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The weekly Panola star. [volume] (Panola, Miss.) 1857-1881, December 24, 1881, Image 1

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f(( ( f iiili.M bf"' " fof (
,,, an-IIUM irl' of hcer
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?,,NTf-i iNdtlitml l.nfca were
MirtlnWIri'llrllf two
i i.i lb Nftnl Pu'rm
'"'I ' l,M,n ,,f
.iifaCllfTord, and the oilier "" to
I I.. ll.. MllrMIIKIll ftf J II. ill'
.,i who haa become very Inflrm. ,
) fliM " nW "rMtwl ''X
Vk U bat tho &iiilhrrn people ol
r I gtnerattnn K thought, f,,lt or
nm bHoiiI nil!lo fTh-, or qtioe.
'L- in or 0tu. Th proannt, with Hi
i.i X ......l....l .,t,l ..int.!
'mWemi, MiouM occupy our whol
ffl( i iid thought. We know , no
.ptllilloni of icctlone having dU
irwlnloreste in any political ions.
know tin Union with uniform
srliig equally upon ill auction.
W there ! no holy smith nor
.liMcrod North. Buch thing are
r i
ixcliang deUlli in uncommon
Wur mt with bva Brooklyn
hmW tho other day. "Ho follow
Uynn Udy home, ind when the
,t hurriedly through Iht door,
Loed by her mother, the follow c
Mted tha latter M n acqutlntanoe.
mother rang the burglar alarm,
Mrf tha man In, and pretended to
W for her daughter. Reaulta : Mash-
Warreeted, taken to tin itatlon-houM
Wlhtnlffht. and fined 10." That
!m in exhibition, of genulno nerre
ndeltar headednesa, that the court
Wdhare put to better account
.1 punlihmeut of tho icoundrcl wai
jot half atrere enough ana tho exam'
aeiMtoughtto make or inm wai
Uethan half lost by the Imbeclllljr
trilnJnilge affixing the ponalty for
Mottrigo. Cattle of that descrlp
M iliould not be handled with
I A OLaaoTMAN wa reordalued by
M Long Iiland Congn-gatlonalliit
W'lilion the other dav who hat
ti what a local pajicr mildly call i
Warred career." He ha bran nc
Wtlir an Euiacoimllan,' a" Mctho-
Mirreibyterian and Congregation
l preacher. The lait churvh of which
mim pailor had a political quarrel,
ad tin church waa burned, ai it had
n mmi yeara brrure. lie wai
Wntcd and acquitted of the charge
Xrtllnr it on fire, and then he
Vwt)t lulu for ilauder and falne im-
Vaoameiit agalnit tho nir-inbcia
Jiiermlll.'iio to the Long Inland Ai
erilllOt IU (Vault lllonllv falion tmm
M and during hia abionce ha wai
Kpfii.il; but he hai now been rein
mioi ma nu onen instniir-d over an
0f church. It In lo be hoped that
tr church. !
TBB ii
ip on mm" awhile.
! U00SE-B05E.
nioor wiATnranic mutcckt
toi-Bon pnoMiaaa ce.
jm rwiliiiK, of the gooiw-biine In
JuanioKr winter. Thi will
rvid di-al ol anow and a few cold
w no proiractod etild weathr,
ZM mo"" f Deei'mber there will
"""7 old weather. During the
f the month there will be a few
r then ,04 tint will be cheerful
mrnnii comfortable. It will be
ttedlofly diaafrrecable month
HVr work, with anow or rain
rwtw. The probabilities
i tvt ?. . i JNoomy ChrUtmaa.
' ""aimi or weather will continue
?Kh nnT. few oold
.Wwlrhed between rain and
AMatthe nilitillnnf J in
be a few clear, cold days
mercury will go down be
i JT J,BU'y 15 and 16 will b
Z4 " X axperienced ia thia lat-
, ibttand!oom.
ialllbemore grnnlne winter
-mnrinq mu the little month
"afy thm In. December and
"WT.hnt there will not be any In
k,u ""n the cxccptioihef
iuoiii tbo middle or Jan
r Vi"keIX ,hllt th "ry
""'"''' arro.
robonhaa long been a
ill ,,cr P"lhet. la anme
ttntrfc of Kentucky the
ak all ihfflr arranirmenta
the predicaon ol
r-boi,,. -HUtira
7lilald aal.le,lbledwlth
tod It ( ,tltt 0II, Cd
n ?"ltt eouuty hai tl
v aKit In ll !. it.n u u mm.
'be bone Im never been
'a weather.
, eetlyth win tor of any
breut bona of mim
-'"at thtarecoding apHng.
NtraotJucenL ndlt win be
! rowr and ait(e.l. Th
'."Ht Mary ijx.li Indicate
pota are of a light alud
nt, wet wtber, rain or
'JT1 ior.
' JarewJafMhy.
8chnck, of Llnfclnton
Ur fVom 18S7 1 W74.
i'racu,oit Urn mim
"diirkft rrmnli:4u
f tha Jndg of tha
I "win varoiina,
Wj Rintrrofa onemd
trtf.ra, rrr op.
' oUwrvatloB) au'J r-
iittixt kava baea
ya try
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(,m fifi(, it, lumtt f ! I nut ii 0
I'l'Mit tti Mi iH iiili nf il, ,.li.
IUIUw, and llirft fmflhl i,t II.dm
iii.r I St,it $ M, ar fliitA
Jii'iMt.ndtfff.hf tha lam
"(It f!i frtrndl fit li,lnc IrUI tn.
illmctly tn liiifiitiiKriiriP," In M.
i-liarijii In Hi iranil lurr al H, Im
imoii rmiri, h tnirii
Mwlifrt i-niiriiTitii Tim fnm.
fiiM(t now tin our fluchata are
wltli aliilniift ii inm t ! rwraon
(if iiilimr (Miki. aMiill ainl
Iml'i mil alfraj', ., Inieitiieriiir
i inn innini i ti vnrix lilc rana, HI
ih fate nf hmnlrlila which I tiaaa
li I' d In ide I iwn or three yeara. I
now rwulli'fl tiMi, of which all were,
In mr niiliiliiii. Iracaahl dlrm ilv In
IihIki f'lark, of fvkaa. rrtmrta that
of all murder rai tried In hla i nnrl,
nr oriKiiinieii in wnimy, ami al
moat tvnry ol her ruiivlitlnii for tlo
lema waa ilia remilt of liiiiiitralloti.H
To Ik'citaa the ffnur-nliini to auree
to tha niulil.llcailiin of criminals, the
Innrraae of lae, and the ruin of inula
by mon who brink ruin on thenmultea
nd othera for Kniii.
