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Boon's Lick times. (Fayette, Mo.) 1840-1848, April 18, 1840, Image 1

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Wo publiidi from the Congressional Debates of
that period tho able and conclusive speech of Cene
ral Alexander Smyth, a leading friend of General
Jackson from the State cf Virginia, and shall append
a nolo from Gen. Jackson's first message, in con
currence with the vieivs of all liia friends at that
period, Surely the momentous question has lost
nope of its importance by the alarming increase oi
Executive patronage since that period and we put
the question to the vvrigltt Jackson men of that day
whether they will no'V stand by their jiriivijilcs or
that portion of their party who have abandoned
them! Of course, every reader will decide accor
ding to hinown feelings of self-respect, and his own j!
conceptions ot tlic ultimate interest of Ins country.
At all events, let all road the; speech. So strongly
did the necessity of limiting tlio Presidential tenure
to a single term impress itself upon the public mind
in that day, thatCou. S, moved a;i am'nJmml to t'i"
Constitution inhibiting the President from rc-clcc"
lion! Thul, requiring two thirds, ami being found
impracticable, the people have no other resource but
to establish the precedent, and tualce it binding, bv
the election of General Harrison speririca'.ly Sura
single term. TheSjfc'i:
"Tho Constitution should be inviolable; but tu t un
changeable. Till Constitution is the supremo law:
hut to hold any law to be unchangeable, except the
moral law, is to obstruct the improvement of the so
cial state.
In the infancy of this jrnvernmrnt, it wo?, pr r
haps, necossavy that Gen. Washington i.hotil.1 tern
a second period of four years because of tho un
equalled confidence reposed by the people in him:
and the weight of his character.in sanctioning the
measures of the new government. It never run a
gain bo important to require the services of any one
man, for a period longer than four years.
In governments of a despotic character, where
the will of the Chief is law, the continuance of the
life and reign of on Alexander, a Julius a Peter,
or a Nnpoh.'un niny bo necessary to ilia completion
of great plans. Not at in our government of laws.
What schemes can a President form, that he may
not exacuto in four yours! Should ho contouiulate
making a canal from the Balizo to the mouth of the
Oregon, ho has only to recommend tho measure, ap
prove of the act, if Congress will pass it, and leave
the completion of the work to time, k will 1- car
ried on as well under his successor its under him
self. Mr. Madison recommended the inerca-.o f
tho Navy; the plan was adopted; and its oxemition
is going on, although ho is in retirement. Tdr. .Uoii
roo's plan for fortifying the tea-ports is progressing
aa we!) as if ha was still Chief Masri-trate.
Why should any one be elected 1're-ident a sec
ond time! With a population of twelve millions,
rapidly increasing, shall we, at anv lime, have hut
one man fit to fill the ollico of Chief Magistrate!
Can it ever happen that, in 23 years, say a genera
tion, we shall not have seven men lit to fill the of
fice of President! What are the qualifications?
Patriotism; attachment In equal rich!.,; integri'y:
good judgment; and a well informed mind. Such
men, I trust will never bs rare in the United States.
We hold that all citizens possess equal rights.
Then we should favor rotation in olliee, among men
of equal qualifications. By reducing the period ft
which a President may servo to four years, this of
fice will reward the services of twice, aa many ol
our distinguished citizens, as otherwise could pos
sess it. By increasing the number of those on whom
you mny confer tho highest reward of virtue, yon
will c.T3!t3 emulation, and itiereaso the number
of those who will aspire to deserve that reward by
public services; and you may then satisfy the claims
of the grand divisions of tho United Stales. It is
exalting one man tot much above his peers to elect
him President a second time.
If it shall be deemed expedient that tho President
Khould serve for a longer time than four years, Jct
the period bo extended by nn amendment to the Con
stitution; and let not the President bo a cand'dite.
To me it appears inexpedient to intrust the office of
chief magistrate to any man for a long time. The
greater the power attached to any o!li.:c, the greater
tho danger of continuing it long in the same hands.
It is in oflices of great authority that rotation i
Bluest necessary, to prevent power from becoming
too firmly fixed in the same hands. I will nol con
sent to extend tho period fur which the President
shall be elected, a single day. Cut the long contin
uance of a President in ofiiee, is the least of i:iy i In
jections to his eligibility a second time.
Sir, the hor.rr, the welfare, the Irar.qni'.i! j of the
ration, the fc.irnns of decliont, rt quire trial the
President should not be a eandida'e.
The iio.on of tho nation requires that tho Presi
dent should not be a candidate.
The President should possess public esteem. It
is an essential qualification. This nation c.mno; be
contented under t lie authority ot a despised or ce
toiled man. What is so li!;,!y to bring a President
into contempt, as for him to he a candidate while he
is President, and thus to have every thing published
against him for which there shall he any cause; ur.d
much for which there shall be no cause! Let the
publications be considered which were made again-!
some of our former Presidents us well us those
which have been made cgjin-t the pre-ent Presi
dent; and I think it will ho acknowledged, that tiiu-L-publications
must have had an ii.juri-us clibct on
the character of tho nation abroad.
wir, tiiere is no wiv of preventing these Ai!an!:s.
but to say that the J're-idenl shall not bo a candi
date: for if ho is a candidate, he may, and probably
will, have opposition. It maybe for the good of
thu nation to disgrace hi ii, thereby to prevent his
flection; end it will tlcni become tha duty of those
v. ho n ay deem him unworthy of n re-election, to
p.xpoi.-e ids '-uv.-nrthii;'.--s. Thus tho character !
the nation will suffer in the ci.".rae!i r of i' s Chief
J'iij;istrate. The love of power, or tho love of c
niolunirnt may induce a l ;e-Mtnt to bo eg.-. in a can
didate; but let us not all ov him to rxp-j o him-elf in
a situation which may pr.,vo injurious to his impu
tation, nml the character if the country.
