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The Port-Gibson correspondent, and Mississippi general advertiser. [volume] (Port Gibson, Miss.) 1824-1833, July 02, 1831, Image 1

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* •; é%âi
i% XIII.
NOioî. -
WHOLE NO. 661.
y ■•
tjhed every Saturday > by
*i ,r
•tirWim dùconÎT ADVANCE *
.._ vnlil arftaragei arc
! *
S'lComic Annual.
■ at a nosegay,
[ft t
fJitlU'O . >
v,fn BrejtfJ
^■a^olwr. Clay,
to rival me,
! ^^H^Miss Bell, bat here your court,
■Porou^ifare shall
Mk vn ,t now give up your
HPvbu inay.repent jour love,
Tl who^haveshot a pigeon match.
Can shoot a turtledove.
pray Wore you woo her more,
WM Consider what you do: •
If you pop aught to Lucy Bell,
iyHl'U pop it into you.
id Mr. Clay to Mr. Bray,
JBF. your threats ! quite explode;
JgfQnc who has been a volunteer,
Knows how to prime and load.
^nd so I say to you unless
Your passion quiet keeps,
I who have often hit bull's eyes,
May chance to hit a sheep's.
Now gold is oft for silver changed,
And that for copper red.
But theseT h^o went away to give
Each other change for lead.
But first they sought a friend a piece,
This pleasant thought
When they were dead, they thus should have
Two seconds still alive.
To,measure out the ground not long,
The seconds then forbore.
And having taken one riii-h step,
They took a dozen more
They next prepared ench pistol pan,
Against the deadly strife,
By putting in the prime of death
Against the prime of life.
Now all wns ready for lhe foep,
But when they took their stands,
Fear made them tremble so they found
They both were shuking hands.
Said Mr. C. to Mr. B.
Here one of us may fall,
And like M. rani's C.nthedial now,
Be doomed to have a ball.
Ido confess I did attach
Misconduct to your name :
If 1 withdraw the charge will then
Yqur ramrod do the same ?
Said Mr. ». I do agree—
Butthink of Honor's Courts!
If we go off without a shot, t
will .be siiahçc regocick
.C 'Rut look, the morning now is bright,
Though cloudy it begun.
Why can't we aim above, as if
' We had call'd out the sun?
6o up into the harmless air
Their bullets they did send ;
And may all other duels have
That upshot in the end.
w , H L r _ Never
K JSrff*-Â""'îKÎ
fl degree and quäl,., of bis gl lory ' without we gh^
L «g ,he mean, he possessed, and the results lie
It "?,°™P ,l8 . hc d; Enough for oui present purpose ["
dAs Will bo gamed, if we set before ut the mere te- V
U l\?dî!« C T 0lfl ï sh und b,0 ® (1 ; wh ,ch he called into
IS»rupture of the peace of Amerns, m
f-tflfil! 4 '.' 10 *» to his eventful exit. At that time
ad ashefleclated .0 Lord V hiteworth a„
œen - T '!5 d SS!' C j° f ' *
iïpteà aux TJi nnirtlnTdo au\I ! 'M°il')®
' te&entroÆ VH / *( nn . üerm b 3
Bal! au XIII T tm^do' "7 N Grose' ■ XIH
®WW;do 3 aÄÄh 81MM Z 1 Le do'
»SJbo doÆÂf'fiqnil do 'in
MUM Ä.IHJOida'ftf qfn do 8 "?«! •'V • do' »P
^/pril, ^80!),40,0'0-do »Toct do0* do '7
1810, 160,000-do Holland Rome Tusca
nynndthe'Hanseaùem"«, 80â-° 1 I t"",?;
>do. Ü Dec. 1811, 1^0 ooo- do 7 '8'
Ï 100,000: do. 1 Sent.'do* 177 0 * in* AfT*' Tan™
Mil, 100,000; do P do°*18i*r -rvV'do do
^Guiird of Honor,) 10,0« 0* do V inrh W
^ 1807, 18) 4,) 8!) OftO^do « National
' Guard,) 90,000; do. 24 Co^nst is»- ru»n. of
the South,) 30,000; do. 10 Oct do iremiinint
Den.) 120,000; do. do. 'class 8 .7 V r,, ■;...,.
15 Nov. lèl3, (arrears 8 il, Isl t Z • : n'io To
«plofiêvievà, 365,965. Thisdetijfl which is de
rived from Xapolcon's official ioufu'i I die ifoni
teur, under % several dates isdefic'enl in tl, ■
excesses whS, wore raised' bevnud lhe > ,ies
if m deduct the home casmiHies as
well as the 3ö,i)d0 m en disbanded ,n :
•hall bemnehunder the mark in nffiriiiino- ,i. 4 i
he alaughtere^twixand a half millions offiii*
s WF^Bm^anmiHrons ol troA
hj(p 0 .