A I'en I'lctnrt of (Joltean.
A Wathlnuton corieriximlent makea
the followlnir pen tilcture of Uultcau t
Gullcau fHicil tho ineclalora for
tour lioura tq-day, and many of thoae
prcamit tied an opportunity to atudjr
ma lace oareruiir ior tne 11m time.
A comparlnon of It with a photoiiraph
ahowa that alnce hla iuoarceration he
hai grown much more haggard, and
hla race haa waatml. It U a ourloui
fact that the right half of It aeema
bctUir doToloed than the other. The
forehead of the right aide ia higher
ana in ii a re r, tne eye sa larger ana
well hiticd. On the left eldo the
forehead aecma lo break down, the
hair rune lower In place, the eye ia
considerably amaller, ana haa even a
more depraved look than tho other,
Ilia left eye ia a airikine feature. It ia
lll-ahapcd, bloodahot, menanclng and
uuly. Ilia eyea look dark in the dim
light of tho court room, but they are
reaiiy a Miii-oua pale inue. ilia Head
rcaeinblea a atamling cube, the top of
it being flat, the face and back of the
iieadhavln. a peculiar alant forward.
Ilia hair, abort beard, and eyebrowa,
areof a dirty brown. Ilia grin ia one
or tne mom repulsive tilings about the
man. ilia line scarcely more, and
when they do they merely make a alit
acrou hla whito teeth, whllo tha de
moniac light cornea Into hia eye, and
the whole of the ragKd, repuleiw
face light up. When thia grin en-
lsraei to a smirk, the afwimln slancea
around to aeo whether the apoctatora
catch tho loko.aml the hlclure ia In
ton nldcd. It la a face in which the
eye cannot tiud a redeeming foature
A Fartana frai lagar.
(Honolulu Conmuouilene AlUnr Am.. I
A loir yean aiio a German named
l;iaua Ktirecklot came to Honolulu,
Sandwich 'Islauda, and, after looking
around for a eultahle place to aettl
upon, he made an oiler to rent a large
tract of land at the foot ol an extinct
volcano, which the action of the elc
muni had around Into tha Ducat
dint. A light critat had formed upon
the turface, and It looked about aa
valuable for agricultural purpoaei ai
a fiagntone walk. Bptvcktci, however,
auccerded in leaning a tract of IO.IXX)
acrea for fifty yeara, at the rato of ten
cent per acre. He than broko uo
thia cruat. mixed tho dual with
email quantity of vcgrtable mold,
thorotiKlily Irriirated tha aoil thui
fartnetl. and planted atiiar cane. To
day ha U a tnilllonalre and the rlchett
piontiKn in laiatma. in aogar
mado iioin cauo grown nero i or a
veiy tuierlor quality. Al firat the
ciiaiomi ofiiccrt rcruM-u to anow tne
unrefined u?ar to be admitted duty.
tree to the lulled biatea, claiming
that It waa ntlued, ao clear and pur
1 Ita quality. The cant-flelda are
many of them worked by Portugrae.
A Tlrrtnla Dor-Tren.
A Vlrirlnla farmer, bavin? auflVrcd
teverely from tlie depredalloua of doga
uiionJiia hecn-rold, otilll around
number of ahcep that dog had killed
an loclofure of ralla twelra feet high
nd ten feet aquar at the ground, th
aidca of the trap eloping inward until
an onenluir wa left about flva reel
Uare. Any dog could enlly climb
audi a alotilnir lenca and enter the
pen. tut Dot even a greyhound couia
jump out of Ik In three nlghta the
raruier canturea rorty-aix nog a, in
eluding fifteeu or twenty that had
never wvn before In mat netftiibor
hod. Thia after there had Iwcn
Dtiblie ilauelitcr of all dori auapevted
of ahcen-killlng. aava one, who to
mauler could not be convinced of hi
irullt. The Iran waa built for lite
enpecial benefit, and It caught hlin the
Ural HlglH. .ywenowry t irymiuw,
A (loalaa hr Dikalai.
A gentleman called who gav Mr,
Fielda a plcaoaui anecdote oi iibiicck
lie and hla wire chanced to oeeomini
in lkMtan in the tame car with Hat
leek the year before hla duth. He
intended to atop" at Stamford, which
waa then hla home, but being in
couveroailonal mood, to their aur
nrlM h did not mov when they ar
rived at that elation. "Ar you not
to ilop at Stamford to-day r th lady
aakail. Ita looked ud In amaaement,
aaving, aa ba took hla friend'a hand,
"th eunveraation of yonr w If haa ao
Interfiled aud abaorbrd ma that 1
have ijn. what never occurred be-
rnra In ih miir of mv lnf life, on
roimcloua of tha Journny." Tha gowl
laily had acarcely openeit her Hp : but
what genlua ror iiewningi mr;
fielft tHitrti.
What x-Vlc l-reslilent
WHaon' opinion of th Temperance
inform I.: "In mvludrnent tbar I
tint nnl Srav In which thia result can
ha reached. Tha t'hnrth moat tak
nn tha matter. It winrt bcm ana
of h living Issna In Iha moral war-
far la which It ia ngageii.
ta a mmmnnlcatloa t the IT. T. In
deindut, ba uld ol tha Liquor
Crime t v
Thera Is. to day. larger army
der Ita control, than want to Iba war.
.kit. thnaa winnraln ovr th vaal
t.aK.1 Kl or loved oveM, ird la
.-1, aal la tt bittern of tfir
HMrt ar Iha las! leia.rtael IimIi
Hieis ifiatfh I 4i al i(r en
aiifiitsy lasi,
ail hltftitreil pSflna f taelSllK I
I ali'fi Jt'ieilsi,
Iha ttet'hr"ft ttscraelii, AlUftla.
