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Til L6oj rw FAks J'or B minlSt Vh-.
' Wa hive rarely risen from a more j)lea.ant ttt-at
triad the following, which wt copy from the Rich
mond Whig of the 14tb ultimo,, Pleasants knows
'Father Ritchie" to well end intimately that ho
could write even his last Will and Testament m
grophlcolljr bi he has furnished the following para
graphs. '
Anticipated Extracts from tlie Richmond Enquirer
in November, 1810.
Tuesday, Nov. 3d.)
"The Presidential Election took place throughout
Virginia yesterday. Now that no injury can result
from the candor, we " do not hesitate" to Hay that
the contest will he close and the result doubtful.
H unt friends all turned out to a man and if the
Whigs showed their old apathy of 1S;30. wn con
liilemly count on Virginia ; but, our "frankness''
is known, and we unhesitatingly say. that if the
Whig changes are as numerous as reported, and if
the Whigs have turned out their whole strength,
it is a possible thing the Wh'gs may have carried
the State. , Noa Verrons . Meanwhile wa will not
"despair of the Republic," and there is "no know
intf who is Governor until after the election."
Richmond gave a heavy majority for the "Log
Cabin" Candidate, near 700."
from the Enquirer of Friday, Nov. 6th, 19-10.
"The returns are pouring in, and as we antici
pated, Eastern Virginia has probably polled a con
siderable majority fur (Jen. Harrison. Tho Valley
and tlx ''West will do better for the Republican
.Candidate and may neutralize the vote of the East.
VeTiaVmot yet beard from our strong counties
of Halifax and the Old "Tenth Legion" Rocking
ham and Shenandoah. We confess we look for the
Trans-Allegheny vote with some apprehension.
From the Enquirer of Nov. UNA, 1810.
"The Whig counties generally have increased
their April majorities, while the Democratic in
some instanos have fallen short. How is this 1
Have Whip arts prevailed and convinced many that
ours was not the true "Democratic Republican
States Right party 1' five our enemies who fla
grantly said that our calling ourselves so did not
make us so, and that we ought to be judged by
what we did, not by what we said havo these
mormons ca'.umnies against the Great Democratic
Republican States Right Party been believed ? If
so, time will refute them, and if we lose Virginia
now. we are sure to "right the ship of State" and
rescue her from the "Piebald Whig" four years
hence! Mark the prediction !'
From Ihs Enquirer of AW 13, 19 10.
Little Tennessee" and " Hopkins' District"' are
partially heard from, and do not turn out as well as
we had expected. N. West Virginia, too, showsa
heavy Whig gain upon 1836. We speak in "frank
ness." We owe it to our distant friends to conceal
nothing. We fear the State is lost to iVIr. V. B
Two days will determine, but we confess our hopes
are not sanguine."
From the Richmond Enquirer of .Vol-. 14, 19-10.
"All is lost except honor." The whole State is
heard from except Lee and Logan. The Whig
Electoral ticket is elected by a majority of from
five to eight thousand ! We have been for some
time prepared for this result. But we "will not
despair of the Republic." The people have been
swept away by Whig orators, and deluded by Whig
lies. It must be confessed in frankness, that thu
Whigs have had plausible grounds to proceed upon
in their agitations of the people. The Army bill
was injudicious and unfortunate, to say the least of
it. The course ot me president in L.ieui. liooo s
case, lost him thousands, and, we say it in candor,
was indefensible. The Sub-Treasury, giving " tho
better currency to the office-holders, the baser to
the people," was unfortunate, and Col. Bunion's
selling the gold which he received for his per diem,
and Mr. Smith, of Culpeper, that which he received
on Ins contracts, for a premium in Bank notes, after
their long declamation aguinst all Banks, inflicted
serious injury on the Great Democratic Republican
States Right party. We " apeak more in surrow
than in anger." We shall in a few days explain
to our distant friends, at more length, the causes of
our defeat in Virginia. Let us do the Whigs tho
justice to say that they bear their success with ma
deration. From the Richmond Enquirer of Dec. 3, 19 10.
We are astounded at the results which pour in
upon u. Every mail comes fraught with disaster.
State after State vote for Gen. Hurrison ! New
York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhude Island,
Connecticut, Maine, (el lu Brute!) Vermont, Dela
ware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Geor
gia. Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky,
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan, all, all have
none ! With that frankness which becomes the
, ... . -- . ... J ..... I. :.. ...
v that Gen. Harrison is elected by a very large
Our readers are aware that for sume weeks,
(and we might, perhaps, truly say for months)
back, we have viewed this result as not improbable
We submit to the will of the people. Next Spring,
Virginia will reverse her decision if it should then
be desirable. 'But now that party asperities are
measurably worn off, we do not hesitate to say that
"Wrn. Henry arrlson" is "no commun man."
