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The friends of Gen. Taylor should bear
in mind that Messrs. Tompkins and Leon
ard will spoak in Glasgow on Saturday,
80th ult.
Sec other appointments of Mr. Leonard
in to-day's paper.
Our readers w ill recollect that Thos. E.
Birch, formerly of this county was chosen
representative, for Clinton county, at the
August election. The county has hereto
fore been pretty equally divided, but gen
erally conceded to the democracy. Those
who knew Mr. Birch, felt satisfied, when
he was announced, that Clinton county was
safe for the whigs for a small majority
could not withstand his eloquence and abil
ity. Tlio sequel proved that they had not
been deceived in their man. Tho rejoicings
of his whig friends, was only exceeded by
tho ravings of tho democracy, at the result.
The Platte Argus took his election very
much to heart, and has taken the trouble to
list the democrats, who voted fur him, as
well as those who did not vote, and gives
them the following blizzard:-
"We cannot forego the assertion that demo
crats, who fold (heir arms in tranquility, and per
mit the enemy to gain a victory over iheir friends
and their principles, are guilty of moral treason
to "friends, principles and country.
Lei the mark ol Cain rest upon
them. Let them go where they belong to the
plice provided for arrant traitors and political
charlatans, to be cursed by those whom they have
betrayed, and scoffed at by those who have mere
ly used them as pliant tools to subserve a bad
cause whose sun lately went down at Philadel
phia, there to remain forever."
There! Is not that well done? Have
not the traitors been amply punished for
their moral treason in voting for a whig?
Fools they were to use their eyes to see,
and ears to hear the truth spoken. But the
Argus men are not done with them yet;
they announce they intend to preserve the
list; and if need be publish it at a proper
time. And for what? Because, says that
If there be any office seekers in it they can rest
assured that, il ever they show their diminished
heads, the day of resurrection is at hand! and they
will be dealt wit'n according to their meriis! We
now let the curtain fall, and the shade of oblivion
cover them and their iniquities, and may the liver
Styx roll its gentle waves over them henceforth;
at least until (hey shall dare to venture from obs
O Birch, Birch! How could you subject
sixty fellow-beings to the burning mark of
Cain and oblivion beneath the gentle waves
of Styx!
Political Statistics op the U. States
the Presidency. The information era
bodied in tho following has already ap
peared in our columns, but we have been
requested to re-publish it, as the rapid ap
proach of the nf election has imparted ad
ditional interest to the subject. The cal
culators, too, are beginning to figure out
their estimates, and it is well enough to
aupply them with proper data :
Year. No. of Votes.
J 844 2.702,549
1840 2.402.658
1830 1,501.208
1832 1.290,498
1828 1,162,418
Majorities of Electoral Votes,
Polk over Clay, in 1844
Harrison over Van Buren, in 1840
Van Buren over Harrison, in 1836
Jackson over Clay, in 1832
Jackson over Adams, in 1828
Recapitulation of the Vote of 1844.
Polk's majority over Clav, exclusive
of South Carolina 39,340
Maioritv of Polk and Birney over
Clav 101,603
Maioritv of Clav and Birney over
Polk 22,083
Presidential Election of 1848,
The number of the Slates of our Union
is thirty. The Congress of the . U. Slates
is composed of sixty Senators, and two
hundred and thirty Representatives. Each
State, in 1848, will be entitled to a Presi
dential electoral vote, equal to the number
f its Senators and Representatives in
The Electoral Votes of the Stales will
be as follows:
Slates. No. voles. States.
vol s
Maine 0 Tennessee
New Hampshire 6 Ohio
10 Louisiana
4 Mississippi
0 Indiana
6 Illinois
8 Alabama
17 Missouri
U Arkansas
30 Michigan
7 Florida
26 Texas
3 Iowa
9 Wisconsin
Rhode Island
North Carolina
New York
New Jersey
South Carolina
12 Total Elec. vote 200
Necessary to a choice 140
Election by the People.
In the event of no choice by the Elec
k-oi rl!piPi iha House of Represents
lives, upon which the election would then
devolve, would then be divided as follows:
Massachusetts, Con
necticul. New York. New Jersey Pennsyl
vania. Delaware, iwaryianu, worm v,.u..'
na, Florida. Ohio, Kentucky 18. n
Democrat Maine, v irginia, oou...
Tied Ne
ina, Alabama. Mississippi, Louiaiana. Tei
as, Arkansas. Tennessee, inaian, ...""