If the President .s not re-eligible, there will sel
dom bo a motive for charges n::ain-t him, through
tho medium of the pro-; mid none for ofjtruvatii g
the charges against him; which may be c.,ic.-...d to
la done, if ho isa cainlid.uo. The object of att.ick
on a Prosident, will be to put him out of ( dice,
Hid theso will b useless, when it i fix. -d that he
FAYETTE, 52ISStrRI, OA .IXIS&AY, AFRK& 18, I fits.
ho to bo twetted. Sir, we should prevent the re
mrronce Jrjft state of things which has once arrayed
one half, and once two-thirds of the nation, against
the Executive branch of the government. If we
must, periodically, be divided into parties by the
:l.iiuis ot rival candidates, let not one oi them be
I have said, that tho wr.i.rAe.r. of tho nation re
piires th.it tin Pre-iileiit should not he a candidate.
The President being a candidate, the measures ol
he government will he thereby utlecfd. Livery
mea-iire recommended by the I're-ident during hi
:irst four years, will be viewed with -ii-picion and
t.i-tru-t. That weight which his reeoni'nenilal ions
would Uve, were they believed to be dictated by the
jiuhlic good ntilv, teill bo diminished when they are
Mippo ed to he part- of a plan tufaiurthu ru-oleel-
oii of the Pro-incut.
A Pre-ident iutendin? to boa candidate, may o
et hiscnbin"t with a view to hi- re-e'.ec ion. lie
r.ay adopt public measures wish thv s.-,ic,e view. I-
i State disincline d to him ! lie may s"o:ho it. bv
,-ivish expeioliliires of piiblie money. !r may ere
ate innece--try place, to extend his pa'rouag;. It
will probably be -n id by the o;...)-iuon. that hi s ineas.
ires lire a iop'n,, otiil his apjioiu'iiieuls made, with
.i view in .e approaching !.! ;on: mid thus it ma v
'upoeii, that the iiK-u-uro.s of a l're-idtnt may be
iiiisrepic-cnted to the injury of the country; where
as, if l.e is not a c indiilate, his mea-ures w ill be
considered with cundur: there will bo r.o motive to
tho cotil rury.
How pernicious may it be to have the Pre-iljiita
candidate during a just a ml necenry war; ami a par
ty endtjvouring to -uiiohiut. hi n in favor of an op
ponent, alleging a de-ire for peace! Should an op
ponent, under such circumstances come into power,
there would he danger of his changing, injuriu-iv
to tho nation, tho course of policy ad .'pled hy the
govern men!.
If candidates for the Presiikn'.h.l offro, neither
of whom is i're-iden'. are onp.j-ed toeacb other, he
w't'O is elected will ie l i:ece--arily come in a- the
o nonent of the preceding administration. But it
:l Pre-ide::t is a candidato. and rejected, the expir-
ii ; nciniuiitration may adopt mea ones, which i:
mid no! o'herv.i-e have adou'ed. Thus, when J oho
htivo then tho means of rewnrdin"; his suppor
tors j 1 reply ! let eiieh po.s-tnss that chance
erpially. Ii.it, tho President being u candidate,
bus ulruidy the in" ins of rewarding his friendj.
Thus John Ad inn, after his rejection by the
people, nppciinteil many ijfii'ors; six of whom
were Members of Congress. I have said, that
mi c!rc:ion sliniih ho u loir nppo.il to tlv; iniiii-lloonee-.J
joilguieiit of till people. I low c-'itl the
e'eetion be In i r. when tho laisioess of thu udiniii
ist ration ij row s into its soi v jcij suine hundred
presties, w hiedi c"rcise an iiniiionso iulluence
over tlio public mind? I ti iderstaml (huttiMii
g'o oli'u-j of thri government, takes from 2d
piessi s, no li ss tl:a:l 1JJ in U's;1'ners,
Old -n during ton term of seven years : but s'uUn-jt
la e'etf I a sTm l limp."
Sir, (continued Mr. H.) we regard this Convention
with veneration. It contained men of rare talents
and wi rt!i ; hut somo of the n weru noiiirci:..'j,
and men who 'h:sir.;d that the executive should ros
sess unilu'i influence. By our Constitution, as it
now stands, the President, is ro-'j'igiulu during life.
I think it ought nut to bu so.
We should endoavor to avert tin evils ol
which w.j have expciienco. Tlu people should
not lie called on, in tin potforumii'-o of their duty
a citizens, to array liiutnselves directly ngiiust
iheir Chief .M i.;;.f!,.ite, and to by aside till
fiw;t for Lis ;hara.:ter. By dc:lariir tiint t'c
-'lit shall nover bj a candidate, vou wi!
