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Boon's Lick times. (Fayette, Mo.) 1840-1848, May 04, 1844, Image 3

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New Mibbor Library. Morris, Wil
li' Jk Co., No. 4 Ann Street, New York.
hare published New Mirror, double ettra,
No. 18. , "The Sacred Rotary." a telect
volume of teriout poetry, compiled by N.
r. Willi. Trice 25 centi.
The electoral candidates, Robert Wilson,
and I. , t. Jackson, have made arrange
menu to addrcia the people of the differ
ent countici in this district, as follows:
At Bloomington, Macon county, lit Monday in Mat
At Paris, Monro county, 2d Monday in
At Hunuville, Randolph county, 3d Monday in
At Fayette, Howard county, 4th Monday in
Wilt be performed in the Cbriitian Church in
this place on Saturday evening the 4tb of May
and Lord's day following, by elder Makcvs P.
t Fayette, April 20th, 1844.
1 ubhc Notice is hereby given that there will
be t meeting at Fayette, Howard county, to be
contiuued several dais, to commence on Friday
before the third Lord's day in May, at which it it
earnestly desired, that Messengers or Represents
tires from every Congregation of the Church of
vDiiw wiuim me state, may be present. Ample
A M(Mnt.M will L I - . I
iiiu(iaiiuu win in maue lor tne accommodation
or persons irom distance. .
The newspapers in Missouri will confer a favor
on ineir readers, ny publishing this notice.
Fayette, April 6th, 1844.
We are authorised to announce Thomas Raw.
ms ot, Esq , as a candidate to represent the peo
pie of Howard in the lower branch of the neit
Usnsrai Assembly.
We are authorized to announce Jacob Head
rick as a candidate for the office of Sheriff of
Howard county, at the ensuing August election,
W- -...l ...
are sutoonsea la announce Maun.
Bsstlst, as a candidate for the office of Sheriff
or Howard County, at the ensuing August elec
tEhVVe are authorized to announce Absalom
Hickbbsom as a csndidato to represent the people
oi nowara in tne lower Drench ot the next Uen.
era! Assembly.
THE unkersigned will make libera advances
upon consignments of Strip Tobacco, to their
wiviius iu jjiTwpooi ana Lionaon.
Glasgow. May 2d, 1844. 8 tf.
Regular Weekly Packet
Between Glasgow and Chariton.
The new and splendid
steamer LEWIS F. LINN,
Capt. M. Kinnett, will leave
St. Louis for Glasgow, and all intermediate ports,
every Thursday evening at 4 o'clock, and arrive
at Glasgow every Saturday; returning, will leave
Glasgow every Sunday at 13 o'clock.
The L. F. Linn being very light draught, ship
pers may rely upon her running throughout the
For Freight or Passage apply on board.
May 2d, 1844. 7 8-tf
Trnatee'a Sale.
URSUANT to the stipulations of a Deed of
trust maae to tne undersigned on the 23A
asyor juiy, ia, by William
Humphrey, for the purposes
in said deed mentioned; I will
sell to the highest bidder on
Saturday the 25th day of May
1844, in the town of New
Franklin. Howard countv. on
credit of four months, purchasers giving bond
with approved security, the following- Dronertv.
te wit: One HOUSE AND LOT, in the town of
new fransnn, Howard county. Une negro wo-
nan namea iil.ua, snout tmriy-tive or six years
of age; also, one negro boy named ISAAC, about
eight years ot see; a boy called GEORGE, about
six years of age and one called CHARLES, about
two years old. Said negroes are warranted
slaves for lire. JOSHUA HOBBS, Trustee.
Msy 4th, 1844. 8 4t
Doctor John B. Alexander,
HAVING permanently settled in the town of
Fayette, would respectfully offer his
n the various branches of bis profession, to the
citizens of Howsrd County.
GT-Office under the Missouri Democrat"
printing office, end next door to John A. Powell,
Axiomey-at- law.
Fayette, May 4tb, 1844. 8 tf
CUriton Circuit Court Clerk's Office, in vacation.
April zutn, A. V. 1844.
Ann Eliza Keister, Plaintiff, i
In Chancery.
Washinpton Keister, defendant.