(t kav been 1'ilii Inf f la.mfl, lni IM ar-
m pint hr hit twee aian4'tied,
Aa MICH SeMlns iiMIm I, 1'isnit (,!.
lalur ennveneit SI !) llre,ni.nn Mjiiilal
last In ennslifer tha retsniis ifiiesllna,
pearly a block nf framM liislnesa Misea
Id llii.rM f.l, Khosaa, a lnirnMt nn
Thursday, lss, aimtit iM.ntin, lmnrsn,
link noun,
The failed atntei iteamar Kaarssjfo will
gn in New Orleans ilmrtly and open a n
val reerulllng remleiviiiis with a flew lo
obtaining apprenllu tmys fur Iralnltig,
Al Anlloch, (la., Mrs, Auglln learned
that her hoahntid wis al the bmisa nf a
rs, Jaekatin, alia went to th hnia uf
ra, Jackson anil slabbed her fmir times,
killing her, Mrs, Auglln la In tha Udlsn
J. M.C, lwls, a thrifty farmer living
near Anlloch, (Is , left his hnusa In visit his
mother, On bis return ha found hla wife
and three-year-old child slde.hy.elde on the
floor, beahtn to death. A negro suspocled
of the crime la lajsll,
81a hundred of Iht tenanta of the Duke or
Devonshire have doolilud not to pay their
renta, except with a raduotion of 30 per
Tl Dublin eorreapnndont ol the London
'imtt taya: "Th oontplraoy axalmt tbe
payment of rentlioitendlng, and hitlmidi
tlon, boycotting and threata are prevalent
throughout a larg area ot Territory."
Connael lor both the defena and prone
eutlou hare had conaultallna with l'rel-
dont Arthur, and hi haa reluaed to take
tha Hand and b iiiltjected t aueh quoau
lona, aa Senator Davla waa en the Oulteau
Congreaaman Cox, of New York, haa
prepared a bill to Increase the pay of kmn-
era of life earing itatlooi, and provide for
the penaiona to famlllea or men in that er.
vie who may lone their Uvea In it. Ilo
alio propoaea fifteen additional life-aavlng
itntloni on the groat Ukca aid Die At-
lantio Coaat.
To prvpare the fnundallon for leglilation
that nil ii II aettle In advance of future con
lingenclea aomethlng that niight cauae tori
oua trouble, Beoator Bock will intmduna a
reaolutlon directing the Judiciary oom-
mltlee to consider w hat I mean in th
Constitution by presidential "Inability,'
how thia Inability ab'iuld b determined
and la general what legislation I necen
tary to carry out the provisions of the con
stitution aa to the presidential succession
It la thought that the OarBcId case will
load lo the necessary legislation on these
questlona thia sessnn.
tub iRCRgTARr'i "iinerr.CTiox."
"And la thia a aliin?'' aaked the
Secretary of the Marine at the navy
yard. "I have heard of ablpa from
my youth ud, and have long desired
to see one. Prav, do they float f
Which end eroea (Irst ? Whv not have
one stick Instead of three sticking out
ofthedorka? Why ia not that Hick
upright like the rest V aakod the Sec
retary or tha Aavy or the uommand
ant of the navy-yard, pointing to the
"That la (he bowsprit," aald the
Commandant "Bowsprits never sticks
up. They are meek and lowly in all
their waya."
"What aro these hoiea rorr asked
the Secretary, Muting to the oiicn
hatchway. "Why have you made
audi deep excavations lu the vessel?
"The ship is hunt around these
holes" aald the Commandant, "but
they extend no Anther than the water.
If they did theililo would sink."
"Were rou ever In a etorm at iea?
akked tha Secretary of tha Command
"Only once, renlird Iha Command
ant "It waa a typhoon in Ingltude
81 oft the Kquatr. We wre hown
clean out of the water twice, and spun
for mile through Iha air Ilka a 'bai
loon. I shall never forget tha terrl
ble appearance of these aa we look
ed down upon It from tha clouds.
Wa irntdowa aifclv to water at leaf,
and tied tha ahip to a water aiiout It
waa a terrible time."
"Deary, deary me," aald the Secre
tary, "bow interesting. Aim you
lived thmuga it an. leu ua aome
mora. lint lot me inquire first, It th
capstan of a vessel equal In rank to th
captain r
''In ordinary lime,' aald the Com
mandant, "tha captain outrank the
rapatan. Hut the .captain alwari
take command of tha hip when the
anchor I weighed.
"Indeed" replied the Secretary,
'But where la your fourth eastlef I
do not behold any caatl on board at
"Fourth castle I Fourth castle I What
do yoa mean. Secretary V asked the
amaaeil UonimaiMiaw.
"Why, la all aea talea I vo read of
the rourth caatie, ' Hid tne meretarv.
"Oh, you mean tk fokestlc,' " aaid
the Commandant.
-Ilia whatr aaid tha mystified
Secret art.
"Fokeail. Fokealle placa where
th crew llva. Down thero," aald th
"Why, It'aa hole." aaid the Secre
tary. "Captain, I do not approve to
vour keeping your men In such dart,
damp cellar. They'll catch th rueu
malia." "And do tha aallora really ellmb np
there. " skd the RerreUry. "1 will
save th lift of many a callant tar,
Let all Iha meet be provided with
hvdranlle levator."
"It ahall ba doe." aald the Cora
"Jail lit offieer of IK watch," and
denly demanded the rVeretary i than
remarking la aa aside, "III show him
that I know animithing about ablpa
Th oCear arpra.
Offlcer." aald th Secretary, iho
a yonr walrbe ; I waat to e If they
are all la anad ordef."
"hlr. tU wtVhe wr all nt oa
t'-or t' ' f 't bt '3wV r
r . t t r.,. i r: .
