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"Dodson's Liver Tone" Is Taking
the Place cf Dangerous,
Sickening Drug.
Yon're billons, sluggish, constipated
mid helle.e you need vile, dangerous
calomel to start your liver and clean
your bowels.
Here's Hudson's guarantee! Ask yon
druggist for n bottle of Hudson's Liver
Tone iiml take a spoonful tonight If
It doesn't start your liver and straight
en you right up better than calomel
and without griping or making yon sick
I want you to no back to the store and
(;et your money.
Tnke calomel today and tomorrow
you will feel weak mid sick and nnu
heateil. Don't lose H day's work. Take
a spoonful of harmless, vegetable
Hudson's l.lver Tone tonight and wako
up feeling groat. It's perfectly barm
less, si i w It t.i your children any
time. It can't sallvaie so let thorn eat
anything a.'terv. anis. AdU'i'fiseinent.
Babies in Bunches.
The prediction is made by l'rof.
Charles Kirr!m;T, a I'oreUu saMint,
that i!uriiic Ihe net six j.-.-id. twii.s,
triplets and even inaiin;pieis will be
nuiiiiaedi r eCrih i-d. Ho says that
I h,' h 1 1 ii a -in. 'e :ll lie a rarity.
lie K-e, ail II.,-, ii; jl;o position of
oi.im p'a s.
f !U-7 l"!Gt:' J
Hot water
Sure Relief
i hits J"U 8 Ji-J
Harriott. Rori( v.nataMa. (oUstl tad
Ctii.'dreu'i Rpfuialrr, Urwuia oa -very uuVal. I
Gnraal.eil uon-Lorcobc. uoa-ikoholic.
The ItdioU' ad ChildrtVi ReiuUtOF
Children trmw healthy and frm
from tuiK;, ii mrriiona, flhluienfy,
constipation ami other trwuljle If
u-lven it. at tffiUiinff time.
Safe. ifU"ar.antalwaySrmfn rw
m.'Lriiable and gratifying nwuiti.
rriLuiLL.o '"'-du.i M'iMMn a.
II lu-r-t
IjO.. atV.ij MiclMtfan Arafibo. UliK-Btfu. Ui.
W omen
ade Young
Bright eyes, a clear skin and a body
full of youth and health may be
yours if you will keep your system
la order by regularly taking
The world's standard remedy for lddney,
liver, bludder and nrlc cid troubles, th
enemies of life and looks. In use ainca
1696. All druggists, three sizes.
Look (or (He naraa Gold Mr rial on every box
and accept no imitation
Money hack without question
(Hunt's Salve and S'.api.lail in
the treatment ofltch, Rciema,
Ftr-e-worni.Tetterorotheriti-h- ,
ilia sin ndiaeaara Trv thutreat
ment at our risk Sol.1 bv all re!tah drupylita
A. Ii. RJharJa Mcjiciue Co., Shetouan. Teaal
elf H I
ll Ainl'ia th I.milH T.aTB-il bOLU COLLI BlunUt.g l"t
b.ii.jl,l.,lU4awT r'i'.
Mao'a RlDira-N. 1. a 50 - M. 1. tt8.SO-ffa. 4. tlS.SO
La'a ltincaNo. 2. ate n-Ho s.Oaaiu
(tUABANTEE T ,..;..,,...,,;(--;,.
TXan - If lb da,S. uor m.,u, Lr if f- . ' r. t"
Inu.d tun hu 'I ran U'-Jt I' kiC i ' In t " '10
m it iM, ui 'A nli - i- i -' . Ir lat'-a Cnaer !. 0-lfai
M. 0fic llmlttf. oitDPr- Tiaav.
"Th . Huta t fluent. i.tfe.l." 11". Wl' tt. THIi:-
Short hrrathine re
lieved in a lev tumrai
fiweUinif reduced in a
few 4fly: rK"1atefl h liver, kidneys, atftrnurh
ami heart; purifiri the blood, atrent'ttiens the
entire ayntem. Writ for f 'rtm Trial Trmatmmnt.
touuM otcpsr ami to., DepLw.o.,aiuNi. a
Allll ANSA.- Kllrtri Mu-rilinx. alio Ii. 1 U.UU0
rurtli iit-i'ilfU Nu CfHnn.lHMJona. VVrllo 1-eileml
iiarlll Iturnilll, W iiHhiliirtiili Ml., CIoi-hkii. 111.
