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, The Fayette Temperance Society will
hold its anniversary"mceting in the College
Chapel, on Friddy tho 4lh day of July
next, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. The Declara
tion of Independence will be read and an
address, suited to the occasion, will be de
livered by Fred. T. Kemper, Esq., of IJoon
villc. All friends of freedom and especially
the members of sister Societies, are re
quested to meet with us.
By order of the Society.
JAS. DUNN, Secretary.
Fayette, Juno 21st, 1815.
CCpThe steamship Cambria, which arri
ved at Boston on the 1st inst., made the
passage, from Liverpool in twelve days.--The
quickest trip yet made. By this arri
val, news was received at this place, by or
dinary course of mail, from Liverpool, in
SO days! About as long as it took a few
years sinco to travel from New Orleans to
St. Louis.
ADER.IJ wo sc. nusly assure you tlRt Dr.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is performing
tho moat astonishing cures of Consumption that
lias ever been effected. You may think litis an
extravagant a crliun, hut it certainly is nothing
more than simplo truth, proof of which, from
tho'inost resp' -table living witnesses, i-f daily ten
dered to tho proprietor, and tho certificates tin. 1
testimonials which uro vuluntari ly given, if pub
lished, woi'ld fill an entire newspaper.
For particulars seo advertisement in another
Or'l'he genuine is sold by Dr. Win. R. Snulson.
Fnyette. Also, ly It. P. Hanenkamp, Glasgow.
I jew DTrfrrs'olT'iiEivvMLASiEii.
Of this'ceWlnated fluster, it is only nuossary
to say no remedy has heretofore been discovered
to equal it in curing invetemto ulcers and all
sores, either fresh or longstanding, for pains in
the back, breast, side, or limbs, occasioned by
cold, pout, rlicvnalism, &c. It is ancfluctual
euro for coins on tho feet, when applied a suffi
cient time.
O-See advertisement in anolbor column.
The genuine is Bold by Dr. Wm. R. Snclson
1'ayetto. Also,J by R. P. Hanenkamp, Glasgow.
St. Louts, June 11th.
Remarks. No important change hts
been observed in the market since Saturday,
and in prices, very few alterations are ne
cessarv. There is now no animation in any
article except tobacco, and the languid
and UulUeelin that generally prevails in
dicatea a near approach to the termination
of the spring basinets.
Tobacco, This important staple contin
ues to come forward pretty freely, and com
inands the same attention in the market as
heretofore. Tho demand is very lively for
all Qualities, and though no positive ad
advance hag been established, rates have
ruled very full for all descriptions, and in
conseouenc of the increased receipts ol
fine manufacturing and shipping qualities,
prices have ranged somewhat higher than
previously quoted. We continue our last
week's figures, however, as the range of
the market say for lugs I ill; inferior
sliirriinff It a 24 : fair. do. 2 a 3: fine, 84 a
44; lair manufacturing, 4 a 44; and fine,
Irom 0 10 scperiu. ooicb biiio
lnv amount to 177 hlids., exclusive of re
vitfwa. which wenuote as follows. At the
Planter's Warehouse 1 hhd. Passed at $7
20; 1 at $6 30; I at 5 60; 2 at $5 25
a 5 35: 8 at S5 a 5 05; 5 at 4 CO a 4
7.1- 7 m 4 a 4 45: 16 at 83 50 a 3 95; 12
S3 10 a 3 45; G at 2 a 2 90; 2 hhds. Re
lused.&Z 70 a 3 95; 3 at $3 45; a S3 55
9 at at 3 a 15: 12 a 2 60 u 2 95; 10 at $2
at 2 a 2 4 5: and 26 at from Si '0 a 1 95
At the State Warehouse 1 hhd. Passed al
fcS CO: 2 at S5 65 a 5 75; 4 at A 4 70 a 5
w , - . -
Sat $4 n 4 50; 10 at 3 (JO a 3 ya; 7
at 3 u 3 45; 3 at 2 35 a 85; 1 hhd. Refus
ed at 4 35; 2 at 3 a 3 10; 4 at 2 50 a 2
70; 4 at 2 a 2 10, and G ot 1 30 a 1 96 per
lOOIbs. Arrived this week 251 hhds., u
considerable part of which was forwarded.
HEMP. The maiket has been inactive
nnd drooping since the commencement ol
the week, and prices particularly of the
medium and inlerior qualities and descrip
tions of dew rotted, have declined. We
now cuote inferior lots in loose order, 55 a
58; medium and fair, 00 a C5, and in good
order at G'250a 67, and prime light colored,
in line order, G8 u 70 per ton. There have
Leen but few sales, as holders rather than
submit to a decline, have taken into store.
Ainooj the sales noted were 106 bales ai
70, 52 bales at 08, 7i at 67, and several
small lots at from $55 u 65 per ton. lie-
ceived this week, 008 ba'es.
Flour There is no change in the mar
ket, which continues extreaiely inactive,
and but few snles have been reported.
Wheat We continue to quote prime lots
at 68 a 70: medium and lair C'Ji a C5c:.;
and inferior dosctiptions which continue
dull, at 45 a 55c, per bushel.
