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The weekly Panola star. [volume] (Panola, Miss.) 1857-1881, March 26, 1881, Image 1

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' All ' ' A
? ! ;f i i i A' ft A Y., i " -ft iX'irW
gO.lia, I. .Utor ' l'for tfl'.-jr,
IIMTA II I, IN II I', I) I Nftft,
1h lire. Hit!) of I Ifn.
ivv.rx lXitor.o
I,,, wri- ' ' ' '
..A I ttrre like III leal.
, ,m noiilil l'
Ld nf .H'tftl'lf ""'
Un Drill llowerful l'.
I.teeit lfiiM " ".'' ,lrfi
L ft ." H" rm
Anil I were I'1"
I were olml I'"' word arc,
tnd li' 1 1 W - llii! Iiiiii'.
,, ilmililr wtil"' "'"'('"
jiahl our lip would '
,,h kir glad I'lfJ rr
hat get vicet ruin at noon',
werif whiil Hi wold. r
I nil love sere Mkv the lune.
mi were Hit-, m Hitrltnjf.
Lnd I tour lm. were Ht-iith,
, J .hint anil .new togelher
l March .mule lln v wilier
iridaliwlil and tirliii,
Ind hour ol fruitful breath;
,H wcie lil'r. my ilnrliiitf.
ind 1 lour love were death,
ou were tlirnll to sorrow,
ind I wife P)F to ".'
'd pla for li"o and .canon.
Ih loilnu look and tiea.oiut,
,1 terif nijclit fln'' morrow,
Ud luuj-ln "t inn id ntl boy;
rou were tlirnll to mirrow,
Vnd I were p.ij-e to joy.
tou were April'n Judy.
finu i vei mm ii ...i
d throw with leave tor hour,
J draw lor dnv willi (lowers,
day. Iile nitfht, were .had.v,
Kad 'night were bright like day;
ou were April limy,
knd I were lord in May.
sou were queen of pleasure,
rnd i r.ere kiiih oi pum,
d hunt down love together,
k out hi H viiiji leather,
Id tcaeh hii leet a measure,
Knd liiul liir. nioulli a rein;
ou were queen of pleasure,
find 1 were King 01 puin.
Jtm rty ntl of I'm linn, t, iHtri
. m. t ' H r II
in wfiM. i,iy will l,Vir,iliy d'fll. 1 -, , -
ir-with lb,.,, f M. .,(,' ,,,' Ut...r,-l il,- i.,h i.,,,:i n,..i;i, i .-f Cl.lin. w.h IIhi-hi Shdi
,nl.i!UM,.l',,ti,ii.'i-,n. m.ii.y nutl.MM M- " '" l'"14'' f,r '"'' '''-. '"''''"'"'I ' H""' I'' M'. I nti. .,1 lv il li,,,.. -m,,- in
Ulm.- nnmr4 wtilt 'vmi.t i'..' , I'mluiik, Amfiiuin, l.itH) ml ;' t H i (iii,i,,! .,...
1 1--1 r Ihfi..." I'm Horry uli.- .lull lji"i!: If yni u, . '" 'i iirv r..r it I'lunn.. , ,,, ,,,,)l,h ,., , ,,,.
imitlo ... Th.. K..V.T. l..Win I liHil wIm'. Ii.m. mIki. m u, l,.,l.;;r,,"Wi,v' "i in. ,.,iirnnriin fciw I,,,.,, ,, tl. , .unit v, linr.Li vv.ii
r'rrnf, in n acrtii'iti of li'n, ciiii. "f (oliiif.
