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Cof-vnchc bv Peter IV Kvtie
SvG' - (ar'an rhiiwas P
S r..i;u- ir:-:KU ut' niiaa.n.l the
tto- i h S.ut j ': ;i n i-i ji' i, and lu ni
Mi-.- t ,- -a: & nwr so-anuT, riiaai
tn t: f u r i-rsjilp of tin- Mi-amri-Manta
Sa,. each aanaai in-Kla-i
1 "!l jirujii'Si i to In tl.f last of
!hi' i d weaua'tlit-alt'ii i-.s-'!.
Hi ninus naturajy ha.s vuul' Hali
cl:.i. a S!i'ur.v. a i rrw. h,n
Hii aa,;v npti'i., A.ti'!ia:l I'. Haiti-.,
hi.iili.', bjl trrataa u man
u.i'i::! i.iSujy lmt S' tat-as wuulii
hav. l.'it- sSIir"V. N HiunT
svn. a wuiemn Sw.aiH. iops::t L t s
ti e fureias: It- lian.ls, an. I i;.ri Ma
"JiiflVy, a wastrel ol tin ilaaa-y
tyii. rms'n. m the ei-naa- unm.
a h tins motley lav ka i hii an
i'V,t vii-m-1. ( apl.iln S.'LKS is
rl -l..i;'ii in lii- htii, aiM.ai
; aa !rum Ha.i:ia"i'a lay to San
I'Mfv ;s'ii The inevitable haH'iTia;
tn- Maie Igoea uslaat' m a f.ii;.
A ia.smg ve.W hailing t'.f uia-.k,
Mr. Gibin-y gels word tu a tuwliiK
f. liipany In Sail l-'l a :;r si u ttiat Urn
f:ap ashore Ia tia Yankee riaiii,
v.. in iiniinisa i' a tati Mtlwijte.
Tim thjs wu.veeij In j.ui;ni,' 11. e
MiilTa- into OeVp watei, anj site
Blip her tow linen ami ,n".. away
ill ti.e '.a;. Kantian at lae. ilei cp
'. Inn juaetiiyj on ll.t'iii, OipUlliiS
H ks ami .'i'"a! eily. etirn maliili nK
ti;p two UiplinalJi, aseertam the
iilentity i ' the "l'ankee l'rltiie'
ami, tearing raji.ale should the
fa '( tii-,1 me known alunt: t!:p wa
ter frunt, determine on pernntul
' I'.Kea n. e. Their husllle vasit to
'tin Macule results in t'ap'ain
S. ritrun promising to set a new
toiler ami make needed repair to
t'e i-teainer SeraKrls refuseii tu
tjit'll hi liroml.sea uml Ull'ney and
M ii.fT.-y "sti ike." With marvel
on i;;i k, S'laigs nliiji a fresh
eiew At the end of a few days
i.:' eonvlvlallty riitmey and
Mr';:i.Vy are stranded and seek
: nld pusltkins on the Malice.
Ti.ey a-e hust.lely received, t,!,t re
nie.iM i hi their way to San Kran-
"v n rhev (I'lrht a leteUrt and ilih
nev and McOiifTey lm to It. The
di-ri',1- t proves to he the 'hef-a-ake,
rli!jf laden, 1:3 entire 1 rmv
v'rieiii n Milri sei;rv. Si-rans at
te;n; -a to tiiw her in, hut ti e Muk
t' - is iiiu-pia: to ti.e task and (lib
lev H:.:.V.'-i:T-y, all-tie. mil the
till l'i anepirr,, their Hal
ey an:: n.'m .. :."' '
a ,e-e H. , , Tew having deferled
' :rn . .. plain Si ra It dn-'es them
to iel:irn. At an "nld horse" v;li(,
i'.'i-e I'lri'ae tun ni ster ;n:s
hnyes uhl' h they helieie to on
l.rn s;in:i;led 'a Irienta: t-'ou'ls"
They nnd. Instr-att, twa deiwl t'hi
lailnen !s rai?f?fi neeiKB to "donhie
'"''ss" his two asso. lateH, but Mr.