r,0 l:!C HAVANA CIO A Its FOH ft H-n.l
name anil aailrnas. pay Mie imHtiiinn H wh-n
claata are illlw-reil Mnny ro luii'li'.l If n-t
allnfl nflpr amnhlnif II vr KHAVI'tSl'O
KKOA f'll., Iti !3fil, TMI'A. Kl.llHHIA.
m&TA " '"1 v
Wfell'l you fion In li'lirn alnul new r;itlinil
Irealmcnt lor Irtuupd In I fi run-' of epllaii.iy,
IMHltlvty aO!'Iliiif ;f!'.eir from first il ij' a
llua Infnrinnllon flea. "S OK' 'I A 1.1 ST. "
Urn. war A !!. l.AMUKlt. WVn.MINii.
W. N U., MEMPMIS, NO. 39-1921.
Smoot'a Drive for Inclusion of His
Plan Is Being Felt Senator Calder
Wants 2.75 Beer Legalized
Also-New Tax Bill.
Washington The new tax revision
Mil now being completed by the sen
ate finance committee will be effective
for only one year, the committee has
Another bill, in which the entire
systuu of taxation may he changed,
wfll he drafted and reported to con
gress a year from now, members of
the committee said.
The finance committee immediately
will vote on the sales tax in connec
tion with the biil now being prepared.
Senator Snioot will offer a complete
substitute for the committee bill hav
ing the sales tax as a principal source
of revenue and will force a vote on his
measure. Senator Smoot, however,
does not le lieve the committee will
adopt his bill. lie said he will offer
it in the senate later ns a substitute
for the committee bill.
The committee will also vote on the
amendment proposed by Senator Cr.i
d"r of New York To h ualie the manu
facture of L'.TS hr-T. The Calder
amendment would recognize the legal
ity of 2.7;". be-r by levying a tax cf $5
a barrel on it.
Tic tax schedules for the new bill
will he completed by the committee
In order to give treasury and commit
tee pelts time to write the measure
for prseniation in the senate.
Two Institutions Are in Financial Dif
Jefferson City. Mo. The People's
Exchange Hank at Stui'Kis, in Living
B'.on county, and the Kramers' State
flank at Winston, Daviess county, were
placed in the hands of the rtato bank
examiner by the state director of fi
nance, J. o. Tughes.
The Ptuigis bank was closed upon
recommendation of the state bank ex
aminer, A. L. Friese. It is capitalized
at JlO.ono, and its last statement
showed deposits of about $75,000.
The Winston bank was (dosed on a
resolution passed by its own direc
tors. It also is capitalized at $10.0no
and had deposits totaling slightly
more than $70,000 June 30 last.
Injudicious loans. It was said at the
state hanking department, had Rotten
both institutions into difficulties.
Governor Dunne Heads Movement in
Chicago. An organization to pro
mote harmony and good feeling be
tween all classes, races and religions
In America was announced In the pro
cess here with F.dward F. Dunne, for
mer governor of Illinois, as its head.
The society will be known as the Na
tional Unity Council and its organiz
ers intend ultimately to spread it to
every section of the country, accord
ing to Mr. Dunne.
One of the prime motives behind tho
organization. Its sponsors said, wa?
to combat the Ku Klux Klan, and
organization of councils will be push
ed, particularly where the klan has
obtained a foothold.
Sets New World Record.
New York Babe Ruth broke his
own and the world's record for home
runs when he slammed the ball out of
the lot for his 05th circuit clout of
the season in the fifth inning of the
f.rst game 'of a douhleheader against
ftt. Louis. Thousands of straw hats
wer smashed by the fans in their
Loses Four Suit Cases.
Poplar Muff, Mo. Four suit cases
containing stocks, bonds and clothing
valued at $2,000 were stolen from Mrs.
J. P. John-tin of Douglas, Ariz., in the
I'nion Station at Little Rock, she toi.t
police upon her arrival here. Mrs.
flohnson said she was en route to St.
Louis to deliver the bonds.
Hayti Physician Killed.
;yIoinpliis. Tenn. - Dr. L. J l. lirannon,
profl inent iiracticing physician of Uay
ti, M.v, near Cai uther.svllle, died at
baptist Memorial Hospital here from
a bullet wound penetrating both lungs,
firod. Hi-cording to the physician, by
E. S. Jimmcrson of Hayti while Dr.
lirannon was being shaved In a barber
Women Preachers More Successful.
Chicago. If there were more wom
en preachers In the pulpits, there
would be more men In the churches,
Miss Madeline Southard, president of
the International Association 01 Wom
en Preachers, told members of that
organization at their convention here.