Corn and Outsliuae received this week
corn will command about 28c, anJ outs
21 u 22c, per bushel.
Butler The demand lor a good arlicL'
is p.-elty active for packing, ond tho limited
receipts keep the price linn ot 0 a dc
per lb.
Beeswax -The prices have receded a lit
tle, and we now quote 26lc, per lb. as the
top of the market.
Hides The price is steady at our lasl
quotations, say for dry flint 7c; dry ealted
7c; green 34 a 3ic; and green salted Si a
4c. per lb. Ueceived 430.
)Va,The demand Is lively, and all
qualities are freely taken at ull prices with
in ilia ranoa of our last quotationssay,
"ortn. npr lb., as iii quality and
condition. Received 23 bags.
Fi eights. The rales have recede J since
our last, and the New-Oileans boats are
now loading nt the following! tobacco, 2
per hhd.; hemp $3 a 4 per ton; Hour, 20
a 55 cents, and otei, porn bhu wui .
cents per lb. lead 8 a 10 cents; hides 35
cents; und other pound freight 16 20 per
100 lbs.; corn 7c; wheat 8c. per bushel,
and cattle $5 per head. Freight i are ver.v
XV. II. M'Kinstry's
No. 23 Market Street, St. Louis.
W. H. M'KINSTRV has just finished, on the
late fashion, as well is other styles to suit the
tasle of customers, a splendid assortment of hats,
consisting of black and while beaver; black, blue
and white cassimorc; Null is; Russia, moleskin,
4c, to which he would invito the attention of tho
fashionables. St. Louis, June Silst, 1645.
171RENCH MIRROR II ATS. A fashionable
. article, made of the finest moleskin plush, on
hand and for sale b"
WM II. MK1NSTR Y, -J3 Market St.
fit. Louis, June iilt, 18-15.
NUTRIA HA'lS High crown and low crown
broad l.iim and nairow brim; fashionable
and I'nfiu-hiunahl'j, manufactured of the vcrv best
matrriil, nnd finisher) in cVffant stvlo. on Ii and
and lor ,lo by WM. II. M'KIXSTR Y,
ii Market Sin et.
St. 1 mis, Jumfl'lst, 1315.
sortment on hand and for sal' lv
WM. II. MhlXSTRY, 23 .Market St.
St. I Ul-'t, Jl'llO alst, 1815.
of superiur quality, for summer wear, on hand and
lorsale by It .U. II. .n'h.lJSTlt I,
Market St.
St. Louis, June 21st, IP 15.
Sail! Sail!!
Just landing, from thu steamer L. F. Linn, 250
sacks It. A. Hull al-u L. if., in line cuudiiion,
for sale by J. N ANSON tfr SON, 1U0 Water St.
l.lasgow, June tilst, I'io.
A io.;i Crauds.
received per Steamers Linn and Ury, a lame
supply of the uliove and for snlo at No. 100 Water
Street, Gla-pow.by J. N ANSON iJ-SON.
GltFgow, J ne 21st, lAo.
IIciiTp Itiives.
We will keen constantly on hand a fino supply
uf the above knives, made and warranted by on
xperienced hand , for sale low for caeh, by
J. N ANSON & SON, 100 Water St.
Glasgow, June 21st, 1845.
OHIO LEATHER. Just received per Amar
anth, direct from Cincinnati:
i doz. Kip Skins,
5 do. Calf do.,
CO Sides of Upper Leather,
20 do. Bridle do., all of the finest
quality, and will bo sold very low to close a con
signmcnt, by J. .AWbU .y- fcoix, 1UU water it.
OHsgow, Juno slst, leu.
CHOICE BRANDS.--Just landinc per late ar-
KJ rivals, 50 bbls. Choice Whisky also 25 half
do., for sale by J. N ANSON ty SON.
J.W water street.
Glasgow, Juno 21st, 1845.
and very complete assortment of medical
works, in every department of the science, to
which the attention of Physicians and Students is
solicited. E. HART.
Boonville, June 21st, 1845.
MASONIC. Masonic Aptons, Certificates'
Cross' Masonic Chart, The Masonic Moni'
tor, &c. &.C.. for sale by E. HART.
Boonville, June 21st, 1845.
Ian or notes of Travel through the Peninsu
lar, including a visit to the remarkable ruins of
Chi-Cheu, Rabsh Tayi and Vixmal- -with numer
ous illustrations by B. M. Norman, just received
and for sale bv E.HART.
Boonville, June 21st, 1845.
complete in one volume, just received and
for sale by E. 1IAR1
Boonville, June 21st, 1S45.
YANKEE STORIES. Yankee Stories by
Judge Haliburton, author of Sam Slick, with
engravings, for sale by E. HART.
Boonville, June 21st,;i815.
ISTORY OF EUROPE. Allison's history
Europe nbridccd, complete in 1 Volume,
just received and for sale by E HART.
Buonville, June 21st, 1845.
Scatfcficltrs Works.
LIFE in the new world or sketches of Ameri
can Society, by Scatsfiuld, just received and
lor sale by ilAlil.
Boonville, June 21st, 1515.
Sit:ir, C'otH'c, Salt.
WE have received a lnrgo supoly of the above
articles. HICUIES, UlRCHiSf WARD.
