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'Messrs. Dynuni and Ilerndon were re
elected on Monday, without regular oppo
sition. John P. Sebroe, Eiq., was elected
' CnAHiTon.William Allen elected Cir
cuit and John Davis County Clerk.
Cooper. Messrs. Clark and Ferry, re
elected. C. II. Smith was elected Probate
Randolph. R. Samuel re-elected. '
Boonb. Messrs. Todd and Woodson
SAtifta. Messrs. Trigg and Wilson.
It is rumored that a regiment of mounted
men, to operate on the Santa Fe route, has
been called for by the War Department
from Missouri. " '
Messrs. Pratte and Campbell, members
i of the Illinois constitutional convention,
fell out and repaired to St. Louis, for the
purpose of settling the dispute by a duel.
They were both arrested last Sunday
morning, and held to bail to keep the peace.
They gave bail, and we suppose are back
at their posts.
Appointment bv tub President.--Col.
Sterling Price, of Missouri, to be
Brigadier General, vice Jefferson Davis,
! 1 1 1 I ! ! ! I I
Mr. Robert II. Browning, of this vicini
ty who went out last year in Col. Doni
phan's regiment, reached home last Satur
day, direct from Santa Fe.
He left Santa Fe on the Slst June,
company with Lieut. Easton, of the Cole
county infantry.
All was quiet at Santa Fe. Col. Price
was discharging the volunteers as fast as
their time expired. He knew nothing of
trooos coins to his relief.
The party was attacked on the 4ih of
July by the Indians, who succeeded in
driving off one mule, and seventeen yoke
of oxen, belonging to Mr. Brown.
The day before they arrived at Pawnee
Fork, a government train of wagons was
attacked, Dd the Indians captured twenty
oxen, and killed a negro man belonging to
Moses Payne, of Boone county, within 150
yards from the camp.
Lieut. Love was met eight miles this
sideW the crossing of the Arkansas, going
on, on the 10th of July, 'lhe Inlantry
Battalion, under Cel. Easton, and Captain
McNair's Dragoons, were met at Pawnee
Fork, with large train of wagons. Fou r
companies of Col. Ralls' regiment were
met, on the 20th, at Cotton Wood Fork-
Cant. Simonds' and Smithson's companies
a few miles beyond Council Grove, on the
21st. Capt. Simonds was at the Grove,
very sick, though getting belter. The Ralls
county company was met at Council Grove;
and next day, met four companies of the
Illinois regiment, eleven miles this side of
the Grove. Soon after, three other com
ponies of the same regiment at Willow
mTha aDDointment of Mr. Hall
i I
Judge of this circuit, is well received by
the people.
Important News from the Interior Arrival of
an depress jrom rueoia uen. ocou ai inai
place Appointment of Commiisienert by the
filexieon Government, to confer with Mr. Triit
Generals Vadtcatlader ana ftllow at re
Ttufmi af ihr Mtxicans ai La HouaGen
Xntiit Annn turmnted la be in favor of Peace
Capture and svpyesed Murder of Liett.
The Sun of Aoahuac, of the 13th inst. stys:
UA private exprsts arrived here night before
last from Puebta, bringing very interesting in
telltgenoe from that place, from Mexico, and
rAm Rimrili Cadwatlader and Pillow's trains.
The express left Pueblaon the 3d inst. and
brought private letters dated the same day.
News had been received ineaay previous, irom
Mexico that 3 Commissioners had been ap
nninil hv iK Mexican aovernment to confer
with Mr. Trist, at San Martin Teimelucan, 8
leagues from Puebta, and it was supposed they
would meet him on the 4th of July. The ex-
. . . i j ii j i
press rider met witn veneraisvaawauaaer no
Pillow, and their respective commands, at Pe
rots. They had been attacked at La Hoys,
nit nmnlntnlv routed the enemv. bavins
sustained but little loss. No property was lost,
knik trains had arrived in Perole: which
place, a correspondent sajs, they were to leave
on tbe inn inst.
W. h.va mm a latter dated Mexico. Juiv
3d. The writer says that he does not doubt
that a treaty of peace would be concluded at
nee by the commissioners. He also says that
tka Pibm nartv hai become Bo considerable in
the capital, that ha thinks that Santa Anns
(who is always on tne siaeoi me strongest; win
eoon pronounce himself in favor of peace.
