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"52nd Tttr
MACON, MISSISSIPPI, F kip ay kittkmbfr, 9th, i2i.
School opened Monday with
attendance of prof. T
The last evocations of the Surgical -touchstone is principal with the fol-1 The opening of the Agricultural
Clinic that has been hi id at the j-ub-; assistants: Misses Krwin, High School at Scooha last Tuesday
lie school building were performed ! Meek. McMorries, Mesdames Perry, ! was made the occasion of a big
Thursday, and r rulay all ol tnt miKins, mucnsione. Miss Cage is m gathering, not onlv from Kemner1
patients we it iliscnargea. inimpr 01 uie rrimary department,' but from several adjoining counties.
Having this impromptu hospital , a;ic' Miss Quarles is music teacher, j The autos were numerous and the
bi ought to our very doors has beer Miss Angelinic Crymes of Meridian crowd numbered from 2000 to 2500
a wonderful advantage to the county after a visit to home folks, left for People.
offering expert surgical service and a North Carolina College, where she! A big barbacue and basket dinner
careful nursing to afflicted children j will teach short hand and typing. fed the crowd bountifully, and the
who would, probably, without this' .Miss Mary Robertson left for her good folks of Scooba truly put the
opportunity have been denied the place of business Friday. She spent bip pot in the little one, and if presi
relief brought them by these opera- several weeks with her parents in dent Harding and his cabinet had
tions. The ;rk ha been carried Peerbrook. (been present they would have come
on in the most approved style, withj Mr. Patty Wilkins has gone up to to the conclusion there was little
nil the system of an organized hos-j Columbus to take a business posi- sign of starvation, or even an un
pital, and the volunteer work of the;tion. I balanced ration, as all the consti-
ladies of the community has beenj Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wilkins and tuents fats, strches, albumens, etc.
worthy of more mention. Every de-Mr. John Cook have been at Hot etc were present.
partment 01 ine wins nas ore., ... springs lor some weens, mey re- A ban(i froin the State school at
charge of sjl icial committees, and turned Thursday
..... fri ... , ....- ......,. oiumoia iurnisnea music lor tne oe-
the management nas gone on wiw,-, m,ss M.nna umg (en Monday i C4si(m there was an ft(I(lress from
nut bitch, Mrs. Harrison, as chair for McKenzie. Tenn. where she will ...... .u. u..
out a hitch. Mrs. Harrison, as
some statesman in the morning, but
children in all were operated on, Hattishurg. -- ' Emci)e Aj,
nnd a great number had to be turn- Several of our merchants, Messrs. J, ,.' ..'
eriol'f, on account of the limited- Glenn, M'. A. Parks, J. G. Peterson,' . e 'm Sl:
time.' This is only for a season, ; ). Winn, have been to St. Louis '""l"'
... L ih. p;..w,l.. will return ' j o v, Um .favor of4. th
man of the reiresnment cornrn.uec De ln scnool tor mis session. i as the se(,tir)f, CRpftcity was small
assisted by Mrs. W. M. Lambersonl John Hooper of Pine Bluff is at . onlv C()n,parative few of the crowd
and others has been untiring, and j the home of his grandfather, Mr. 1 nearj him.
has Wept hot coffee and ice tea, with i Jhn Smith, enroute to a school in ,, , '. , . . . . .
, v . . , i,;.fc., ('v i w xt .u v The double-hfcauer ball games was
the accompaniment of sandwiches to char atte, North Carolina. ., , . , l . j
" , . . fi ... r,,- , .'the kind of amusement that drew
sei-ve to the workers at all hours of Miss Eddie May Boykm went . , ,, ,
1 1 V ... ,; . , . ... r. . x, , . the greater portion of the crowd,
the ibjv or night. Twfnty-five Thursday to thtt State Normal at . . . , .,
" , ' , j ! ,T , The first game was between the
children in all were operated on, Hattishurg. '-..,. CK 4.