Fayette, June Mth,
TpiIE Revised SrATrTFs of the State or M;s
1. soui'.t, reii-'ed and digested by Ihe thirteenth
General Assembly, H44 & 5, published under
the direction and superintendence of Win. 0
JoNi.s, CowniUsioiier appointed by the State; and
printed for the State by J. W. Daujhlrtv, St.
Louis, .Mo. 1945.
The above work, containing about 1200 pages,
on good thick paper, and substantially bound, will
be ready fur sale on or about tho lsldaiofAn
quit next, nt the Book Store of tho subscriber, No.
1UU Main Street, St. Louis, or of his travelling
agents throughout the Statu A. FISHER,.
St. Louis, June 1 1th, 1945. 14 t. f. a.
Adcstmistralor's notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that tho undersigned
have obtained from the Clerk of the County
Court of Howard County, letters of administra
tion on the estate of William Hughes, dee'd.,
bearing date June 3d, 1945. All persons indetbed
are requested to make immediate payment and
those having claims against said estate are re
quested to present them within one year from the
date of said letters, or they may bo precluded
from having any benefit uf said cs'ate aml it not
presented within three vears thev will bo forever
barred. A. W. MORRISON,)
J. T.CLEVELAND,:- Executors.
June 7th, ls-15. 13 4w
final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
will apply to the County Court of Howard
County, at tho July Term, for a final Settle
ment of their administration on tho estate of
Martha Hughes, dee'd.
JOSEI'H S. HUGHES,) ..,.,.
7th, 1815.
13 4w.
Hooiivillc round ry.
'IlIE subscribers having cemmenced the above
X business iu tlie city oi uuonvuiu, uto now
prepared to manufacture
S(rai t2 Fire Engines, Mill Machinery,
Lard Oil, Tobacco and Jlemp Screws,
Brats and Copper Work, Carding
and Threshing Machines,
Wheat Fans, Blacksmiths' Belloivs,
With every variety of Iron Casting usually made
at such establishments. They will take in ex
channo old Iron. Brass or Copper, and pledge
themselves that thcii work shall bo well done, ami
at as low nnces as they can bo obtained in ot
Louis. t. u li t. at io.
Boonv:iic, .T'.inc 7th, 11- 13 ly
floods! IVcw floods!!
fl TAV1NG shipped off all the old (roods and rem.
IJ nants which we had on hand, and havinir iust
received a supply entirely new and fashionable, we
take pleasure in offering them to our old customers
and the public genera ly, feeling assured that the
.. alr,"a,,u """'""
tar 1 1 1 anil tlmm Ml I a . . I I . I I
will tell thorn, will commend thrm to every ladv and
gentleman who will take the trouble to call and ex
amine for themselves. Coma and see; you need not
buy unless yon want to. JOEL PREVVITT.
rnyctto.mnyal, 1815.
r OAF SUGAR. 200 bbls. loaf sugar, juet ru
Jll ceivcdnnd for sale by JOEL 1'llEWITT.
Fayetto, June 3d, 1M45.
OCYTHES Si SNEATIIS. A full assortment of
kD 1st quality scythes and sncaths, just received
ana lor sale by JOEL FUEWITT.
Fnyette, Juno 7th, IS 15.
NAILS.---Every size just rectiveii and for sale
I nvelte, June 7th, IS l..
GVUJSi LUCKS. 1 doz. good
I received and for salo by
percudsion just
loyctte, June Ttli, 1B4.J.
fAOMESTICS. 4-4 and G-4 brown and blenched
mJ domestics just recciveil and for sal by
Fayette, June 7th, 1S15. JuEL I'REWITT.
. qualities, just received and fur snlo by
Fayette, June 7th, 115. JOEL PREWITT,
Vy received and for sain by JOEL ri'.LWlI T.
Fayette, Juno 7th, 1315.
OUGAR.. 5 hhds. best quality of Supnr, just
J received and lor salo by JOEL 1 'HEWITT.
Fayette, June 7th, 1315.
vJ just received and for salo by
Fayette, Juno 7th, 1-15. JOEL TREWITT.
17 AXON BOOIS 1 caso of Mij-erior quaiity,
jl jusi recciveu ana tor sale by
Fayette, Juno 7th, 1315,
OTONE-WARE A good assortment, fur salt-
Fayette, Juno 7th, 1915.
SJAINTED BUCKETS Any quantity, for sale
Fayetto, Juno 7th, 1915.
JL and tor sale by JOEL PREWITT.
Foyette, June7ih, 1315.
joHULaonDi una i.caa, oi me nest quality,
v.Minrn r., . r . ... I
jusi recciveu ana lor saie Dy
Fayetto, June 7ih 1915.
atijwu i, ilju f a. j, x i
CJHOES A good ossortment of Ladies' and
kJ Gents Shoes, for sale by JOEL PREWITT.
Fayette, June 7th, 1345.
L1LOUK. Best Family Flour, by tho bbl., for
Fayette, June 7th, 1S45.
PriOBACCO. Superior Aromatic Oronoco To-
J. bacco, a new and choice article fur chewim;,
received and for sale by
1-ayette, June 7th, lo4o.