Tk. u'ii.im were still fortifvinff the oitV of
Mexico, but the means of government were so
limited, that we do oot doubt that it will not be
ik.n a itav'a work far Gen. Scott to de
moliih all the Mexicans have done in 3 months,
in case they should show resistance.
ma laiiar from Puabls. which was written
several day's before ths express left that place,
states that there had been some sickness among
our troops, we do not give our rouor wi
Matinta itnntAnta nf this latter, because it is full
of rumors, which, hod not been realised at the
latest dates.11
According to information from the city or
Mexico, received at Puebla on the 2d inst. the
J.v hati.ra tha denartura of the express, ths
nnv.rn mant had determined to SDDoitlt 3 Com
missioned, and that Don Manuel Edward de
Gorostiza, Don Manuel Barando, and Jose Ma
.;. Titfnal. had haan annnintad ta OD60 0 Confer
nee with Gen. Scott, who on bis part, bad
nmiuinniul Mr. Trial in tha same effect.
Ljebt. WmrFW--JJie Capture and Supposed
Jllurdir Extract from a letter from one 01 our
cot respondents, doted " Vera Crua July 13ih,
I847!1 - . .
As to news, there are so many different ru
mors constnnly afloat here, that it is almost
mpossible to cat the riant end or any thing.
On our arrival on Sunday evening, 1 learned
from the Quartermaster, that on ths previous
evening on officer of the U. S. A. Lieut. Whip
ple, i who was also Adjutant,) of the iih Infan-
ry, had walked out in the evening towards the
Cemetery, a short distance from the walls ol
he town, accompanied by a servant, and in
presence of the attendant, he was lassoed by
one of the guerrilas, made prisoner, and carried
away, ths Lord knows where! A party, under
the command of Capt. Duperu, (who is yet in
camp,) were despatched on the following morn
ine: but they weie unable to discover any tra
ces of the guerrillas, or any thing whaiever
connected with the late or the unfortunate
Lieutenant. The general belief here is, thai
he has been murdered -and from what I hear
myself about, I have no doubt that he has.
In regard to Lieut. Whipple, an account of
whose capture will be found in the letter of our
Veto Cruz correspondent, the Sun of Anahuac
of the 13th inst. says: "It is rumored thai
Lieut. Whipple, Adjutant of the 9ih Infantry,
who was carried oil on Saturday evemog lost
by s guerrilla party, was met at a place nam
ed San Miguel de Medelin, and that he was
considered and treated as a prisoner of war.
This, however, does not appear to us very like
ly. When this was heard of, a detachment or
cavalry was immediately sent in that diiection,
but we Tear that, ne wilt not be lound. Much
excitement still prevails here on his account.
At every hour or the day rumors of dinerent
kinds are put in circulation in this city, and
we are sorry to see that too much Taith is put
in them- especially by the Mexicans, who are
always anxious to start and listen to any thing
that might be unpleasant to the Americans --
They boast too, of the boldness of the gnerril-
leres, and some ol them pretend that guerrilla
parties are every day seen within half a mile
of the city. And there is some truth in this
Lieut. Whipple's disappearance Is a prool ol it.
He has been carried off while he was within 3
or 400 yards of the walls of this city."
Sknor Atoch this illustrious diplomatist
has written a letter to El Republicano, in re
ply to the rather deprecatory remarks of that
journal. Senor concludes his epistle with the
following ominous, mysterious, and profoundly
interesting assurance, and flattering, encourag.
inc. and sustaining endorsement of the wisdom
and honor of Mr. Polk's cabinet:
I can not explain myself as it should be necs
sary, to illustrate an affair of so great impor
tance, which ought to have been examined with
the greotqst circumspection and sparing con
siderations, previously to having declaredd
themselves against it ia the high terms which
have been used.
My intentions have been always sound and
my wishes for peace the most sincere.
I he conduct of the government of the Uni
ted States through me is worthy of men of hon
or and highly illustrated. I hope that these
qualities may be appreciated in future times as
they deserve. I here is no meanness, nor
treachery, nor baseness, nor iniquity. There
is nothing in reserve that may be censured in
the least as a lack of honor in the men of both
countries, that ceuld have any intervention in
that question. When the moment will have
arrived, 1 hope to put tt in its true point of
view. I hose who may judge it with a prudent
sense, may give their opinion, and this 1 ex
pect with delight, will be lavorable to me.
Tha noursa of time and eventa will ha tha onlv
argument tdednvince ignorance.
Cotton Factories at the South. The 'Live
Oak of Pensacela gives some account of a cot.
ton factory at Arcadia, about seventeen miles
from Pensacola. It has about 1000 spindles,
and is worked entirely by negroes -mostly girls.
It his been in operation about a year, and as an
experiment it has more than answered the san
guine expectations of its projectors.
