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The weekly Panola star. [volume] (Panola, Miss.) 1857-1881, July 16, 1881, Image 1

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4 asja-.. 1
1 -T-TFJ -
i;ht im.ih ii i; tt i Mr,,,
WAiiDw, nmih county, Mfsf.ir.airn, aatuiuiay, jiii.y h, mi,
91 Vi r-t lur
HUMS xxv,
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..Mtf MtK MIL"
I'.e-f' '"T"'' I'"''
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U mil""
in It" '"'' ''
Mfn,iiH '"" I"1'1'
!M(,,i hid led
Miil kgh iellini ft'""' (" ".
.ilii iitelri maiire
Ml"' tltn' """"1""'" I'
I I. ....... f., l ill lilt llllll.
jfnliifiH fiirtei n " i
.riwlil watera iiiomiiaoi ,
sad Ihi worrited Sierrn ire.t;
the billon ing prairie nf III Welt,
II th Scmllilml'4 lunnr pliec
knM ill old IiIkIi hearted ri ,
an P"!"" hniiui, In nlrmlor tlrvtl,
tliftl inc ttreailiul floor
Lrir'tftlie nation' coliimni tnnd,
tod baud in I'ceedom't deep content,
l.wtll. on hijjh Hit pr.vei'l brrint,
Cod uit the President !
. . j ,
it no 111:1 ni ioi u an v,r,
Lnwmttinu with people' will
PoiKncd fount of tmi',mele ill
ittrrn th wild nssanin war,
ttitt i!h "r, iini'.iv lend,
Lt fell tlit dv-pot'i iron K'v.vl,
Then turn for i riin ;
hcrr within hr ihorn Uuind
:h frcrdom take licr opt!i ncul,
: deep within kr lrt i fo'uul
MjrwroiH puUeof brotherhood,
Lit throbbing in nn hour ublimc
nllthroiii,'li tl roused iinti:imt,
iifttoittn'i heart to frccnirii bent .
all U' freenirn'i nnblrt mood,
Cod u the rrcliU-iit !"
o thnih the honored head lmil (M
in patriot Imrtt Mich stem deerer
ipiitrd nearer he.irU llian t)iee)
t'i let Fn,ilin' proudent (tutu
id equal Uw Hut reign for nil
urdfrfr'j tteel be coniecr.ite ;
id let the jword of Fnetion rut,
'jrrower row old discontent,
broidir human nentimcnt,
wle o'er t filien leader' diut
MOTrts lU-urrn lill i cnt
Goduxtht ('resident I"
Miliili,.Bltli. (.ImtH ofdlarrr-
iu ( iiiuitf.
fH, Ml'iMI NI (t,
f r mii f Hint f,
t'unrt l'm.,.rd I,, Hi ftf !,
Mr. 'I'llll, II Hk I (I ),,,( ,
tli'Miiflil (" !!, :in..ii,;t;,,, (,f ii,,.
it ti.itii.n.il
I tiiiii rrf 4 f r In
IN l(,
; I t !i
if In' l,,i
,i i ii I' i'i
l'ii!rnl i ''I'
l ik i ji.irt
,1'C I Mill it..
I'llll It tl.lliMU V tl t N'lll
("iltil ill linv," In' nti'i.M r.-.l, "i'ur 'I'i 1 1 (!;,, ,i N' v II n an
"i UK Ami'iii.in uHli,iii.,n ,,, " i , ilu- p,i! imi ,1 iV, I, ft , w
Mir uli'iti nf 1 1('( iiw ( iiimiii'i'i'iniil " 11 ' n 1 , s t ' I iiic , i, t .in,it
Jf'iWTlilnelil tiitili'.t iill'ihl ,i- (tv."( '. Mm, Ol; llfimi,,
'I fill ri'i tirri'ticc i.f ittt,iiiit (n 'wti'i f m.iiim H il iv or tun, Mm,
limner tlii in!iiiini ;ii ,iimii of y- I" S.uon w,-nt I (, .,!,.,, , ,i,
criiiiii iit mill (I,,. pi.ii oi,,ii(,f Ifidl. 'In' otlii'r In Nnv k . While
vhlmil poliliial Jiort rr by Ihi- in t n lln' putty wi n in (I,,. ,, ,,(
tin HMimsin, (luii'l ini'iifi tn ;iy "1"r"il,r Mm. I.li ihrlli A, Mmi-
lllill t'lir 5'I,(KK,(KK pl.'lijllr mi,
IK 11 'I , I . r .
