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The weekly Panola star. [volume] (Panola, Miss.) 1857-1881, July 09, 1881, Image 2

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fW f -5'"-
ii, i. iit)ij,i':,m:i((,
i ! i'
w.i 1 ht,
. Ml f '. I . I
Kill "
I . III. I,
f (I't.il , I lfrfl'i'4.
1 if-.'. I
M ' ,,. lit' ('.' (, I'M
i ll Oil i ; I ll I I ' i I
f i
(I l
i ,t.
4 -l
' '
II .., I,",
r' I I I
1 1
, , , i I 1 1. I 1
,, . J )i . I '! I .. 1 "
. ( , . I. . '.I ! -
, .Ml '"' " ' '" '
, , , - - 1,1 (
(1 M I'.. . 1 . ... .... V 1
' !'
irr ( i I'M I' ii 'i
j - I i i t i, ii
, f i.l mill, r I f t
. two, m-.mnt-
ll. A. iimmm:ii
H iff'il I I i , - .
tiirtiHiniff I'mii,
i c ' , (
. 1, '! f 'i ll l- !' I I'1 ' f
I, , I'd' .!,r , -f ,M I H I ,''
i ,1 I I f I' f I'r V"
. i 4 A I 1 1 ! f'.(i lit
JT -
'i i
. i
f r t!:
i !
k. ....( I,. I. Kill Id .... f.' id"
Tli'1 f f ' i -" " ,
mif,j'ii.(1 .f I'll !l I d . r
arc hIm fly 'i l" ' i' i f
A w n lli" (i ' ! '),. -mill
h i) (''. 'I ii m . '
vHr dul thf li'l'"i tti -.!, i
'rri(tcitl ( Hi" it. ! i f Vf I
lim'if A puMfi.u l , I', iii Vi
Iflgt'lfl, jltl A III! I l' ' I n' i
to lrfl( I'l ilft I i c ! I '4
llMfll hi T ift't "Ii"'" " ' " (' -i '
fiom h'-'icul, n'i'l 'I ,
Which W H III Hi' "! ( ,' ' . I i
The ilxlil fl'i'fH ft' i! r . i I " ',.
In jjo to pr f tin! l)i" ,.,' , ,f
iniani", hut, tin' i v. m 'U
wliitb lt hud hi 4 id.in . r .! i'' ii' i
nil his prci riling am", tm ". -
Hfll H ll' Hi ll fnnlii!i 'I H
lirtminnn if rtioh !? m t'
faif Uint ll.ifi' ri"t nfi'v
method in hi. mmltii i ." hut tint ' ' '
hi rntiul win suilliiit-nity ilcif te:'l'v
render him saiMiiit.iMi" tu (lie
fur hi terrible timliiu-u'uviMi- .ui
..." i
pi iMr.AjjTTMinn. iiu reMwn.iMe, i
thinking man, howm-r mm It l.v 1
may de pine Cvfiklin' ,ifnl Attliur,
will for a moment Mioe titlur nl
lliern to be guilty of py previmin
knowledge of, mmh Ie te nncc-
I l.
III I f '( f 1 1 1
I I ' I I l M M
. I.
i . It,-!.'
- 1 4 ' " "l
A i t . !
. ,! I . ,if II I
Hi V J
h, '.I . t I
I, 1 11 ( i','M .1
M .11 , i .,H I.
hi .i ! i! i
'''' t.'
i , !.. . ( f . -n '',r p .J !,
' ft- ii , (i1 t " . MiiM," f' I I lli'h"
j liv.lt 'I (I p.U' V )' fh M ll ill-
iixi' t if.. ( i' i I'lni" ti "It.ik'
' sin in '.'T. 'I In e!,!"l I-' Ii'. r A
i M j" nt n.iin i I ' liii l fi'.fi
' iiM.i'i' III" pl"p!r Hlttl'iilt intlllll-
in,; ) .ii k.-.'i(i nr i,k ' r ij . I l"ll v
''pi i'i(,-'' N."ii!i.
rt, tiial in tun., mid I!'.!' Til) nf
iVorandah Hold
(i. i f, ,!.( h .1.1 I-
( i iiii'vf
ir i I '.In
It 'j ' i Hi
ll I ...