Michigan. Missouri. Wisconsin, Iova-15
w Hampshire, nnooe jsmuu
We alluded to tho fact last week, that
there was in this countv. manV Kf MV
Van Burcn'f old friends who were with
him still, and would vote for him, if an elec
toral ticket were in the field. Our remark
called attention to tho subject, and we learn
there are even more who sympathize with
the Free Soil movement, than most persons
We see the Barnburners were to hold a
meeting last Saturday night, to consult up
on what was best to be doner If they con
clude to put forth a ticket, and take the
field, it will give a new impetus to the Pres.
dential canvass, which is dragging along
rather heavily, with both parlies in this
A discussion between a Barnburner and
some of our Cassites, Maj. Jackson for in
stance, would draw an immense crowd
here. '
Fatal Affray. John Jenkins, one of
the Editors of the Vicksburg Sentinel, and
Henry A. Crabb, had a difficulty recently,
which resulted in the death of Mr. Jen
kins. Mr. Crabb shot Jenkins, after re
ceiving several slabs from him.
Mr. Ciioate on the Stump. The Bos
ton Atlas announces that Hon. R. Choate
will devote a considerable portion of his
time between this and the Presidential elec
tion to making stump speeches in favor of
Taylor and Fillmore.
(Or Notice to the Public. Persons wanting gen-
une popular Family Medicines, are advised toco
to Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine Storfi, corner of
nurd and Lhesnut streets, M. Loins, Ko., where
hey can find almost every Popular Family Medi
cine that is manufactured in tho United Ststes,
wholesale and retail, at the cheapest rates: or call
on his agent. Dr. Win. R. Snelson, Fayette, who
keeps them for sale.
tpHeod Am advertisements m another column.
Fevers, like every other form of disease, are
only an effort of nature to expel from tho body
something that is opposed to health; it is merely
a struggle between the good and bad humors for
supremacy, and the commotion which enues is
called Fever. Tho usual symptoms of a Fever
are heaviness, anxiety, sighing and yawning, with
alternate fits of cold and heat, after which the pa
tient complains of pain in the head and back,
thirst, difficulty of breathing, pain in the limbs, a
sense of fullness about the region of the stomach,
nausea and Sickness, with sometimes a vomiting of
billious mailer.
Wright' Indian Vegetable Pills will be found
peculiarly adapted to the cure of all kinds of fe
ver, because they not only thoroughly cleanse the
stomach and bowels from all billious humors, but
they open those excretory vessels which empty in
to the bowels; and consequently the impurity con
tained in the circulation, (which is the cause of
all disordered motions of the blood, called Fevers.)
is thrown into the bowels, from whence it is car
ried off by the regular alvine discharges.
In using Wright s Indian Vegetable nils lor
Fevers, the only care necessary is, to have the
medicine operate COPIOUSLY BY THE BOW
ELS. If the symptoms are urgent, from four to
eight pills should be taken, night and morning.
until the lever nas suDsiaed. atter wiucn smaller
doses, once in twenty-fonr hours, will be sufficient
to restore the body to a sound state of health.
Beware of Counterfeits. The onlt origi
other is genuine, and to counterfeit this is forgery.
The genuine is for sale by Boon, Ialbot Si
Smith, sole agents for Fayette: D. C. Champion,
Champion's Mill; S. Carrol, Glasgow; I-elix
Reuding, Keytesville; M. T. Atkins, Brunswick;
and wholesale and retail by Henry Blakslev. St.
Louis. Office and general depot, 109 Kace Street,
(O-Beware of travelling Impasters.
November Election.
For Circuit Attorney 2d Judicial Circuit.
CHAS. H. HARDIN, of Calloway.
ROBERT T. PRE WITT, of Howard.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk of the County
Court of Howard County, letters of administration
on the estate of Wm. T. Robinson, dee'd, bearing
date Sept. 25. 1349. All persons indebted to said
estate, are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against it, to present
them, properly authenticated, within one year
from the date of said letters, or they may be pre
cluded from havineanv benefit of said estate, and
if not presented within three years, they will be
forever barred.
JOHN W. ROR1NSON, Administrator.
September 30, 1848. 30w3
Monthly Ilulletin No. 9.
UYSt.MTl.KKV, LLAtvtl'
1102 A, Sic, Positively cur'd
in a lew hours. 1 he u rael-
enberg Company pledges it-
cir to the following tarts:
1. The Graefenberg Dm
nlerry Syrup will cure the
Diarrhoea, uysjnierry, oic
in twenty-four hours.
