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Boon's Lick times. (Fayette, Mo.) 1840-1848, May 09, 1840, Image 3

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U b hfiUeved ifil h---i trriya-i wLai
ftuia decisivo mwianfes ehould ln adopted fir tht
ojiciummceinent, at least, of such tysteuii fur the
iinproveunf nt of our moral and physical cotiditon, a
would be consistent r iili our available resources.
If llio establishment of a bank could on muds sub
rervient to cither of tlin-o objei t, it would certain
ly find favor w'lli many who vuulil not. bo di p'.s.id
to support it on otlier ground. I entertain nut a
I'oubt but tlint this cud may bo attained, on:! that
thebtate will bo llie.uby enabled greatly to contri
bute towards the construction of such works of im
provement as may he thouejit must likely to prove
beneficial And useful.
Fellow Citizens. ITavo tlio inducements nnd
promises of this unity, in relation ta n flank
been realized? How much good has liecn ac
complished by the establishment which is called
"the Dank of Missouri?" We might he tempted
to expose its opperntious, nnd to deinomTrate not
only us utter motility, considered us n Bank,
but the ubsolulu and wide spread injury it Ins oc
casioned to every general interest which looked
to it for n fulfillment of the promises nnd prodic.
lions of those who made it. But we forbear. The
pledges nnd the falsifications nre both before yon,
and it is for your decision whether the guilty mi.
thors of both shall escape upon the new nnd false
clamour which is now raised against the Whigs!
Saamo ! Eternal Shame ! !
Theatinie party uiul the sane lenders will tell
jrou that Col. Benton and iMr. Van Huron ore
for the graduation nnd preemption bills, and that
the re-election of Mr. Van Buren constitutes the
only hope of carrying theso obicr ts. All ih:s, too.
will b ) asserted in the face of thf. journals of
Congress whion shew that General Harrison was
the author nnd founder of our resent land sys
tem, more than 20 years before either Col. 13. or
the President had even n seat in Congress in the
toeth, too, of nil the votes of General Harrison
in favour nnd the votes of Mr. Van Buren against
these bills during the period they served toguilic
in the Senate, and the reiterated declaration of
Gen. H., during the present canvass,' that his
opinions of the justice and policy of the pre em p.
tion system are confirmed instead of changed.
You will be told that the Whigs are opposed to
the reduction of the duty on Salt, and that there
fore you must voto for Mr. Van Buren notwith
standing wo read from the Register of Debates
now before us that General Harrison introduced
the bill to repeal the duly in 182S, and opposed
the motion of Mr. Van Buren for its i -definite
postponement, in a masterly and unanswerable
speech i f several pages !
These devices, und scores besides th"m, will
doubtless be resorted to, in order to beguile- the
minds of the upright, but less informed portion
of tho people, Ironi the real issues involved in
this momentous controversy. We hence desire
to impress, again, in the conclusion of our re
and HIS puiiposrs and Mk. VAN BUREN
akd HIS. As n Statesman, you must be satis
fied, from the evidence before yon, that tho former
hasinore rigidly adhered to the republican creed,
in adversity as well as prosperity, than his com
petitor and in this respect he stands before us
at least the more reliable candidate of the two.
Asa Citizen, his life is unstained by dishonor,
unclouded by intrigue mid untarnished by wrong.
Asa Soldier, HISTORY has placed his name
and his deeds above the breath of that envenomed
detraction, which would sacrifice the 'veiy angels'
to compass the sordid designs of those who em
ploy it. If thos ( who yet seek to impose upon
the credulity of the people they have so long and
so fatally practised upon can make them believe
that William Henry Harrison was not "the
first Military character" of Ins ay, then indeed
shall we have renounced the histories which we
have read at school, and even our very "house,
hold woids" will be turned into lies at the bidding
of party! But we appeal to the middle utrcd and
the giey haired men of the coun ry ! Teil us
where this slniidered soldier was in the snows o!
18 12, when his competitor was in the L"j:sia!iire
of New York, voting against Midi son--"the
soul of tha war?" Stand forth, ye who r-!,aicd
his perils nnd privations in the wilderness morass
es of the North, nnd stood by him until he-fi ;w
the flag of your country and his, from the smoul
deiing ruins of the arsenals und the prison houses
of Maiden !
Fellow citizens We must needs refer tho story
of hit services in the field, from the period of hi
subalterncy under Wayne, until tl.e close of his
career as a victorious Geiierul-in-cliicf, to the vo
luminous histories of that day, when no political
motivo existed either to traduce him or the" other
gallant spirits who had devoted themselves ia their
country. To refute the slanders, in detail, whirli
are now propogated against him, would be to re
write that history, even an appendix to which is
more than we have room for here. It may tafiiee
to cover all these charges, that the Legislatures jf
Kentucky and Indiana, the officers who served under
him, including Shelby and Juhnson and Daviess and
Cast, his aids-de-camp (without regard to their poli
tical bias) and scores whose names wo have even
not room for, have approved him a brave soldier, an
able commander, a pure patriot und nil honorable
man. If we have room in the appendix, some ol
these testimonials will be therein embodied. Ai
this place, we can only ventur.) on the spare
sufficient to record the following joint resolution,
which passed belli houses of Congress with but a
dissenting voice, after years of i-quiry and inves
tigation had stamped the wisdom of his measures
the baseness of his slanderers! Wc copy from page
117 of the session acts of the lit sessir n of '.ho ifi'li
Congress, now before us on which is also recorded
a resolution of the same date presenting u sword
to Col. Johnson fur his gallantry and good conduct.