Ë ., ^ trtl
tat 8ötT,. E. D. Clark ,
sr your 'oÇhaman happiness
two manyltf&t"
inable lie. You
gp, tongs, and all ; keep
That upshot in the end.
hi« ea
Hf 1
I ; -1
■T ; '
* ï 1 '
- mSm'' '' ■ ' '
"1 ! : ■ r<>i •
o^quered l
Sreign ei^mies twice,
jnths, under the wall»
[ of his natoe from the
isjerrtic. ^ITha \
th one ,'re'fl lotd ary B«haltern eon
rtain vie it availy man, woman or
up!tier, sta the Cape of Good
(JlIouulttM stand in need of a
jS imodatetl with one, on
Remter of this paper. We have
purchased last Saturday,
I times roasted, six times bak
stewed and boiled, and yet
£ tnvelopes his flesh, resists
fcrlhp usiner and the knife.'
iho 1
^ on an island in the pacific ocean.
,r *~ - ' w» *hr subject 0 r .u: a ;
Early m th#» h v it.P ttl;
narrative was at the age of men een, by the the
freaksolfortunc,|la^ on^bo " 8l j|tf e ,JJ_ |
ployed in tho riout.i 5 i he
* D 1 S 'a theliltlt '! do , 0 ..... m :'£,JL al , of Peru ,l,rc
islands situated about dUU imles west of Peru,
she directed her course *' h ship
purpose of obtaining wood and water iherdthe, thc
found an American brig which had a " ved <We ing
ad.iy or two previous, with the .ame mtentjoi.
They came to anchor Ironting a sandy beach o mi
no great extern, wilh high hills and lofty woods
terminating the prospect; thc inland putts at lh
a little dislance seemed impenetrable from the
great thickness of thc forests. At 2 1. M. a |
number of hands weie dispatched on shore in
the long boat, but not meeting with so desirable f
a place for watering as they expected, soucof
the men entered the woods in search of the s
u quick freshes," while others proceeded along nCl
theslioro to find oris less obietftlonabfe. Of the L
former party Was jaiinifyV*-,l. amt whether x- i,
ra.. c M-.hr destiny, wildness, or witntot cau
tion, it so happened thut he got separated lrom
the rest, and entered quite unconsciously into
the thickest part of the country. Having wan
dereil in this wild labyrinth for nenrly two horns,
and not finding any water, and not being able to
knock down any of the birds which he occasi- fe]
onally disturbed and chased from among the
wdd furze and thickets, he began to think ol
returning, not apprehending any more dilticulty
of egress than he bad met with on entering, tie
ing perfectly satislied in his own mind that nc
was proceeding in the direction of the ship, he
sieadily pursued the path he had chosen ; even
mg, howevci, began to wrap the forest in deeper tb
gloom, and only just sutlicient light remained to ; n
show him that he had arrived at a placé clothed sll
with some very fine trees, beyond which the
woods grew so thick us to rendez theni comp etc
ly impayable. 7 he fact now first flasntci upon on
him, that he had in all probability proceeded
several miles into the interior. Our youth was
a character of much pleasantry and goou nu
mor, blended with a determined spirit, ami itso
lution greatly superior to boys °f rus age; to
qualities in after years may be attilDUiea
his saving the lile of a boy who tell overDouTU 8e
from one of his Majesty's ships at Fly mouth,
and the promptitude and activity he displayed to
on another occasion, when a sailor fell from the p
foreyard into the sea, which procured lor him j
the highest commendation of his superior ofli
cert, with a ce» 1 ificate of the circumstance from
his gallant commander. But to resume—the
certainty of having lost himself did not appear in
discovery of great importance,
and with a buoyancy of spirit determined to pi
pass the night in the woods, not doubting that w
on the morrow ho should readily find hi* way
back to the vessel. In this comfortable hope,
after fortifying h-rnself with a good drink of wa
ter from a spring just at hand, he ascended one -
trees; and here, notwithstanding the
screaming of the night bird, and the continued j
hoopitigs of innumerable owls, " making night t
hideous," worn out by fatigue and watching, he h
slept till morning.
■'» may be imagined that at the first glimpse of
daybreak, he was not a little anxious to get out .
f the wood, uu anxiety increased by his expe- t
fencing that uneasy sensation which too long a
la-t .s apt to produce. For some hours he wan
,lr:f,l alinut in the inlricacici of this wild unto
hub mil S' ot, suj.porU'.l in the hope as lie udvanc
' toil. wen:, near vheir termination
with breathless attention to
.1 of a 11 v signal gun to guide his
nd often del he shout in the expecta
olhy those who might have been
des; a Idled in search ol him u
him to be
f t!
