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New. Laws
Bag Limit Now Includes Birds
Killed by Persons Assisting
the Hunters.
Tendency to Tighten Restrictions on
Hunting of Birds and Big Game Is'
Shown in Federal and State
Laws for 1921.
Washington. A tendency to tighten
the restrictions on the limiting of
birds uml big game is noted in the
game laws for V.)2, a summary of
which, both federal and slate, has been
compiled by the federal biological sur
vey. Among the notable changes made
during the present year was the
amending of the migratory bird treaty
act regulations with respect to bag
This amendment provides that the
daUy bag limit of any person shall
now include "all birds taken by any
other person who for hire accompanies
or assists him In taking migratory
birds." This will put an end to the
abuse of privileges under the regula
tions regarding the prescribed dally
bag limits by persons who claim that
birds were killed by guides accom
panying them.
Waterfowl Season.
The federal waterfowl season for
California was fixed from October 1
to January In, replacing the old sea
son of October Hi fo January 31, the
season now being the sume under both
federal and slate laws. Regulation !),
governing the issuance of federal
scientific permits, was amended to
penult Hie Issuance of limited and spe
cial permits.
State legislation harmonized federal
and slate laws on waterfowl and shore
birds In Kansas and Oregon, and on
wnterfowl In I'cnnsylvanln mid Itliode
"Island; Washington prescribed a state
wide open season on all migratory
gntno birds from October 1 to January
15, thus deviating from the federal
regulations, which supersede the stale
law, east of the Cascade mountains,
where It will now be possible to hunt
migratory game birds only from Octo
ber 1 to December 81, without violat
ing either federal or state law ; in
Idaho tlie open season on migratory
game birds has been shortened under
state law two weeks by opening Octo
ber 1, Instead of September 1(3, and
extending to December 31.
Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Ne
braska, Oregon and Washington enact
ed legislation similar to the federal
regulation prohibiting hunting from
nirplanes. Colorado reduced the bag
limit on ducks from 20 to 15 a day,
Wahutu Tribesmen Fine Dancers
Wahutu tribesmen ihmcinjr at Nyanza on the shores of Lake Tanganika,
Africa. Their voices, jingling bells on the ankles and stamping feet add to the
excitement of tlie seme. The Wnhiitii are considered great dancers. This In
teresting photograph was made by 11. C. Itnven of the Smithsonian Institution
exoedition to Africa.
His Nuptial Race Not "for Maid
ens" but ''Previous Winners."
' instead of Getting Widow With One
Child, Got Woman With Seven v
Children and Two Husbands.
New York. Meyer Mailer's marital
life was just one surprise after all
ot her.
lie told the Supreme court about It
when he asked for nn annulment of
the match and recited the list of un
expected events that came to him after
lie was duly wed.
When he married Hecky Maner, he
nays she represented herself as a wid
ow with one child. Surprise No. 1
Another child came to the home, call
ing his wife "mamma."
Surprise No. 2 Setond child came
utotis later, also child of wife.
Tlow come?" asked Meyer,
wrh.inifht von onl had one child?"
while Kansas increased the limit firm
- to 'Si. In New Jersey reeilbrds
were protected at all times by bung
placed in the' iiongaine class. The
open season fur woodcock was si'.oi't
ened LTi ilays !n Michigan, two -.seeks
In New York and one month li Ver
mont. Doves were proteoft until
l'.i-t in Colorado, and In Kansas an
open season on 'them was provided
from September 1 to OcliV.ior 15.
In "general, seasons on big game
were shortened and hunting furl her
leslricted. Ituck laws were enacted In
Michigan, Montana, Nevada. North
Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and
in Washington cast of the Cascades.
Maine protected spike bucks and pre
scribed that one of tlie two deer al
lowed in the eight northern counties
must be an nnllered buck, and pro
vided that In two of the counties only
residents may hunt deer during the
last two weeks of the open season.
Hull moose were protected for five
years In Maine.
g S
Seek Mystery of
Cahokia Mound
Prof. W. K. Moorehead to Open
Illinois Relic of Prehistoric
Exploration May Develop Information
of Surpassing Interest to Archae
ologistsGreatest Structure
of Kind in World.
East St. Louis, III. Probing of the
mysteries of the great Cahoklu mourn!
near this city has been begun by
Prof. Warren K. Moorehead of And
over, Mass., upon the suggestion of
the Smithsonian Institution, univer
sities and scientific associations. With
a corps of experienced assistants he
will open Cahoklu and the chain of 72
other mounds in Madison find St. Clair
counties which furninii the most re
markable memorials of North Anier
icn. Kxplorallon may develop Infor
mation of surpassing Interest und
value to archaeologists.