QALT. 200 Sacks G. A. Salt, just received and
KJ tor sale at "J,lHl per sack, by
Rocheport, June 7th, 1915.
Final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given, that I will apply at the
Julv Term of the Countv Court of How-
ard County, for a final settlement of my adminis
tration on tbe estate ot 1'eter ford, dec d.
Public Administrator of Howard County.
Fayette, May 31, 1945. 13-4t.
1 Ann LBS. RIO COFFEE A beautiful
l.UUu article, just landing from Wapello,
direct from rtew Orleans, tor solelow by
Glasgow, May 31, 1945.
TJACON, Lard. Wheat, Butter, E xs ttr"l Corn,
.U for which tho highest prices will be given.
Glasgow, May 3d, 19 15.
IVines aud Liquor.
Just received I Tips Htlland Gin,
Two 10 gallon kegs do.
1 barrel Cog. Brandy,
1 do. Mad. Wiue,
1 do. Mai. do.
The above will be sold low for cash, to closo a
consignment. J. NANSON cV SOX.
Glasgow, May 3d, 1945.
HANDLES Just received a few boxes of
y Sperm Candles which will be sul 1 extremely
low tor cash. J. riAAaOA iy SOA
Glasgow, May 3d, 19-15.
70UNG HYSON TEA. 1 box of Young Ily-
JL son lea ut a reduced price by
Glasgow, May 3d, 1915.
t jotsis, lasa&auercs & etr::a's.
BLUE black and fe.ncy col'd Cloths,
A lare-o stock of Cafai.neres,
satin, Marseilles and Ci-':mcro Vcstin
now opening by HICKMAN Ci ALLEN
Fayetto, May 3d, 1915.
Hat! 3ats!! f2al!?.
Faxhionuble Nutria Leaver Hats,
do. Russia do.
do. White Peorl do.
do. Common Fur do.
Ashland aud other drab do.
White and Black Low Crewn do. of va
rious kinds. A fine assortment of Palmeto Hats,
ic , &c, of excellent quality, handsome styles
auJ uncommonly cheap, for sale hv
Fayetto, April 19;h, 1915.
STONE-WARE. A heavy let of Sloiie-ware
superiur article of ull -sorts and sizes, whuis
sale and retail, at Boonville prices, hv
Itorhcport, March Will, 1S15.
"1ASTINGS. Just received, on ossortment of
Vy very neat light and smooth Castings, fur sale
Dy OH lllibtlll
I'syettto, April tutu, ioio.
1" ECEIVED and for salo a handfome assort-
l ment, embracing the best and most stylish
French aud Euglish Broadcloths,
Cassimeres, (all styles)
Velvets and Satins,
Marseilles, Valencia, Silk and other Vestings,
Jeans and fcattiuetts,
Stocks, Cravats and Scarfs,
Suspenders, Gloves, Collars,
Gambroons, Linen Drillings,
Coat Ginghams,
Alnaca. Silk and Worsted Summer Cloths,
Fancy l'antaloon Stuffs, and every article
nccnsnary or dcsirablo tor gentleinon'n apparel
WlllCU We Ouer Ol IIIO mwni prict-, call bhu rro
Fayetto, April 19th, 1845.
Slc, &c, a constanl
1 aupply, for sate by SWITZLF.R
Fnyette, Aii! VMh, 194.
IVcw Spring Good.
HAVING jiipt received and opened a new and
fashionable stock of SPRING GOODS, we
can, with a perfect knowledge of the demands of
mis market, say to our mends and the public,
that we now offer to their notice a very extensive
assortment, embracing
. . n
Cloths of all colors and qualities,
Cassimeres and Sattinetts,
Velvets and Sattines,
Vestings of all kinds, qualities and colors,
Bleached Domestics,
3-4 4-4 and 5-4 brown Domestics,
An extensive supply of Prints, fashionable
and rich,
Organdi and Mourning Lawns,
Cashmers Do Cossco,
Chuuibrcy Gingham,
Funcy Silks, Shawls and Dress Ildkf's.,
1 doz. f. c. Handkerchiefs,
1 piece oil silk,
Thread Lace, Inserting and Edging,
1 in it a. do. do. do. do.
Lylo do. do. do. do.
Polka Lace and Lace Neapolitan,
Fino Florence and other Bun nets,
French Bonnet Flowers,
Do. Sprigs,
French Wbalu-bone. in short, wo have all ar
ticles usually cn led for by the Ladies, and ull nf
wlncli wc will S'li on the Leit terms.
Wo also have an extrusive assortment of Hats.
Boots ami Shoes, Hardware, Queensware, Glass
ware and Groceries, b.-st Lunf Suur, Nuw Or
leans bugar, Uood Km Lollec, Imperial lea, fcuiar
Houto Molasses, 1 1 i . : t -, Ruisius, Imiigo, Madder,
Pepper and Spice, No. 1 Mackerel, test Jaums
Liver lubaceo, Shot, Lead and Powdur, Nail
Brooms, Buckets and Brushes, all of which can In
had on the very bust terms.
Iho above goods having been selected with crcat
care, we can continently submit tho supply to our
menus and the public, witti the assurance that our
prices will be as low as any other House in uppvr
Missouri can, or will sell; we theruloro invite the
attention uf ail. very Re.-pectfol!v.