TVTNOW at this dsy comes the said complainant,
.Li oyjosian risk, ber solicitor, and files her
Bill of complaint against the said defendant, set
ting forth among other things, that on or about the
6th day of February, A. D., 1841, aha was joined
in iu uuuus ui mammon y 10 ine aaia Washington
Keister, and that shortly after their marriage they
commenced housekeeping snd lived together until
about the 10th day of January, A. D.. 1843, that
during that time she treated her said husband in a
kind and affectionate manner as it was the duty of
e, wife to treat ber husband, that the said defend
ant, disregarding the obligations ef a husband,
treated her in a disrespectful manner by using
indecent language to ber, that said defendant ac
cused her of having committed adultery, thereby
offering such indignities to her person ss to render
her condition intolerable. The prayer of the bill
is that she may be divorced from the bonds of
matrimony contracted with the said Washington
Keister, that ahe may be granted alimony and for
general relief. , You, the said Washington Keister.
are therefore notified to appear on the firat day of
tne next term or this Uourt, to be field at tne
Court house ef said eounty, in the town of Keytea.
ville, on the first Monday in September next, and
answer the said bill or the same will be taken
Against you for confessed. And it is further or
dered that this notice be published in some news
paper printed in this State, for eight weeks sue
eessjrejr: the lest insertion to be at least four
weeks before the ?'xl ,erm of thi Court
..... i we " ; K b. CABELL. Clerk, by
AcopyTestfl- p WlLIWSWiD .c . '
Keytcsville, May 4th. 1644.
tfew Published Work.
TOST received, The EncyclopsKlia of tteirfstry,
J theoretical and practical, Xu.C. BooUi,
The United States practical receipt Book rorthe
TTa niifssMtiMel?. Tvufesman. Agriculturist ano
Housekeeper; Animal Magnetism or Mesmerism
by Townshend; Wilheim's celebrated method H i
. n. . i : .1- ... . tm mtaw Kuan.
teaching Bingmg; r rencn wimum v. 7, : -r
ish without a master, for sale by , E. HAH I.
Eoonville, May 4th, 1844.
Henry Clay.
TlFE and Speeches of Henry Clay, in 2 vols. 8
i ix MrPlrsth's edition: Life and
Public Servicee ofHenry Clsy; The Ashland Text
(look and the Clay Minstrel, just received end for
v i r A D I
sale by '
Biwnville, Mny 4th, 1914.
Oakejr, Payne etc Ilawkln
Factors andOtnerat Commission Merchants,
No. 17, Canal Street Row, nesr the Levee,
BEG to offer their best services to Merchant
and Planters, and promise attention mH
promptness to all consignments entrusted to their
care, l ney reier to
. Henry Von Puhl, Eq., ; 1
Messrs. Collier ft Morrison, St. Louis.
S. O. Butler & Co. )
Messrs. Peebels dt Keiser, Rocbeport.
Dr. W. H. Trigg.
Messrs. Wilson St Brown, Boonville.
" Watson & Vosti, S
R. G. Beateley, Esq., Brunswick.
Messrs. Middleton oV Miller. Liberty.
T. F. Warner, Esq., Weston.
New Orleans, May 4th, 1844. 8 8m.
Cheap Reading;.
NEW WORKS, in Pamphlet Form, just pub
lished snd received
Matilda by Eugene Sue,
Hans of Iceland.
Thirty years among the
Players by Joe Corvell,
The Salamander.
The Ghost Story of
Arabella Stuart bv James
Christmas bv Dickens.
Sisters of Englsnd and
aew Sketches of every
r ranee,
The Loiterings of Arthur
aay me oy reaerika
The Grumbler by Mist
The Mysteries of the
Old St. Pauls,
Rory O'More by Lover,
The American in Paris.
The Life and Adventures
of Jack of the Mill.
The Unloved One.
Pictures of Private Life
St. Patrick's Purgatory,
by Mr. Ellis.
ioi. ve survuie, by
Heada of the Peoole.
Theresa Dunoyer by E.
Treasure Trove by Lover,
Theodore or the Child of
wanderings or a Jour
the Sea.
neyman tailor.
Judith Busaddi,
Jasper Crowe,
Charcoal Sketches,
Charles De Bourbon,
The Philosopher's Stone,
insrortune Hunter,
The Jew,
Kohls Ireland.
Alice or the Victim.
Zulekia. by Eugene Sue,
The Mothers of England
Love and Money by M.
oy Mr. tun.
with many others for sale by
Boonvme, any eta, 1844.
To the Ladfei.
rflHE stihscrihur waiiM iI.a .M.n:n. Mr
Ja the Ladies to the following New anil vnr
. MlWrtlUO .kiWI.IVHWI
vucojj juoiicaiiuus just received
The Lsdy's Hand Book
Miss Leslie's complete
or me Toilet.
The Lady's Self Inst rue
do. do. French do
tor in Millinery, Man
do. do. House Book.
tua Making, and all
rne Kitchen Directory.
branches of Plain Sew
The Complete Confec
ing, with particular di
rections ror cutting out
Pastry Cook and Baker by
Mrs. farkmson.