1 ... , , ,, '. - ,, , i i I'.-st'i-.'iii sti.m novcr ba a eanuidsito. you w:il
i.tuntgh 'mi- ,-:.Vy:.!,. ;:,al poweru.l hot y hav, lM a f0,.J.r,..,c J a s,.,
l fe ,;,,-:rs I .b, cunimvorl,. r,,,: U;c,y-,3 d:,tUi,, ;uofs,
iieut'ol w hen the P, e.tdo.t is a i: tti l.dti'c.t ; vet. i. :.., .... 'r ,, .... , , ,
, , ,;' . .to.--a ..tdiU oi l.i.ugs wincu v:,l projuljlv re
hetwi.M u iu".v men, not posscx .'ma power, Ue'V
will divi Jo li!;- : : ! i r ei i.'.jns; :i n w 1. 1 not, us a j
1 i:-', l.e ii ttieir.us. How ottl i; ); cp'.-c!ed I
lr.it 'le y v. .i; v.tij fie.-dy ut; I iiuiuli leu
w'.icn tli'.-ir st.'.-tsics, perhaps their w li.de
'.'nn'', 'lep'.u jj .,n liiu j l.ni u:o of ouo of the .
If the Chief M;igi-!ra:e of n iiution, hv wh it- i , ' '
,. . . ... ' eideii:r.'
. , . . i in i ii j iii'i i oi; o i s . 1 1 1 o n 1 1 j - i , 3 .in 1 1 o ii ie
as a cot i!:i. i'!.', ho lii'.i I lint pec.plu over whom
e.e niies, wi'a :i p i n ei less. pi ivut j t ttizon. u
his onooiietit. a fair distirissiotiutu election, is no
.'rt'ii! in
II ,o
A dims was rejected by the nation, his political
f I' nd- passed a law fur discharging a great p.:rt i i
t: eefi'.cersan.d -eatneu of the .Navy ef the t'ni'e.i
- ate-; nn.l directed the sa'.e ol twi '-third- of l!.e
."ssels of war. I n-1;, would Mr. ,dains, who-e
atttiehinent to a JVavy is hnowti. have approved of an
act reducing the Xavv from thirty-eight ve-seis el
iar, all i.lloat. to thirteen, onli six of which e.a re
lo -ontin te alloat, had l.e hei u elected, or had he
no', been ousted by an opponent! Would he, do yon
t i. ".!:, Sir. have stieetiom d a bill, on the lid of .VI arch.
di-chiirging iif ar three hundred otlicers of tic
American Navy, hud he been continued, for another
:'oi.r years, coiuniantler-iii chief of that Navy ! 1
he ieve that he would not.
' have said that the Tr.ANQVtt.i.t r' of the nation
re ..ir.'s that tho President s'.ujld not bo a cattdi-
Sir, when tlio Pre-ident !iai! be a candidate, the
tranquility of tho country will to ui-turlicd. Jt is
even probable that iisj.-s may be enraged in, if it
will increase the popularity of the President. Pcr-
uaps our e.;;'isi war with r ranee, might have l..:e:i
avoided, had it not seemed, that to rou-ethe people
again -t Franco, was to augment the popuhiri'y of the
1 resident, who was a cardidatc. A euil war may
he provohed, nsa measure very lihtly to strengthen
those who administer the govern inent. S tun: state
mtiy be goaded into re-i-tance. and blood may (low
A p.-"olt supn.cssrd, always strengfiiens tlie i.rino!
government: and tiius, ti.e ro-eiccti-iti of the l're;i
dem might be secured.
T'iio President will have the s:r.ti.!:e--,t ir.n-ivo-
to endeavor to ho re-eh etc.! : for p s ( : i
"' will consid-r that l'reti h-t.t, w !.o, h...;. a
'atnlida'.e, sl-.-il! not lo eiec'td a s c..;i.l ::..c', a
ine "weighed in tho buhuii'e, ntul found win
iin.'1 lie will therefore, u-e every means iti
his power to securn his ro-elfet i n. Now, let
us con'einplato his menus. Ho. will have ui'
tho power and ics 'Uices ef tho Mxetutivc
briiitch of tlio povei ninetit. at iiis di.-; :.'. A!!
tiie powers of thu iiJinini-t ration wi'l he
brought lo iiiii.ieiK'u the eh c'.io.i i:i
There aro ten thousand oiii.vrs of t'.c
men!, whu may la; displace. 1 at the p
the P.csident. Tliis uiflu -ueo w.l! Ij
?'.m:1rpi liiousanu votes, i uo-e o:..j.-i-
erlero in every (iei.-t. n t i iuo .vt.Tes
v see exertions m-ido to ind i'.on'e eiej
Governors mill Men bers of L'.mgro.-s
t will ho the consequeni-j ? The e'ee
i'.csi lout will pro hi-:..' tlu in'.e.ise i tor
oiieutso! In..' l ie , lent win :o::-'i
ii IV I
Vj n
ions '
' ;Oll ('
:st . 'j'
tori is
he nth
when J
i a' e .
s-'i"j re
We ha'
i siien nil exi'i't ion ;o
They will ;niishh-r th.-a
iioce-siiry, l.t'i-uuae i!.o
:i''ti', and nil its e''.i::.t.gen!
r side, lie have seen the c
A.l.ntts w.is P
;.:i;is the s::mt;
re cli c'i -n, I y s:!.'u
?i':l tile cii'-cts of tl.
