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Wehave compiled, from various source..', the
following disinterested testimonials, which were
commanded from their several authors by iho lot
ty patriotism, valor talents and success of Gen.
Harbison, long before he was named for the Pre.
sidency, and in times which ought to give them
weight bufticicnt to bear down all the petty calum
nies and quibbling objections which pirty malig.
nity moy now presume to forge against tho war.
worn and time honored patriot and soldier.
The authorities we present against the puny
attacks of Loco.Foco Federalism, and which we
shall stereotype as an impregnable barricade a
gainst all opposition, are no less than the Con-
or Ibdiasa, and of Kektuckt, James Madi
son, James Monhoe, Col. Ricuahd M. John
son, Anthony Wayne, LAsonoa Cheves, St.
mon, Snyder Gov. Shelby, Com. Pekry, Col.
Crociian, Col. Davies, and others, including
in the illustrious catalogue even Thomas Ritchie
Wc begin with the testimony of Col. Richard
M. Johnson, now Vice President collie United
Col. Johnson said, (in Congress)
"Who is Gen. Harrison ! The son of one of tlie
signers of the Declaration of Independence, who
spent the greater part of his large fortune in redeem
ing the pledge lie 'then gave, of his 'fortune, life and
sacred honor,' to secure the liberties of his coun
try. 'Of Ike career of Gen. Harrison I need not
speak the history of the West, is his history.
For forty years ho has been identified with its in
terests, its perrils and its hopes. Universally be
loved in the walks of pene;, and distinguished by
his ability in the councils of his country, he has
been yet more illustriously distinguished in the
"During the late war, he was longer in active
service than any other General officer , he was per
haps, oftencr in action than any one of them, and
never sustained a defeat."
James Madison, in special message to Con
gress, Dec. 18, 1811, said,
While it is deeply lamented that so mnny valu
able lives have been lost in the action w hich took
place on the 7th ultimo, Congress will see with
satisfaction tho dauntless spirit of fortitude victo-
riously displayed bv every description of troops
. -gageU, as well as trie collected Jirmness uyicjf disliTT'
" rmJied theif commander on an occasion requiring
the utmost exertions of valour and discipline.
James Madison in his message to Congress,
Nov. 1812, said,
An amnio force from the States of Kentucky
Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, is placed, with
Col. Richard M. Johnson to Gen. Harbison, July
4, 1613, cays :
" We did not want to $trre under cowards or trai-
" Friday, February 4, 1803.
The message of the President of the United
Slates, communicated on 3d February, was read,
,i,WWto""l,W,,PlafllI'w: Gentlemen of the Senate: I nomi
'SZZK to- O IIar,iso5r'0 &c- WIILLIAM II. HARRISON, to be
gust 18, 1817, says' T Governor of Indiana Territory, from the 13th
' r - . . .A blnv fit IVlnv iinvf tvhpn his nrosnnt pnmmiiBiin a.
1 tie prompt charge mane oy yon in WMHwy; ' ' . i
of battle on discovering tho position of thesaneHiv
has always appeared to mo to have evitic.iqika high
degree, of military talent. I concur vtUt4e vener
able Shelby in his general approbation tx(, your con
duct in that camp-iign."
1 iio opinions oi the Hon. LaSoon Cheves,
of the importance of the viclorfW the Thames
and th bravery of Gen. W)ll!i Henry Har.
bison: J
"Tie victory of Harrison, irVsucA as would have
secured to a lioman General in the best days of Ihe
Republic, the honors of a trtniph! He put an end
to the War in the uppermost Canada."
Sentiments of the IIg.fof Fort Stephenson,
Col. Croghan, now of Aha War Department:
"I desire no plaudiJSfchich are bestowed upon
me at the expense of GjJ Harrison.
"I have felt the warmest attachment for him as
a man, and my cunfiirice in him as an able com
mander remains unsliaJpn. I feel every assurance
that he will at all tik
nothing could give rJX
do me ample justice; and
iore pain than to see his en
emies seize upon t!5 .jKcasion to deal out their un
friendly feelings ottocriinonious dislike; and as
long as he continuM (as in my humble opinion he
has hitherto done.lR make the wisest arrangements
and the most judirfms disposition, which the forces
under his comiuiAi will justify, I shall not hesitate
to unite with Uwumy in bestowing upon him that
confidence ilf mie, so richly merits, and which has
on no occasi(!yJcen withheld.
Lastly wojjifrmic to the neat compliment o(
1 nomas koW-'- Editor ol the Uu-hniond inquir
er, the leafing organ of tho Coalition in the
South, wlunow brandishes his old "chnpcles:
sword yidl Att'o broken points," and threatens
devasuSCiivar upon tho conqvorer ef the Brit
tish -m fhliHtlp" Coalition of the West! The
RichiwolilvSiiquircr said :
"Gcneral'IIarrison's letter tells us every thing
that we wish to know about the officers, except him
selfj' lie does justice to every one but Harrison,
and.tlie world must therefore do justice to the man
wrro was too modest to be just to himscll.