. f - :
tf.it 'i.-tl
( in I., n
la .In. In. Hi,
Wl... V,
pt. T,W
, nk l..'it"
I ut
i r. i. e i i !
tli.il vi 1.1 Ii-.tr tl' the i;uiT ni.ii'ii.il
iprie! Tli.it C'n'!. T.it.ir i. ery
' P' pul. ir in ii' U!i-i'-li :n pur-
tii'll nt the .St .He, there h timti'itbt ;
and that lie i. 4 ijkkI, tnie and
r. ,lrt,tli. t. I . ...i.l ..... M
tion with, Uic defd, and ret evi rv i . ll' .
m .k. a in..kt I'ti-i ..'lit i ... ."-ii . .r
nunc wiil denv. Willi r Y.'.!!v
tlear-igrited, thinking man ill lc
hound to acknowledge tint it ;n
but the natural outgrowth (.fdrk
ling' impulsive roure, and the
fitnaticium of st;il iirt ni therrbv
engendered. That it nil! reu!t
Vihelher the I'roident lives or dies
it) the complete ruin and bank
ruptcy of ConkIing' I'reiidi nti.il
t !ipu-tion, tuerc cm be but little
doubt. Even he himself blinded
thongh he is by his vanity and
presumption, must ree this already, -p.n
. tlioucli he roav not have the rnan-
Il m. R. II. Tayh-r is not at nil
dii-turbid by tl.c ai.;"ii of b'
friends to m.ike hirn Covernor.
The Taj lor boom f.iitlv r.nder
way in Nor;h Mi.ssi.ippif and
gathering Jlren'th daily. It h
preadir g in every tliret-tif-n. and
is destined to play an important
ipart in the State Ci-nvcnt oa. Mr.
lor is ia th: tit Id. h's fri'.-n.'s
have put him there, anl we be
lieve he will be a strong t-r..!;-date.
It is wonderful the err.h-v-ism
his n.itne has a.VaVcr.c.!.
n.-ooUi3ven ledgvr.
Ccnvtrsation with the rnrr-b-r
of Kieciitivc Committee of
this county, which met- oa Mon-
. linew to ntknmvledge it even to
lis mwt intimate friend. And
, lliirigi Lave reached a terribly
alarming pa?s, when the life of fo
god and true a man as President
Garfield w as proving, (if he had
. a .... . -
h ucmi nutvu; liimM'ii io te,
it to be placed in jeopardy by the
ramu irouiings ot such a man as day last, and interviews
Roscoe Conkling, whose whole quit? a number of ether citiz-ns
tul could dance with a thousand of our county, w arrant us in s i v-
" others of similar dimensions, upon ing that the gentleman, whose
the point of a cambric needle w ith- name heads this ankle, ts the
out being crowded or jostled. "c choice of Tate county for CJov-
know not whom to trust, lite time ernor. Admitting the worth of ill
has come when those most un- other piran,, and beliex ing that
qualified.- confided in, have Mississippi will f.,re well ii" a
turned against those who trusted Governor shall bcthosen from the
them with a child-like faith. Uut list of the kr.own candidates lor
in this instance there was no Open this position, yet Capt. Taylor's
tlemcmstration of treason. The ability. Integrity and patriotic z.-al
assassm was an obscure French are so well known to this people
Canadian it is said but his mind as to make him their "preference
Was wrought up to the idea of as- over other highly esteemed com
aassinating the President, by the pet'tors. Tate County Record,
.course of Conkling, and all are of
the same political frtmilv.