We remember with gratitude his services in the
late war the brilliant affair of the Thames the
modesty observed in his despatches, which ' awar
ded credit to all but himself" his self-sacrilice for
the South in the Missouri question. We are free
to say, that we anticipate a Republican Adminis
tration; and if so, the "humble editor of this pa
per" will extend to W. . II. a frank and liberal
This paper the organ of the Royalists in Mis
, sou ri recently charged great corruption against
tho Mayor, and flagrant misconduct against the
City Guards. A trial was had both of the Argus
editors were called and worn us witnesses they
swore they knew nothing about the truth of the
charges themselves, and could not, or did not, name
any person as their informant ! Several ether wit
nesses proved, as fully as could be proven, that the
charges of the Argus were false. Of course the
jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Such is the
captain of a party of which the Democrat is lieu
tenant I
Further comment is unnecessary.
S, W. Catlin, one of the editors and propri
etors of the "Repository &. Whig," published at
Cha'nbersburg, Pa., has been absent since the '30th
of July last, and no information has since been ob.
lained by his friends (who are ignorant of the ex
istence of any adequate cause of his leaving the
place or his business) as to where he is, or indeed
whether he is alive or not. Any person who can
give any information concerning him, will greatly
oblige his friend by communicating the same, by
knur, to G. K. JUrpei, of Chambersburg, Pa. Mr
C.itliu is about 27 years of age, has black hair and
black eyes, rather under thu common size, coughs
very much when talking, and bus I weak hoarse
About fifteen columns of the last Democrat are
devoted lo a re-publication of the garbled extracts
n iid distorted statements of Gen Harrison's speech
es which appeared i:i the little 7 by 0 last spring
and summer. Why didn't yui put i:i the linger
cut, a!"', gentlenirn!
f.''.RT.FR BEVERLY an om Jaco wirmi
The Locos deny every thing. ' They deny G-eV
nrul Ogle's speech although he spoke with the
records in his hand. ' When Dr. Davis 2 or 'J weeks
since renounced Mr."'Van Burcn because ol his
conduct in the .cose of Lt. Hooo, the Locos swore
he was not a delegate to the Vau Burcn conten
tion at Baltimore last May . Our readers may re
cur to his admirable letter iri tho "Times" before
the last and now, lo ! the proof! Every boJy re
collects Carter BcMrlij the Virginian who first
implicate! Mr. Buchanan as 'a witness to prove
the bribery batween Mr. Clay and Mr.' Adams i
tusk, however, from which Buchanan recoiled
when put on the witness stand. , But let that pass.
See bore ! '
ViRoixi.i Wime Soi.phf.r Spbiros, )
Frederick county, 7th July, 18-10. )
To the Editors of the Whig :
Dear Sirs The Whig cause is so much at
heart with the whigs of our country, as will, I
am aure, insure the immediate publication, in your
pnper, of the enclosed letter and certificate; it is
therefore, with much pleasure thit I nnnex copies
of them for your publication. I am personnlly
well acquainted with Mr. Davis, the subject of
them; He is now here, and is anxious fur their
publication as soon as possible. ' It eeemes to be
stronously denied by the Administration adherents,
that there is any authenticity for him to have pro
nounced to his constituents rind to the country,
that he is a regularly appointed member of the
Democratic State Convention, held at Nashvillo,
of the 11th February last, to attend at Balti
more, us a dulcgate from tho State of Tennessee,,
on the 0 ih May last, to nominate the Democratic
cand dates fur tho Presidency and Vice Presi
dency. Like every thing clso said, done, and
transacted by that parly, they do not hesitate, a
mong them, to set forth, the abominable, base slan.
dcr, of denying to him the right to have acted as a
member of that Convention, because he has since
found cause to abandon them, in utter disgust of
the course puisued by the incumbent President
of the United States. You may most confidently
rely upon the authority with, which he acted: lie
is a gentleman of the highest character and stand
ing; was long well known as a member of Con
gress from South Carolina, where he then lived
He moved to Tennessee, where ho has been
Dermanently settled upon a valuable landed
property: he is not only independent, but is
The good cause isgo'n g on most zealously and
prosperously on this side of the mountain: There
can be no louger any doult, whatever, of our
State's going largely in majority for Gen'l Harri
son. 1 have written in much hurry to get my
letter to you as soon us possible.
I am, dear sirs,
Very re'specfully,
Your obedient servant,
To Dr. E. S. Davis, Ligiange, Tennessee.
Laobasoe, Tens., 13th April, 1310.
My Dear Sir: U is with great pleasure I an.
nounce to you, that you have been app inted to
represent the 13th Congressional District in the
Democratic Convention, to meet in the city ol
Baltimore) on the 5th May next, to nominate
candidates for the offices of President and Vice
President of the U. States.
From your intimate acquaintance with the great
principles of the Democratic party, we feel deep
iy convinced that we could not have made a selec
tion of an individual who would be more able to
represent the wish of the district than yourself.
We hope, therefore, you will proceed imme
diately to Baltimore and become a member of the
Convention; and very much obliged a large por
tion of your fellow-citizens.
Your obed'l serv't,
Member of tlie committee
P. S. Your certificate will be forwarded imme
diately from Nashville to meet you at Baltimore.
Nashvilt-e, April 21, 1810.