.hut hi
imen did he liste
catch these
loots eps
tioiiol In
;'e ascended at intervals any high tree that he
met wth in his progress, hut found hi. view inter
ce tori by forests and elevated hills wooded to
their summits ï lancer now pointed to him the
•'"« Jhid of animal to sally
"a" seised to see what in reali
[" JJas ueitheT^or a large black snake glided
V ™ J 1,1 [ "' er ' ™ " ' ar R " d L h ead>'niin
. threat" at his approach. IIi«(«Psj < 4'* n
( . hj9 3t;cl{ he immediately^WrtqqieB it<
jl e coxcomb '''whereupon it rolled itself up,
"^ f " , '" 0 f "^' t w"t,Tn d twi* remained quite
t-itioi an wTthhsiforked ton',,e tliui.t out of
ttemouttn' Although he had tested a long time,
3 o. hi- hunger had "not become so importunate
as not to be resisted-otherwise he might have
ventured to have fed on this reptile, bit, his at
tentiou was diverted from the snake by the con
viction of more dünget and difficulties. In this
desolate situation night again overtook him,and
the climate of the island, notwithstanding its
lut, .ode i. generally mild, and the »„.Idle o?the
day pleasantly warm, yet the mornings and
Evenings are rather cold; consequently he had
t" struggle against both cold and hunger with
apparent remedy. The simple circum
stance of having met with a snake in the day
did not seem of much consequence, but the idea
meeting ono in the night, occasioned by Ins
lieaiing those peculiar noises usually made by
tlie »i at this period, alarmed his imagination,
and keot tip a continuel anxiety. I here being
small springs which ran measuring through the
wood-he was not in want ofTwater, and after
taking a snfficiont quantity, he thought it ndvi
»"hie to lay aside all further attempt!! forthat
day : he therefore ascended a tree, and having
eaten some of the leaves, which in a oegree alle
vinteil his hunger, there remained during the ob
" nfght intensely da.V. with hi. «pi
rit "i!nw, n at zero," for he now began to fear
liiat the snip wwnld .ail .rishont him, and the up
prehension of such an occurrence with all its
terror« .uslied upon his fancy, his situation np
pearerl su hopeless, that he passed a sleepless
and desponding night, the same noises being
keimin in the woods which convinced him that
many birds of prey existed on the island.
When day began to appear, he descended
6om the tree, and had not gone many paces
when he perceived a large owl perched, with the
most imperturbable gravity, upon a low bough,
Mb its large eyes intently fixed upon him, but
as if .ducotfSBroirS' of .»is appearance. He very
ouietly approached with,n reach and knocked
it on the head, and thus provided himself with a
breakfast Being unable to procure fire, he in
stantly wenttowork to allay the cravings of
hunger, "'aving eaten a sufficiency of this cn
non, hé nef rmined to travel in a straight line
which wouV not fail of bringing him to thc sea
shore at seme point of the island. Towards
evening r® wv* seised \vith sickness,and felt cold
and dish rtenerl. ,
• Ttu' t set in, dark and rainy, and he took
up his quaners at e base of a mountain, deter
mined to ascend the summit in the morning
in the hope of .gait* r, a view of the sea ; but the
firsi thing he did was t shelter himself in one of
the low trees which hat^he thickest foilage, and
trtl which proved in some ra «are a defence against
t b e tempestuous we 'hor which now set in the
i in fell in tor rciit ,andhe micht tndy havesaid
" Here's a nirtht nit »es 'neither wise man nor
^ fo S !" t h".di«mal sila.ion he fell a deep;
, „m „n waking fount! ht* e lf in a vnty feeble
JcSwiüon and completelj wet through. To
J words morning the weather cleared up, a |1 he
proceeded with no great expedition to cliq I the
; mountain, for his strength was nearly ejdfust*
ttl; after great exertion he succeeded in gibing
the top a * d wilh gr « at jo - , oulld lhat ? 3oiu-1
| mamled a v iew of the unchoragc; but he also
made another discovery, which, in the erent
,l,rc atened to prove more fatal to this UDfortu
te Jort ,h thin all his former adventures'! the
ship to which he belonged had put to sea, aud
thc ' Ante,root, brie was at .We fourem loosen
ing htr 8ai „. fb. distance lrom the place,
wiîere he stood to the sea beuch, was at all,
mi , aIld however rejoiced and gratilfed he j
have been at the sight of the American,
lh e well known signal wanted him that not a
lnoment was to be lost in makitig u lust efloit to !
| )ajj , ier before she got under weigh. m l he perlect.
hopelessness of all succour, should she sail be
f ore he coula arrive at the beach, rendered him
dcspera fr and he rushed down tlie mountain,
s ;<,b ,|i zzv , and Taint, his limbs with dilliculty
nCl r. )rjn ;„ a do'ii office ; he succeeded after near
L c-S- out what «us is
i, orror on beholding the white sails ol the Aim
rican brig dwindled to a mere speck on the hurt
Z(m ,
Our youth was naturally of an almost uncon
qucra b| c spirit, but when this last and only
chance |,ad failed him, the hopelessness ot being
rescuc j 6 h 0 t like an arrow through his heart, he
fe] , down m an agoI1J U|)OI1 the sand, which lie
gras . Æd w ith an agitated spasm, lleie he lay
unt j| the day was pretty far advanced. On re
covcl ; ng a little, the warp of food became msup
portab iè ; he now hobbled along the shore tn
search of s ] lc l) fish but was obliged to put up
wj|[l nQ b( . tu , r rC | )a8 t than what some sea weed
and w j|j shrubs afforded, lie sheltered himself
tb is night in lhe wood which skirted ihe sea, aud
; n the morning returned to the task of procuring
sll h s j F tcnce. With this intent he walked along
thc beach, and at a rocky part of the shore he
pFrccived 9 ,, al . wnie „f them were reposing up
on tbe gand while others lay upon the rocks,
Approaching ver\ silently, and selecting one
whose head presented a lair mark, he with» ftw
blows secured the prize. Had he been able to
have ma(lc a p, n . h e possibly might have dmed
vory sulll ptuously ofl of this animal, but us that
was i in p OPg jble, he proceeded to cut it up, and
8e i ect i„ g a piece of the liver, ate ravenously,
this lie had no sooner done than he was obliged
to îav upon the sand for a length of time com
p j etp *j.. exhausted. In a short time, however,
j mving rc f rcs hed himself with some 1 water, he
aga j n pursued his path along the shore, when by
gre . it good | 0r t U ne lie fell in with a turpin ; this
ge also quickly dispatched and the flesh agree
in Wl! h his ï to mach, leuovated his strength ; he
WH . g 00 n afterwards enabled to return io the
pi ace w he<c he had left the seal, which be forth
w i(h cut up into long strips, and laying them on
the sand, left them to dry, intending to try ano
tb er piece for breakfast in the morning, there
ma j n ' g o| t j lc tU ipin sufficing oniv for that even
- nç *
l n this manner he existed for some days, sleep
j in the wa0( i H at night, and roving abroad m
t , ie t j a . bu t the supply of seal at last failed
h - had hean opportunity of recruiting his
stock, neither could he find any turpi», and star
vation began once more to stare him in the face.