Pi ; ri-lent as ,i ei:
in V.'US ulie'Jii J 1 V
toe ctl-
n intgh'v
I -
:n i I a en.
was pas.iei
to.e i
It w
it" ( tine.! lutes
ests bt.'i;i;i' li.
l o i '"i:u.eii-e t. ' '
lie ohiee it i
1.1. IN!.
Ir.tt I
is nw i iv
- w i
utce lha
i.-.u tin.
t'eni: g.
it'-st, in
'. one ol
so c ui
-t.i -ti
must go out ol othce. 1 he characters ot a-tn
cd men belong 10 the nation; and if, nt. any time,
circum-taiicos shall not permit goo.l citiz-ns to re
spect the man who liils the Prcsiduitiu! chair, it wil;
That such, to ), were th opinions of General
.lackson, who came into odl:o in tin .March sii-VclcI-i'tgt
we quote from his first in "ssagi, as fodo .vs:
"I wou'd therefore recominen 1 -itch nn ameudotenl
c f the C'liislitiiliini n liny r-'uiovo all inlet. i I'ia'e
Lgcncy in t:.f elect i;m of Pr-'-id' ntnn-l Vic1 l'r -i-d.nt.
The i.mh'e may be so regulated as to ; re-cr.v
to each !;'ate i's.re-ent rela'i'.e weight in I he elec
tion; mid ui'ciliuu in the f:r.-t ullempt may ho oruii
ditd for, by eot. lining the -ecund to a clioi."., between
the two highest iiiii'ii.i'.tes. In coiiuecth'u v. iti.
su.di nr. aiueni'ment, it would seem advisable to lim
it the sen ice of the Chief Magistrate to a single
term, of cither four or six vears.
"Tlitroare pcrlnips t'e.v ni'-u who can for any great
Icnlh ( f lime enjoy milee r.ud power, without, being
n.ni'cor less under I ho iml.c. u of feeling, utifr. . -r
b'.e to the fai'hful i!i-'clr r.t'e"i' their nb:ic d itii -.
Their i ite -ritv n.a be proof again-t itn'.iroper co:--
:-.h ration, immediate.' in'ilrc-'O d to them -elic-:
hut Ihr.y rue apt to acq tire a habit of l-mbing will,
itiditieri-Tee) up oi tiie (jtihlic iiiVr 'sl-., mid of toh-r-B'.i:
:- LMinh c! fiotti which. 1:11 nnpr 'd i-cil mm would
ot. 1 1: i at i corn-ut, reu as a : -pc- '''' i" ',
r t
.; and 'in
i ..iivi'i.i il
i-.-'-lv for
r i, -
crnmcit, tail
itere-ls, thjti as
he s, rvici t.f t!
un t l-ti ..'.
1 P. epic
in some, ami, in oii.crs, a perivfirm -t
ingj n nd principles, divert llovi-rnrt
gitinviti' et:d., tr.d iro.ke i an tegli."
j,r' --:' ti.e ft v f cxp-.-.-f !.- r,.
I or. n.otine
nt cie-iteii
.'truf tiou
n r. t IV, !
I': ,:,1 its c
!',: tit -i.f-
ti p
it .
w l.e;
. l... .
1 I
i'e- nt
Cm .v r
li e :.- i
or n-it!
Shell tile
to if d
wis lie
hit- s h.
'a et nn
'.INI! I I.
of d.l
the 1
I'll It'g, .III! luitV.l-s,
,i:ii:u neutral, ;i:hI ti
S r, it is ice .--.-iv
!.i.r.Lr!u.Ns f.r iho l'i
To piesi'i'v i n tr
' ll.'ttl -.I' It. !.:.:
of II Pies. i.
1 1 'ii for n I',
o tho era
'ill'.'.' i J iles hi,
' eliirc til" p.-cs.-i.-ig
Willi! e n h
eii-i' i. n to !,
ehndid.iles u
in 'I ie-ou.-.'.
C ',' si. a' i.
. n:t I mil .etce
lo !,,.' ex; cot.-.i i, .at no no i-
will ii:;,ki' great (li 'i:s to retain
! i.esi so vv iieii the i'lesi jeii'. urns
,! The) n ::io:i was hot ll.u
J.d.'i A ! a . s V, as i. lee'.t J ; 1101
; ik.s liist i ieeted ; nor when
, ,' el- etcj ; nor was il so r- lien
i -i : 'ot w a s el -itted, til: hou j ii he,
I, ChiV Mi 1 id; son, a ere ail he-
is cm !i.l i'es,iit tiie Stioio lime ;
-.ii -.M -.v..-, l'i t si-i 'itt. It w..i ion
,- : ui" ll -. Cxec-i ive goveiun.o ,1
v e.;ii ti ; i . 'I'll' govern inenl
(lilt hi'! '' two of tileso CMII'll-
; '.'id ;1.: whole mi!!":: . Toe
: . i ..e. r iiuiiTil ; one of ih
. '.t-i ! Wc tiie:'. iiave prool
t'i! -it I'tl licciion !-e!wce:l lie .V
i g i i p .v.i.-r. ill Hot disturb
i -:' o'.ii' ry ; and that il one
'- . i.-i PiC-i iell'i, 't W Iti. l'.l'Ul ie
o:g a can-in; i -' ; an. I tlieo,
I i.f govciiiiitei't limy il
:.' ii.i.i.in 1 1 unn'iil.