"Resolved by tho Senate and House of Represen
talives of the United States of America in Congress
assembled. That the thanks uf Congress be, and
lhey are hereby, presented to Major General Wil
liam Henry Harrison, and I-uae Saelby, late Gover
nor of Kentucky, and, through them lo tl.e oficvrs
and men under their command, for their gal! u Tv
and good conduct in defeating the combined British
and Indian forces under ATujor General Proctor, on
Hie I names, in i pper unadn, on the fihli iky ol
October, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen,
capturing the British army, willi their h:o 'iiie.
camp equipage, and artillery ; and that the presi
dent of the United States be requeued to cause two
pold meduW to be struck, emblematical of this tri
umph; and presented to General Harrison and
Isaac Shelby, lata Governor ol Kentucky.
II. Clay,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
John Gam. lard,
President of the Senate, pro tempore.
April 4, Approved,
James Monroe.
When it is remembered that Richard M. Johnson
and other gallant ollkers of the army were then in
Congress and yoted for this resolution, we ask
whether you will believe the Congress of 1S13, or
tha political sluuderers of 1310! Wo fear not the
See letter to Col. Churchill, Ed. "Bulletiu" St.
See Governor Shelby'j letter to President Mad
Imii May 13, ien,
innilfcU rs.'dloi of ir.j who ire Just a.-.d Uc i
To conclude; It has bren our duty, fellow
citizonn--of one of us especially -to trace, with
the most ample references to colcmpornry doeii
merits and unduniablo authorities, ihe story 'of
this great man and puro patriot, and of tho times
in which lis acted.
From the dawn of the gloomy and soul-trying
era, wher his first subaltern onenmpment was
pitched nidsl tho savago allies of England, in
die wildernes, spot which now boasts itself the
"Queen City of the West," and the day, about
equidistant between that period and this, when
he flew the flag of his eountiy, at the head of a
gallant and victorious nimr, in tho uppermost
Canada; " Low sublime nnd icsplendant the
tiansition from gloom to glory!" The pen re
fuses its wonted ol'ice, and tiie mind of the patriot
must needs luxuiin'.e in iiiuiu ad.uiraiion, while
contemplating the grey hair.', nnd the declining
years, of a life thus virtuously, iisofully, nnd
nobly spent. For his country, we have seen him
forego 111 prospects of couip iralive e;i.c and pro
babio wealth, held out by a libeial education and
an honorable profession, backed by the advan
tages of his birth, conncx;ons anil friends.
" With no fortune hut his sword," unendowed
except by a chainless spirit and nu educated mind,
wo have seen him fi.'ht his way s .t'ce.-slhliy to
. - t CM. . 1 . . I i .
tliostue oi vvayne, uiio receive me iin iteil niul
ohl. ial to U" dictation ol that oaring and veteran
general, before lie had passed through the fust
jcarnf his leeal manhood.
Never contemplating the profession of arms
as n p. ruiaiicnt enipluymciif, we have seen him
lay down his commission when the biilliaut and
decisive victory of which ho thus proudly shared
the glory, had broken the savage hope of con
quest, awi.l him to submission, and restored ihe
country lo comparative pence, nnd its inh ibilanU
lo comparative security. We aave contemplated
htm next projecting n permanent lucoqioiation
with the leacelul and virtuous cultivators of the
soil they ha I reclaim tI. and, anon, called by Hie
distinction of Irs talents, and the puiity o' his
character,, ta the Matiot: of Secretary an I Vice
Governor of the vast territory which is now I
starred with stales and dot'.e ' with cities. A tear
elapses, his territoiy entcis the so nnd grade of
government, the legislature i.-. authorized lo elect
a delegate to Congress, and Harrison is chosen. If
he had rendered no other service duri g that pe
riod or afisrwards, than we have detailed on an
other page, the man whose report and speeches
carried lluough Congress that change in ihe sys
tern of difpcs'iig of the public domain which
brought its possession within the compass of all
alike, would have lived and have died, a great
National Benefaotoii, und the indigent nnd
middle interest husbandry o ihe "empire valley"
wo inhabit, would have owed a monument to the
memory of tho Republican Statesman who first
conceived the design of a home for tho poor as
well as the rich 1
But it was pot in tho design of Providence thai
the jusi and feeling should ihus pass aw y : His
errand wis unfinished it was, indeed, but ju-t
commencing, when thus concluding the work
which has so justly contiibiited to characterise
him a the ' Father of the Wist."
Who that has read the story of his delicate de
clension to accept the government of the North-
western territory, over the head of the venerable,
the accomplished, but ill-fated St. Clair, and has
afierwaids witnessed :ho manner in which he sub.
sequantly administered tho affairs of that larger
and "tore I'ifiicult portion which fell to him by
the appoint nent of JofTersa.i, lifter its ( ivision by
Congress, t ut must be left wlii.li moat to ad.niro
the man! heart of the soldier or the compre
hensive muid and sagacious policy of the philo
sopher and the states nan !