Sir: The Democratic Central C responding
Committee, acting under the authority of the De
mocratic State Convention, held at Nashville on
the 11th Febuary last, have appointed you to at
tend tho National Convention of Baltimore, on
5ll daX 0 ftW " as f the. Delegate.
lo represent the Republican Paiiyof.lhis State
in said Convention. I am, sir,
Very res, ecfuily,
Your obed't serv't.
Sec. of D. C. C. C.
To Dr. E. S. Davis, of Lagrange, Tenn.
The above is a true copy of the ceitificale men.
turned in the foregoing letter, of the I8tli April,
last, and was transmitted to Baltimore as it pro
mised, and was there received by Dr. E. S. Davis
and complied with, as a member of the Conven
tion of the 4th May thereafter.
Copied most faithfully by me, this 7:h August,
1840, from the Originals.
"For a complete refutation of all the Whig Mse
hoods concerning the alleged "extravagance of die
f resident s nouse we reler the reader to toe
speech on our Bret page of Mr. Lincoln, a Wnig
member of Congress from Massachusetts." Demo
crat. Had the Democrat published the speech of .Mr.
Ogle, to which Mr. Lincoln's speech is a reply we
would have let it pass unnoticed; but inasmuch as
the Democrat has attempted to shield Van Bureu
from alleged extravagance ic. by publishing the
remarks of Mr. Lincoln, we deem it necessary ihe
following certificates from as equally well informed
and honorable gentlemen as Mr. Lincoln himself,
one of whom is Chairman of the Committee on the
the Expenditures on Public Buildings, and another
a member of suid committee !
Mit. (Dole's Speech The National Intelli
gencer contains the following. verification of the
extacts Irom 1'uulic JJocuuionrs made uy Air.
Ogle and inserted in his speech:
The undersigned, Whig members of Congress,
have had their attention called to a publication in
tho "Globo"on the 10th July, 1810, under the-
caption of "Messrs Lincoln and Ugle, Irom
which the following extract is taken:
"He (Mr. Lincoln) was no friend of Mr. Van
Burun, but he would do him the justice to say if
there was any thing wrong in relation to the lor
uiluro of ihe White House, llie President wus not
to blame for it. On the the contrary, ho (.Mr. u
knew his great delicacy on the subject, and would
assure the gentlemen, that whenever the commit
tee had consulted the President in relation to any
additional furniture, he had invariably expressed
his reluctance, to have any thing expended lor
ih at object. Hi) ( .Mr. L) would, say Irom his own
knowledge, that not a single article of furniture
supplied during the lut three years had been sup
plied at the request of the President. . 1 he com
mittee alone were answera'de, and they assume
tlio responsibility .
The uii'l.'rig'i''.l '1 not undertake to s iy wheth
er Mr. Liiiu'oln used life langiiag imputed to liim
by tlie "Globo" or not; ' but as he has permitted
its publication to remain ton days without contra,
diction, we presumo that he now adopts the lan
guage ascribed to him, if he did not originally
utter it. For the purpose therefore, of placing
the matterr truly before the country, and to cor
rect the gross misrepresentation of facts contain
ed in the above extract, that they have caiefully
examined the vouchers which have been duly au
d ied and selllcd by the Treasury Department,
for the purchase of furniture for the President's
House since ihe 4th of March, 1837, and that
they have compared the said vouchers with the
statemts of the same in the published speech of
Mr. Ogle, and find the said vouch truly set forth
in the said speech.
And they further certify that it appears from the
said vouchers that more than eighteen thousand
dollars were expended in furniture for the Presi
dent's House between the 4ih of March, 1837,
and the 5ih day of December, 1837, the day on
which the committee on Public Buildings and
Grounds was appointed, and of which Mr. Lin
coln was chairman, the former Committee on
Public Buildings and Grounds having ceased to
exist on the 3d of March, 1837.
The undersigned further certify that it appeals
from the said vouchers that the said money was
expended by tha agents of the President, viz. his
sou, Abraham Van Buren, T. L. Smith and oth
ers, ou warrants drawn by order of the President
of the United Slates himself.
And ihe undersigned would further state that
ih 2 C j niiiittiie on Public Buildings and Grounds
have no control, direction or jurisdiction whatever
in the selection of purchase of furniture which
the President may sec proper to procure by himself
or his agents, when appropriations are njudc for
lhat object by law.
J. C. CLARK, N. York,
Washington, July 20, 1710.
As Chairman of the Committee on the expen
ditures on Public Buildings, it comes my duty lo
examine the expenditures on the Piesident's
House. I havo had the vouchers before the com
mittee, and, having examined the subject fully at
the request ol ilr. Ugle, 1 slate that tho lacts pub
lished in his speech are correctly given. 1 con
cur in the foregoing statement of Messrs. Clark,
Cooper, and oihcrs.
July 20, 1840.
I am a member of ihe committee of which Mr.
Sianly is Chairman, and as such, have examined
the vouchers above referred to, and fully concur
in the statements of Mr. Stanly.
JOHN W. ALLEN, of Ohio.
Washington, July 20, 1S10.