Fayotie, April Dili, 1? 1-3.
CJUGAR. Just received 400 lbs. of Tree Sucar
Gluuow, May ltd. 1545,
HANDLES. Sperm aud T..llow Candles for
KJ salo by i. D. PERRY oi Co
Fayette, Octubcr l'Jth, Ju41.
A Card.
rIHE snbsciiber has tho pleasure to announce
JL to his friends and tho public, that be has
recently purchased the stock of DRUGS AM&
w . ... u.iu 1111 uvic
urnriTMiM ..i n. a p ni.... ,.,.n i..
after conduct business nt the old stand. A full
assortment of the best articles will be kept cou
arfitillv nn haiuf and custunior-4 mnv ripnnnn unnn
prompt attention to all orders, i he attention ot
practising Physicians is particularly requested to
liis stock and especial attention will be.paid to lbs
putting up of their prescriptions.
Thankful for the present liberal patronage, the
subscriber respectfully solicits a continuance of
the same. 0. HENDERSON.
Glasgow, April 5th, 1945. 4 tf
J. McJIECIlAN has removed hit Wholesale
and Retail Grocery Store to J. B. Carroll & Co's
large and commodious new building, on the corner
of Front and Commerce Streets, where his old, as
well as new customers, will find "the largest and
best Stock ot Ukocebies ever uttered lor sale in
I Ulasgow; and as a compensation for past lavors
he will sell a littlo etioaper than any otlier House
in Glasgow, and will do all in his power to put
down every thing like a combination to keep up,
or put up prices when Goods become scarce; Ins
object is to draw trade from a distance and not
to drive it away. All who want Groceries ot
a good quality and at low prices, will please givs
him a call.
Glasgow, April 5th, 1915.
L'asli for Produce.
Will nay cash, on delivery at his new store,
corner of Water and Commerce Streets, for every
description of Merchantable l'roduce.
Ulasgow, iay on, i-io.
Land for Sale.
ACRES OF LAND, three and a half
miles east of Glasgow; 100 acres of
which, is in cultivation. WM. CRU.WF.
December 7th, 1944. BU tf.
JacLs for alc.
WISH to sell two first rate four yeir old i
JACKS. For terms, ne., apply at my re-i-1
dence, in Boon's Lick Township, near B mnsbo-i
rough. JOSErii COOrER.
Howard County, March Sib, 1915. 52 tf
Snitxler & Smit!:,
r ESrECTFULLY inform thetr friends and the
i public that they are now opening the Urges!
and most desirable assortment of goods they have
yet had the plcasureof offering, embracing a tuh
sup ly of all tiie articles called for iu this market,
and which they pledge themselves are for sale at us
low prices as any House abuvo St. Louis can or uill
sell goods of equal quality.
The attention of our former customers and the
public in general, is earnestly invited, as it w ill
be no trouble to show goods and let the prices scl'
Fayette. April l'Jth, 1-45.
New !
The subscribers are now receiving nnd npr-ning
direct frutn the Eaatera Cities, and comprising oil
the new und fashionable styles of Fancy and
Staplo Dry Goods, Hardware, Quecnswore, Buuts,
Sni.es, Huts, Bonnets, Sic, i:c. Our goods were
ecled with the utmost care, und wo feel confi
dent in sayim; to the public that it w ill be to tie
interest of all who purchase at this place, to give
our stock an examination before purchu.Mii;? l-o
where. HICKMAN i. ALLEN.
Fayette, May SJ, 1915.
To the Ladies of Fayette and Vicinity.
WE have this day opened tho following new
and desirable SlTilNG AND SUMMER
00 pieces worsted Bilzerino Lawns (new stvlrs,)
15 do. Super. Be.ago d). (btaulifol.)
Organdy Lore and other Lawns, a great varivly,
Black and fancy ctld Niks,
Folka Robes, Tarlatan do.,
Berage, satin and twisted silk scarfs,
A beautiful lot of siU and satin shasvls.
A tine assortment of Gloves, all kinds ti qual's
Laces, Edging und lumps, Hosiery, LmiRn,
Cambric lldkfs.. Ribbons, Thula,
Ali kinds of white mut-lins, Can.bricB, tire.,
French and American Ginghams,
Chintz and Calicoes, in fact every article that is
desirabld or fashionable, will be found in our
Call and examine our goods before making your
purchases. HICKMAN cf ALLEN.
rayette, May iid, it ;.
COFFEE Just Landing, per L F. Linn, a
splendid article of Rio Coffee, which w ill be
sold very low at Wholesale and retail, by
Glasgow, May 17th, 1845.
Just received per Linn, a choice IjI of Ohio
Whisky of all brands, Tar and W. K. Cheese,
which will bo sold very low for cash, by
, Glsgow,My 17lh, 115.
iohn r.M.LANIlNK. o w. o ; .
Wholesale fc ESetail roc;v-.