Instructions in Netting,
Sanderson's Complete
ivniuing and crotchet
Infant Treatment with
The Ladies' Work Box
Directions to Mothers
by Valentine Mott, M.
Companion, being In
structions for all varie
ties of canvass work.
Aberneth's Family Phy
Whispers to a newly
sician, etc., etc., and
married pair by a wid
fur sale by
owed wtte,
t. HAKT.
Boonville, May 4th, 1844.
Revr spring anal Summer
Bbemebnanx at Cdno are iust opening and
constantly receiving a large and handsome assort
viz: a beautiful style of Lace muslins, painted
lawns; muslins and Jacenetts, checkered, striped
snd plain Jsconetts; mull, Swiss and book muslins;
black and white fig'rd nett; Laces and edgings;
Bonnet, Cap snd Neck Ribbons; Zephir Worsted;
working usnvasJ, worsted needles and Patterns;
Ladies Silk Cravats; Black Nett mitts and Gloves;
Hosiery; Chambrevs: tringbams; Checked do.; a
a large and beautiful assortment of Prints at very
low prices; White Cotton fringes; table Diapers,
Russia do.; Irish Linen; mL'Jquito bars; Long
Lswn; Linen handkerchiefs; French Linen; Linen
Drilline; Cottonade. and a rood assortment of
Summer Stuff's, ioeether with a ffreet many arti
cles too tedious to name, all of which will be sold
at auch low prices as to suit the times, sither at
wholesale or retail.
Boonville, may 1st, 1844.
Bonnet Silks.
PINK, White and Blue Bonnet Silks, just re
ceived and for sale by J. D. Perrv Sl Co.
Fayette, May 4th, 1844.
Wool Carding.
The subscriber would respectfully informEthe
public that be has leased and refitted the Carding
Machines in this place, owned by Messrs. Doug
lass and Fisher, and is now prepared to receive
wool for carding. The machines are furnished
with new cards, and having bad sixteen years ex
perience in the business, be flatters himself he will
be able to give satisfaction to such as may favor
him with their patronage.
Txbms 6 cents tor white or brown, snd ten
cents for mixed wool. Country produce received
in payment. J. A. PETERS.
fayette, April Z7tb, 1844. 7 4t
Just Received
BROWN Domestics,
Painted Buckets,
Palm Leaf Hats,
Spirits of Turpentine,
Loaf Sugar, Tar and Lead, and for sale by
Fayette, April 20tb. 1844.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk of the Countv
Court of Howard county, letters of Administra
tion on the estate of Bent. R. Givens, dee'd,
bearing date April 22d, 1844; all persons indebted
will please make immediate payment, and those
hsving claims against said estate are requested to
present them, properly authenticated, within one
year from the date of said letters, or they may be
precluded from having any benefit of said estate,
and if not presented within three years, they will
be forever barred.
April 27th, 1844. 7-4t
Agency of the Perpetual Insurance Com'
pany, of St. Liouxs, m ulasgow.
1 WOULD respectfully inform the Merchants,
and Shippers in general, that I have been ap
pointed Agent for the Perpetual Insurance Com
pany of St. Louis, and am fully empowered to take
Fire and Cargo risks on as good terms as any In
surance Company m tne west, or tne union.
To facilitate business, I offer open policies to
all regular Shippers, aod will do all in my power
to accommodate in coniormuy wim my outy.
vrOfflce at my old stand, on water street,
Glasgow. LHA3. o
" & u ni inn
UlasgOW, juarcn
61 -3m.
WHEAT 10.0UU buaneis wneai wanieo sy
Fayette. April otn, itni.
article of cured Mid
dlings, for which the highest market price
will be paid by J. V. FERRY & Vo.
l ayette, .Marcn ov, ion.
-' ttrcat Attraction!
FXMIE subscriber has just received per Steamboat
jl. iuary lomnains, a large and well selected
which he will sell at prices unprecedented low for
Calicoea of every variety and styles,
Painted Lawns,
Printed Cambric,
Shawls snd Fancy Hdkfs.,
Hosiery, Gloves snd Laces,
Edgings and Ribbons,
Parasols and Summer Stuffs: also a find as.
sortment of Hats, Boots snd Shoes. Csll snd ex
amine ror yourselves. B. LOMBARD.
fay site, April 27th, 1844.
New and Cheap Goods!!
r HATTENBACK has just received a part of
rI) ,r rrrrc ... 1
-v niscxiensiva sines or rinrinv anil Kummar
li a. i vuuiis, consisting or
rrencb Alpaca and Varona Lustres, .
