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The weekly Panola star. [volume] (Panola, Miss.) 1857-1881, July 09, 1881, Image 1

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f.li tti til,,!, ,
n,tH n,.i, t, hi in t'.,i(!. fi, Ark.
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, MVlUitil he, Atk.
Tlio Slur JoM'rliilinr OlllroJ HOPKINS
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"P,iiiil. warm.!, ,PB yltm , J The Imii nl dliiriit in M, ritli.m, Clrrvii. Chnnj'
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Lri'i plfiiri' In ll Cor h- lllli
Shl lhK I""" " "rf. Ui'iMijli fi'W,
lk,lhouli H Hi ""fl'l H'J fiuwn,
iKhmiilniJ In t1t-ir loir nml true.
nu(h tlern HiM'uttiiiii' i'lili dun II.
Ikjf,m r.tlr umi( fiiinJ ! ami Hinii,
Mfit Willi l"o nml li tut- Im'i
Villi rre "1ur't "'""I' "'.v lirow
rrvrllinjl In hnwful Jriani-;
wnulJ, thil thou mnvkl millif,
brlihU'tl vlli)ii the Imvc w rni;;lit,
tlutfalrrl irspfit gnxi lliine ryot,
Utll with purr ilcli;lil w lr,iulil.
fhr heart l pure mid true nml wunn;
Know linil no cntr.HK tlii'iv,
Uir heaven liklil the from all Imnn,
U krrp the piire in ttiijjel ure;
Ktj ne'er lliv booiii home rg,'..
mt love hri(;liti t, ceti' ,t Un- im,
V tbrt. fair (i ii'iul, rniiliiy,
Mj brautU'it uf thv theme.
MlMPHllsJull', iSHi.
1 1 vim! yy t
nr st tn fiifff imv, rfc'iM run
LateM. Rl)ln;Vif!itlng Crd to a MAnmoih 40 Inch Yonier,1
. t-l'l'lt AH i
i'ou become more tin? viler for
praise. Thomas a Keinpis,
Imbition is the evil s!ia:lev of
lintiun. George MacDunald.
soman is nwre miserable than
that lias no adversity. Jeremy
t takes a bold man to roll his
in idea into the world. A. S.
11 up-hill work when wo would
; ill down-hill when we .sutler,
f 'outh is the tassel and silken
verof liivc ; a'e is the full corn,
k and solid in car.
poiifecan be utterly miserable
kt u hightened by the laughter
li love of one little child.
n l lie ctiiuliing a mountain,
tjMtorrwhlhe .in luimtiiln
louU cakh the bright g. ui of tlie
M l(h for tli alcr to drop.
Education begins tlie gentle-
Kbut rrading, good cotnnany
n-'Hectum must linisli liim.
K-U. -
nu;'h avarice will preserve a
n from necfssitotisly inmr, it
rffally makes him too timorous
wealthy . Thom.13 Paine.
fwit.,M',rd, inv reap tht (If Id,
fU" iih Ui.rrl. !icre they kill:
1 Wn- nervM l t.it mu.l " id,! ;
f1; lmt but on anoltur .tiil.
really thinks there is no
I action between virtue and vice,
T 'r, when lie leaves our
let un count our spoons.
Reflect upon your present Wcs-
ih 01 winch every man has
ViWon your past misfortunes
all men have some
Dickens. ,
bcst die nnd the cunnini?
r5" Cunri
r1" ramnart. an1 fall, in Ik-
Cowardice skulks nnd
Pei Ute earth.
""Jl don't hannen humiKK
rTtador.cood. dsn all the
PoulJ addle or none nt "nil,
H tt Ul Ktn.t :.!.!. . ..
i out six 10 me
'-George Elliot.
I1! bonk nn.t 1
fHcnt thing, for those who
(!l.'JThcf are men, however,
oi both from the beauty
liili nd lit lii'(iNa,irily iHtnitipa.
fili'il liy (Mill so g.'iirrul Is this be.
lief, llnit thi!ti'rni!i"iliijih-iiK..hv,"
"hiMt Htrujrxlc," "pmi-M,,! d,.Mtii,"
etc., have Imm ii In almost iinlvi r.
u..l ! .