A Governor of Indians he was literally and
strictly, during a greater poriiou of his adminis.
tratio i, a Cicil Mugisirulc wliii 'iris inhishauds,
and a so tie ene i y in tlu very heart of his domin
ion. How e ischarged those deli ate.anhious.aiiJ
seemingly incongr us duties, was to!d by the voice
of that gian' yo ng State, when is ua.,.e was in
troduced In lie; last uiicqu.il cnuva for the Presi
dency. The bitterness of paity could not persuade
t iost n'ho h:id known him f.bihe of ale utiiei! -,
was not most :o be truslid or that a republican
governor for TWKi.vt; yeats, would become a fe
dora president in FOUR ! The tooth of malice
and of calumny, will be alike harmless, wh re.
ver the recctds of htstorv shall lie su stituted lor
the ephemeral outpourings of interested maligui-
y, or tlio opinions and statements o ihe un;jro
ju deed and upright, who knew him. and have
acted by his side, shall-prevail over the slanders
ol a subsidised
nnd the I'ciiact'oiis ol
m througli no other r.i".
uch a
snow n
diu m.
The case end tho causa is with ihe country
more g lo vio rofirss.
Anot'ur Van Biren i'i-; iiigtn r.i'e l.
Noble-hearted, p;,;rio: ic Rhode Nland has come
to mo rescue most gloriously. S.ie lias given a ni'i
jority of a!x.;r, Jt rlcrn Itund'e I against H e spoils
;)arl v Wluen i l.nir times n , I irg." as th ' vv nig m -i-
joriiy there li.--t full, nu I in proportion to a ni:j"rit
n Jiity th'iuyind in New i ork ! nn.y w.-
gi-H to Iho h jo focos Itieir victories r.s the-e un;
(louring in uu in us, Tnis is by fur the .ir,o ,t ma
jority evergr.eu to any party hi that Suite before
ie vi bigs In vi elee'ed -I'd me. n her i I') Ine 1 louse ot
uHiiresPtutii es and o,;o lo tos T'os i lucking
1:1 Conaectieii; very hamUooielv. If Vir'iui i tel's
a sioiilar tale lo-morrow, V.m Raren mil r.ot eel
ifiy elector.il vo:;. J!,u. if -lie -e,mld accule iii:,'ti-
ciiuy, he wio uut he sine of -.evenly.
llirri ihurg C.'mmic.e.
M5W YORK Ei,ECl'lt)N.
Van Bure-iism drl'vi'l in H.e Empire
"As lo ihe result of the election we oonfesi
ss we
are siimB'Vhm dtsa.irointcJ. V. a mul liopeu
we might congratulate our friends on a m ijorily of
t'io tJiousanJ at Ie nt" A- 1. Ete. i '..
The above honest a Jmi.s.i.m from the New York
Eveeiii.T Po ;t, a I.M'liag Van U Ireti i ip.r, i the
feeling ol' mei;i:'u'.i:i hi v.itn wi.ich iv.erv I.o-o Foco
in tin: country heard the rt:-u!l uf fie Ne v York
election. Wnat w is lle-r ) ill il ' the iteiit iiil'in
of u most dlsjrjcef.il and over ,vl ,. I ning defeat in
.November no!, is tliere miv T-ing to rejoice i.t in
i los uf !)',)) votes to loco focoi,in, with tiie fiet
befura Ibem that, their facilities for double vol i ng
were increase.) .,. ,v the divi--ioii of the city
into about eie',i v voting phie,. instead of seventeen
as heretofore. Well may tliey fie! dis'tppohi'e I n
the result. They bad confidently counted on live
thousand, ami when they got only -i.t'e"!! hundred
t hey saw rt once that their pro-;tcct in New VtI(
were dissipated forever. New York lias dene
nobly under all the circumstance, and ihe Whigs
of that city deserve well of thecouniry for ihe firm
stand they maintained against the KintJ 3 regular
troops llarrijburg Chronicle.
fj7" The administration papers have been mak
ing a great ntiso about Gen. Harrison's being in
the hands of a committee, fce., and about his refu
sing to reply to the "Uswegu Association." T. now
turns out that there is no such thing as an Oswego
Association, and that Miles Hotcbkiss, their Secre
tary isa keeper of a groggery and niiie-plii lley in
that place. The letter nurnortincr lo lia.e been
written by Cen. Harrison's eommillre, ii aid to bo
ijorg-y Nt. Ij,uU Bulletin.
0.CT O.Vtf I'iillSiDESTlAI. TXU UQ
Proposed liy Ueneral Jifhsan Dissuaded by Van
liurcn'Van People vill establish it by the elec-
tiun of licneral IIakiiiuun,
X i IS i n va E3 c v y Harrison,
John Tyler, of Va.
.Yv.THrt tiions by .'.V Ccnvntinn of Missou
ri, fl-.-.s-'i;.''' 7 in t'is f'iii) of t.'r fhrson,
ManUiy, 0.:.'..w5iI.t,l:vJ.
I'Jil CUVF.ilfiDK,
JOHN I). CLAllK,i.f llownril County.
rmi i.tr.uT. o-ivf.iiNon,
JOSCiUl CJGY,ot' yti'.t'nicvievc.