Bombazine, Bristol, Thread and Lisle Lace
and edging,
Ladies' faney cravats,
Capes and Collars,
Italian silks.
Double twisted silk net for capes,
Cherry colored florence silk,
Cap, Neck and Bonnet Ribbon,
New atyls needle worked collars.
A large qariety of French Gloves snd Bonnets
or every description,
French, English and American Prints,
Jaconett and Bishop Lawn,
Mull and barred Muslin,
Linen and Linen Cambric hdkfs.;
French linen and grass linen cambric hdkfs.;
Broad Cloths and Sattinetts,
Black plain and figured Satin,
Silk and worsted Surge,
Palm Hats and Spun Cotton,
Boots snd Shoes,
Cloth Conts and Pants,
Summer Coats and Pants,
Silk Slips and under abirts,
Cotton and Linen Shirts.
Surar. Tea. Coffee. Indie-o. Madder. Coooeras.
Powder, Shot and Lead, together with a large
supply or other articles in the Dry Uoods and
Grocery line. This Sarin? I will sell roods
cheeper than I ever before sold them. They have
oeen purchased in the Eastern markets, exclu
sively for Cash, and selected with great care.
All I ask is for you to call at the "Cheap Cash
Store," next door to Dr. S nelson's Drugstore,
my motto is, "no trouble to show goods."
ftrBeeswax, Feathers and Coon Skins taken in
exchange for goods.
rayette, April VTJth, 1944. 7 3m
New Dry Goods, fcc, Ac.
THE subscriber would beg leave to call the
attention of the Merchants visitinir SL Louis.
for the purpose of purchasing their Spring Goods
that he has on band one of the best assortments
that can be brought to the city, consisting in part
of Fancy and Staple Silks, for Dresses; Fancy
Hdkts.; Scarfs; Silk Shawls; 4-4, 0-4 and 8-4 De
Laines; Black Italian Cravats; Black and White
Silk Hose; Cotton, Thread and Linen Gloves;
Laces; Paris Needlework Collars with a full as
sort mcnt of every style of Fashionable Fancy
Goods; also 1-8, 3-8 snd 4-4 Brown snd bleached
Sheeting; Shirting; Mexican Mixtures; Suffolk
Drills; Ticking; Linseys; Ginghams; Prints a
very fine assortment of French and American;
Madraa Hdkfs.; Blue Plaid do.; Furniture Prints;
Gambroons; Rib'd Cassimeres, Slc. j-c.
isonneis a iuu assortment oi an the styles in
Ribbons a full sunolv of Bonnet. Can and Neck
Artificial Flowers a splendid assortment of
French and American with an innumerable quan
tity of goods usually wanted to all of which the
attention of the Merchants is solicited. An early
call before purchasing will oblige
A. F. W. WEBB,
New York Bonnet and Silk Store, 133 Main St.,
p btairs, one door below the Bank.
St. Louis, April 27th, 1S44.
A Card to the Ladies.
The undersigned has just received
4 pieces Black and white Cardinal Lace,
4 do. beautiful Gimp,
Ladies Caps,
Ladies Lace Collars,
Do. Wristlets,
Do. Dimity Collars all of the latest style.
Fayette, April 27th, 1844.
Chancery Notice.
In the Howard Circuit Court-December TVrm, 1943.
Melissa Myers, complainant,!
vs. la isnsDcery.
George Myers, defendant. ) -
1VTOW at this day cones the above named com
1 1 plainant. bv her solicitor, and files her bill
of complaint against the said defendant setting
forth among other things, that on or about the
24tb of May. A. D. 1831. she was lawfully mar
ried to the said George Myers tb at soon after
their marriage they commenced nouse-iceeping
and living together as man and wife that on or
oout the zuth ot September, istta. tne saio
George Myers deserted and absented himself from
said complainant without a reasonable cause, and
has continued absent until the present time snd
that the said complainant has two sons now living,
the issues of said marriage. The prayer of the
bill is, that the complainant may be divorced
from the bonds of matrimony contracted with the
said George Myers, and that she may be ordered
by this Court to have the custody and control of
her said children, and for general relief.
You, the said George Myers, are therefore
notified to appear on the first day of the next
term of this Court, to be held at the town of Fay
ette, within and for the County or Howard, on
the first Monday of June next, and answer the
said bill, or the same will be taken against you
for confessed. It is further ordered that this no
tice published in some newspaper printed in
the State of Missouri, for eight weeks succes
sively; the .'ast insertion to be at least four weeks
before the next term of this Court.
