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Boon's Lick times. (Fayette, Mo.) 1840-1848, May 04, 1844, Image 4

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lire merinaiiu fc Cnno,
HAVING : established themselves on ' Main
Street (opposite James P. Hickman, Est.)
Boonvillo. beg leave to inform the inhabitant of
Howard county and others, that tlity have on hand
an ample tock, to which they are constantly
making new additions, which i selling at unpre
cedented low prices, so as to warrant purchasers
from a distance to risk the trouble and expense of
a trip to Boonville.
The assortment is composed of a great variety
of selections of
. Fancy and Sin pie Dry Goods,
Hardware and Cutlery, .
, China. Ware and Crockery,
G lass and Stone Ware,
Groceries, Wines and Liquors.
Upper and Sole Leather of the best manufac
ture. .. ..
All kinds of produce will be roccived for mcr
chandiseat cash prices, and every facility afforded
the Cultivator. -Boonvillo,
March 2d, 1844. 51 ly
i Kit AND DRY HIDES. We wish to
VA purchase a quantity of green and dry hides,
lor wiucn the bigucst market price will be paid.
J. D. TERRY & Co.
Fayette, February 3d, 1844.
job printing.
The publishers of the "Boonsmck Times," having
a great variety of
Vlnin atOj Ornamental
CUTS, aVc. &.C., are prepared to execute, at the
shortest notice, and on the most reasonable term
all kinds of '
Job and Fancy Printing,
In a style of neatness
TICKETS, etc..
fully equal to the same de
scription of work dono in St. Louis. They keep
constanly on hand JUSTICES BLANKS, of ev
ery description, printed on paper of the best quality
Fayetto, December 2nd, 1843.
Cheap Cash Store.
SMITH j- BROTHER are receiving by almost
every boat goods suitable for the wants of the
community, and will sll at prices which cannot
be bat.
Cotton Yarn,
Brown Domestics, .
Bleached do.
Brown, bleached andacolored Drillings,
Bod Tickings, . -Apron
. Scotch and English Ginghams,
Paris and American do.
English and French Chintzes, ,
American and English Calicoes 61 cts. and
upwards, ;.- 'a :u.".t
,-. Liuon Lawn, ; . . '
- 20. pieces Irish Linen, ; .
Table . . do. ;
" Bird's eye Diaper, '"' - '
'CoHton do. 121 cts. - '
Crash, '" ' ;
A groat variety of Mouslin de Laines,
Challys in great variety,
Painted Lawns 183 cts.
Barr'd and Striped Muslins,
Plain and figured Jaconetts,
Book" Muslin,
Figured Swiss Muslin,
. Plain Mull Muslin,
Bishop Lawns,
-Thread edging and inserting, at all prices,
Lace VeiU, : '
Black and Colored Brochco Shawls,
" Merino do.
11 . " Cashmere do.
Damask do.
Mouslin de Laine do.
Embroidered Shawls in great variety,
Silk do. do. do.
Worsted and Cotton Shawls, all prices,
Gents Black and Fancy Cravats,
Plain and Fancy Stocks, all prices,
Ladies' Silk, Merino and Cotton Hose,
Gents " .
Gloves and Mitts, in endless variety,
Children's Gloves, Mitts and hose,
Black Dress Silk,
do. Apron do. -Drab
Greon do.
Other fancy colored Silk,
Gents Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs,
Together with almost every other article
cither useful or ornamental.
Glasgow, April 20, 1814.
flrandrcth's Pills.
A fresh supply of this invaluable Medicine just
received from the Agent and known to be genuine.
Oct. 29th, 1943. JOEL PRE W ITT.
""1HINA AND QUEENS WARE A good assort-
v iiii'in., jiibi receivea ana lor sale oy
May 27th, 1943. JOEL PRE WITT.
FLOUR AND MEAL for sale by
March 2d, 1914.
Raw Cotton.
,000 lbs. Raw cotton, received and for sale low,
- . uenuuiui article, a. 11. oA.Wr x. at JO.
Fayette, Sept. 0th, 1843.