fni-ntl.-d iwrlvr nov-lini hIhhh Ik- t , ,, ,
Ir li'iiinl;
lilt lli'l'lll ill I'iiil.'. ll Ir. I HH'I II
ii!lli nil l"i of 1'illci feel, J;m
i t.t , mi,' i , . t, . i . . i i , i
vmUUr tl... I,.--.! Hi.llmr, of l"' """"'" )"IMIirr.il,..l,nv,T ,
.ion,o,,lvotH.of-,l,.nw,Hl.,(lv.! T'Z V . n" ' I --" -lrc .ml fr-.m
IVrliuw nhe rrf.fMof,M,slt',wrpJ !!A,,,n' '' l'iH. mo -l of j.mr r..lit,. ollrr, ImiI
l.irri..ni.inlir.f:,lilili.o,fonl,s.! '-rfr Klliott ; linN . ,iir. i l"'i"'l.ilin.. of ahIN In Ii.uc .on..- In ll,.. .emUm
..t.... i.i i i. ' I I :.i w:. :. .. i if w.liil litiinili-. Mr. t'titlntiik "'"I H"' '' "I -ur wn
mil. i iiiiiu. lire h.iim oi nil or, ell-, ' " "'ni'i'i. 'in m i , , ,
form of lorn- lln.t I.-uvi-d ih. lm.lv. "n-iiniu k in-i.i me w .ni,
ill.l'i"i, I iHiillf 1 o ,U' " 'ri in
il il pi i. ilr''' I" I''" ln-iif.1 till ' i t ; . 1 1
III. 'ilium of i 1 1 1 i,iTi,
li.n.1 Ii.'i'it w.rtin for hiii:' one tn
Oregon C. Bitters,
llm (ir XiimIIii im
I !'M..V"'i.NAI,.
,t i -
T4fl,o, fl, RrtK.
lit r.'M.
Hurtiiii : If it is a i;iv,itn 'oll'f nxc
to hIi-hI il.'itd fiiMi'it labor tlinn
sli;ill lit'como
Kiigfil In fur tin itfciininry licm-
lit rfF4tiltin,' thm-froin. A nIio
ndmitH tiian'n Hiipcrioi ily In tlicni-bramlu-K,
I nin rellcvi-d from fur-
tht-r duty on this nubjcit, Hut my i tlicir clotli.'s, w hat
fair and youthful iliatnpion would 'of most wriim?
luivc mi- r. f.-r to "nu n who lived
at u time- when woman' advan- n"-,rke! 1,0 1,11,1 Uli
ingn are Nometl.ino; near equal to Ui ftronj;tlii-i.- our nerves and
man's," an if the two H.'.xen were ! "''"HH"'" r hkill. Our anla-n-not
of God's own creation, eoequal j m'sl ,s ur ,u,lK,r
and coeval with each other, audi Rousseau: If there were a peo
woman "nature'!) last, hest jjifi" , j,0 of puis, they would govern
to man. 1 he poet says : themselves dcinocraticallv ; so per-!
h i t a e;ovei-ntiient is not siiitabli-
which is Huppnhrd to liuvi? be. n
our Mi
ll leiite-
hae tu t set il the pinpiisilioti
J oil liuiile. So I alllibnle llieir
.i1i'liril In till n iTi'trl,! i,n fl,,,ii-
. I I II I ,n ,,,, ,,
iiiaiiiMwo luin.iie.i years Delou- .,,., .,.,,. i;,,!,,.,. ,,M
' I at... .I M . . I.. I. 'I ! I I It
I uir imif il vmirsi, in inuunn i.ii Minuitl iiol hn(
tlii imtnmsf Un frtuo lo k-t-p Nrnliitivt' tn vour oiluinns, I haw
out the Tai t.ir.H the builder never 41,1 ,(," " l" corn--.-
. 1 . , , 1 IIOIllU'lll'.', it vou will ul hsli NIV
MUemiiteil to avoid mountainx or 1 , 1 '
1 , coiniiiiiiiiiatioiis.
chasm to save evpense. Ve have had beaulilul weather
I'm- thirteen hundivd miles that for the Inst two weeks until last
tvall f;oe. over plain and mountain J Wednesday ; since then we have
and everv foot of the liiiinihilii.n I '''"I lu'ilv.V showers. Kven w ere
; t: i .. . .i . , iw look we see siiMl.s o
m ill :,i'i. l 1 ! luiir .lull llii' nur ill . '
n . . ... ...
v. L v.v i; ;' .
' " i v;,A il .'j,.' '
l.iil ;"li
I AfT'iDPIKr AMI Hol.ti'lTlD,
! SrintM, MNsliilipl,
j llinini . ill .In-, li.inii'i v eniirt it i'htI,.I
'IH iiiil; Imt all Hill unite imunpl lirn
Iiiiii hi ctri pi.rlu.ilar.
to men.
we look we see sins of life; the
.Villi fr.,iM It.nriliniM.r In .,,,.1
the structure solid masonry. In bloom, (lie Rras looking Kr,'en.
sonic places the wall is built the niockini' bird carolinix aroun-l
"'" ! snr.ii-.tli up against the bank, or doors, and the farmers are
canvons or nreeiniees. u lie... il.re,. . Hu.siiy eniployeil repainii-' then-
is a' hl.eer descent o ,u.o feet."1 1''"1'? I"-1'"1"' U,1,'i.'' ran.T
... 'on. , , , lr pi .mtm. 1 can e.vclami with
iinselhshtK'ss i Small slreanis are arched ( vciJ, 1 ,.,nl, i;c ...i,..,-.. ;., Hi.. ; .1... ..1.1
"For w omen lirt were in.iile fur turn,
Not men for them. Il lollum iln;
Men have a rl;'ht to every one
a .i ',., , .... 1 .1...:.