(Jilmey outwits h!m and makes a
hh 1 is fa ' ' tor y P.naneial wettlernent
!;- the r-!nes inipany to
'to;n the bodies have teen ron-K'L-'.-
1, .-avlr:if SeiaPirs reir in the
tliel IWt'V r-Sents M.K',;;fTey's
a ' n In ien lms' inu'iey to Si rank's
vtrhe'it rniiHiil t iPK him, and after
n 'err 'h word-.- .ind-it the three
se;.i;aie. M-tdiiffey heifiTliis as--.slan'
er ifneej .-1 an i.n-.Ker,
H'hriev i'.s.ii p.ar'nit, nnd Sera ires,
f'T'-ed '1. lav :'p lie MaL-?.e, taiies
a ,h.,: i i.a'e p,,s.-:..i; on a lerry
s'-.iit.e- s-iinr Lore?. Mevjran
r-. , 10 'st. niakei s. lairirs a (;ir
" a- 1 frer for tra '..spuri-i t un of
'a r.iMors to Lower I'alirorn'.i,,
S r an.H .I'lepts, and ti e o,d MaK
tr'e ,s on, e piore t'.'.i r(,n-n(s.
' a A " . at h s des-tln-i t :rn,
s'"-ici:s f'Mefs h's ill eon.pa e pal
Mr i hnev : He . we'E!,.. T n,e
hi'''C s'f'eped a"iil"os !ec, tie pe-
"'a! tie ani'l'ln.!'' II and lOli-.ey
; '' Te -., ,1 1, Phi's 111 I',, !,,.:! ;a. Oil
'V... u ., y f i r e,r.. H''a. ke h'.' a
!ey-;i!, f,i:hoat and a ternn.:
CHAPTER I X Continued.
A s 'he h'st mi.A" lnrt nikml the
r.':t, t'aplnltl SeraL-.'s saw !h:ir
P.l-t .,' tiio lelTilili- , (i- !l-l. :;i!
I I.i-ia NV-.enhein-V If Mas
" '.. '''' '1 II hail! the iTO-.VS of
,.,. ;..,i,.:..rs i1.i.-rtH tl-i'ir posK
;,'!'. ! hi-a.w ; . .- t.' i i:ii It the
a . I ,, ,...,.,..., , i,,.., I ,.,
II. - . :. - -a ..'..,! in. a litar tiw iiif.-niMl
M. i'-: ' -' a rycta: him ; he Ian!
r-.n- 1 '.-I '! 1 1 ; i 1 . 1 : - r shoold
as,- 1 1 ,-i a'": ! -a e h,p tanked
t , r- h-s -ai si -ai ; an-; ) iiad in sudden
ainh li" l- 1 '''! Mail the M;aar'e, iiior
phoaj'i i -iah I, i:u wllh -!ini I il
she fai '"i '0 rani M:n: w hiaaatpoii the
si.-,.;:i; iji;,. throll.'ll .'lll'l he
n :r ed I I- arias frahfii ally ttlinvc his
laa'id In fol.on of surrender.
"She's 1. Miiha iheAii lifr rns."
(arleked ST,'IL'. "I'.e till-re : f 1 I , (ih.
Vo-ro's iiion dylti' e,n that I, out."
"I.nv nl'disnii- that orafi." Mr. :h
ii"y shoiiti-d to the hi'hnsnian. Thf
Kr!.oo!,cr Inn! hove In n nil vh('n the
Mfi'i; e njsi) ho'" lo sotne thirty ytirds
to nlhfhvun! of hop Mr. Ciliner In
funned Ihf Mehain, lii iilroidoiis Spnn
sh we'l mixed w'th Khitlish, n,M If
t!ic hitlor so inihdi 11s lifti'd his Jittle
liiiK'T he tiilL'h! nvpt't't to he sunk like
ii do.' "I 'own h.i'iiw. everylio.l v hut
th1 lieiriistiififi, or I'll swoop your
rieoks iiih iim.ihor nur,t7.p Imrsi," he
1 !: 1 ! IliliT'-' I .
The Moxhairi iilnood iital Cnpinin
Sor;iJ:::s v. I'pt up In r o pilot house :md
laid the tonaldv I .n 1 1 i-n-i I .M.il-l'Ii'
nhitu:s"io thp sidiootior. Tho itis'anf
shii lou'hod. Mr. (IdHiov sprsinz
r'loiird, tnii'd.lv f'dh".M'd !o.- ''pnfirn
Sria;'i.'s, who I110I ridihipiishod the
I (.. his (Si-.t tn.'i ".