.. n: w ltd the I'A.it.NuiiS or
t .ni-'iit to ha a I'tiii-iidiiii'.
in -ti'.uti ins, far old" -mis,
: li t'tiice, m r-.i in i-t ih'siro
;: i'. i :i p et, d'j i ,;i; the In no
- u c in.iiu.ite. livery e'e
i o; hi to ho u liiir appeal
Ign.t'Ot of I 11" pl'Oid'j. Tiie
g real odii- flight to c i: uf
.1 ! en i q nil terms, i.eith"! po.--it.s
of i i'iii'j; o eliii! ind iem:o
in 'i'o it:. equal, than, Cut :o un
i.i .If! by tint people, one' ol the
Holy w ii Ids tho w hole -ower
f the g iwrnmcu'.?
'a 1, t.ii'. tho m.iti elected will
to he exm-i'teil. It s title, tills
has been tvt :ca overcome in the I."
that neither pi. .ves that .he inil :et:eo d-a
exist, nor that is not dangerous . T'hop irty in
opposition had it in their p,wer, mi h r.li oi
id' isto oci'as'un-', to In ing f ir w:i i d ex; i a, it - liuai y
men. .ootie liut 1 liom-is J il-.-rson uotthj hav.
h'h'il'L'J tliO ft! st Ad. II. IS. No 0110 Itut
.lii i;s"ti c-u'il have delea'tl thu s
Sneh is '.'no iolvantayi: of possessing .
S;r, w hei priv.i'e ni"ti ou'y are catnii-i
election will not n!:'-ct the honor, th" tvi i:a
:r:n;ie;i!!i'y of the nation, or tho lainio-.o
in ee,!it yens, tinless y,ui piudetit
nil !)i'ev.;iit It- iho tidviuttig.-.s '.v'oi'.h
iitny ..s-llily b-j ..h.i'ivj-l, f,-.,.,! tlm pi-otili'tii' n.tu.is
of on" iiii-i. isio.-e tli'i.i nil ot.ii'.'i's, to p-o'cji'm tho
lot!-i-s of Prcs'd'.'Nt, will be pitrchased at to;
hiali ii price, if they snail he obtained by fous-
1.10 .Ol i'V Dl.s.onS o: t 10 ne.lt) e. llll.t mi.
' . . . i .
:t:e:il lia re I. I verilv heliovu lint
llio .tdopiion of t'i's a.neiHl.iiont will h'i a cro-il
iuiP' "e.iieiit ill o tr si-e.'il s'a'e.
Til'-' people of Kul.itel feiieitnh; t:i.",:iij'v:s,
I that lliey have fotuvl in th-.er iier-jsiet: .-y iiioiiar..iiy
.1:1 i.iit:-".i.i ii i'.;. ,i'.-;y t ,r tne c'ji ri :,'.:-, ti anil tur
moil of nil eiectivj n:o.:tiT. .-!:,-. S.r, tiiis u;:i!t:f!.
tlteilt Will g., f :r (.) .; t!;,; su;;. o'i':n t. Too
tty;n::ii t!i?
iti,' til'.' I'rc
I'l-cstd lit 1
' ' i' o'l u:)! :
bo a k
bis ii'u!
tnis-;: ,:i
Ad .'.-,
--Hi J n
t'i :i
!; I'tr k
o.ti-l t;t
I'.tV Id
-I' nil i
t '.i'.,;i:
!ml t ,
-il N't
,t: t.
1 1
t :..:; .
sw ft-;
It.o .
t I
' "- --."".-rrvr ' 1
Tl.ty have boj.i ;itii.!iiij for tlicay great 0V0 ;!-',
ib 't.-' n.r.ny i-ttt'.s. W'imt Fr-fr-ruHtm is thero in
this? THE WUICS AKLI TiiK TllUii RE.
I;i.'!'.rJCAN PARTY.
1 ' p a of th
,1,'M !!,.;. ti.
'.''.! to he too
1 t , ' .
i 1 .... !
:l ,. i.'l i.t
N." 1);,..
''1 1 '
coutitiy, with more mean
i 1 any natlo.i tliat ever ex-
risi to Le ch
'- nvl s',:f.r ti,
r I .,
tit t.t
.e'S ,.
ii. :.:
'i tie'!
I t'i
; :i I e
i. '
t '
4.J lo j
er.s m-
,u"fV j-.-in .
::L:1 via-.
t ,1,
!..;;.. 1 1 1
u hew ! wo .-mm
....... 1 , lion nod turmoil of
01 beili.T in ..i : hv tiie ti -o-de
i) (!!'.. s, in two or tii.ee tlio-i.-ort'i dilh.-;
, ntiil the Pi' iidi.ni is.dii'k-1 from Jci.-i
be ex-:
in 1
ti Oi
we .-
er to
d f-r
or. 1-.
It wet-h! 1.0! in t'.e year r,-i-o h -vi hr -:i a-N. !
a te-t. io cvi'V state elee'i":i, v. !;.;':.. r t' .' e. ,
lii'es were for J'.ci;s-,n or A-'.:'.,., had 11 .1 t::
que-: ion boon of the same import a - -t m.''
vcti for or ngain-t 1 he pre-ent ml mini tr.ttu.n !':
I'eiier. 1 1 government : (.'uo I'.t-rly, perhap- i
eti thai they were caiied nt-on hv 1 1. i r ! ,-.'.:' '. i
g'rtf-ri.ir.ct'.t. to support tho nditdtu-'r it h 1.. T
ether party co-ieeived, that their .-ncrcl r-' .'c
t! e riti's a' d lib"r;ies of the pe-iple rcq-.ir : !
they hould aid in putting down thu ad'uini-tr.
