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The weekly Panola star. [volume] (Panola, Miss.) 1857-1881, December 03, 1881, Image 1

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'3 Www
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7 c
sardis, rAMOtA couMTy, iiiMissirn, Saturday, dkckmiiku i. tsut.
at aval
1 all (, 1)11
.it'll' lin ?AHII
Station. Mil
j lnriM tmwftt fl I"
W L? .nil '' "'I"1'' '"'
"will ,,w ,,MI
I,FI .
'"' - toC f OMl'ilAI, lninffi 11
""" ........., t.in unit I" iM.l
r.t m,.., mt, r .....(. t.
'm V'"? Establishment.
jj, HI13015I-
...J tln. H enter f '
im-,itol. wfaiicii.rriipe ana-...
u.nira inllwif. ttirrnn leniiiern cn-nn-
SptaM . Repairing: '
, ,'o. 5R Jefferson St.
tax fHDlMfll ftil,
4 m lrfM.
'Ilirfe Ifi'ifn (,im.n In
Si Vnffc limn In finny Or-nriitrt
t itii,
amrjhls. Tnne3seo.
1 kr h Infantum, Iwprnvaaiinla la aid
i.M.. TradVklarki tnd ill
LlWMBMir,"llr lK,'t" , ,
IwiJ-liwl rllll, In
tI-7k.S-ai.-5 r fwioppu.itrlfc. I).
Min unlraU In ! tlw than
7:' (YQIM Wulllllltlin.
wiiii mxlfl or ki'irh. wm malia
nit th rtM tMHcat, mU ad.in aaltHiwi
.m in. ( niirnit. irnooiiii) niBd'I'f
i,.!,li. and na ehariia tnlan Mini
n. t.!,T lit M-rmlulvn tu ilia illy I-
LfildtvIM .uVPrlniannfin i lua pmi mcn
kiKwr almwn 111 jhuuihiini. i riwi
ai rlntll" M V Iff, ivrma, hit,, pwt
"T; f. a. mifW .
- Onultfrniu! 00i. Vrwhimian. 1). C.
mniit urudia. Kamnlwoi.rltiflfi'M,
1 ilArw (unto to., fortlaaa, Malar
liiu if'''
I III .!. 41' .l hilf Wf..
Hi. Iliiiij Mm .Tafti. t
Alli4.l Hit Ivurr 4f ill iriiiM
inlr id't Iti.ti I (ill iicl
ft thl la lli '11 tii-1 f..,l.t(,
I lia fnl.t (Ml. fiMfp 1 1 i ..i,
1 Ii. hiHIi ain.Ml, rlMiiilwia ululr. mi, Iwlm
A 'i J In mil w ill Diiii I. ii
I a),.( 4 n it lift mr h. 1 r 1
fit Hnitll ttt Siiflt,, lit 1.4.1 11, Wail,
I n . na it mv M.I ling, ,N
wat ihitniiad l.tainl . liiftiru ff.t
llfft till Ii.'j.llnl.il ilnaiNxl Kllh hiin.
I'iim 1 iifil n, iHincr iiMtihH.I ll,,r irrt.
I iM'ff, J11.I ! lha tin f t tlrll,
A ii, anit nal of K'ii.t'. .mil.
Vow nut run Iin illlT. Iml. ntit mow.
1'tiitnalli' rix ka at rriiVtt1 Mill- anil imfi
Tt rlmiiiH'l nlillra III. 11 ml miw
Mm mil itt Hit Wit river lliiwa,
Tlirllluil hv lilt ttttrr'a lonil finlinirr.
I h lli-nilf, allvvr rrnla arc .llrrtd,
Ami awn) Willi alow, tiiliinlumia itrarv.
I. Ike iltnvara o nritllt Itliltvuiil.
flier wllffcllifrnatiil rtwir ai-aria .lilnra.
Nil tlilvk Hie villi! It'iivia nnlolil,
snprrli tlx lilviwrn rn lliua.
A inirm'tc of au'nw mid guM,
Utre It Mlrandn'. I. land loli I
iwltt lrv mill iliniil (till Ariel flica,
IK'liliiil the hill, brrniiil I lie lirmik.
Tli Iwflp of Svcnrtt v1 llta.
Hut ilukc mid nrlncoa. clown tnd ttur.
lime vntt'al liirtli tu ollu-r unit,
And fiithnina drci, tlnct mimy a year,
iru burWd bank and wan.l and kova,
No rlliMmrd K" I" flnnllitK llk'rv,
AIoiik our atnoiiUi, pearl pttn path,
Hut hidden I'tcea' Dale irrren hulr
Ofnympht tnd nervidx it the bath.