A true copy Teat.
Josiah Fisk, solicitor for complainant.
March 2d. 1844. 6i-8w.
FLOUR. A superior article for family use in
bbls. and 50 lb. sacks, constantly on hand
and for sale by JOEL PREWITT.
Fayette, April 27th, 1844.
old rectified Cincinnati whiakey
just received and for sale by
Boonville, March 23d, 1844.
Ploughs! Plon ghs!!
J. D. PERRY Sl Co.. bave on
hand a large assortment of Cary
and other Ploughs, manufactured
by George Lytchliter.
Fayette, February 17th, 1B44.
Itlule! Mules!!
I wish to'purcbase a fsw good young mules.
Fayette, April 6th, 1844.
Dozen Coilin'e
and for sale bv
Hartford axes just received
tJKfc.ilbrl JlAriiN
Boonville, March 23d, 1844. '
it CUNO.
Clover Seed.
A quantity of Clover Seed just received and
for sale by i. D.PERRY &Co.
Doctors Ober fc Dinwiddle.
HAVING associated themselves together in the
practice of Medicine, would respectfully con
tinue to offer their Medical Services in the various
branches of their profession to the citizens of
Howard and adjoining counties. -OCrOffics
south east of the public square, in the
rwin lormeriy occupied ny vr. Uber, adjoining
Mr. Kunkle's tsvern. where one or both of them
can be round at all times, day or night, unless pro
essiunaiiy aosent. A. ft. UBtK,
Fayette, April 6th, 1844. 4 tf.
Fayette Male and Female Academy,
r I fourth Session of this Institution will
J commence on the first Monda in M next.
nj :il - .: - .. ' " - ' "
.u nm vuiiimue nve montns.
1 he principal flatters himself that he is suffi
ciently known to the citizens of Fayette and vi-
viuny, ui supercede me necessity ot a rengthy
article in a newspaper. He would therefore
simply refer those to whom he is unknown, to his
former patrons, and pledge himse f to brins into
requisition' all his powers to advance the youth
entrusted to his care in Literature and Morals !
that they msy become useful members of society.
Orthogrsphy, Reading and Writing per ses
sion, fl.00
jingnsn ixrsmmar. Arithmetic and ueo-
frphy. 9,00
Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry,) .-10 .
Surveying, use of the Globes, die J li ou
Latin and Greek Languages, $15 00
onouid the patronage of the Institution ream re
it, the principal will be able to bring to his aid
cuuipmcni assistance.
A few boarders can be accommodated unon rea
sonable terms in the family of the Principal.
uaviu i. UALU WELL, Principal.
Fayette, april 20th, 1844. 6 if
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has obtained, from the Clerk of the County Court of
tianaojpn county, letters ot administration on the
estate of William Shearing, dee'd., bearing date
fct rf. i A..t ... . 9 .....
nuv. .eiun, iD4o. An persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate payment.
nd all those having claims against said estate
are required to present them, properly authenti
cated, within one year from the date of said let
ters or they may be precluded from bavins anv
benefit in said estate, and if not nresented within
three years they will be forever barred.
Randolph county, april 20th, 1844. 6 4t
Executor's Notice.
TVTOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
x l has obtained trom the Clerk or the County
Court of Howard county, letters testamentary
on the estate of Edward Davis, dec d., bearing
ate the 15th day of April 1844; all persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make imme-
late payment, and those having claims against
said estate are requested to present them, properly
authenticated, within one year from the date of
said letters, or they may be precluded from having
ny oenent ot said estate, and it not presented
within three years, they will be forever debarred.
April 20tb, 1844. 8 4t
Fayette, Mo., April 18th, 1344
Notice to Pre-emption Claimants.
THE township Plats of townships 65 and 66,
range 14; townships 65 and 66, range 15;
townships 65 snd 66, range 16; all north of
the base line and west of the fifth principal meri
dian line, were received and filed in this office on
the 16th of the present month. Those having
Pre-emption claims within any of the above de
signated townships, must prove up and pay for the
same in twelve months from the said 16th of
April, unless the land in said townships is pro
claimed for sale in less than twelvemonths from
said 16th of April, in which case such proof and
payment must be made prior to the day fixed for
the commencement of said sale.
JOHN B. CLARK, Register.
Fayette, April 20tb, 1S44. 6-4t.