And Dealers in all kimli of Produce, such as Hu
con, Lard, Hides, Tallow, H'lteat lint-wax,
Feathers, Dried Fruit, Hemp, &c.
rTAVING just received direct from New Or
I. I. leans and other ports, a heavy suddIv of
GROCERIES and tiTAl'LE GOODS, innddi
tion to t'.eir former slock, are prepared to sell on
terms to suit purchasers and the times
It) lilies prime artiilJiNew Orleans su'ar
10 bbU do do do molassc
0 do do do sugar hous) do
10 do Carolinia Tar
50 Kegs di) do
50 Sucks best Rio Coffee
10 do St. Domingo do
5 do old government J:iva Co file
3 Chests Imperial and Young Hyson Tea
SIIO Sacks ground Alum Salt
50 do Liverpool Blown do
100 bids. Knnowha do
20 Sacks Bitt-burgh Cotton Yum
5 do do dozen cotton, nil number
3 doz Wtavers Reeds from 4 to 5 00
A large assortment of Boots and Shots.
Domestics Calicoes
Tickii'gs fiin;;hams
OMiabnrgs (iambriH-ns
TuIti Hats Cottirtiadc
Drillings Cheeks
Qtieeii'-wara Catlinc
Wood Buckets Collins' Axf
Fainted Tubs Fonder and Lead
Pittsburgh Iron and Nail', nil kinds nnd num
bers, and a general ussnrnnent of M kinds ot
L'oodi, gcncrully kept in their lino, whieh ill be
disposed uS' for small profits for ca-di, or product! of
kinds ut the mgheit market prices. .
Rocheport, Muy 17th, 1C15.
0 Dozen Cracl.', Grass and Ifjm. Svihs
and Suenttis, of all lengths aud widths,
lower than ever, by
Rocheport, Slay 17rh, 14.".
Taxes! Taxes!! Taxc!!!
'IHOSE who have not paid their Tuxes fur
1 1?44, are requested to call at the Siierill' 's
office, and do so, immediately, and thereby ssvi
time and troub's. J. HEADltlCK.
Sheriff of ILu ard Cviinty.
Fayette, May 24th, 145.
frOSie sonth-east side public square, two
doors above tba store of Hu,Ki.s. Bi.hch Si Waxd.
WE are now receiving and ollering for sale a
general nsortuieul of JVlercbaudie, in the
large brick building on the north-west corner ol
the public square. The slock includes every ari
tlj usutily found ia a western store, and hating
been purchased iu the eastern cities, on tho bei
possible terms, it is bt Loved the good and price
will give satistaction. Accounts will be otuneu
and kept for gentlemen of known responsihiiiiv
and punctuality, to full duu on the Lsl day of the
year in which they are created, but iu u 1 ':uesti'
be promptly paid at maturity. Tho puh'ic, and
particularly those who wish to become regulur cus
tomers, are invited to cell.
Fayette, Jlay 10, 1H5.
WHEAT wanted hy J. D. TERRY Sl Co.
Fayette, April 5th, lrl-5.
Carriage and Waggons.
A good neatly finished eastern built Family
Carriage and two 2 horse waggons, well
ironed, for salo very low for cash or approved pro
duce, by fl.4LLA.V77.YK iy OUTCALT.
Rocheport, May 17th, 19-15.
JUST received per Steamboat Koreas, No. i.
and Lewis F. Linn, a splendid article of N
O. Sugar and a few barrels of genuine Sugar
House Molasses, for sale low for caih . hv
Glasgow, May 17ih, 1915.
SALT Just received and fur sale a beautiful
article of Alleghany Salt, by the barrel, also
sack and L. B. Salt. J XAXSUX cy SOX.
Glasgow, May I7th,-1;45.
C10TTON YARN Just received Hope and Ea
' gle Cotton Yarn all numbers fer sale low
by J. XA NSOX dp SOX.
Glasgow, May 17th, 1945.
(1 A 11 16 XV A 11 Vj .
HAYING this week received our spring supply
of Hardware, Cutlery, Queen-warp, China
and Glisswure, and additional supply of 1-rv
Goods, our s'ock is now unusually full, ai.d v.e.l
worth the attention of purehsspr-.
Fayetto, Mav 10, 1915.
Parasol s ami Sim feltadt-.
O ICil Silk end Satin Tornsv Is, and Sun !:"hids
! X. uow oi.eniug and for sul ) bv
Fayette. May 3d, 1915.
TT7 will take in exeiino f -r g 'O-.s t!'"
W lowing articles: Wheat, Dry Hides, K
seed, llciiip, iailJ.v, l-ewux. b.icon, t-taiii
ic. HICKMAN ii. ALL-.
Fayette, May 3d, Is 15.
UST opened, a choicu lot tf new s'.ylu
S:!k, Pic Nic and I. ace Gloves,
Ler:g, Kid and S,L; d .
Lacies and Gentleiiieu's Kid dj.
A very uniqoo stjlo of Milts,
Cotton and Thread Gloves, eye . eye . fi'r t-u's
low by SWITZLEii vj- S.'.Ul.L
Fuve'te. April 19th, 1"-1J.
LADIES Kid Shoes,
.J do. Into satin slippers,
do. Gambrooti foxed luskins,
Gentlemen's Gaiter blioes.
Bouts and Morocco do.
Men's kip and elf Boots,
' ' " " sh.es, ju-jt opened hv
Fayetto, May fd, 145.