On! w-c ajmll find In toiler aonth.
From tome clear well-head bubbling up,
The Ibuntnin of eternal i-uuth
I'd brim the Ihimlv pirim'a cup.
Enchanted world! em htntetMumr!
Hull und farewell, rnehnntrd atrc.nn,
That hat the uninuiifiiier) nower
To make the real aurpuit the drain!
lCmnm Luiarua. In the lVc. Cvnturv.
I'pvtitrtl til (Jo,, jlilldrt'fi Bi
ll nil lli' Hominy tt hifiU if 1'lilln-
Mf, 4'nllifn, lYTri'Vi lnw hi
rtmt (i(iftt., iy
m rtrl. l-t'ltfil tint kifit'
Mfv, J tin, tlittl Mirv'lliitl rti'
pitprr Hrllnr. If Klvrn lrl, t'Miltl tcni liff,
A Dillll UN 1 W,
Wriffi lrfi jofitfitt, , ,lf fiiilUl,
a lrtlrrlnt r,t l'i rt'.litr mift, lh
ifr w 'i lru k Willi M tw-fn-.
ftf ArMfiri llml hf Mrlrlmil,
"W li.tl t jrrtti rf Hn J,intmf Why,
,iiil lin.lt 114 If ) rail rmllil ft'ft
lllMl" III 4 U MHf," "l(l,l" a
ilitlfti"'! Hi willy itMrtiiiiUf. turn
M ratlin f Cfivltll ft, i( l.tilll I ,.f.
wtf ltt(( rn( 1,1 ilif fir i-f mtil rnhln til Uiw.
"Vuti titn'l lil ilirtrrrnl Oilfi
Ii.ii.iIIiaV " a.il.l mtt
. i. pj. .... , , n..... n..
And Mill Another.
OMviril clai. hotel bcUeau
Wacla and Memphis.
aw hrai1( room and tjiecliit taduew
r w
Katt to eiaiimeixttl rota.
NlSimlltiitlon it dtlichtfirlW titualttl
WuHunl and health part ofthe vilr
?Wfcroimiiaiulinn tnt tdvtnltfrrol
fualrounirv. Theenti
IrafneKeful .
larmnnnwerful an in
V Atrial, B(i intellec
etlinlrm, hah
inftuenre our the
rTiMiad intellectual life. The
dr (Ribrtcea the rnrloua branch-
"tiding1 u.cl'ul eduction. In the
"TlMi canre, the puDUt on enter
'tranWd tccardinif to their profk'ien.
'-noennnr: VirnraniaT and trllh
- Piruniljf attention It fltrn ta 5a-
PnXanahi.lorv. rhetoric and com-
Lttm tnd Fnnrli nlr Inlrt Ih
ret - A nortion of time it tllow
pitln and ornamentul
"H. ), flnwera, rte. Ternw. per
J K.tible htlf yetrU In advance.
nd tuition in ill brauchet taue;hl
'TrrMwlpUin .tewing, mark.
krddint;. Hal loner r and wtth
"'S.tecordlnjt the age or
"JWmI. SpeciaJ terme when tev.
JJa the tame family attend tin
allowance it made for partial
ithdrtw bef6re theennlratlon
.V-"Pf rM of Sioi" or pro
'"1. hni. li. t..- ta.Ii..
; mu.lc on piano and nae if
nrtwtna and water colons
"Wirt. 1 j. danclnt; tad etlia-
l . vtira cnarvn.
""'ther aartlcuUrt apply to the
The last issni! of the Macon Sun
contains the vuledictory of Mr. J.
J. Haynie, the fountler of the pa
per.' He announces thaj he lias
sold hiti interest to his partner, Mr.
G. R. Smith. What is the mat
ter with the newtipaper business,
that nome of the oldest und ablest
members of the craft arc leaving
it? Drown, llaynie and others
have retired recently, and we
hear ol others anxious to .'ft
With ordinary labor, there is no 1
money In newspnner in this State.
They receive but little support at
home, arc burdened wuh u larije
number of delinquent sttbscribcra.
and to make a living their pruprie
ton are compelled to work like
slaves and solicit business from
abroad. To look ut the advertitt
ing column of tlic papers of this
Slate, one would think they were
either printed in New Orleans,
Mobile, , Memphis or, St. Iouis.
Their Lome business does r.ot
amount to tine-fourth of that re
ceived from abroad. It is a sad
commentary on journalism that this
is true, JitiMnesji men ought to
support ,wt home papers, but
they do not. They not only will
not advertise, but "send four-tiAhs
of their job-work off, knowing at
the (taftic time the work can be
done as cheap and good at home.