Sipld"o' I'.iiitnlp Serarirs sho'i'i'd.
"1. 110k. 1; la for t'lio love of I'u' Lord
Inoh I" hial po'tl'oil with Ills ti'l:.'T. A I
flu- Im'iiiI '' liif li'tio ifoii rip'oil roai
ptiii'on why loiKlintr tlown into ihe on
lIiic '.'urn :i ni.'iii vvasi stnnditii.'. lit'
had 11 monkey undii h in one hand aitil
a cnais ia' in I In' otlui'.
Mr. (iihhiy lurinal innl Itniked at tin'
"Me Inffpy. fur a Humis;hiiI ;' lip .tj.
Inuanl, tun I ran foruiint with out-
Slrrti 1 1 e- 1 h.-ual. Cuptilin SofllL'S'S was
at tilliliov's hoots, nnd lit'twoou tla'ln !
tliov (aimc M'i'y nearly ilishH'aiin Ilar
tlneomou M.'CuilVv's tirui.
' 'Mi t :u'Tov, my dour hoy," siiiil Cap
tain S, r;ii;s. " hn io it un' ymi
a-iloin' on this hoaihrn iauh'siii?"
"Me I" c.ii'i uJatoil Mr. .Mot oiftet . wiili
his nhl-time doliiierat ion. "Wliy, I'm
the riiiof engineer of this craft. I had
11 uooil joh. too, hut I .'iio.ss ii's nil o!T
now, nnd liio Moxiiain iro ornuiont'll
lire 1110. Say, who ihin ko,) Mint htlok
Mnd ijoMi into tuv eutrine ronin?"
"Admiral Cihiioy iliil II," sniil
SiTiiits. "The old Mat.'uie's iiIoiil.'
sido anil me nial fob's liiiluistors. r.ear
11 hiiiul, Mai', nnd help its ilti p Ihe
Imp lies on our prisoners."
'"I lunik Coil," said Mr. liilmey pious
ly, "1 tli'ln't kill you. Come 10 look
into the matler, I tliiln't kill an. lioily,
though I see half H dozen Mexiemis
iiroiiml (jerks more or Joss cut up.
Where you hoi 11 all these years, Mac';"
"I hoen chief (iiiL'ineer In the Mexi
ctin inivy," roplleil Mi'tluffey. "Have
you capturetl us in the luiiut' of the
rnileil Siutes tir whil! ?"
"We've itplureil you In the inline of
Ailelbert 1'. (iihney," was the reply. "I
been hutiiin' nil my life for a ship of
my tnvn, ami now I've got her. Lord,
Mac, she's a heiiuty, ain't she? All
hanlwooil finish, leak rail, well found,
and just tl'.e ticket for the Island
trade. Well, well, welj ! I'm Captain
(lihtiev at last."
"Where do I come In. Cili?" asked
Captain Scrimps modestly.
"Well, seelii' 11s ihe MaUtfle lias twft
hobs IhnniKh her hull helow Ihe w
tcrliiie. and is irenerally nicked to
pieces, you mUht (ilit askin' (UesIions
and cot hack ahoard and j ti t the
pumps on her. You're lucky If she
don't sink 011 j oil before w e U'et to 1 es
canso li.iy. If she sinks, don't worry.
I'll cje yon u Joh as my lirst male.
Mac, you're my engineer, hut not ill no
fancy Mexican price, I'Jl pay you the
union scale and not a hlasli'd cent
more or less. Is that fair?"