MIhs Southard accused men of "fem
inizing the church," and asserted that
if there were .more women preachers,
more men would become interested in
church work.
"Members of Original Klan Were Not
Guilty of Atrocities the New Klan
Is Charged With," Says Massa
chusetts Solon.
Washington. Charging that the Ku
Klux Klan is un-American, Representa
tive Tague of Massachusetts has an
nounced that he will demand a con
gressional investigation of the order.
Mr. Tague said he is preparing a
resolution providing for an investiga
tion by a special committee of the
house of representatives. He will in
troduce it when the house is recon
vened for business on Oct. 3.
"I have received many complaints
about the activities of the Ku Klux
Klan," said Tague. "They are trying
to organize throughout New England.
"The organization is anti-Catholic,
anti-Jew ami un-American and should
be done away with. It is a scandut.
1 understand the department of jus
tire has been Investigating it, and
my resolution will request the depart
ment to inform congress what it has
"If the light of publicity is turned
upon the grotesque, fantastic, lu
dicrous garb and ceremonies of tiiU
intolerant organization which pre
sumes to take the law into its own
nands and holds sway through the
appeal to superstition, it will be found
the sponsors have reaped a ri h har
vest. -
"This organization parades itself as
a revival of the original klan. The
members of the original klan were not
guilly of the atrocities the new or
ganization is charged with. n ex
posure of the new klan will cause new
nation-wide ridicule, under w! ich it
will shrivel up and disappear."
Union Chiefs Will Get Together Soon
and Plan Action.
Chicago Decision as to whether
the nation will face a general railroad
strike may result from two important
meetings to bo held here. The repre
sentatives of 500,000 railroad shopmen
will meet here to determine what ac
tion to take in regard to t he wage cut
and changes in working, rules, effec
tive July 1. '
A countrywide ballot, taken some
time ago is said to have resulted over
whelmingly in favor of a strike. The
result of the vote will be made known
t the meeting, over which B. M. Jew--II,
president of the railway employes
department or the American itera
tion of Labor, will preside. .
On Sept. 22 the heads of the Broth
ahood of Locomotive Engineers, Or
der of Locomotive Engineers and
Firemen will meet here" to announce
the result of a ballot now be'ng taken
in these organizations. Unofficial re
ports from some of the organizations
indicate a large majority ot tne mem
bers favor a strike.
Probably Every Doughboy Sailing for
Spain Had Swore "Never Again."
New Orleans. La. To the tune of
"Hall! Hail! The Gang's All Hare,"
blended with a babel of various na
tional airs, 258 youths, including moia
than 150 former American service men
who have volunteered here for serv
ice in the Spanish foreign legion
against the Moors, sailed down the
harbor aboard the steamship Cadi
for Barcelona.
Leading the contingent was Sergt.
V. J. Hall of Detroit, an American
who served (luring the war with the
Canadian forces and wears four dec
orations, who goes with the assurance
tliat when he reaches Spain he will
receive a captain's commission.
The men, who are leaving home to
fight under a foreign flag, - do not
claim to see any glamor of romance
in the expedition, but frankly say
their Inability to get jobs at home and
the assurance of 59 cents and three
meals a day are the compelling mo
tives behind their action.
Robbers Killed By Officers.
Fort Worth, Texas. Federal, city
and railroad detectives were trailing
west of Fort Worth a third man in the
attempted robbery of a Texas and Pa
cific mail train two miles west of
here, in which two armed men were
killed by officers. "Hilly" Edwards,
Texas and Pacific engineer, and J. L.
Morris were killed by officers when
they attempted to rob the mail car.
New Orleans. Twelve minutes be
fore an option on the property expired
a holding company purchased the
ground intended as the site for the
$2,000,000 Southern Baptist Hospital.
The syndicate hopes to raise, within a
few days, the remaining sum of the
$100,000 purchase price. Formal offer
of the property will be made to the
Southern Baptist Convention nxt May
and It Is believed the action taken as
sures the location of the hospital here,
fcd 131 VH7IS1 El
Shall Old Mm Gloom glare at
ft ,i. din,. Jinn.
' ,0 . xX home and conduce to health, happu
and unsanitary walls of your home ? css and the pride 0f iyg ?
We know what your answer will be and to secure these satisfying results you have only to use
Alabastine is a dry powder packed in five
pound packages in white and a variety of
beautiful colors ready to use by mixing with
pure cold water, with full directions on
every package.
