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Proposed by General Jarkson Dissuaded by Van
Buren Thb People will establish it by the elec
tion of General Harrison.
William Henry Harrison,
John Tyler, of Va.
NominUionTby the Whig Convention of Missou
ri, assembled in the City of Jefferson,
Monday, October UUt, 1SU9.
Foa oovkhnor,
JOHN B. CLARK, of Howard County.
JOSEPH BOGY, of Ste. Genevieve.
For Electors of President and Vice President nf the
United Stales,
rillLTP COLE, of Washington.
JOSEPH C. BROWN, of St. J-ouis,
SAMUEL C. OWENS, of Jackson.
STEPHEN CLEAV-lSfc, of Ralls.
The first general meeting of the Tippe
canoe Club ot Howard county will be held
in the Court-House, in Fayette, on Mon
day the fourth day of May, for the purpose
of organizing for duty by the e'ection of
the necessary officers for the County and
the Township. It is hoped every member,
as well as every friend of the cause will
attend if they can.
By order of the Club,
President Pro tkm.
We hope that our friends will permit no ordinary
consideration to keep thera at home on Monday
next. On the effective and proper organization of
the Tippecanoe Club will more materially depend
the -esult of the Presidential election in Howard
than on any thing else that occurs to us. It is ne
cessary too that action should be token in reference
to the Harrison encamp:nent set ou foot by the
Clubs of Cooper and Boone a notice of which
will be found below. Wo are now as certain of
carrying Howard as we are of any event so dis
tant. Many of our friends, since the loco-foco
"dhow of hands" on monday last, assure us that
the disgust it occasioned among the more staid and
reflecting citizens who have heretofore acted wit!
that party is deep and abiding. We have ourselves
heard one of them declare, that "such contrivances
and proceedings as had been got up by the office
holders was a burlesque on the democracy to whicli
they laid claim and such must be the verdict of all
who did not "fall in the ranks" and "march between
the tellers" of the BANK, the LAND OFFICE
and the POST OFFICE.
But we close with renewing the exhortation to
our friends to come up on Monday. Ours is a peo
plo's meeting intended to promote the election of
.one of the people, and in no respect to interfere
with, control or influence the choice of the people
n relation to subordinate officers. The objects
are at distinct and different as is the true demo
cratic republicanism which we profess, from the
democratic aristocracy of the office holding junto
which are now known to have got up, managed
and controlled the ridiculous, degrading and insult
ing farce on Monday. Again we say. let all come,
Ho free while man will be excluded.
from the Columbia Patriot.
We have just received the following from
Boone ville. Our columns arc up, but we
take out to give place.
Upon the suggestion of the friends of Gen
Harrison, in the Counties of Boone, How
aid and Cooper, it has been determined to
call a joint meeting of the Tippecanoe
Clubs of those counties at Roclieport, on the
18th day of June next, to continue ou the
ground two days
The friends of General Harrison, through
out the State, in person or bv their Com
mittees, and, in an especial manner, the
the LAST WAR are respectfully and cord
tally invited to attend.
As it is proposed to co into a full, fai
and temperate discussion of the measures
of the Administration and the principles
and qualifications of the Candidates for the
Presidency, such of our opponents, as are
inclined to hear and participate in such an
investigation, are respectfully solicited to
be piesent.
It is recommended to the YOUNG MEN
of the State, friendly to the election ol
General Harrison, to organize in their re
spective counties and take measures to he
represented bv delegates in a OLL.KAL
CONVENTION of the Harrison Young
Men of Missouri, to be held at Rochkpout,
on the 20th of June, the day immediately
succeeding the above meeting.
vvnen the organization ot the iippeca
noe Club of Howard Countv is completed
we respectfully invite its co-operation. The
joreiioing notice nas oeen drawn up aite
consulting with several of its members.
DAVID TODD, President of
Boone County Tippecanoe Club.
THOMAS J. BOGGS, President of
Cooper County Tippecanoe Club.
April 5J5th 1840.