For L'Y.-t.'or rf Prei !mt and Vi-x I'residunt of tin
t'liilvi! Stall's,
r'lII.IP COLE, of Washington.
JOtiEritC. Ui'iOW.V. of St. f.otii,
SAUUEI, U. 0VBS, of J.ielt'-on.
STEPHEN .'LEAVEt!, of Ralls.
C7Meeting id' tlio
Saturday, Mnv 21.'
Township Couimiltos,
rXj'!'ip-t cuiioe Club II i
"Times'1 offieT.
ius, unjoining the
If any thing wcro wanting to show the estimate
which General Chirk and his friends entertain of
his election to the office of Governor, it was furnish
pd on yesterday by his voluntary nppenrnnce in
Court, and the resignation of his Clrlship an of
fice computed to be worth some !f;00 a year. We
eorcur with tho editor of the " Times" that " he i
ai sure to lie Governor of Missouri as that he lives,
and hi j fri" nls do ','ie'ir dul'i.'' SiDi'ih.o'. Itr.
C. P. Biiowx, E-q. has been appointed Clerk
ro tcrt.
The organization of this association will be found
below. Tho mealing was every thing the members
could desire in numbers, in harmony, in moral
intlance, in intelligence, and in zeal. Let the
Democrat carp it is a'l it can do ! Tho President,
and a majority of the Vice Presidents wer soldiers
under Htrrison. Having bruiight clean hands from
the army themselves, and having been eye witnesses
of the conduct of iheirglorioas "old General," they
stand in their neighborhoods, as living hefota-
of the otH cers, as weli as many of the members
were old Jackson men, and Van Buren men in the
list contest yet, in all this, and in tho spirit which
was manifested throughout the day, the Democrat
ailects not to perceive the " limiwriling upon the
wait!'' Verilv, our neighbor is bljasied with a mot
convenient temperament not only for self-deception,
but the deception of thoso who rely upon him
for information.
Monday, Muy f, IS 10.
Tim President pro tempore took the chair at 1
o c.ocit; Ji. wuen,
On motion of dpt. J. T. Cleveland,
A. Leonard, E-q. was associated with him in dis
charge of the dmiasof this day's meeting. W. F.
Dannie;', end R. T. Prewitt lawngbeen appointed to
act as Secretaries, and Mr. L. having briefly and
appropriately explained the object of tha meeting
and tiie purposes of the Club,
On motion of James II. Birch, Eq. it was
(J.'.k're.l, That a committee (f three from earh
township be a; pointed to report business for the
action of this lu.tciiiig, a prop-jr organization of the
Club, and also the names of proper ollicers for this
iissoci ition.
And thereupon tho Chair appointed the following
gentlemen, to wit :
I'rai, trf 'lutein hip. John Ilarvev, J. Bonncll, and
J. T. Cleveland.
duriir.K Toii-nshiji. S. Donohoe, P.. C. Vaugh
ii n , ami E. Lewis.
IJi.on's Lick 'township. Robert Cooper, D. B.
Allen, anil W. P. I lieronoinons.
FiaiiUin Ton-ns'iip. Robert Coleman, A. An
derson, ana J. Kmg-tiury.
Moniteau Toions'sii). P. Jickman, S. Eentlcv,
und Jainus -Means, .-en.
.- l'e:n!:::. taio'l Brown, Joseph Dougherty
anil J. W. Myers.
Jli :'imnnd Tou-nhi;. R. Hughes, Win. Ward,
and James II Birch.
During the retirement of the Committee, Gen. J
B Clark addressed the meeting witn great power
and cliVct, in a speech of objjt two hours end
when he had concluded,
.Mr. Harvey from the foregoing committee, re
parted the following resolutions : .
Il. sn'it u, That tl.e ofiieers of this association
-lm!l coa-ist of a President, a Vice Pre-ident for
emli township, (who shall be Preside.it of ihe town--hip
club, resj,ectively) a Secretary, Treasurer, nnu
un execut ive commutee of twenty one members.
lUsolveJ, That it slnll ho tfe duty of the gene
ra! ejtmm'ivp couiiniitee to superintend nil inieruie
ointe nri;.l't(eii,,o:ts and biisin-ss of ihe club ti.
pr-pare and -au-e to bo published from lime lo time
such iloctmiri'tary s: other authentic articles as mm
he in cessary 10 rel'titu and expo-o the deceptions
und mi 'representniions which are propoyated in ref
erence to ti.e People's Candidate, and otherwi.-.o to
iid in placing the heal issues involved in lis im
portunt election correctly and fully before the coun
try. llesn'red. That there be opened a sufficient niim
In rof blank pars in the book eimt.iiinfug tho iiaui'-j
I Itiii nieinoers a 'el tiie proceedings ol i Ins a-soei-ii
ion, across whici shall bo written "SulisvripHoiis
i'v.r fie Cause," iiud under which every friend.
wit, tiu ra uiemher or otb. rwise. may write the sum
h--- i- witling to -nb-eribe to de 'ruy ibu exeen.es u.
publishing facts Hurl arguments in refataiiou o! the
I'.e.ileis und deepptiiui'i which are circulated line
paid for by the ollie? hoi lers. Tiiit sum may be
piid when .subscribed, or lo the treasurer during
the summer, uccoruicif. to the convenience of the
Resolved, That it be rncnctfully recnmmetulo 1
in Hie club;, and oilier friends, in counties where
thrrn is no printing office to en-operate wiili theexee
utivo committee herein relation to the procurement
of proper publications in aid of the great cause in
which we have embarked, and on the success ol
which depends tho solution of the question whether
Ihe people shall rule their servants or their serv
ants rule the people.