If," replied !!. nlUcef i Iha wal.h,
'l ilo wlli tufak the ,"
Ihnnderetl lli etf.fr, I Will n'd
alin lb Mu In he laaeti Aft Ibll (if
any titlif I'lilled Utile vessel, .011
(lii Nnf need the Hut, It Ii a f IIMan
mm, ri,in iir-liflgM, and edited
Willi acerlsfn airci'inl nt ttaianle alill-
liy, I admit, hut rieiimralllng lei h
enfrectitls.pllna f Ihenstt lfyn
desire la tak am Iblnf . take I a .
foil l'ol or Ida riilladelplri ifer,
Tne a ''!, heivr iiaper I ml will
sere' '-I ' l'al Imtli Ida iM. md your
ml i i tun, eir, if ymi have nn
1-ln'i nn luanl. ilmw n ynf
rhwfca. Yoit ar t'fhVer nf lb elitck
a well as the wad has, are yon tmlr"
"Ate, aye, alrl " said tne i.fTlcor nf
Iha welch,
"II It What la the winlil makea
on so rgiiiltleal In eire.lng yonr
if r w hy Hon I roti say ) e, lr, like
while man F" said the sen -Mary,
"Yea, air. Hut I am aom lit ear
that It was necessary In rt oi I1 e pern
diilmus of all nur clock during I he
last gale, and thoyve not lie n ihaknn
out vet,"
"And Where all that Imnj-lng ror! '
aald the Secretary. "Is It a naval en.
gafciiietit f"
"W e are firing the ctiatniiuiv sa life
or nineteen gnus lit your honor," aald
t lie coimiianiimii.
"). von are. ar von. Ara there
btiltola In any of 'emf Are i hey point
ed this way 1 I don't like II. It tnttkei
tne nervous, I aliall have that tuac
Ice atopped. Comtnntidaui, after Ihla
re anvila or toy tiisioia, and tare
powder. Dear me, If Cheater would
lily lot me alay, how cheap I could
run our navy. I would almllah the
alilpi altogrlher.. Wo ve got hardlv
any now, and ao far aa lho are con
cerned that wo have, we might aa woll
havo none at an. ttood niorning,Com'
maud a nt." Aw York (Iraph to.
Guatemala Women la the Sorf.
We landed at Chamnarco. Ita
thnlched huts sheltered by royal palma
and aurrounded hy orange grove,
presented the ideal tropical picture,
which wa wen confirmed by the tor
vent heat of the sun. Our curiosity
being soon gratified, we strolled down
to the ucacli. Several hundred men,
women, maids, youth and children
were towing and floundering In the
foamy attrf, the large majority of them
being unencumbered by ovuuao muoh
aa a linen collar.
"There'e your bright bronzod maid
ena of tho auu," exclaimed our poet In
rapture a.
flow about th sharker exclaimed
a more practical traveler, when It waa
proposed that we join the bather.
"Oh, they won't touch you In the
eurf," a Jolly tar replied. "I've never
heard of anybody being hurt by a
iliark in th aurf. They ean't aeo in
the surr,"
Confiding In thia pleasant theory.
we participated In the general en oy
mem, l fie brawn eenonai mani
fested no surprise nor disapproval,
aim u.unied no prudish airs. They
laughed, ahouted, and plunged into
the rearing brcakera with aa much lu
difference aa though they wore the
ii urn ciegam uaiiung ojaiumca ever
manufactured. The women in (Jen
teal America are fa mom for beatitv of
form, which 1a chiefly due to the fact
they ignore thno appliances or elv
lllzalion that twist their paler slmen
out of ahajie. Han Francisco Vhron-
One Ulasa ar Ban.
ilr. Harnett, while conducting a
temperance mealing, related thia incl
dent: "what ono glaaa did fur a
Ho aaid ha wai attending a meeting
wl. cio temperance experience were
told. A man arose aud told what one
glass had done for hi ai. He aald:
the had four men besides myself. I
had my wiro an l two children on
board ; the night was atormy, and my
brother wai to stand watch that night ;
tlie leimeit prevailed on hlin to take
Sine gla-' lo help III in to perform hla
duties, but being unaccustomed I
liquor, he full sioop, ant In tho night
ha awoke lo find my v. sscl a wreck
I took my wifi and one of my little
once in my arms, and aha look the
other, aibl for hour we battled with
tha cold wavea. Alter hour of auf-
frriag, th wavea swept my little one
from my embrace; then, after more
hour of suffering, the wavea awrpt
my other little on from my wife'
arma, and our two little ueara were
lost from us forever. After mora bt
lling with th storm, and waves, I
looked at mv wife, and behold ah
was cold In death. I mado my way
10 fie ahore, and h.re I am my wife,
my chlhlreu and all my earthly no
aesaiona lol for one glaaa of rum'".
Amertranlxlat England.
Fan Mr. LaboucUrei "Th House
of Cominom i an old-fashioned elage
coach, with horse pulling different
waya-'ln an age of radroada. To ron-
vort it into a railroad ia the object of
all aluoere Kadicale. Tho trouble la
that while the object of all lUdlcals
I th same, they differ among them.
aelvca lo the mesns to attain it.
Thi would be my plan : I should di
vide th United Kingdom into 30 di
trtct. fcach district would bay a
local assetuMy with tha same powers
In reikrd to local mattera tint are en.
joyed by the Stale of the American
Union. I should then proceed fur
ther to divide the kingdom Into 3u0
electoral district. Having relieved
th House of Lord and lb House of
Commons of their function a, I should
creata n tmiierlal Parliament, con.
slating of two representative elo-ted
by each local assembly, and one rn-
rewnlativa from each electoral dis
trict. They would all ill and vote to
gether The representative from th
electoral district would be elected
each yar, but tha representative from
the locl assemblies would be eleriwl
for a term of Iva year eventually,
aad wnbld be renewed ch year by
oae-aiiiiof inem ueing sunjoct to re
Tha Pensumla an.1 All. .lie rallrn
l,s m.traeta.1 fne .l.ile.r. ri,.,in.
July, Angast and September next, of
lee) new engine, it paasngvr eoa. h
aa and the aerwaaary mall and bar
ge' ear. Trac.klsylng I being
p...d r-li3ly forward. General
luprlEton.. t fJblpley'a headqwar
tar are loet.i at leaaaeoia.
muni tir nr.
I il. h rrl. ,l fulwar, V, Y
elifsti hi. iHh Mriliday by walk'
Ing a mile on waiter.