ModulTey said It was, and went lie
low lo tune up his engine. Mr. (iilmcy
took the wheel of the pmlmnt, and
sent Captain ScriiirL's hack aboard Ihe
Maggie, and In a few minutes l"li
vessels were howling along toward
Iiesranso bay. They were off the hay
al midnight, and while with Mr. Cih
pey in command of Ihe federal gun
hoat Captain Screes 1111,1 ""'''dig
fear, Ihe rapid rise of water in the
hoid of the Maggie was sadly discon
certing. Ahoiit dalig!it lie made up
his mind that she would sink within
two hours, and without pausing lo
whine over his predicament, he
promptly lieached her. She drove far
up the beach, with the slack water
In-caking around her scarred stern, and
when the tide ebbed she lay high and
dry. And Ihe rebel soldiers came
trooping down from I lit- Megano
raicho nnd fulling upon tier carcass
like so many ants, quickly distributed
her cargo amongst thorn, and disap
peared. Captain Saraggs seal his crew out
aboard Ihe captured gunboat lo assist
Mr. Cihiioy In rowing his prisoners
ashore and when finally In' stood
alone beside llie wreck of Ihe hrave
old Maggie, piled up at last in the purl
of missing ships, something snapped
williiii his brcasi and llie log tears
iieied in ip:iek succession down his
-mi tanned checks. The old liulk
coked peculiarly pathetic as she lay
there, listed HIT on her IwiMll end-,
she hud ser.ed him well, but she hud
liiiished her last vojage, and with. some
.pane i bat of saving her old I" "
' p. ,in vaia'al hands. Captain Scruggs,
sobbing audi'oly, scattered the coiileiil
of half a d'l.ou cans of keiosene oer
her deck" and in the oahiti, lighted
tiles in three dillerclit sections of the
wreck, and left her lo Ihe consuming;
lla s. Half an hour later lie stood
on the lint'ercd decks of the gunlioal
beside (iilmcy and Mciinffey and
watched the dense clouds of smoke
that heralded the passing of the Mag
gie. "She was a Kootl aid hulk," said
Mr. liihney. "And now, as the spe
cial envoy of the Llheral lirtny of Mex
ico, here's a draft on Los Angeles for
live thousand hacks, Scraggsy, which
constitutes Ihe balance due you on
Ibis Ipto lilibiisler trip. Of course,
I needn't remind you. Scraggsy, that
you'd loner have oai'iu'd this money If
it hadn't heen for Adelbert I', (lihney
wnrkin' his imagination overtime.
I've unide yon H chunk of money, and
while I couldn't save your ship, I did
sine 011r life. As a reward for all
this. I don't olid tie cent of the
money due you. as I could if I wanted
to be rot!. di mean. I'm goin' lo keep
Ihls line lil'le power schooner for my
share of ihe loot. She's nicked up
-1, lao, hut tlat only bears evidence to
bill a bully good shot I am. and it
w on'l take mil' h to llv her up all ship--hapo
n'jai.n. i'-iu' high hlli'sls
liiappei iiin'l very destructive. AH
them humps an' scratches can he
planed down. I'.ul we'll have to do
some men. 'in' on her canvas I'll tot'
ihe world. She's called the Ueinn
dutlwr vf '
of the
-MarUb hut 1'ui going to run her to
1'unama and change her name. She'll
le known as Maggie II, out of re
spect for the old girl that's burnlu'
up there on the beach."
Captain Sxaggs was so touched at
this delicate link- tribute that he
luriied away astxJ hurst Into lears.
"Aw, stun up. Scraggsy, old hunks."
said McUunVy consolingly. "Toll
ain't got iioiliin' to cry about. You're
a rich man. Ik at nie. I ain't
a-haulin', am I? And I don't get so
much as a bean ijt of this mix-up,
all on account of mc hcin' tied up
with a lot of hounds ihat ipiils light
hf before they're half licked."
"That's so." said Captain Scruggs,
wiping his eje-s with bis grimy lists.
"I declare you're out in the co'd, Mc
liull'ey. and it ain't right. (Jib, my
boy, us three has had sonic stirrln'
times together and we've had our dif
ferences, hul I ain't 11-goin' to think
of tlieni past griefs. The sight 0' yotl,
single-handed, meeiln' and aiinihllatln'
the pride of the Mexican navy, calm
In th' moment o' despair, generous In
victory and delicate as blazes to i
fallen shipmate, goin' to vor1 an'
natiiln- your vessel after 111 ill Unit way,
Is somelhiii' Ihat wipes away nil sor
rer ami welds n friendship that's
hound to endoor till death us do part.
If McCufley'd been on our side, we
know from past performances that
he'd a lit like 11 tiger, wouldn't yotl,
Mac?" (Here Mr. MellnlTcy coughed
slightly, as inucli as to say that he
would have fought like ten tigers bad
he only heen given the opportunity.)
Captain Scruggs continued : "I should
say that a fair valuation of this
schooner as she stands Is ten thousand
dollars. That belongs to (lib. Now
I'm willi ii" to chuck five llmnsand dol
lars Into the deal, we'll form 11 close
corporation and as a compliment to
McCulfey, elect him chief engineer !n
his own shlp'tind give him, say, n
quarter interest In our layout, as a
little testimonial to un old friend, trier)
and true."