-the addition of a few recrulars under the command
of Brigadier Gen. Harrison, possesses the entire
confidence of his fellow soldiers, among whom are
citizens, some of them volunteers in the ranks, not
less distinguished by their political stations than by
their, personal merits.
!n Mr. Madison's message of Doc. 1S13, the
compliment was extended, as follows :
The success on Lake Erie having opened a pas
sage on tils territory of the enemy, the officer com
manding the Northwestern arms, transferred the
war thither, and, rapidly pursuing the hostile
troops, fleeing with their savago associate, forced
a general action, which quickly terminated in tin
capture of the British, and dispersion of the savage
This result is signally honorable to Major Gf.n
eral Ha iitisox, Oy whose military talents it was
The following tribute of praise was paid to Gen
eral Harrison, in 1-5 1 1, by eleven of the officers
who fought under his banner at the batttle of Tip
pecanoe :
"Should our country again require our services to
oppose a civilized or a savage loe, we should march
under Gen. Harrison with the most perfect con
tinence ot victory aim tame.
Extract of a letter from Col. Davies, who was
killed at the battle of Tippecanoe. Aug. 21, 1311:
" I make free to declure that I have imagined
there were two military nienin the West, and Gen.
Harrison is the first of the two."
Message of Synion Snyder, Governor of Pa.
Dec. 10, 1S13.
" Already is the brow of tiie young warrior,
Croghan, encircled with laurels, and the blessings
of thousands of woman and children rescued from
the scalping knife of tho ruthless savages of the
w ilderness, end from tho still more savage Proc
tor, rest on Harrison and his gallant army,"
In the Legislature of Indiana, on the 1:2th Nov.
IS'll, the ;Spe:il;cr of the House of Representatives,
Gen. Win. Johnson, thus addressed General Har
rison :
"Sir The House of Representatives of the In
diana territory, in ther own name, and in behalf of
their constituents, most cormallv recmrocate the
congratulations of your Excellency on the glorious
result ot the late sanguinary conflict with the Mia w
neft Prophet, and the tribes of Indiana confederated
with him ; when we see displayed in behalf of our
country, not only the consummate abilities of Ihe
general, but the heroism of the man ; and when we
take into view the benefits which must result to
l out eountrv form those exertions, we cannot, for at
moment, withhold our meed of applause."
The following resolve of both houses of the
Legislature of Kentucky, will have a similar
t fleet on the nerves of those who circulate the
slander respecting the "white horse," and the
fall of the gallant Col. Daviess :
ljoistature of Kentucky, Jan. 7, 1612.
Resolved, By the Senate and House of Reprc
sentatives of the State of Kentucky, that in the late
rampaign against the Indians upon tho Wabash,
Gov. William Henry Harrison has behaved like a
hero, a patriot, and a general ; and that for his cool,
deliberate, skilful and gallant conduct in the battle
of Tipecnnue, ho well deserves the warmest thanks
ot Ins country and his nation.
Gen. Anthony Wayne, in his Letter to the Sec
retary of War, giving an otneial account ot hi;
sanguinary Indian Battle, in 1700, suid :
"My faithful r.nj gallunt Lieutenant Harrison
rendered the most cssentiul service, by communica
ting my orders ,n every direction, and by Ins con
duel and bravery, exciting the troops to press for
The following resolution, which passed botl;
houses of Congress, with but one dissenting voice,
is calculated to make the ''petticoat hem," ed
it such slanderers can leel ony thing but the lash
"Resolved by tho Senate and House of Kcpresen
tatives of the O'nited States of America in Congress
u'seuiblcd, That the tl.unks of Congress be, and
they are hereby, presentid to Major General Wil
liam Henry Harrison, and Isaac Shelby, hie Gover
nor of Kentucky, and, through them lo the officers
and men under their command, for their gallantry
and good conduct in defeating the combined British
and Indiun forces under Major General Proctor, on
the Thames, in Upper Canada, on the fiflii day of
October, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen,
capturing the British army, with their baggage,
rump equipage, and artillery ; and that the Presi
dent of the L'nittd States be requested to cause two
puld medals to be struck, eiublemulical of this tri
umph; and presented to General Harrison uud
Isac Shelby, late Governor of Kentucky.
II. Clay,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
John Gaii.lako,
President of the Senate, pro temporo.
April 1, HH.Approved,
Jamu Monroe.
Gov. Shelby to Mr. Madison May 1, 111, suys:
' I feel no heimtioii lo declare to you that 1 brieve
t! a. llafrifoa to he on' f ft' first military r'larnc
Urs I tier I if if,"
Come to f he lCrcortl.