Mm. dull Mln, lor s irri an
Initial nf N Jn.eph' hospital, ew
York, Is I hi years nf age,
Michael f I'Urlen, of Nrlen, H is , I.
how living al th age nf I nl, J lo still
anjoya his pip iif iolis.cn,
Mr., Miller, who re.lde al Klne.
leeiilh and lker streals, I'l.lladel.
phla, rlalina to he I'lj years old,
Mta, l:iialHli llanleti, a colored
Woimsii. Islely died al Hie house nf her
ami lu i roy, N. Y al the ag of lot.
A colore.) Woiniii In Mllsvlll,
liailied llosell IVashMtgloll, Ws iHirn
In 1 7r, I, ami Is therefor In her 1 1 .At I
Michael tlanvue, living with hi
eon-ln-law, Clenrge Mulr, lit Itoches.
l-r, N, Y,, Is lot, Hal. an Inveter
ate smoker.
Old aunl Kaiitii Walker (colored).
of Kansas City, Is lu her llfllh year.
(the la living with her gioat-graml-
Mis, Margaret Freeman, of flalh.
Me., Is In eni'llciii heallh at the age
of 1(J(), Hhn haa sound leeih and
reads ami sctva.
Ah'lillinlil McAi'llnir died a few
(lays ago at Diismmui, Scolland, at the
go ol KXi. tor many year ho car
ried on Kvangeli.tlu work among tlio
(Jaellc poptilatlott.
Nicholaa Mlngloy, of Vetitiira.Cal..li
aid to Iki lot yeara of ag", ami It ia
claimed (hat both hia father and mo
ther lived to bo over a century old, and
that bit brother, recently deceased, wai
Mr. Munch Abney. of Ib d Onk. O..
la lU'2, and has a sinter only two yeara
younger, ihey moved to lirown
county, South Carollua, 45 yeara ago,
ana nave never boon out or tlio coun
ty alnce.
Airs. Harati Moieiy waa ill yeara
oia at tne time or her iiuatn, at Madi
aon, ind., November Uth. Khowaa a
native of North Carolina. Herdaitgh
tern, or whom there are several In that
vicinity, ran go in ago from fifty-five
to eighty-euveii yean.
Mra. Itachot Coukllng. of New
York, ia now 100 years, one mouth
and a fow daya old. Her husband
and son-in-law were sold lor in the
war of 1812, and her brother ealab-
lUhod the firat ferry between Ho.
boken and Mow York. Her activity
ia slightly Impaired, and ahe has
only had two weeka alcknoa during
tho I ant twenty-five veara.
Mra. Maria Huff, or Clinton, Wis.
celebrated her lUOtli aunlvertary on
the Kith of August last. She was
married In 17DII, and la the mother af
seven children, four of whom are llv
ing. Their respective agoa are HI, 73,
G7 and C:t. llcsldva tho four children
living, II rs. Huff has living twenty
aix grandchildren, forty great-grand
children, and eight gruat-great-grauil
Mrs. Nancy Sims, of Jack aon.Tcnn
la aaid to ho not lc than I2U yeara
old. Tho old woman retains her
memory well. Sho claim that hnr
hualiniid aud father were both soldier
in the Revolutionary war. Many of
her grandchildren and great-grand
children are living in tho counties of
Madison and Hardeman. A clay pip
hi been her cotuilaut companion aiiae
early youth.
At a Christian pooplo we mourn
over the soldier killed In battle ; w
regret the waste of the material
exltli of the country caused by Ih
war: and yet we tolerate the manu
facture of a poison, and lic.enaa Ita
sale, tli it hai cost the country more
I nee Lt'a surrender than the who
eiienei of tho war of the rebellion;
that, in the startling language of th
llov. Chorlca II. Fowler. I). I.. "mur
der sixty thousand men annually:
looms to an Inheritance of rags and
ilia me two mlllioiii of children ; hangs
a mill-atone around the necks of three
niillloiia of women, and casta them In
to tho social aea; aend two hundred
thousand naupera to the poor houses :
over two hundred thousand criminal!
lo the gallows and prison ; bequeathes
two hundred thousand orphana to
pit bl io charity: horrlflea tha year
with four hundred end fifty eulcides
and aeven hundred murdore, and
commit! to tho demon of lunaey twelve
tliou-ainl human beings."
Tltl In-day la our national ain, and
laroiiimllted by a peoplo ao pioua that
they would not permit our Central
Kxhibliluo to be opened on Sunday
that the poor could aoa how much
mankind had advanced under
Hie Influence of Chrlatlan Civilization.
Vesily the proaperity of Iha American
people to "strain at a gnat," and their
capacity of awallowing a camel la
intMt wondcrrui. uv our tawa wa nx
a penalty for Sabbath breaking and
hlaspheinv, and then, with Iha lag!
' cup, tempt men to despise thdy
and aet at naught our lawa and the
deraaudaorGodt wa legallte the us
as a beverage ot that which protnpte
biiinan llis to biaspbrma, that never
uttered an oath before ; wa enact our
criminal code, with it lone 111 or ho
man traiisgresainne, and than Ileen
man to Uiupt tltelr fellow mn to vlo
lailon, by lb commission of rlmj
we. with InflnlU ami nnbluihlng by'
imrracy, aaknowleiiga th word or
Ood to b the auprem law of tha
land, then lead men Into temptation
and prompt them n aril ; wa re-enact
the edict God gave to hla chon pee
pi that "vt hosoever sheriileta maa't
blood.by man ahall hla blood be abed,'
and then by law justify tha aala of
that, which nerve th nn of th as
sassin and prompte hia heart to mur
IarvMat la Ua Oaallty af CaHaa,
N. O. Democrat : Th tendency of
th cotton, when long under ' eultlva
lion in tli lame Held, 1 to deteriorate
not only in yield, but in quality of Ih
atapta produced. Notwithstanding
thi tendency, w hv been constant
ly Imnrov n iba oualtty or eolloa
produced by n. and HOW lum out
better ataphj thia ever aerora. Tfit
Improvement ba beea aonluonly
noticeable alnce Hie war. Before thai
great ioch In our history, low grade
and abort fap! tnltoM were mtieh
baedaal In thaBuatit Ihaatbey
hre to-day. A more thonm-h ciilli-
vailon and plfileareln tha-:-tlon
(faeed bavae-. a lar' -ot
'ilirels no Moii wbr, In (be
fins i,f time, w i r n it silll hit'
(Iff llllpro lll l develop I l,e slspl
nf our eottii", In foimer dayi oin
sea llud eolloif Wss fslil In Ilia
th liillv nf IM. fllv, e.pc ela It on lb
Mlxloippl nl, wher Il did Well,
hill Ibis nop ha latterly Imea given
Ihlf planter! how iltoW Ih neies.