Covering. 10 acres, the Cuhokla
mound, which is lOO'feet In height, Is
tlie greatest structure of Its kind In
the world. It was supposedly a re
ligious temple. Archaeologists esti
mate that the settlement of tlie mound
'Oh, 1 merely forgot to tell you
about this one," said his wife.
Surprise N'o. 3 Third child, also
added starter, comes along to live with
mot her.
Surprise No. 4 Fourth unheralded
infant adds Itself to home circle.
"How much of a family have I?"
asked Meyer.
Surprise No. 5 "There are two
more," snld the missus, nnd the family
grew from tlie one listed child to
Surprise No. C Meyer discovered
that Mrs. Mauer had tM other living
husbands and then he decided to let
the Supreme court put an end to his
family surprise party.
' "It Is a case of fraud and misrepre
sentnllnti," he said in asking annul
ment. "Here I thought I was getting
a widow with one child ami I find
that I got a woman with seven chil
dren and two husbands."
The word reverend occurs only once
In the Old Tcstunjent,
MMlh ill
; Mother Says Her Lof
Justifies Profanity
Arraigned on a charge of pro
fanity. Mrs Agues White of Co
lumbus, (i., thirty-seven years
old, and the mother of 11 chil
dren, saiil :
".Indue, anybody that hud to
live as hard a life as I do, would
Mrs. White testified that she
was forced to take in washing
and other work to .support her
self and her children. The
judge dismissed her, after tell
ing her to go mid curse no
Home Gardening Beats Golf.
Detroit, Mich. Thousands ofDe
troitors who ncipiired tlie gardening
habit during the war have continued
the practice of making and tendinis
patches of vegetables and small fruits
until it has become a hobby with n
large proportion of men here. More
Interest Is being taken in gardening
than In golf, baseball or other spurts
during tlie hummer months, according
lo those who have made a study of
the situation.
builders numbered not less than lfiO,
flOO inhabitants at the height of Its
At First Agriculturists.
Tlie size" of the settlement site, as
It can be Imagined from tlie ruins,
the agricultural type of much of the
work in Hint, such as the great spades
and hoes ulmost peculiar to that vi
cinity, and the rich alluvial bottom
land combine to show tout tlie Calio
kluns were probably at first agricul
turists. They probably fished and hunt
ed to some extent, hut they, doubtless,
depended for their subsistence upon
their labor In the field and their sta
ple food wns unquestionably corn.
It Is believed that tlie appearance
of the bison resulted In tlie abandon
ment of agriculture and the develop
ment of the chase, with the result that
tlie community became nomadic and
gradually crumbled and dispersed to
tlie four quarters of the continent.
Believed to Have Come From Mexico.
The preponderance of evidence so
far discovered is that the people of
Cahokia were worshipers of tlie sun.
There Is so much about Cahokia that
Is similar to the works of the Aztecs
that the conviction is forced upon the
student that it was from Mexico that
these people came to the Mississippi
valley, bringing their religion, their
priesthood, their corn, their mode of
life and their middle order of primi
tive civilization,
Kvon If the exploration of tlie Caho
kia mound Is not followed by any im
portant discoveries, It Is certain that
the control by the state will be given
greater momentum when the people of
Illinois are brought to a realization
of Its archaeological value.
I'p to the present time tlie Cahokia
and other table-like turmiilt In the
group have not been explored much
more deep'y tliun the plow and spade
can work.
Surgeon at Clinic In Switzerland Criti
cized by Students for Un
usual Act.
(iencva, Switzerland. The cantonal
government has ordered an Inquiry Into
nn extraordinary operation performed
by tlm chief surgeon at a hospital, who
extracted the heart from a man named
Pasche shot himself, the bullet pierc
ing lu's heart. The surgeon spoke for
'M minutes to the horrified students
with die live heart in ids hands.
At tlie end of the lecture, when the
man was dead, the students protested
to the surgeon, who dismissed their
objections with the remark that the
patient would have died anyhow with
in a few hours.
Authorities are not satis-lied with
this explanation, while the victim's
relatives think of bringing a civil ac
tion for damages.
Famous British Hackneys Grow Toi
Small, Owing io Inbreed
ing. London. The famous six cream
ponies, which were formerly part of
the slate pageantry of London, will
never appear again drawing tlie royal
coach through the London streets, as,
owing to inbreeding, the stock bus
grown too small for ceremonial pur
poses and their places have been tak
en by tlie "royal blacks."