. me lollowing is the record that Harrison
t& been honored with tho confidence of every
l resident of the U . States from (ho organization
of the Govergment down to the oddoption of the
'spoils system, Alter iclerring to the joint rcso
Intion of Congress, approved bit James Monroe
and rc-published in another column of to-day's
paper, we quote from tho Executive Journal o(
the United States Senate, 1 i8'J, to 1829, incla
In the Executive Journal, 1791, pnge 86, wc
find the lollowing ;
United States, Oct. 31, 1791.
Gentlemen of th6 senate : Certan offices nav.
ing become vacant since your last session, by
death, resignation, or appointment to other offi
cers, ol those who held them, I have, in puisu
ance of the power vested in me by the constitution;
appointed the following persons to fill these va.
cancics, viz :
Fiiist Recitement Infantry.
WILLIAM 11. UAUKlSUiM, Ensign, vice
Thompson promoted.
In tho same Journal, page 88. the following :
"Monday, Nov. 7, 1791.
Tho Senate preceded to consider the nomina
tion of tho President of the United States, con
tained in his message of 3 1st October, 1791: and
resolved, that they advise and consent to the fin
apointment of the persons therein named, to the
offices lo winch they ore respectively nominntecu
In the same journal, 1793, page 132, the fol
"United StaUs, Ftb. 22, 1793.
Gentlemen of the Senate : 1 nominate the fol
lowing persons for promotion and appointments
in the Legion ol the United Mates, viz:
WILLIAM II. HARRISON, Lieutenant, vice
Prior' promoted.
In the same jonrnal, pago 131. the following :
Saturday, Feb. 23, 1793.
Tho Senate took into consideration the mes
sage of the President of the United States, nomi
nating for promotions and appointments in the
Legion of the U. States.
Jlesohtd, That the Senate advise Mid consent
to the appointments respectively, agreeably to
the nomination."
In the s:iiiie journal, 1797. page 200, the fol
lowing: "United States, July 10, 1797.
Gentlemen of the Senate : I nominate tho
following persons for promotions and appoint
mciits in the Army of the U. States.
First Regiment of Infantry.
WILLIAM H. HARRISON, Captain, vice
Kingsbury, promoted. JOHN ADAMS.
On motion, it was agreed, by unanimous con
sent to dispense with the rule, and that the said
nominations bo now considered. Whereupon,
liesolccd, Ihat the oenute do advise and con
sent to the appointments, agreeably to tho nomi-
In the same journal, 1793, page 2S2.
"Tuesday, June 20, 179S
The following written message was received
from the President of the U. States, by Mr. Mai.
com, h;s Secretary :
Gentlemen of the senate : I nomincte, ice.
WILLIAM II. HARRISON, lisp, of Virginia
to be Secretary o the Territory Northwest of the
River Ohio. JUU.N ADAMS.
Thursday, June 28, 179S.
Tho Senate took into consideration the message
of the President of the U. Slates, of tho 2bth in
smut, and the nominations contained therein, 6t(s.
Hewlced, That they do advise and consent to
the appointments, ugreeably to tho nominations
In the same journal, 1600, page 253, tho fol
United States, May, 12. 1800.
Gentlemen of the Senate : 1 nominate WIL
LIAM II. HARRISON, of the Northwestern
Territory, to be Governor of the Indiana Tcrri
tory. JUIliS ADAMS.
"Tuesday, May 15, 1900.
The Seriate proceeded to tho consideration of
the message of the President of the U. Slates, of
the 12lh instant, and the nomination contained
therein, of WILLIAM II HARRISON, to office,
Resolved, That they do advise and consent to
the appointment, agreably to the nomination.
In tho same journal, 1S03, page 411, the fol
lowing :
"Thursday, Fdiruary 3, 1803.
A written message was rcroived from the Pre.
oident of the United States, hv Mr. Lewis, hie
Governor will expire
ana, to be a Commissioner to enter into any treatii
or treaties which may be necessary ivilh any
dian tribes jorth nest of the Ohio, and within
tht territories of the U. S. on the subject of their
boundaries or lands.
"Tuesday Feb. 8, 1803.
She senato resumed the consideration of the
message of tho President of the United Stnlcs,
of February 3, nominating John Martin Raker
and others, to civil and military appointments;
mid resolved, thatihcy iidvise and consent to the
apDpointments, agreeable to the nominations re
spectively 6tc."
In the same lonrnal, (vol. 2,; pages 41, 4o,
the following :
'Monday, December la, 1800.
The following written message were received
from tho President of the U. States, by Mr. Coles,
his Secretary :
lolhe Senate of the U. States: Vacancies
having happened during tho last recess of the
Senate, in tho lollowing ofhecs, 1 granted com
missions lo the persons herein named, to each re
respective vacancy; which commissions will ex
pire at the end of the present session of the Sen.
ate. I now, therefore, nominate tho same per
sons to the same offices, respectively, for fippoint-
WILLIAM II. HARRISON, of Indiana, to
bo Governor of Indiana.