' I' tl,.- I'i,, 1 1 1, l-i,! I'i
I nl 1 1 i', i i i I, k , ( ,
nl 'I'... (.,' i, I I
i, l j I I , ' I in', i. I n, I
il" li"! Ii , 1-,'iii,' Mi , 1 1 i it hi, i
I 'M . Il W'.'il I h.if l,.'i n ii K'mI
ih .il I,. '!rr ..r huii nii'l Ilu' S..iilh
if it Ii id in rt hi ' ii w i ii'i-n, M,,t
I'l till' 'l l' I r III . ( illhlf y tl'lJII'l
th.it il i s i r w,i w i I'li-ti. I In- j
tl ill It i ', the hulk of thr ('i n 'lr of
tin Si nth pili, I I n I 1 ,!hi' ih.tll
intiniif him, 'I hi' tii'iihlt1 with !
I .i it w.n iitul in tli.il In' h,n nn I
In- ,-",i!li,
'I I,, i ij lit
I'i i it ' ,i ilu
I C'lrT.I'lS U,
k I'i in
t! ll tl' , M
nl t ii
illmiil ii "
li , Hlih.it
) hi-
1 1'1 lli.il ilu ir 1,1 th in kii" h'il'i
itll I'M" III HMIf'.rt , Cllll,',
hull' I nllllllilliitir III, IV hf III
,ltil' Hi U i ill illihv lihi iU III II
op MillttT.
'I'hr I hililll lii Il I M'Mi 111 must
jM .Wfiitlu r of Mi iMi'lii, 'J'ftift . .
any whv, lit- tniKlf ri':iii.tnihln fiir!ittt'li il I'V two )oim mi'ti who i tnlii il kIim n huown iiiipottiiin i fr ,),,,, ,, , ),.,,
inc rriino in ii mingle iiiti-iT ot pupon-n tn in- au- tlu-olcu'iil j i " 'tn" aiiitny, imii no rifiv, JM.nl,,,,!,. Sv,-ft liii
tlutt vimt ittfUt'i'tfitti'. Of tiitirm'tl"liil',fil, iitul who mtcd in the 1 ""'I ban tint llu li,'liti ,-,t i.tputity
tnitcliril a cotiplt! of larm
l-wtna wagon, lilk-tl it with
isiDtw, tent and blankets, and
-It out fur t'tc mountains, trav
Slrotn 1'ificL-n to ttwntv miles
I in T"he tirst place we rcach-
nnnnrtance was the lnV tri es
Mlavcras cotintv. I must sul-
iBat they Maio'ered my ini-
KUUunand exceeded every
;mUie vegetable L'rowth that
M8cr bclnre seen.
ilhtstumpofoneoftliene trees
room thirt'-threc feet across
Nit, ami it requires a ladder of
ttn ep '0 ascend to the top
kg.on which was built a
It has iH-en burnt
t the body of the old, char
monarch ol the forest still re
Tliink of it a hollow log,
hich one can ride on
nnc hundred feet and
ut through a knot hole!
"tiresome ntnetv of these
pniMsunng from fifty to one
- ktt in circumference, and
op to the skies from 300
150 feet.
re the remnant of .1 mist
'w one time was more rnm-
but are now ronfinnrt in
""Wn croves scnttired from
sMri2i river rran.l old
r that navc withstood the
m thousands'of w inters.and
Jspbg, when Moses was a
found in the bulrushes
What H historv rnuhl
EZJ?1 What a monument of'
L. , nouRh t0 Iinie the
7 w proud nn. i. u..:i.t
, "t Pmml.t. Tt..
inaiiftej,hcirhcads high.
7ner. while the proud
ana Rome have pa
. Ftaclicd repentance to the
'i0nrrp fu ... . -
..... tumn wncn
Jon ancestors run
uch acts may lntppi'ii In any conn
try, or any age, but tin- conse
quences are none the Irm calcula
ted to fill with dismay and (lisns.
the whole community, mid lo weak
en the confidence in a system like
our own, where they are less ex
cusable than anvwhere else in the
"What effect do you think the
attempt will have?"