Trustee's Sale.
virtue of a Deed of Trust executed by
George Saffarrans, William Collier and Na
thaniel Ford, to the undersigned, bearing date
February 22d, 1842, to secure to Harvey Vivion
the payment of certain debts therein specified, I
will sell on the 27th day of May, 1844, before the
Court House door, in Fayette, for cash, the fol
lowing described tract of land, situate in Howard
County, Missouri, to-wit: Tht. west half of the
south west quarter of section number three, town
ship fifty, and range sixteen, containing eighty
Such title as is vested in me by said Deed will
be conveyed.
A. J. HERNDON, Trustee.
Fayette, April 20th, 1844.
undersigned has just received a general
CERIES, consisting in part of the following arti
cles, viz:
Blue, Black and Invisible Green Cloths,
Cassimeres, Sattinetts and Jeans,
Black Summer Cloth, a beautiful article,
Alpaca Lustre, warranted silk and wool,
2 pieces Black Silk Velvet,
Linen Drilling,
2 pieces Black Satin Vesting,
Victoria Twill,
Rowen Cassimeres,
Tweed do.
Wool and Cotton Gambrooo,
00 pieces Calico, newest style,
20 do. Fancy and Black Muslin de Laines,
2 do. Bubi nett and Tbule,
2 do. Black and White Crape,
2 do. Lace Muslin,
6 do. Book do.
2 do. Bishop do.
10 do. Jacconett,
1 do. Bishop Lawn,
2 do. Irish Linen,
5 do. Black, Plaid and Fancy silks,
1 do. Italian,
Ladies' Fancy Cravats and Scarfs,
3 Boxes artificial flowers,
2 do. Silk Fringe,
3 pieces Black Italian Cravats,
U do. Fancy do.
6 do. Pocket Handkerchiefs,
3 dozen Bonnets, some extra fine,
2 Bales Brown Domestic,
10 do. do. Shirting,
1 do. Twilled Domestic,
8 dozen Palm Hats,
3 cases Russia, Silk and Brush Hats,
A Isrge stock of Shoes and Boots,
Fine Cloth Coals aud Pants,
Summer Coats and Panu,
Silk alips and uuder shirts,
Cotton and Linen Shirts,
Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Indigo, Madder, Copperas,
Powder, Shot, Lead and Percussion Cap, all of
which will be sold very low for the cash.
Fayette, April 20th, 1344.
TTANTED Any quantity of Flax Seed, for
v T which the highest price will be paid
Fayette. April 20th, 1844.
SMITH & BROTHER, are receiviug by almost
every arrival, a large and well selected atock
of Goods, which will be sold at very small profits
for cash, or merchantable produce.
Glasgow, April 13tb, 1PU.
For Glasgow and Chariton.
The new Steamboat WA
PELLO, N. J. Eaton, mister
will take the place of the
Utah, as a packet between St. Louis, Glasgow
and Chariton, on the opening of navigation in the
cuming opring or 1941.
lbs WArLLLO will leave St. Louis every Sat
vrday afternoon at 6 o clock, and Glasgow every
luetaay ai noon, and will be at Arrow Rock
Boonville, Rocheport and Nashville the same dav
She will be at Marion, Stonesport, Jefferson City
iOte sans oessein, rrencn village, smith s Land
ing, Portland, Pannel s, Loutre Island, Herman
Pinkney, Washington, South Point and Mount
Pleasant every Wednesday, on her downward trip
ou win resell 01. ajijuis vmwij uo inursaay.
1 i.i L. ... T 1 m 1 1 '
R. 1'. HAKENkAVP, Agent at Ulasgow,
Wilso & Brown,) ... . n ...
R. V. Habvt, $ Agents at Boonville,
J. K. Wright dt Co., Agents at Rocheport,
G. W. Hough dt Co.. Jefferson City,
Kennbtt, White it Co., " St. Louis.
October 21, 1843. 32 6m.
Itegular Weekly Packet
For Boonville, Glasgow and Brunswick.
The fine, substantial built.
fast running steamer, IATAN,
j K. adams, Master, will re
sume her regular trips as a packet on the ODen
ing of Navigation; and will leave St. Louis every
luesdjy, at 4 o'clock, P. M., and arrive at Eruns-
wick on Thursday nisht: and on her return will
eave Brunswick on Friday mornin?. at 0 o'clock.
arrive at Glasgow, Arrow Rock, Franklin, Boon-
vine and Rocheport on same day.
On Saturday, will be at Nashville, Marion,
Jefferson City, Mouth of Osage. Cote San Dessein,
Smith's Landing. Portland. Pannell'a Landing.
Luuir isiana, nermann ano rincnney.
On Sunday morning, will nass Washington.
r .... t-ij .. 1
ooutn roint, I'oiot Lnbadie, Dozicr's and St
Charles, and arrive at St. Louis on same day.