N'o tti'iii. or-'laf iti":i, could po-tiblv have
'lucei! t!;c -a-ne e!::'i'env?ut, had the two cattei-ii'cs
heee. !:Ot:i private eiti.'.ens. I appeal to g.'litleilieti
to say. uhe'her the late iTC-iileutiai ca:iva-s 1,;
not p.'J'iluc-d a s'titi. of nolitic-tl ho-;iiity and pro
rri;::i'jn, nuknoivu in their respective states for 'i
ShuiilJ you, hv nn am -.ndmer.t to the cnn-tit".:ion
deny to the -.id -nt a re-eiectioti, he wi',1 have no
motive to .".item-it either t , siieuce or corrupt the
p-'-ople. Ho will re-;ard the highe-st object of hi.
ambition as already obtained ; and eon oder tint
nothing lviivins !'or him, but so to demean him-e'f,
as to s. cure the 1 i-ting i-ttcm of hi ; coun'ry. ts.iy
then to every i'muro p,'0-ide;it, ' I.'.-t your only h.--si-n
I.--' o, cc-.:r- v-o.tr l'..'.-i.'? fii:: . i'.i-l tie' h' "''
nes- uf your fell-jw-citizens." L?t tne P.-e-ider.'
be utid.ir n-j nece i:v to please a party, however
IMit possess ;:ti
:ve t:.iio!:i-::-:.! ;
i-V.M '::;
r rnir.ND ? :
A?p:al l IW.n
o:;r; f:;s.ii:i
:::::l lVo.il tho toi imp.
ivj inouareiiy, v. !ole !
ut sovi'ii.i:"::-., and
o: 1.:
t'trtfin? U':j'.
i'OWHil WiLl
r.Ni'i.vt. Tt'.t;.'i.
-il.i tii
I mi,;
V.'Oiat lum
:r d' i w-:
-sijtV.-.'iui; 1
a s'-jene
1 -:.t W'li :ii 1
esiilen'. V. I. 3
US oi' this
J tl.S it V.Ni'
,l -
his o
.'.1 i
,1 P:-:
! O l 'J
.1 -';
.1 etS
isti.il:. I
-.Vu 1 si I
. a re e
Oi Oil'!
-si': li.-,
'.i. :, i.;
; . l:Co
i'til a
iN't.t: tn
not (j,
till.', it I
vv j terms, -up-! ..-!, s sa:
.1 s i icioa u. vol v. !;) "'
U'u.-t'iie ol our ll-.';;:.:'ii
. ; thj evils of a s .oi:.l
'.In i . . y . ::us .-ever
i:'jvisi-j.i tt::J ;;)':':,
:'.'.ii ."'j-.'.s c xo-'sit on ut the l-.iu.id-
Ituiioti, wiii dir .ijver t!i
,r'i and coufi llii:' ti
eye-;. 1 nii" t!i ..;!
v.e; iiiis.iiv c :
! ;;-' .?vcr I
' the ! .M.j..,tv
v''-o- i ;;io i a-';
i. did : io. -
: ". :
ii :e
,tvo i
.,1 ..
: I : V
it tney le-.ios;
the virtue of
w". jbluot tiu
""''.. i :izti:n, he
15 Oi , . ... ,
1 1 . o i . ', -.
i'TS i.i
,t ., ,
I.et h:-:
t lie ii :
i.i v.;.
o.Niii.: i
to n:..: a tree
'-ir a.itiii.rii'.-.
r-u 1,
-t ui e
eo.l. :.:.
re Mr. :
v Luther
f! a. ,i e r : v to por-.-iie the Iri.o
.1 ; ;::. 1 .1. :s u-; ire i :np"ri-h-os
vi, u neiy i a u s L"; ml t -'
t:i ii--.: .1 o of.e it ')-.. v.-ct.-ii rtt
ltht'.i hitherto of un lit; ;-en-.
that those individuals it. ':'-:-'
have sou-h: to pcr-i- tin:'
clo-e the lio- :'
I of U.-.a. lc.-,
rcs.d, i'ro-.i iho i,:.' rntt.tion t;i
into the (Jeu-'r-.l A .-ombly of
- the pr-iceudins ff the Fcde-
ttiu.r eoui.i.1 v.i:e:
c::pei:c!:ce Ims p.u'..-J i,.it in ;li-;.i a
pro e-.al.. I fi-jti ti.l.i vi ry s .' ii .-N
oily just u th .- it -i Ac .'e.ieia-.ion vv,
tiio llcvo'iU'.ioii ; th -y e.'rc.l, hut r--:i .
in ns-:.t:::iirf that the A.iiei'ieaa l'e
remain wiiat tiiey I
suii'm' In '. Iiio.'jI ile,
e-vo. v
's v.'
uceil or vej'
ie couritrv
-' .1 li.-i!-!.-.
: !.- to li.v
e! desi.
i '
ui woi'is and were nol to j ... '
i tie which t!w history o; . ty:;:
t iil til "il' o.'J il".'::. ' u.i i
y sow i'.ia.Mia i ti.i.-::i tin- i ra
;,i'.i'ii' :.nis:n tiie ui' 'st :;ivi
tistii a spirit that v. tts .ti--!,
; i'i!aoi
I ii.se, I'
i not :
ral Cotivet.t:
One tar
to briii; s'.-rv.