Resu'ved, Thai the members of this club, resi
ding in the different townships, shall constitute
clubs auxiliary to Hie county dun, whose duty it
snail bo to organize themselves as speedily as inav
be, into township clubs, with proper executive
committee and otlier necessary otlicors, and re
port the manner of their organization to the execu
tive committee of the county.
R'.-o'i !, Tint a general m'Min; of the exeeu
tlv cn a. t ilea s rA' tha Ttriuut tonshlpM wiiaii Im
held at tho club rooms, in Faynlto, on Saturday, the
2Sd instant, at 1 o'clock V. II.
Resolved, That thi" club will co-oppra'e wi'h (lie
clubs of Eoonn and Cooper, in the proposed en
campment nnd discussion at Rocheporf, and that
for this purpose the next regular meetirg of the
club be held at. Rollins' spring, in Moniteau, on
Thursday, tho 18th of Juno, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Ilrsotrr.d, That whilst wo pledge ourselves to
each other, and our fellow repiibbeatisof tho Union,
that we will use all honorable exertions to pro
mote llm election of General William Henry
Harrison to the Presidency, we in like manner
pledge ourselves not lo voto for his re-eleclion, but
to employ our influence to confirm nnd establish
the precedent of confining the service of the
executive ton single term.
Hrsnlred, That, the foregoing resolution he re
spcel fully eomtrir-ndcd to the consideration of the
-late convcnlion of Whig Young Men, w hich is to
assemble at Rochcport, on the i.0.h of June next.
Mr. Harvey, in like manner, reported the names
of the following gentlemen, as the permanent offi
cers of the Club :
rort pnr.stnxNT.
Foil VICB pr.r.stDENTi.
Catt. Be vi a 3! i m Wir.uiAits, 1'riire.
Dr. S.vJifEt. T. t'nrws. M-mitrau.
RxiiAHD .foiix.vjv, rtnmi' F'nvi.e-
T.M.TriV TfllNT.n, Vh.irHnp.
J 'S):PH CootT.lt. Blurt's
D.t. JaMHS II. B 5NS1V, I'rjlll.'.i.l.
James Nom.r., liirtuihmd.
For Treasurer.
Cit.il C. C a d t .
Fur Senttary.
G Eott'jE W . Wars.
Henry C'iri-inan,
George S idV ins,
George Ur (livens,
Heory W. Kring,
A. J ilerndou,
Lewis Biimgardner,
Je-.-ie Riddlesbargcr,
S. If. Mc.Millin,
J. M. Giddings,
W. T. Dyer,
J. II. Turner.
Simeon Stiles,
Henrv Shaw,
W. F. Birch,
S. C. Major.
Pleasant Wilson,
John M. Searcy,
Boon Fly,
Reuben Watt,
Beverly Pihther,
Bcnj.ii.iin Hulliday,
0'i tnu'ioa, tl.e vote of ihe Club was taken on
each re-olmi-m, and on the appointment of each
"dicer of tiie Cin'i (save the eomoiittee) separately,
and the report of the Committee unanimously con
curred in.
On motion Df J. T. Cleveland,
Rcsohrd, That the proceedings of 'his meeting
he signed by the President and Secretary, and pub
lished in the Whig papers.
JAMF.S NOiiLLJ, President,
A. LLONARD, Asjociato do.
K. T. Prewitt,
A Whig gain of Hewn Members in Hie Hw.se vf
iciegalf s, as Jar as nearn iron :
V e have not room this weelt to give our readers
the cheering intelligence from Old Virginia, at
length. Suffice (o say, the Wilms have gainrd in
evep.y cocntt, as far as heard from, and the pros
pects are, the Or.D Dominion is completely rece
xekated. Tho following table shows the result.
7" tit Yore. l.'ist Yeir.
W. L. F. W. L. F.
Amelia, -1 1
Caroline, -1 1
Brunswick, 2 2
Stafford, 1 1
Sjiottsj lvania,l 1
Louisa, 1 - - 1
Hanover, 1 1
Powbatlan, - 1 I
Fairfux, 1 1
Faueuier, 2 - 2
Dinwiddie, 1 - 1
Henrico, 1 1
Richmond city. I - - 1
Culpepper, 1 - 1 --
Kmg George, 1 1
Frederick, 11-- 2
Jefferson, 2 2
Morgan, 1 1
Petersburg, 1 - 1 -
Norfolk bero', 1 1
Norte-' k co., !---- 2 -
Nansetiiotiil, 1 1
Trineess Amm, 1 -- - 1 -
Elizabelhcity ) j 1 j
nnd Warwick1
Loudon, 3 - 3
22 10
Whig gain, s fir, -1 delegates,
and 1 (cantor
(Conrad) in the Fredrick dislrir'..