And therelore men have power to choose, ivuei oacn; iniy unseinsntiess 1 nm:i:i tsireanis iire nrciieu ever, 1 (ninha.iis
A ml tlliv tin rlmrf."!- I, ,.,Ii..m ' i , .1 i . I l ...... I I . , ' ... I . .
nas tin: irue anil unerring' tact, mu in u:c lai-jjer Kireiiins tiie.wall land jet.
Did I say coequal? Yc. they , Wmit of tact is. at bottom, selfish- J runs to the water's edge, and a' There was a theatrical troupe to
were coequal, but they sinned and! ness; for self thinks and acts imlv! tower is built on cacli side. ()n 'oxhibil here yesterday and last
fell, and in the fall and curse wo-' for itself. ' I the top of the wall are breast ivorks i "'K.1'1'. ) lllinV tl,e rai"
man lost her ('quality. And co- . , or defenses, facing in and out. so W'm
is v r . ,. , Anon : I'eehngs come and go hum. n.i.in oui, m ,iriSi 1 4. jlils j,,.,.,, VMtnig
eva!? .No ; lor s.nce tne birth ol . ... n u " ,. t!,,. defending forces can pass f. m ' h.-r oarenls. Mr. and Mrs. f )liv..r
man, and ere God created womun, " . ' I one tower to another wiihuit be- This is her childhood home, and
lV,n many friends, with her parents,
ire always glail to welcome hlla
man, and ere God created womun, , lory ()f t)e .;(,nt ,ml . (1t. ,(,wer to another w ith,;,,, b
there elapsed a fe-,v such pmods m) ( n,g c-vposed to the enemy fro
as '.measure . day and n girt. Hut either side. To cidcula.e the tin
r .
a otak :
with gome" degree of fear
again touch with my pen
nder object of creation, lest
gry brain, in its maddened
c turned into a consuming
she pours out her phials of
upon mv head. In reply to
, and I might add Jeptha,
t me confess in mv exordium
am not well versed in the
and sarcastic phrases of the'
nor do I care to deal in satire.
i their articles are plainly
to either attack I might
:. My former article of "bold
pons, as Lrnile is pleased to
It, was a little terse and con-
know, and dealt but sparse-
hat prolixity which looms up
epistle so far in advance of
pality and merits. After a
ky dissertation on my status
, she concludes by saying :
is simply mv imagination."
n have to beg pardon for not
tiding to her imagination, by
ng so largely on my own. I
parged with differing with nil
titers on this subject. 1 deny
pnd am glad to acknowledge
I in company with such men
mon, Pope, Milton and oth-
But let me confess this total
knee, and what docs it prove ?
confesses the "wwiVhas ever
per to be a mental imbecile ;"
ke, I shall conclude that the
hratively few writers on this
:t with whom I differ are
reives in the minority and at
ice with the whole world.
k this has force, hasn't it?"
Jilf dozen men should con-
me and tell me I was a fool,
should reply, telling them
were fools, the preponderance
Umony would be in their fa-
f nd I should be forced to the
nsion that 1 was the non com-
mentis myself. She alleges as
won why the gentler sex are
pore extensively known in the
'time that ''ladies of intel-
d endowments of a superior
are seldom without ample
' therefore, when they .write
for pleasure, nnd of course.
choose subjects thnt can give
Pure I never before heard
intellect was confined to the
Kracy and wealth of the coun-
un the contrary. I have been
M from the lives of great men,
w greatest men were sclf-
K and that every man, whelh-
"71 or plebian birth," who I
for argument's sake, let me admit
they were coequal and coeval, and Dickens: If you had the abili
that by some accident or hopeless 1 lies of all the great men, past and
chance, man gained supremacy ! present, you could do nothing well
and cheated woman out of her , without sincerely meaning it and
rights f.nd privileges, and come , setting about it
down, as JCmile suggests, to a com
parison of to-day, .saying nothing
of the illustrious ages of whom an-
Anne of Austria: God is a sure
paymaster. lie may not pay at
tiqtiity boasts. Shall I refer to ;
the end of the week, month or
U..t i ..i .
such writers as Lvnmatii, Llai-- . . , ' .