Is the tide of a new paper, which is soon to be
iasucd frem the St. Louis New Era office. Those
uf our friends who wish to subscribe, may find
prospectus at this office. Terms, 60 cents in ad
The Sr. Louis Pannant, is hereafter to be
issued morning and evening. U. (1. Fosteb, favor
ably known ai oue of the former editor of the
Commercial Bulletin takes charge of the editorial
department. Mr. F. w ill make the Pennant an inter
esting paper
I The venerable Judge White died uu the 10th ult
at Knoxville, Tennessee
Gay. Nobla of South Curolina, died at his res
deut iu Abbeville, on the 0th ultimo
MI ' of Fulton, received here vs
Will address the citizens of Macon, Shelby, Lewis,
Clark, Marion, Ralls, Pike, Callawajr, Montgomery,
Warren, Lincoln, and St. Charles,, the present
month, as follows :
At Blocmington, Macon county, on Saturday,
May 9th.
At Clark's Fort, on Monday May 11th.
At Shelbyville, Shelby county, on Wednesday,
May 13th.
At Monticcllo, Lewis county, on Thursday, May
At Waterloo, Clark county, Saturday May 16th.
At Palmyra, Marion county, on Monday, May
At Hannibal, on Wednesday, May 20th.
At New London, Ralls county, on Thursday,
May 21st.
At Louisiana, Pike county, on Friday, May 22d.
At Bowling Green, Pike county, on Saturday,
May 23d.
At Fulton, Callaway county, on Monday, May
At Hick'ory Grove, Tuesday, May 2Gih.
At Danjjle, Montgomery county, on Wcdncs-
ay, Majj.27th.
At Warrenton, Warren county, on Thursday
May 26.
At Troy, Lincoln county, on fcaturuay, May 30lh.
At St. Charles, on Monday, June 1st.
Florisant, St. Louis county, June 2d.
At Su Louis, on Wednesday, June 3d.
From St. Louis, Mr, Clark will proceed to visit
the southern and south-western parts of the stale.
A correspondent very justly commends the
manly and dignified conduct of Major Sebrse, the
Receiver of Publio monies on Monday last. He
stood aloof, from the commencement, takirg "no
part in the business," until toward the very last,
when the contest for Sheriff having narrowed
down to a point involving the interest and success
of Mr. Criglar, he so far yielded to the desire to
serve his old neighbor "Lewis" as to go in, with
out saying a word, and be counted amongst his
friends. The conduct of this officer, so eminently
in contrast with all the others, exemplifies the
ifference between a man who served with approba
tion and distinction under Harrison, and those who
either left the army with dirty hands themselves,
or were not there to witness his conduct. It is
fficultto tell which of these classes are the most
brave and potent in the grocery, or in a water mel-
lon patch. But we forbear, lest our humble com
mendation of the conduct of a political opponent
should cost him his office under this "reign of
One of these who "swam the river T." has been
frequently pointed out to us. He is "dead against
old Tip." The boys about the streets are in the
habit or repeating, whenever they see mm in
town, the couplet ot burns
"Ult would some mend the giftie gie us,
To see oursel as others see us," &c.
We tliiuk the vote for the candidates for
Sheriff, on Monday last, was about as fair
and as full a test of the reduced strength ol
the Loco-focos in Howard as could possibly
have been obtained. Four popular citizens,
representing every main division of the
countyjand having strong friends and 5tip'
porters in every corner of it, had been in
duced to agree, publicly, to submit their re
spective pretensions to a general meeting
of the pnrtv, to be holden months after
wards, thereby allowing the most ample
time for electioneering for the nomination
which they all regarded as equivalent to an
lection. We need not say that the various
gentlemen, and their prominent friends,
availed themselves of the time thus granted
to the utmost of their ability and address
We have met them all at several of the
recent Club meetings, and have heard tf
them at others bringing into requisition
the proper quantity of "whiskey'" and other
sound electioneering arguments. In short
Mr. Crigler, Mr. Rucker, Murphy and Cap
tain Edgar " left no stone unturned" which
might honorably be employed to procure a
nomination which, as before remarked
they (mistakingly) considered as equivalent
to an election. Knowing this, (and know
the Sheriff's nomination, who would ULTI
Van Buuen) the friends of the old Hero
awaited the annunciation of the aggregate
vote, on the last ballot between Mr. Crigler
and Mr. Rucker, as an index, as certain as
could bo well obtained, of the strength
which can now be commanded by the hold'
eis lor their candidate. II we correctly
heard the annunciation of that result, the
aggregate vole was olG. Turning to the
vote iu 1333, between Messrs. Allen and
Harrison for Congress, we find the nggrc
gate vote of the county to have been 150G
Of these, we know that dozens of Loco
l'ocos have since moved away their place
bring generally supplied by Whigs, or Dcm
ocrats who prefer General Harrison an
his measures io the re-election of Marti
Van Buren and a perpetuation of jus ruin
ous policy. We snow more than foht
ol those who have staid behind who are
nevertheless no longer Van Burenites
several of whom were in town on Monday
and not only refused ull bolicitations to act
in the meeting, but otherwise openly repu
diated the departure of Martin Van Bure
and his leading friends (particularly the
office holders) from the principles that had
brought the party into power.