I certify that I have eximined the vouchers re-
fcrred to in the foregoing statement of the Hon. J.
C Clark and others, and havo compared them
with tho copies as set forth in the speech of the
Hon. Mr. Ugle, and find lhat they are ftuly set
forth in the speech, and that upwards of 318,000
of these expenditures for furniture for the Presi
dent's house were made by the President and his
agents at the time v:hen there was no commitlteof
Congress in, existence, and of course, made by the
President alone, without any one to intcfere or
influence his wishes; and I am told by my friend
Gov. Lincoln, that he never made any such re
marks as are pulished as his in the Globe.
Washington, July 20ih 1910.
For the Boon's Lick Times.
Glasgow, August 2D, 1340.
C. C. Cadt, E-q.
Dear Sir In the last number of the Demo
crat a communication was pointed out to me, and I
was at the same time informed that my own pic
ture was there presented to the public. I am glad
lo believe that neither I nor my friends could have
recognised the villanous caricature, had not the
painter followed the example of a brother artist,
who after having drawn the picture of a horse,
fearing it might be mistaken for an ass, wrotu un
derneath, "This is a horse." So these gentlemen,
(lor it was done in caucus) have chosen to point at
me so directly, that 1 am fureed in my uwn defence
to take up arms. I might well forbear entering the
li-ts wit!) such competitors upon the principle that
he who wrestles with a dung heap must expect to
be deliled ; but as the writers have attributed to me
motives for my actions which would, if true, efiec.
in some degree the character of a stranger, or in
deed of any other man who had not sunk to tbo de
railed level on which they stand, I have felt it
incumbent upun me to reply, and as tho best defence
which I could make, to show in their true colors the
real characters of my assailants. They have in
the first place, thought proper to attribute to me
communications of which 1 was not the author,
and acting upon their own suppositions have held
me up in no very enviable light before the commu
nity. Since they have thought proper to thrust this
honor upon me, and have proceeded to pour upun
my devoted head the vials of their concentrated
wrath, I shall not shrink from any particle of res
ponsibility hitherto incurred or hereafter to bo iu
cuiri'd by Simon Sly ; and unless I am more mista
ken t!r.m 1 now suppose myself to be, cro this sheet
i tilled up I will cause them to rue the day " they
waked up the wrong passenger." In future, gen
tlemen, we shall know each oilier. You will know
who Sly is, and 1 assure you I am perfectly aware
of Giinblet's identity. The writer falsely asserts
that I took great interest iu the towuship eleclion,
and used every means in my power to defeat the
eleclion of Tisiol, thu former constable, on account
of an insult given to mo by that gentleman. I sup
pose this information was of course furnished by
the ex-constable. Whoever was the author, I here
jive it tho lis direct. If I was ever insulted by thut
nun, 1 was ignorant of his intention, nor do lever
remember having been treated by bin even disre
spectfully in any way. I am still more certain thut
he who gave the insult would have had reason to re
member it much more distinct than he does at
present. I am not in the habit of being insulted
iMlhoul at least attempting a retaliation a little
ditlerent from the mean and petty revenge they have
attributed to me. Those who are acquainted with
me, I believe, will tusiain mo iii this assertion. In
conducting my defence, gentlemen, you have ren
dered it necessary for me to use some liard names.
Some which an honorable man would find dilheult
of digestion ; but remember, gentlemen, yuu are
the aggressors. I hold each man concerned in gel
ting up that publication just as responsible as he
who wrote it, and shall deal with them as suits my
humor. Careless as to where my blows shall' fall
or how deeply they may wound, and fearless of the
consequences, whatever l hoy may be. Suuh con
tcmptiblo game can aft'ord but "light amusement in
the chac; h'it at u 11 event- we'll "play out the piay.
J aha!) luliow their example in oi.a if.iiVg, na'uiuly,
in pointing llicm out as distinctly ns they did me:
1 The one, Justice of the Poace in Glasgow, (alia;
Justice Shallow,) the other tho ex-constable of tlie
township, otherwise called Pistol. Upon the first
appearance of Simon Sly, in which Pistol was re
presented as taking part in a dialogue, the good
people hereabout either saw, or pretended thny saw,
a marked resemblance between the aforesaid Pistol
and a certain constublo. He, however, scorned the
idea. Said he was the last man in the world to
take it on himself, and even ventured to be very
much diverted at the expense of somebody else, but
from the tenor of Gimblet'scoin.n'inication it would
seem he had concluded to "acknowledge the corn."
Very well, sir. I thank you for this much. After
a man admits a fact ho has no reason to complain
of other folks for talking about it. I hope in fu
ture he will threaten Ihe lives of no more old ladies.