Tobacco Good Prices. W a understand
that, on Thursday, a crop of ten hogsheads,
raised by Mr. 1 nomas Miller, of Granville
county, North Carolina, was purchased at pri
vate sale by Mr. C. A. Colquitt, manufacturer,
at the following prices: JNo. 1 at $22 50; No
5 at 17 50; No. 2 at 13 50; Nos. 3 and 7 at
12 50; Nos. 6, 8 and 9 at 8; and Nos. 4 and
10 at 6 25; average of the crop $11 50.
liich, tLnquxrer.
"Cholera bombshells," is the appellation
given to water melons, by the Philadelphia
in or in American.
St. LOUIS MARKET August 2d.
Tbe market continues quiet, with very limited
receipts. Sales Sour to-day 120 bbls. Green's,
8. F., at 3 75; fine $3 25; middlings 2 50;
lew bbls. mixed brands at $3 ST i, and 114 bbls.
nankin at 84. Wheat is inactive but steady: the
sales (which embrace about 3.UUU bushels from
Levee and store) have ranged about as follows:
Say for spring and inferior 35 to 45c.: medium
and fair 50 a 59 cts.: good and prime tiO a 65c.
per bushel, lit corn, 07 sacks at S2c.; lho sacks
19 bbls. at 33c.. the packages returned, and 413
sacks in new osnaburgs at 36c. Of oats, 113
sacks at UUc, without sacks. Ut barley, 99 sacks
at 3Uc, without sacks.
Holders of Hemp firm at 100, but buyers back
ward. 4 The only sale reported to-day was of 193
bales (jpm store at ylUU.
Tortcco. The demand has continued anima
ted, and the sales of the week amount to 2500
hhds., including several lots said to be tbe closing
lots or the season or some or the leading tobacco
houses. Among the sales we notice a lot or 400
hhds. Mason county at 51c. the Admitted, and
Sic toe Hetuseo; 42 hhds., part Yellow bank,
the price ol which the seller refused to cominu
nicate, end 406 hhds. Yellow Rank Tobacco, of
which 243 bhds. Admitted at 01 cents: 56 at 6c
68 hhds. Refused at 3Jc. and 30 Refused at 3c.
Prices are wily supported, with the exception of
Mason county the last sale of which is consid-
sidered to have been made at a decline. We
quote: Inferior 2 a 21; Common. 21 a 3: Fair 31
a 4; Fine, 4 a 5$; Choice, 6 a 7; Mason
bounty and other Uigar Leur 2 a 13.
HLOvn. lne market has been very amor, and
the sales of the week do not exceed 15,1)00 bbls.,
but there is a decidedly better feeling, and hold
ers are asking advanced rates the last sales
have been made at $1 15 a $4 25 for Ohio; 4 50
a 4 621 for Illinois, and 5 a $5 50 fur St.
Louis. The arrivals are falling off, as will be
perceived by our statement. Arrived during the
week, 11,357 barrels. Exported, 36,123 bbls.
Wheat. The transactions have been on rather
a limited scale, at prices ranging from 00 to 924c
for a prime article. Arrived during the week,
2,757 sacks. Exported, 37,283 sacks.
Corn. Tbe market has been extremely dull,
with the exception of Monday, when some 15,000
sacks changed bands. Since then the sales have
been trifling, at prices ranging from 60 to 65
cents lor mixea to prime White and Yellow,
Arrived during the week, 10,648 sacks. Exported
43.888 sacks.
Oats There has been a better demand, and
soma lots or choice have been sold at 33 cents
Sales of round lots 35 a 37c. .
Whisky Transactions continue to be of a re
tail character at 20o. for Rectified.
Pork. Confined to small sales at $16 a $16 25
for Mess and $13 a 13 25 for Prime.
Bacon But little doing. Prima Cincinnati
Sides 8Jc.; Shoulders 0J a GJc; Hams 6 a lie.
Lard There has been very little doing, there
being no demand for the Havana; besides which
the stock of Prime is very small. For a Prime
srticle'll cents and upwards would be easily ob
tained. Bef.f Confined to retail at $15 for Mess, and
$12 for Prime.
Baqoino amd Rope There is little doing at
the old rates of 14 a 15 cents and 61 a 6 on
tiiMt. A lot of 1500 bales Power-loom was sold
at 13) cents on six months credit a decided de
cline. HEMP Tin market his hniirlln. mil 1,it.
sales have been made at $30 to $85 per ton
some holders ask $so but we have not been able
to ascertain a saie at tni rate.
MARRIED On the 8th u. a .hi... Pit.
Co., Mo., by the Rev. Dr. Bond, s.,v. WM. W.
KhUMAJN, ol Missouri uonierence, to Wig sv,
ELINE L. HESSER, formerly of Virginia.
Valuable Slaves for Sale.