six inninit were intprept-
cone-. being three .to.,one..m
some lime m otmu. . , mr. cowni mnuii-on u.i - hoy - score of six
the work proposed by the Clinic. soon for Bay St. Louis to work fori p '
Dr. Richards has been assisted in Mr. Robert Love. L.m rl cnnR
his work by Dr. Withers and Dr.; We KKrvt that we are to lose the MA(0N AC '"' r W OBA
Jones, the-lBtter well known in the family of Mr. T. S. Gay.. He has. Store. 1 to a
count v as head of the Health Unit, 1 purchased a stock of goods at Le-j . , . ,, ., ,
iju...j :j , . , t, .u 1 Scooba s record for the season has
through which this work is carried on. panto, .Arkansas. He is there now, , ... . .
.: ... or.,1 Mrs McLeod as- :..i u:l .i ..hiM will i.,in been, and proUbly still is, the best
" ; "T . ,hll" m . , " of any town in this section,-and on
s.sted by the volunteer work of the! nim ln a fl,w ,ly8 . J .
suficred nt ,faon's hands in the
i games just preceding this every ef-
ladies of the community have done There are soon to be Some changes
the nursing. The Woman's Club has :n tne express business Here. We
co-operated with Dr. Jones is having,,, bt sorrv to have Mr. Griff in precnng ms every e,
L PCH, brought to Nubee ad;, us, even if higber. , "i
camine on the work and Mis. H.; . o ' .,:V.,.. ...... ,u
A. Minor, as president of the organi-j
zi.tion has been indefatigable in her
interest and devotion to the work
having given up almost her entire)
1 imp to it. 1
Dr. Underwood, who is the head of , w,rj,in(,. ousiness August 1st, 1921,
the Health work m the state was n f,.(,m jts ((ffjct. at 115 West Capitol
'I'hfr Merchants Union Insurance
Com nan v of Mississippi re
n ...... .le.-f lhi vv.'k. illHOMt- ......... c.-l....... MJl-o TWi cumnunV
ir.g the work done by the Health n!(s a unin.ue re; ord. It is the only . -
Unit and he' exftiuessen onreswea t..xc.usiw fire insurance . company
approval of the work of the Clinic, ' orvlinizvi in the state of Mississippi
rrononncing it the best in tne siaie. tiult ev(.r
preparing an invincible team for the
I occasion. Notwithstanding the rain
I which stopped the game for some
'time just after the first inning, the
'sumed ram,J vva' exciting throughout.
riowevei, i.ne h'soil m-vf i srriM
ed in doubt after the first inning,
when Brooks walked three men and
and Murff, Macon's short
stop hit a two bagger with three
men on. netting Macon 5 run?.
1 a dividend
Run-aw-ay Boys Caught. - I (,t m (f g IH,r t.,.nt was pai,i 6nnual-
I ... t 1017 uL'li.'ii its as-
. , -.1 lc..t i ) f nfP. I. unui a. iuiiij
,n tnc suvie m..i jh , ex(V,n(.nt ball for
earned and paid annua My , This me " the end of the
to- shaft-holdeis. Divi- c,.kv in.
seasons ci-mtest with hcoolia s in
j vincible team, Macon having won
! three and ScooUa three. However.
- -4
Just now you are anxious to know what
fashion's latest mandates are in:
Ladies' Coats
Ladies' Coat Suits
So let this announcement be your invitation
to command see our first arrivals. They will
speak for the correct wear for this fall.
Further shipments will be received right
along, also every kind of Ready-to-wear
for every member of the family.
But comeand see the first; it will hdpyUi.
plan your fall purchasing ideas.
Come Soon end Often !
Macon, Miss.
and as we ..reverently open our pock
et books, le 8111!" find some parts
of the ren.ifi8 or Brooksvillc.
Vve riciT -.farther, Manager, that
'r -
' , i... . j ,,l,Jt...i
r.on of a well known business man of , l ' mM business with Maenn has won the. last three gamed
. T- M..ir; m tia! nrofit. It resumes
Meridian anu riaim -!
.i ..ffl.. Vi..vv
::U -hiMwrecair shop, in the m. ine co.m...
years old, whose father is proprietor'
MUI IV. iv. - , .