. t h , lppea ;.,* very luckily for him, that the wea
t , |<?r Vas particularly pleasant, uml he often re
frt , s u cd hfin«elf with'asleep on the warm sand
a runwouldhnvo been the mean, of supplying
t m wfth t.letetv of water fowl, «nil he-oÄnW
th ,. secA«. rouwrtitîes of such birds
-w~' a «rh "wiffi'i^unily. One morning he
PJ. w-andered some cfistnnflc allayitt" his appe
" w i,atevei he could find upon lhe coast,
h esank down beside a small hank quiteexhaust
»fl w | 1C re he must have slept some hours. On a
w aketunghe found that he had overlaid a snake;
il6 s ., ec j e fe g wasd'ffeient from the one he had
ki iiL t i, e woo Isandof a less size ; it was not
"V™ "'J'f ane ' )Coted occurrence not a
{•„i,, .,, l r*ip,i hm. nniTnl-icimr his stick under
îîtotoi« fô e r.inrïz^
m lav nothtee"Sold he find to
^ becan.e serioudy
' d not ônîvfmm the dennvatron but the
'"Su.™ 11 ^ 'S'?' ?. ,, 'AÎÏS.l.ïEÂr»l_
The i«, n heh, ' Jerv far advanced anil the
J, r m he threw hinmclf or rather
rlo 1 ^fdnt hellion- aud betook I. imself to
ferhSneCr tLh hwt. ,ë"n B te
H's «suai rece.pe lor hungtr, which was going to
(fwould require a much more able pen than
th '' v "mr's to express thc surprise of our hero on
awak( . linK his les fixed on. not " a lovely fe
mTlefnc" ofiventeem" but the a mph.biotis and
ek bZly litrnl of a large seal, who, iike him
, t !]r wa , tasking in the sun anti enjoying a
öound sleep; it hail taken up its situation, singu
i aP B8 jt may appear, almost within the grasp of
L ur famished (Vnsm' Astonished, as eve, y on.
so situated would have been, at the companion
able qualities displayed by his unctuous friend,
for « misery acquaints u man with strange bed
fc n ows - h e raised himself up and gazed per
fecllv panic-struck on the uncouth monster, who
sound iy reposed ^no doubt after his fatigue and
repletions sub aqua ; with the inmost tranquility.
|- in w | ia) |, a9 related it will not he un
reasonnblv concluded that poor Lord was not at
this time very strong, but it cannot be doubted
thal fi a d he" happened to have his club by his
Lj de he would have given the seal a tolerable
han | a ,rmsh on the figure-head, which in all pro
bability would have rendered it still more soma
and prevented a deal of trouble; but unl'or
tuna tely he hnd let fall his weapon about twen
ty ,, n ces before hcsankdo'n upon the shore,
and feared if he got up to fetch it, he might dis^
tur b the gentle slumbers of his reposing compa
n j on( and thereby be prevented from again con
ver ,i nc r no twithsianding his former loathing)
art Q f d , ] jvci . and (,i„fib er io his own accom
mo dution and enjoyment He therefore relin
( , u j sh(i< | a )) idca of'regaining his club, and tie
termined on commencing an atiack with his
knife, although fearful from its bluntnes« that it
wou)( ', nut p 4 V e : a" very formi.lable weapon—
However, he darted suddenly upon it. an,I driv
j„g tho knife with all his force at its throat, sue
cee ded in "drawing first blood," and also ofen
circling the seal in fts arms and legs, rolling the
cre ature over nnd over, f made the most despc
ra te efforts to escape, and practised sundry flip
a fl ap5 , , OU rbilons, blowings and snifflings; still he
jncceedod in holding on" its greasy carcase, with
of a s much affection aS ever the oldman of the for
cat did a h n „t the neck or our old acquaintance
sjnbail the Sailor.