. . irviinui. n un nirr nicnivrn
It is a terrible thing to con'.em-
plate, for though it has been long The records of the United States
proverb that 'Uncro.y lies the vcrninent show that dnrin;; its
head that wears a crow n" the cwiuence of 92 yean 211 U. S.
maAim has never been thought in Senators have resigned voluntari-
the very slightest degree applica- h' ''''' trusts committrd to
ble to the President of a republi- their keeping by the States of the
can Government like ours. Tho' t'nion. In all,' 17 Massncl.usetts
in anns at the time against the and 8 Pennsvlvania Senators re-
Oovernment, we did not excuse signed. The following ditin
or paliate the guilt of Wilkes guished statesmen resigned Scna
.Bootlie in the assassination of Mr. torships twice, each: Andrew
nor do we do so yet, but! Jackson, Daniel Webster, John
In the midst of the exciting scenes M. Clayton, John Korjvth, Jell'er
oftlint day there seemed to be son Davis, J.J.Crittenden, Georgi?
iomcthin'gto work a man up to the W. Campbell, Simon Cameron
ircnzyoi Dtlieving that he would and Hatnbal Hamlin. Most of
bt doing a patriotic deed to destroy these Senators resigned to accept
the head of the Government, and more lucrative and honorable
jhus bring the w ar to a close. It positions than those that they held.
4 wa an wrong, bitterly wrong, ns It was Mr. Jefferson who said of
k other .deeds are that people do un- office-holders that "f. w dip nnrl
- der tU Wliet that they are right, none resign," and the Sage ofMon-
but in the present instance, the ticellowas not far wrong in so say-
tountry w as at peace, and prosper- ing. As a general thing no man re-
Ing, and Tresident Garfield had so signs an ollicc unless w ith the
conducted himself, as to have expectation ot Idling a better and
'largely increased his popuWity higher one.
alnc his induction into the -
Presidential cluiir. And yet (it v t,. V c . . .
-'ii.r.ci i- . 3.: 1,11 Ripley Sentinel adv ses ts
till alive) be lies now the victim , , ,. . . .
.... I . . readers to have nothing to do w th
of abkKMiy osaaiwin, vho seems to ,u v. . ... r .. V
j t " i !.... 1,1 i, .. l,,,v Miwippi fiuiuai Ant Asscv
CIVIT . I'l VVIMIItllllU HUH..;.. "IS,:.. .
italwarfofthe Conkling and Ar- a"n f
......... , , Winolia. Wcchn thin Hem Irnm
imir vhahi 1 .
' I. m a l.n'T while p"J'i. 1
i i'n.ri ;!m anj oth- r luur.tv in the
J. W. Yotifihlinid if on the rd-
n.il t ill' of the ii kh.irg t. un-
nn 1 1 i.i!.
Mi CiiUKvel! . of Mv Comb City,
while rollel-.k.ltllig fell and broke
an arm.
The Rrpuhlicansof Attala coun
tv h ld a mass ineeting at Kisi i
usko t'-day.
Same of the machinery for the
prujec ted factory has arrived at
Water Valley.
The Hai kdale-l lumphries brig
ade will have a re-union at Jack
son en the 1 j'.h inst.
L.isl week, ne.sr Yazoo City,
Sohmjon Morton, colored, died in
tl.c tfX'lh year of bis age.
During the fig season the can
r.ci v at lVc.igoda expects to can
ico buht-ls cl figs a day.
The Wesson Mills have received
r.n ortr for $25,000 worth of
goods from an Atlanta hour-c.
The room of T. Givan at Meri
dian was lately entered and $170
;c!cn from his pants pockets.
During the months of July and
August the merchants of Colum
bus will close their stores at 6 130
p. m.
Madam Louis, a colored lectur
t-r from Hayti, has an appoint
ment at Crystal Springs next Mon
The Methodist parsonage at
Brookhaven was destroyed by fire
Iat week, with nearly all its contents.
Haskell, the evangelist, pitched
his gospel tent at Biloxi on the 5th
inst., and will continue there sev
eral days
The people of Columbus
use refined cotton seed oil for cu!
inary purposes in preference to
hog's lard.
Mr. C. E. Everitt has withdrawn
from the llandsboro Advertiser,
leaving Mr. C. M. LidJell editor
and proprietor.
In Summit a few nights since,
Dr. J. R. Sample's residence was
robbed of articles and money
amounting to $45.00.