"ii unv in vvrry age llllil iiftder
nil tonditlons of society.
Nothing could be more rinnie.
nisi .the truth is, pain and
death wldii'n go together-we
mean the last moments of life. Of
coins,: death may be preceded by
weeks or even months of extreme
suffering, as occurs during certain
incurable diseases.
So exaggerated has been this
notion that is has been considered
an act of humanity to anticipate
the "death-struggles" by violence ;
for ages it was customary among
the lower classes of Europe to
hasten death by jerking the pillow
from beneath the head of the dy
ing, thus throwing the head back
ward, Mraining the pharyngeal
unrl thoracic muscles, rendering
the respiration, already dillicnlt,
shortly impossible. A Venetian
ambassador, in the time of Que en
Mary, asserted that it was a com
mon custom among the country
people to smother the dying by
means of a pillow placed over the
face, upon which leaned or sat the
nearest relative.
This was founded on the pious
belief that a short road was the best
one. 1 Ins custom was handed
down from generation to genera-
tun, parents perfuming it for their
children, and vice versa. Uut,
perhaps the saddest privilege ever
allowed the near friends of a dy
ing man, occasionally occurred
during the reign of Queen Eliza
beth, when through executive
clemency in executions by hang
ing they were permitted to grasp
the feet of the suspended criminal,
and, by clinging to the extremities
precipitate their additional weight
on the body, thereby hastening
strangulation. It is needless to
say that these theories are false in
both conception and practice.
Death is a physiological process,
and like other animal functions
should be painless. Dr. Thomas
I). Spencer in Popular Science
Athilila, (t, epe(i ii big ..
iitiiciil eiiiin nest wilder,
Salem, A I.I. , has i pcelvnl 71,.
wo bales of tnllo 11 il,i,H hi'hioii,
J'urrk.i Spring, Aik., U put
ting up a .f5,tKi) balh-houie,
There have been no fata! cases
of sun-stroko yet in Nashville,
1 el) l).
Dr. K. A, Jones, of I'onyers,
(ia., has discovered a vein of gold
on his place,
Nineteen business houses and
twenty stores are being built in
Fort Smith, Ark.
Two4hirds of the corn crop of
Walton county, Ri., has been de
stroyed by cut-worms,
Hot Springs bunko men clean
ed out a stranger to tint extent of
one thousand dollars.
The watermelon crop this sea
son in Florida is the largest ever
raised in that State.
JlasMrn DonlMrjr.
One of the Indian elephants some
time since bad the misfortune to
wrench oil a portion of its trunk,
which had got caught in a noose
of rope, and the largest African
specimen, whose huge proportions
are well known to the frequenters
of the gardens, met w ith an acci
dent by which its tusks were bro
ken oil'. The stumps subsequent,
ly grew into the cheeks, causing
excruciating pain and nccessita
t:ng an immediate remedy. The
intrepid superintendent undertook
to perform the delicate operation
and relieve the poor beast. Hav
ing prepared a gigantic hook
shaped lancet, he bandaged the
creature's eyes and proceeded to
his task. It was an anxious mo
ment, for there was nothing to
'prevent the animal killing hi j med
ical attendants upon the spot, and
to rely upon his common sense
itnd good nature, weighing many
t ins and suffering from facial ab
scesses and neuralgia, argues, to
say the least it, the possession
of considerable nerve. Ilut Mr.
llartleltdid not hesitate, nrnl climb
ing np within reach of his patient
he lanced the swollen cheek, II's
courage was rewarded, for the
beast at once perceived that the
proceedings were lor his good,
and submitted quietly. The next
morning when they came to oper
ate upon the other side, the ele
phant turned his cheek w ithout be
ing bidden, and c'lidured the sec
ond incision wituout a groan.
Saturday Review.
llog "on a Vriuk."
The UutlerfGa.) Herald gives
the following account of the Hction
of stimulants on hogs: "Mr.