.sry car In Iha lelcetloflfif ie., On
llili iKilnl Ihrre ar gieat difereine nf
opinion among llicm.sii I e It planter
l as his favorli seed, which he llilali
the be. i mil., I in ih rlltnai and
Ian. I, 1 hi i en on aiillinrlile. mad
n Investlgallon Into this que. Hon I
Hit. wi sic, and foil n I more than
twenty varieties of aaml planted In
Ihla hlal. Il would he In (tin ad
vaulagn of Ih planters If oach af
th varlelle cuiihl Im pracllially
tmtcil, an lhal Ihey notild learn souie
Ihlug as In Iha merits or the dlU'ereut
species of seed, Something (if Ihla
kind was promised by Ih Atlanta
rollon hhIiIiiu,
Ta Ike Warklngiaen,
Workliigtnen. la It not heller lo line
bread ami clothes llian beer and rags f
Is It not better to lay by a little for a
rainy day limn to spend hard-earned
money in drunken revelry r la II not
heller In have the love and respeol nf
your wife and family than to have the
smiles of a landlady f 1 Il not better
lo fenihcr ynnrown nt than lo bt
plucked by a ruitiselle', ? Ia It not bat
ter lo keep an aged lather or mother
at yonr own tlimdd than help buy
Ilka and satlna for th family nf a
gluscllerf Ii il not better to eletli
aud eilucats your own children than
to do It for the children of a saloon
keeper f is It not batter to have th
approval nf a good conscience for liv
ing what ia right than th reproaches
of a bad one fordoing what Is wrong f
la II not bettor to enjoy th real hieaa
Inga of Uod, which uduralh forever.
than th false nleaiureaf Satan.whloh
end In ruin ? la it not bet term la live
that you will not fear to dlef 1 it
net better to have th good opinio f
th intelligent and respeotaot portion
or the community than It la t feavt
th goed-wlll of tin low and dabauck
d r finally, la It not batUr to have
thia death-dealing traffic In Intoxica
ting drlnka removed from ur land r
Would not our land be Miter rtr itr
Wuld not many a home ba made
hannler t Would uot a bright and in
lelllgonl boy be aavrd from a life af
elu and mlaery ? Would not many a
heart-broken wire ana mother oe
made lo relolc? Would not many
fallen one be reacuad: and would not
verybodv bo the better for Itr Work
In men. think the matter over. ua
the issue square in the face, and then
decide whether rou are In favorof do
ing away with tlila traffic nr not. If
you disapprove of the whliky bualnesa
then fight against It; talk against it,
and don't fail to vote agatnit ii ol
your next election.
War Widow.
The wldowa of the soldl.rs and tall
on of tho war of 1813 are, fortunate
ly for themaolvea aud fortuuaUly for
I tin public treasury, uiesaea who mar
velous health and iirongui. Accord'
ing to the official rcorte from Waih
Inuton. 20.M) tit these Inlcrratlni
ladina prtiaent ihemselvei every three
months before tho accredited agenta
of (he government and draw tliolr
penaiona with a preclaion that she wi
high condition of financial discipline
Their age, Individually or collective
lv. no onaof enursa will be ao nnrab
lantaa even to hint at, but the date
of the laat war with Ureal Urltain
pretty well back in the century.
the darkiioae and uncertainty that
envelop the tienalon office at Washing
ton regarding the boealble claim
against the government arising ont of
the lata war the role of the rellcta of
th horoe of that natrloilo epoch
our lil-try mav afford aome light and
Instruction tha total nutnlxir of
killed and wounded In the 1812-13
campaigiia waa a little mora than
WW. At the end of nearly aeven
ty year the pension Hit of the
widows alone outiiumtior that of th
ctusalitlc by live loone. If the wid
ow of the veteran of th Itebclllon
nand by the treasury aa patriotically
aa those of 1.NI2, Ih Commissioner of
IVwdoiia In l'J.'iO will have a couple of
hundred thousand of thorn on hi
booki. JVeir York Herald.
The whisky traflV In our Stale din
hard, but II la neverthelns surely
"going, going," and the third atroke
of the hammer I nearly down, with
the glad newa,"gone, attached to It,
and we hoti and exiiect, by the end
of 1K82, lo see the laat aaloon closed
lu our fair Bute. Over tt Osceola,
th County i Court of Mleelsslnpi
county mad a prohibitory order.
rrora which me whisky men appealed
to the Circuit Court last week upoe
moiionefHou.II.il. McVeigh and
Ed. II. Matthe, Esq., atiorneya for
the proliibilioiilata, the appeal wai
dismissed, and the whisky men ap
pealed to the Supreme Court. The
whisky men then filed a petition for
certiorari lo bring npthe recced of the
County Court, granting the prohibi
tory order, which being allowed, they
moved the court to quash the same,
Thi wa refused, nd Ih Whisky
men annealed to tha Supreme Court
We nope there are.iufnclent point
raiseu in ins iwo cases wr iusi ou
prein Court to doclda npoa the eon
tltutionaliiy of th law and tha
Cwere and dutlee of tha Coonty
ourt thrundr-fVevirrg Beacon.
Aa laeitaaatkl Kapply
Writing of th wine lupply during
lliii yer. th Wilntu yt "The
Fremh wine dealer bare been them
solve puttied where all tha wine
come from. Than baa been a very
liort crop thi year, and th dealer
naturally laid in alocka of Spanish
and Italian vintage agalntt th de
licit. They found, faowvr, that ao
acarcity occurred, that the wine-grow
era were never at a Iom to lupply lb
demand, however great. On xmi
nation they foil mi the abaene of
grepe lo be mad on by fermented
raiiln Vut' with Caiirbrnla wine for
ton and colouMnd a little white wine
for variety. All kind of fermeatej
balance were lao found la be nd
In lb place of ralsluM"d a variety f
dya stu for colour. If thee t-la-i
be done at t: fler-ari. what r.
wlnor.:.i-J ky . or anl l.'I h
i --?- 'if
i Miiiin, niMinmi..