-romotion charge, the statement ; Pm pl-
hHW.par shop, m tne, SH,,)lus J1An)N ,,ANS SMU.H AT
nf;! "MaLT'Slof 10,000 ash on deposit August , AGF.RPENN,X
Famt city, wi
n L'ht on the streets oi ...i.. ,..f M,wir,i
Kightpoliceman Harvey and locked - "-" ar.
up until their parents could I not - - with tll,
Eatman had r.cen oaogni ne.e .,,. rmfttinv 0f
return! home. n -u: - 'm
a freight i evas, v,c,..... -
I (it ore (..nd
...o f-.v n M.-icon on
on .... . . r.. l, ,e in
when asked wnere tne ;,. u ,.!, !!! anil
the onocci mil, in. ... v...
.,;,cr vi.nli.'d "iust as far as
train will take us." and expressed
fear or regret over their esca-
.....,t l,v F.jitmaTi over tne
certainty of a strapping by his fath
r, :e 4U,,t. i.v..r i-nn awav
cr. i ney s.uo u ''. -
again they
ih,. Rcmihlir makes the strongest
company authorized in the state.
Tin. officers now actively ill charge
of the company's o: rations are L.
Caldwell, Meridian President. Air
lent of the Mute!
. .1 f .
.ocal Asronis iu.o ... . , , . ... vm. .,., thll
.. ...... :.i, fiMMv-ntv P.ank & trust Com-, , .,, ..'.i v...
They were as sopmsnea.- Maurice A. ,. , . . 1 ....
is bov? several : p". " ' . ., . i uislianilca l"V ;:ncui. lour weens. i
..! larauaee bcrgman, uivhiuiii, ... - vpiru nr players have ielt
1 ..!.' II mouw i
would never come tnis v., -
T....uH" town s?ocuun)ii o.
To Manager John Pennix,
Hriioksville, Mississippi.
Dar Manager:
We have noted your kind commu
nication sent to us through the
Macon .Beacon in which you chal
lenge us to a series of "Base-Ball"
games. We wonder. Manager, if
you did not intend "Foot-Ball" games
itml'ad of "Base-Ball' games, since,
as you know, the base ball season i?
svbout over, and us you further knew
way as Macon was a
for them.
eil and worldly-wise
.,. their soinor and
' ,.,.M c-vnect
much older and more hardened.
1 ' i of our regulnr players have
exrn-ct to hear mU r '"ZJnl''"' "
T ' liiwe pari in inn ttru n
,K. Carroll, Vicksburg Treasurer!
I ovmerly special agent St. . Vj.V j ticipated and advised u.s in advance
, . M,.q ! that "MfcnV cry will be that they
,,,,, Louisiana .... - """"" ; hiive ,,, a fu u.aro". If this be
New Family Here
. to
. L.;
who '
Columbus this week welcome
its cit''.enship Mr. and Mrs. W
Shnrimn and their daughter,
f,,,m Macon to reside in our
...... TV... f:imilv be ci.mfi'rt.
dimi.-iled at the home of Mr Willis
rope, near th" First Baptist Church
Thev are most cordially welcomed
!,,' eitv, and it is hontd tfet they
soon f. ' 1 at home in our midst.
iVlurohus IHsj-atch.
G id Qsrtnhurfjs at lAtndxr
f,K.s fi.r 10c per yard.
tk( n: r:s examinations.
, .-e.ur.ty t.'aclirTS e.
i!i i c he'd at the court
ie :.. ir- ;-n i.l ti:e
, b-ji'ii;::.,- in My. 'on for
.in. th
'. their cry, Manager, os you say, then
l Stiect's Man-i V ' to voir memory, khoi k inew,
rd a cry similar to this
IL've you so s 'on forgotten, Mi.na-
uh-..v,ti.MiMV cr. tii.it iturn:g tno mourn in .iui.v
The vi
hu- - r..-
I'e!- l'. (i s
!; - (. ..r
Ei-ssV Street
ma nauer, Merid
.... i ... -.
hecretaiy un... . v . - v - ,jt for(i lhiR ,fCasnn
I'cment of the com puny atul piai- ' . ,.