West, having n large jar of brandy
peaches which had become spoil
ed.'set the jar out upon the front
colonnade, which in the absence
of Mr, W. w as soon turned over
by the hogs. There toiing four'in
number of course they did not hes
itate, but soon had the entire con
tents of the jar sw ullowcd up, each
one becoming well satisfied with
his portion. It was only a mo
nwrit twfiire the utroni unmix be.
... A , , J .t.-i o
give thee this bag oi gnia ior un. g!m ,0 ,ilkc cf,-cct Bml mzc the
pistol" which thou boldest nt my jbrain of unsUJ,p0cting brute.s
car." The unsupccting amateur j j. cj0!M.jy watched by a num
Machenlh, yielding, perhaps, 10 ! Dcr Ofpcr!,ons, they were seen lo
m. . . I the Quaker a Iol'iC nna soiiuuuh. . . , . . - v
, -"" wan no lonu for. if ihn 7" ... .1.. it .
"t1 wrn for hia spiritual wemm., i-. igucccssion, tlwir entire backbone
"ihrifi. .l-.. . . ..,i,nn, uithoiit a momeni s nes- .. . ,u .n t
itntion. "tsovtf inono, encu ) wIlicn aclion Wos kept np for scv-
ttitv Ephraiin, leveling tn wcap- , mom(nU. wiCn.nthfv would
on," "give me back my g'Jd, or 1 11 ; BUcrrtpt to waik. t)ey would " reel
blown thy brains out. W1,,"'frum right to lea. One, however,
way, thin, tlarlint!" said Fat. , Jccrncd t have taken of the
"Sure, there's nivcr a tlhrop 00, thtnrrd of the Jar a little more
n-.lpf in !tr" The result was ,i,B t:- ,hnre .and on reachini?
fold Qiiakcr Cliambers'a Journal. ' gjjaik gtrcthtxl himself as if
- - In irtvB ii n the irhiMf. and
n.,lT... ... . . " I'" ''-- - -r -b
WW K-R ... "
X-Ur, 1T iA tJtU Ilaaa,
nil Ml Mil' Hint' .Inli-I'i liKlnii Ofllci',
I'li'if'r pi', ,,
1. II, tUI.'iH
i I'. Ill
la IrlOi RlKtiwajau:!.
An Irishman, finding his cash
itt low ebb, resolved to adopt "the
road" as a professional moans of re
freshing the exchequer; and hav
ing provided himself with a huge
horse pistol, proceeded forthwith
to the conventional "lonely com
mon," and lay in .wait. The no
less conventional "farmer return
ing from the market with a bag of
money, f course, soon nppcarca
to w horn enter Tat with the regu
lation highwayman offer of choice,
"Your money or your lite!" a re
mark fortified by the simultaneous
exhibition of 'the fire-arm in the
uunl wnv. The farmer, who was
a Quaker, essayed to temporize.
"1 would not have thee stain thy
soul with sin, friend : nnd didst
thou rob me of my gold, it would
be thclt, nnd didst thou kill me, it
..,l,l lu murder. Dut. hold S A
bargain is no sin, but a commerce
honest men. I will
We will EupHfaffl City Prices nr.d Ctmrflntcc EMififcctUn.
l lilr Ii nil ,,l n, l,. ,,,i;,r ).,,!,. h.mI I, , ,i,r In mi IMK , in ,1,1
il H I III ,l 1,111)11 K II nil, I, ,. ,rt,.. Ill, ir H,. . H l,, j,
Onlrra hy Mull rr III I'frxoit lll ltfii he I'mni'it Atlcnllim.
L L BYRD & nt) .
Watches, Biauioiuls,
Jewelry, SHrcnvaro,
Silver Plated Ware,
French Clocks,
t?-()iirloiliriilK.vr,,'o,MH In ilio I.AUGKST ANI IIKST ASSOUTKn in Un
til i. We invite iiii iii-iH.v!i,ii of n.iuie, mid A. SSI KU our iKitrumi our l'KIC US ilmll be
O. Hx. BYRD db CO.,
TAYr.nit U KYI.Il,
J A T T f U N I" I AT I, AW
, fin ynv
I Atfiitiry a urn Fi,mp,,
i HHr4, MNsNslii,
I it. i, . . 'i ii. 1 1, i, , i ,( , jif
ill luil mi mil in i in I'll, l, ii. I aOeS
I' II ll. Ill, If
n A II l!0A I
' ,, , t tr-1 t
I -A. 3FC 3KL
Cnt rally Tm-iiIihI.