There is nothing so indispensably requisite for
the establishment of good stamina us good liv
j ng . an d it therefore will not be wondered at,
, that he of the club found himself, after a few
roî j s and tumbles, in what is called a bad condi
tion ^ and getting the worse of the fight and that
he had also began to sniff and blow with almost
as much fury as bis antagonist. The seal ap
of neared to have a great affection for the water,
w hile Lord wished to keep it a short time on
i an d ; they therefore struggled for the mastery,
the but the seal was too strong in despite of all he
couM effect, and they both rolled into the sea.
nor This certainly increased the odds against the
capMire , theammal seemed to redouble its
, tl ^ ïg , e , at thi. aflvantago. Although nearly
To- half drowned, out hero made a last attempt by
rising on his feet to drag his slippery teal ship
again on shore, but he was too much exhausted,
Vexed and confounded at the escape of his
prey, the more so when he found Ins hands much
lacera ted in lire encourut r; ho crawled on shore
where he luckily recovered his knife, which he
had dropped on the spot where they floundered.
Ashe did not expect another viBit from this ani
mal, he picked up his club, and begun to pursue
his road back, benumbed with cold, and much
reduced by this heavy fatigue of the day, he
had nut gone half a mile, when tohis great joy,
a tolerable Iarge turpin moving up
ÜÄ-wi i.« UI | ! the "woods. Exerting his
ut*o.i strength he .».uw^ssful as to arrive
tn sufficient lime to intercepTit- retre,. vund he
proceeded to despatch it without delay, i,
mus(, be confessed thut this supply came very op
portuuely, for he was move dead than alive, and
u;ier.sbis meal(whichlasted a considerable time)
lie IgnrUumseJf so much better that he reached
ibujflace where be always put fat 4 bo -içi-..
-eytet, he composed himself, to rest, and slept
withoui disturbance. The next morning he fin
ished the remains of the turpin, and then mus
tcrud up resolution to enter the forest, in order
to keep a look out from «lie mountain from
whence kc hod beheld the American ship prepare
for sailing. He succeeded in gaining the sum
mit withSut much difficulty as he could perceive
it from t«c beach ; here he remained all this day
viewing the distant horizon, but no sail appear
ed, and lhe night passed heavily. About the
middle o/the next day, he was obliged by hun
gcr to relarn to the beach, the island being des
tituieof berries or fruit«.
In tht manner he subsisted till the morning of
the twctly-first day, which found him on the
top of tie mountain, reduced to the greatest
extremi%, and more like an apparition than a
human biiiig; "sharp misery had worn him to
the bone,» and he expected to die very shortly.
As his ejb wandered round the glittering ex
panse, he bought he distingnisheo a dark speck,
which he tujk to be a sail. He gazed at it most
intensely, hit it did not seem to move, ami he
concluded iiWas a rock ; in order to be convinc
ed he lay doAn, and brought the stem of a small
tree to hear xbon the distant object, which he
now nerceiverimoved along the level of the ho
rizon. It nui be a ship, but she was passing
the island, and \e kept anxiously lookingm the
expectation of for fading from his view. In a
short lime she looked larger and he could now
perceive her to be a vessel of some size, but his
heart sank within him when he observed soon
afierwards that ßfie hauled her wind and stood
away ppon a different tack. In about half an
hour ske tacked again, and it now became evi
dent that she was making for the island, as she
stood Erectly in for the bay. The extreme joy
of the jpoor sufferer at this unexpected sigh*
broke opt in sundry raptures and trailer«»»""- ' le
rushed llown the mountain with BuchhU^ttu
♦ion, tlAt he stumbled over the broken rocks,
aiC. pitdhed headlong Jôwn the steep'and rugged
: he (Ull almost rendered him helpless ; h« re- •
cei-ed rfsôvere cut above tfceabcje,
bad coil toon«, but the TO«a of losing ttus omy
chance Inspired him Wftit egH tto h' Hmi tie
made f»i| way down,
statgTn|g from the woöcls Vpon e sea^ ho , con
and wliTOie beheld thé sh^om- Unrly.m*' ™
bay i. I i»chor,a bout bogy abMulieit
with n • and rapid^troj^f Jïuu, h«
swoc w mhu i the m tfS&L # mj
app, »this last gasp, and all he could an
etd "wale., water!" One of the sailors he
bra d in a cane, and nffererl turn to drink
his till; soon afterwards he again swooned away,
and in this state they carried him alongside,
where he soon bccanoe'iensible, but unable ei
iher .o sneak or move, iiis helpless condition
rendered it necessary «0 hoist him on board.—
Nothing could exceed the kind and humane
treatment which he had received from t aptatn
Cook, and the surgeon of the ship ; to skill and
ÄÄÄ Äi.M) n Ä
hopes of his surviving; indeed, this gen.leman
Jeilared that he could not have l.ved upon this 1
.sland many hours longer. In a short time he
was well enough to leave his cot, when he was
informed by t apt. ( 00 k, that about a week's
ail from thcGallipagos, he had luckily fallen in
vith the ship by which he had been left, when
ord the master told l.im that a youth had been
am , was lcft upon the "island : this in
luced the tnptain to bear up for the place, 0 -
he, wise he had no uitent.on of making"I
Ibis individual is at present,,! lister's assistant
«board His Majesty's slop Druid.
From the Kentucky Observer.