..giniMii. . v.,-.. have heard :v cvv similar to this.
. K ... . i ntur n 1 s " -
Vicaliy 111 Cli;uge a.. i
for the last 8 years of the compa
res openav.;.!. me m.v. , .m ...... vl:,,.nM aml
,.f the l onTuny "ts-; .,i;,ksv;il, wa, scheduled- and d-Clanm.-Ledg.r,
Aug o,.l, U-.. ,( f((. mm.(, lhu a ww.k he.
The above Company believe? in Slow the day it. v.a.-. to he playe.1,
investing' its money in the territory J and during the movnmg of tne day
a;is I1. o.'vT nun .,.,..
Mai'iiger, called up and
ise.1 Mai.m.tlv.t tliere would le
no . Millie. s!;ai;ir at that linie'in the!
mini o I'uiir ena!!en::i
i r... a full team", :i"I I'urthi'r sayir.
I ' .. . -i- ...:n i
i) "V,c (lent, ki-ow wi-.n c
us to "I'ut Up" or
Pleae be informed
o dor$ both. We "Put.
last gain with you.
are remaining silent
ho results of the seasons
i't fo the public in ora-
vou advise
"Shut Up"j
tht.t we r.
Upf at v,
aiid now
andjett;". j
contests --
lory mei-i nvincing than that of
pitii i IIi-jR'henes or Cicero.
We are sorry. Manager, that our
ball team has been disbanded for
this season, but we will meet you
again another, si.son and Jet you
make your own terms and eondif
tions. In the meantime, live on the
hope of defeating us another season.
This, of course, as you know is
written in a good ratured way. We
enjoyed the jff.mes with you and
your good icam, all of whom are
good sports and fine fellows, ancj
we greatly approbate the assistance
they have given in winning games
since our regoltr twin disbanded.
Restart I' uly,
L. L. Jinrtin lias challenged the
strung ball team of C. I. Sargent for
a name, to- be played on the school
grounds m:;t Tie. sday afternoon at
3 p. m. The battery fc- M'.Ktins
team will be Hill and Cuy and for
Sargent, Sherrod and Hare.' The
odii.s are in llavor of Martins team
at this time since he will have two
newcomers, .Tones who played second
base for Broekhavm, and Keyes who
is a fast third basernan from an 111.
L ii' iie. A complete line up can bu
sen in front of the IJ.iok Store.
I am buying Cotton sctd for the Refuse Cot-;
ton Ojl Co. of Columbus, Miss., and will pay the
very highett price for seed. I am located at. the de
pot, with . office, phone and ;wtfH'
Ky.'" The "watermelon
n,e ty tne aw-vV tXW. ,raok at ' has been overflowing for
. . Ill""-D- - !., l,o.,ner
.ma ...x" e the melons uo'i -"--
w;ith veo".i"uia
In connection with the above l" I'ifVfiia'f;.'.
lots and will seel all kinds of feed' stVf Cotton
Meal and Hulls, Corn, Oats, Wheat, Shortu, Corn
Hearts. Corn Feed Meal, M'Ked Feed for horses and
dairy cows.
As all my overbad expenses are paid, as men
tioned above, I will be in a position to make very
close prices on ail of the tfbove seed stuff.
Solicit''):.!,' a share of of your business, I am
Phone ?: Very truly,
was tbe
Pictures Each Night ;:t 8.15 o'clcilt
No Picture till Friday.
FKiHAV Nil.liT
'!;, Metro Feature,
"TI1F. SAl'ffEAH"
.Featuring USTKP. KKATOX.
. A Chri.-tie (. orfiedy.
on. iio(.t;:, ixiCTOH"
frora v.h'eli it receives business and. the game wa
nas 'e
city !
ia v.
c-i.tlv purchased n'om
Mricon :'itcn th-usapil
rib o iighl and water
the you,
:ii-'-:vi men i
bi nils.