Why they do this they alone can
tell. Drookhavcn Ledger.
lint writ n heller aermoti (ban
foillf lllllllali'll,
Over onr million anwlnf inn
ililne iirt'ille wtTf mittlf tlurinn
thr nioiith of (U tuber nl r m inn.
fdclnry In Mancliraterd'onn.
There will be four ilerivnten In
the next MnssurliiisettN legisl.ilurr,
mikI tin y are to be culled upon to
perform' the devotional exrrclses,
thus saving the cost of n chaplain.
One Wisconsin county estimates
that in eight months the cost Incur
red through tramps was $,,ouo,
not to speak of crimes and tiie ex
penses of criminul trials of tramps.
When Mrs. Reed, of Luonu,
Chautauqua county, N. V,, was
elected school trustee, she imme
diately drew on her husband for
monev to paint and carpet the
The London Lancet urges upon
the public the importance of breath
ing through the nose in damp, cold
or '"KCy weather. It is nature s
respirator and protection to the
Kight ofthe jurors who acquitted
Delle Spaulding ofthe murder of her
husband at Oalesburg, 111., accept
cd her invitation to a banquet in
celebration of her rescue from the
The Norfolk Virginian states it
as a fact that Major Daniel ajid
Col. Cameron, the opposing can
didates for Governor at the late
election in Virginia, received the
same majority, 986, in their rev
pective cities, M'nchburg and
The wife of a Michigan Sheriff
Atisiln St bonl
"If toil mill mlierpatid
it row logf-iher. It dor hot rtiski
two sliei'i or two rowi." A littl
hov. (hi! SHI of a Truss milkman,
In Id up Ids lisnd and said 1 "That
tnsy do with sheep and cows, hut
If you add n quart of milk and a
quart of water it makes two misrts
ol milk. I've seen It tried" Teaai
A fflefi
tii toiiili
of inV fifl spe V
Hetf' irf llml fesaofi nlilth al
rtstt st em rrn"ft il'lr !
Duller? Yon remember tin
story of the guest who was eutlngi
mote butter than buscult, whiln
the lautllitdv looked on, and I'ulg.
cled and hinted until she fairly
went into a nervous lit, Finally
she said 1 "lo you know that but
ter is up to sixty-live cents a
iiound?" The hungry guest reach
ed out and took w hat there was
ft. "Well," he drawled, ana
provingly and reassuringly, "good
Hitter is wutn It.
In the reign of Henry VII. it
famous baiiilT, named Toe Dunl
ived in the town of Lincoln. II
was extremely dextrous in extortl
ng money torm unwilling pockets!
When he was invited to "call
again," he always accepted thi
cheerful invitation. Indeed, hit
habits were so profligate, and he
wim so careless ol the courtesies of
life, he was apt to call even when
no genial invitation was extended
I le was never much farther awaf
than a creditor's shadow. Whe
a man refused to pay a bill, there?
fore, some one was' sure to SsV
WhV don't vou Dun him??
Hence the awful word which hat
followed the inpecunioua even un
to this day, and the associations of
which not even the lapse of time
can mellow.
"(Waidly a an Imtiesl man"
011M he a good proverb,
Common sense la one's own
ctine, bfllrvfd to he uncommon.
Willi mlat ondm l and rronomy
one can hIms) 1 gel on in the world,
We do good most willingly lo
those who have least claim upon
One Is rarely philosophical with
one's self philosophy Is a cuiul
Genius Und new ideas, wil
ridicules them und common-sense
adopts them.
One needs a deal of w it to afford
lo be witty not at the expense of
the heart.
A friend gives when he has too
much ; a woman, even when she
has not enough.
Promising is sometimes a reason
for not giving the promise may
have produced its effect.
M-nT ift r
r tit
locked the jail doors on six lynch
ers who had entered to murder
prisoner. Although this left no
doubt as to their identity, and no
denial was mane 01 incir intention
1 itiry rciusctl w convict them
r a ,
Parson I licks thought he saw
his daughter walking with a for
bidden lover on a dark night. I Ie
stole up behind the pair with a
club, brke the young man's skull,
and knocked the girl down, before
discovering that they were not the
persons he had taken them for.
Prominent among the glories of
vegetation on me voicanic isianns
of the Pacific' is the utu tree, which
is wonderfully umbrageous, bears
beautiful large glossy leaves, and
uttains a height of sixty feet. The
trunk U often thirty feet in circum
ference. A native oltcn apostro
phized the Supreme Dcing as Thou
Mighty t'tu Iree
If Hoaas Made br leeldeat.