.'.!e:i'-iv e c-c
c riuiti rest:
tip.-niy avo.v.
lew; "yet it
coiisidi. -rabio
v. ho in re by
v.-ntiun, dm-
i"r'i 1
'v, w:.n e o
.nail, date i;
:' ; , I'll!
ti i' nt, oi'a m
ictuius un. I
d this sesitiiiio:
is cip:a'.!y tru
i'.uiu .a r who i
mvse'.f 1 m
id-red a - l-iug
t and wi-ti .it r.-as to
tate llo.-i t'.'Ni-.ents, niid
-r:i-:i--".:t cvir ti.is
:a roliio.il nature, under
,-iitai h,..s. Those wiio
it, v. jie, it is true, but
-, i-lr. that ti.ere wis a
id not openly avow it,
my others of the Con
in reality fav.ir-'rs of
vvi.i .-ii the hit
in tiie tiitinr.e
trvtiivMi. r. iterer o
i ty ;u..i i
tiio ti, e
a of lil'ty
; tiiiii
. iitioti. l btiii ati I
C atitry. T:,.-
uu.i iv two
V. ::'..'. S U'.O.ii.i
IllCiflOS '.'I tii-'li'
toi oil into lii ir i
lae .
r.y, i-
i ie N,
iiilt: v:
t-o iji'tic;
i'. v;r.'. 1
ihit i.ii'i
Jtvvtty b
vvlii.'h th
ii'til i.:V! I. tea s;
Lt-eii in ii.fiititil. .' . , tc i ; .
C.v.i Lrctioi'.iti Jt.s vo:o x u.:- . :
0 th-J putriarch'il bi:i;:-ii-':iy : ,-;,:.-,
vvitile.ssjJ was tu b-' Ce': i ti- NN!. , (.1
iiti-l tiie coitniry luitiune tlio prey ol tr.i-.iii:-; I ; '.e.i
i'liiiii ti.iii ttn.l scliotniuvj and lioouti :n 1 ! tli.it
iiia.'i'itos; witeti a c iiiimeive was tn be ; a
drive;! in Patriotisin, tiie People sysUitnati j pj'j
snd tiieir t'itioes best'iwo.j I rue .
.-a i '
i ".v.
'I. .it seii'iuirnt, iu:d aetiiiil upon those principles ;
'evertlv endeavoring to carry into eif.-et. what they
.veil htievv, openly i. ud avowedly could not bo r.c-cimpli.-hed."
Many of tho members were do--Ir.c.is
that the Preside!!', should beeh'.tted for -even
yenrs, and not be eligible a second time; others I
primo-ed that he should not be absolutely ineligible,
hut licit ho should not be captble of bjiug chosen u
second time, until the expiration of a certain num
ber of years, The siie,ort rs of Iho ab ji i! prop-.i-i-tn,
its went upon the idea, that the ie-st security for
iiht-rty was a limited duration, and rcta'ion m
1 !:-.'
cal.y i.itiiikM'r
as thn' -; iiis"
d a c
l ca-'iiiv on t;
viiest para-ites, too m
uf the dii'tiest tools id lacti 'ii. '1 in:y in.-ver
in tiieir i:i:i:i'ive vir'.ui', itrcatnoj tliat ti.e
oiti.c v.ii 'N! taieuls r iO)Ut:iti,,:i i,:; i , la
ce. 1 lit it tit 1 1;-.' il.-l.l Oi' li.'J ll ''VCitl il'M".
C'lti'.d be cat.' 'i'..-lo of tlic .: i.ui.ittl i'i-oii-H
ii -v..i;::: j: ti:e '.'.v.-t' ioWiT a:ol jiatroU'i t;. c.
iiis oiii :o ; 'r.ji:iiiiii lor hi.its.-if a ii".'
ie.t.-e oi' , o-.v ...-r; tliat ali ot.ior objuots v.civ
111 li 1111 I'll is it, t-. 11 lost st.;;, i o i y h:.;i it till
iiis l'oii ivvo.s, li.'jioi.Jitiils aa.l exticotat.is:
tint ali iii.-.i-'.i.'vo o! I-Niijiij pin icy, won! to
bo r.ia.lj t .- i . iid to tiiis I'li.ii.ii'v it-iitrni.-ra-
-st shi.iiil ilauerois
'- in tmi l'..X,;cltV-e Do 'art
' 'I'iiere was a par'v '- ii
Pre-ident appointed u .-o'.-i-,'
any litniiatinn a- 'o I iu;e ; :
-licceed in licit attempt, tii
have ban rc-i'liciido witho-.i
meat." ; . Id.
a'tc-.'nptc.l tu have th?
',-11-' ! 'i '. no , .'.-, wil'mnt
nn! not h nog a.iie to
ey iheii en h-avi,ro 1 to
'. re-train!. It w.is o'l-
j .'cteil that the choice of a Pre-ident, to continue
in odi-'e during goo.l behaviour, would hentonoe
rendering our system rni t'.-Uiti mn n-c'i ; and
that if Hie president was to he re-oligibh, vvitiio-.it
-my interval of di-ipialif.ea! ion, it would aui"unt
iti nearly the same thing; since with the power
chat the Pre-iileiil is to etq iv, and tiie inter --t and
influence with which thev will be aitendeil. he wiii
.h almost ab-olii'ely certain of being re-el.-ctLd,
from time to time, as long as he lives. As the
'l opo-itions were reported by the Committee of t he
Whole lloti-e, the Pre-ident wis to h-; ctiosi. u for
-even j ears, an I no! o he t'ii'n'.e iti nay .'i-.-i i.'-v.