. . , , 1 that he ravs in the end.
borne, Summers, mshe!! and 1
Dana? or others as Moore, Ten-j Spurgcon : A man cannot pros
nyson, Longfellow and our own per till iie gets his w ife's leave. A
Judge J. K. Simmons? These ; thrifty house-wife is better than a
have not the g.ry and fame which ' great income. A good wife and
umc can give. Hut remember , health are man s best wealth.
to her home again
All hearts in our town were
made sad by the death of an ex
of building or cost of this wall is
beyond human skill. So far as
the magnitude of the work is con-Jccllcnl lady, Mrs. t'rozier, who
cernoti, it surpasses anything in di'd in your town, but was former-
theancient or modern" tim .s of '.v 11 1n's!l,,1'"t ol" J1"" l,laa, a.ml
, . , ,. . . ., was buried here, by the remains
whiel, there is any trace. 1 l.e Lf hl,r j rtw, liu;,)aml .m(, W)1
,.i....ii.i r I """'"'K M,o lived among us tor many
years, and we all loved and re
specteirl Aunt Nan. Sleep on, dear
friend, and take vour rest until the
compared to it. Iondon News
lUeOlileUCI'T In the World
" 'tis distance lends enchantment
to the view." "Death comes first
iiil tlwm f.ini: ' T'l'fin uid.t ,i!
,. , ' e . r i .. ' people were worn out on the wav
I'iirMiltvii I .i,ut Ir.r il unit til i lnUnnv 1 1
Homer died in poverty and obscu
rity, and after his dwSith seven ci'
ies w ere proud to claim the honor
(Jeorge Llliott : It is very diffi
cult to be learned. It seems as if
i to great thoughts, and can never
; enjoy them because they are too
j tired.
f his birth-place. And our genl
uses of to-day, could they sail far
down the stream of tint", would
Rochefoucauld : The pleasure of
love is in loving. We are happier
in the passion we feel than in that
wake up, like Jiyron, with some j we ;n.spire. Wealwayslikelho.se
to-morrow's sun to lind th. mst lves
crowned with honor and fame.
Hut even if there lived no men of
talent to-day, it would not weaken
my cause r."r strengthen hers ; for
'tis not every age can give birth to
a L'cnius. As Churchill says:
who admire us; we do not always
like those whom we admire.
DickenS : It is a fair, even
handed, noble adjustment of things
that while there is infection in dis-
"Ilow few are found with real t.d-1 ease and sorrow, there is nothing
ents blest." Lvery age has its pe-' jn lhe wrti w) irresistibly conta
culiar tastes. We have lhe iron, . laughter nnd good humor.
the golden and the diamond ages ; , b
five different periods or orders of
architecture. Literature flourish- Pretty iilrU.
es in one era. iron nnd agriculture -
in another, and to-day, the eyes of ; The Haltimorc American dis
the wly.le world seem riveted on covers that D.dtimorc girls are the
the arts and sciences. 1 herelore, ; pettiest because of the climate
Kmile has acted wisely in except- j of Jic f()0(, eat ohio
ing the arts and sciences as works i . .
oflabor and not entering her sex " a) s- t P" k and saur
competitors in those braiu h.-s. 1 kraut. MssachusvUs girls eat cod-
Damascus is the oldest city in
the world. Tyre and Sidon have
crumbled on the shore ; Haalhrck
is a ruin ; Palmyra is buried in a
desert; Nineveh nnd Uabylon
have disappeared from the Tigris
and Euphrates.
Damascus remains w hat it was be
fore the days of Abraham a cen
tre of trade and travel in island of
verdure in the desert ; "a presiden
tial capital" with material and sac
red associations running back 30
centures. It was near Damascus
that Saul saw the light above the
brightness of the sun ; the street
which is called Strait, in which it
was said "he prayed," still runs
through the citv.
I he caravan comes nnd goes as
resurrection morij.
Also, the same day, Mrs. Sal
lie llerron, at the residence of her
son-in-law, Mr. Parish, in Yalo
busha county. We allude to her
death because she was truly a
matriarch, and this place was, at
one time, her home, for she fre
quently visited her brother, Mr. J.