Wednesday, Dec. 17, 1S06.
The Senate resumed the consideration of the
nominations contained in the message received
from the President of the United States, on the
15lh inst. and resolved that they advise and con
sent to the appointments of B. Livingston, M.
McUlary. V. Uuilemus, L'. L. Micnok, J llar
nes, W. W. Parker, J. Page, W. Durham, E.
Mounger, WM. II. HARRISON, inc., ogreeably
to their nominations respectively."
In the same journal, pages 1M, 161, the lol
lowing: Tuesday Dtcember 19 1S09.
The following wril ten message was received
from the President of the United States by Mr.
To the Senate of the United States: The com-
missions heretofore granted to the following per
sons being limited in their duration and now
about to expire, I nominate then to tho same
office respectively annexed to their names :
M m
WILIAM H. HARRISON, whose commis
sion as Governor of Indiana Terilory will expire
on the 19th January next, to be Governor of the
same Territory, for three years next, ensuing that
Wednesday December 20, 1809.
The Senate took into consideration the mes
age of the President of the United States of yes.
tciday, nominating Joseph Crockett and others, to
office. Whereupon resolved, that they advise
and consent to the appointments of John Wil
lard and WILLIAM II. HARRISON agreeably
to the nominations respectively.,'
In the same journal, 1812, pnge 296, 300,
303 the lollowing:
Monday November 9, 1312.
Tho following written message was received
from the President of the U. States by Mr. Coles,
his Secretary.
To the Senate of the United States': I nomin
ate the persons whose names are stated in the list
annexed to the enclosed letter from the Secretary
of War, for the promotions and appointments res
pectively proposed, &c.
November 9, 1S12.
"ll'nr Department Nov. 9, 1812
Sin : I have the honor to propose for your,
probation, the following pioiiiolions and appoiut
merits in tho Army of the U Slates.
"Indiana Teritory WILLI AM II. IIARI-
SON Brigadier General, to rank from the 22ud
August, 1812.
Wednesday December 2, 1812.
The Senate resumed the consideration of cer-
ain iniliuiy appointments, named in tho last-
tiiientioiicd message, and resolved, thtit the Senate
do advise and consent to tho appointment ol
WILLIAM II. HARRISON, agreeably to the
In the same journal, 1813 pages 329, .330, tho
following :
Saturday, Feb. 17, 1813.
The two following messages were received
from the President of the United States, by Mr.
Coles, his Secretary :
To the Senato of the United States: 1 nomi
nate Brigadier General James Wilkinson, Biiga
dier General Wado Hampton, William R. D.ivy
of S. Csilolina, Morgan Lewis now Quarter M;is.
ter General. WILLIAM II. HARRISON, of In.
dinna Territory, and Aaron Ogden of New Jersey
to bo Major Generals in the Army ol the United
States, &c. JAMES MADISON."
February 15, 1813.
Monday, March 1, 1S13.
The Senate took into consideration the message
of the President of the United States, of the 27lh
February, nominating James Wilkinson and oth
ers lo oilices.
On the question, 'will tho Senate advise and
consent to the appointment of WM. II. HARRl
SON'? It was deteunined in the affirmative,
yens 23, nays 4. On motion, the yeas and nays
having been required by one lillh ol tho Senators
present, thoso voted in the affirmative, are
Messrs. Bayard, Bibb, Brent, Brown, Crandlbrd,
Cults, Franklin, Gillard, Giles, Gilnian, Good
rich, Howell, Magruder, Pope, Reed, Robinson,
Smith of Maryland, Smith of New York, 'fait,
Turner, Varniim and Worthington. Those
who voted in the negative, ore Messis. German
'ofN. V.,) Lambert (ol JN. J.) Leid (or Pa
and Llovd (of Mass.V'
In the same journal, (vol. 3,) pages 612, 017,
as lollows :
Thnrsday, May 22, 1828
The following message was received from the
President of tho United States, by Mr. John Ad
ams, his Secretary :
" Washington May 22, 1828.
I nominate, &c. WILLIAM II. HARRISON,
of Ohio, to be Envoy Extraordinary and Minis,
tor Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Colum
"Saturday, May 21, 18.'8.
The Senate pjocecdeed to consider the nomin
ation of WILLIAM II. HARRISON, contain,
ed in the message of the 22nd in3t. it Mt. lknton
beintr. at his request excused from voting, it was
(without division on the ayes and nays,) resol
ved, that the Senate advise and consent to the
appointment of WILIAM H. HARBISON, a
IgrccaMy to the nomination."