K7-ine iaia?i lias undergone a thorough
overhauling, and is in every respect calculated to
add to the comfort of passengers.
marcn 3d, 10.
Louis, March 23, 13 I t.
of superior quality, and latest Eastern Style, on
nana aua lor eaie oy
w. II. JUcKISTKl .
St. Louis, March, 23, 1344.
summer's style, will be sold at reduced prices,
St. Louis, March 23, 1844.
To Country merchants.
WM. H. McKINSTRY will sell hats by the
case or dozen as low as anv other house
in the West. He will be prepared this Spring
wun a very large siock ot every shape, quality, an.l
Kino, tor tne wholesale trade, to which be would
invite tho attention of country merchants.
oi. Louis, fliarch-'a, 1844.
ON the most advantageous principle, by
B"onville, March 2d, 1841.
To Builders!
The subscribers are in receipt of the best as
sortment of Hardware ever offered for sale in
this city and at very reduced prices. The atten
tion of purchasers is earnestly requested. The
assortment consists of rim locks, knob latches.
Norfolk ditto; cast narrow and broad butts: brass
do; woood screws; bed do; cupboard, chest and
bureau locks; mahogany knobs; cabinet files and
rasps: horse rasps; Bastard mill saw and other
files; braces and bitts; handsaws, firmer chisel.
and gouges; turning do; patent spur augur bitts;
centre do; socket chisels; double plane irons;
single and cut do., with a great variety of other
articles in the hardware line.
Boonville, March 2d, 1944.
IT HIS is to inform all those indebted to me
either by note or account that thev can dis
charge their dues with Tobacco, Hemp, Beeswax
or Flaxseed, if application is made soon.
1 am expecting shortly an extensive stock of
Merchandise from the Eastern Cities, which will
be selected with care and attention bv a gentleman
of experience, and will comprise a variety com
mensurate with the wants of the community, to
which, when they arrive, I invite the attention oi
my old friends and customers, and tbe public gen
erally, believing I can afford to sell goods on as
reasonable terms as any other house in the place.
Fayette, April 6th, 1644. T
To Tavern and Grocery Keepers.
THE subscribers would respectfully direct the
attention of Tavern and Grocery Keepers to
their superior and well selected stock of genuine
Wines and Liquors, which they offer for sale at
very reasonable priees. Also
rresh Lemons,
Clarified aod Loaf Sugar,
Principie and Regalia Segars and Bar Fix
Boonville, March 2d, 1844.
Cash paid lor Hemp,
OR liberal advances made on the same, by
Boonville, March 2d, 1844.
COUGAR Just received
and for sale 3 bhds.
O best brown Sugar.
Fayetto, April 6th, 1844.
COFFEE 15 sacks good Ri
and for aale by JOE
io Coffee in store
rayettc, April otn, 1914.
HEMP. I want to purchase a quantity of good
dew rottod hemo. JOEL TREWITT.
Fayette, April 6th, 1844.
LBS. fresh currants just received and for
sale by BntMtKMANN . cVSCi
Boonville. March 23d, 1844.
will pay the highest market price for flax-setd,
tobacco and hemp. J. p. fERRY f C.
rayettc, t cbruary 3d,
It JpP jlff&
Great Reduction of Prices! I
Drug and Book Store.
Favette, Mo1.
DR. W. R. SNELSON, suctes
sor to Dr. J. A. Talbot, fe
spectfully informs his friends snd
the public that he Intenfls keeping
constantly on band, at the old
stand, a large and full assort
ment of fresh Drugs and Medi
cines. Paints. Oils. DveaturTj: also
taficty of patent Medicines, Surgeon's Instru-
ments, Shop Furniture. Glsss and Glassware.
Chemical Apparatus and Chemical Tests, Cruci
bles and Retorts, Sulphate of Quinine, Precipita'
ted Extract of Bark. Human Skeletons. Turnen-
tine, Brushes, Slc, dj-c.
Also, a very large and varied assortment of
comprising Law, Medicine, Theology, Miscellany,
and a'most every variety of SCHOOL BOOKS,
among which are Greek, Latin, French and Span
ish; Blank Books and Novels; Paper of all quali
ties; Bibles, Testaments, Prayers, Hymns, Music,
Albums, Osbern's genuine water colors. Toy do.:
Wall snd Bordering Paner. Drawmir and Rir
Paper, Slc, Slc.
A few marked Phrenological Busts of anoroved
All of the above articles will be sold at a irreat
reduction over former prices, for cash, of anoroved
Fayette, Jan. 13th, l4t. 41 tf
Wanted !