At present we tire all filled not
only with concern for the public
effects of Mich a crime, but with
sympathy for the distinguished vic
tim, his family, and his immediate
friends. It is too early to moralize
upon the .subject, but two things
are so obvious that they cannot es
cape consideration even now. The
first is the great peril that attends
the enormous and increasing power
of the chief executive tnai.-tracv.
It addresses temptation too strong
for public safety to the interests
and passions of millions of persons.'
Do you refer to the civil ser
vice r
"Partly only more particularly
this : The putting up periodically
;it the end of every four years tf
the vast power of the government
of fifty millions of people, the en
ormous expenditures that it invol
ves, and the redistribution of the
one hundred thour-nnd oflice.t at a
raflle, in' which the whole people
actively participate, must be fruit
ful of evils yet unseen. Civil com
motions, fraud, and violence are
the natural results."
"What h the second considera
tion to which you referred?"
"The secon I one, perhaps,
grows out of the first. It is the
unbounded licentiousness that
characteiies our party competi
tions' and political dissensions, the
assassination of private character j
and the unscrupulous methods re
sorted to to influence the public
judgment. All good men of all par
ties ought to do their utmost to limit
and restrain this mischief. The
undue stimulus to mad passions
arms the hand of an eccentric in
dividual, w ho assumes to him.self to
work out results, perhaps under
the insane ambition of the noto
riety of infamv. Rut I turn from
the subject with a feeling that now,
hen every public sensibility and
every private sympathy is deeply
wounded. I am not equal to draw
ing the lessons w hich the deplor
able event suggests to our people.
Let us hope tlut President Gar
field's recovery will reduce to a
minimum the public evil of his as-
assination, while it will remove the
wciirht of the private bereavement
which fills us all with concern and
lor managing men. I have imt 11
thing ngHin.it him except his follies,
lie wauled my photom.iph In put
in his hook, but 1 aKctiti.it In give
most astonishing manner. One of
them even knelt down beside Mrs.
Meiriwfalher mill began praying
lor the conversion of her soul. The
lady, us soon as he could tind it. ' didn't want my picture to go
words to express her atnaxnmcnl ' d"wn to posterity in any srmh coin-
anl indignation at being thus made I pit'ty-. They say he has one in
the subject of the attention of the j '1"' engraving showing hi origi
crowd in the depot, advised the "id cabinet whit h makes me look
young man to get up oil" his knees j miotit nineteen yeuis old.
and to desibt from his nravers. "Were you present when Mr.
I., -
I 1 , Ml . , ,
iivervooiiy win iiutiK you an
nulling love to me," she said.
"I do love you." he replied,
just as Jesus loves vou and every
one else, and I want to save your , ' n,'vrr spoke to him alter
Davis held bis last cabinet consul
tation hie in our beautiful town ?"
The only amaranthine (l,wet on
earth is virtue j the only laMing
tieasuie, liiilh. Cow per.
l'l ie sheep an, I prize piieins are
only good, the loinier Iu make
candles, the latter In liejit them.
To 1,11 h Ilia Midi 1 me;, , .-ill 411- iitfii
C'litldeniiti'd ulikt lo gmnii ,
'I lip tr n..-r .,r ni.hci p.im,
Thr null, tine, fwi h: ..ah.
n. 11
I f. Mil
A T I. , V
m m
TAY 1,011 cV
TT 11 U V I ', V H
Mil 11 n, mm
,'.l ;'"r
AfT'iim Anv Hni.teirr ft,
K,irrii, Mississippi,
ll',in,-. i llie , ItitM, r, 1 ,,,! j , ,r, t,,llv
,-!! ii, ,1 . 1, ill ,111 , ill tri t f iirnht,l ,iti-n
j linn In rr,i nlh, til,
l i ill I. Ciuipe,
Chiinnevs are not swept until
the fire is out. When the passions ' Uilsrantoctl
r.vnnuN mo?h:t.s,
Hats, Caps, Flowers,
rr.ATin its, itutiioNs,
III Every Inslnnre.
"No sir 5 I did not even invite jure extinguished man purifies his
Mr. Davis to my house when here. ; heart.
soul." 1 the service. Hivckinrid''i
"I don't think it is hue," was 'Reagan of his cabinet were my
Mrs. Merriwealher's response, : guests during their stay in W.ish
"but dyspepsia." ; ington. Davis stayed at a Mr.