RESII TEA, just received and for sale by
May situ, 1313. JUEL PREWITT.
T300T8 dj- SHOES. Watson u Yosti, have
jusi received direct Irom the manufacturers,
IVTn,... t !! 1. I. : 1 If Tl . it.
vuiua aij, uuq can joois ana orogans:
Boys " h i
Children's shoes in all variety.
Boonville, Oct. 29th, 1943.
MbAL MfcVEb, justrecaived and for sale by
HT. OTT.l. IQ1 TAnr
IjuwiijiK kegs jjupont KiQe and 1 kee
. v rw uu. jvflt gLDiicu situ tor aaie y
Fayette, Sept. 18th, 1813.
SMITH d BROTHER have added to their
former assortment, Iron and Steel, Hollow
Ware and Csatings, Sugar and Coffee, Crockery
Ware, etc., all of which will be sold at great bar
gains. Glasgow, April 20th. 1844.
A full supply just received and for sale by
August 26th, 1813. JOEL I'REWITT-
YELLOW HNE LUMBER 20,000 foet yel
low pioo lumber, just received and for sale
Bnvillc March 2d, 1311.
; boo y ji.le, no.-, : . .
The subscriber returns thanks to his
customers for their liberal support and so-
icus a continuance oi iavor. ; ,
From those who have'. never visited his
louse, he respectfully bees a trial.
Charges as low as at any other Hotel in
this city. v,, js. 15. Mcl HEKSUiN.
Boonville, Oct. 28th, 1813. - . 33 tf
Pavilion Hotel.
The subscriber formerly of the "Fay
ette Hotel." Favctte, Mo., would in
form the public that he has takes the
above establishment, and is now ready
to accommodate Boarders and Travellers on the
moil iinihli lernM. His table willbeSUD-
nliad with the best the market affords, and no I
Dain will be soared to make the Pavilion Hotel
equal to any above St. Louis both as regards the
table and every other accommodation
Glasgow, March 16th, ie44. 1 tf
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
0-Office At L. D. Blankenship's Hotel.
February 17th, 1844. . 49 tf
" ltcmoval.
THE undersigned respectfully informs his
friends, and the public generally, that he has
taken the
. Howard Hotel, .
lately occupied by Abel Marley and
is now prepared to recoive those who
may favor him with a call promising as good
tare as the county anords and moderate charges.
Fayotto, January 27th, 1844.
' Boonville, Missouri.
r I iHE subscriber lias recently taken tthe abov
jl wen known stand, and rcspecuiiiiy solicits a
share of public patronage. He will endeaver to
give satisfaction to all who may favor him with a
call. His bills will be UNUSUALLY LOW.
stop with him, and he will endeavor to extend every
actuuiuiuuauun 10 passengers.
Boonville, April 8th, 1943. , . 4
. Brcmcrinanii Sc Cuno,
Dealers in Produce of every Kind,
It. P. Ilancnkamp,
WILL continue the receiving and forwarding
of Merchandize and Traduce at hi nlrl
stand, the ensuing- season and solicits the patro
nage of his old friends and the public generally.
mo ujafges win ue IUW.
January 13th, 1843. 44 3m
At torney at Law,
TTT"111 practice in this and the neighboring
w f counties, and will Dunctuallv All (I I ! t rronl I
attend to any business confided to his care.
uince that formerly occupied by Wilson & Mor
iow. Fayette, Mo. ,
Jan. 15, 1842 44 tf.
Eaytltc, Missouri,
WILL hereafter practice Iawiointl:b
entrusted to one will receive the attention of both.
(Xy-Office, north-east corner of the public
square, heretofore occupied by John B. Clark,
where one or both may generally be found.
r ayette, may zx, ivvi. ju tf
GLASGOW, Missouri.
Juno 25, 184215.
Attorney at Lav,
Will promptly attend to all business entrnstrrl
to his care. f May 14. 1942.
(Late of Fayetto, Mo.,)
Commission and Forwarding
New Orleans.
Messrs. Glasgow & Harrison, St. Louti.