On the whole we believe the friends of
old fashioned republicanism are clearly in
the majority in old Howard. Allowni
that there were even two hundred loco
focos who cmild mt be brought to tl
scratch even on the Sheriff's nomination
("election," as we said before) and that all
who did vote will ultimately vote for there
election of the present incumbent of the
Presidential chair, still this would leave the
opposition a majority of something like on
hundred votes.
We can, we must and we will give that
or a heavier majority, to any respectable
ticket who are right in state politics the
only thing for which the Whigs will con
tend, or for which any voter ought to con
tend, in an election for the state legisla
ture. Mr. Crigler having been from the begin
ning, the choice of a large majority of the
Whigs in this and other sections of the
county, and the whole party having pro
tested, from the first, against making that
election in any sense a political one, we feel
authorized to say that no opposition will be
started against him. There will hence be
no contest no excitement no intriguing
in reference to this officer and, so far as
the Whigs, and that portion of the late
democracy who are in favor of breaking
down the ridiculous and anti-republican
farce which was enacted bv the office hold
ers on Monday, are concerned, their votes
will be given for those candidates for the
Senate and and House of Representatives,
ho agree best with them, and are best
alculated to carry out the true interests of
the country and the State. They have
maintained this doctrine when in the iin-
ritv, and willjnot abandon it now that they
believe themselves in the majority.
Our readers will recollect, that next Friday is the
day fixed upou by the Loco-foco orators, of Frank
lin, to answer, or rather attempt to answer, Mr.
Leonard's speech at that place on the 22d ult. Mr.
Hickerson is to open the discussion, and is to con-
no his remarks to one hour, Mr. Lowry, if wo un-
lerstand the arranecment. is to follow Mr. It
giving a birds eye glance" of matters and things
n general ond is to confine his remarks to half an
our. Dr. Redman took care not to state the
length of his speech, but it is presumed it will be
somewhat protracted. We have heard it intimated
that those democratic orators would back out from
their 'pledge soma of the more calculating of the
arty, fearing the result. The Democrat is also
silent on the subject. It is said the " arrangement
was made in the heat of excitement," and there
fore the parties would not hold themselves respon
sible, &c. &.c. But this wont do ; thev must either
toe the mark" or honorably back out. The dis.
cussion is just what the Whigs want, and is what
the leaders uf the federal Locos, most fear.
We have learned a good anecdote respecting the
probable result of the approaching election for the
Presidency, which "came off" a few davs ago be,
ween a rabid loco on the one side and a clear
headed, cyphering Whig on the other. The loco
was predicting with great certainty the re-election
of Martin Vun Buren when, being a little pressed
by the H hig as to where he was to get the votes
from, lie took his pencil and commenced setting
down the states that he claimed for Van Buren
commencing at New Hampshire and ending at Mis.
souri. He had a troodly number of Slates struntr
" a
together by this process, but lo ! when the Whig
proposed to carry out the number of voles which
they were respectively entitled lo give, and to add
all these together, there were seven still lacking
This is a true anecdote, and only shews the depth
of the self-delusion even of the leading locos
This one had never counted up the difference be
tween the little breeches pocket States which are
claimed as certain for Van, and tho two and forty
and thirty and one and twenty pounders which are
equally certain for the republican candidate of the
Glorious from New York City ! !
When we penned our article last week, we did
not anticipate (as our readers may have noticed)
that we should gain in the City of New York
the seat of the Custom House and its army of stl
pendaries, whose salaries are poured out like water
to bribe, corrupt and control the election. Bu
the popularity of the "old soldier" strike terror
even at the very door of tho ' money changers !