C. Shaw, deceased, and her sister,
Mrs. Dr. Paine, who was former
ly of this place. '1 he day before the
death of Mrs. Crozier and llerron
in this vicinity, Mrs. Sallie Knox,
mother of Cant. I. L. Knox and
others, died. Truly a noble woman
is gone. These old ladies were
buried the same day. I feel like I
had lost a friend a almost a mother.
Measles is prevailing in this
neighborhood, and has interfered
considerably with the schools.
Cnpt. Rainwater must not ask too
many questions about the time the
Rumor says there is to be a
marriage in or near the incorpora
tion belore many months.
Enough for the present.
Or M nsTl'M TK H)ll
Rill S.V. II V
Heaton Ero:., I P. Mm, &
E. F. WJLLIUS & CO,, Sarilis. Kiss.
TfRMI. 00 ttf Yr,
imi, ho A IS,
taxini Tuksuc j!!r;;(.
ri.Mi: taiimji
m urilHH (vTM
I rair Mrmphla, ......,, i.,i,ll'n f tn
I'm I'li.mi , m.iii.1 I jt jiffl
t'l.t Hnnll,,, ,.,, ff p ru
l'na IUlrir, ,.,. j m p m
Vf.i ('mi.iUnil...... ..,.,..,,... 1 pm
I'll.. ,, ,
1. . . . " '
'irrin. m veimiiii,,
1 1) p.m
DAIIi Ai rriMMolMlflt,
ft a 1
i.rve ,ir.npiiit j . m M
l I i'iiii
Aro al Surd.,,..
- J'4 I
.. fun 1
i:m 9 m
Hut she goes further and says, "il 1 hsli balls, v irgima girls eat nacon
is only a matter of time, even un- j an,i greens, the Gulf States girls
der the advantage., she now has. , e.( Nw nmpl;rc KirU
M1CII IL 111
it did a thousand v'ears ago ; there!1 -i"''rs ',:,vc "'" "1' '-'
:. . ti -i ".1 1.1 I age they have made each 1
1.1 miii tor oiii'ik, ine ..iks Hiio me
water-wheel, the merchants of the
Euphrates and Mediterranean still
"occupy" these "with the multi
tude of their w ares."
The city which Mahnmmed sur
veyed from a neighboring height,
and was afraid to enter "because
it was given to man to have but
one paradise and for his part he
was resolved nt to have it in this
world," is to-day what Julian call-
("tisitg;, Ike (1itnec GUmf.
Harnum's first great wit wa the
We have jul reii lved au umoiuil larjji ami
elegant aortiui.t of
Ladies' Dats, Trimsicl ni Mmt,
Also ihmnets, Flowers, Kcalhers.
llirds. Silks. RlbhniiH,
nnd Hair tootls
of every tylc and variety. All of whieh
hac Ihvii teleeted with a 'caielul repaid lo
The Wholesale and Retail Trada
in MempliU, and w ill lie .,.!,! t Hnpreeetl
eutedly low pom.
23!) Mala Street.
Oppoiiite Court Square. rp)iti!j.ui
Tom Smith,
Sardis, ; Miss.
A'tUf In Iti" Ulrt tt)., at riMirl tiU--.
Ufll.l, piiuiii e in the iiiuru uf the jd
J u,l 1, i.i I Di.tiiiinf St,,.. ju.ilf
I, N. Davis,
Como. Miss.
lleiiryCn.fi. I,. I'. Cooper
13 Madison SI, MEMPHIS TEE
Attorney and Counselor at L:w,
Will prarliee in l',iiniM and lhe variu...
eiiuntir of the Sli.tr, and In the Tcilcra!
eourt at Dvlord and JiukMin. protei nta all
1 l..iiu fur peiion anil iHiuuty before tlM
ileparlinrul at Wahini(lnu, for lhe war of
1S1J, Meti.an and I loriila wa.4 and fir
I uiou mMum 11I 111. Ial war, AddreM or
call at above plaee.
1 0 :00 m
1 o ao K.m
9'IJ i m
Malt. 00INII ROHTtl.
I.rnvo (irenada ( a tai
i- r.ipr , , a j4 1 m
I'a.a I'liurlland , , 6 5 a m
II ilrvlllc,...,., 6'H9 ttt
l'n Sunlit , 6:1a a of
P.... .'.iniii . ... .. .