J. & D. Macgregor, N. York.
Charles Doane II Co., New Orleans.
Mr. Joel Prewitt, Fayette, Mo.
Oct 22d, 1842. 32 3m.
Milliner and Mantua Maker,
FTAVING just received the latest fashions, i
M.M. prepared to make, or repair, and trim Bon
nets, Caps, Ate, in the neatest and most fashiona
ble style, and to make dresses ot all descriptions,
at the shortest notice.
Residence in the esst end of town.
Fayetto, April 20, 1813. 7 tf.
CHEMISTRY in its application to Agriculture
and riiysilogy, by Justus Liebig, M. D.,just
received and for sale by E. HART.
Boonville, December 2nd, 1843,
A general assortment of brown and bleached
domestics and drillings, constantly on hand
and for sale low by WATSON A YOSTI.
Buunville, Oct. Wlli, 18 U.
i .in i .
Would respectfully inform his friends and the
public generally, that he has removed bis. shop
to the room recently occupied by Mr. Stimentez
on Water Street, whore he may always be fuund.
prepared to execute in the most handsome manner.
any work confided to him. ll Is also prepared
to make, brass clocks, which he warrants to keep
good time. ' 1 'uw ' '
n. a. uxiuoia sno snvor wanted. '
Glasgow, February 10th, 1844. 48 ly
Philadelphia Package Sales of
Moots and Shoes, every Tiles
das' morning, at lO o'clock, by
i. G. W. LORD. i i '
"I ARD. A combination having been formed bv
VJ a portion of the Dealers in Boots and Shoes
of this city, with the avowed object of suppress
ing me saie oi mose eooas oy auction, it seems
proper lor the subscriber (who has' held these
sales for the past eighteen months) to state that
notwithstanding this combination,' the sales will
not be stopped, but on the contrary , as he will
rely more than ever - on the patronage of the
country merchants, the sales will be held every
Tuesday morning, at the Auction Store,; 209
Market btreet, and his arrangements' 'With the
Manufacturers, both of this city" ' and all New
England, are such as to insure him a constant and
full supply of every descriotion of foods.
The mere fact of so great an effort being maile
to put down these sales, is the best evidence the
country merchant can have; that it is for his inter
est to sustain them.- " . -
Philadelphia, April 6th, 1844. ' 4 Cm
f rHE subscribers have just received a laru
JL assortment ' of Fashionable SPRING AND
SUMMER GOODS, which they now offer for sale
on mo most reasonable terms.
Their stock consists in part of
Blue, Black, and Brown Cloths, :
Invisible green do. ;
Blue, Black and Fancy Cassimercs,
Sattinetts, ... ... . -
Blue and cadet mixed Joans,
Beaverteens, . ' 1 -
Muslin de laines, ' -
Blue, Black and changeable Alpacca sloth
new styie, . . . i, .. ,
...i f ,
tsilks, plain and figured, .
Ribbons, Thread lace and edgings,
Lisle do. do. do.
Italian cravats, nocket handkerchiefs.
Winter Shawls and Hankerchiefs, a large
Silk and cotton Thules,
Linen pocket handkerchiefs,
Calicoes, a laree assortment from 6i to 16
cts per yard, ., , .
Bleached and brown domestics, '
. Bed Tickings, Osnaburgs, s
Bleached and brown drillings,
Blankets, . .
Spun cotton, best article, . ''
Shoes, Boots, Hats, Cups and Bonnets,
Candlewick, batting, &c.
Groceries, Hardware, Queens ware, Salt
Nails, Window glass, flour and leather.
J. V. Fi-ttKY & Uo.
Fayette, March 30, 1844.
New Goods,
Philadelphia Cheap Cash Store.
CJMITII BROTHER have received, by late
O arrivals, a great addition to their former stock
of goods, which now makes their assortment one
of the best in the country. Their stock now con
sists in part of
Sugar and Coffee,
100 Kegs of Nails,
Eagle, Hope and Globe Cotton Varns, .