2. A cure is warranted
no matter how bod the case
oven if ii.h iiischarfres are bloody and constant.
The money is instantly retunuca u a cure is
the result.
3. Thousand of ves have been saved oy n
use; in some instances where the patients hare
been given up. .
4. Numerous testimonials are on me i mo v"",
nanu-a nH ena. wllicn WOU1U SailSlV inn must in
ereHulno. A letter lust received from Josepn r
Hall. Suffolk. Va . contains the following: "itie
Dusenierrv Si-run cures in every case."
Tho same proof is daily coming in from every
Rtnf in tlm ITninn.
Tlii most extraordinary medicine should oe
resorted in the moment anv bad symptoms appear
Seamen, boatmen, travellers, and all others, should
have a sunnlv. as its timely use will save lite.
Tho M,li,-i,l Funnily are astonished at its power
freely confeisieir there is no other medicine at all
numl tn h rnmnnrprl with it.
effirneioin in all the bowel and stomach complaints
of children. No mother or physician hould be
without it. .
The General Agent for Missouri, and ooujti
niirt nr I no ii. is II. nuuuvrinu, oi
Louis, to whom applications ir agencies mo
be addrassed. n
New York, August 1844.
Sub-agent, Wm. R. Snelson. Fayette,
P S T!. fSrnr.ftnherir Comvanv are desirous
nf nrnciirina Ilia service of a re-poclabls female
in everv town ii, the Union, in a business whic
will h ii.ru lucrative. Bv addressing lue compa
ny (No. 50. Broadway. N. York.) poi-pid, par
Autumn nnd Winter Goods.
H . Fayette, Missouri,
AVIiNG commenced re.-etving their extensive
and valuable stork for the present and ap
proaching seasons, respectfully invite the attention
of purchasers to nno of the largest, and In all res
pects most desirable, assormenta of mods
brought to this county, comprising every variety of
Dvols and Shoes, China. Glass and Ontemncart.
Hardvare and Cuttry Iron. Kails, Castings.
Determined to transact a permanent business, on
n extensive scale, and do our nsrt town Ms ma.
ing Fayette a point of attraction Is ourchssnrs.
we will at all times be prepared to meet the wants
of the country, iry having our shelves and ware
houses fully supplied with the most desirable sl)lt
and qualities of goods which manufacturers and
importers can furnish. Our purchase are. and
ill continue to be made, on the best terms, and
combining all the advantages which any house in
Ibis or neighboring towns enjoy. We assure old
and new customers, that our prices will in all cases
be as low as the very lowest, our stock r qual to the
best, and our uniform principles of business such
as to insure the permanent satisfaction and increa
sing conhdence ol customers.
Our friends and the public will please favor os
ltli an examination of our good and prices
Faye'te, September :ld, 1848.
Let all the World Know it.
r"TMIE subscriber has now on band, nnd offers for
.1. sale at bis farm near Cambridge, (formerly
Old Jefferson) in Saline county, Missouri, several
uusond young rraltcd Apple Scions, of a thriftv
rowth, the fruit of which can, with every decree
f confidence, be recommended as being of sur
passing quality. In this selection you can have a
regular succession oi summer and fall fruit, from
he June Apple to the Geniton; and may. with
proper core, have fruits the whole year.
i wouiu say to those who may wish to avail
emselves of this opportunity, that the safest
mo in the year for removing and seltinir vounr
rees, is in (he Fall Season, from and after the first
I ling frosts, until the freezing of the cround.
having had, on this subject, the views of the cele
brated Huriicultn rists of Europe, viz: Knight, of
England; Duhnmcl, of France; and Van Mons.
of the Netherlands yet thirty years' experience
the Tree Business has served to establish the
rinciple that practice is better than theory.
i win De reaay 10 sena to order any number of
rees that may be wanting North of the Missouri
ver.at Glasgow or Brunswick, or as hioh upas
Camden. The orders can be left with Jas. W.
arris, Glasgow, or Joseph R. McAlisler, near
Brunswick. It would be well forall who may find
convenient, to send their otders this fall, bavins
en a better opportunity of making a good selec
tion, as Nurserymen have in all cases to adl ere
strictly to the old maxim, 'first come, first served.'
Cambridge, Mo., Sept. 23.
New floods.
NBPrwiDiliM prTG" r .r..n..