In the Hon-eof Delegates, la-; yirir, the Wl
ind Const.'rva'ive vote was 72 to CO L''Cu Fo-o.
The pro-p'tct, i.o'.v, is very fair for a lar;-er Wiii
majority in the House; und we shnl! cet.rtanly brie
town too Loco toco mtiri inlv in the N in'e two i
lireo votes. So far, then, the r, turns are all wt
hoped for, and go bet ond li.e expectation of even
one; but as there lire a good many more couatios to
be heard from, we wait for furth nJrices Luf-rfl wr
shout "viclorv."
A postsrript. in the Dctri il Advertiser of a late
date savs, "In preceding columns, we give ijluw-
ing records of tho progress of I lie good cause. In
addition, wc are enabled to add, that in I errys-
.turuli on tiie old Kittle Grieind of Fort Meigs -
the Harrison ticket hits triumphed by ovcrw helnun
majorities three to out! In Tcbtlo, too, wher'
the Whig Minor was elected ny merely 12 niHjorit'y
w weeks ago, we are verbally informed that tie
i have now a majority of over fifty! Who
can oouut
such deuioitralious U' the popular
will I"
A sAMOi'i.NiS Loco Focj 'i hetird a gone
iioecdo:e yei-terday whi :h gives a very atrik
.ng ili ".s ration of tho g'ucrnl tt lligtncc
.oiim o;' our blustering Loco Focos. A ve;
hopeful doinocrut, of this cotitity, was exceed
io'.-lv noxious lo inaku a bet on tiin Pretiiluutw-
ijUiclion, und so sanguine was he of Van Uu run's
succL-as, liiitt Ie m.ido. rxtravcgnntlv libera.
oil'-'i'S. An intelligent W hi; licippening ul-ui
about this lime, observoj to iho insuue (.oliii
eian, that if bu was exceedingly anxious lo he
ho would accommodate him il ho would state
his terms. The Loo studied uwhiie, and then
witU an air df bu.islful liberality , and with
ssiomiiig confidence, observed, '"I will hot you
dullura, that Van Uuren will bo cleelei
nnd will give fee hundred electoral votes." The
crowd laughed of course, hut so infatuated was
ihe Loci, thut when boiiio nf bis friends tol
him it was extremely doubtful if Harrison and
Van Duren together received that number, he
persisted to the In, that he wa eorrcet, and
Hint Oju. Jdckson rfCeiTed a much lifgw nxi
jority nt his ltnt election. This man ought to
visit Frntiltlin forthwith, and lake !csms of a
brother Loco Furo thttre, who, the othor day
Joniel that Do Witt Clinton over run for
I'm Presidency 1 and ofiarcd to brt a Viundrcd
lollars on it.
As WO predicted last week, tho Loco Fcco
orators backed out from their ngrceinciit at
Franklin, to meet and refute tho arguments oi
Mr. Leonard, made ut that piece. A lurge
number of both political parties met yesterday
according to notice, with tho expectation uf
e,iiag the proposed rtfutnti.ip, bat fearing
the result, those g'-iitlemcn who (.-nierid into
the an angemetit ttfus'.d to comply, nnd the
iiieu'.iog was ui-,-i. ilvej. After tho l'c!'us..l on
the part of .Mr. Hickers.in, Drf. LiWiy nod
Redman, to comply uith tie imgagemcn!, M' .
Leonard proposed to u.Jdrcss the pt-uple, en I
hen our pa,cr goes to pros ho is s;.';til(iii2 to
a large aod iepfetabli! an li ric: at the coiiejo.
We have not room to i-a ii-ubuize.
The young ivn "f this Centry u; yet
the College, sud nomiiuite.-l ri ,ing one hum
gates to tho propojcd t.'o.r. cntijn at IUc
Particulars next u erk.
,:erd..y a'
,rod Dole-I.Cjjjrl.--
'Tut; IiooN-viL.'.F. 0::.kvi.u" is tha title of a
new, elegantly prin'ed and only cuiiduc'cd paper,
published in Boonvillo, under tin: editorial charge
of C. W. Toiic. Rs'. fonr.eriy the conductor of the
" Emigrant" published in that piaco. Tiie 1 Ob
erver" is nearly as large again as the Emigrant.
This ar?ns well'lVr the cause.
;j Cooper, which 9
had w ith pleasure.
Pho Rev. -tir. Newton, suid to t o t .e mo -t
ccbihrated Methodist preacher in England, is.-! on!
xpected to arrive in ibis coai.'.-y. Us wii! 'if.i.
he Aunual Conference in B.iltiunro.
A letter from Washiny'un, publi-hed in tl
Costou Morning Tost, say of the proposed Van ;
Buren Convention ttt Ealtimrre "The conrdnsion
is, t'utt no Convention, tr'ijt'.V can he c :' ! nc'.vanU
u-ill be Ifld, and that so small a portion of the
S.alos will send delegate, if at nil. n to render it
desirable to dispense with the at'emp'. to crgardze
a conventiuu.