Brown Domestics from 0J to 12J cents,
Bleached do. do. 6 ' 18 jj cents,
Calicoes in endless variety,
Ladies fine Kid Slippers,
" Morocco Shoes,
Misses fine Calf Boots,
Kip do.
" fine and Coarse Brogans,
Powder, bhot, Lead, Glassware, Hardware,
All of which will be sold at prices correspond
ing with the times.
Glasgow, April 20th, 1844.
HAVE just received at their Store in Glasgow,
a large and complete assortment of goods, all of
which will be sold very low for cash or barter.
Among the assortment may be found the following
Staple Goods.
10 Hhds. Prime N. O. Sugar,
50 Sacks Rio CorTce,
200 do. Salt,
25 Kegs Dupont Sporting Towder,
GOO lbs. Bar Lead,
10 Bales Brown Domestics,
3 Cases bleached do.
5000 Cotton Yarn, assorted No's.,
Indigo, Coperas, Madder, &c, together
with a general assortment of fino and Staple Goods.
Hides, Peltries, Beeswax, Tallow, Flaxseed, die,
&.C., will be taken at fair prices.
Glasgow, April 20th, 1844.
Two Dollars and a Quarter.
SALT At $2 25 per sack, for sale by
December 23d, 1843. JOEL PREWITT.
Ilnckets, Tubs and Churns,
Just received and for sale by
J. D. PERRY & Co.
OOWDKR AND LEAD, just received and for
M sale by
Fayette, May 27th, 18 13.
OFFER for sale, Sugar and Coffee, Iron and
Nails, Castings, Queensware, Stoneware,
Indigo, Madder, Copperas, Sperm and Tallow
Candles, be, fee., at a small advance, for cash only',
Glasgow, April 20th, 1844.
4AAA Doe. Spun Cotton, superior quality,
)" " " assorted sizes, just received and for
July 1st, 1843. ......
assortment, just received and for sale by
May 27th, 1843. JOEL PREWITT.
Jfest Family Flour, ;
50 lb. sacks, of that well known brand:
I i
Rock Sprinff Mill," will hereafter be koot
constantly on hand, and for salo by
Fayette, October 28th, 181J.
I. ,4JVJ ;i'in.
-T ' .-,'klB F
L,-.: - ir-
fTUIE subscriber 'gratefully acknowledges
abova" establishment has been favored
If .fr;i,4l.iB;rM. ;
Ii id. ilHal''lMiJfch!WMil!l I lilt - ?v 'i
pledges himself to use unlimited exertions! to make' it still more deserving of public
favor. He has reduced nrir.n.i in np.rnrHnnrifi with lh limnn "'..I .
The stock consists in part of Books in
nam ana i ancy otauonery, "
Musical Instruments;' Fancy Goods,
Music Preceptors; Piano and Guitar music,
Tortoise Shell and other Combs,
Fine French and English Perfumery,
Water Colors and Drawing Utensils,
Drawing Books and Drawing paper,
uuuery ana Jewelry, ':
Wall paper and Bordering,"'
Prints and Lithographs, &c., &c., and
Boonville April 16th, 1843. 5-ly. -. i
The Book of the Nary. W
COMPRISING a general history of tho Ameri
can Marine and particular accounts of all the
most celebrated Naval battles, wita numerous en
gravings, received and for sale by E. HART.
Uoonville. JNov. 18, 184d. :.: : .i . ', ;
:. Violin Strings. .
ROMAN and German violin strings of supe
rior quality always on hand, also, musical
instruments, music preceptors, violin bridges,
screws, clarionett reeds, and refined rosin.
. . HAKT.
Boonville, Nov. 18, 1843. ' , '
Gross Playing Cards just received and for
salecheapby E. HART.
Nov. 18, 1843.- ,
T IFE OF MURRAY Just received and for
AJ sale the Life of John Murray also Univer
salists Belief, for sale by - E. HART.
November 18, 1843.
The Cienuine ICodgers Knives.
TTINE pen and nocket Knives, warranted the
A real RodVers 4 Son, also Razors warranted
Rodgers & Son, Scissors, Bowie Knives, just re
ceived and for sale by ! t. UAKl,
Boonville, Nov. 13, 1943. v '
' : Stephens' Yucatan. ..