274 Second St., Opposite Court Square. MEMPHIS, TEHN,
ll 'V 15 S i
IStlAltll I'KH ltK.
HOARD; TAiu.r.
50 to I i 00 ftt day.
7 "
Ii oi.
lloiiM.' iirwlv fiirnUlied, and llie tiihle i mipplinl willi the bet the m.(ikl aSonti.
J. (i SIIK1.UY, C'i.kkk. ,.(.s fi lOifelNUs. M.j. rillM.irS,IWaikrtia.
mm of m mares.
will nuke the ,rvint namn, which hat now I'mmnrnrrd, at Bui tiJUn of
The iikiiwv In be p.iid or .n ured l llie lime of lertire, ami will I rufunaVd Um Ur
iiuirr'k l.iilln.; to prnc ill fo.il. Ilv cxiiiniiiinj; hit r,li(;iee. It will be fiMind ihM b Ubh
hor.e ! a cuiiiliiii.ilinti of Ih? erv Ik-,1 nml iii(.t rii.h;,iiiiil,l raciiiii ami liottiii blood tB
the world. He i 11 lull brolhrr to lr. Ilcrr'n Mamlnitm Kin. Hi h a pvfeit model i
'.' I'- mill Ix-.inti-. and nihst lie keen to he appm luled. lie i-. rich hr, whli hliok rata,
tail anil tir. He him ueer Ik-cii trnini-l :ii a iniiirr, but can tmt ilown lu tlie lo tlilrUv
He lint Ip iiiilil'ul head and e;irK, heautifullv nrt-li.il ni tV. ect ili-iit and well .nnpvd thoul-It-it,
dtvp tliniii-'h the lieut, ami kind and urnlle. nml a lure fnal-f il.r. He f(wld
in Mii-, lf);i. ll will Ik borne in mind llul (irt-tii Kiter r.triifd the iraliiia at 10
Shelbv Count (r.in;-ii AtuwUtioii I ir, lj,l Oct., at belni the liett lh,iruyhlor .tailiull.
lt iltm, TVw Jrop, bv I j iintnn.
id iluiu. u,vn. I,v A mei it an Eclipta,
3d hv Kofu.iu.kn,
4th ilniii lr TIiir,
fill no br Imported Sporuhunt,
61I1 tUy bv tniporivd l)t lMri.
ytbjKi " a .
'iat-..ji. ... .. ..
ly ' "w mt arm Kil in
"llal XrNri.
npeIff far
KmPa,iM,rtor large U
rKl" IHlfTers tn Irll hnl
or cure, as .... nt M. It Floersh. in Naf-'.nrl niohu. showina no ikni of I
ilnJ.i lory b? lhpir!ville.Tenn., the linen table cloUi ,.f m.uh lhe cxccp(j0rt of hia i
It refi-rrme to the Aniericnn Slud Mnok. wliicli will lie found at llit iialila, f.fi j7, i.U
peJiKiTt will Ii linind at nlmte. In addiliun to the Inducement her offered to Ike ounar
of nuret a premium it rjivrn to lhe breeder of lhe mare producing the bet colt, to be rthibiled
nt lhe Sheilir Conntv Fir in the fall of iSSj, or al the ktnhlit of C II. Ilrnckctt at Co., of
yieuli.:ind lhe prit ilt sr of n-turnliiK th mate free of clurcrtor if alrenl v returned no rbarg
will he nude fur H-ri ice. M.iret coniiiiR from a di.lum will be pn,wilr raied IVtr 4
rc:tiiiul'le r:ile. At tint hint will he handled l,v an eK-iknced (Frmiai, parlua aietd
hat n feart of aiciiUnt. hot thould nnv occur. I will mil lx rt .ivin.il,!,..