Hisrvitir T. IELOW,
SUCCESSOR to Charlnss & Blow, wholesale dea
O ler in Drugs M'di'ines, Paints, Oils, Dye
Sluffs, Window Class, Payer, 4-0., 6fC, at the old
warehouse, corner of lUain and Pine streets, is
onw receiving from New York, Philadelphia and
nummorn, ana nas in store, per steamers 1 hestor,
Seliua and Morimack, nn extensive and well selec
ted stook of every article in the line, purchased di
rect of Drug brokers and Manufactures, which he
oilers to hiso'd friends in the country and city.cnsh
purchasers, and punctual men, on fuir terms. City
dealers and Painters, will find it to their advantage
to examine my stork, which consists in part of:
ISO lbs. Eugli-h Calomel,
'2 Cases Gum Camphor,
( do Refined Burux,
8 bbls Cream of Tartar,
23 Casks Halt. Epsom Suits, '
13 Alum,
8 Cases Polizzis Liquorice,
2 " (500 ounces) French Quinine.
1 " Gum Arabic (very superior,)
4 " E:ist India Gum Copal,
5" Gum Shellac "Orange,"
1 " Turkey Gum Jlvrhh,
1 1 Opium, (1G0 lbs.)
1 ' lied Precipitate,
5 " Pow'd. Rhubarb,
1 " East India Rhubarb,
8 " CO lbs. each, Tartaric Acid.
20 " Custile Soap,
(All in original packages.)
50 Boxes Rowand's Tonic Mixture, (a mos
certain cure for Fever and Ague,)
25 Carboy's Oil Vitrioil,
50 bbls. Vinegar, (a very fine article.)
And one hundred and seventy packages
containing good assortments, Shaving and
Fancy Soups, Surgical Instruments, Perfu
mery, Quills, Inks, Shoe Puint, Cloth and
Hair Brushes.
3000 kegs Missouri White Lend, war'tcd jmre,
5(10 lbs. Brunswick Green, in Oil,
1000 " Paris Green, dry and in Oil,
COO" Fine Chrome Green, drv,
And a variety of other colors, all well suited
to Citciunbont painting, &c.
20 casks Venetian Red, "English,"
50 bbls. Spanish Whiting,
150 " Copperas,
2 casks French Yellow Orchre,
5 " English Lampblack, in 4 & 1 lb. papers.
1 case incsie vervillion,
2 bbls. Fine English Black Lead,
10 " American Black Lead,
20 " Superior Furniture Varnish,
10 " Japan Varnish,
5 " Extra Coach do.
2 casks Ombro Madders,
11 bbls. do do
25 " Ground Logwood,
80 " English and American Linseed Oil,
00 " Spring and Summer Strained Sperm Oil.
iid " brown lunnersUil,
25 " Cold pre.-sed Castor Oil,
3 casks, 180 galls, each, pure Olive Oil,
40 baskets and Id bettys Saland Oil,
10 gross Eng. Mustard, in boxes, Gdoz.cach,
20 casks sularetus,
20 bags Teper,
20 bags Allspice,
40 boxes Palm Soap,
30 " Variegated Soap,
21 bales Fresh Hops,
25 gross Masson's Clialleng Blacking,
10 bbls. Gr. Ginger,
10 " do.
1 " Nutmegs,
2 " Cloves,
300 gross Buttle Corks,
50 boxes Lemon Syrup.
100 " 30 lbs, each, Assorted Candies, manu
factured expressly for the western trade, and
received in fine order,
20 boxes Gallon Jars,
40 " Half do do.
00 " qt. ond pt. Jars, pt and pt Flasks.
2(10 " Bby 10 Glass,
200 " 10 by 12 do.
1(10 " 10 by M do.
150 10 by 15, 12 by 10, 11 by 11, 12 by 18,
f 11 by 16, 11 by 20 and 10 by 22 Glass.
The whole of the above glass was manufac
tured by Win. Cully & Co., of Pittsburgh,
on a contract and is warranted to be superior
glass, and as well packed as any lot ever slap
ped to this market. 300 Reuins Assorted
Wrapping Tape r,
33 cases Ruled Letter and Cup, assorted qual
ities put up in paper hexes,
10 Reams Fancy and Kino Loiter Taper.
00 " Bath Post, &c. &e. &c.
Knenuraiie Domestic. Manufactures.
Wholesale dealers and consumers of White Lead
nro informed that by an arrangement with my late
I'lTtner, (Mr. J. Ciuiiless,) in the Missouri White
I.n id works, I receive all the lead manufurtured by
that establishment, which shall continue to sustain
by its purity and whilene'-is, tho high character it
has acquired in this and the adjoining States, and
will Ik! sold on as good terms as uny pure lead
brought on consignment to this city.
L usli 1 ,11 1 u lor beeswax.