Fearing least this allusion may not be understood,
I must here treat you to a short cpisod i. I cannot
answer for the truth of the statement, I only give
it as it was given to me. Sometime during Ihe
early part of this rummer, this same Pistol (it. is
said) failed to adhere so strictly to the seventh com
mandment, as he might have done, by reason of
which, sundry old ladies immediately opened upon
tho trail of this persecuted public olfieer. Fearinjr
least his cpniless reputation might be tarnished ami
probably looking even a'l far abend as the day of
election, when he truly thought all his respectabi
lity would be wanting (o help him along, he uctu-j
ally set himself to work to stop iho old women from
talking, probably the moil difficult task ever under
taken, except by Joshua, who stopped the un. The
means ho took to effect his purpose were extremely
laughable. It is not my design to misrupreseiiL the
gentleman. Report, however, says he armed him
self w ith an old fashionoi hanger, about five feo'
long, stuck a large horseman's pistol in each of his
breeches pockets, squeezed himself into an old lon'
tailed regimental blu", with bullet buttons, nnd put
on a three cornered cocked hat, which was said
(with how much truth I cannot say) to have been
worn by Lord Cornu allis at the surrender of York.
Thus equipped, it was his regular habit every even
ing about twilight, to m Hint n mule nnl sal iy forth,
calling on oil the old ladies, and threatening signal
and spedy vengeance. ! never had the pleasure
of witnessing the exhibition, but many who av it
told me they were forcibly reminded of Sancho Pan
.a and Dapple, habited in the warlike gear of Don
Quixutte and llozeminle.
The gentlemen think, per'rup--, they ore telling
mo a piece of news, when they inform me that the
expression of my political opinions has operated
against my pecuniary interests. Theyare mistaken.
The means they have employed to injure my oro
fessional business were known to -in ; Ion:; ago. I
am glad, however, they have made an acknowledg
ment of the fact. I had rather too much self-res
pect to bring the charge against them ; b it since
they have thought lit thus oublicly to to it, and
rather to buast of their abiiitv to it.: li-.j uij, I shall
tike the liberty of expressing my opini irw T::.urr...:
ately, on the subject. Ii seems I have been guilty
of inexcusable stupidiiv in tailing to Usbum my
opinions to the mould of those wholesale dispel
ers of professional favors. I havo rrosslv erred.
tool tbat I was ! in failing to propitiate the wrath
of two such awful dignitaries, compared lo whose
displeasure "the oppressors wrong, and proud man's
contumely," would be no. more thm the bite of a
musquitto, when weighed against the most disas
trous calamities " that flesh is heir to." Alas
have taken a false step, and il is now too late to
mend the mistake. Well, gentleineu, if you have
positively decided that I am to starve, I will en-
ileavor to meet my fate with manlv fortitude, and
"die with harness on my back" a dreadful alter
na'ive truly submission or starvation.
Had I been told that my ultimate success or fail
lire in my profession depended on t lie smiles or
frowns of the Justice and Constable of Chariton
township, 1 would n it have suitered a thou 'ht so
humiliating to enter mv breast ; but it seems
would l.ave been mistaken. Tho Lord help me,
and ns a last resort, 1 must appeal to tho Tipp"-a
noeClub ol tayette. 1 here say, and 1 say it re
ligiously and solemly, that if the alternative of
herding with such men on terms uf friendship urn
equality, or ueniu in its most liuleous siiape were
presented to me, I would intini'ely prefer the latter.
Aware of their mean attempt to injure me, and ig
norant of tbe motives thut actuute the conduct o'
gentlemen, they have attributed to me such motives
as thry profess themselves to be governed by. Ex
cuse me, if you please ; wu have no motives or feel
ings iu common. You have meanly attempted, for
one reason, and one only, to wit, because I nave
had the impudence to disagree with you in politi
cal opinions, to injure me secretly. If necessary 1
can prove the fact, though I mean not to condescend
lo do it, but hold myself accountable for the charge.
To the writer of that article I will say one word.
He has chneen to use the word brothel, and that too
in connection with inc. I would beg of him in
mercy to himself never ugain to use that word.
Were 1 malicious, I could a tule unfold, at which
the video ot every honest man would cry out s iam?,
but I shall forbear now and I hope forever. In
inclusion, for the biolit of all whom it may
concern, I here say that the men who would resort
to such pitiful, cowurdly, contemptible, and rogue-
like means to injure a man whose only oflenco was
a diii'erence of political opinions, would, under other
circumstances, rob a hen roost, or commit any
other petty larceny. Should any thing which I
have said hero, gentlemen, sit unpleasanlly upon
your stomachs, I beg you will tako a more manly
revenge than yon huvo hitherto done. I would even
prefer encountering you both, with swords, pistols,
bullet buttons, and three cornered cocked hats. I
presume you will hardly excuse yourselves by al
leging that the author is incognito. He w.ts until
you brought him out- For fear, however, that you
might be misled, smTer me lo inform you, that by
application to the editor of tho Bounslick Times,
yuu can bo accommodated with the real
All the counties in th S ate hive been heard fro n
except rive. We shall omit our table until the
whole are heard from. Meanwhile, it may be as
well to say,'thal the Whics'so far have received 3li.-
voles the Loco Fucos'M.Kfl making a Whig
matority ot SfSVE.N Tii JUSANl) Eui 1 C.N
D1IED AXD TWO. In lSJU, the same coun'ies
gave the Whigs o-!,fo'J, and the Loco Focos US,
UJ4 showing a, Wing gam of 3, 1U7.