The Democrat twist J and screws at an awful .--tc
this week, er.dea-. out ing to white wash the oCice
holders, for their anti-Republican conduct at their
at caucus last wee!;, but its attrtnp's are wholly
fruilloB. The proceedings of the 'Fuyet'e clique"
on the Situ of April 15-10, strut:!; u death bhrv to
loso-l'ocoism in old Howard, and the futile e!iurt
if the Democrat never will je able to recti
Pake itcooly neighbor.
bOBER fsECOND liiouunrs. ) u mir.v of thc-
ev i.t tb.e
towns m (.or.nccticut neiuirr jsr'y sucwicu at
the first tnectiitg this spring in el:i."ing its !-sgista-
tive candiu.ites. At the seccnu election tuo V. hi-is
lave, almost without ctcoptioii, triumnl.ed.
The following letter comes from a very i nt
gent gcn'lcrivin, and whoso judgment mav be rt
lie.; :
upon. He spcaUs the seulimints of a !:i'g-i p ir:
of ins follow citizen-, i i that. s':;'.iun of ti.e .3
As he says, truly, " if the Whi ;s of the state v
do their duty, Gen. Clark wit! be our cux; 'J
Navi:s I'jsr Oi F-r-c. Liriogstoo cj )
April 7ili. 1 3 iO.
Dr. Sir: Oinera! C'li.rl; pa-'ed thrcigii t
eounty, on hi u,ir ;hr "'lii '.h-i npp -' Mi--ur;, -'i
l Ires-ed the pen:)!.'! '. Livings:.,..! Co-ir' llou-;
.-londiiy lust, in one ot'tiie ab.c-"t ;: Ji'ti,.::-.! s;,r..;
I evr Ilea id. lie gav.j i.is vi.'.t s of s. pd
; i. is vi
,n a clear and con is,
:ie :i:e faithful serv; n
jmrty, if eie. o !. Ill
tieks were e 1m n at
arguments were so
every days o'.iserv i' i
Ct ti.e ptop.i
s (.
;n-- t il
11-1 Poll- ! .
.el! tor.ided
n. I'.ai t'.e in
o-t r.
i.l I
i i.:.c.'
were seen to halt t' i ir iind, and ttm lioeral (!'
mucr icv i at.ie out ai.ii'..'. to :i lion Ibr Clar!:. In
friet I am of (.niiil.in thai, ti e c irrci.t in favor ol
ll irri-on and Clark is irtvsistih'e ; t,c n: iv.'le i.a.e
found out that .M-r:iii Van ii .r-n and hit, ani.y oi
"tlice-iiol'lers and o:':ice-see',o;rs hato set up for
t:,ei,is, j ve .-, ;,! I il'lVO ie C 11(1 lusters Elliot ser
v.i Its o!' t' i. :!.;. 'I'.vo veirs iti:o ti.-i V.'.i'. '
' li l.e! I.l t
mini tra-i
o int at i
'lis vo'e "I
i:s v.
ii .- 7 vote, and .!. n .:
'"die Y -'-i may 1. ...
r tl i ..or ii t.i -i k. u :.i; ,
s : : : y will b : ab-::' t.n
ir .1 - :! C. Wl.l re
cti e :... o j c;.rs si-ice th
j:!! i.-tcs. In H, v s,
moo result is I-'.:::'':
s i o wiR ii :' d ih"i
Oltil V,
In C
I ,
I eo ::r
Willi tt In.:
A ,.ig mi.,
ti.l.l I.'. ;.:
irily c r.aoi,
i.Oi'S iiice:,'..
c eitoi,'
,1 it' or!
tt Li 'IV
-r ptris ,
.-tl Cu.ri;
:'.!"! .
o:i i's
to the ci'ii'r
u v !."Mvr!
.e po -t o:
i c j'.::')'
J. ii. L'.i
- s:;::ri.
: jn, E
tt ir..'.
fKr'.Ve r:
c n ctin i i::- o l-i. i t.noMit
, csa candid .to for tiie o'i
roi.rt of How::,-i! ,-j:ir.lv.
1'avlce, LVq-
of the coun;
PHE undersign
D. 1m ir of J .-i.n
gi fiidi-i i of Ihcinn I'.tliutt,
r.iiiett. t!."cen-i-J, w il; apply a
ie next '.
rm of i:.e II e.var I (. vin-y (.u.ir'. lor i,
t.i ' I1, and d.s-.ii irg J of ids "aardians'-iio
final scttl
; t.'
, :i v
i. I-
ven. '.!; '.t wi!i re;V
TOTICE is lierebv i
lS tiie next leci o.' tii ' i
'.'ivy Court of How
oe:: ' ol' iiiv aduoi. i s
epa Mvui'gis cc.-e, dc
ird t'ocntf, for u fnsl -.ft1
r i'ioti of the estate of Ji
WM. MONTsiO."'.!
May O.li, IHi).
i , t-
Vi'.ixl WellUcsticiit.
"VfOTICE IS 11ERKBY GIVEN", ton!! wheta it
L N may concern, that I shall apply to the county
Court of Randolph county, nt tho ue:;t. regular term
hereof, for a tina! senienvmt as e?;.uior uf tbt
Estate of John V. Buekiwr. lieeeasrd,
BENJ. HALEV, Ex-'u'or.
April 19th. IS 10. o -lit.
r jHE undersigned, ndministra'or of thff estaii
I of Mary Leo, will aiMy at. iho next Term nt
the County Court, of Saline County, 'o make i.