No. 2, Market st., St..lA)uis.
f I1HE subscriber respectfully informs his
J. mcrs and the public generally, tnat he I
opened a large and valuable assortment o
Music, Mlsicai. Instruments and Musi v.
ciiANivsn of every discription ; consisting of supe
rior French cornets; vulvo trumpets: Cristmairs
tenor and bass trombones, (Chone s ptfUcrn) Uplio
elides ; E. &, C. Kent Bugles, from 5 to 9 keys,
concert trumpets; bass hums, bass--and tenor
drums, French horns, concert and post hoxns; mpe-
nor mushed guitars, some beautitulljnliml wim
pearl, ivory and silver, varying in price tsm iy5 to
Sou ; violins, all qualities ; double basses one oass
viols, with patent machine heads Cristmaifs premi
um Flutes, from 1 to $05 ; do. clarionets, 5 to 13
keys; double end single flageolets ; fifes, various
kinds ; metrenomes; bird organs; music boxes ;
splendid accordeons, from 0 to 22 keys, inlahf with
pearl and various kinds of fancy wood, fiotu'ijo to
$10: violin and bass viol bows of all Qualities ;
reeds for claronels; crooks and mouth pieces for
bugles, cornets, trumpets, horns, etc.; portable ij
sic desks; tuninir hammers and forks; violin Imi
cs and pegs; hair and rosin for bows; cases for va
rious instruments ; music papers; instruction books
for all instruments; patent par folio for securing
loose music ; superior violin violincello, guitar, harp
and piano forte strings: Also, dulcimer wire. The
stock of music ; merchandise is very extensive, em
bracintr every article appertaining to music
The above stock was selected with ercat enre by
the subscriber, and every instrument is warrnnted
correct, and can be returned if found imperfect in
any respect, those in pursuit ot good 111s rments
will find it to their advantage to call and examine
this stock, as it embraces the largest ond bet as
sortment ever offered in this city. A liberal dis
count made to seminaries, bands and artis's of the
profession. Musical instruments of every kind
repaired and put in proper order. dee. P.
A full catalogue of the latest and most fashion
able songs, marches, waltzes, pieces, etc., arranged
for the piano forte, guitar and other ins'r nneiits ;
also, music arranged for a full band : sacred music
in sheet and books ; foreign music ; a s;i leeid sc
lection for the piano forte violin, flute, ei ., by the
most eminent composers ; among which ar . Do Ber-
iot, Lafont, Mayseder, Osborn, Thalborj. Auber
and Hertzes. In addition to the above, t e sub-
criber will receive monthly all the latest r.i.d best
music published in the United States. On lot coun
ter may bo seen a variety of musical works and
fashionable music. The following are among the
collection, the Boston Musical Souvenier; Orphan
lyre, a collection of glees ; Kingsley's social choir ;
the Odeon ; lioston glee boon ; music lit Christ
Church ; Catel on harmonv ; Burrow's Piano Forte
primer; juvenile singing school ; ancient and mod
em Catholic music ; Boston Acad ; coll'J ancient
lyre ; the choir; Handle and Hayden ; coll'd Church
music ; Cook s art ot singing ; La Mosique or fiiu
sical Annual.
N. PHILIPS Music Saloon.
If. 29 Mtrket-st.
i'mbrclla and Parasol Manufac
WHERE can be found a large and ex;cnsivo as
sortment of Silk, Ginebuin und Oil vlotl. ui:.-
brellas : also plain and figu red Tarasols 01" every
trie and finish, some with rich Tearl and Ivory
handles, manufactured especially for the retail trade,
and will be sold by wholesale or retail at Eastern
prices, adding the transportation ot stock ivc. &c.
Country merchants are inviteJ to call ai;u examine
this assortment.
March 21, 1-tf. N. PHILIPS, 23 JIYrkct st.
1'iisal St'tilt'incut.
rVORICE is hereby civen, that I will ntmlv at
i. N the next May Term of the County Court, of
Howard Lounty, lur a rinal settlement ot my ad
ministration of the estate of Willium Lee, deceas
ed. JOHN JONES, Ad.ii'r.
March 21, 15-10. 4w
E'inal Si'tlh'iumt.
TVTOTICE is hereby given to all whom it may
Li concern, that I shall apply to tho County
Court of Randolph County, at the next regular
Term thereof, for a Final settlement, as Executor
of the estate of Rebecca Herring, deceased.
March 21, 18-10. 41
f I HE subscribers having established themselves,
JL for the sale of
tarpclinrjr, Floor Oil I'lolli, &
respectfully invito visiters to the city, to examine
1 heir slock previous to purchasing elsewhere
Their connexion w ith extensile importing hoii'es
in 1'hiiadolphia and New Orleans, will insure to
ihem a constant supply of the newest and most
fashionable articles in their linn.