Horrid Outiiaof.! —O n Friday evening last,
lèout U o'clock, a negro man, belonging 1o a
I. itogcis of Fayette county, attempted to
din in it violence upon a Deaf and Dumb girl by
tie name of Dorn . She lived with her mother,
«widow woman, who was very infirm and up
yards of 81 » years of age. The two and a very
^all negro gi.l, constituted tue whole family,
\hile the monster was endeavoring to accom
|ish his purpose upon the daughter, the mother
iitempled to drive him away by striking him
will an axe, but owing to her great infirmity
to unable to do him any injury. Ho however
ddstetl from any further efforts with the da ugh
te, turned upon the old woman, und with abut
efcr's knife, stabbed her in four or five places,
uni otherwise most shockingly bent and bruised
lie; The daughter was severely bruised and
mangled In this pitiable situation they remain
ed intil Saturday morning, when the neighbors
headne of the circumstance, and learning from
iheild woman and her dnnghter, that upon see
inglim again they would be uble to recognize
the tegro, formed the laudable resolution of tak
ing a the house every negro man in the county,
unies they shou.d first "obtain the right one.
Arcordingly they commenced with those who
livcdncarcst; and after taking to thc place a
it bout hire hundred, succeeded in obtaining the
rightone. He has been safely lodged in jail to
await his trial at the next term of the Fayette
( iroit Court. Since the above wns in type, we
Icart that oldMrs. Dodd has died nf her wounds,
- , ,
In the into fire at Fayetteville, the smoke and
fragnimts of the burning materinls were said to
havebecn carried a distance of twenty-six miles
into tbs country, from which thc farmers came
into tbs town and rendered assistance to thc sttf
ferers. The editors of the JnurnuInnA Observer ,
to whom we owe this account, add, at its con-I
elusion, that the flames were in several places
arrested^ entirely, from the 6hado J trees of lhe
streets,—Lou. «Ædv.
Tarring and Feathering .—'Tarring anti feather
ing is not a punishment of modern invention,
Among Richard Cœur de Lion's ordinances for
seamen, was one which provided " that if any
man were taken with theft or pickery, and
on thereof convicted, hs should have his head pol
led, ami hot pitch poured npon his pate, and up
he on that the feathers of some pillow or cushion
shaken aloft, that he might thereby be known
the for a thief, and at the next arrival of the shins
its to any land, be put forth etthe company to seek
his adventures, without all hope of return to h.»
by felloes .''-/opma! tf inifc
The following is u happy commentary andi sa
tire upon the system of flagellating learning into ,
the comprehension. j
Dick Orrod und his brother Giles were fine !
specimens of the bumpkin boys Of the WeBt of
England ; their tadier who was a flourishing far
sent them to pickup a little leaning ut on ,
expensive nendefnv , in 11 lure" town about iiO
miles from the village where he lived. Themas- i
had but re«mfy nn^«^ tom
his medccessor^
dialect ofthat part of the country, lie could
. car cely understand above half of what Hick
Orrod, anda few.tiLofhU pupil, meant when
thev spoke "1 hu Kid 1 ruined and 1 hal "
„«£ bl [ rljar jto which his ear had never been
acnustomea:tm!l it w...„„i v bv tlegreM he dis
covered tWht they were In ' , A 'ril > l ||'ll ru.
ra ] tongue, ol "1 knew, ! rati, î bit. " t!ÎR~
„eie few so ludo ot speech mr llick lihtt fin
Fraternal affection was a virme that did not
flourish in the bosoms of .iiher of these young
gentlemen. Mick's greatest enemy on CRrlh
was Giles; and if honest Giles hated any human
being except the master, it was Mick. They
wcre excellent spies on each other's conduct:
ones never missed an opportunity of procuring
Dick a castigation ■ and Hick wns equally active
j n making the master acquainted with every
punishable peccadillo that his brother commit
t ei j.
One day an accusation was preferred against
Master Richard b; one of the monitors ofh tv
ing cut down a small tree in the shrubbery ; but
there was not sufficient evidence to bring the of
f enc( . home to the supposed criminal
"Does no young gentleman happen to know
an ,. ,hiu<r more of this matter 1 " inquired the
master. '
Giles immediately walked from his seat ami
taking a place by the side of his brother looked
as though he hud something relative tocoimuuni
C ate. "
"H'ell, sir," said the master "what do you
know about the tree J
"Ifyou plaze,sir,''growled Giles, "if you nlaze
s i r \ sawed un "
i*oh ? you 'sawed un,' did rout"
4»u, | did Dick seed T saw un." -
"Is this true, master Richard ?"
wf M »» said Dick; and Giles much to his as
tonishment, was immediately flogged.
, u the termination of the ceremony, it occur
red to the master to ask Giles how he had oo
mined the saw. "About votii saw you»*
tlemen," said he "where do you when
you want one •" ' c a
c «ilea, had — ,aim ntfHbns-of grammar float
\ n[r «m ^ n»»n, «yd thinking that the master
meant the verband not the substantive, blubber
ed out—" r ro ifc,"
àca. so you go on board the vessels in the
dock, do you, out of schools, and expend your
pocket money in purchasing impliraeuts to cut
down my shrubbery ?"
• Noa sir," said Giles, "I doant go aboard noa
sliips, nor cut down noa shrubberies."
n hat, sirrah ! did you not confess it?"
• sir; I said I sawed brother Dick cut
onnldn^in » nd he #eed 1 saw un and a '
con dn t demr it. .....