.u.ircn f), 3111. a. n. ha 1 Afc.x wwner, 107, Main St. Mcwpbia, Tana.
in 1 inji nijii 1 : 11,1111 1 mm,
r.HTi;it i;om;i,s,
Hats, Caps, Flowers,
Uiiarnnloril In livery Iiist.nipp.
W.) Main Mm t.
Oppokile Coiiit Sipiaie. pr,j jm
I'tium is
Staplo and Fancy Gro
ceries, Cigars, Tobac
co and Fine Con
Fresh Fish a Specialty.
Feb. Jill, iSSi.
No-13 K,ita St JEMMIS TENH.
Batesvillo, Mississippi.
Wl I.I. H.I, ll, t' III I III- fill il HI t i , ,, 1 1 h (
lh"iletiii l. Will nlii iiil. ttlu n ildr
fit, I III- llllll'li-lll ll ill. , ' I null, ill Hie , nun
I. V, Spll l.ll It 1 1 VII I ll ! ill'M III till' Mill,', linn
Ol cl.liliu. .i ; (,(
Dr. J. D. WHITE,
( lin e n ( Mum l ,
Memphis, Teiiiiessro,
Spi-ci.il nil, tit i. in pii,l In llir tir.tfuieuta ol
Cliiiinii di c ir, I isliil.i, I'll,-., Sliii lHrt't,
M.Tiii.l, f r i, pi u rr Si mlnl.i in .ill 4't furiii".
- W. T. ii.iii, ii. S I'. Minor mil J K.
-nrli..n, r.ti,li.. (.. ll Hunt .ml M il. I lilrhi;
I'tfiua. trt, tl I yi
Mor(iiii Atl.ii.ii-. J. H. Wiihl.
II. uc lhi iluv iilnl themtrlvca to
(jelher fur the pin pot of practii inj;
ID ontistzry ,
Calls lo the counlry solicited. Ji"?
Mill, flufr aM
I Mn,f,r,i, .,, ii m 0
t "mi .I,l,li. I ft f m
' .......,. a as
J'.tt Hairt. air ..,., ltnM
1'ot I imill,n ,,,, ,,,,,. y pm
I'm 'nf,( ,,, ,,...,, J 41 prat
ArfiiitMiti4it,a ,.. fm
ifl ffolrDatt),
f 'e Mi-.nplil,, j 4 pnt
Anl.fi at St.w i,H,i 1 )mi
Mill, fldfAfl rfnUTtt.
I fyi'f . Ore in,la,,,,,,,v,.', irj ttH
I tt I nt n,il, ,',( ill
fata CoHitlanil,
4, t( i (r
I'd., tl'ilra vlllr A t mi
l'. Snr.lil a il W
fa I'niiio , ,; f
Ariltri at Mrinpkli , ,,,.. wi
sarhh anroMMohATloi.
t.mvra kWi , im t hV
l',t l oam ,,..i.-.ii 6 m nf
Arrm-t at Mrraphai,.. , t.nt
M. hClUCE.StrritfimtUKtaf.
A. J. KNAIT. tint. Vah Aol-
nbtalnM fur iww lnronllnii, ttf hitrmrrtnrtti In tUt
rtft. CtrMiia, InlrttiaXHifMU, I nwli-Maik nml kit
fMlfiit ImuIhm I'mnipll, wttfiMlp! fit.
hiTtiiiioni tlmi hre Uwn niffitil mmf ailll, In
tlliatl i narl, Iw Klhtllt1 lJT U. (Mlltf iMmII tlt l,
H. ntrrit Olli, anil rnKtatfiHl hi pMtrnl lumlnvM t
rltitrrlr, iun iiiirt (nh'iila In Im hi lltu
llnw wlieiirv fteioti fniin Wnlilrmtti,
Whi'ii liivpiitiir M-ttil nnritfl t.r kdi h, wm Nmlt
tmrrb tn Mi. I'nirnl IHH., mil nl i nn In li mi
viilNliiltljr rii rhiiryt. rnrrrNifinriM runndtii
1ml; Im rrHislilvi anil nn i lmnr iiiiIch mUh.
itbtHlllfHt. Wtri'fcrli, rmlaUti to Hip itlf m.