. The Sheriira OKiee,
XTOR the future, will be kept on the north west
. em side of the public quore, two duc-rs north
uf the store ut' HiiiiiiKs, Etitcti &. W,,i;, where
persons having ot'icial or private busimss vi h ti;f
.S'hcrilT will please call. The principal otSeer or
a deputy w ill te in attendunce, except when absent
on oilieial business.
Fayetto. May 3d, 1915. ?-tf
CWITZLER tV SMITH have ju-t opened a sn.aV.
O lot of School Books, and a full supply of
Writing and Letter paper,
German and English Slates,
Blue and Black Ink,
Smith's Grammar,
Hbzcd's Speller and Definer,
Webster and t.yeriy pellers.
do. Elementary Dictionary,
Olney's Geography and Atlas,
Cnmstnck's Philosophy,
Bonnycastls's Mensuration,
Kay's, Pike's, Smilcy's and Smith's Aritl.'no
.ics, for saUby SWITZLER J, SMITH
Fayette, April 10th, Is', 5.
11 V. V, W V P,
- t?
FAi.y :).
A gentleman in lh:
tine, in 1 -:0, heard ! . .-..: ! ; ;.'. ; ;; .1
place in favor of JEW V ' VI.;. ':
and tif the (as he conHidcrrd,! ;! .) . ,.
had performed, that ho was induced f
his o n person, for a lung and live r eS'-r.: j
removal uf whii h hod been the chief ol j- ''t
journey, but which hid resisted tiio geu:i.
enco of that balmy and delicious clin.-!.
He accordingly applied a plasft-r on th' r..
side of his chest, where the pain v.iij n !
onntker between tho hould( rs, ami one ..er
region of the liver. In the meun tunx lipmn
freely of un herb tea of laxative nii ilnii -i.
oon finmd his health improving, and in a fe..
weeks hi-couh 1-ft him, the sullowne-is of I. is
"kin di-sppcun.-d, his pain was teinoved, in, ! Lis
iieal h bei.'itmo pertnancii'l reinstated.
Since that lira'! ho has been recomnn nilir.jr it '.:)
his fritn Ji aed (.cqii'ii.i'.atires fur ail t'K.'d p tif.s
Miu'ii!r, unci as i.i e'imali-m, irout, l iiinnif
Side, Hip, h k urn! Limb, in every ea.-e ( t' i
ilhss proved an eiii.etua enre. He !, iikk l-.i
wit nosed the happy etle''t of its jt'u.nij ni. I
tiesiling quala:e, in nnn.bt r'ess ccs ni s.-V
Ions hunmrs. Knots, Wens. White Selii: ;g. t "r I
I'umors, Siiif Joints, Ajm Cak -, A-i ri V""
Hreast. and the like, to the tailed
t'lt'.i'-n uf
himself and o'.hcrs.
It has 'oecn very benefi.Mi-1 in cases
iiwfs, mch as Weakness and Tain in tin
Weak Limbs, IiUiencss, afli-ctiuns i ;i
Female Weakness, jbc. No female, su'
Ct t'J -11
or aeaknosa in thu back or rides, sh wlii b.i v. i i..
out it. illarri.rd ladies, in delicate si:u.iti i;-, :', A
great ndiiffrom constantly wearing this p!.ier.
The applica'ion of the plaster hetwe- u i.-: -i i u 1 -d-?rs
has be;n found a eertaia re-nedv f'.-r (.' Us,
Couehs, Fhthi.-ic and L'Jiig bif.ctiua-. in their
primary stag'1?. It destroys iiiflamniati.-ti, '; pei
ipiration. A'o phi aiciaa should he without it.
In view uf th great benefit resulting frr:i t!
u-e of this jli.-t.r. within t.u own obsriB'iun.
Lis rjob.'iJence in its superiority over rvery ;'.!.:
plaster, uiutiui'iit. epuJcld.K-, tef jre the piihi--? i:i
this country, has induced this guntleman .i
the Hebrew Plaster into the hand ' f il.o: - v.i: .
will gie it publicity, believing it will pruv-; it.
a rich biesing to the community n; lirgi.
Cc5Th peculiarities of this f.'iiem."u cc.i
pouud. are owiug to its exlraorditmry t'.T-up.n
rhu animal fibres or nerves, ligaments and luna
cies, iu virtues being carried hy them to liie. i.o'r.u
diate seat of the disease, or of pain and woa'tn-:--.
CiT"Frict! 50 riiis a box; containing ;-.:.,ic:-.:i.t
to spread d or "i 1 istcrs.
The above tru'tj raluablt arti.-i. when used i x
ternnily, in couuectiou wi'h "Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Chkhsv," taken interna'ly. in.pi: ts ti.'.'
greatest relief to atieuts laboring under any a'
nunarif or lii.r complaint. Eitlier artiiven.iJ
alone has in numerous instances, given very big!.
satftacliuu but when both ar? used, f which 'f
always recommend,) the reliuf ati'jrded is inu.-li
more immndiate, and dieaso is mot certainly
banished from the systtiu. We commend it .to lie.'
candid attention of all invalids laboring under ai.y
ciirunic or long siar.ding disease.