^didn't deny it," said pick.
, hen jpossibly YOU are the real delinquent,
after .ill. Master •*^**^V.
J>^-tTonlessed that lieras, but he hojrftrtïfc
master watilil not beat hun, after haT.tig flog
ged his brother for the same offence : in his way
he hit,nbiy submitted that one punishment no
matter who received it-hut especially as it had
been bestowed ononeoftho same family as the
delinquent—was to all tutents and purposes, e
nough for one crime.
The master, however, did not coincide with
Dick on this grave point, and the young gentle
man was duly horsed.
"As for master Giles," said the master, as he
laid down the nirch« "he well merited a flogging
eral education : and yet unfortunately, no man
1 verily believe, is compelled to use tf,cm more
frequently than myself. I was occupied lor full
half an hour, in drumming this identical vc.-b
into Giles Orrod, only yesterday morning, and
you, sir," added he, turning to Dick, "you, I
suppose, are quite as great n blockhead as your
brother. Now attend to me, both of you:
What's the past of sec. 1 "
Neither of die young gentlemen replied.
thought as much," quoth the master "The
perfect of see ,s the present of sa te-ba« Saw."
" Sn Saw," shouted the boys but that unfo -
lunate verb ns the stumbling block to the. rad
vancement.-They never could comprehendhow
the perfect oi sec could be the present of «nr .a»d
days, A-oeks, months, nay, years after they
were stil at the.r endlessj and te them, tncom
prehensible game of btE-SAW.
" ::
It would seem from the Boston papers t iat
about one half ot «he population ol that city arc
in nomination for raembers of Assembly. 1 hem
are five r.istinct and separate tickets, compo
of sixty names each, put forward for the suffira
ges of the people. 1 here is first, the Indep m
dent ticket ; next, the \\ orkingmens ticket,
thirdly, the Anli-Masomc ticket .fourthly, the
Ilemocratic Jackson ticket; and lastly, the Na
tional Republican ticket. Many of the can j
dates do not seem ambitious of He honor intend
cd for them, since wesee them declining it, one
after nnotlier,in the Boston papers.
, , . " ~ . „ , ,
The Thdadclphia Gazette gives usa Rowland
for an Oliver. For our instance of a Spams',
lady, whose gum« nature support! with a new
set ot pearls m the exlremc of senility, that jour
mil furnishes an example of an American gen
llemnn whose masticating orgi ns underwent an
equally extraordinär} renovation. « e have
it trom unquestionable authority, says the G.i-1
zette, " that a gentleman at XV ashington, over
seventy years of age, had a few years Mice a
new anti complete sett of teeth, hod, in the up
per and lower jaw. Their growth caused Inm
infinite pain : but they ci-nio at last to comfort
him,' and he is reudy io smile the truth o ft heir
present existence, to any who may doubt the
fact."—JV. 1. Evening tost.
" F.iiUrrment ."—The etlitor nf the National
Gazette ends an elaborate definition ot the ahov"
word, with the fallowing authority. It is com
pttsed in an anecdote of a sailor, who giving Ins
testimony in a Boston Court about an (18p ° > ul y
and battery, stated that Jack (the traverser) had
powerfully enticed Sam, (the complainant.)
Jack's counsel asked nun to explain what he;
meant by the word enticu. "H hat do l mean
Sir?" said the honest tar—"\\ hy, Sir, 1 mean
this—Jack took a devilish big handspike, and
; drove it plump in Sam's buck—that s what I
j calls e nlictng."
. , . . » •„.
1 Genius defined.—A wit being asked what tne
word oeniuh meant, replied. It you hau ii i
' you, you would not ask theqm st ' on • 1
have not, you will n ever kn ow what it means.
. . . m,-u ui, m a
A large whale was *"*'^™ffîg'***
, harbor lately _is length ,t^ ™ ar '»'°f CU ' eet
1 The whale was fuljenm wi* oflod,
7%e »Qmencan NaVjfy~-lu cOmiui i * ..
stocks, or in ordinary, twelve snips o h
(.besides various smaller vessels,) mo« 0 ,
could be got to sea on short notice, in g
* l ' vuul<l require » longer time And
expense, to repair the vesselstn ord Zv
launch those on the stocks. Inc nip I
the line, although ruldd <4 s, arc geacr y
K a '; s °nic of then, carrying f, cm UO to ISO guns,
an '* most °f the new irigatea me on a c rrc
pnnding scale, both as to »tee and weight ol ui£
*«>• that in fact, our Kuvy I. yuch m e « .
efficient in these respects than would bei nferred.
from the number and rate of thc vessels campA
' ;,1 S k
The following arc the ships of the line;
Independence, inordinary, ut Poston,
' 'institution,
, nitL<: States,
f 0 ' 0 ™»?
John Alla,n o
Con P lr£ <,
Santee >
Sabi nc,
S"" 1 "",.
St * Lawrence,
Contracts have been make, tinder an Act of .
March, 18 l» 7; for the live oak frames of 5 addi
tional ships of the line, 5 frigates, and 5 sloops
of war. In the fulfilment of these contracts, do- *
liver.es have been made, at thc different Navy
Yards, of 721,714 cubic feet of Umber, for
which has been paid the «■..«» of ^.7G8,.30().