PURSUANT to an order of the County Court
of Howard county, made at the August Term,
1847, I will sell, at Public Sale, for cash in hand,
before the Court House door, in the
town of Fayette, on the 1st Monday in
September, 1847, two likely
belonging to the estate of Robert Giv
ens, deceased.
11. W. KRINO. Adm'r.
Fayette, August 7th, 1847. 22 5t
Sale or Real Estate.
QY virtue of an order of the County Court of
1 .9 Howard County, made at the August Term,
1847, I will sell, before the Court House door,
in Fayette, on the 6th day of September next,
tbe following described real estate, situate in the
County of Howard, to-wit: Lots No. 53 and 133
in Fayette, and part of the n. w. qr. of the s. e.
qr. of section 19, township 50, range 15, contain
ing about 27 acres, belonging to the estate ol
Henry Ulmsman, deceased.
Terms: Half the purchase money in 6, and the
remainder in 12 months. Bond with approved se
curity required of the purchaser.
a. j. tiLttnuun,
Adm'r. of the estate of Henry Chrisman, dee'd.
Fayette, August 7ih, JS. 5M Dt.
I. O. O. F.
Saliks Lodos, No. 25, Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, will be instituted at Cambridge,
Saline county, on Monday 16(h August, 1817.
Neighboring Lodges, and all brotheis 10 good
standing, ere cordially invited to attend.
An address, on the objects and aims ol (Jdd
Fellowship, will be delivered by Rev. F. A
u. tl. IjUtt, u. v. u. ul.
July 31st, 1817.
A Cure Secured for Forty Cents, with
Doct. Bragg'g
Indian Queen Vegetable Sugar Coated Pills
A RE the latest and most important discovery
x. of the age in the form of a popular FAMILY
1V1K1HUIIN&, lortney possess exwauruinory vir
tues hitherto unknown in the shape ot puis.
They are of two kinds first, the Anti-Bittous
second, tbe ionic rius.
Are the safest and most efficacious purgative ever
used in bilious fevers, ague and levers, dropsy,
dyspepsia, rheumatism, inflammatory fever, and
all diseases peculiar to the Western and Southern
States. They are
And free from all the poisonous and corroding
effects of mineral medicines which are so indis
criminately used in chills and fever, and other dis
eases of the
Their virtues consist in their mild yet searching
effects upon the inner coat of the stomach and
bowels, and upon the secretions of the liver, skin
and kidneys, thereby cleaning
Of all offending and viscid humors, exciting the
liver to prompt and healthtul action, carrying on
the bile and other
and restoring the regular motion of the bowels,
Of the system, producing moisture of the skin,
cleansing thn fur from the tongue, removing head
ache and paia of the back, and securing that free
dom troin tebnie commotions wnicn invites to
sleep and ends in a
After the stomach and bowels have been cleanssd
of their
Tbe liver drained of its STAGNANT BILE, and
tbe active force of the chill or fever subdued, then
Require to be freely used. These pills act LIKE A
CHARM upon the chills or fever, &.c; all the
other disordered functions of the body, by their
soothing and strcngtlnng. action upon the
thus guarding it against tbe poisonous and para-
lying ettects ot that
Which lives in the atmosphere, carries death and
destruction to thousands and tens of thousands,
in new countries under the form of
Which is the first eause of chills and fever, and
all bilious diseases, and is the product of a
Caused by the union of heat and moisture in all
low and marshy simationi during the summer
months, and which the close researches of the
Have heretofore been unable to unfold. It has
been our good fortune to discover a
Against this prevalent and all-pervading poison
which we constantly inhale with the atmosphere
we breathe during the summer months.
m; u toxic PiLLs
Have been found to have complete and astonishing
power over this
And henco the great success and uncommon popu
larity which they have obtained in all the West
ern and Southern States.
For sale at wholesale and retail at the Family
Medicine Store of Dr. E. EASTERLY,
No. 70 Chesnut street, St. Louis, be'. ween Third
and Fourth streets, nearly opposite the Post-Omce.
Also bv Wm. R. Snelson, rayettei (J. mender.
son. Glaoeow. J. W. White, Roanoke; James C
Koss; Taylor Si sahuel, tiuntsvuie; WM. UP
TON. Mt. Airv; W. H. Iiuebin; Wilax at Bkotii
er, Smilhland; John L. Noun and S. P. Abiicom.
August Oih, sa-ora
A PPLE VINEGAR 5 barrels apple vinegar
timt received warranted Dure. Call at Cor
ner and sudpIv yourselves for pickling; 6 galls.
for one dollar. iUlasgow, juiy ilia, 1947.
Castor Oil, Turpentine,
fnutm Knlta. KulArHtllS.