We have but little more space to spare than may
be suflicient to record the following account current
as we find it " posted" by that clear headed and
clean handed old Whig tho editor of tho New
York Commercial Advertiser. If any tiling could
add to the joy with which we record these prelim
nary triumphs of the people, it would be furnished
in the assurances we receive from every quarter,
that the name of General Harrison, like that of
General Jackson, is stronger than that of any of
his friends, This is so here it is so in Pennsvlva.
nia, as will be seen by a letter from one of its Con
gressional representatives in another column it
is so every where. His election is therefore no
longer matter of speculation.
Out-numbered, hut not defeated beaten and yet
victorious. These are contradictions of terms.
but they are nevertheless true. The Whigs went
into iui4 election without duo preparation, an
under every possible disadvantage. Then did not
expect to carry the city. Their principal object in
contesting the election at all was to preserve their
organization, and to hold their own was all they
expected to accomplish. And in this they have
succeeded, notwithstanding the prodigious efforts
of their opponents.
But the Whigs have dono more than to barely
hold theirown. The majoriiy of tho administration
party has been handsomely reduced since the last
autumn, notwithstanding the manufacture, bv the
.unniio vuuri, wiuiin uiu past ween, ot upward
two thousand voters, most of whom, beyond I
doubt, voted for Variun. The army of laborers
upon the Croton water works, swelled the agrarian
vote by many Hundreds, striking harder at the
polls by reason of their recent strike for higher
wages, and the continued refusal of large numbe;
of them to return to their work.
Again : tbe preliminary operation of the registry
law was so far in their favor as greatly to multiply
.1.- r..:i:.:.... i- j-..ui- .....rJ
ma lucimies li'r uuuuiu vuiing, WI1ICU luCUllies,
thero is every reason to believe, were not ne
glectcd. Nor is this all ; we are assured by the
morning papers, the Express in particular, that the
Fourth and Seventh wards wer taken from the
resident citizen of the wards, by th u United States
sailors of two ships of war, the Independence and
Fairfield, who have just been paid off, and Whom
their landlords have influenced lo vote the Loco
Foco ticket, once at least. The Fourth and Sev
enth both would have been Whig wards, but
their votes. The Hook District last night pr
sented one of the most extraordinary spectacles
ever oflered in our country. .1 lie honest Jack lurs,
after having been used through the day, were aban
doneu to their worst enemies at night.
A yet greater outrage was perpetrated in the
Sixth ward, whore, as we are informed, the Egypt
inn Tombs were explored, and the prisoners
brought forth, to vote the agrarian ticknt. And
yet, notwithstanding all these disadvantages, the
Whigs have handsomely reduced the majority of
the Tammany candidates, even in the last death
struggles of the unregistered illegal voters to
maintain their ascendancy. The result is a
proud one for the Whigs. It proves beyond
doubt, that the State will go for Harrison next
November by from twelve to twenty thousand ma
jority. And it also proves, that when tho regis
tration of voters is mude in the tall when men
who present themselves to the inspectors will be
compelled to show that they live somewhere, and do
not vote under an alias this city will be trium
phantly carried by the Whigs.
(Jr Our friends in New York seem nut to enter
tain a doubt of our success at the Presidential elec
tion. The American says: "We cannot say we
are altogether disappointed at the success of the
Loco Focos in holding their own in this city and
assuredly we are in no manner discouraged thereby.
We said yesterday, deliberately, what we now re
peat, that nothing less than the old Jackson majority
in this city, of some six thousand, could cast even
shade of doubt upon the result in the State next
November: and lo! instead of six thousand, the
Loco Foco majority is about fifteen hundred less,
by somo hundreds, than they obtained last fall.
With the aid of tho registration ef votes, which
before the fall election will be effected: and more
familiarity with the districts, we have the greatest
confidence that, in November, the city will be what
the State is, and will remain, Whig.