This rather cooled the young Rohinsuu's. I tillered to send my
man's ardor and he got up. j carriage fur his use and do any
It is said that the two young men ' other act of kindness, I could, bui
followed the party down from j I could not receive him at my
Hartford, and have been most as- j house. When the thing had linal-
sidunus and annoying in their at-, Iv burst I told Ureckinridire and
tentions. During the conversa
tion between them and the ladies
at the depot, during which they
expressed much anxiety regarding
the safely of the ladies in another
world, one ol them asked what de
nomination Mrs. Merriweather be
longed to. When told she was a
Congregationalism he said he was
glad, because, t'niversalists, Unita
rians and Catholics went to hell.
Reagan to say to Mr. Davis that
I would gel him out of the country
w ithout any trouble, and any mem
ber of his cabinet w ho desired to
go. I said it would take only five
days to reach the Florida coast,
1 ...i 1 1 1 1 ..........I il
tint, 1 ,,.,,11.1 uu,v tl H',,.ri llli.ll. 1,1
some foreign con try. I do not
know whether they ever told him
or not, but I did assist all tlu
members except Mr. Reagan, who
Ollicer Tom Kennedy says this is ' decided to stay with Mr. Davis
the first prayer ever made in the j and Mr. lienjamin, who left the
new depot.
Hamuli Fulurnrre in lhi Water.
Men and animals are able to sin
tain themselves for a longdistance
in the water, and would do so
much oltener weie they not inca
pacitated, in regard to the former
at least, by their terror, as well as
complete ignorance of their real
party some tw enty miles before
they reached this point. Jt was a
sorry party, indeed, but what else
could you expect?"
A H 'Mtlfiil Inrl.li ot.
On board the ill-fated steamer
Seawanhaku was one of the Fisk
dingers. Hefore leaving the burn
ing steamer and committing him-
power. Webb's wond jrful endur- self to the merciless waves, he
M Won,!. J! ..j.t
. I'ainica tneir
I yJL t ..
-s 7 inUli". From the
WTd-no Uie annua
. - UVse in.-. .! 1...
'W ' v.irnce 11 as
'll"lbodic frm.cl.
nd I, Covrrcd ev" 'Ji
"f'eXuliHiltcs of Ihi.
SJ djV- It appears
otxa-ninrr, '
Sod for Dam.
ance will never be forgotten. Hut
there are other instances only less
remarkable. Some years since,
the second mate of a ship fell over-,
board w hile in the act of hoisting a
sail. It was blow ing fresh j the time
was night, and the place some miles
out in the stormy German ocean.
The hardy fellow, nevertheless,
managed to gain the English
coast. Isrock, with a dozen other
pilots, was plying fur fares by
Yarmouth j and, as the main-sheet
was belayed, a sudden pull' of
wind upset the boat, when present
ly all perished except Hrock him
self, who, from 4 in the afternoon
of an October evening to t next
morning, swim thirteen miles be
fore he was able to hail a vessel at
anchor in the oiling. Animals
themselves arc capable of swim
ming immense distances, although
unable to rest by the way. A dog
recently swam thirty miles in
America in order to rejoin his mas
ter. A mule and a dog washed
overboard during a gale in the llay
of Hiscay have been k no w n to make
their w ay to k-ore. A dog swam
ashore with a letter in his mouth
Old Ji;,' u liul 11 Idrti.t f wind to ni.-rt,
And il . .in,, u.h- to iiif he iliouhl rem,
I'd liu'l, the d-ior .1-. he rjiinfinp thrtlieet,
And en-: Mml honoird -.ir, I'm not al home'
Truth only smells sweet forever,
ami illiiM'iiis, however innocent,
are deadly as the cankerworm.
Alt eoinm-in l!iin;;, en, h div't rvent,
That with the hour hi-iw anil t-nf,
Oui plriauirt and n n- discontent,
Ate round, by w hicb , mav .iirrnd.
II. W. I.uii.lcllow.
True bravery is shown by per
forming without witness what one
might be capable of doing before
nil the world. Rochefoucauld.
