deals in buying
and selling. He was sober, industrious,
independent, a stickler for the last
pound of flesh allowed by law. He has
passed to his reward." Marquette,
(Mich.) Tribune.
' '
Never before have we shown such a saisfying variety
of Hosiery for the entire family. Accordingly, we are bet
ter qualified than ever to supply all your requirements to .
your utmost satisfaction. Bnt, extensive as our assortments
are, still not a single unworthy quality has been conscious
ly admitted into the fold. This f?ct alone will make this '
store the safest place to buy your Summer hosiery. Silk,
cotton or mercerized thread all sizes, all new shades -all
weights. Easy to make satisfactory selection now
while assortments are unbrpken.
Diversity is the very keynote of our
Display. The assortment is so ex
tensive that your individual prefer
ences can easily be met you can
find a model that will seem to have
been created for you personally
and at prices you'l bedoubtly grati
fied. The newest ideas '"of New
York are embodied i these beautiful
garments; they are skirts of which
we are justifiably proud in in dis
playing skirts that are matchless
in value and exclusive in style.
e Bookstore
Tires and Tubes

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