Final settlement of his said administration.
May Oth, 1W,
iroa tii WJntSdaEs.
ri AI1VEY & BIRCH are now w-t-inj a
5. ! ditlonil supply of pentsir.c JUNIATA ll0i.
and NAIL:?, which l,ry o'Si'f lo the trurie at vl,elw
sile only. 'J'hair ,t.-e!; eoiidsis of
KO.OOQ lbs. bar iron, a-orted fioi.-i 3 lr.fi-
t'juare to nail rod i1" ludiij.; all fiz-.is
of rouiii!, sq inre, and ffit.
COM lbs. American Mister -.tel.
.j(;J Gera.an iU;.
blitt ' Cast stftel. three .'.z-.
f-lJO " Hoop iron, two 'iz-.-s.
101) Kegs of mil nn J b.-fds, iniorf-d.
Also, six full sets of loci-, ii'.c'e.iiiti(; aavil -. vicor
bellows, screw 1!j, rn;'s, f.it-,
Fuyet'e, May O.li, l'-tiO.
.lieu- Cifit;
fr t ' rs
cv II ,r
ave r'
2. had Si:.r.
G (,-,e, I'an'.',
Flower-, Pr'i
f'.' V (1 V:i v io l
di.e. lo ,yif a
).' i'.L-,i!ers.
m! ia a
r f , " f,i i sc-si vt oi i.,,, ,;.-'.).,! -v:,l co.nrt
u. ct: ..;otl;.y t.l .-.ri .-. i -r.i'r; a i to, a .V:
Liver- i' s i,t tie; I'.eg'is'i :'i i!".
i n J
I. .i.l .Mcial .'.ri'l.ne '.i.', j.c.t' - -.-i'ja.
Tim :.'.:)'. w itii i rt ograpl.v A i tmi-.
Ee; rh G rauintar. i.'i.iv i-sc 1 Oeogrtipi.y,
iii-Vo-v, i;."ik KiTpii,?, Cnm; di'wi!. J;c. M.OJ
'so -i.ui .r will lit re: aved lor le
si-.ti t;r.ie--s a s;':c a! a ::re :i il ;:t lie
i a :
ii. ti.e
( !
-J z
-. V i
7 -
1 A uf
L IO-". lull Ii
i'--t trrivtd
c tct.tv, Ky ,
his :ir-t i'i r
oi'th? ca-'efst
rt. on tl.n
c-tjit' r.e.J a h
r ;n .
:i h-.i
om R
10 mi!i..j
nor' ;i tse-t of Ro;.'!iC
r- ' 1 t;
nr, l"s fr
Ii . cc.i
!!cv!ic-port l F,'. vet;". '
t!i lat'er pla-e, an.)
ifxt moittii ;.l Rolati
t'ro-.i Fuvo'.te, ind a. :
11,: -i.es' c,
:g ll.ef.:,
A ill s, r,,
rs for ti.e
d or tie;
d fer v
; :-.
: fir-
11' (is-
:.V ir
:'.'). i a i.i-i
.oei to : i
)N AN .l
: U 'A' a r; :!:.'.'.'
!, I'll', f.i.r: ::::
ct, ;:rc, it ....
-OU-s, -! s'.. ,-
'-'efifil b :::.
.ri !
-1 ' ft ;
:v: ! ;s i, ,
l.-.dy U :ri.
ili T.
nu Luiy
.Muadav, hi, ,
-.-.a I t
Caiumbu I
ft. E or..
e O )-.;
s di
t and s,.:,..
"VT'J'V f.
. N R-.lt.-e.,'
.i.t: :ors
A true cv y oi
Am'! '.A
, V-i'
n to i!-
tl 1 1:. ,t
: e.i.rcil
iili. rs i f
l:arj bi.,1
.il Co ir
erm of
rifiga 1:1
1:1' il "', V
I t.V'i;t. :
!'!. ry
::', !''
;crd, r.i:
Richard 11 t:
Eiiii ' ..'.;:
(-AsC J.
'l r"-i
. lit: 1
ii cf
R'vei'v Li
rrAtte-i Dri
C it
iiii.ii :'r.t!i'"r of t! E :
leceasj. j, will make rp I:
be C'.iuii'y Ci n:t i-t' i'.an.
ion of hi Adiiiiaiiatcr-.l.
l.i 1.
i.d'O, Ad-
rt K'rrison.
in xt term of
. fir reaigua
'a'". :K RiDClE.
a 3t
..'I. l.i
April V.h, IviO.
SAD D 1. n R 4 )! A R .V E S .If, I A' E R.
W T A VI XG i r.n.i n sn-'y settled in Oh-gow, will
3 1. keep c 'Ust-i:.t;y ca hand a good supply of
very li.uig in his line cf. u.::nes. Ho p:edg
i:n:s!f t'.'.t I: in materliils s!:a'.l be cf tin ba-t, and
Pis work as good as any in the West. He would
-i .pet '"ul'iv invite tha public to csil and eizmine
dor them-elves,
N. B. One or two Apprentice will he takaa to
the aheva busk-'.esj if rirlv ajilieation ba ir.rde.
f.Ia-gow, Much 10th, lS-l'l. 0','

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