TNCIDENTS of travel in Yucatan by John L
L Stephens, illustrated by 120 engravings in two
vols., just received and tor sale by 11AK1.
Boonville, Nov. 18, 1843.
The subscriber wishes to call the attention of
teachers and others to his well selected and com
plete assortment of school books now on hands,
which consists of Enclish, French,' Latin, Greek
and Spanish books, such as are generally in use
in schools throughout the united states ana too
numerous to detail here and which he offers for
sale at exceedingly low prices. E. HART.
Boonville, Nov, 25th, 1843.
Just received 8 groce of Webster's elementary
spelling books, 2 groce of Byerley's speller, 1
groce Hagen's speller and definer, 1 groce Town's
speller and denner, tor sale by a. U&.IVL.
Boonville, Nov. 25th, 1843.
A C Family Bibles, 20 school do., 12 tuck do.,
nlJ 50 pocket Bibles, 50 pocket testaments, 20
Polyglolt Bibles, also, Brown's concordance, just
received and tor sale by ;.. HA ti 1.
Boonville, Nov. 25th, 1843.
The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore, collected by
ntmseij, cne wnoie ten volumes complete
in one, with a Portrait of the Author.
"CONTENTS Irish molodies, the Epicurean,
J Loves of the Angels, Satirical and Humorous
Poems, Juvenile roems, Lalla Kookh, Alcipbron,
The Fudge Family of Paris, Odes of Anacrcon'
Epigrams from the Anthologia, Ballads, Songs,
Miscellaneous Poems, &C-, just published, and for
sale by HAKi'.
Boonvillo, .December, 2nd, lsiJ. ,
The Missouri Farmer's Almanac and Re
pository of useful knowledge for
This is expressly a Missouri Farmer's Almanac,
got up with every care, published and printed in
Missouri, embracing the information most useful
to the husbandman, and men of business gener
ally; with an appendix showing the time for hold
ing courts distances from place to place through
out the Stale of Missouri and Illinois, dj-c, for
sale at below the St. Louis prices, wholesale and
retail. E. HART.
Boonville, December 2nd, 1843.
PARLEY'S Asia, Africa, Europe, America and
Library; Boys' own Book, Hollo's picture
book, American girls' own book, Doppines Fire
side companion, with a variety of others just re
ceived and for sale by E. HART.
boonville, Nov. 25th, 1843.
Napoleon in two volumes, received and for saje
by it A til.
Nov. 18, 1843.
The Mysteries of Paris.
JUST received Tbe .Mysteries of Paris a
novel by Eugene Sue comeplete with a Se
quel, for sale by , '? , E-HART,
January 27th, 1041. Jioonville Book-store.
Cooper's JLast Novel.
NED MYERS, or a Life before the Mast by J.
Fennimore Cooper, just received and for salo
by E. HART.
January27th, 1844. : :
Alison's History of Europe.
THE history of Europe from the commnnconient
of the French Revolution in 1789, to the
restoration of the Bourbon's is 1815, by Archi
bald Alison, complete in 4 volumes, just received
and for salo by E. HART.
January 27th, 1844.r i
Ileranger's Songs.
The Songs of Bcranger, in EntrliHh, with' a
skotch of the author's life, just received, and for
sale by E. HART.
Boonvihc, Junuary 27th, 1311.
ill ik
T: - ' i f
fo extensive, patronage with which i the
since its commencement. ''and in return
every variety,
s1 itl 1
' : : ' , "-;
., I ". ,.r.3V
constantly receiving new supplies'. V
e. IIART.l
NEAV MEDICAL WOBKS.-The. principles
. and practice of medicine by John Elliotson,
M. D.. with notes and additioda by,Thos. Steward-
son, fli. jj. physician to the renn. Hospital,. A
practical treatise on the diseases of Jbd testis and
or the spermatic cord and scrotum by T. B. Curlin
wiih inuiraiions. ADernctny s lamuy pnysician
or reaoy prerscnoer, just received and tor sale by
Boonvillo, January 27th, 1844. ':s-:. .'