VJf announce to their friends and the public, that
they are now receiving and opening their full and
inter stock ol doods, winch embraces every
ing the wants of the country require.
A large and excellent assortment of READY
MADE CLOTHING, now arriving.
All tor sale cheaper than the cheapest.
Fayette, Sept. 2-1, 1848.
Public Notice.
WHEREAS, my wife, Elizabeth Biswell. has
separated from nie, without just cause or
provocation, this is to forwarn all persons from
harboring or dealing with her on my account.
September 23, 143. wl
Administrator's Notice.
TVTOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
L 1 has administered on the estates of Jonathan
Jones, Jnsiah Jones, and Alexander Junes, dee'd
bearing date August 11, A. D. U48. All persons
indebted to said estates, are requested to make im
mediate payment, and those having claims against
hem to present them prooerly authenticated, with
in one year from the above date, or thpy may be
precluded from having any benefit of said estates.
and if not presented within three years, they will
be forever barred.
Public Administrator of Howard County.
September lfi, 28-3w.
The Inventor nf the Great Druminond Light which
Diaced in the Rotunda at Washington, lights the
whole city. The same
Is the Inventor and Pa ti en tee of an article which
for general utility is unsurpassed in Domestic
Economy :
The Drummond Candle maker or Candle Slid
which makes its own candle out of lard, tallow or
kitchen ereese, which candle will burn twice a
lone in proportion to the material consu med as
ny other light ournnd.
It is a neat CANDLE STICK", making and wick
ng its own candle out of tallow, lard, or any greese
hat will burn. By simpty turning me ooitom 01
he Candlestick, a beautiful, hard, smooth CAN
DLE is forced out of the top, at any desired
length vou wish from one inch lo two feet in
1. It is neat and mmpie as a common ianate
stick; consequently may be managed by a child.
'i. By means ot this you can convert an your
refuse greesu into candles, and thus obtain a light
costing trom one to tnree cents per weeK.
3. The wick is dry and smooth, thus no vihra
lion or flickering of the flime, but burnes like a
nerm candle.
4. The wick may he changed without at all dis
turbing the candle; if too large put in a small one
0. You coil in the bottom of the caudle maker
or crndlestick. wick sutllieni to last five or six
weeks, where it remains out of sight and out of
the way.
o. You may keep your candle at the same neigh
all the time for ten years no stumps or pieces
7. Requires replenishing with greese or tallow
once a week.
8. Nosoillineof ereese if it falls or turns over
but as neat and clean as any lady could desire.
0. Il cannot get out ot order.
10. In nroof of their superiority, utility an
neatness the immense number sold is sulhcient.
The price is uniform and the same all over the
United Stales; and the article requires onty to ue
seen, to convince the must incredulous of the fore
going facts. No family will be without them who
can scrape together the small price asked.
It is a business that men ol lares or smaii cap
ital can emrave in and make a profit thut wnuld as
lonish anv business man at the first glance. The
subscriber can convince any practical business
man that with a capital of only three or four hun
dred dollar to commence with, lie can make one
thousand dollars (at 1 low estimate) in six month
in this county, and men with means not over one
hundred dollars, can make from four lo five hun
dred do'lars in adjoining territory for sale in as
For further naviculars call on the subscriber in
Fayette. Ollice on the south side of the Public
Square, where ha can be seen fur a few days with
a lamola of the article.
Sept. lfl, 1948 -If.
QUitl Quit It
HAVINO suspended bumes In Fayette, for
the purpose of changing my location, I take
this method of informing all those indebted to me,
thst my bonks, notes, and accounts, are left with
Adam Hendrix, in Fayette, wbo is duly authorized
to settle them on whom all persons Indebted to
me, are earnestly requested to call and settle, so
soon as their accounts fall due. This call is im
perious, and must not be neglected.
Faveite, Sept. 23. 184S
NOTICETlie steamer ALGOM A
will run dining the season of 1949
upon the Missouri river, as a weekly
packet between St. Louis and Brunswick -leaving
St. I.ouis every Monday, at 0 o'clock, p. M., and
returning will leave Brunswick on Thursdays at
daylight. J. T. CLEVELAND.
September 23, 1849. 3w
Wrifflit's Indian Vegetable PikTs
PiDssKLviLLii, Putnam Co.. Indiana, July I, 184.