In the sain.! manner Che prop i-ition was .agreed to
in Convention ; an. I so it was reported by t.'.e com
miitee of detail, although a var ety of attempts
were made to alter that part ofthe -ystetn, by those
who were of a contrary opinion, in which they re
pi'ateillv failed ; but. Sir. hy never lu-ing -: jlit of
their ohji.-et, and cho-ing a proper time lor thr-ir
purpose, they siiecei.'ih'd, at length, i.i ni'tai'iing
the alieiatiou, which was not made until within
the last t.velvo days before the Coavenii.ui ud
journed." J'uje 01.
Uerer-Ir. Smyth read from the Journal cf the
prooo'.'dings of the Convention, in oi. .ii'.ion of
Mr. Martin's statement, as fuiljws :
id A.
lion; lii.-.t ;i.i ohNtes VM'ie to
a view to jN'o-iioiiii:.; I, is re
sell'-i.-otifesseJ ('..''.iii-t'lrllti! ;;tl
to yi t'eia.tii'.l in phi N. ;
to b
Illt-S '.l wot
iiee-bo'i le.'s w e
tioaeei i:lg I'oliotts. c nT hat:! a in
tlii ir sal iri'.'S to nil I n i-lc J
i):e--'v invito.l an.l sliaiu'. ,t
li -i;;! p!a -i s. to ;",'it-i!e ar. .i el-
V litNN'S of tliO Colistitau i;i id ii
ti.at l
if i iti'.
I wita
a, an i
"S !ti..
;i ui. a:i
n! IV ea
ft., n-'
i e.f
e, 1 '.
2 C
att, -. '. )
i i 1
. I-
! ti
a a
it t!).N
t i:
. L I v ,
' J tlv 17. It was moved
jia'.i' tins iNtilv ('epravi'.y vvaua
have ,-o-.ii:i!i;,l, an, I tiiey bi
i .ip isj aay ris 1 1 io-1 un ; uj...
-K.iI-i.it v. LaJ tiiey unti
toe;, loiii.gitio-.i it as cvi-n p .ss.o.f. ;.i ,t ;, j ;
P.-f-i l.tiit itoi.'.d bo capable oi pro.-" i: uti:i' 1
hi- lii'jt U'l'iii. and Iiis high tt.iil so'-rej 'ri-,;-:. j :
to tii" ItllWOriliy Pll-1 ot N'olrngitlg l-.i.i OW'l ; ,
power. Mi;-) c.,n il-mot tii it ttle'V vot;.il
Ii t v. liiiitte.l tiie t-Iyil i.ity oi' ;iie s :. it r. ar.
to on.- t;:.:i! 11 i f (dcii." W'itshiiigtoti f-ire- I
s-.'oa tliat llio prei'e.l' nl ii- estti'-os'a il w ti
i..,.a I
an !
n! to s'riki
I can
w ho
:J. nt
t'O j'l
out tl e toliowing word-, via : ' To t. in-'ligioln 1
seoond time ;' which pished in tho nutrmalne. I; j i
i.'js inovi'il anu -ecouiie i in -!rii:e out t':e wor,!-
sewn years,' and lo in-ert. the wor Is good
!iavi"tir;' which passed in the neg-oivc.
" July 'do I1, was moved and secondo-! lo am md
the third eltoi-o of tin! re-olutioii re-;i', "ing tiir
N'-i ion-il I''.xeeii'ive, so as lo read as f oh.-.v.s, vi.; :
' i-'or tho term of seen yeais, to bo ineligible a
second lim? ;' vvnicii p.n-e-1 in tin! aliiim i'iv-.',
" August U, fro.n Lie draft. llj snail hold hi-
, D- pn
i.i 'ii l!
It t-iilit he well to add th.lt no man loss objec
ti.inall') to all parties than General Harrison co-dd
dofeit (x oii thn proaent inPumb?-!'. En
liictiv c o in.' mi
t.s nig-! n itai'ss.-s, i he i-'
vv nibl uover haw ti..i
i';-'i -i-ioS f X illipli! .) S'J -CPial-It
i-i li"t to i late: '.o ov er, it'
limit, lit "th.!; t r tt to i e; -.ir th
it his aire, i.ly intiVibtee d. 'j'o
yon.! '.'ff:1!. lit li;. l.t ii.'e issti;
now- r; at;. I if o:o seer's i I in
i of bis
:' i Ni tile
tl ill":!.
.5 V:
-. t t;.
Cr :.'i, i; :
wi:!i th.
the 1,
- 1 en.
a l;.e
ff :utv so'.', n, ii;t:st -pr.iv
Irtiit. ill.? A.iioii-'aii p---
llieti' power t j prevent a i
I'lOin tiie sriiilt! r.'iliSi-. Woo
nn nn-ol's tori,u-s i,, r-,;
no nt
ft i.i . e
N-n.l i.
tint vv
ii f ii.-
c t,.e
: V,".. . . : ;
t l 1 ' -.: I .
t?t ' ;.i :.. i
ot' u. : a-r. st

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