The stock of creams, however,
not be allowed to die out altogether,
for the king has presented thcni to
the army council, anil In future they
will be used as cavalry drum horses.
0. K." Barnyard Golf" Sunday.
Lincoln, Neb. Sitting as a court,
the Lincoln city council decided the
(fame of horseshoes on Sunday Is not
a desecration of tlie Snhhath and Is
lawful. The action followed the arrest
and fining of boys Indulging In the
game on Sunday at the suburban town
of University Place.
625.030 BOTTLES I
6 cgest Thing of Kind Ever Seen in
That Slate, Declares Big
'1 Id- ;..t thtit VS'.i b'U-cs .f Tnti
! been sold in the stnte of New
i!'k Sine.- IN in! rii'lurtl'iU there less
than e:ie j, jir ago, is a big biH !-
in-isi !h:rt will attract unusual atten
tion throughout the entire I!nM, fur
'lotliii,- like it bus ever happened be
.''te, it breiiks all records.
Mr. lieorge It. Kvans, manager of
tlie ( iibson-Siiow Company, the weli-l-.nown
wholesale druggists. with
bri.nehes ill Albany, liuffalo, !; hos
ier and Syracuse, recently announced
that tlie preparation was now selling
in their trade territories alone at the
phenomenal late of approximately ."iim,
'li il bottles a year.
"If the present rate continues." said
Mr. Kvans, "this rate alone will prob
ably require considerably over T.'ti.tK"'
bottles a year. This is a tremendous
figure, but I am really conservative in
making this statement."
Tanlnc is sold by leading druggists
everywhere. Advertisement.
Catch of Coo' In Norway.
Tlie catch of cod in Norway for the
Reason just ended Is greater tliun in
any one of the preceding four years.
However, the value of the elite), was
about !!. N H i.l H H I crowns, as compared
with a value of -io.lKKi.lKili crowns for
the l!H'o season. The t"Tid number of
lisli caught in l'.rJl wns :;!i,!MHi: tlie
lf'JO catch totaled Iivntm.lim. The
selling price is considerably lower and
the high cost of equipment and oils
makes the profit less !h;,'i average.
The operating expense-, woie at the
same level as during the war.
lp preatiy relieved hv constitutional treat
ment HALL'S C AT A Kit H MKl'K'INU
is a constitutional mneily. Catarrhal
i'eufneps is caused hy an inflamed ecn
ilitlon of the mucous lining of the Eusta
chian Tube. When this tuhe Is Inhumed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfeet
learinu. and when it is entirely closed
1'eafness Is the result. Unless the in
flammation can be reduced, your hearine
mav tie destroyed forever. HALL'S
f 'ATA HUH MEDICINE acts through tlie
blood tin the mucous surfaces of tlie sys
tem, thus reducing the Inflammation anil
assisting Nature in restoniiR normal ad
ditions. Circulars free. All Prin;iri?ts.
F. .1. Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio. Ad
vertisement. Primeval Trees in Pennsylvania.
Two groves of primeval trees have
been discovered by Pennsylvania state
forestry officials in Huntington coun
ty, near the Centre county line, in the
Logan state forest. There is a great
variety of very large trees in an area
of 2(Hi acres. A hemlock was found
measuring twelve feet in circumference.
Some More Truths.
"OUIJ) you use a steam shovel to move a pebble? Certainly not, Implements
are built according to the work they have to do.
Would you use a grown-up's remedy for your baby's ills? Certainly net.
Remedies are prepared according to the work THEY have to do.
All this is preliminary to reminding you that Fletcher's Castoria was sought
out, found and is prepared solely as a remedy for Infants and Children. And let
this be a. warning against Substitutes, Counterfeits and the Just-as-good stuff that
may be all right for you in all your strength, but dangerous for the little babe.
All the mother-love that lies within your heart cries out to you: Ee true to
Baby. ADd being true to Baby you will keep in the house remedies specially
prepared for babies as you would a baby's food, hairbrush, toothbrush or sponge.
Vtf-"ntpnK 15Fluid grachr ffi'O
. . .T,,,M - ! !i.-n r.rT.
! AVooctaWf Prcpnrati'onforAs
tinClheStemachiand ISvwois o,
j: Thcrctiy lVomoiint Digestion
ft r..(Hnrc find v,!"A Contains
Lriiccnuun -----h
l?Minvni Xot Narcotic.
.OiorW I H
Amni.lH ? 1
H- l'n
Unrwi 1 t
S -5
. . ...p.. I Drt.n.-,tvfiT
And pi ui -
:.:...n nmi titan hoca
WHWIIKiu""" ,
lA.r... TT
facsimile Siinof
e- a 3
Eiact Copy of Wrapper.
h'li" IMs l?