Arri.ei at Mttnpl.i, io;u a, in
Leave. Sardi
rata Como,,
Ar.lve. at Mempliu,
A. J. KNAl'P. Grm. Pais AT.
MA d Mil M hi
'I he qulrliral jandj bet rout to
All Points North to East.
Through rla( Cam to
Eatesville, Mississippi.
1 1 f It.t. prai tier In the varinu eirl (
hed.tiirl. Will attend, when delr
ed, the different Jiilli u' eourt. m( the coon
nMelal alleiilion Oen lo the collection
, ,1UUUi.iW'UllUII.B
and on ant change to
can be procured at Mcmphia In til nrinelp
poin.t norm, eai al ami aouUtMa.
of claim.,
f. h ii til
Solicitor ol Patents.
"Chinatown" (as Mott street is
ed the "star of the east," as it was j termed) lias been highly excited
fchmild t ii,l fur in.truc li'iio, Uilli, rJftr
cmr, ,Vi .. to Kil on llrollii r. Solii ilur- trt
ijlriil, Wliii-lunijtun. 1. C., ahn furnUI.
the .ame ilho..t rhare. Kdon Um.liri.
I. writ kn.ii.it nJ .i,r, r.aliit itim nf lur.M.
Chinese mermaid, and his last is etnerieme, havl.iK hern etah',i.hed in if
the Chinese giant. It is said that
in the time of Isaiah, "the head of
Merer l Tobarro,
splendor, and astonish the world i c'r--
with her works." This goes to t lucky girls cat blue grass beef.
verify my prediction when I said ; and yet all these arc prettier than
"it is urged that woman's peculiar ,lc gjris f Klirpe. Hut the H.d
jphcre continually lumpen that imorc ifh Mt cvMeri,t u.rrapn,
inieueci wmcn urn n.i.H! i'j -'-1 . . t 1 .1. u.. ..t,.,t
op itself in some giant stroke." ;
and soft shell crabs, all productive
ttf !!r. ttrJX?- of Leauly. Not only has the H..I
Hut she argues again : "Woman timorc girl In-come beautiful, but
is calm and modest from her asso-, the canned oysters of H.ilumore
ciations and adaptation, and she, iave begun to make beautilul the
it ia, to whom every True man g.M.'s
in the hour of deepest trouble, and
'tis here he linds consolation."
Here it is that she strikes the key
note to my idl-al of true female
worth, f am not a woman-hater,
einr a mianrithro-w. nor a man of
melancholy, nor have I heen dis
appointed "in the affairs of love, as
she w ould supK)sc. On the con
trary, no man entertains a higher
rptnrd lor female character and
society than I do. I only
over the .'.rrival of this monstrosi
ty. It may indeed be a matter of
pride when one of their nation
draws $500 a week. The mer
maid, however, was worth double
that sum, yet it only cost Harnum
$fV). Chang (as the new giant is
'hed a spark of rrenina in Vila 1. ...... a nl.i.-s i.,r ovi-rvtliiniT. and
r , lime n I'invv ". . J . r .. a
nd an indomitable will, could ' evrrvthinif in its place.
" the heiglah of honor and '' tn rememlM-r the w ords of conso
rt let Emile.i asscrtjon ,nf N'Ta kind sister
r. . . . , cares and caresses or kind sisier
e. Chain intellect ana ,... I r.n novnr
lit. w'.l ana h lenuer i.MHi.e-1, .
I "1 W'lll iinn riTim,n ..l nn.l . .. r . i e t..r
- T.ixv,fa..u n,a..i ipmrje iiimaiiei,
... .t 1 . . 1
.- u.e literary fame or the!
s. I iiippone w,en shef
l. e .. . .1 . ... I
girls of the Mississippi valley,
. I.'nard Tosr t'niruit'eii.