In the summer among our plant
ers it is customary to suspend the
milk and butter, at considerable
depth in the well from which the
drinking water is obtained, to kec i
11 cool ; out from carelessness or
otherwise the water occasionally
would become contaminated and
many farmers were driven to supply
themselves with what is lamiliarly
known as "dry wells," to answer
the various purposes ot keeping
meats, melons, milk and butter
cool during the hot months. About
thirty years ago, I dug one of
these wells, fourteen by sixteen
feet and twenty feet deep. The
bottom and sides were bricked up
and cemented. Over this well was
Duiii a store-room, placed on
pillars five feet high. The space
between the lloor and frrcurii Was
The criticism recently made on
the oratorical exercises or a very
pompous clergyman might appro
priately be uttered in reference to
manv who assume an air of stately
imnnrtnni! u-IiIIa i.nrnrrrl in mi K.
1!- . . an. Ob a l t i, . J ,.n n!l.u1tf ACuin .A.. U.
j?rvtce. 1 lie pompous pcraon j - -j- " w
.. " . -M M AtM, ....... 1 I . 1,1 m... . h
VJom-1 ' ' IUUIIU t VUUIU pui Ul
f Mai dSMf
Arn rii B
TOW 10,
f fit Wj
fiaf tnim.
All 6il
t tt
IBt.t kaa am.fl
kaa mattUiaiiaat
iiaaMiaiil ui. M
l.lt.a k. nu bail
l.al ia.eitt araiaal
Itt tMarvfaiaaiiaf
l tat alHi.a Ilia,
attaa, kai H aaa aaa.
t, aa.aa.t"lt'
gtaajalf avjuMatl.
U aa la l iaia
ll Matna I fill.l .
Ill' lul H III
alwnta a
Hit lank.
It aIM tatktrit-
Van tftar Um aMfk kat beta ralit4.
tiaHtRH BO. HAI'SI. ftaajilMlMir ll
Inlarnal Havmaif, Wa.hli. !.', II ,, Jaa
Mk. iH,i,r. -To 1,11, HIM (tail NTS li at
tara-abta llamadjr ta I'arlnral ramklaltla tit4 II
tltaaaf ta 1 Marflrlnal tmniallua aaa., ika IJ,
Havlait tlal'itaa. anil ahali an ttttiiaa, titf
aiill k liMl'OlllkTS. liKnl'Mt-.a.t tlkal
(ratal, allkaal aiitrltl tu," a, llaaaaa
IDimi In laf .Wat kf latlaat
wkt Ira It Italia a lia.h ant
or Ltarati.il A al.tria a TOl.ll. Him a
tut HVK-lilvh la Ika anlr MSIilUATSII a,
llrlt Mala -ika faaalat da. ikali ktaaa a Ika
f rttrttura Hiaaip tt ttak kaltlt.
Put tip Is Qnart Blst lottln. Pries $1.00.
CMicaoo, ILL.
DIALint lvrvwhrt.
4)14 a t, I 1,0
s it fines
mi, s v v n
n, in
K Y J M.
AT f K V
J-.n a 1
la'.IM-l r'
tittanlai tl.
Ilfaal.t ail",
tfaalltt, tat
NtK'M. i,,:t
1, r 'tv rviONb
Artos-ir aid Mohii'ina,
MrU, 1 last sal tl,
llii.lnr.i In l'i rhim err nniM It fipa, lalli
iiilk iltd, hut III will fertlvf nnniit tlian
linn In it' pmllrular
llenrrtrin, I., r. Conpat
- !3 13.1:31 2t . IF.IPP.iS TFNI.
HA I Mi 'AM,
Iillt2lllllffflS( 1:.1
mil. nolM ssi'tii
'' Ma"iplili,, ., , 11 fta
I'l.l t ajfna) ,,,,,.,i, .1,1, ,,M,, I m 1 a.
I'll! lllolll "ifniaa 1 t art am
i.iti.i.ii.i I II am
1.... a,.. 1,,.
.a r'airariiH.. .,,, ,.,.
ftt rmirtltrnl.Mi ,
ri.t riipe
Aiil.at i Oitnult,
mfif ArcoMMohiiTitiir,
l.at.at Mrmahl, ,
Tin t'na.ii,.,
Arrltri It HMr)k,
-..-or. crtarjn: vocal tana
rV"; frivala htaana. tir.