The Legislature stands Whigs Ot), Lorn
Focos 03 leaving a Whig majority now uf 31. In
the-e counties in Yi'Ao, the Whig maj irity was 13
Three other countiesj are to bo heard from of
which, the Whigs will irel one an) Ihe Loco Fo'-os
two. A clear Whig major ty of T1UTV n joint
" '" Fur Ute Bern's Lick Timet.
Mr. Ciot: Il is now reduced lo crr.'aiuty
that Gen. Harrison will be Inaugurated President,
on the 4th o" March next, and I tuly iLrtient that my
adopW State should bo the lost State in the Union
to shake h" the shackles of Federalism; this I con
attribute to iwtbing but the industry and persever
ance of thd federal offioe holders who appear deter
mined to grind the p,npjf possible beneath the
nethermost millstone, l g.nti(y their own cupidity
and lust fur goid and silver, in which all their sal
aries are paid at double prices, s.e prices nf
commodities are reduced.
Now, lot a laborer, and one who feels a r?ce
sity uf a sound currency, makes proposition throng,
your useful paper to the free men of Howard
county, to this effect, let there be a poll opened iu
euch township iu tlie county, at the rv'ovi.mbi-r
eleclion lor and against a well restricted Lulled
Stutes bank, and let ihe people there express them
selves as freemen: any JudutM or Clerks of tho
election who are not witting tu take the trouble, or
i'ear the voice of a free people, let them rtfuMi to
servo, mere are plenty well qualified who will
servo, and ,vbo are perfectly willing the people
should rule.
All our rteprcscnfai'tvo profess to believe in
the right of instruction, and if sincere they will
give such instructions to our Senators and Repre
sentatives iu Congress as mny be asked of them.
The olhco holders may rave at this, well, be it so,
let them do it, the people yet have a right t) man
ago their uwn all'iirs iu their own wov, notwith
standing the frowns of the federal oiiice holders
who expect to be Lords and noblemen, living on
meir nign salaries paui in gold and silver, unjustly
torn from the poor laborer, who earns his bread
by the sweat of his brow at "seven pence per
All parties admit and know that the t. S. Kjnk
all'orded ft sound and uniform currencv. they all
know that State banks cannot; they see that trade
and commerce is crippled and destroyed, that our
siock and produce is greatly multiplying ou our
iiands for want of a market, which wo would soon
have, if wc had a sound currency, anJ conlideuce
restored. IjnJer tno b. f. bank it cost us nothing
to have our revenues safely tak'.'n care of, and op
oropri'itions paid out whenever and wherever re
quired, and in fact we received a b jtitis or pay from
tiiu bank, besides getting clear of all the trouble
and expense. Let us now take a view of sonw of
tho increased expense wo are lo pay under the fed
eral .-sub-treasury project, Vhieh is brought into ex
isten.teto increase the number of oliicers, that they
may harrass us and eat our guidance ; bv the "4:h
Section of the act there is to be paid . -1,00 per
annum to the receiver General at. Mew York :
.ji-.oUO to the one at Boston, and the same to the
ono at St. Louis, &.C.: by the S.tiih Section t 'li thou
sand dollars is appropriated for building the vanl s
anueales, and in anotner part ot the act SlHIU Col
lars is appropriated tor Clerk hire, besides too Sec
retary of thu Treasury is to appoint as many soc
ial agents as he j kasej, and os otten as ho may
think occasion may require, and at what compen
sation lie may see proper to give, to examine the
moiiev, accounts, and books of the depositories.
iVc. .Vow, it is very evident to me, and I think to
every impartial mind, th it the amount of compen
sation to Le received by ihesa agents will depend
ou tho service they render the parly in election-
eerin.T; this we are compelled lo liner irom me
course pursued towards Anil and Uyland at Lex
ington, lor as thosu independent men, refused to
electioneer for the party as they thought they
nuili', they mut be thrust aside to pu. in those
who would.
I think we may saf-dy calculate that the su'j
treisury law is to cost us from seventy-five to oup
hundred thousand dollars per uiraurn, besides what
is stolen and carried to Texas and Europe.
Fellow-Citizens, ull this expense eould be saved
by the charter of a L. S. Bai.k, and our revenues
much safer than ot present ; then unite with your
fellow luborers in curtailing thoo unnecessary
expenses, put an end to this useless army of office
holders, put down those federal aristocrats, create
n sound currency, restore confidence, make our
servants know that wa tho people are the sover
eigns, by this we will restore the government to
tho prosperous condition iu which it was left by
Washington, JeHerion, Madison and Monroe.
On Tuesduy 1st instant, in Glasgow, at the resi
deuce of hi brother, Capt. (r. T. Dvvmw, in the
Jtith ymr uf his ag beloved by nil who know him.
and has left a large eirela of relatives and friends
to mourn his lo- s.
Admin isliatrs .Vol in1.