"Scraggsy," said Mr. Oihtiey. "your
fin. We've fought, hut we'll let that
go. We wipe llie slate clean and start
In all over again on the Maggie II,
and I'm free to stale, without fear of
cont radiciion, Ihat in Ihe last emhrog
lio you showed up like four aces and
a king with Ihe entire company slantl
ln' pat. Scraggsy, you're a hero, and
what you propose proves that you're
rotisidi't-ahle of a singed cat hcller'n
you Itsik. We'l go freebootln' down
on the Cold coast. There's war, red
war. breakln1 loose down there, and
we'll shy in our horseshoe, with llie
strongest side and pry loose a fortune
somew here. I'm for a life of wild ad
venture, and now that we've got the
ship and the funds iud Ihe crew, let's
go to It. There's a deal of line liquor
in the wardroom, and I suggest that
we nominate I'liineas Scruggs, late
master of the battleship Maggie, now
second in command of the Maggie II,
lo brew n keltic ft hot grog to cele
brate our victory. Mac Scraggsy
your tins. I'm proud of you both.
They shook and as Captain (ilbney's
eye wandered aloft, First Male Scraggs
and Chief L'ngineer Mcduffcv looked
"She'll Be Known as Maggie II, Out
of Respect for the Old Girl That's
Burnin' Up There on the Beach."
up also. I'rom the main topmast of
Ihe Maggie II Honied a h ng blue
burgee, will) while lettering on it, and
as it whipped out Into the breeze Ihe
old familiar name stood out against
Ihe noonday sun.
"i;,,oi old dishcloth:" murmured Mr
(iihney. "She never comes ilo 11."
"The Maggie forever!" shrieked
"Hooray !" hellovM MoCuffey. "Alt'
now. Scraggsy. If you've gol all the
eiiihus'as in out of your blood kick p,
villi a hundred an' lifty dollars an'
inlcres-t to dale. An' don't tub uio Ihut
h'- a 1 ON. ?'.av a
i.e.. s outlawed, ,.r 1 11 iced you to the j
li.-.l s."
t ,ii' in S.'raggsiix'kod tr.bliulleu,
bat pluduo-d. the money.
"Well, Scraggsy, obi hunks, this is
pie. sanl,- ain't If;" said Mr. I.ilmey.
an I spat on the deck of the Maggie 11.
"llight o," replied Captain Scraggs
cheerily, "though when 1 was a young 1
f oiler ami lirst went lo sea, it was.i't i
considered no pleasantry to spit on a
nice clean deck. You might cut that
out, tiih. It's vulgar."
"l'assin' over the fact, Scraggs. that
you ain't got no call to Jerk me up on
sea ettycal, more particular since I'm
the master nnd inanagin' owner of this
here schooner, I'm free to confess,
Scraggsy, that your observation does
you credit. I just did that to see If
you was goin' to take as big an Inter
est In the new Maggie as you did in
Ihe old Maggie, and the fact that you
object to me expcctoralin' on the (bck
piancs to me that you're leavin' bedlnd
you all them hay scow tendencies of
the green-pea trade. It leads me to be
lieve thai you'll rise to high rank and
distinction In the Colombian navy.
Your tin. Scraggsy. Kxpecloralln' on
(he decks is barred, and the Maggie II
goes under navy discipline from now
011. Am I right?"
"Itlglit as a right whale," said Cap
tain Scraggs. "And now that you've
given that old male of mine the course,
and we've temporarily plugged up the
lioleft in this here Mexican gunboat,
and everything points to 11 safe ami
prolitiihle voyage from now on, sup
pose you dclcgale me as a cuiamittee
of one lo brew n scuttle of grog, after
which the syndicate holds a mellin'
and lays out a course for its future
conduct. There's a few- questions of
rank and privileges that ought to lie
settled once and for nil, so there cun't
be no come-luick."
"The point Is well taken and It Is
so ordered," said Mr. Clhney, who bad
once held olliee In Harbor 15, Master
and I'llols Association of America, and
knew a fragment or two of parlia
mentary law. "Hustle up the grog, call
McCulTcy up out of the engine room,
nnd we'll hold the meetln'."