Spendthrift :
The fruit' not mine, ron understand,
(iod hoH'd 117 'lin in I i n hold
But tittle wairr in my Imnd,
And not mii, h gold,
T. B. Aldrlch.
Men are guided less by con
science than by glory ; and yet
the shortest way to glory is lo be
guided by conscience. Henry
A person who is ton nice an ob
server of the business of the crowd,
like one who is too curious in ob
serving the labor of bees, will often
be stung by curiosity. Pope.
'.'li!) Main Street.
OpJHtlllC CtHltt SilllfllP, "(''') ,1"'
til'MLR IN
Stnplo and Fancy Gro
ceries, Cigars, Tobac
co and Fino Con
fectioneries. Fresh Fish a Specialty.
IVb. uth, iSSi.
iiliUluwt for tv Invmillmit, or lMimrtinnla In M
ftu. (', Itifrliitfiiietti, IrwlMiirki anil all
fxitpQl tmaittw (irBiily iiicniMtn,
I iit i iuti tlmi h tmrtt lf'ir my tMtl, la
niiwl iisti, t (Mint)' it r " Iiiil nNili ibr I,'.
H I'tl'-itl itvi, nil ttitfKrl In Mlrnt hilnn
I'luiltflr, ! mm" 'tit nl In IrM I hut Ilia it
Itiai vim r ii'BMiln lrni tiliirftni.
W tin nvrntMit) itn imli ui 'ki'lih, mtf nmVt
vr h In th I'alriM tMi, ruI ! t In It ihH
Miit,illiy lrtl t Urn Jtrii''tii utinilcM-
tt; Ita rrnanlinlil-1 Bin! no rimfifn mulf Utrttl
uhUiui-J. Wi rtt-r lr tMniUl..y tn tli til hi
Wlir BliH to llit Hrrii(riMi'iil of lb ol nlbt-
ni'.'tr orlrr lil(i,n In Wjfhlnf tn. lur mi
rt-frrrnt. rlrrutaii. r, li-rtii, Ar . idiJi -
Opitmllf Vnnl Wirt, WMlimcton, Ii. V.
No-13 Mm SI.KEHrniS TEHM.
Bateiiville, MlnnitiHlppl.
1 fl I.I. pi.n lli r III llir tnilinii loin ii l
y Ihr ili-liiil Win nil, in I, wh.-nili.lr
ed, thr ditleieiil lustier' eoiirl itl the roun
I v. Spei l;il attriillim (jlien In Ihr i nlle.-limi
ol , Isilllv kl, li St
Dr. J. D. WHITE, "
Olllir J. M.iin St ,
Memphis, Tennessee.
Sie, i.il all, ntii.n paid to Die lie.itiiient ol
i htiinie doi-iise, r Isltila, rih , sti-utui.-,
I Iri nia. (rnptiire) S. xilnlu in nil its I, mils.
Itrr, W T "iill-il. A y Minor ami J t.
rrllii, .-.jell,. Ileii. It. Muni Mli'l M .1.
e..,. pi v,
Moian Adams,
-. ....
I I Mil TAIIf,!! i
Mt, nMffH t',rffl
I M.r. Mr,..,l ,, . ,. I y f M
' ' ! t tr, .,
' "ti'-li , it pm
j' li,ir.in ii pm
I'i" '-ni'lund,,.. , j f frl
' ni'" . , tl f an
ni.es l (,lr, In , , 1 ii . m
l,ua Mf,nihia , I il nt
I'.. t' mi", ( an m
Alfllraal Siol,,,,,,,,,, a J
M 4 It. fin I, 'I HOKTll,
I Crrna.lit, I t ni
I'm I'npe , fl nS
(',n,U, ,,.,.,., f, .) tii
l'i ll.ili-'.llli .. I, if ni
I'asa Ha, ,11,, ,,,,,, , f, in H
I mmi. , ,,,,,, I (i m
nliit, at Memplila inm a u
iiAHliii :eriiMOnATlN,
t.Mvri S.uli. A n ni
Cat (.'mini ,., 6 ail I m
Airlvr il MnnpliK. , y'lj a m
M. Ul'nfvE, SlTKBlKTIINtiWlT.
A. J. KNAIT. Pah Ant.
H ue lliii dav niH:i:iti-d llietnailsr to-(i-tlicr
fur ilic pnrposi'iif poietiiinK
Culls lo llic country solicited.