New; Cheap Works, :
TUST received." The Gontleman'g Dauchter.
tf Howard or the .Mysterious Disappearance.
The Rambles of Emperor Ching T I H, The two
Clerks, Julia Corryear, Narrative of the Travels
or monsieur Violot in California, Sonora and
Western Texas, by Capt,. Marry att; Ned Myeis, by
Cooper;- Liebig's Letters on - Chemistry. The Eti
quette or courtship and Marriage, by Lady liles
sington, with as many others, for sale by
HAK1, uoonvule Book-Store.
January 27th, 1844. . .. .,.,.,
Cioddard on the Teeth.
The Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the
human teeth, with the most approved methods of
treatment, including, operations and (lie .method of
making and setting artificial teeth, in one volume,
quarto, with 3U plates, by Faul B. Goddard, M. D
demonstrator . of Anatomy in the University of
rennsyivama, just reeoivea and tor sale by
' i; : ... E.HART.
i Boonville, January 27th, 1844. !
Stephens' INisi-Prius.
Law of'Nisi-Prids, evidence.' in civil actions
and arbitrbtion and awards, by Archibald John
Stephens, Barrister at law with notes and refer
ences to the latest American decisions by George
cinarswooo.iusi received ano lor saie oy
E. nART.
Boonville, December 2nd, 1843,.
United states almanac for 1844, containing
length and increase of days and the Sun's
rising and setting, tec, given for six different
parallels of latitude, embracing the whole extent
oi the union complete i-pliemendes ct the sun
and moon with tables for aetromomers, naviga
tors, engineers and others, for determination of
latitude, time, eye., numerous statistics relative to
commerce, agriculture, manufacture, the general
and State Government, &c, for sale by
TVTcNAIRS Phrenology and Animal Magnetism
xt a tor salo by e. hart.
Boonville, December 23d, 43. 'r '
Webster's Manual.
A manual of usoful knowledge for the instruc
tion of young persons of both sexes by Noah Web
ster, just received and for sale by E. HART.
Boonville, December 2nd, 1343.
The Freemason's Monitor, containing a de
lineation or mc fundamental principles or Free
masonry, by L. A. Davis, embellished with a cor-
roct likeness of Joseph R. Chandler, Esq., just
puuusneu aiiu iur saie Dy , hart.
Boonville, December 23d, 1843. - .
ah Suck in England, just received and for
k- saie Dy e. hart.
Boonville, December 23d, '43.
1Zlank rromisory notes neatly bound in a
m- uuiivcuiuut lurui, iur vaitj oy K. HAKT.
Boonville, December 23d, '43.
' Walker on Raantv. Tnt.,ma mnA ...n
men in 3 volumes, just received and for sale by
T Ml- rv- ln . . -. . ... "
Mobs cheap stock, just received, Mabel the
Actress, the Rescued Nun. Marion's Men.
a romance of the revolution, Ernest Harcourt, the
Loyalists son, rrault Kivers or the dangers of tbe
town. Mysteries of Paris, French without a mas
ter, the Story of Niuon,Des'Enclos, the celebrated
Aspasid ot trance, the Traduced, an historical
romance, Old Man of Harlam, Romance of the
fifteenth century, Sanderson's complete Cook,
House-keeping made easy, by Mrs.' Ellis? with
many outers lorsaie Dy t 1. BAST.
Boonville, December 23d, 1843. :."
I he best revised edition of Webster's Ele
. mntary Spelling Book, . . ; .:.
Being an improvement on the American Spelling
Book by Noah Wobster.just published. Teachers
and others are requested to call and examine this
work, for sale by E. HART.
Boonville, December 2nd, 1843.
Thb band book or needle work Containing
instructions in the following hranrhns- IM,.;,,
dlowork Fancy needlework and embroidering
Knitting netting crotchet embroidering on mus
lin lacework satin millinery and drpflfUfnalr.
ing &.c, just received and for sale by
: 1 Innn ! 1 1 a rtA t nn 1 inn '
Juuiirmui MJCWUiWT ilOU, HART.