We have not room for the communication of our
correspondent respecting the party generally, and
udge Reynolds particularly, on the subject of "gra
dual abolition." The Democrat of Wednesday
contains a statement of Judge Napton, who was the
editor of that paper in 1(333, which, along with the
first paragraph of his editorial comments of that
ay we deem it but just to publish. Our friends
in Cooper will doubtless look out for the gentleman
whose name tho Judge his nut permission to pub
ish. It will bo seen that tho error of the correS'
pondent of the " Times" consisted alone in fu!lin
in with the "universal opinion" which ascribed the
authorship of "A Slaveholder" in 'oO, to the pre
sent "democratic" candidate fur Governor. It was
not Aim, but another " stern democrat" on the other
ide of the river, whose name Judge X. h-ts not per
mission to publish. Well : The doctrine so falsely
ascribed to Gen. Harrison, and for which he w as to
have been run down ns no democrat, is fixed, firmly
and adhesively, by the showing of Judge Napton
on a leading member of the democratic party o
1933 with whom Judge Reynolds may or may
not concur. 0rH; does not sau.Jj)
Our object is thus accomplished. I', is all right
in a stern democrat and "A Slaveholder," too, to
be in favor of setting the negroes free in '3j. ;
must not be turned out of "the party" for that. Oh
no ! he must be patted on the head kept in his
name withheld, and himself re-elected as a " stern
democrat" in 13-10. Meanwhile, tho vilest fabrica
tions are resorted to to excite a similar suspicion
against General Harrison, and the same parly and
the same press affect the extreme of horror at t!icir
own vile falsehoods ! Such is the Eoon's Lick
Democrat such are tho leaders of the "democracy."
Saline County, April 23J, 1S40.
To the Editor of the Democrat:
An editorial article in the Boon's Lick Times of
the 13th inst., has been shown to me this mornig,
in which a communication published in the Democrat
of 1335, and signed 'A Slaveholder,' has been attri
buted to Judge Reynolds. Having been the Editor
of the Democrat at the time that communication ap
peared, 1 feel it my duty to state that Judge Key-
nolds was not the author. It was written by a gen
tleman who lives on the south side of the Missouri
river, and whose name I should nut hesitate to give,
f I had his permission, luu will please publish
the Editorial comments in the Democrat of the same
date with the publication of 'A Slaveholder's' com
munication, and oblige
i our ob t servant,
From the Boon's Lick Democrat of May 12, 1333.
"Whilo we give publicity to the communication
of "A slaveholder" and acknowledge the respecta
bility of the author and his stern devotion to demo-
cratical principles, wo must be permitted to with
hold our assent Irom tho doctnno advanced.
The communication on our second page is gen
uine. e Know its author to have been what lie
subscribes himself. lie is not alone, by many, in
the region from whenco he writes. If the Demo
crat will tako the pains to hunt up and record all
the old Jackson men who are now for Harrison and
Clark, it will have to take out its eight column ad
vertisement to chronicle their names. Gen. C. is
now at home at Court. He will resume the can
vass next week, under the most cheering prospects
of success. If tbe changes in other sections of
the State should at all be equal to those in the
North and West, he will as certainly be the Governor
of Missouri as that he livis and his friends do their
Why did not the Democrat state tho number
of persons at the office holders gathering on Mon
day .' wny deal, alone, in genera: terms of joy in
cation at a result which they feel and know is
justly regarded as evidence certain and unerring
evidence that their party are already in a m.uor
ity in Howard ! The answer is clear'. The Demo
crat dare not cypher in reference to the farts which
premonish all reflecting men not only of the gen
eral result for the Presidency, but of the defeat of
the office holders ticket 111 Howard. We have not
room for the communication of our correspondent,
who, unlike ourselves, was an eye witness to much
of the scheming and manauvreiug whicli made up
and made out the ridiculous furce on Munday. He
asks us again to publish the receipts of Thomas
Jelferson and Andrew Jackson against the con
duct of the Prosident, Cashier and Directors of
the Bank, 111 league with the Register and Post
master on Monday. No movement could bo made
no gate way could be guarded and counted without
one of these. In short, it was they who originated
the meeting managed all the juft-caucuse which
were held for days bote re, and finally controlled its
action in ell respects which essentially concerned
them or theirs. Look at thenominees luok at the
nun most concerned and then answer whether the
interests of the people, or the interest of families
nave been best comimmsM and advisted.