AVIXir. on tho O h day of August, lr lO, ob
tained, from the County Court of Howard
c .unity, letters of administration (dJ hints win) on
the estate of Thomas Lamb, Sr. dee'd , la'e of said
county, all persons having claims against the esta'e
of said deceased, are here'iy no ilW that unless
tiny are proorly exhibited for allowance within
one year from the date of sai 1 letters they may be
precluded Iro n any bme.'U in said es'ate, and that
ill such claims as are nit exhibited within three
vears from tli date uf said h"ters will bo forever
barred. DAVID (J. MRTIX,
.Administrator, i!e bonis vnn.
Sept. 5th, 1 10. S5 It.
I S herehy given, that letters of administration.
I were granted to the undersigned by li e Clerk ot
the County Court of Chariton county, on the estnte
of John J. Saunders, dee'd. bearing date the (Jth
day of August, li-W, oil persons having claim
against said estate, are required to present the
same properly authenticated lor settlement within
one year from the date of the letters aforesaid, or
they may be precluded from any benefit of said Es
talo, ami if not presented within three year they
will be forever barred.
Sept. 5th, 1.U). 20 4r.
' 111 E subscriber, is about to loc itj himself in
I Bo niville, .Mo. where he requests uf his
friendsand those having business with him, to di
rect all communications from and after this date.
Fayette. Sept. 5th, 1310. 25 if
.llivxoiiri State Lottery.
On MonJay 7lh September, the draw ing will be re
ceived a' St. Louis.
For the bcmfit of the Ht. Louis Hospital,
CLASS No. 31, for 1S4U.
To be draw n ill Alexandria, Va. on the "9th day uf
August, I' ltl.
D. S. GREGORY & CO. Managers.
Capital I'rii' 83.,'iD5:!
1 Prize uf j:;i),l)U0 is 30,000
1 do 10.000 is 10.000
1 do 5,000 is 5,0011
1 do 3.500 is 3,5(iii
1 do 3,070 is 3,070
1 do 3,1100 is 3.000
1 do t;,5(l0 is 2.500
40 do l,5il0 is GO.OllO
50 do ".'50 is 12.5110
60 do aoo is 12,000
Besides many other prizes, iu all amounting to
over Half a Million of Dollars,
Tickets only $10.00: Halves f."'.00 ; Qourter
tj'2.50. Orders from the country will bu in time if
received at St. Louis, on or before the 3ih of Sep
tember. A statement of ihe drawing will be scut
each adventurer.
Cash paid for prizes on presentation of the tick
ets. Address
Agent for the Manager,
No. Mam Street, St Louis
Aeglist Wth 110.
- J.l lJ.!!l!J.J.HJil
salt i:ivi:r iii:icai.z.
Under this title the undersigned propose to pub
llsh, in th Town i.f prK Monroe County, Mis.
souri, a Weekly Journal, to be devotee", principally
to I'oHtical, Agricultural, Commercial, and cfn
iic information, but to embody (he usual variety
which is found in a Family .Nkwspai'CK.
In Politics, the paper will bo thoroughly Whig.
The Editcr in no repect doubts the election .f
GExcnAt Harkisox tu the Presidency, and as Mttle
doubts that the course of his administration will be
such as to drserve Ihe support of the Hepoblicnn
pnrty, of which he is a member. If o, it shall
vc his. He will be phased, o,o, to act with tb
'"nhghlencd parly in reference to measures of
state rui.,VinM( Hiu Ao P0, to the extent of his
capacity, an.,,, acquiescence of his judgment.
As the ...me lib..., th()srn WM inleJn,, .
n I ' n IV T''" rT "" "'".D" alike the wro,,,,
and he virtues of the A .
of whom ,t may r fleet . pr,s. , A
.WW(.r.onan other principle. , n0Qwr
and a mockery.
The untirine zeal with which the Rcmi.,,;,.
party in this !iole, carried on the war iii our lt
elections together with the villany, industry, and
the celerity with whHi they carried into execution
their plans, will remain as on alarming nnd tin en
during monument of Democratic f nterprisp! Like
the fai led Dragon, which is said t;cver to close hi
lidiesseye, the stirring nnd pilfering spirit of De
mocracy, slumbers (if at all) with unclosed eyes!
The base, contemptible, and fnlse-hearted flattery,
with which these political hypocrites attempt to in
sinuate thomselves into favor; and the skill with
which these panderers and parasite" these syco
phants and demagogues of Democracy, manogn tu
get upon the blind side of humnn nature, and lu
tako on advantage of its weakness nnd passions,
must all be laid naked before the gaze of an honest,
an unsuspecting, but heretofore deluded people. In
one word, the lime has again n,.proached, when wo
must all enter upon a great political contest. Like
that through which we have just passed in our
State, it will be a contest, nf principle against fmrcr
a contest of the people against the njTtce-holdtrs. We
are none of those who indulge in gloomy anticipa
tion. We do nut despair uf the Republic. Our
trust is strong, that the gallant ship, in which alt
our hopes are embarked, will yet outride the storm,
saved ulike from the breakers and billows of dis
union, nnd the greedy whirlpool the all engulph
ing mnlestrootns of executive power that un
broken, if not unharmed, she may pursue her pros
perous voynge fur down li e ttrrt.in of time; an
that the bunner of our country, which now waves
over us so proudly, will still float in triumph borne
on the winds of heaven, fanned by the breath of
fame, every stripe bright and unsullied, every etar
fixed in its sphere, age after each of us shall have
ceased to gaze on its mnjestic folds forever.