If you say anything about a
neighbor or friend, or even a stran
ger, say nothing il. It is a Chris
tian and brotherly charity to sup
press our knowledge of evil of
another unlcs a higher public duty
compels us to bear accusing wit
ness j and if it be truo charity to
keep our knowledge of such evils
to ourselves, much more should
"subject from which!
ks of
ur r .... t....i 1 1 1
( - - ire uiuaincu, sue nas
jHf to works of fiction. Let!
bout that. "There is Haw-
'mt,Anhr,SiTtt,Com-' ,
and D!ti.i:ns(. L W.lawn. March u-
My son, never use tobacco. It
is a vile weed, and has caused the
death of manv good men. Only
the other day there was a railroad, called) will avoid Mott street and
collision in which a s noking-car Jail Mich vulgar associations. Ik
was smashed to pieces, and the ; ' aristocratic habits and w ill
seven occupants killed. If those j have nothing to do with the "hea-
seven men had never learned to i then Chinee." The statue of tins
smoke they would be alive to-day , remarkable Celestial is nine feet,
and their widows would not be ! being thirty-two inches taller than
'skirmishing around to hire some 'President Lincoln, who stood head
one to keep their husbands graves and shoulders above the average,
green w hile they lay for fresh J There have, however, been some
matrimonial victims. Then Iw.k still more striking instances of size.
at the American Indian. He has ' 1 he Castle of Innspruck contains
used tobacco, when he could get ! a life-size portrait of Hans Har,
it, for many years, and he is clis-! which is eleven feet high, and
appearing rapidly from the face of Hernard fjih, who was exhibited
the earth. General Grant was in Europe during the last century,
President of the United States, ' was only one foot less in stature,
but he smokes frightfully, and now j Nine eef. how ever makes a very
he is a national pauper, and has respectable giant. It may be ad
got to travel with the World's Cir- ded that the tallest man of Ameri-
cus and Conglomerated Aggrega. can birth was Miles Durden, of
lion r.f Mpi li:.ni. al Purinaiiif-a fur Tennessee, who died in 1S7O, be-
we refuse to spread evi report of a Jivin?. He may even have to Ing then nearly sixty. He was 7
no to St. Lmis. So, my son, be- feet 6 inches, and, in his working
war nf the narcotic weed, for it clavs. weiched 871 pounds. After
will destroy your body, weaktn'paMing f.R-fifth year he in
your mind, and make your breath creased rap;dly, and was estimat-
smilllad. If you have tny of tlve'ed at the time of hi death "t half
deadly clgsn about you don t de- ton. Harnum made lortune out
lay sending them right along to of the smallest of the race in Torn
iLls tfTcc, whvr Ut 4 Lc .Tl.i.tiil and Coinodotc Xutt, tmd
burned tip, 1 tww he is ting tb largest.
Ss d rC7 bis, (Evan
iMVl Mi km yl"iJW.eltl
Fresh Fish a Specialty.
niAixa is
Va(chcs, .Jewelry,
iVATCULS anil CHAINS and all
klmUorUsltl ami I'lilr Jew
(I17, I lurk and Mirer
ware at lowrNt prices.
Will duplirate New York and Si. l-oui.
priie. lam rn ri inn a eiMiiplele .In. k
uf every drcription kept ia a tint
flat jewelry (tore. All kind,
f repairing promptly done
Wpl. ic.h, i,Vlu,"6n.
Time. Card. June 27th, 1880.
Iavea Memphl. 7:40 a m..ii:i p.m
Arrive Nnthville... :w ull)U) a.n
Kvanivllle ...... to p an
l)uliille...ll OB St.... :iu a n
For further InformatitM a. lo rata, Iuim,
aui ivaa
Ticket Agent. Maruphia, Tu.
O. f. A. Lwi.iU, Kf.
Wbll. ni TUw
()u Hullnr Per Bnlil.
It. G. CRAIG 4r CO.
Keh. uth. 1W1 1.
Strawberry Plants.
1 will ir.NO, nr rAiu:
One dmrn Cfl Cl'y plant, for
Johnson Grass
Millet Seed.
R. 0. CRAIG k CO.,
M Main Street, Nfiupkm, 1nc
it'llaH Imt llMM, t la.prmi
Onedonn Hharpirw plant, for 1 .u i .i.n n.iim iI iuh-i-i i.
One d-urn lmai'ellow plant, for I tc' l,""fc' " ir)? 1
One dorn W arr... plant, for 5., " mw. I. -
One dnien Lndkol plant, for.,.. 7,
M M'jn.rrh plant, hy mail 75
lioCharlea iKmnlnn hy mail
i Kmlirol pbn. hy mail.,,.. I v
.inn Mimarrh'. by etprru,,,, uo
K01 Cli.irk lownini'. hy epre.... 5 rat
ni tndieol l'r eipn. o at
11anl trr.li and iK'ir.xi.. ah ororr,
with tlx ioi.M. iiumI Iw addrrd lo
kA.M'L, Silt 1.1 a.
mchvat CLisrjt, Kv.
another. Discreditable as the fact
is, il is bv far the commonest ten-
... -I a,. ...rnMa tta tTftttA krt
"Tiawo-niin.'tht Ml o" tiency . ' " "- r.""-
lore. I know of.Mir neighbors and friunJ....