Alabastine has been on the market for forty
years, is a household word in every civilized
country in the world. If unable to secure
the services of a painter or decorator you
can apply Alabastine yourself.
Important to Know
To secure Alabastine results you must get
Alabastine; it is necessary to see that the
package has the word "Alabastine" and the
cross and circle printed in red.
When employing the services of a painter
ask him to bring the Alabastine in unbroken
packages and mixed on the job. This he will
be glad to do to convince you that he is
giving you what you desire and pay for.
. '
Another Smart Youngster.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones had been In
vited to n friend's home tor tea, mid
the time had arrived for preparing for
the visit.
"Come along, dearie," said Mrs.
Jones to her three-year-old son, "and
have your face washed!" '
"Ion't want to be washed," came
the reply.
"But,'1 said mother, "you don't want
to be n dirty little boy, do yon? I
want my little boy to have n nice
clean face for the ladies to kiss."
Upon this persuasion lie gave way
and was washed.
A few minutes later he stood watch
ing his father washing.
"Ha, ha, daddy!" he cried. "I know
why you're washing!" t
Considerable Agitation.
"Either my eyes are noting funny or
else there's something powerful wrong
with yore house," said mi acquaint
ance who hud halted In the big rondMo
stare fit the Johnson domicile. "I
reckon It must be my eyesight, but the
doggone house 'pears to be shaking
unci shivering like it was going to
tumble down."
"Aw, I reckon likely my fourteen
children happen to have took a notion
to scratch t heir chiggers nt the same
p'tu! -same time," replied Gap John
son of, Itumpus Itldge, who was bung
ing over his own front fence, hooked
on by the elbows. Kansas City Star.
By Way of Explanation.
"Ah !" sighed the presiding elder,
"why do so few parents nowadays
sing to their children?"
"One reason I don't," replied Oap
Johnson of Itumpus Hidge, "Is that
the last time I tried it they ganged
me till their maw had to lliug hot
water on 'em to tnnke 'em turn loose."
Kunsus City Star.
Tables Made of Paper.
Tables, chairs and other articles of
furniture are now made from com
pressed paper so colored mid polished
us to give it the uppearance of the
finest woods.
Cuticura for Pimply Faces.
To remove piittples and blackheads
emear them with Cuticura Ointment.
Wash off in five minutes with Cuti
cura Soap and hot water. Once clear
keep your skin clear by using them for
dally toilet purposes. Don't fall to in
clude Cuticura Talcum. Advertisement.
No Ornament.
"Won't the new stenographer work?"
"No." "Well, 11 if her. She isn't that
Principles of acoustics are sound
' dactrlnes.
you alt r -Si;?M & OrwouldyoupreferwaHsthatTadialt
,,l, J WtCCjV A '" ml. polity, laaaWjaaf
of Wallpaper, Paint or
Sample card of tints furnished by dealers pr write to us direct.
The Alabastine Company, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Plunging in Authorship.
"Can't you lend me a ten spot, old
man?" remarked Black, who had
chanced to meet White ut tin? corner.
"I'm dead broke. Been writing stories
for the magazines and haven't made
a cent!"
"What became of that $.",000 your
uncle Jeft you?"
"I used that up for postage." Way
side Tales.
Use Vacher-Hahn ; It relieves at
once. If we have no agent where you
live, write to E. W. Vacher, Inc., New
Orleans, Ln. Advertisement.
A mob always draws the line at a
if Yes.' it is
- Maxwell ' J
fllf ERSMlTH'c
Chill Tonic
Not Only For Chills', Fever and Malaria
Alalttiiftrifa Over Pninfptt Walls
Have you had the experience after going to
considerable expense to paint your walls, on
the theory that they would be washable the
same as your woodwork, of finding that after
washing them they were grimy, streaked and
unsatisfactory? Have you hesitated at the
expense of again repainting them?
If the paint is solid on the wall and not
scaling, go over it with a coat of Alabastine
and be pleasantly surprised as to effects pro
duced and saving effected. Alabastine may
even be used over old soiled wallpaper that
is firm on the wall not printed in aniline
dyes or with raised figures.
You Can Always Get Alabastine
There is hardly a town where Alabastine is
not carried in .stock by dealers who carry
paints. If you do not find it and are offered
something else claimed to be just as good,
write us and we will tell you how to easily
secure Alabastine.
Known as
"that good kind"
cIrif it-and you
will know why
Phonographs have injured the mark
et for parrots.
for 50 YEAfts .

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