The Farmer's Encyclopedia.
rpiIE Farmers Encyclopedia and Dictionary or
I. Rural alluirs. embrafinrr nil il.An.,.i,ni
discoveries in Agricultural Chemistry, adapted tq
the comprehension of unscientific, readers, illus
trated by numerous engravings of animals, implo.
ments and other subjects. imei-Miinir in tk
culturist,.,hy Cuthbert W. JolmaonadapleiJ to th
j vol vine, just received and for salo by
w..-v. j viuuverucur Emerson, complete in 1
January 27ih, ly 11
.n) cl,flW.e,v,rjEiint,:SUpp.ji
HAVING recently settled in Fsfelto, Howartl
County; Mo.,' I would respect fully Inform
the citizen uf Howard, Slid the turrouadiriff eOtm
ties, that I am now prepared to erfeeptc, With aM
ness and .despatch, the following work, to wit:
House, Sign and Datria24 Tainting; Fspor Hang
ing, Gilding and Glazing. ,Joba, in. the country
tt ill be punctually allenilcd' to; ehtire satisfaction
given on all occasions, and prices positively lower
than are charged; by paiu,lers generally.) l.hope
by long experience, and low prices, to share a
portion of publid patronage, :
OtrShopon Probst's Uoraer; South east of the
Court Houho." i,,r t fw S THING. .
Fayette, Febrtiary 17th, 1844.r.,- i! ,nC( 49 ly .,
, If ayette, March 1 1844. S
Editors Boon's Itch Times'. , ' '
' Sirs Uiider'' aMrrncen(l order of the Board of
Directors . fbr this bfnuch, I herewith furnish you,
for publication, a statement of the hett profits of
this branch for the following years, vix: 1938,
1830, 1H40, 1841, 1812 and 1813. The branch
not having received- but a small J portion of its
capital until the early part of 1838, I do , not in-
cluue nve taontn or ioo, in 'wnicn n wm m
operation. r WILLIAM O.BOON, Cashier. -
i ft 1- T- ' . s-ia-; inil.i Mil
i . ' -r, BTATEMENT.
AnnnaV dividends-of the Fayette . Branch, for'
the following years,' passed ' to the credit of parent
bankl'-niov:-.-.' ii'i I'd : r i: ' ' . ..
For the year 1838, 0 per cent, ytt annum,
c -.. 1889, 11 M- "i iucoj 'i h-'. .
' 1840,' 8 X fd ,M ; -i'..''- f ,
u u 141, 7MMi ,r.",i i;-.- .
- - 1842, - -
" i' 1843, 11 ' a a " :
making 49 per cent, for six years, or an aggregate
nett interest of iM.ng 00, ron I a . capital of
$100,000 for the first five and a half years, and of
120,000 for the half year ending 3,0th December
' Fayette, March 30th, 184 1. ' 3 4w ' '
Notice.. - ! oV-
THE undersigned, having announced his pur
pose, at the close of the ,last session, to con
tinue the schools under his charge; but having
since been induced to accept a situation in another
institution, where he hopes the sphere of hia use
fulness will be greatly enlarged, deems it but re
speclful to say to his numerous, generous, warm
hearted and real friends, to those who have ex
acted to ba availed of his farther services here.
and to the commttnity , genersjiy, that he leaves
with profound, regret; that he shall evercuensa
with the liveliest emotions of gratitude the recol
lection of the generous Support and liberal en
couragement which have, been . extended to his
humble, but well meant and arduous labors in tha
cause of education during histen years residence
in this community. -f ,? . --- 7
As it is important that he be at the scene of
his future labors as soon as practicable, be would
respectfully say to those with whom he has unset
tled pecuniary matters, come, let uf adjust our
accounts and prepare - to "part' On the square.
Those having claims wijl , please present them
immediately, and these who may be in arrears, it
is hoped, will bo equally prompt. .. . .
, , , . A. PATTERSON.
Fayette, April 27ih, 1844. : 7 It .