Mlieteen sastl In enngr.M ar ftn
der (oiila.l, fl nf with h If fiofe) lh
snillbern itntea,
A I'lilladelplil pspef ha I frpoft
thai io,si.(l ', Ingersoll's danglitera
a In inm a r'fMhflflenl
'fh rbhesi merchant of Hew Ynrk
Moses I s!if, and ha Ii Worth lo,
taiiini iiord!fi to rrl.
Je)i mntehmati aay thai Mnmly
afTl hinVry an In receive tVt) a
mouth dining their rea. hlng and
Inglng lour In Knglattd,
Mr, 1'altnag say hl I atrewn
Willi IoI'Sitii leaves, llnl tlml s all
right, Me amok when lhy get to
ell, though they paver did before.
A protulneiil Connecticut man re
cently remaiked I "I inter th old i liar-
r II waslhn mlulalirs who ruled
'iitnieeilctii i aim then II hai Inwii I lie
a vers, hut now It la lit nun nf Iron
ml brass,"
Cornelius Vandarbllt Uplifting nn
tillilltigs for a rharliahin M'(eiy,
his lavs yuiing A lor In Iha shadow,
ir lu afler yean In lef Congressional
onora will b over-lopplT by tin)
ouse that Vanderbllt
A bngui prleat, going by tha aaver
nnmea of llavli, David or Danlnla,
tea been iiiMilng upon th unwary
Itlr.eiii or laxaa and ltaiia, ror da
nncy'asak w Irmt Ihli niau I not
David Davla In dtiguiao.
A lady remonstrated with a green
girl Who had waahed a leal dtall In
a washbasin. Bli nearly cotivuisnd
tho whoio family by replying t "Well,
mum, hut 1 clanoa iha basis agin afort
anybody washei in tu
The barge Unas will anon begin their
winter business. Laat Saturday a BL
I.oula grain firm sold a'ltMXJO bushel
or cash corn to a New Urleimeiiiort
lug firm. Thli waa the largnat cam
safe of grain aver made 'n fit. Louie,
There I no doubt In t.'ie mind of
th Hartford Courant tb'it tha belt
practical atateamen of riew England
lo-lay look upon the iioenaa tystem
ai more protnollv of tomptrane
than tktao-caiied proiuoitnry ayitem
(.org Iaw waa bard, aeltiih and
tlngy, A correspondent it ate that
oecusinnallf hlawlfe'a pastor pan
t rated hia seeiuiioa ana ootainaa aome
trifling donation, but thia waa only
tha result of porteveranca agatnat eb-
Th ahlnmenta of a attl over th
Union ruiflo road tbl season will
ready passed through Omaha, and
these mostly .from Nebraska. Th
beat of the high grade beef cattle pa
through direct lo Rurope.
"Mr dear child." observed goo
deacon lo an urchin who wa polish
Ing a cat'a back with a blacking bruih
on th lrd' day, "have yon never at
tended Sunday achooi f" "Naw." re
sponded Die gamin frankly, "I doa't
go to places of emusmnt." Brook
lyn A(I0(. t
"Papa." remarked tha Infant Urrl
ble, who waa mounted on th back of
the old getitlemaa'a chair engaged In
making crayon sketche on hi bald
head, "it wouldn't do for you to fall
asleep In the desert, would It f" "Why
not, my darling V "Oh, the ostrich
might sit down on your bead and hatch
it out," Brooklyn Magi. .
Why Shermaa Waa lat Baaqaeted.
Cincinnati CommmrtoU It la a
remarkable fact that while tha real
nalivea have ceased to bear anlmoilly
tow ard th grim old warrior who left
a black aonvenir if Oeorgla "40 mile
wide and 300 long," the women, on the
contrary, will nevea-forgot that Sher
man burned their home, And tbey
uniformly refuse la regard him aa
anything else than an Invader and a
dopollrr. Speaking to some Southern
lidle about Sherman, a few daya ago,
tbey aay they will never forgive him.
and would not permit him to ba feted
here If tbey could prevent It.
"Why," aaid one, "when he earn
South before, and waa feasted here,
there were. womn at tha table who
wished every drink ha took eon Id be
transformed Into polaon; and other,
whil lending their preeene a a mat
ter of necessity, bid beneath the
guise of politenea a hatred which
boded no good ror tha destroyer or
their home." I have found that Ihla
tret uiient atlll exist her very largely
among th women of Georgia, and If
aeport be correct, It waa a potential
agency la Influencing a change of pro
gramme on Tuetday. A committee
of cititena proposed to honor tit Gen
eral of the Army with a banquet,
but currant rumor baa It that th
member of th tommit were In
formed that It would ba diabutefQl to
aome, and that a number af ladle via-
lied a merchant waa waa on the oom
mlitee, and warned him not to tlve
the banquet or they withdraw their
patronaa. I give thia aa I get il,
and one corroborative fact I preeent
In th absence vf the banquet
Th New York Nwn't refer wee to
the Baptist (oclal onion at Delmont
co's, and Un abeae of th loetist
and wild honey which formed tha
food for John tha DaptlH. ralla alit
tie 8unday-hool Incideat Whleh w
avouch haa never been In print and la
apuraract. Ilw county 'quire,
an elder, a mot xllent man with
all the pretention Ignorance or In
Dogberry, or fTeldlag 'tqaira. Th
lesaen waa In John. Tk boy bad
formed vtrlout thaarlae a beat the
"locus and wile honey f hit tha
asking af question wa not eaeoar
aged ; it gtv trouble omatimaa. The
teacher waa in Iha habit of revealing
all that aught to ba known, which waa
all bo knew, pin a largw ameaat ba
didn't know. "Now, boy," Mldna,
railing hi pec, "I expect yea ail
want to know what kind of Men
and wile honey John tha Daptlet at la
tha wllderae. The klmlataion
mskt out it was tha eeva'ea-yv
locue and be4tonayl" l.Jr La
'quire lifted hlprka blcSer aai
assumed a Mvr jadlctal srreie,
aa If ba were about aa expoec! ' a
law or consirae t'l atatua. K
klmlnutora wu l:lr-a. il
pasalona at oursttv., 1 1 1 " .
year tocusara, aa yoa i'I r 1 t
mlto have : aar r it'
'm,n'l g;--i tt c f It''
t-r.Ai,nt. 'r
f fMV '
Vf Mfer'i tsrif a nd Nd llm to h
f-wiliw' Wlllt N trees, and what
ftior, bees lift I fonnd I Ih wiid.r.
put away from seltlsmsnf, NnwJ'm
gold' I'ltell fi( linfl abl M al U
my n pinion. Il ws hnne iH-nj
on ail l em, and I reel rn,whn
ws a boy tb eummnn hnir lie
niseiied heXhln' !," Thr wait
rnrl assent all Iba hy had aaten
"hoiiy liicnss," n fruit orihelbr.