M-i'e 'lal
Pointed remarks t.fteii merit
blunt .'in ;wer-
The t'Oii'-li' vii fam:le trees
V,"'! have j that s: riaav or b.-ni are shady. '
"l a.
I. --t
i i
A ;
-it ;r.y
,!;!! :! lor
(hii! adv.
!- i
it Satii
r. )..-:., :';; .niter
M.dnlctte for Sale
a Sa
i!io:n :ov
M.'Cun." 'V!
',. ,vh. "her
y.-v !- -:i '.V
I! is :"'se;1e i t-iai. '.l e ";
buildlni' wore ..".- t'lail
lv;' t'--:-e a 'e .1 i';-.v a'-
ih fsTiiilie.
T.t!f;T-l'sc v-'i-:-. !.ci'-..-- i:
The K '
"A liKCCAII !:;
A I'b.atV R
or lev.
My Mibolitte car is for sale. In
good order, Ntra tires, tub-s etc.
First JIbC gets it.
IV.iven, ilitts.
"0 head tlirobred
ifers. bulls and calves.
20 head nearly pure-bred Short
horn heifers.
20 head nearly pure-bred Short
horn yearling steers.
I'bwue )kVo, Maron, Miku
.; to vevk it?
.'" -.,. cor.s'd.-r
and be wU-'?
if'er Na.poieon
tried to come
Sow we know
but. "e
urV ard if !- i't, a'
oil O.'l c;
the Faie ef N.!-itii
Know you ivd ;
b-.'d J,een ilefcafe.l h
lacl; and couldn't?
von are ': goml manager.
vou know Napoleon wa s aKrt-at- rxenf ra
Now, Manager, w don t feel
"Snak'v" J'(,u so ungratefully supr
feTS.,ed. but instead, inch rrninK
when v swnke we behold tW -WIT
f Vii9 Ki-WV 1Ke r
1 r f I-r.a.-x' No, ice-
AM laud ovnrd by t! ' un.le:'-i;.n-ed
'ir under th"ir roptml is ii'i.-'t.d
again -t lr.tnt-.'Ts and o'h'i tvespas-'
crs arid viol'tors will positively lie,
prosecuted. T; '.vnrninr'
V. C. McCl'I.LAR
iUl'l'A ill) 1UV1K, .
i :.n r.-.'r - :'.' n-e ' ' ..:
T.'v:im C'H,. ,: i " . - i :-, -i .1
,,.' . ,, , , ... .:
p.; y ibe ;'-' ' '- '.-
a el.aiK-e V') ! ..- ' ..-:r t..;
will I...'h r. - :' v
i'. A. iT-'.T;' X V
' , Wo !vi;,".. V:, i , i- I.ii-( '':;:'
;,!so flash Tel-r butt -r!:s I n"
i.rrri.rs' ii.'H'i; snm:
Farm for Kent or Sa'e.
! e mr.kc our own
Pasteurized Gram and Milk t
Ail spoon.':, glasses sau
cers, etc, aie tapped in hot
water after washing;. Only
K'c (and tax) for plain
creams and i.'ic for straw
bt fry, nui. cherry and
! : !'-' 'n.!;rs.
V'-ll SAi.F
i en - si r.tiii ..'i "a y . ov. i. good
. ;;-!. S r.:!--r. u!):) ti-sl.-d and
nt. to a ? t .. i,.ir i, old Kminent,
,'-iP'; ss i '-a-.l ilunuh'eis,- he biin-.--!!
ff-m a r' gii-t- r of .neril, dam.
1 n aet':,;nt of inbrei-iiioK will also
sell bull.
P.. 2. Macon, Miss.
1("0 acr's. si:: rr.'k's northeast of
Macon; will rent nr sell, with rtwfc
f includiiit.' la mil!; cows and mules) '
sn.l machinery. PEN C. MORRIS.
fcOOtaSApply U I -fe.od fci'.uie w, fivnt mi milk at
W. X. S. (iiwAa4ikN a kvvtim. . K 1. iiie
t i. .
her ent
toe It

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