- Indigo, Madder, die, &c, all of tbe very
(.... n... r.. ..i.ku
wv.fc uuaiiiy lur ! hi
Fayette, April 24th, 1847.
T OST. A Gold Bracelet, Topas Set, was lost
mm on tne car ot lhe Barbecue. The finder will
confer a favor on the owner, and be suitably re-
, I I , ...... rr "
wsraea, ay leaving li ai tnis oiuce.
fayette, July 3Ut, 1847.
Executor's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
have obtained from the Clerk of the Count
Court of Howard County, lettora testamentary
on the estate of John Proctor, dee'd., bearing date
may na, lavi. All persons indebted to said es
tate, are requested to make immediate oavment.
and those having claims against it, to present
iiiein, property authenticated, wunin one year
from the dite of said letters, or they may be pre
cluded from having any benefit of said estate, and
if not presented witbin three years, they will be
forever barred.
July 81st, 1847. 21 4t
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk of the County
Court of Howard county, letters of sdmlnlatmtinn
on the estate of John D. Leland, dee'd., bearing
"" July 26th, 1847. All persons indebted to said
nJ i Vk ro rem,e,ted t0 make immediate payment,
ii . T !javinB' "i"" ginst it, to present
fr'tfJSSTJT "towrttaMed, within one year
riZL K h..i:aid lette"' or ,he " 09 Pr
eluded from hving,ny benefit of la'id Jtate Ftnd
LTJZ 6d WUL three years, they will be
C. F. Jj-CKSON, Adm'r.
21 4t.
July 31st, 1847.
Dr. Champion's
Vegetable Ague Rledicin.
A safe and certain cure for Chill and Fever, t
all its complicated forma. Also, an effectual
remedy for Fevers of every description.
This Medicine has been before the public for a
number of years, and the beneficial effects so fully
developed, tuat tne demand tor the fills has in
creased to a very great extent; for although the
rropnetor nas manufactured near halt million
boxes during the past year, he has not been able
to supply many psrts of the country. This Med
icine may be relied on in all cases to cure tbe
Chills and Fever the first day.
Bilious fever, Tvnnus r ever. Winter Fever and
scarlet fever all yield to tbe use of this Med
cine, and are cured by this system of practice, in
a shorter time, and with much more certainty
man oy any oilier system that has been recoin
mended. Eich box contains twentv-four oilN
twelve of which will cure any ordinary case of
l"llMI A T. A ... .
v-niiis anu ruver. a pampniet accompanies each
uox, giving run directions and numerous certih
cates of the efficacy of these Pills. Price reduced
to $1 UU per box.
Dr. Champion's
Vegetable, Anti-Bilious, Ajm-DrsPEr-
Possessing four important combined properties for
lne cure oj diseases, carejully and correctly
combined, one article to assist the effect of
another for the benefit of the health of
The proprietor asserts, and without fear of
contradiction, that the demand for these pills is
not equalled by any medicine in tbe United states.
He has in his possession great numbers of cer
tificates of the most astonishing cures that have
been ettected by the useot liiese pills.
They are recommended to the attention of those
afflicted with Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Bilious
habits, Costiveness, Cholera Morbus, Rheuma
tism, Scrofula, Foul Stomach, Depraved Appetite,
worms, jaundice, Headache and Sick Stomach,
Palpitation of the Heart, Diarrhea, Nervous af
fections, obstructed Menstruation, Dysentery cr
Flux, Heart-burn, White Swelling, and ail those
diseases arising Irom impure blood.
rnce twenty-five cents per box. A pamphlet
accompanies each box witn lull directions and
ample testimonials of the good effects of these
Belleville, Feb. 17, 1845.
We the undersigned, citizeus of Belleville, Illi
nois, hereby certify, that we are personally ac
quainted with Dr. Champion, of this place, and
have been for several years, and have the utmost
confidence in him as a Physician; that he is, in
this community, and deservedly so, a popular Phy
We further certify, that we have used his pills
in our families for several years, and find them to
be a valuible, efficient and safe medicine for the
cure of diseases for which they are recommended.
ihatthevare in high repute in this community.
and of the celebrity and good effects of the pills
we have heard much Irom this and tbe various
other States in which they are so extensively
used. We think them worthy ot high recommen
W. F. Botakin, Pastor of the B't. Ch.
Thob. Harrison, Minister of the M. E. Cb.
John Reynolds, Ex-Governor of Ills.
Wm. McClintic, Clk.of Co. Corn's Court.
John D. Hughs, Probate Justice.
Richard Hat, Recorder St. Clair County.
W. C. Kinney, Cl'k of St. Clair C't Court.
James Mitchell, Post Master.