In shortis W. to ho tha way of electing mem-
bats to the Legislature and is this to bo added to
the canvass of the democratic faith ! It will nut
answer either the conscience or tho judgment ot
upright man to say that it is done in other coun-
nd by both parties, ihcre is mucn that is
1 in oartv and tbe people are the tribunal
tha'fr to correct, not cherish it. This correction
l iLUL. Ill better no where than in Howard, and the
liaifffi)Pr of doing right though others go wrong
wiTI'adUjnore to her reputation than to join m the
wrong, linfthiis tend to fasten and rivet it on
the eoMffl! !Wfv. More Anon.
A very ludQiy' account of the disgraceful
furce performediwe on Monday last has been fur
nished us, but tismfrhe more respectable portion of
the party are themjfces now convinced of the un
fairness of such mcetigs, and have openly declared
thpir opposition to attuch caucuses in future, we
will spare their foelinrjurby withholding the com
mwnication. The Democrat, we opine, will find
the hardy yeomanry of thjftounty too independent
to submit to such proceefflls long, and it will re
quire something more suDJCantiol than Us bare as
sertion, that "all was harmoijy ard concessison" to
induce them to succumb toR. tricks of interested
office-he ldcra. C
Virginia. The Frederickfrgh Arena says
The news, from all parts of tfSiState, received at
Richmond, is still in the highesWlegree, auspicious
to the Whig cause, and warrurHfc confident belief
of a decided opposition msjurityV joint vote f
the two Houses.
The loco focos of Little Rock refiv nominated
if $ii
Mr. C II. Wagner as a member of Fir Vigilance
Committee. He has given them fagjf short an
wer in the Little Rock papers. You aj-e guilty of
a very violent piesuinption, says j,ien you
presume that all who were for Van fcffijy vear
ago areior van iiuren now.
Steamboat Naomi. We underst!?, th'at the
Steamer Naomi, on her downward passngewhen
near the mouth of Grand River, s'.ruck asnojfjand
immediately sunk, in about ten feet water. 90a
and most of the freight a total loss
Another. It is reported here, that the Bodfjr
when at the mouth or the Missouri, struck a sq?
and sunk immediately, and that several lives w
lost. We have, however, no authentic statement.
Or Tho Correspondent of tho National Intelli
gencer, writing from New York at three o'clock on
ihedcy of the election, says:
Frauds, and frauds of the most enormous extent,
must, however, in this election, overpower the
hiss, unless they have s great and saWo majority.
effected by changes n jt yet vi-sibla here. O.ir 11
words being made into To district, and there being
no registry now, there is no moans of ascertaining
a man's right to vote, and it is very possible fur n
mn to vote 20 or 30 times. This kind uf fraud i
going on now to a great extent. Men changf
their dresses and their names, and appear in dilh r
ent parts of the city. If challangcd, they get off by
a pretended mistake of the bounds of the district,
and many of them swear their votes right through.
The scenes of last spring are thus renewed. Our
election is likely to be another farce. In;!ccd, no
thing but a registry can approximate toward an
honest system of voting in such a populous and
oueencity as this. We speak all tongues. We
come from all lands. We live in all place. Il is
a political Babel, where people are but tenants to
move on e.sewkere.
The city is perfectly auiet. The district svotem
works admirably in this respect. There is 110 crowd
at all in the poll rooms, and oil can get, their votes
in with safety, llns is a novelty 111 Acw urk
In one or two of the wards, heretofure, the infirm
have voted at the peril of their lives.
The election opened by 'J A, M. this morning
At 3 A. M. tho Locos were in the streets iu full pro
cession. An immense vote was polled at an early
hour. I housands and thousands vuteu beture srcuit
fast. In this election money is poured furth like water.
The friends of Mr. Van Euhn pay as if they were
lighting the brittle of the Presidency.
The vote of New York, whatever it may turn out
to b, will have no more effect upon the Slats than
it had last spring or last fall. Harrison and Sew
ard will sweep the farming districts by increased
majorities. As fur the city, its vote will be given
next fall for Gen. Harrison, whatever may be the
result now, unless something turns up beyond
what can now be calculated upon. Uen. Harrison
has here a positive ctrength beyond that of the
party, lho Tippecanoe Liuus will soon etleet a
revolution 111 our politics which it is not pjssiblc to
counteract but by the furce of a mine of guld; fur
such is the warfare the friends of Mr. Van Buren
mike upon Gen. Harrison that the question soon
to be decided will be tub last war, and the servi
ces of Harrison in that war.