We shall ci inmcnce and ronlinue the good fight,
till error, sick with contradiction, and crazed with
a superabundance of inconsistency, shall be seen
flying to falsehood as a remedy, and expiring from
the venom of its own longs. We will continue the
warfare, till the night of superslilion shall pass
away '.he purple morn of reason shall dawn tho
tints of truth appear and the gloomy mists fade in
the distance, and sink below the horizon to rise no
morel Till the hallowed name of Liberty, more
irtgruiit than the Spring gales of Arabia, more
buliuv than (iiltad's air, thrills the bosom when
despair once revelled, and whispers, "good tiilmc'
for a. I manl.iiil." lu a w ord, we trust, wa snail
not re. ax our ctiorts, tnl trophies of victory, in
smiles and peace, deck the brows of'thofe who once
were saddened with doubt and uncertainly, and
sunk with political sorrows, to the depths of a
Tory's hell.
To all those who value the liberty wo yet enjoy
the privileges bequeathed lo ns by our heroic
sires, let tl.ein immediately step forward and lend
their aid to the "IIerai.u."
O-If encouragedaccording to the expectation of
his friends, the Editor will shortly feel justified in
ordering his materials and commencing his enter
prise. He desires to do so as speedily as possible,
and, to this end, he respectfully requests gentlemen
into whose hands his prospectus may fall, to exert
themselves to till them with names, as promptly as
may be, and return him a list to 1'aris.
The sheet will he a large impebial on
handsomely printed, and furnihed at three dollars
in advance, or four dollars at the end of the year.
Pttts, September 5th, 140.
Aeir tTStalrlihhiiient.
O. .S". C'o.etiwn 4" John M. Searcty,
HAVE the pleasure lo announce to the citizen
of Glasgow end of the surrounding country,
that, having connected themselves in business, in
the tow n of Glasgow, and having made arrange
ments to carry on their trade on an extensive scale,
they are now prepared to receive orders for work,
pledging themselves to execute, not only in a work
m.ml.ke order, according to tlie general acceptation
of thu term, but in the latest and most approved
fashion. The senior flatters himself, that, durine
his long residence in Glasgow and its vicinity, he
has gamed a reputation, "by his works" which will
v ie wiin lhat of any of bis brothers, as a work
man, and the Junior, although not as well known
in (ho immediate vicinity of Glasgow, he believes
from his long experience' in the business at Hunts,
ville, Randolph county and at Fayette, he can
speuk with confidence 'or Ids skill und ability ; hi
is willing at any rate to stand or fall by the reputu
ttun gained at the above named places!
Cutting attended to with promptness, and the
same attention paid as if the making was to bn
done in the shop.
Reports of the latest fashions received regularly
from Paris, London, New York and Philadelphia. '
N. 3. Cloaks and Hubits made in the latest
fashion, and the Ladies may rest assured that their
Cloaks, and Habits, will be made in an improied
and we trust approved n miner.
Glasgow, August 29th, 1?10. 24-3iuo.
IS hereby given, that the undersigned has ob
tained from ihe County Conn of Howard county,
Utters of udiniiiistrrtion, with ihe will annexed,
upon the estate of Thomas Lumb, deceased, bear,
ing date tho fifth day of August, 1-40, that all per
sons indebted to said es-tatu are requested lo make
immediate payment, and that ull persons having
claims ogainst said esiutc ure requested lo exhibit
'hem properly authenticated, within one year from
Oie date of said letters, or they may be'precluded
from having uny benefit of said estate, and if said
claims are not presented w ithin three years, ihey
will be forever barred.
August 00;h, 1310. "1 if.
.ru Kienp ohI.
''T'IIE undersigned is now receiving and open
L ing, iu addition tu his former Stuck, a large
lot of Seasonable Hoods, consisting in part or nc
style Calicos, Douinstics, Spun Cotton. Raw Cotton.
Straight Bonnets, Seal Skin Caps. Sujar, Curler,
Tea, Powder, Lead, Shot, Candles. Mackerel,
Nails, Painted Buckets, Tar, Grass Rope, supe
rior Chewing Tobacco, Indigo, Madder, superior
Brandy and Wine, and One Hundred Dozen Bote
BrandrelVt i'iUs, all to be old for Cash ai redueed
prices. GEO. W. GIVENS.
August 20th, 1810 Ui 3t.
'THERE will be a petiiiuu presented to the next
General Assembly, for a new County, to be
strict oil Macon, Randolph, Monroe and Shelby
Mi.nouri, August 2'Jth, 1340. UI 3 no.
ANCY PRINTS 300 ps Fancy Trinta fiO
p. niuo Mcriiinack. 10 p. rhamhravr
f..r-.lc n R I H ARP II. LAW.

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