L. D. Morrison, Rep. in the Legislature.
Seth Cabtlin, Rep. in the State Senate.
L. D. Cabanne, Proprietor of Steam Mill.
Dr. Champion's
This preparation is confident!! offered to the pub
lic as a safe and effectual worm destroying Medicine.
The proprietor having used it a number of years
in extensive practice and the unexampled success
that bas attended its use in all cases where the
patient was really afflicted with worms, has in
duced him to offer it for sale to the public. It is
composed of a combination of the best vermifuge
medicine, and possesses, as well as the power ot
destroying worms, a mild and ettectual cathartic
property, which renders it a very convenient pur
gative for children in all cases where physic is
needed it is mild and safe in its operation, and
may be given with great advantage in Fevers, and
other complaints of children, even should they
not be afflicted with worms, and it may be de
pended upon in all cases as a safe and certain
IVorm-DdJirouinff Medicine.
Tbe proprietor has in his possession great num
bers of certificates, of the good effects from the ue
of this medicine he will, however, only offer tbe
Belleville, 111., April 30th. 1841.
We, the subscribers, do hereby certify, that
we are personally acquainted with Dr. Champion
of Belleville, HI., and have the utmost confidence
in him as a physician. He ia deservedly a popu
lar physician in this community. We have ued
his worm medicine in our families, and do recom
mend it to the public as the most effectual medi
cine for destroying and expelling worms from the
system that we have ever known.
A. H. Mullen, Thos. Dawson,)
C. Brooks, Rob't Asiilock, S Belleville, III.
Price 25 cents per bottle. The directions have
a fac simile of the Proprietor's name, without
which none are genuine.
ftVFor sale bv J. RIDDLESBARUER At Co.,
Fayette, O. HENDERSON, Glasgow. Alio, in
nearly all the towns and villages, and by numerous
County Agents in all tbe Western and Southern
SHOES AND BOOTS Selling off at cost
call at Carroll's and supply yourselves,
Glasgow, July 17th, 1847.
rayette, July Slst, 1847. 21 4m
Final Settlement Notice.
1OTICE is hereby given, that we will apply to
j i the uiunty court oi Randolph county, at the
August Term, for a final settlement of our ad
ministration of the estate of Jesse Miller, dee'd.
LUCY MILLER. ) p .,..
July 17th, 1647. 19 4t.
Final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
will apply at the August term of the County
Court of Randolph county, for a final settlement
of his administration on the estate of S. Ruther
ford, dee'd. ROBERT WILSON, Adm'r.
July 17lh, 1847. 19-4t
Final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given that I will apply at the
August term of the County Court of
Randolph coiintv. for a final settlement of mv ad
ministration on tbe estate of Mary Gaines, dee'd.
July 10th, 1847. 19-4t
Denjamin II. Twombly,
WILL practice in the Courts of Howard,
Randolph, Chariton and Carroll counties.
frOfiice on the west side of the Public Square.
Fayette, Howard Co., Mo., May 2d, 1817. 8-1 y
A few dozen received this day, and for
ssle by S. NOURSE, 68 Main street.
St. iiouis, Jely 31st, 1847.
FOR the purpose of making an alteration in the
house we have hitherto occupied, we have re-
-ored our Stock of Goods to
and as . w;sh t0 nsve as few goods as possible
to move bac. Wllen tne improvements are comple
ted, our friends ,an Duy bargains at the new stand.
Fayette, May 15th, 141
FAMILY BIBLES.--A ftw apiendidly bound
and gilt edged family bibles, , ,he by
Fayette, april 24tb, 1S47.
Administrator's) Notice. I
NOTICE is hereby given that I have adminis
tered on the estate of Abner Bailey, dee'd ,
late of Howard County, Missouri, bearing date
2d July, 1847. All persons indebted to said
estate, are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against it, to present
them, properly authenticated, within one year from
the date of said letters, or they may be precluded
from having any benefit of said estate, and if not
presented within three years, they will be forever
barred. SAMUEL C. MAJOR,
Public Administrator of Howard County.
July 10th, 1847. 18 at
A. an extensive assortment of men and boys'
fur caps of every description, viz: Otter, seal,
muskrat and hair seal; also, every variety of cloth,
silk, oil silk and velvet caps, for sale very low by
S. NOURSE, 68 Main St.
St, Louis, July 3lst, 1847.
Frederick Waldcr,
HAS opened a shop on the south-west side of
the public square, next door to Mr. Ma
jor's Cabinet Shop, where he is prepared to at
tend to all orders in his line of business, with
neatness and despatch, and on the most rcason'jle
terms. His stock, embracing Morocco, patent
leather, and calf, is very superior and his lasts
of the most approved fashion.