Dr. W right Some time since your sgent
left me a supply of Indian Vegetable Piils. I
have found said pills to be in great demand lately
fur the cure of fever and ague. Mr. James Boyd
lias a son who has been laid up with fever and
ague, and had tried various oiher remedies all of
which proved of no avail. He determined lo try
your Indian Vegeiaole Pills, snd by usingone box
he is now sound and well. Mr. T. Spencer had a
daughter. Mr. Hugh Gruves a son, and Mr. Chas.
Nichols and three of his family, were all don at
the same time with fever and ague, and had also
tried the various other remedies without effect.
Vour Indian Vegetable Pills soon restored them
nil to perfect health. I can assure you, from what
I have seen, your Indian Vegetable fill may be
relied on for a permanent cure of fever and ague.
Vours, resp't, JACOB DURHAM, P. M.
Als o, an acting justice of the peace.
This ts to certify, that I was entirely cured of
the chills and fevers of several months standing,
by the use of four doses, of four pills each, of
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills, and alter taking
medicine from a rcgolur physician for some lime,
and have had no symptoms of it since, which has
hcen about one yeur ago. J. W. SPENCER.
Texas, Champaign county, Ohio.
This is (o certify that I was cured nf the chills
and fevers by thff use of Wright's Indian Vegeta
ble Pills, after having had three attacks of it.
Sugar Grove, Fairfield county, Nov., lb 16.
Let It be remembered that WRIGHT'S INDIAN
VEGETABLE PILLS are prepared with special
reference to the laws governing the human body.
Consequently, they are always good, always use
ful, always effective in rooting out disease. Eve
ry family should keep them at hand.
Agents in Howard Countv. Boon, Talbot
& Smith, Fayetlei D C. Champion, Champion's
Mill; J. B. Carrol St Co., Glasgow.
(7-Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of
Wright's Iivdian Vegetable Pills, wholesale
and retail, 169 Race Street. Philadelphia; 298
Greenwich Street, New-Vork;and ISM Tremont
Street, Boston. January 2'J, 1848.
HATS of all qualities and prices for snle by
RIND STONES. A superior lot of Osoge
OTgrit, fur sale low, bv
John II. Ferry,
Forwarding and Commission Merchant,
KEEPS constantly on hand a full supp'y of
fresh groceries, liquors, Sic. Sic.
Fall and Wiuter.
RIIDDLESBARGER respectfully informs
his old customers and the public generally,
that his Fall and Winter Stock of Goods, are now
ready for inspection and sate.
I he Indies are pat tictilirly invited to ell and ex-
mine his large and fashionable stock of DRESS
Every article the wants of the country calls for.
will be found, and all will be sold at prices unheard
f in these woods.
Sept. t), 1518.
New Goods.
Hie largest and finest Stock ever offered by us in
IMS marnel.
Wb have commenced receiving and opening
our Slock of Fall and Winter Goods, and in
he cour-e of next week, will have in siore, the lar
gest assortment ever oltured by us in this market.
Ibe styles are ol I he very latest importations, the
quality tq.inl to any in ti c United Naies, and the
rimuuntrs complete and periect. in the sale, we
nre cenain of our ability to give entire satisfaction,
as our purchases were made in New York nod Phil
adelphia, on the most advantageous terms, and the
ntire Stock wi II be offered at the smallest adva r ce
for which goods can bs sold in the western country.
Lad es in this snd the adjoining counties, 111 want
ofsirictly line nnd fashionable dress goods, are as
Mired that the utmost attention has been paid to the
election of trimmings, and we vsnture the assu
rance that all can be suli-fied. The public arc in
vited to call.
Only one price, and no abatement.
Fayetle, Sept. 9, 148.
Dr. .lIcLaiie's Vermifuge.
The Best Remedy Ever Discovered for Expelling
Worms Jrom UhUaren.
The symptom 1 of ihe presenci of Worms in
Children should be carefully watched by parents.
and as soon as there is reason to suspect their ex
istence, every means should be used to expel them
promptly and thoroughly. Dr. McLane's Vermi
I'uee i raDidIv supplanting all others, in public es
ihnation. Where it is used it has produced the
best effects, and every family who has used it, say
it is the best they have ever seen.
Sumvtoms of Horms. Read! Read!!