Owing to a scarcity of labor
some of the best farms in Scott
county have been descried S7.d
the houses permitted to fall down.
While the Grand Lodge of the
Knights of Honor was in session
at Aberdeen the Knights contrib
uted $9j to the Js'atchci Orphan
At the late term of the circuit
court of Grenada county a judg.
nient for $1,000 was given against
tjie circuit clerk for issuing a mar
riagc license to a lady under iS
years of age.
While Miss Gill and Moses
Roscnbaum, of Meridian, were
playing with a pistol at "lovers
retreat," near thut place, the weap
on fired and serbusly wounded
the latter in the bowels.
Grenada and Mcmphli
; in. 11 H.iij. (mini 1.11 I ,H ,,1 Imliu-f.
.... . 11 I ... L
I, 1 , 1 . 1 ' i 1 lima mi ii.i"i ri".
.,f I'l- I'l ll .1 Mrll.ll lf.t '! Ii'"'"!
: ,, l (.- ii l.i'n I.iiS. (" ll '', i i'"'
1,1 I'l in n.t ." id- ( '" ' (''
... .Ill.n.l I'., nt Uik ll'il" t'irilm'
UU n 1 I "I I 'l MniLlif Hi H ft
H H III v !, i I. ik
fl, 1 l I"' l'if 'i.i'-l.. f
NOT nr..
Van i.l.'li lif n I I'll 'if lli l'.'i'"rlil'
i, i, k I I Iii V I Mid Iii II, No
ii. ili'. fill i.i'li, 1 Mr. 1, fur A tl.n- In
ii,, , ,,,i.i iih v n( Hip Miiiirii fnn-
1...., U.ni.iiii I ( 1 i nn . I sl.'i Ii Hi
Ii. th il I .IhiII f ii I '1 Hi" 'Ii' 11117 fuf
i ,i,i ui 1 nfir (( Hi .inn. (
11,, 1 11 nun i .i l. mini hi
K.J Mil. Ml, Dfi'if
I'd hiimI (inn, Mi., Jul; Bill, I J
(iiij . 11 -i.r i iiii"ii nii 'i. " rnr sfillilng lit iii illume lino nmi 111
that pnocr s
LATEST Nkw. Tlie latest In- The comnnnv ixsui..t . ..1:...
Idligen we have received before for $j,ftoo and guaranteed them
KuiUi(iw inai ia nviimiiit:. c selves, that not less !.!, . .
An ...1n-.l,. J t ,U.. l.. I ....... .. ''"
M.iuvi.iauu .iviii mi.-, iinn-isiiouiu dc pani uiHm everv ih-.iK
ivbiuvih i. ui viiiouic oenciicinry hnnied in the
danger, por indeed can he be con- policy. Mr. R. A. M.fv- i
.r iered ao, until the attending phy- brotlier of our circuit iterk, died
iguana giTti unrcscrvea assur- here a little more than a Vcar 10.A
irr. however, tven timid the opb. Iv.,rs. snr u hA. i
w ' - in - 1 uv iLiivim aar ( acii in m. . .
crJrrow.to know that there i. $50O in M, ,alifaclmn 0'f ffi 3l I. ff i 1 . .1 "1!?
"I cf,U,e ration of the ing assured ihatk is Si,orno7
"-f.fa. inA nr.ni ti ..." " "Otti-, ed by some assassin finmr sevci
There are nine scholarships In
the State Normal school at Nash
ville, Tenn., to be filled by Mis-
sissippl girls and boys. The places
are filled by competitive examina
tion. A few nights since, while W. N.
Walters, living near Forest, was
sitting on his gallery in the midst
d by some assassin firinir seven
Hi. 1 i"ii S 1 Ai :
I hae w ailed M-vi'liil weeks to
w iite fi'.'tn this pl.nr, thinking,
peihap", something would trans
pire that would iittcrot oui le.id-
r, but as it has not, I have con
cluded not to delay any longer.
We had the heaviest rain here
the jOlh, tilt., that we have had
since spring, which was very ac
ceptable, though we have not suf
fered liom a drouth this season.