Ladies', gentlemen's, and children's Shoes, of
every description, made to order and a supply of
Bouts, &c, sewed and pegged, kept constantly on
(CrAH work warranted.
A share of public patronage is respectfully
Fayette, April 17th, 1947.
'I10YS! TOYS! Children must have toys to
J amuse them. A large assortment of almost
every description for sale at Carroll's Corner.
Glusgow, July 24th, 1847.
Pure old Whiskey.
-g Barrels Cincinnati Whiskey, Breese's
1UI brand, nearly two years old,
10 barrels Monongahela Rye Whiskey, four
years old,
20 41 ' assorted French and Peach Bran
dy. 10 " Holland Gin.
3 " pure Cider Vinegar, for sale by
Fayette, July 3d, 1847.
CHAMPION'S PILLS, ague and anti-bilious
for sale by J. RIDDLESBARUER c Co.
Fayette april, 24th, 1847.
Sleeper Ac Fehner
ATo. 126 Market Street,
South Side, belaic Fourth, Philadelphia,
Invite the attention of Merchants and Manufac
turers to their very Extensive, Elegant, New
Stock, prepared with great care, and offered at
tbe lowest possible prices for Cash.
The principle on which this concern is estab
lished, is to consult the mutual interests of their
customers and themselves, by manufacturing a
good article, selling it tt the Lowest Price for
Cash, and realizing their own remuneration in the
amount of sales and quick returns.
Possessing inexhaustible facilities for manufac
ture, they are prepared to supply orders to any
extent, and respectfully solicit the patronage of
Merchants, Manufacturers and Dealers.
Philadelphia, July 17th, 1647.
RYE WHISKEY! Just received at Carroll's
Corner 100 barrels of the best whiskey ever
in Glasgow, and no mistake. Call one and all who 1
want good old Kye at a low price.
(Jlasgow, July luth, 1947.
To Consumers of Iron and Steel.
WE have on hand, and expect constantly to
keep a large and well assorted stock, con
sisting of
Bar Iron ot various sices,
Round, Rod and Hoop do.
American'Blister. Cast and German Steel.
To which we respectfully invite your attention.
Fayette, april 24th. 1847.
PAINTS, OILS, Ate A very large and general
assortment for sale by WM, R. S.NELSON.
Fayette, aprii 24th, 1847.
JJHINGLES. A quantity of good Shingles on
3 band and for sale by
Fayette, april 24th, 1847.
11 RIND STONES A superior lot of Osage
v gril, lur saie low, oy
Fays't. sprt! C4th, 1"47.
Fayette Racc9-FK Meeting, 1847.
1 1 1HE races, over the Fayette course, will com
J. mence on Monday, the 13th day of September,
1847, and continue six days. In addition to tha
usual Jockey club purses, the following sweep and
post stakes are now open, and will close on the
10th of August next.
First day Sweepstakes for alt ages, sub. 0100.
forfeit $00 mile heats, two or more to make a
race. came day 2d race sweepstakes tor 3 yr.
olds, Mo. bred, sub. $100, forfeit 050, mile heats,
two or more to make a race.
R. L. Coleman enters.
Second day Post stakes for all age?, sub. 2O0,
forfeit $50, two mile heats, two or more to make
a race.
Third day Sweepstakes for 2 yr. olds, Mo.
bred, sub. $50, forfeit $39, one mle out, two
or more to make a race.
R. L Colemsn enters.
Same day 2d race sweenstakes for all aires.
Mo. bred horses (St, Louis and Jert Lancaster
excepted) sub. $100 forfeit $50. two mile heats,
two or more to make a race.
R. L. Coleman enters.
Fourth day Jockey club purse $75 mile heats.
Fifth day Jockey club purse $1253 mile heats.
Sixth day Jockey club purse $1002 mile beats.
The name, sire and dam, of all horses entered
in either ol ths above stakes (except the Post
Stake) must be given at or before the time of
closing the same.
fersons wishing to subsenbs to any or tha
above stakes, will please direct their letters to the
subscriber, at Fayette, Mo.
ROBERT L. COLEMAN, Proprietor.
Fayette, June 20th, 1847.
"Regular Weekly Packet,
For Jefferson City, Boonville, Glasgow,
and all intermediate landings.
'lhe new and fast running steamer JULIA,
M. Convers, Master. Capt. Eaton having
made arrangements by which the steamer JULIA
will take the place of the WAPELLO, and run as
a weekly packet in the above trade during the en-
n sason; she will commence her rpgular trips
onSaiuTd.y, the 17th inst., at 4 o'clock, P. M..
from Si. Lou's, and leave Glasgow every Tues
day morning, auo o'clock.