--aro'laj vacation, limit U
c.ttt. Medicine
It a'ifce, iin
-ia--lal ,
" aa
-"tnm4 tataayaakj
vr' --H O
-"riini 1.1- yaa T-mc ta
- a Ba ftrna aa4 ,kt
'' iifmr. 4 n-ataw etr a
, fklamallaav H -aa-aeia.
'J 01. 1 .L- e i w
" J a..., a,N f. wwnaati m?
. . . . a m
had oeen reading the 1 en Com
mandments. A judicious ladv re
marked, "He rends.them as ff lie
had just enacted them, and was
determined that they should on
that account be enforced." An
ually appropriate criticism was
made by n lawyer on the self-assured
style in which a popular cler-
gvman ottered prayer, lie said:
"If that dominie should address
the Judge of any Court of Com
mon Plena in the style in which he
addressed the Almighty, he would
at once be fined for contempt of
court. Mew York oun
, A l'ettalrrHr.
a aaaaat
While the subject of ghosts is
attracting attention, I will oiler a
nut for our scientists to crack. For
obvious reasons, I am compelled
to omit names. The wife of one
of our moat distinguished scientific
men I use the term "most dis
tinguished" advisedly, since the
reputation of the man in question
is cosmopolitan saw nightly , an
oia man acatcu in -an arm-cnair
near the fireplace in her bedroom
Dcing thoroughly imbued with iter
husband's Views upon acicntilic
subjects, she held her peace, and
tried with partial success to con
vince herself that it was a delusion.
Somewhat later, this room was
converted into a night nursery,
and- tiltimately into a spare bed
room, with the result that each
successive occupant, juvenile or
of mature years,; described the
curious old gentleman who came
and sat Dy me lire my scicmuu.
friend has "Dished and "pshaw
ed at these statements, and has
treated the whole matter as ridicu
lous. He has, however, been
mmnolltxl to concede something to
""l. V . a . . - fa-
the vision or the delusion, ana w
quit the house. I simply advance
this na a fact, and leave to other
the task of explanation.--Uol.lii
man s Magazine.
' A w.Jdln ia Wjanlnf .
This is the way a backwoods
tustice ol the peace marries em
a - if vir ! . .
in lar-on Wyoming i
"Grin vour tins. " Amos Pea
body, do you solemnly sw'ar that
ye'U freee to '.Mandy furever an'
ever. 1 nut ye 11 love er, an pro
vide fur er' an' treat 'er squar an'
white nccordin' to the rules and
regulations sot down to govern
sich cases in the laws ofthe United
States, so help yer God?"
VYn.is. sir, I do sir." J .
"That fixes your end ofthe bar
gain. 'Maudy .Thomas, do you sol
emnly sw'ar that ye'll hang on to
Amos fur all comin 'times; thet
ye'll. nuss him in sickness an', be
squar to hi n in wellness, that Ve'll
alius be to him a good, true, I on
est up-an -up wife under the pen
alties prescribed by the laws lor
the punishment of sich offenses ;
do vou sw'ar this so help yer God ?"
a. ..a aa " "
"I awar 1 will. t
"Then br the power in me ves
ted as jurttce of the peace, in an'
... -I a 1 . .
lur mis precinct 1 nronuunix you
Amos Peabody, husband, an' you
Mandy 1 nomas, wile, ana legalize
vou to lemuin as sich now ana for-
A Tltld Itsprareaieat aa ta) rTslfi,
It is said that the first time Sit
ting Hull attended a white man's
party he made a break for the door
the moment a waltz was struck up.
He afterwards explained that he
supposed an alarm of fire had been
given, and that each brave was
trying to carry out a squaw. This
rcminus us 01 uie King 01 wune,
who, after a visit to Lngland in
vented what ha flattered himself
was a vivid improvement on the
waltz of the period. Instead of
the interested parties 'Shuffling
their feet around in the present
melancholy fashion he had the
couple mounted on hardware
truck and draiired around In ec
centric circles by attendants. He
said that as now practiced by Eu
ropcans the amusement was neith
er good dancing nor good hugging.
and for his part he preferred to
put in his full time at the latter
evermore, an ye'lf, stand com
mitted until the lees an costs in
this case shall be paid in full, may
God hav mercy on yer souls, and
bless this union with His heftiest
Oat Eitrltwt Irata Ksay.
.-.OwliailTlKfr 1
J ' - tarn -J iainwaal.
l I - Rat rre ami.. tMara.
".v t.m fnf imt ail
, 'ai,,lVt nwrtpt, I
' v?a at 1
Rtw Dfflalilaa sfs rraak. .