The farmers say, as far as I have
heard, that the crops in this section
are in an excellent condition,
thought the cotton is smaller than
usual at this season of the year and
the corn prospect is not Haltering.
The comet that is visible soon
after sunset is creating some in
terest ; some think there arc two
as it is seen west of north in the
early part of the night and cat of
north in the latter part ; others that
il will fall into the sun and so in
tensify its heat by adding fuel to
it, that our world will be consumed
bv its flames, or will strike our
earth and destroy it.
Among the ancients comets were
supposed to be precursors of some
great misfortune such as famine and
pestilence j therefore, they were
regarded with superstitious terror.
The fear of a collision in more
modern times made them formida
ble objects ; the discovery of this
great rarity has dispelled that fear.
A collision would probably do lit
tle injury to a solid body like our
globe, however latal it might be
to the coinut, as its matter is vapor
or gas cxcecdinglysthin, so the
present writers or astronomers
teach. The eclipse of the moon
caused quite an excitement here
among the colored people. One-
old colored woman said, she sat
up all night, "saw her rise, and
she was red, and she was !on r.vA
a setting on a stool and looked
mighty chronicle." They thought
that the day after the eclipse was
to be the day of all days.
We had a very unexpected visi
tor in our village a day or two
since 5 he was not received with n
great deal ot honor, for as soon as
possible a crowd of hunters und a
goodly number of dogs pursued
him, as be was a lawless bear
walking on forbidden ground.
Their ttlbrts were all in vain, for
the bear outstripped hunters and
hounds, and they returned in the
evening, thinking what a pleasant
time they would have had if "it
might have been."
Blackberry hunting is raging
out here. We are preparing to
live sumptuously during the win
ter months on blackberry cordial,
jam and pies.
The young ladies and gentle
men arc spending some ot their
leisure hours playing croquet,
which assists in driving away some
of the dull, monotonous life of a
country village.
There were many pleasant faces
und sunny smiles at a social gath
ering at the home of the kind host
and hostess, Mr. J. A. Magce and
wife, last week. It is superfluous
to say that the time was pleasantly
spent, as that is a very common
occurrence for this place.
One of Eureka's young men is
experimenting this year in the
poultry line 1 he will not make it a
very profitable business, for the
first few months. 1 heard not long
since, that he has ONK very small
chicken. I wish him much suc
cess in his new enterprise.
Have you read Dr. Talmage's
sormon on the New Reviaton? As
far as I have heardf a great many
are of his opinion, although I
heard a sermon last Sunday in op
position to hi vkwa.
6 Rtrrit.
fntt' Ui nitnfi ul turn.
R T. & J. H. PAYNE, rroprieta
ulfi Iimi, A-Hf'" li W 1 Ant, Mr.
mmt mo Dtvtio m mm.
U f'lrunsj wh'ill? nt In trt from rtftlwr nt fit
tit Aitvlr fri lifwri'iftfn mt'l aiNj lHAififi
Ii (, l it , 4ilHMltt.M11 Nm IntiMi.tta- lljgfes
n rtitrunuv, vTit,iUiiK uhuuuiiiim.
ivvtrtfttnat W'tiKiii ti i.rth Hi wl i.r (si'vi-ll ,m I
tt'tiuttfis) uv in
.rth Hp. wl(f" nifrU i'4
fef il lit MiW kOllk.
311 Front Street, 3Icmphis, Tennessee.
.1. 31. Smith, Mnrtajrer.
220 Main Dtrcct, Mcraphu, TcLn. Qr
121 Markham Street, Llttlo Rock, Ark'
M ulilrnl sml hiimI INni a,.u, . J
OHOANH m.it timHAI, vT.
i 11,. k . ... 1. 11. 1 . . ' 1
m 11., r'iiinr-t, lir llfl. fl
pills, Slut hs imflill, nih,l '
l.lllle M.Hk ll'lMl.lnlwb.r
"i tin Kmisii," n,'
"Hit IN WAY," KSt.'