)i'L p.TvkXveu,
Practical Snrp. ani Otctriciao.
fprat HUiillvn glvi'i In f I of
Cmirtland, Pamil Co., Ml.
ii I iiil,)..,ni J IJ
'")' jJUj
J II. 'rii(hl.
Kecptalo Lonisyille.
Kcmpbii to Cincinnati.
Lo nisTillc, Neville. CM! laaooia
nd only one cIuiik to
All kinds of burns including
calds and sunburns arc almost mv
mediately relieved by the apphca.
- . . .. .
tion cf a solution or soda to me
burnt surface. It must be rcmem-
t 1 L.ft .I... m,iA- W itl not do
- ..... , .i. .1 iIia t nno nf I Hiad Ilnni. I he
unless it is surrounded w.m n.- . -
moist eaough to dissolve it. The , j H pcrisied, which they
method of uprinkling it on and nccj nol )avc one iaj t,ey ny
,ering it with a wet cloth is oi--ventured to tread water as tiio tiOjf
. .i.- k., tt.it it is nuflkientto : did. As a ship was laboring heav-
" , . MtpMv i:h a ' ily 1" trough of ,h il wa
wash the wound repeatedly w uh . .n Q ig,tcn
strong solution. wol,lu De we" the vessel, to throw some troop-
to kcert a bottle of it aimays on, , overboard, which had been
hand, made o strong that more or. taken in at Corunna. The por
. i. .1.. i ihi tl in intra, mv lniiii iiiaiiiat m bviii-v -
as this it formed when the tiry sous , (wam fwf mj!cs aftpf ,))C v.
il sprinkled on and covered witn a sc popular Science Monthly
wet cloth. It i thought Dy son.c
that the pain of a burn b caused
by the hardening of the albumen
of the flesh, hich presses on the
nerves, ana u.ai w " "
carefully fastened upon himself
and wife, life preset vers. Some
one cruelly dragged away that of
the wife, leaving her without hope
except as she could cling to her
husband. TJiis she did, placing
her hand firmly on his shoulders
and resting thereuntil her strength
becoming exhausted, she said, "I
can hold on no longer." "Try a
little longer," w as the response of
the wearied and agonized husband.
"Let us ling 'Rock of Ages.'"
And as the sweet strains floated
over those troubled waters, reach
ing the ears of the sinking and dy
ing, little did they know, those
sweet singe rs of Israel, whom they
Hut lo ! as they sang, one nfttsr
another of the exhausted ones
were seen raising their heads
above the. overwhelming waves,
joining with a last effort in this
sweet, and dying, pleading prayer :
Re k of Afi cleft for me.
Let me hide no !f in Thee.
With the song seemed to come
strength ; another and yet another
wus encouraged to renewed effort.
Soon in the distance boat was
seen approaching. Could they
hold out a little longer? Singing
still, they tried, and soon with mi
perhuman strength laid hold of the
life-boat, upon which they were
borne in safety to land. This is
no fiction ; it was related by the
singer himself, who said he "be
lieved Toptady'g iwcet 'Rock of
.Ages' saved many another bcsidci
himself and wife."
CC In f tnir,'F B( tt'iln. S.mpt tmlfc f Sir,.
J ID iltj.l l,-.nti, 1.,.,1'nrlUort, Malm
He who is great in his ow n esti
mation, is like a man standing on
a mountain ; all men seem little to
him front above, and he, heaven
knows, looks little from below.
If you can find no peer to travel
with, then w alk cheerfully on alone,
your goal beyond, the world be
hind ; better alone with your own
heart than with a crowd of babblers
One man's "down" may be an
other man's "up," and if truth lies
at the bottom of a w ell, as the old
proverb says it does, the truth lov
er will go w here truth is, if it takes
him to the infernal regions. Mark
The most powerful being on
earth is man ; the most beautiful is
woman. The gracrs unite in her ;
in him the forces. He loves her
as an embodiment of all the vir
tues ; she worships him as the in
carnation of omnipotence.
If we engage in a large acquain
tance and various familiarities,
we set open our gates to the inva
ders of most of our time ( we ex
pose our life to a quotidian ague of
frigid impertinence which would
make a wise man tremble to think
of. Cowley,
Ui V tn iL
TO t
' At J.YsV
U BMfiUl 9w4s!.