A "crank" is not an implement
with which to turn something, but
a man who has already been turn,
cd. Philadelphia Press.
Ik-cause it adds to personal
beauty by restoring color and
lustre to gray or faded hair, and Is
beneficial to the scalp, ,U why
Parker's Huif. D.ilsam ia- such a
"I had been sick and miserable
so long and had caused my hus
band so much trouble and expense,
no one seemed to know what ailed
me, that I was completely disheart
ened and discouraged. In this
frame of mind I got a bottle of I lop
Ditlers and used them unknown to
my family, I soon brgan to im
prove and gained so last that m
husband and family thought !
strange and unnatural, but when I
told them what had helped me
Utcy said "Hurrah for Hop Ditters
long may they prosper, lor they
have made mother well and us
hanpv."- The Mother. Home
titruJ. , ..... ... .-.
II r virtue of a dee rte af the rhancrrv
court ofthe lit dlitrirt af ranola county
rendered on the jrith day of November,
18H0, uiMin the petition of I. D. (ioodmn
rt at, vt. Mtrr I. Smith at al. Mo faat, for
tale of land lor dlviaion. I S. K. Illtnn
commiailoner appointed hv nld decree will
praciea lo tell to the lilghttt Didder at pub
ur outcry on
Tnrsdar the 10 Day ! Deceniber,
1881, In front of I. M. Lackev'i tlore in the
town of Kureka Spring!, Panola eounty, the
rollowina detcrilied real eitate iltuate and
Iving in the county of rinola and Stale of
Miiiiiiippj, to wn : lotitn n.111 01 tne touin
weit quarter ol aectlon eight and touth eait
quartrr or imith tatt quarter of lecUon lev
en, all in Inwa.hip ten range tlx wait. (aVf
01 w4 01 tec s town to ringe 6 watt, ea
of t e'a of tec 7 town to range n weit.)
cnntalnuig (lio) one hundred and twenty
acrei more or leai. Termi; one half coali
and balance In twelve mnnthi with id per
cent, inkrreit per annum from day of tale.
I'urrkatrra toeiccutr bond with' approved
Kcurtty lor deterred Mviucuit.
S. K. I'lann, Clerk and wamtuUiloncr.
Sirdii. Miai. Nov. ltd, 1M1. '
Hall k Doothe, Attorney.
BaUiviUs, Mississippi.
I TIM. practice In tin virlnua enurti of
YV thediatrict. Will attend, whendeiir.
ed, the different Juitict't rourli af the eoua
v. Sieclal attention gitfn ta Die collectloit
ol clalmi. Ich 11 si
a....,,,,., l aa) p in)
'..,ia.i a o p m
"a a :t p 1st
Mill aot4 SMN.
t.f aia fl,nt li,, ,,,,.,,,,, i, 1,4 aa
I'a.t I'liae.,., i,.,,,,,,., ,, , ( -I lk
ra-t imrlltnd , .,. t 4S a.M
Paa llttaa.ill , , a.aj a m
rial ardll,iin ,,, :jo S m
rt't I'aam , a a a aa
Arrives t Miinpbn,,,,,, ,,. a w aaa
t.ata Hardii... ,,,, .,... t la aaa
III Cutno. i n a ta
Ar,,..t at Mnaahk) I an a n
M. DUIIKR, StrriavtiiitiBiiT.r
A. J, KNAIT. On. rail A sc.
0o iij Main SI,,
Memphis, Tennessee,
Special attention paid to the treatment o
Chronic diwlaf I, Vl.lult,
Hernia, (rupture) Scraful
aaettaiira W. T. ilaitaa,
Carllaa; Hart la. Oat, ft, llatl tad M II. I Julajaka)
can, u, aar a, ti 1 rr
Morgan Adami,
lib tJ, El Xh Ei,
ttz;l!i u Lrtsrillt. :
11 ana. U II. I JllUlakni I ' '
J. U. Wright
ice, but to get rid of the water
from the melted ice was a very
serious question. I rigged a pump
in one corner ofthe well to obviate
this difficulty ; laid in rails across
each other, and on this placed hay
six inches deep, then filled up the
well with ice, covering the top with
saw dust two feet deep. The
pump was tried from day to day
to no purpose. It was taken up
tried and faund to be in perfect
working order but when placed
bnck it failed to work. Then com
menced a series of predictions
about a grand ice slush all at my
expense. But the ice remained in
a solid block and kept splendidly.
As the ice melted away from the
sides, saw dust was packed in
from time to time as the melting
continued. When the saw-dust,
hay und rails, were taken out 1
crack was discovered in the hot
torn of the cemented floor, made
by the weight of the ice, through
wnicn ine wilier passeu 011 into
Tana Election Kstlet.