111.4 IKH.I.KKDKI"! Hit '
"MA HON k IIAMI.IS," mil "it.
simI-NKW MtUxir J
xz. o. itoiiix:::-
Miilii.Stri't t, Mismpliln.'Tunn., Cluy building, tieur
IMiii khiim Mreft, Lilltie Kock, ArKitnsus. July yt,
who cun b found st
TStr Bctllon tine's Sto
bnrilit, Miti., und liui a large vi icty of Uciigni of
Monuments, Headstones, El'
Cull and tee him, lie will sliow liow you cn buy marble work tbalwB J
FlnMlcdln tho Best Style and Of the Best ITUIIU'
Btarjr Rlcr
Good Assortment of Styles. Oan fill Orders at Onco stfe
Julr J. 1SJ1.
.William Siix II. Elicmnu Jonttban Kim.. ...D.lV
will be sent 11 months for$l, 5 copies 14
months for $5. The Best Family Weekly
in the United States. Send for a sample
copy and form a club.
Address THE WEEKLY GLOBE. Boston. Mass
Dry-Goods, Notions and
Corner St. Charles and Fifth Street, St, Lu
Offlre IK al IS WMto Street lew York.
Having fotnul Hint llir heavy huninrst f the St. I.oui liouw dcnind4 !!
we liav comeiitrnteit tl.i-re. and .li.i'.l uUvuv l ivltaM.il lu nrve utir old l'm J
iniert III (lie SoiUhweit. 17-n-tilllvbl KH.t, siiaii
I in
1 11
No. 300 Front streot. Memphis, Tenn.
A'o. 24 South Main Street, St Louis, Mo.
JuW 9, i8ft.jan.il
Cash and Sliort-Timo Buyers
I -mm- , .
To their uncquslcJ slock of SPRING DRY GOODS. SUa McmHU89
Notions, and Geuts' Furnisliing Goods. We show the Largcit and
most varied stock in tho South. Prices guaraateed. Orders eaxtful.
' niIoJ aar 28tJ 18SA.
, m . - -
(tri 19, iB8i.)
m Mils mmRmmvtk
Never before have we been so much complimented
as this season on the success of our buying, and the
very complete stock kept In all department. The
goods are handsomer than ever, and yet the prices
are so low
We are now exhibiting Pari and New York Silk
Costumes, StulTSuils, Lovely Mull Suits, Satin do
Lvon and Mervellcux Wrniw, Cashmere, Camels
1 fair and Cord tie Lyon Wraps, Paranoia, Sun
Umbrellas, Roman St Iped Surrahs, Mervcllmx,
Ombre (shaded) Surrahs, etc., together with Plain
Surrahs foi Costumes. I landsomer Dlack Gren
adines than ever heretofore were seen on tlict bluffs
Velvet Grenadines, Lace Striped, Satin Striped,
Plaid and Procadcd Grenadines in exatilsite do.
signs, pure Silks, all at very reasonable prices.
New Silk Lisle and Cotton Hosiery,
Richer ana rrcttltrUaa Ertr, last Opeattf.
11. Lowcnstciii & Brothers,
Mila SI. Cornet of Jefferson, Memphis, Teia,
in ii1
Km.kT Cuttos r.J
A. s. t.ivrnvino v p.:j..i
J. It. WESTBAY, frm4
ll a tatitm
UIO. W. WAlS-'lUGHT,rrW'
1 1
lOO to 17- A.dMMi
Memphis, Tenn. j
tron anj Draw CMlingi, Slwftinf tn4 h ,Mft
rnu, KeyavU t Colte. Prcu, dm 6"
tng Work, Bran Good. Pip. ni Hp r
tings. General Repair and ttmj-
thing Pertaining U lh
Foundry end Machini Shop
R. L. CQCHRiffl G S
Doors, Sash, Blinds,
Alul uJir r rHn u.
rra.1114, gM i'4"
OftV ami vanl . t'n.n aad Third Um 4 Ptn,g MM Kt 1
MKlVItH, .. r. . gyf
J buckshot into his body.

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