The Defalcation in the LSaxk ok Vir
ginia. in addition to tne .s-juu reward ol-
fereJby the Governor, tho President of the
bank has oflered the following:
Tint ek Thousand Dollars Reward.
Three thousand dollars will be pnid for the
ipprehension ami delivery in Kii-hmoiKt ol
first tellcrof the bank of Virginia, who left
the bank on Friday, the 31 inst. and pro
ceeded to Tavlorsville on the Richmond
and Fredericksburg Railroad, whence hn has
probably gone to the west. He has cm
bezzled or made way with a, very large
amount of the funds (in bank notes) of the
Ry order of the Board of Directors.
1 he Richmond linr ol the llili says.
an official expose will probablv, in a day or
so, as soon as all the facts are ascertained,
place the country in possession ot all that
can be known at present. e Deiieva tiie
deficit is now between -100,000 and .f-500,-
Private letters from Richmond represent
the defalcation as exceeding considerably
the sum ol $500,000.
a'absey UEroKTED To ee Iaken ! it is re
ported this morning, (says the Baltimore Patriot,)
that Datjnev, the fust Teller, who plundered the
Bank at Richmond, has been taken in Frederick
county, Virginia, with S'0,000 in Bank notes
found upon his person. The report we think, wauta
The defalcation of Mr. Pabney is ascertained
to be about g',00,000.
The New York Commercial of last week
lias the following notice of a singular sale
ol real estate in that city:
"We were yesterday informed of a sale
ot real estate, recently made in the vicinity
01 i. xoik, upon terms so extraordinary
us to uo worthy ol special note. The pur-
chaser is to pay for the property, sixti
tiiousano dollars, in the event of Ocnera
Harrison's election, and only iHirtTy thou
l ,J r
sa.np, enouia 1 an r?.;r?n re le-Me?
A Request. Gentlemen visiting our reading
room, will greatiy oblige us by leaving the exchange
papers where they find them. Several of ourj
papers are " among the missing," before we oave
time to look at them- Our papers are free fur every
one to read, but we can't afford to have them cab
baged. " A word to the wise," &c.
In St. Louis, on tho 10t.li ultimo by the Rt. Re.
Bishop Kemper, Mr. WM. GLASGOW, ir. to Miss
SARAH L. daughter of Dr. Win. Carr Lane, a.l
uf that rity.
Cheap task Store.
HAS concluded to do a Cash business in th
town of Fayette, where he has sold goods fur
six or eight years, on as long credits as any houtn
in the country; therefore, he ho:es to get a mil
from his old customers, mid the pi.biic iu general,
as he is determined to sell at a price that all dealer
will be satisfied to pay Cash.
The present stock is renewed will oil kinds uf
trimming", Sug.:r, Kfun Cotton, iV-t
Leaf Hats,4(C.
Purchasers from a dis'ancr tuny always bo
suited; a large stock will bo kept constantly en
hand, arrangements having been made to reccivi
new goods every month as the demand increases.
Fayette, May 2nd, 1340. 7 It
N. B. All persons having notei or accounts due,
will please pay as soon as possible. G. W. G.
lasgm inm'a:ice Company.
f I MIE capital stoelx having beta paid in, agree.!
X b!y to the provisions of the act uf incorpora
tion ; this coTp'ny is now r-?ady to effect Insurance
upon tha various descriptions of property subject tn
loss or danioge by fire or wa!er, remittances by
mail, specie or bullion.
It will also unde-taka the collection of Not,
Drafts, or Bills of Ex'cl.ar.ge.
WM. F. DL'NNIC.V. Secre'.ary.
James .a,-.:'.kson,
John Burx,
Walter G. Ciu:.r.s,
J'jmn' M. Hell,
John P. Morris,
T. R. Nuwlin,
W.M. I). S.V1NNET,
JolIW M. Feazls,
J. T. Cleveland.
ypril l:h, 3410.
;iatS.oC .llis-KMiri.