In accordance with the law In regard to
municipal election!, notice ii hereby given
at in election for the nurpote 01 electing t
Nil vnr. four Aldermen and one Marthal will
held in the emirt houae la the town of
Sardii on Monday, December 5th, IKSi.
by order of the Board of Maor and alder
J. C. Ktli, Mayor.
S. 0. Spain. Sec'y of Hoard.
lAlvtak. II tdaf 11 kaanaaatl, ajadt. Caallv
favallilrae. Aldraaa Tact I la., Aaiaali.Ma.
stratum of sand. From that time
until now this "Dry Well" has
been used for an ice house when
ever ice can be had and at the
lalaiajr Hair as a Baaliea. ,.
Thousand of girls in Switzerland.
Germany and Norwa v devote them
selves to the cultivation ol their
hair as resolutely as a larmer does
to his crops. Once a year the
merchant, very often an old woman
arrives in the village, and a brisk
trade is carried on. The Swiss
girls make the most, as nature has
bestowed on them' an abundant
crop of the blonde color, which Is
hardest 01 all to obtain, and the
climaio Is evidently propitious to
its growin, 1 nej price ontainea de
pend upon the length of the re
dundant tresses, llair eight inches
long is worth twenty-five cents an
ounce, while that thirty six inches
ia length wilt bring the fortunate
nosesor $8 an ounce and in cases
of exceptional beauty and thick
ness even Iij an ounce msy be
realized. Paris Fashion Letter.
present writing it is halt lull of
splendid ice. Just after the close
of the war, it was customary to
hire hands and wagons to save
ice t now the time lor putting it up
is hailed by the freedmen with
delight. It only requires an invita
Uon or notice that saving ice is on
hand and they respond cheerfully.
This was effected by a liberal and
generous gilt of ice at all times to
their sick. Now why cannot your
enterprising farmers nave ice
houses on the same or a similar
principle. They need only dig a
trood sized pool to get a supply ol
water, and half of the difficulty is
accomplished. In Alabama and
North Carolina I have seen good
ice-houses dug In the side of a bill
and walled up inside with logs
with a pipe tu curry off the water
Irom the melted ice. They wore
securely covered and the dirt
thrown against the exposed log
side. Aberdeen examiner,
A Iklltk Etaf.
The moat short-sighted, sslftsh
editor we know of lives in Missou
ri. He talks this way 1 A doctor
will sit down and write 1 time, fiv
seconds 1 paper and ink one fourth
ol a cent, and the patient pays one,
two, three, five or ten dollars, as
Have ttiii dtv aitoclited thcaaaalvte to
gether for the purpoteof pricticing
Calls to the country solicited.
663 A 665 Broadway, N. Y,
E . VA1LL, Prop.
vztorEaUr yT.vr.
By virtue of a decree of the thincery
Court of the Kirtt Di.trict of I'inola Coun
ty, Miaai.iippi.theundrraigned radinlnl.il a
t'or of the r.tate of Tltuina K. Wllion
decetted, will on
Mi.b.I.it December ISM IWI,
ithln Irval hour. In front of the Court
louteol thrKlrtt UUtrkMlSardii tell to the
hlaheil bidder Hie following ml tattle be
lunirint- to the ettale of aaid decedent, to wltr
weit-half teclion tivteea. Jownahlp eight.
ranue eluht. containing three hundred and
twenty acrei more or lea, alto weit fraction
of the aouih-eiat quarter aection eighteen
Townahlp eitrht. range eight, containing one
hundred terra more or leat.
Tenni-t)ne-half cithind the balance Ir.
twrlt t monthi from ditc of tile. Uie purrh.
a.,-r in nrrule bond w 1th cood lecurlly for
drfrrrad navment. Title believed lo be good,
hut I will convey only tuch title a la tcitcd
In me by aaid decree.
at? n
n . r , a ... 1
Nov. 11. tw.l Admlniilrator.
' o r, i
5 5,
9 n)
3 Lilt
a0 "53
e. a. f 5 f
r 1 n aa 1 m
t - b a. 0
ft 8'J8
esa "3
3-a i
m an aaa
X "
2"2.a 3 0 "
t? - E.
en, rcr, aUtsmaBa,
'tlmati I
ntt tea
an rmaaaaaaf maiipaak
al.aa. aiat.ta.aal Cnaa.
icc9 in cslo.
vrm ka aaat far aaaa all atumati
I D.I ta aknl.u tad Ii 1 ataiwuaaaaa ft, I
BJ tlrttlitaaa. tna, ..iaaa,laaaaatd I
faMakaatlkrl aalu . I
aa,a inaeO 1 aa.H.f.aaa,aai.l
oad anlf aa thanasi !