They have now on hand, just received, Carpet
ing of tho following description :
Wilton and
Brussels 1-3, with bordering ;
Imperial 3 Ply ;
Superliiio Ingrain ;
Fine and Ev Fine do ;
Damask uud Plain Venetian ;
4-4, 3-land 5-8 wide;
with Turkish, Wilton and Brussel Rugs, to match.
f loor clotli, ifaizo, t urnilure, Uil Cloth, Stair rod:
every variety of price, Door Mats, &c. &e.
MAJOR OIL, CLOTH, from 3 feet to 21 feet wide
suitable for Parlors, Hulls, &c. which will be cut
to order, for any room within the size of 21 by 00
leet, which, with superfine, fine and common clotl,
table covers, and every other article pertaining to
me business-are ottered low on pleasing terms.
No. 51 North Main street Saint Louis.
March 21. 110. tf
Closing IStisiuffttt;
n O . K Y V A i TED.
1 LL Persons indebted tu us are required to
I V make payment by the loih or April, other
wise wo sbkll be compelled to use coercive meas
ures. JOHN R. WHITE,
rai.'to, Match 51, 110. 1-tf
Itiilahrkitiicd &ccc3 Store.
GARDEN, Grattand Flower Seeds; Oriianii nlM
and Fru it Trees, Shrubs, &o. just reccivtd
by iteamboit Elba, and other boats, of tho growth
of 1S30, warranted new Garden Seeds, &c. Early
and late cabbage seeds, early cauliflowers, curly and
late beans and peas ot all sorls, raddish, letlucc,
celery, carrots ond beets of all sortu, mangel wmrt
zol for cattle, and the eclcbratod sogar beet, rarlv
and late turnips, ruta brcgu, parsley, f quash and the
white solid celery, cucumbers of all sorts, early
greens, spinnge, tomato and pumpkins, with a gen
erul assortment of garden seeds; timothy, blue grass,
ryo, buckwheat, red, w hite and yellow clover, lur
cerne, orchard and red top or herds grass, fine fu-
lowlunds, barley; a fmo assortment ot flower wn;
boxes of assorted seeds for private use, from $2 to
25; also, boxes ossorted for country merchants, all
sizes, neatly labelled and scaled. Fruit and ornv
menial Trees and shrubs; rhubard vnd asparagus
roots, with a general asssortment of rcen house
plants, bulbs, etc.
Also A few of the celebrated Chinese Alanthus,
or Tree of Heaven, so called owing to its growing
so tall and stately, and for its beautiful foliage or
leaves no insects ever attack it. Also, the white
Dowering Horse Chestnut, which is so celebrated
in the eastern cities. Theabovoaro for ornament
only, either for street, or door yards or lawns, Al
so, "a few of the Bnlm of Gilcad Fir and Evergreen,
which keeps green both summer and winter, fine for
planting in the centre of grass plots or yards. Al
so, the Snow Ball or Guelder Rose, and 15 sorts of
the double flowering Althas of all colors, the Ma'.
lura or Osage Orange, line for yard hedges; a few
of the double fioworing Almonds, and last, though
not least, o sorts 01 tlie lavorue magnolia, one plant
of which will cast its sweet fragrance through the
yard. '
Persons wanting any of the above, will do well lo
call, as this is a tine time to have them planted. A
person may be procured to plant trees and fit up
yards, at a reasonable charge, Bt the Seed Store, No.
8, Main Street. JOHN THORBURN.
St. Louis, April 11, 1840. 4-tf
Celebrated Wheat.
ty K SACKS of the celebratod North Red River
iJ Bald Spring Wheat, just received from tlm
North, weighing 05 pouuds to the bushel, and pro
duces equal to fall wheat. Also, seed barley, buck
wheat, rye, Scotch potatoes, oats, 41 pounds to the
bushel, raised in this vicinity, with a general assort
ment of garden and grass seed "warranted fresh,"
for sale at the Established Seed Store upon his own
North Main Street.
April 11, 1610. 4-tf
lasgov Insurance Company,
r HE capitul stock having been paid in, agreea
JL b!y -to the provisions of the act of incorpora
tion ; this company is now ready to effect Insurance
upon tha various descriptions of property subject to
loss or damage by fire or water. Remittances by
mail, specie or bullion.
It will also undertake the collection of Notes,
Drafts, or Bills of Exchange.
WM. F. DUNNICA. Secretary.
John Bull,
Walter G. Chiles,
John M. Bell,
John P. Moriiis,
April 4th, 8410.
P. R. Xowxim,
John M. Feazle,
J. T. Cleveland.
4 iy.
a Frizes of 10,000.
For the benefit of the Saint Louis Hospital,
EXTRA CLASS AO. 17, for 1840.
To be drawn in the city of St. Louis, ou Thursday
April 30ih, 1840.