Fesrvary Turpi, Wl.
ot this dny roines here into Court, Siielton
herford aiiJ lluyden S. Rutherford, Ad
ministrators ot the c-jta'.o ot Joseph Kutticrruru. .
dee'd., ninl pre-ent t') the Court their petition ac
companied bv l!ie inventories iit, i.c. a providfl
by law, setting forth thu tha personal property ot
the dee'd. is insuiiicient for ti'e payment of th
debts, and praying the Court to order the sale uf
the whole or 30 much of the Reel estate of the said
deceased, as may bo necessary for the payment "f
the debts. Il is therefore, ordered by the Court,
that all persons interested iu said estate, bo notified
that the application aforesaid has been made, au.l
that unless the contrary be shewn on the first day
uf the next term of this Court, an cider will bi
made fur the sab; ot the whole or o rn-icii of such
Real Estate as will be sufficient for the puv-inen'. of
the debts of the deceased.
A true copy of the order.
April 'Joth, 1340. 0 It
fHE undersigned will make application to the
J County Court of Randolph County, at the next
term of said Court, to make finil settlement, ami
resign his guardian-hi? of tho following named
minors, viz : Henry S. and John Rout, minors of
Richard Rout, dee'd. and Beverly Drinkard ur. i
Eliza Drinkard, minor
jf Francis UriukirJ, df
April 'J0-.li, 13 40.
Final Seillr incut.
TOTICE IS 1IERKBY GIVEN, to all whom it
may concern, that 1 shall ap!v to the county
Court of Randolph county, at the next regular term
hereof, for a niia! settlement us executor ot tl.j
Estate of John W. Buckner, deoeuseii.
BEN J. HA LEV. ;. -.-or.
April l?'.h, 1?40. ."j-Ui.
1IEREBV GIVEN, that Wd. Eurkride. .4d-
L 11
mini-itrator of the Estate of Eobert Harrison,
eceased, will make application at the next term of
lie Countv Court of Kamloloh county, fur reii'-ra
tion of his Adiiiistra!ori;i;of snid Estate.
Anril 1-Vh, 1S40. !-
J. will
eleventh sessun ot rAvrrrn .V.-Ai-r.sr
I commence on the Fourth MwtJay ot
April. Terms, for Mathematics ond ClnssiC", as
heretofore. A few additional students eon h-i 1 j r -
lislied with rooms and boarding hy the Principal.
A i'AlTEhUN.
avettn. Anil -lib. l'-U) "--."
John s;a!l;va;j
5c "5:s,
General Commissi'm Min't-: .
?.:.'. l::!,', Ml.
t TTE-NU particularly lo snios ot luhacco, i
Tobacco, mi'l
other produce make liberal advanv mi con-
siirnments, and prompt iu iLrm.i nii'-rniai:-n i to
markets when rc'
Dr. Juo. B.ill.
S'. Louis,
Messrs Von fuhl & Mc'ri'd,
" Ernkir.e i. Eichelbergcr,
" Joseph Taylor &. Son,
" lhival, Keighler &. Co.
" Connoly 4V, Elder,
" Leoard Matthews, Esq.
April 4:h, 1S40.
New Orleam.
.ew rtabli!iRU'i!i.
HAVING permanently se'.lW in Glasgow, will
keep constantly cn har.d a food tupplv of
everything in his lire tf b:iin.. He pledges
himself that his materials f l n'.l lof tl.c best, und
his work as gooi as any in the Vnt. He would
respectfully invits the public to c.'i t.;d txnuina
tor tnemselves.
N. B. One or t .vr Apprentice .vi'l be taken to
the above business if early application be made.
Glasgow. Mjirrh JOih. 1J W. Pa
Till ins I. .Ith'.5iou,
Office in Court House B iiiilin. Fourth vrmtt.
lSo?v Vr Bluntoii,
Office on Chesnnt, between Main and Sucond sts.
John Ma, & Co.
Wholesale and Reloi! Grocers and Co trmisrt m
Nt. 21. Water street, ST. LOUIS MO
K. A: A. Tracv,
Front Sret ST. LOUIS, Mo.
lainsrslaiid & Lfghtner,
No. 35 Water mnwt.ST. LOUIS. MO.
Siutonds iV ."vlcrriseu,
V,3. 13 Trent sr,c-l. . M 1.

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