The countenance is pale and leaden-colored, with
occasional flushes, or a circumscribed spot on one
or both cheeks: the eyes become dull; the pupils
dilate; an azure semi-circle runs along the lower
eye-lid; the nose is irritated, swells and sometimes
bleeds; a swelling ef the upper lip: occasional
head ach, with humming or throbbing in the ears;
an unusual secretion ot saliva; siimy or lurreu
tongue; breath very foul, particularly in the morn
incFi onneltte variable, sometimes voracious, wiili
a gnawing sensation of the stomach, at others, en
tirely gone; fleeting pains in the stomach;
nausea and vomiting; violent pains tiiruuguuui uib
abdomen; bowels irregular, at times costive; stools
slimy, not unln-quenlly Unge with blood; Deny
swollen hard; urine turbid; respiraiion occasional
ly difficult, and accompanied by hiccough; cough
sometimes dry and convulsive; uneasy and disturb
ed sleep, with grinding of the teeth) temper varia
ble but generally irritable, cue.
Mother', nurses, parents, guardians, look well
tn your children, and if you see any symptoms of
worms, procure Dr. McLane's Vermifuge, because
it is the very best, most deserving, and popular
remedy ever presented to the notice of the public
Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Dr. E. EASTERLY. t the Cily
Family Medicine Store, south-east corner of Third
and Chesnul streets, ot. Louis, Wo , only sgent tor
the west. Sept. 2, '48.
frt-Sold also by. Dr. "V. R. SNELSON.' Drug-
gin, sgent for Fayette; DIGGES cr HORSLEY,
Glasgow; KNOX & BEEMAN, Rocheport.
BLANK DEEDS, and Justice's Blanks fur sale
at this office. Blanks of every description printed
at the shor'.est notice.
FileT Pile!! Pile!!!
Dr.Upham's Vegetable Electuary, or Interna.
50,000 catt Cured in the past year.
OirThis Medicine is warranted to cure sllcase
or piles, either bleeding nr blind, in'ernal or ex
ternal, and all inflamaiory diseases found In con
junction wh the Piles such as
Chronic Dysentary, Weakness and Inflammation
of the Sptne,
falling of the bowels womb, etc., that fetnal
particularly are subject to, under peculiar circum
stances; for which many certificates could be giv
en of speedy and effectual cures but delicacy fur
bids their publication.
Severe and Habitual Cosliveness,
Flow of blood to the head, Dispepsia, Ulcerations.
Fistulas, Inflammation of the Stomach, find a
speedy cure in Dr. Ufham's Electuary. It is an
internal remedy, and cures by its aclioti on the
bowels and blood, the relaxed state, which is the
cause of the above named diseases.
Universal Commendation.
From every city, town and vi!!,ge, where Dr
Upham's Vegetable Pile Electuary has been intro
duced, the most gratifying intelligence of its effects
heve been received by the Proprietor. In hundred
th instances it has ' triumphed over cases which
were deemed incurable.
Letter of Copt. G. W. McLean, late of the U. S
Service, and member of the N. J. Legislature.
Rahwav, June 16, ls47.
"I have boen afflicted fur years with the Piles,
and have tried without anything like permanent
benefit, almost everything assuming the name ol
a remedy. 1 had, as a matter of course, lost all
confidence in medicine. Under this feeling I was
induced not without reluctance, I confess to use
tpham's Electuary;' and having used it for about
three weeks, according 10 (hedrcctions laid down.
I find to my utter surprise, as well as satisfaction,
that every symptom of the disease has left me. I
think it doealike to Dr. Upham and mvself to make
this slotement. G. W. McLEAN."
Addressed to the agents in Columbia Ga.
Notice. The genuine Electuary has the written
signature thus, ((r-A. Upham, M. D.) The hand
is also done with a pen.
Trice fsl per box.
For sale by Dr. E EASTERLY, south-east cor
ner of Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis. Mo
Sole agent for the west. Sept. 2, '48.
(fc5-Forsa!e by Dr. W. R. SNELSON. Drug
gist, agent for Fnyette; DIGGES Si HOP.SELEY,
Glasgow; nnd KXOX &. BEEMAN. Rocheport.
Dr. .Tlelinne's Liver Pill,
For the Cure hf .tier Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick
Headarh, and all Bilious Complaints.
The liver is much more frequently the seat ol
disease than is generally supposed. It is now gen
erally admitted by Physicians of reputation and
experience, that more than one-half of the com
plaints which occi r throughout the great volley of
tnc .ui-sisipii, have their seat in a diseased stale
of the liver, and that more than three fourths of the
diseases enumerated under the head of Consump
tion, have also their seat in a diseased liver.