The policy of * hc United States in building*
their ship- " ar a si f e larger than the nominal
ru««, "as nut the naval powers of the Old World
t0 considerable inconvenience, who at ouefe
perceived that in a case of a war with this epun
try, their 74's would be a source of perpetual
embarrassment and anxiety, as they could not*
single-handed, encounter a first rate America*
74, without analmost certainty of being cap*
lured. And so, of their frigates, none of Which
could stand agains» the first class of American
frigates. The consequence would be, that, they
would neither have to run away from vessels of
the same class with themselves, or submit to th®
still mote mortifying alternative ofbeine can.
tured. Foreseeing this, the French hove alrea
dy followed our example, to a Considerable ex*
tent, and the English are ♦beginninc to think
«boutit.' A late number of the London United
Service Journal says:
The classification of our sKips is of^asf im
po-tancc, antt difficult, not somueni» «»rgesv
tion ft's tn ntö execution. wiWWÄJ j# ffto B
-w^haf other nations are doing, ui .öfter to de.
(ermine on the best rates, throwing nwde all at.
tachment to old models, and suiting our opin
10 ns and spceulat.ons to the times. The most.
obvious arrangement seems tobe that hitherto-.
adopted by the Americans, and m the course o.t
ueing followed hy thcFreneh.
1. A large hree deoked shmcarrying frora.120
, 0 ! 30 guns. .Ue the Pennsylvania [5010 tons]
W a gram and Nelson,
1. A twoderoked ship, like the Ohm, eiçrying
* .
_ tl O fi -w—
Delawn re,
North Carolina
New- York,
The following a*e the fr-gates:
iu co-amission,
dn the stocks, Poi^moutb»
Pacific. •
at Boston.
in ordinary,
New York.
on the stocks,
with guns on her gangways, 10" guns, m.tlrout,
them 90.
( 'ïvî > A corvette, from f ,0 24 g.«, like rho
ätää ss*j&x
Hebe and cm down, would be.
V. A ten gun brig, and
Nf. Thc separate but not less important clmi
of steamers.
In such ships, and in such uhips only, Britiali
Peauten will stand a fair cltance. They will be
inn situation where their bravery, and noble*
spirit alone deserve to he placed, by a count, y ,
which owes much of its riches and success .0
their exertions. Those are unexceptional! I*
c l assC5 , containing English fnga.es, which <s m
never receive orders hiol to engage ships of -.su
perior force,' meaning American frigates, a nd
.„which captains will never he placed mvhe
heart-break.ng dilemma of e.thcr runnt.ig aw ay
from an enem> nominally of the same class a nd
with the same number of decks, and beingbia ad
i ?
be butchered and disgraced by a -bp lurj ; ee*
nougn to swallow him.
A <4, such as the Northumberland, v ould
not be a safe ship to send to sea on a declar anon
of war. If she ; h °uld have the mu form nc tc
fall mwith the North Carolina, a two d ecked
ship of 102 guns, the Americans would la ugh at
her, and blow lier to ntoms.
I lie idea, then, of continuing (he nnt| qnn.crl
,4 must be dismissed. Gutdiemtlown to such
splendid frigate« as the Bathnm, which I nay ho
economically done, lhe Lancaster ,in 1 Win
ehester measure only UM tons that is, I -hey are
,.)» tons smaller than! e foreign (>0s.
Alter reading the above, can it be helmed
that a navnl officer stionia «mein sway
I he pamphlet, speaking of the En yf non, 4A
guns, n.id 1:50 Ions, tlays "Such a i -Inp well
manned, and well J' J -•
side of the finest single decket ] "P
; (the Potomnc for instance a , G . ton fid) with
perfect confidence of.ucccss. hire n tust he a.
witch tntleeü. ...
3 lie new Nondescript frigates, mou nlmg onv
, ly .6 guns of jreavy calibre, nre gene« illy found
fault mfh. 1ho commander natu Ally asks
; wlmj. they are «•at e for? A core, rto might
, faiiTy decline to 6ghithcm, and a a tty would
anihilntethcm. An L/g.ï!
j announced,, we gnte her sue nni •« rmament a- . _
, long side; of an Amertenn . of the same «las^. I
which will snenk lor ilscit. , 4
| New Gnglisn corveiies, Acon.-anaArgn«.
j Dnte. n ',fiL' ,s t PSSt
1831. 18 .Medium pottn 1er. 18 under 5Q(>
; not known. , . .
; American cortette t,o .teg ton.
y ; date, description of ouns. guv s . tons. men.
; » 4 long 94 poun > $ roe, ) I Copt,
$ 20 medium doS ( > 4 TJeufff.
he; ^ 8M. T80me&
The idea of converting the 46 and te gun
frigates into fine corvette s, is excellent ; and the
actual transformation «>f the L'Aigïe, bids fni*
I for the execution of this j'ast and reasonable pro«
I . ~ 1 Ä _
Survey of thc HvtJson River.*** Col. D»
Witt Clinton, of the United State»? Kn^
gineers, has been appointed to make a *ur
veyofthe r i ve r, in conformity to the law ^ V
a making appropriations therefor nàsscA» Jr
wintof. th« «election i*
' ' ° Cl,0D « a jeaicif"

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