Drawing superintended by the Hon. M. P. Lcduc,
J. CUinens, jr. Esq. and Col. Joseph C. Lavsillo.
D. S. GREGORY, &. CO. Managers.
I.'ST finished, the most extensive assortment
ever oll'ered, some very chaste andelennnt pat
terns, tt prices varying Iruin 1 50 lo $o 00, for
sale very low by
29 Market-:
In the Circuit Court, January Ter
Fielding Coekrill, Clinton CodkrUI 1
and Felix G. Coekrill
. Louis.
iniolph s
rt the said
:! appearing
t! is canst
ti, then-fore
ordered by
;e iii:iilo in
t Nn-el, you
ill, Cli nton
i. ii. i need an
f Uundolpii
1. 1 nguiust
re the Slum
Robert Steel, defendant.
"jVOW ot this day conies into C
J s pluintiil'i by their Attorney, ui:
to the Court here thut the j roee-s
cannot be served on the said deiem
on motion of the suid plaintiffs, it
the Court, that an order of pu'ilienie
the following form, lowit: To Roi
are herebv notified ihut Fielding l.V-
Coekrill and Felix G. Coekrill, have
iction against vou in the Circuit Con
County and sued out a writ of Attn,
you und attached your property to
of twenty-seven dollar and twenty cents, and that
unless you appear at the next term of tins Court,
which will commence on the third Monday in Mov
next, on or before the third day of suid term,
judgment will bo rendered against you and your
properly sold to sausiy tne same : am it is fur
ther ordered by the Court here, that this notice be
published in some newspaper printed in this State
four weeks successively before the commencement
of the next term of this Court, to which time this
cause is continued.
A true copy of tho order,
51 Ttcste ROBERT WILSON, Clerk.
Cieorare Y. Callahan,
Messrs. II. N. Davis & Co.
" John Riggin & Brother,
" James Lvman & Co.
" J. B. & M. Camden,
" Clark, Van Alen At, Co.
" Stiolhcr, llolcombe, & Co.
" Hooper, Peek & Scales,
" Barry &. Hurst,
Doet. David Keener,
Messrs Hall, & Co.
George Handy, Esq.
Stephen F. Nidele.t, Esq.
John M.Chnpron, Esq.
Messrs Richards, Kiugsland & Co.
' Oakley, Johnson &. Clark,
" Peltibone & Long,
Lewis G. Irving, Eq.
Louis, Mo.
Galena, III.
New York.
I from their old
r-ictntly occupied
flHE subscribers have remov
J stand and have taken that
by Mr J. W. Paulding,
A'o. 86, Main stukkt, Sr. Lot'is,
where tney have, and will continue to keep, a large
it fashionable assortment of II AT .S St CAPS, which
nicy oner on mo niosi rKasnuaoiu terms.
Country merchants are invited to cull and exam
in their stock before purchasing.
N B. Hats anil Caps of an', pattorns made to
onler on suori nonce.
BEf.T7.HO ivr.H . ROBB
Pt. Louis, March, 1 10 )Y
Prize of
100 ,
27sl 1 Trizes amounting to
liekets only fto.OO; Halves 2,50 : Quarters
$1,25. Orders from any of the adjoining States
promptly and confidentially attended to, and state
ments of the drawing forwarded to each adven
Agent for the Managers.
John I IJarbv,
Office on Tine, between I.Iain and Second streej
.J'liJuftitosle &, VTay,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
No. 72, Front street, ST. LOUIS, MO.
f"MIE undersigned having been discharged and
J. exempted from arrest and imprisonment, by
Christopher P. Brown, Esq., Deputy Clerk of the
Howard County Court, until the end of the next
termof the Circuit Court cf Howard County, here-
uy nomies an persons concerned or interested, that
he will apply on the 3rd dav of the next Anril
Term of the Howard Circuit Court, for a final dis
charge. JOHN H. WINTER.
March 23, 1340. 3 St.
Hooks and Stationery,
Invite the attention of Country Merchants, Tublic
Otlicers, Teachers and the public, to their exten
sive stock ot
PAPER & STATIONERY, generally,
Comprising the largest stock ever oll'ered in Saint
Louis, which they will sail at the lowest pricet for
Cash or for approved city paper, on a liberal credit.
They have also on hand a large assortment of
which they will sell at greatly reduced prices.
March 81, 1S10. tf
Allison A. Tanner,
Fayttte, Missouri.
TTAVE permantly located, and are now prepared
1. 1 to execute all kind ol Painting, in good
Style, and on very reasonable terms.
P. S. Orders from those residing in tho adjoin
ing counties will he uttended to with punctuality and
N. B. Paints ready mixed kept constantly on
hand, and for sale low.
April 11th. 1310. 4-4t.
TIM I'M 111,
by Sir Archie,)
WILL stand the present season at the stable
of James Bradley, five miles nor'h west of
Roeheport, and near Geo, Miner's, Esq. ForUrnif,
see bills. JOEL PRE WITT,
April lih, 1-10. n:t

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