Twenty minutes later Scraggs rninc
on deck to announce the successful
concoction of a kettle of whisky punch ;
whereupon the llireo adventurers went
below and sat down ut the cabin table L
for a conference.
"I move Ihat (lib be appointed presi
dent of the syndicate," said Captain
"Second the motion," rumbled Mo
di (ley.
"The motion's carried," said Mr. Oib
ney. and banged the table with his
horny list. "The meetln' will please
come tu order. The chair hereby ap
points I'liineas Scruggs secretary of
the syndicate, to keep a record of this
and all future ineelin's of the hoard.
1 will now entertain propositions of
any and all natures, and I Invite the
members of tf.v. hoard to knock Ihe
stopper out of their jaw tackle and
go to It."
"I move," said Captain Scraggs, "thnt
It. Molhiffcy, Esquire, he, and he Is
hereby appointed, chief engineer of the
Maggie H t a salary not to exceed
the wage schedule of the Marine En
gineers' Association of the l'acilic
coast, and that he be voted a
one-foiirlh Interest In the vessel and
all subsequent profits."
"Second the motion," said Mr. fiib
ney, "and not to hamper Ihe business
of the mot-tin', we'll just consider that
inolion rarriPd unanimous."
li. MotjofVey, Ksqnire, rose, bowed
his thanks, anil sat down again, ap
parently very much confused. It was
evident that he had something to say,
hut was having dilliculty framing his
thoughts In parliamentary language.
"Heave away, Mac," said Mr. Uih
ney. "Cast ofT your lines, Mctiuffey,"
chirped Scruggs.
Thus encouraged, Mcduffey rose,
bowed Ids thanks once more, moistened
his 1,'iriiyx with a gulp of the punch,
and spoke:
"Keller members nnd brothers of the
syndicate: In the management of the
(leek department of this new craft 'if
011111, my previous knowledge of the
worthy president and the unworthy
secretary leads me to believe that
there's goin' lo be trouble. A ship
divided agin herself must surely go
on her heam ends. Now, Scraggsy
here has been master so long Hail ihe
Juice of authority has sorter soaked
inlo his marrer bones. Kor twenty
years It's heen 'Howdy do, Captain
Scruggs,' 'Have a drink, Captain
lacraggs.' 'Captain Scraggs this an'
Captain Scraggs Ihat.' I don't mean
no offense, gentlemen, when I state
that you can't teach an old dog new
tricks. No mini that's ever been a
master makes a good mate. On the
other hand, I realize that C!ih here
has been a-pantin' and ti-hcllyachln'
all his life to get a ship of his own
an' have folks call him 'Captain (iih
ney.' Now Ihat he's gone an' done
it, I say he's out I tied to It. Hut the
fact of the whole thliif? Is, (Jib's Ihe
natural leader of the expedition or
whatever It's goin' to lie, and he can't
have his peace of mind wrecked and
his plans disturbed n-ehusin' sailors
round Ihe deck of the Maggie II.
(lib is sorter what Ihe Tetter calls
the power behind the throne. He's
loo big a liggcr for the crude of captain.-
Therefore, I move you, genlle-
1 1, that Adclhci'l I'. (iihney lie, am
is hereby noiuii.alcd and appointed to
the grade of commodore, in full com
mand and stipervitloti of all 01' Ihe
properly of Ihe pyndloate. And 1 al
so move Ihat I'liineas Scruggs be up
tioillleil cicef IMVigi'lIn' ollicer of tills
packet, tu iciain las title of oiinlaln,
nd In be obeyed iind respected as
such by every imm aboard with llie
I exception of IM! tiud Gib. The p'lii.-
enl inaieil do the havigalill' v. Ii.lei
Scruggs) 's learnin' the deep sen sitilf."
"So. ond the mot ion," said Captain
Scraggs briskly. "Met lulle), jour ar
gument does you u heap oi credit.
Jl's it's dog my cats, MoliulTey, it's
etaslerly. It shows a keen apprecia
tion of an old skipper's feelin's, and
if ihe move is agreeable lo (Jib, I'm
willin' lo hail him us commodore and
light to maintain his olliee. 1 I dun
lin, (iili. what I'd do if 1 didn't have &
mate lo order around."
"Centlcmen," said Mr. (iihney, beam
ing, "Ihe motion's carried unanimous.
Captain chief your Has. I ioiK" me.