Ihorned fci, and h eiplanathm
vd Ih refm fat Inflnf John th Han
si in th matter ar !!, ffii;;
The kei iliop nf Hili efre ire prnv
ag a grsal peril lo lit children, Ml-
Iflrly several enmplaltila, II II an
inuinred, hav been mad al Ih east
Id ml ic itailoni br proiis who
I'u.o that their children era "drink
tig lb ilrall'tng of th beer keg,"
hlcli aland nn li.a alilewalki In front
of saloons. 'J Im an o tW tireparcd
for lh atrnnger llqunre. Tin) Tribune
lite n I loin the recant ilealh of t boy
ten yeara old, named Trie, who waa
rHirted at tha llureaii of Vital Sta
llstlca aa haying died from congestion
f th brain due to ahohollsm that
wa produced bv drinking loo much
brandy or whisky. This boy waa ona
of a group of seven, all about Ian
yean ol ag, discovered In a vacant
lot up town drinking and Quarreling
over a demijohn of liquor of which
they had in aome way beom pos
sessed, Another beside I'rlo wa
trloualy proatrtd. but aubaequent
ly rcovd ; and atlll anothar, mad-
iieneu oy me liquor, rusnea w tna
wuerr and plunged headlong into tha
F.aat Klver, and would have bean
rnwned but for th timely aid of a
wharfsman. Thua are th children of
th metropoli eoirupled and mur-
Itred by atrong drink. How long.
for th take of revenue, ahall the
drink trafllo eontlnu to be legallaed
bore and tha blood of Innocent ehil
dren lie thua coined Into gold f ?
piram Advocate.
"Don't lake tvmnerance Into poll-
tlca I" exclaimed a aaloon keeper and
tha Chicago 7Vi'6un. Weak-minded
aien join In tha cry, while the whlaky
men laugh, but tak good care to keep
whlaky eloae to th front In avarjr
Uctloe eooloM that vry polllleiaa
instinctlvoly aaya: "We moat get tho
whisky vote ror our party or it ia de
feated." Soma day they will aayt
"Wa must have the temperance rota
or wo will ba dfeatd But that
day will not com until tha tempore
anee people vote a may pray, rou
tioiant tre not foollah enough to put
prohibition in their piatrorm to long
aa they get tha temperance vote with
out It The temperance people, and
tbey alone, by ineonilitent voting
bava compelled the politician! to atu
tlvate the frlendihlp of the aaloona
rather than the temperance aaelelle.
But that day ia at hand whan temper
anea people will qnlt voting for party
regard! of principle, bat will rota
for principle regardioM of party-
Rational Liberator.
Braady en 8hrt Htlee,
"Give ma a llttl old brandy, doe
tor " aald the reporter.
"Very well, air." replied Dr. Ut
man, who la tha State Mlcroacopist of
I'anmylvania. "Yea ahull bava a bot
tle ia your pocket Aa yon at. I
lake about half a pint of recttiii
spirit and mix with It a lew drc-t
of coloring aolution and concent"' 1
one of brandy that la, th hi... T
flavor prepared by the drufXa, ill
by brlik agitation the mlsad acr-nirci
tha appearance of eognee. To I."" a
little bead f Tary wail j I Ui 1 Ji
oat of thi vial, a preparation of al
batMoln, or artificial oU of t' trr rl
moada. Now, aa I poor it, t a t
blea remain for noma time at tj t N
However, it doe not lU r1? r f i
boiled yet, o I add a few Lit', ' '
preparation principally coupe if
glycerine and called by tha tn'e
and body.' Another good il. V 1
all I need la a libel certify!-! L l . i
article ia tan-yeart-old eognae ?
and there yon hv my branny N
for tha market"
Ex-Sec ret ry John Sherman k::'J
of the aacceaaful lata of tepablicaa
party financiering. "Tba tax an .'""
hollo drink pay th lotereat M Ll
National Debt." But he omlta to rv
that lo pay that tax ooeta tbe I- i
every year, at tha lowest tales...-, j,
700,000,000 dollar in eaah ;
1000,000,000 dollar Indama;-!
100,000 Ameriaan .-: )
deitroyad and killed;
100,000 American e.'lm
led Into rice and crime.
Many UiMaande of pee?'-
aatad and butchered la tha i'
of tba rg bop PrsU.t C
one of tbe lateet victim.
And tha firat and meet r'-7"
civil itatlon of tha wortl
by the foreign rnxz t ' J i
field of moot bloody criw i -
wont (yetem of criminal V
banchery, lawleaa ruCialn
world be ever proa fee.- v -
Bow to faaaaava tna T:
fcmh ihoatd ha rlaaa! it 1 (
a day, IN beet tin t:' t t
lartlhiaf. rvrc-a r it
aeft broui, oa wr-Li t .
and than a"a X"
lag ap aaa evwn f l t
la raiNely aay t al" '
aaatixt tkagi.il to I
Ava.4 an r -j m
rah aa ract- j " ,
tta,aty ;w; c
me? be Ir'snJ.
Vkan -ria fi '
vtoaao: lilox 1 1
lie av ' -jtia
tie fs it r
iae. a k." 1 1
III aft i
eM.':c f.. ii '
n: s -
f-Vf i:
I 7 1 .
.vi '. '
Til j- a U I 1 1 " ' y ef y-
r' t i " r Lw I i t y
.it. i,utJ.
r- tar -
it. .it? I ) r-
t yi tii n
-1 -
-i -N i i-"
- . . .
' ' . . i tit ' ,' t

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