Name "Bayer" on Cer.aine
Xuke Aspirin only as t-jid in each
package of genuine liayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Then you will be following
tlie directions and dosage worked out
by physicians during 21 years, and
proved safe by miillona. Take no
chances Willi substitutes. If you see
the Bayer Cross on tablets, you can
take them without fear for Colds.
Headache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism.
Earache, Toothache, Lumbago and j
for Pain. Handy tin boxes of twelve j
tablets cost few cents. Druggists also !
sell larger packages. Aspirin is tlie
trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of j
Monoacetlcacidester of Sallcyllcacld. I
Storekeeper Had Eye for Business in
Keeping Good-Looking Customer
Waiting for Attention.
A woman in a small town asked Iter
htishiihd, Colonel Blank, to call in at
the dairy when passing to order some
new-laid eggs. After making a brief
demur the colonel yielded. A Mule
later be called at the simp in question,
quite u small and unimportant estab
lishment on a back street. j
Two or three minutes passed; then, j
as no one came to serve him, tlie coin-
nel gave a gentle knock on the cotin-
i tor. This had nn effect; so a smart
j double rap was given. Then a curlv
headed youngster put bis head around
the door and announced, "father's
j Hy the time the father arrived the j
' colonel was boiling with rage. ;
1 "What do you mean by keeping me
i waiting all this time?" he roared. j
I "Very sorry, lr." said the man, "but :
: you see it's Mice ;his. You're the very
'. til st gii'iil-iiioking man that I've had In j
; my shop, mill as there uero a lot of
people passing by 1 thought what a j
good advertisement yoti was n-stand-ing
there." Philadelphia Public Led
ger. Saved Up.
Nlckelpinoh If you spend so much
time at golf, you won't have any
thing laid aside for a rainy day.
Stymie Won't, eh? My desk is
crowded with work that I've put aside
for a rainy day.
Are You Prepared?
A doctor in the house all the time would be a good idea. Yet yon
can't afford to keep a doctor in the family to keep baby well or pre
vent sickness. But you can do almost the same thing by having at
hand a bottle of Fletcher's Castoria, because it is a wonderful remedy
for indigestion, colic, feverishness, fretfulness and all the other dis
orders that result from common ailments that babies have.
Fletcher's Castoria is perfectly sale to use. It is a harmless sub
stitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. Children
cry for Fletcher's Castoria, and mothers recommend it because they
have found it a comfort to children and a mother's friend.
If you love your baby, you know how sweet it is to be able to
help baby when trouble comes. You cannot always call upon a doctor.
But doctors have nulling but good to say of Fletcher's Castoria, be
cause they know that it can only do good - that it can't do any harm -and
they wouldn't want you to use for baby a remedy that you would
use for yourself.
Bears the
Weak m Miserable?
n 1 1 re vou rut?
! ,.r..j ii.r.'e tU.ly
if.,-! ii''.- H, d'JJ-l
ir.!-.'' hu.U
nes.!?, aLtl k.iri'
knluc s an: eUi n i
h.lpI'V Siiit. Y"U !!;'.! V. ii'.'i 'jllll'fcjy U
prewht I.t.H'C s i ,.. truii'i I.'. I'm;
Iran's Ki'Jn y I' ilia, the r-iii.-fjr re
OM!i!n'T;iii 1 evr yv. hv gnu-ful
uw8. Ask your nehb'-r
A Mississippi Cas
: 'inrc
v tin a tt'i i, run
s ;i ti f ;t h.: through
tic Hti..iit ttf rny
I il k My tH''l' w.tn
oft'-ii v.c;ik. 1 krtt'W
ir.y t' idrn-vs wre
v a u h I n K the
tr)ijM' Irurn tn'-T
1r; t' :jt.ti !!' inn, bo
I 1n..k I iiian'H K id
iify i'ilis j coupl
t, -s .f I'an'B
ruri'd inc in-.' I ?i;.nii't tr.ni a return
of tfit ctjnij iainl :-:r.i c."
Ct Doftn'i at Any Store, 60c a Bo
Most people never really need half
they pay for.
BAA: nt
SOgood cigarettes
for 10c from
cne sack of
We want you to have the
best paper lor "BULL."
Sa now you can receive)
witheach packaueabock
ol 24 leaves ol 11U.
the very finest, cigaretta
paper in the world.
Cry Fop
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IT! Ill 1

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