P. S. The female school will be continued un-.
derthe charge of Mrs. .Torode, of, whose qualifi
cations for tho station, experience enables me to
say conscientiously, they are not surpassed in the
Western country; -- t y?zfi'i' A. P.
James F. Hornbeack.l .. j
Feudal c'Cason,' V : ;.; '
Attachment in the Greene Circuit Courtb-
'.- t . xember ,Term, 1843. , . y
TO Fendol C. Cason, the defendant in said
ciUseJ lrou are hereby notified that a. suit,
by 'petition in debt, by attachment, has beeneoro
menced against you, by said: plaintiff, and your
properly been attached, and that unless you appear
at the next TenDj of this Court, to be holden on
the third. Monday after tin, fourth Monday in
April next, and on or before the third day of tha .
terra thereof, and plead,- demur, .or answer to
said suit, judgment will be given against you and
vour property sold to satisfy the same. 1 . .
Atiopy Teste. . , J. DAVIS, Clerk. .
John R. Bedford, Attorney for plaintiff.
February 25th, 1841. ... 50 4w.
Robert H. N: Saunders,)
' VS. ' .'' '
Fendal C. Cason. 1
Attachtitent in Vie Greene Circuit Court
November Term, 1843.
To Fendal C. Cason, defendant in said cause.
Yon are hereby notified that an action of assump
sit has been commenced against you by the plain
tiff in said cause and your property has been at
tached, and unless you appear at tbe next term of
this Court to be holden on the third Monday
alter the fourth Monday in April, and on the third
day thereof, and answer, plead, or demur to said
suit, judgment will bd given against you and your
property sold to satisfy the same.
A copy from the Record. J. DAVIS, Clerk.
John R- Bedford, attorney for plaintiff.
February 25th, 1841.. , . , ... 50 4w
Robert H. N. Saunders,)
vs. . .
Fendal C. Cason. ; ' J "
Attachment in the Greene Circuit Court
November Term, 1843.
To Fendal C. Cason, defendant in said cause.
You are hereby notified that the plaintiff in this
cause has commenced an action of petition in
debt, by attachment, against you upon a note; that
your property has been attached, and unless you
appear at the next term of this Court, to be holden
on the third Monday alter the fourth Monday in
April next, and on or before the third day thereof,
and answer, plead, or demur to said suit, judg
ment will he piven arrainst von. nnit vnnr nrnnart
.. a j 1 -- j - , ,-. y
sold to satisfy the same.
A copy from the record. J. DAVIS, Clerk.
John R. Bedford, attorney for plaintiff,
j February 25th, 1814. ' . 50 4w
MISS BRASFIELD, Milliner? formerly of
Lexington, Ky respectfully: informs tho
citizens ot Howard county that she. has located
herself with Mrs. Garland Collins, 4 miles east
of Fayette, and half a mile west of Mount Gilead
Meeting House, where she will carry on tho
Millinery business in all its various branches.
Having served two years with one of the best Milll
nors in tho city of Lexington, she flatters herself
she ran givo satisfaction to those who may favor
her with a call. , . .
Howard County, April 0th, 1811. 4 2t.
IN Storo and for'sale at our last Fall's prices, a
good stock of Brown and Bleached Shirtinrai
"... uccuuja, muwii, uiug iuu uickuto
.nj tj di..- .-j i) 1 1 1 n.iit
ings; xork mixtures; Deniims raney Drills, c..
r..- . . . 1 , 1 . .. .
iur jiuuia, murmur m mripa ano mixea aouua lor.'
servants dresses. - WAT&'OJV dy YOSTI.
, Boonville, spril 20th, 1844. V ' .
FAMILY Flour, Woouvillo-Mills, a few bbis.
of this article on comiininent nil fur aula
lioonviiio, april'UtO, asH,ti jic..
Kfifk Bushels Dried apples wanted by T ; t
. Fayette, April 20ih, 1844. . ' -
Hemp Seed.
Hcmn Seed wnmi ,1 f, ..,i.;i. ii.. t.:,.i....
jince will be given by J. D. TERRY & Co.

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