IUat Blirl n tli atlit rlnh'Minl ill mi iifiii-s
nionfljr inlr ilttUluti In WiiihiitH. I"r tt
rcfrrftiira, rln ulart. a'lvltv, rto, fir , fut'trrva
I . , hNOvV A l,
OaiMMlin I'aUnl Orl. r. Waalini.ion. l. C.
$d IU lU-'l'W4niiiii ..(.., I'm I lt,r, Minr
Booksellers, 315 Main Street, Memplifc
Constantly supplied with the best works in tha following Jr-wtmn
HEXTAt, rniisoriiT,
hojia n' a,
litalwiwl Mtnultflurrt la ill tliidief
French Millinery, Human Hair,
Fancy Goods, Ladies Hair
Dresser. Novelties al
ways on Hand,
B Ufa SLne KisjH, fcn
Also Sunilay-Scliool Books and Clirap Publicotiona.
Jul Suh, ism.
(SMftaNrunsiUa, AMU 4 CO I
Cor. AJmn, ami id St, MKHPHI3, TINK.
Ittaarh aM TMmI. aa4 RritU bwl la
. 3I0NU.MENTS, . To.MDS,
IlcaJ and Foot Stones, Counter, W!i-SlanJ
anil Tallo Tops Conatantl on hand.
f rrr. ..,Ll n 11, -, . .
--"- mm puinpiif, trttt
la? atock In Ih ll, and al Low at Cuaj ruraa.
Sketches and Prices "Sent on Request
. UrU Ul, Irtl. I ,Mr.)
Sewing Machines
llatinj tured lherift of Mr, II. A.
Adnmt, nf MttiiphU, who hit lia.1 twentr
year riperlenre at an adjuilar and repair
er nf all kind, of Scwlnif machina I am
prepared to Repair. Adiutl and Rebuild
anr and all kimlt of .V Iiik macliina.
work ni'Aa axraaii u inn.
RrtClAf-t with Irt fra.fr l; Sewinj
,M jciiine, inr rothI lliwr Calli and Miep,
ow it vonr tun.
ft a'if W.T. DYE
Th lhlrt-aronl year oeainl Arl
tut. A mor heallhr locttinn cannot b
IihiimI' Th Collar wit nerrr in a mor
pmtpomn cnrxlition. A full Faculty of
innrouKit irarnrn. araeniMi nniMinf ., anil
ami a tompVt owtfll fof all departmrnts
Uteri re, ani.tr; lantfnngn and art. Offera
Ih his(tw4 anVanrao;. A drlinlitfiil Horn
fo ninilt. rrw-rw retlucej la anil lit
tlm. Hpeeial liwl,temnlt nnVrrd. For
1 trm ami w tattlotiat, aililrrtt
R. A. D. Jom A. M. Tret,
July l am1
. I l I ! A.
tfif a ww. a 4r at hm wwj m a, OnMt
IU. '.. V. WEAVER,
Practical Siirpa ni Obstetrician.
S-lal allritllva altn la illtraw. ol
Caurtlnnd, f anula Co., Mitt,
Tk.lr trait aaaltft SltlMtm a4a.
auVoaaaHt a Hoe, irariu. Man-
Mrakla Dandelion, aioiiu UMiMaa.aj
flMWltmtfU.brwt.IM o mil
.Vk.fmM Blood Purina, trwr
u l or, uvt fjf. l iMtk tutttna.
tatai a1i aBaavaawMna,
a an ata anatMr ba MS wimm
I aaaawfttt an Ifcatr
trrfaalMNMA. artaar MM
ttrwmm tMlafiM. tMtatwta
IW antmataiarVuak),wltliMrt Intow
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and only on chanfra to'
Eastern Cities,
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Time Card, Jm Wih Wh
Invet Mcmphii. J:j i ki,t..uh ptl f .mf
Arrirt Nathvilla... 7:15 p.aa fa a.aV
r.antviii- 5:1s pjtt
" Iultfllle..,n:j5 p m.M i:l p. at1
' Cincinnati,. 3:5) a m...... Ixn f m'
For furilur Infurmatloa aa to rat, lant, aav
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Tick! Kgtny, IVrrhU,-1W
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O. I'. A, LoulatUI. Kf.