On her downward trip will be at Arrow Rock,
Boonville, Rocheport, Mount Vernon, Providence
and Nashville, on Tuesday; at Marion, Stones
port, Jcft'orson City, Mouth of Osage, Cote Sans
Desacns. Smith's and Young's Landings, Port
land, Herman, Loutre Island, Fincfeney, Wash
ington and .Sjuth Point, on Wednesday, and reach
St Louis ei,rly on Thursday.
For freight or pasae, apply on board, cr to
RANNEY &CO.. St. Louis,
WILSON & BROWN, Boonville.
R. V. HARVEY, do.
R. P. HANENKAMP, Glasgow.
May 1st, 1847.
1847. Tuesday Packet, 1847.
For Portland, Jefferson City, Boonville
and Glasgow, Missouri River.
The new and splendid double
engine steamer ROWENA,
Wm. C. Jewett, Master, will
run as a regular weekly packet to Glasgow, com
mencing on the opening of navigation, and will
leave St. Louis every Tuesday, at 6 o'clock, p. M.r
and will be at Herman, Portland and Jefferson City
every Wednesday; at Marion.Nashville.Providence,
Rocheport, Boonville, and Glasgow every Thurs
day. Returning, the ROWENA will leave Glasgow
every Friday, at 12 o'clock, m.; will be at Arrow
Rock, Boonville, Rocheport, Providence Nash
ville, Marion, Claysville, and Jefferson city, same
day; at mouth of Osage, Cote Sans Dessein, Smith
and Young's Landings, Portland, Loutre Island.
Herman, Washingon, South Point, Augusta, and
St. Charles on Saturday, and arrive in St. Louis
early on Sunday morning.
Thi ROWENA is building expressly for the
Missouri river, and being of light draught, pas
sengers and shippers may rely upon ber remaining
in the trade both in high and low water, and
upon the regularity of her arrivals and departures.
Her officers confidently hope, by attention to theit
business, to merit a share of the patronage so
liberally bestowed upon her favorite namesake.
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
RANNEY dj" Co., 25 Front St.
February 6th. 1847.
lCcgnlar Weekly Packet,
For Jefferson City, Boonville, Glasgow, and
all intermediate landings.
The staunch built passenger
Capt. N. J. Eaton, will com
mence her regular trips for Glasgow, Mo., on tbe
opening of navigat ion, and will leave St. Louis
every Saturday Afternoon, at 4 o'clock, and Glas
gow every Tuesday Morning, at 10 o'clock. On
her downward trip the Tobacco Plant will be at
Arrow Rock, Boonville, Rocheport, Mount Ver
non, Providence und Nashville, on Tuesday; at
Marion, Stone.port, Jefferson City, Mouth of
Osage, Cote Sans Dessein, Smith's Landing,
Young's Landing, Portland, Herman, Loutre Is
land, Finckney, Washington, South Point and
Mount Pleasant, on Wednesday, and will reach
St. Luiis early on Thursday.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
RANNEY CO., St. Louis,
WILSON BROWN, Boonville,
R. V. HARVEY. Boonville.
R. P. HANENKAMP iy Co., Glasgow,
Februnry Cth, 147.
ISegular Weekly Packet,
For Jefferson City, Boonville and Glasgow,
Missouri River.
The new end commodious
passenger steamer ALGOMA,
Anderson Miller. Jr.. Mas
ter, will commence her regular trips in the abovo
trade, on the opening of navigation.
On the upward trip the ALGOMA will leave St.
Louis on every Wednesday at C o'clock, r. tt., and
arrive at Glasgow on Friday afternoon. On tha
downward trip, the ALGOMA will leave Glasgow
every Saturday morning, at 8 o'clock, and will bo
at Arrow Kock, Boonville, Kocheport, Providence,
Nashville, Minon, Claysville and Jetterson city.
same day. At cote oans ties oein, smith s and
Young's landings, Portland, Herman, and Wash
ington, on Sunday, and arrive al St. Louis on
.Monday morning.
Agents: K. r. HANENKAMP dj- Co.,GIasgow.
JESSE McMAHEN, Arrow Rock.
C. &. J. JONES, Boonville.
L. P. MARSHALL, Rocheport.
PLUMP & Co., Jefferson City.
D. C. ARENS, Portland.
R. F. SASS, St, LouU.
February 6th, 1847.
THE partnership heretofore existing between
Leland Wright and A. J. Willis, is this day
dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due by
said firm will be settled by Leland Wright. All
porsuiia luuttoiea 10 wuu urm win please call and
make payment to Leland Wright, who alone is
FtyaMs, Juns I"ih, 14T. IJ If

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