Eastern Cities.
Timt Card, Juu Htk. 1881.
laeave Mitnphii... ;:ja a t..,...io:aa pm
Arrive natnvuie.,. j-jt a.at. aw a. at
F.vaatvillt,. f .-s p aa
IaOulivlti...ii:j5 p t:ic H.H
UiKlnniti. j.cc i.H,i !
roe further Information aa ta rata, tjlaaa, ate.
Ticlurt Agenl, aittnpkla. Teem.
oa C. P.ATM0R3.
C. P A.. LKU.Uia.JCr.
2 Divilj Patsnr TrtAzz,
On and tftar Aagwti irVrt, iSli, M Mtowt r
nut tat. mail at ta.
Lva MtaaphU..-a.it :ae p.M. m
Ar, Grand Janctioii.a, lnoa.ai- : ajw
Middteton...n,a. tat tawukd aaa
Cortnthaa...M xtj a. Hi ... 10150 a.m
I)ecalkir-a.......M.,. f:i i:jrp.m
gtevmaoa.. .... :il a.m.- 1:4 p.m
Caatianooga.,ia p.m. ip.ai
Mirimtmt tWttUTm
Tm krat aa whWi tan aaaae M rial d Is
artaaa laa aaavt f iiaaatryaaa
Ia a.ai
9 .W
.tliya fm
rr Cairo, uibf Uie A ClielntU
leaf nire
AtV.rt aaaiava
roMM iii.lKk,
T1R0IK Ltl
nr.. ritAiux.
I.re ChatUnoago...... :iap.Hi..
Ar. miMraton.M....a. : a ,.
aKatlir.aaaaaaM..aa ' t t-ll ..
Corlitlh......... :u .aa rat a.m
MUMkrtrMi.. ........ l:joa.m. C iJ p.m
Crand Junction . f :is s taw 7 aw .p. in
Mainphi .M.....ll:a p n.. f ji, j, ajv,
Clean connecllon ia made fee alt
and fa all point on and rttxW via..
Cincinnati Southern Railway.,
3? 5-
Ak a 2 ai
thn cala nay be. A tawver writ
ten to twenty words of an vice and
I gets from ten to twenty dollars
Devotion to friends is meted less from his client. An editor writes
by the esteem we have for them a half column "puf for a man, pays I
than the fus they make over us. a nun a dollar Tor nutting it in type,
Whence comes it that Wt art so prints It on ten dollars worth or pa.
often deceived? ' per, sends It to several thousand
. .. . . .... ... PR'. " 5. ,ufPr.1- h
vamrnnj ia wnai ia aniu ut H mitl.Tl- iviiin II nt? ftllxe anv I
C.rclcs.iirs$, wltalistaid by m, ti,arg,M
4 Liads tor or M.naafa h it,
hli ron wnarrme pt aeo-
res ait it o crrn it
talf ttaat an kaadnd, ttak.
" -aa. i-ra a, k a..
Steamer of Ihlt line leave Maenphlt every
TaeMay ni Frllsy
I $ 'clock f. av,
Snr Ctlnv IuUtllle and Cincinnall.
nee ting at t incinnati with railroad
and Meamcr for all t
Eaaleri. Ktrlhcri il Wtsttra
poiKta, oiviKd
Taa,rasjl. Tlelnli
to all noinliChlctcn, Toledo, KurTalo,
nkhnaond. New York, WaahtiHrtlon Chy.
Philadelphia and BotHm. fUalara taortati
will Rrad th U HeUt rlvae raia aa, da
Itahtful and aconomaral. lite by UtW tin
rara par Ihaa any r.t-otaat rajarte.
Maait and ttttooami free. Baajraaw check
ed through.
Pttataiaera aan arty tu apkradbj trfp tvy
rhU Haw. a I hi taiariaita in aN Srtl-clat,
aavtM btea etpraatty ham aw awconv
naodaOoai of paaa. ng.ri. Racli lleaatet far-
Cri. rr-St irai Tfcket -
. A. v. aTr.vrsA, rs" K
Ke, Mwvraa .. Mart. T
rhrnisk Can Wltistl .cr:r;.
aa alght train-
(low coaneetlon mad far all
ArUnMi ind Texas Tc'-'
A Ml tetof Fint Cla-a and E
attoaaatv tt all priax . i:
ravferta.tr '.

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