rarniplili &Tirieatoa I. kV
Kthadiila on anif afia May la tSfji, aV
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301 tht Slrtt Wait. Tnat,
TV I 'pa nn wl-lah Ittla papa la erlntad Is
Ihiui Ilia alwr I uu.mIi). .,
Iculiiiai.OMoBifcr Faciei Co.:
For Cairo, ixinHfllle t Cincinnati
inr Mtt'ir inrvinirnr
a .... 1 i.Aia. 1 iiri.i.r niitain,.,
CONS SI 1 1. 1, Kit YI.VrMIIXKI.r.,
Sleaincra of tint line leant Mcaipbit arary
TarMlay and t'rldij
at 5 o'clock p. m.,
Eundnysat IJ m.
For Cairo, Loulteilt and Clnrinnali, con
netting at Cincinnati with railroada
and tteamert for all
Eastern. Northern and Western
Tlirouch TloUola
tn all ptilnlt Cln'ciif", Toledn, flulftlo.
Kkhmoml, New York, Wathltiflion City,
f h'ladelphia and II o. tun. Koatrrn tourittt
will And lh I-a Ut ile ritrr route tafe, d
li(htful and cconomkal. Kata by (hi Una
rheaper ihar. any other flr.t clata rut.
Menu and ttaterotunt fro, Ihiicf'ig check,
til thrmiKh.
fatarnurr can rely oo a tplrmtid trl by
1 1 1 la. line, a III teamri ar all flrt clt,
having be prly btiilt for Ih accom
modation of patMnper. Each .learner tar
rkt a fall trip band.
r.rn. FrrlKht and TWUl A at.,
A. V. BTF.VEN.t, IWnrr A-rt,
No. 7 Moaro It, Maaqihi., Taaa
Nolle la hcrrhr si of Ih Iota of Or.
UfWate of (Una, lananl lo Raaa.il Joart,
ntimher in, titled iSih day of Urcamher,
lH(x for ten aharea In tha capital atock m
, Vl..l'tl It TW"t """" I Wl;, .
nr. I abm gir node that I ahull apply to
Ih Srt-rtia, t for a duplh at nf th uwt
6 li( t M.T.JONIi Admr.
lara Umphlt.....(i).-..-.,i'' f.at
Arrlv tiraiul Jnwtlow()......f. tm a.Bl
MlddlalOB....(j)..... t:('a a
" Coiinih.....(4)..... a. at
" l)tatur..M...( j) !
" ateventon. .(.)....., a a a.aa
Chatranoo(a..'.(lMM... imo f m
Clot oonaettiuo aaadw at t!ii'awrai,a
andaU Eaaiara aoi aaatMra tiaav' "
Bound Tai0 tioktjr
iprlnrt and rUaanra tfxtsttt
On aaJ a. kfam)dial 0a kdlowwif ladttoaaf
Imha SprtHfti, f jg
ItlilfV Sbrimrt mm
y jr ft atirnl 0 aaay
Mount Sprint,Mw.,.,.,!t j
lfttrihtbM, (tgt ictnMJ tt 00'
AoHhtU (iuft i-Wy,. ft vr
Warrtk Siring. (X. G)... ti gg
ielhm SJkur. it,gt jj J0
MoHtipnntj Mrr....rrcA.7J ftf
a A a1
Avrtri, m
mrf.mw , V. WM. l , fW
Thast Tlckmu will W (tU U tu
ton tattt tor, 1st ItZXf
rirongt Cart W Itaatl $Uzzy
tnf fr CmUt U tmCm T:
Clot onauMrUon al Droit " - '
Maahrill, Blount Sprtnaa, W.
Batiast CifalaJ Itr:;.:
Fo airlaar Mona'. 1 1 '
Aw tci. r
"Imleofndcr,,. 'jcartoUU
Yf"nm ir inaa k , ap,M. t.
aw,.' ,ifwHw, .

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