Nn nalalial hospital needed for
Hop Bitten patients, nor large sal-
the Jii,.imrn nn i i t . u,nnr uul do or cute, as
tire. Others think that the J'ftIlleI, th,ir own story by their
generates an acrid acid, liiuthLff!1;n md absolute cures at home,
end neutralixcs. '-New York Independent.
I lolly Springs Mississippi has a
rooster that is said lay s egg, He
Is said to bo an amiable "cuss
.... ..
ana nu tenderness ol heart tins led
him to this new departure In order
to relieve the hen during the
"heatPtl term." We commend
tiiis cluvairou example to th
great fraternity ol roosters the
world over. CofTeeville Time
iMwlMtnil Mn!UtF, la all klmlaof
French Millinery, Human Hair,
Fancy Ooods, Ladies Hair
Dresser. Nouclties al
ways on Hand,
U limit!' TM
iat MatUrl llMMMMM I "Itl
1 n 9ml
TomosK tuvuiii
I Bill
lUr. lure" Jr Djlif .
Rev. John Jasper, the negro
preacher made famous by his ser
mon arguing that the sun and not
the earth moves, is dying at Rich
mond. He ha had the largest
congregation of any preacher in
tho South and one of the largest
in the United States. It has num
bered about 4000. He ha re
peated his sermon on the rotation
of the sun loo times. He ii mod
est and quiet and has great influ
ence with the members of his con-Kregnion.
Having rrnml the Mrvite of Mr. II. A
Adam, nf Memplii. who h did twrnlT
trarartnrrirns-r n adiuster and rep"''
er of all Vinit o( Vuln- ma. nine I am
pre parrel lit ftei.air. Adjust and Rebuild
nt ana all kind 01 nesting mar wir. n 1.
work lit aAf m ox 1 Tl.tl.
srRCfAL-t wish U trade It fc-.lng
larhina for Ileef tiltlf snd Mirep,
Nil It tour lime.
fr.4tr w.T.DVkt.
Tin thirty sernrul Jrar heylM Aiisfial
tut. A more hmtthr loralion cannot he
fmind' The Collrirs- sra never In more
pro per ou eMtdiln. A full faeulte nf
lliormilh Ir tiers, aplemiil huiMinf. anil
anH a complew mttflt for all department,
llh-rart. aiuslr; lanesviT M' Offrra
th hihetadsantirra. A oVIiithtful I lowe
ftir misllt, Prlrtsa rrd'mrd It ull th
time, tttwrlal lfs,lurmmla nffcnatl. Tot
Term anal New CaUktua, addresM
Hat. A. U. Jusaa A. M. fiat
Jn! l-jm-
linitisin tMtsJ eeall
W lra. 144 w at. Haunt a 1. rsH He
Time Card, June 19th, 1881.
Tklrartaa4 leal BraklM eree Betla.
a.olmMsMI Mopa, tuosi, Man-f
m Oana-llon, ni.i-.
mir Blooel Furlflar, Lttstr
.ana r,r-awl liMiia KisSinaa
s nlV ptMUt toa atM yt nt
Ulto, ar w-VsWisvlal aaa perm an taau
" aanMiMssasaM
Ikf rlrttreUVialrltrlilUittiuaUtni
taanvkwa ira.lt. impaa
If rt Ik tAi.t,tV art"M tv.a. m f-
,.m.a AmlWlklosua airfauaaii
nam Miunni.si'uat.,rniasrt IMoa-
Ian WM IkasWaa. ot .lls ""T ml
im is'is,iiooui t- ' " r
.ml. IhI mtl m utonU.
II af loar lllo.ll kal
aoo-mkaMioraaiarr r
Uora. fc-t. IM M aa,
marot oaa ana anrt ta
itMMkf tVMtriMB. tmt law r
Maliaj4aa ssMeto I IM nTOIM
w4 HI1 m4 im pmmm r Urn";
O.I.O. to m miHt m4 lrrsatiMa
awrsMieaj. Urfl f rasayana art
fgy tlrrailsiiS V9 PtltMS
mmm no
1 travel Memphii...
Arrire ashville...