7i. woman-, charm. Oval jHr. to l.f. Ha j n thja h
Tk wrxn.B'. hand that m.h ffl,t we frJ jat bv pushing Our fcl'owt
!-L7v-l .d ih down or back, we were trailing
' irujhead." ,
ourselves up or forward. We arj
u-altrti ul culiMiieudliuU unk'M
we get th lion's share.
RangerN Salo.
fie tlrlue of tlie anthnritr eeleil In m
a. rtanrrnf f annul eounle. Miw., I will
ell to the hi,ilel bid.Jer for eai, e
tn fmnl nf the court hou la Sardis be
wrew IM hour, of 9 a. tn, ami 4 p. m., one
dark ha hot. t year old, lakes up be
I rank lltark. Ol. 4h. I.IS.. and duly ad
eiied hr him a. rerjuired br law, and
anpraiwd'al tx be T. I. llunUr and W.
1?, Hunter Noveni'her lb Mh, .SAo. The
Mlt will be made, rrmirled so owner
claim, the prnferte rfrw thr Ho rtar.
ifcl llldHTOW I R.
j Coroner ana Kamjire.
i Kardis Miw., Fes .Mh, tft.
',ll ! l-.Mi.hMM. m lvm.Mrl.l la -M
1 mm. e.m ii,i,,-ni, iii x.ik. ..a .11
i.r Mill, la
jn.11. 11. U.
,l,il,Mi. rmm ralnil. I !."-
Iktf ah are r 4 lfH ..Hie-.
.,4 la.rll,-.. -r". m-M 9t !'.. 9 .
Mk la Ike rtit iHIr. mn4 mIik la ... a
nl.Mlli, lrre-1 rh.nl-. I mrwym --i. rwatirra.
.1.1 1 l rr.M.r ; .ml IM rb.rvr kjahrM ...
Mmm. .lrtakll.llllllil H-
Mf,M 4liltM lMh.lM.--a. t't qtmitl
rtlimm, ,.. a.ik-, !" a , ttn-m
1,4 ium.ii).
fhi.l rural OSl.fc M Mumm. 1. c.
ilteir heir, entitled be late law. of Coo
gre... bend Iwa .lamp, for law. and copy
ofClT.ri. &ol.tl. In . " rnseraM,
L. S. Claim Allomey, Bos J3o.wao.ng
Ion, U. V. .
mV. IrOVM.
The MruiptifR Cturlewton B. U
Sehedula oa aad after Mar l.t 1 St a. a
t.ve Hemplii,. . n;w rn
Arrive drand Junition(i) tm a.aa
Midillrion -lj).TO...... 1:54 am
Cwrinlh ..4)
lVrntur.... -fj)...... 4 4j am
Slevenwn ()........ 1:15 p aw
Challanoogao.tS).. jx p aw
CIum cona Ttion la mad al CkwManoofti
anu an catiern ana ouuvera aiuaa.
Round TrlpTlcksU
to ma
spring, aad PUaaari mrU
On Mia al Mamphia lha following n4vm4
laTla T
luka Sfirium a em
llailty Snuffi '. ,t oo
ifluHHl prtns, ft
Hftrtheba, (stag includtd.) u 00
Monti alt (stttgt iHfuJrJ,).. tj oo'
Itllow Sulphur. $tegt$iy... JJ f
MaHtrvuety H'hiic-. it y
.4frgh(tnr,iiage$i, 4,
C" 4J
ll'hut tfhur,Urf4nbrimr 4s to
Theia Tickat will U good to r
tors nnUl Hot. lit, lt:i.
riironili Can Wltloit Ctir;
n ft Ctslatc lo Bmmmtr .
i. k
( fii-
Cluat connocti.ni al DwahM with IriLa .'
ha.htille, Btownt Saetaga, ttt.
lagfatf tkfrk-4 Tkrt:
Baiilajf CtlJ.
For fttrtnae NifbetMiio a '
JAS. A. (
Cm. rat ,
. Oa . '
...r .. : '

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