I'm honored by t lie handshake. Now,
regarding that crew you brought down
from San Kranclsco on the old Mag
gie, Scraggs, they're a likely lot and
will come in handy If times is as live
ly In Columbia as I liggcr they will
be when we arrive there. Captain
Scraggs, you will have your mate pipe
the crew lo muster and ascertain their
feelin's on the subject of takin' 8
chance with Commodore (Iihney. If
they object to goin' further, we'll land
'em la I 'ana ma an' pay 'em off us
UK rood. U they feel like followin' the
.lolly linger we'll give 'cm the coast
seaman's scale for a deep-water cruise
and a live per cent bonus in case we
lu rn a big trick."
Captain Scraggs went at once on
deck. Ten minutes later lie returned
to report Ihal Ihe mate and the four
seamen elected to stick by Ihe ship.
"Bully boys," said the commodore
"bully hoys. I like that male. He's
a smart man and handles a gun well.
"Gentlemen and Brotherj of the Syn
dicate," He Bi.jan.
While I should hesitate to take ad
vantage of my prerogative as commo
dore lo Interfere with the normal work
in's of the deck department, I trust
Ihat on this special occasion our es
teemed navlgaliu' ollicer, Captain
Scraggs, will not consider It beneath
Ids dignity or an ullack on his office
if I suggest to him that he brew an
other kettle of grog for the crew."
"Second the motion," replied Mc
CufTey. "Curried," said Scruggs, and pro
ceeded to heat some water.
"Anything further?" stated the pres
ident. "How about uniforms?" Tills from
Captain Scraggs.
"We'll leave that to Gib," suggested
McCulTey. "He's been In the Colombi
an nuvy and he'll know Just what to
get us."
"Well, there's another thing that's
got to be settled, " continued Captain
Scraggs. "If I'm to be iiavigatin' olli
cer on the llagshlp of a furrin' fleet,
strike me pink If I'll do more cookln'
In the galley. It's degrndln'. I move
Ihat we engage some enterpriser Ori
ental for Ihat job."
"Curried," said Mr. Oihney. "Any
further business?"
Once more McCulTey stood tip. "Gen
tlemen and brothers of the syndicate,"
he began, "I'm satisfied that the baek
hilin', the scrappin', the petty Jeal
ousies and general ctissedncss that
charaelerii.ed our lives on the old
Maggie will not lie duplicated on the
Maggie II. Them vicious days is gone
forever. I hope, an' from now on the
motto of us three should be:
"All for otie and one for all
United we stand, divided we fall."
This earnest litlle speech, which
came straight from the honest McGnf
fey's heart, brought Ihe lears lo the
commodore's eyes. Under the Inspira
tion of McGtiffey's unselfish words the
glasses were refilled and all three
pledged their friendship anew. As for
Captain Scruggs, he was naturally of
a cold and selfish disposition, and Mc
Guffey's toast appealed more to his
brain than to his heart. Had he known
what was to happen to htm In the
days to come and what that simple
little motto was to mean In his par
ticular ense, Ids doubtful If he would
have tossed off Ids liquor as gaily as
he did.
The Maggie II (ailt . for
the South teat.
Has Ona Good Point.
Scribbler "Do you lind any nier't
In my poem?" Editor "Wil I, It Isn't
very long." Boston Transcript.
If n pnir of shoes nre loo small they
may lit u woman, hut If tLcy are too
Itu'ifc she bus u lit.
Mrs. Meyer Finally Found
Relief and Health in Lydia E
PinkhamV Vegetable
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grateful to you, as mme twenty year
agu enrets uutiAU
said I had to have
serious operation. J
had a tumor, and ul
cers which would
irather and Kreak. I
i had displacement so
badly that i could
hardly Bit down at
times, and it seemed
asif Isufferedevery
tmng that a woman
could suffer. Then
uimn nnp ndvtspd me
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cured and saved irom me operauun.
have told women of your wonderful
medicine times without number, and I
am willing that you should use thesa
facts and my name if you like. I also
used your Compound during the Change,
and 1 can do all my own work but thai
heavy part, and can walk miles everr
day as 1 help my husband in the office.
-Mrs. J. II. Meyer, 412 South Orang
St., Orange, California.
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nheezlng of asthma and smothering tor
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Upon first indication of trouble use
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Physicians like their patients to use
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hi 1 -
mm' '

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