The geruinejevy David's or Hebrew Plaster is
for sale by Dr. Wm. R. Snelson, in Fayette .ti; J
R. P. Hanenkamn. Glasgow.
Fnyette, -Mnv :1, 19-15'. 1:5 ly
Con.M:i2itio:i oi' the Iwt.,,
Ajl'rftioits ' t!ui 7.ii.'. Asthma, Eiorsliilis, fui'.i
or We.i.'..i ' the Hreast or Lmms, C'trot.ic
Cui'i'A. P:-.ari.-n, lI:mon-h e of Langs,
andal .f ili.ns of the Pul
monary (t'xans.
.ltnorg all the famous medicines for consump
tion, none f-r-ems to be meeting rt ith greater suc-ce-s,
cr i."'iiing a higher reputation then that must
wnr.de rl'.i'. article Wistji 's Daisum of 'i J Cherre.
That it stands at the hi-ad of il: other remedies i
now eiiiveisa'.ly conce-d-.-d. It has cured thousands
upon ihcu-ands ot' a.l classes, in cases of the most
d.incrrou- ly c-.-n--i.inpiive cnaracter, and pbys. iat.
of the greatest emim-nce thrt.eghotit our uho':'
coun'ry ur.lit.-s'.'atitigly recomniend it as the :-..'
; t.u-'-rful curat if. uf pu'.aiuncry diseases in tt.e
wl.tdn range t4 pl.r.rinr.cy. Tno sales In the West
ern States have thus fur been unparalleled, and the
tr.fst cra'iijirg proofs cf its ttSoicy have leeu
rt-ciiu ",v,.i t.-i-ry j lare where t' has tv.'ii uscJ.
li.--usai.-. of C"h-.iiit.:i,e ji;i-".tt hivt elready
ifslwd Us css'l'd tii'ucs, and ceiitH.'sed its ur-oas.-ii-.i:,
e.;i'.'cot and amazing power. There
inarkuL'.o suvce-s cf this balsa s is no doul-t cwii..
in a grt-al ii.es-iir''. to the peculiarly Bgrctable a:..:
pL't-ei i'iil ii-ture of its in-n lients. It is a ..
:i ' :l ?- .' -ir,e, cn!:i: e-'cd ehicl'y ot" wi:U eh: .-
:,r :-tl tr -tine i.'-i l-i mi.s;. (the hitter ii, -iiorttd
c.tprf-sly f r ll.ii piirpr-e.) Ihe rur tii.l.-.-:il
virtu. if itl.i.ii are tlo cvmbiiit d by r. , -el.
.i.icol pr- e-s with lio e.iluc! 'i.ii tei:-
ring t!ie wi." compuiiiiii me iiii! reriam am;
Uucitms rc:t.tdv ever discovered lor C "...". ;-
' ti.
rrMiiE voice of the wkst
tu .".'i-r ... i: :i." oj i. t' X:'rv.ir..i'.e i
ii lou
rs H.i'.sa H of Wi-d Ch,rn,.
STi;i' f.'I'owiiig has j jst been receded from Mr.
ti a u rti Struttou, of Lexington, IVIo-, which ;.iA':.
iit Coijiir').'i'.i in t vtrsl frir. can Lo cured by
Wis.a.'s Bi -aaiof Wild Cherry.
Li mvjiuS, Mt., January 21t, 19 1-
B.ojaminTit :;s Did." Sir: 1 lii.e great p.t-as-u
; e in communicating to ou what I consider a:i
exu ii rdii at y cure effected en my ilaugiiter, uuuu.
t- U'.t'-en ytitrs of age, by Wistnr's Bal-am i.t
'.V.;.l (.'ii. ity. Aho.it tho 1st of September last, my
d.iUithter was tuken sick, and was attt nled by sev-
ral physicians, whose precripti jns prove j Lief-
t'tetiial, or senmu to do no good. rie was attended
w i'h a con tart cough, an J pain in tha breaat. li.r
.l sii-i-.r.s. and all who saw her, cama lo th' cm
c;tiion thai si e was in a Confirmed stage of con
sumption. I u.adc no other cumulation than fit hi r
'o c;e. But as soon as she commenced taking ll o
uulstii.t sh began to improve, and continued so to
do until herhi-hl'h was restored, nndisnowm
tirely well. With a view cf benefitting tliuse v I u
may b Mtuildily sfilieted.I take pleasure in rccnu
mending this remedy to the confidence cf the public.
Ycurs. with respect,
C. tr-ire if spurious imitations. I'hflts a Blaks
u.v,cn;NF.a i.t T;-tRD am Ciifsnlt Streets, Sr.
Loi is, M i , Geiieial .tgenls f.r tho v est. rlie gen-
i ii;e is old in Faietto onlv hy Dr. Win. R.Snol
sjn, and 11. P. ll inenkainp.Glisgow. ft-Pamphlets
cnniaiuing cerlitieales and testinioinals to be
had of the Agents gratis.
Fayette, may 31, 1915.
-i K. iTV f f lbs.
of Prime N. O.Sncar, iust
landinc from Steamer Wapello,
direct from New l riean, which will he sold low,
wboiesaleur retail, by J. SANSON SON.
fil"sgrw,n.ay 31. 1-15.

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