10,004) Cah Customer !!
rfO whom we pledge ourselves to give as good
J bargains as can be had anv dace in tho
whole upper country (no exceptions) for Cash.
We are now receiving and opening a large and
general variety of New Goods, consisting of al
most every article usually called for in this
market, to which we ask tho attention of cash
customers. Among our assortment may be found
Brown and bleached muslins,
' Drillings,
Osnaburgs and Tickings,
Calicoes of every variety, and beautiful styles,
Painted Lawns and muslins that can't be beat,
Palzarines, for dresses,
Main and Plaid Ginghams,
' ' " Jacconetts,
" " " Swiss muslins,
Linnen Cambric and Lawus,
Linnen Cambric hdkfs.,
White and black Crape,
Ladies Gloves and Mitts, of every variety,
Cotton and Silk Hosiery,
Silk and Cotton Velvets,
Ratlin and Marseilles VcslingSi
Linnen Stripes and Checks for Gents Coats,
Nankeens and Drillings of all kinds for Pants,
Flain and Figured Bobinctts,
Ladies Worked Collars,
" Cravats
Fancy dress hdkfs..
Artificial flowers and wreaths in great variety,
Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, in endless variety,
Palm Hats,&.c, Slc,
Parasols and Umbrellas,
Shell and horn side Combs,
Do. " Tuck do.,
Buffalo Tuck Combs,
Gimp, Florence braid and Plain ?traw bonnets.
Fayette, April 6th, 1844.
Iron! Iron!!
We invile the attention of the public genersllv.
and the Blacksmiths of the upper country particu-
arly, to our new and extensive stock of Iron, iust
received, consisting of every description of Bar
Iron, a targe and complete assortment of Band,
and assorted Bundles of Round Iron of every size:
-Nail nods, Chain Iron,
Plough wing', American and English,
" Slabs, Blister, German and
Slcdpe Moulds. Cast Steel.
To our old Iron customers we can earnestly re
commend thh stock of Iron, as every bar is war
ranted tn he of the very best quality, and we
pledge ourselves to sell as hertofure at the lowest
ask unccS.
Fayette, April 13th, 1344.
AV a t s o n & Vosti,
HAVE removed to the old well known stand of
Collins &. Shield, on the corner of Main
and Morgan Streets, recently occupied by R, E.
McDanicI, where they now have and will continue
to keep on hand a larze and well selected stock of
Fancy' and Staple Dry Goods, both Foreign at d
Hardware, Queens and Gla3s-warc, Boots,
Shoes, Hats, Caps and Bonnets, together with all
articles usually kept in ther line.
Boonville, april 20th, lsl 1.
Watson Ax, Vosti, .
Corner of Main and Morgan Sis., Boonville,
HAVE just received a general assortment of
Spring and Summer, Fancvand Staple
Comprising the latest fashions and styles, also
Hats, Bor.net', Bots and Shoes, Queens and
Glass-ware, Hardware, &C, Slc.
All of which are offered very low for cash.
Boonville. april 20th, 1644.
rYew Goods.
Fresh supply of Cotton Yarns and Oinaburgs,
xl Brown Domestics and Irish Linens,
Summer Cassimeres,
Iron snd Coffoe,
Loaf Sugar, Powder, Tea, c-c, dj-c., just re
ceived in advance of our Spring aud Sumo.er
assortmcDt, aod for sale by
Fayette. April 13th, 1844.
Wheat Wanted.
SMITH Sl BROTHER, Glasgow, wish to pur
chase for Cash, 1,000 bushels of wheat, for
which ihey will pay the highest market price.
Glasgow, April 13th, 1844.
lienip Wanted.
Sl BROTHER, wish to boy a lot of
hemp, for which cssb will be paid on deiiv- i
Glasgow, April 13th, 144.
ACON WANTED. We will purchase eny
quantity of Bacon, for which we will pay the
highest market price. SMITH & BROTHER.
Glasgow, April l'Jth, IS It.
Dozen Talm-leaf Hats 1usl received
and for sale low for cash by
Boonville, april 80th, 1841.
Watson 6c Vosti,
Have just received their Spring eupply of Gents
Fashionable Hats, such as 6na Beaver. Brush,
Pearl 4c, which are offered very low for cash.
Boonville, april 17, 1841.
Cash paid for llemp.
TIE subscribers wnif tn purchase fitly tons of
Hemp, for which ihey will pay the highest
market pnee in cash, WATSON YOSTI.
EoatavUle. apriL20tb. 1844.
OK Kegs Bostea nails just received snd for
BcPBV ille, March 23d, 114.

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