J if a m to to p nt
7:1 p.m.nM 9:09
5 m fm
l.omavilie...lt:t p.m.... t:l( p
Cincinnati,. 3:55 a.m .' B.uo pm
Fur further Infuriualion at to re tea, time, ee.'
. JA8. Sl'EBn,-
1 kket A(ent, Mefnphlt.Tann.
cir C. P. ATNIOKE,
C. P. A.. LoulavlUa, K.
The MrmphU it Charlcffton t lit
ISrliestulf on and after May tat l9j4 aa
I la Meinphit .(i)-..... 11 p m
I Arrive Grand Janetioatt ). ......... 1mm l a
Mldillaton -'J)...... I ja a
Corinth .,. ...(4)... taw in
Decatur .....-(t) lc t.aa
Sievciiton (6). at fm
Chalfaaoc(a.H.(S)mMH... tato y at
I Cine eonaewkioa la niada It CkataaanoaWl'
an aa kaaiara anaj avutjinara auaaa.
Th Ivpa rm whleh Ihla papae la printed la
,, m uw awvo iNlouriiB,
Hound Trip Tickets
j... .
iotvmitnHi. cwtut.TrK. priBH ni mat are iitaaorif
KcmpM. an ucio hirer Faciei co. i o- ., Mmrhi. ov. .u rw
Far Cairo. LouUtllli k Clnrinnitl ami f
ar w ar t m m. .
mTXJk.-MlBIXm Afrinrt a t
I ...V.. S. .
vnv mrtf 1 nn ru ivirt i "r'"7 vw
It.sa.a i.nil, I w it a,, . e. '
i nv all I i ll I villi, uiiiviri a oprixgl, MM
iii.ia ji 1 ni r ii 11,11 nin.'tiiii,! n tit. 1 1 . ' '
itumivait 1 Miart inriuara.).. jr oa
Steamer of ihls line leave Memplitt (fart
TurKdiy tad Friday
tl J oVlovk p. lu 1
Rundajilt 13 HI.
f or Cttiro, lwlsville ami Cincinnati, eon-
netting at Cincinnati nith railroad
and ttramere (or all
Eastern. Norlhrri and Wtrtfra
Mtata, kiriaa)
ThroUlh TlokaU
pidntt Chlt-aun, Told. Huffalo.
ml. Near York, Wathingtihrt CHv
rtarrtn prmnf.y. O.J..... t9 to
Itlluw Sultkur.ttttrtSii.... tt to
Sttmtjromrrj kitty...... jj jo
AlltghaKy,stftgi$i,..... jj 00
.Verfork, 43 14
11 hut auifkHr.UritbrWi ft 19
Then TlckiU will U 0d to rv
turn intll Wot. lit, 1831.
faroapb Can WlthoBl ITbocc.
osjaaf ftw batiafl ( (iMSirr Of
In all
R'chmoml. New York. WathinKtibri
Philadelphia anil Hitston. Catlrrn lour itll
till Sod UK I Heiic river rout tate. de-
Hshtfol and economical. Ralea he thia line
rhettprr than ant other nrrclaaa route.
Meal and ttalerooma lre. llaezan (heel
ed ihrmiith.
I'aMrniiisa can rr-le nn 1 anlenilM trip be I
tlil. line, at uie steamert are all nrat ciat,!
havlnaj beta epreal twill for th arcotn- Cloa crMtMrtioa al tViattai ttttli train fee
rmKlatinn w pat-ntfrr, tash tiesvmer car. 1 Kaahellta. Blsmnt S"rtWia. tc
- r. I, -! , 1 I , ' w '
,ui .irmi , .....
ft. W. I.KillTni'RKC.
(im. rrrleht and Tkket Ait.,
Binday ft lay.
V' .1..- I. L.U ... mi tLt Um .... I
-J .in,. t..a la a)iaH Inw. I Tt fttfhe InloimatVt aaUraee I -t
Mnsber p f. Haled il.h da. McrfMrf. AS. A C.
.tl. (.., 1-- .),, I llr rr,'l.l ',! nf I
.tl ta:L.:u ar T..y roltraaJ him, I treat. Peat A at , ktW"'
I alto glee nntira that I ahall appl; to I (H T. C I
Use Srata,e Fue ehiptlri'e ot the anw
,i 4 M T ;tf Adwr.
.ta lCan-r.-i A'

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