Case in St. Louis of one year's standing.
St. Louis. Mo. May 5. 1817.
Dr. E. EasTeolv Sir: I hereby certify that I
have been Blllicted for more ihan a venr. with the
liver complaint, and have applied to different phy
sicinns, and ell to little or no effect, until I mad
use of Dr. McLone's Liver Pills. I om hannv t
inform you that I was perl'Ct!y cured by the use of
one box. I can therefore, in justice, recommend
others who ore troubled with a diseased liver, to
make a trial of these Pills.
Truly yours, ROBERT HALL.
Residence. Fuiirteen'h and Biddle streets.
Individual' suffering with Liver Complaint. Dys
pepsia. Sick HeaHnch, or any bilious disease, are
earnestly advised to mukx a trial of Dr. McLane's
Liver Tills, as they hove been prepared by a regu
larly rducated fhysieian. who has had an exten
sive practice and experience in treating the obove
complaint. He confidently recommends as being
tne very oesi and most deserving remedy ever pre
sented to the notice of the afflicted.
Price 2."i cents per box.
For snle by Dr. E EASTERLY, south-east cor-
ner of Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, aeent
for the west. Sept. 2. '48
OirSold also by Dr. W. R. SNELSON, I'mri-
gist. agent for Favette: DIGUES & HORSLEY
Glasgow; KNOX Si BEEMAN, Rocheport.
Chill Fever. Dumb Ague, Inter mil tent
and nil the various forms of
This valuable medicine is undoubtedly the safest,
surest and best remedy ever discovered fur the cure
of the above named diseases. It not only breaks
the chill, but removes the cause from which the
disease originates. Its operation is both general
and special.
While it act generally upon the whole system,
as a most powerful alterative, purifying the fluids.
freeing the sulids from all morbid secretions, and
reinvigorating and bringing up all Ihe vital ener
gies to a standard of permanent health; it at the
same time exerts a specific influence upon the liver,
digestive organs anil lymphatic and glandular sys
tems; exciting them to healthful activity, remo
ving all morbid matter, equaling the circulation,
restoring their proper aud necessary secretions,
thus accomplishing s complete renovation from
disease, and restoration to sound aud permanent
It will be readily conceded by every intelligent
mind that a Tonic Svrup composed of the most
valuable ingredients, careft ily selected from Ihe
Vegetable Kingdom, must possess far more potent
properties fur the complete eradication of the disea
ses tor which it is especially prepared, than con
possibly be compounded with the limited quantity
usually administered in the form of Pills.
Those who are sintering with the prostrating
AGUE and FEVEK4 common to the west and
sot th those who-e constitutions have become en-
fee lied by the use of mercury, quinine, or other
vio.ent remedies should resort ut once to the use
It has cured and will cure the most obstinate cases
Travelling with the circulation, it pours its heal
ing cirrenl through every vein and artery of Ihe
luman body. Ihe whole animal economy is made
to undergo a thorough radical change. Even the
mind ptrtakes of the healthful process, and life,
that before appeared one dreary waste, begins
again lo seem worth possessing
ramptiieis respecting mis valuable meuicine,
can be obtained of the agents gratis.
As there are many spurious preparations of sim
ilar name hawked about the country and sold on
the reputation or t he genuine
SMI 1 11 o JUIC HiKLf,
we therefore beg leave to caution Ihe public
against imposition, as we cannot hold ourselves
responsiDie lor me enecis wmcn may result irom
the use of spurious srticles.
H. BLAKSLY &. Co, south-west corner of
Third and Chesnut streets, St. Loui, General
Agents, to whom all orders must be addressed.
Sold also by
Dr. Snelson, Fayelte. Dr. Hendsrson, files
gow; M alone Ai. Garth. Hunlsville (May 8, '4-8
Doct. Jatne L. Dann,
OFFERS his professions! services tothaeitl
r.en of Fayette and the sarroundinf count
ry. Office on Criglar's row.
August 0, 1848.
Administrator's Notice.
NJOTICE is hereby given lhat the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk of the County
Court of Randolph County, letters of admin
istration on the estate of Joseph Rutherford,
leceased, bearing date August 24th, 1848.
All persons indebted to said estate, are requested
o make immediate payment, and those having
hims against it, to present the-n, properly au
'henticated, within one year from the dale of said
letters, or they may be precluded from having any
benefit of said estate, and if not presented within
three years, they will be forever barred.
Sept. 2, 1948. 6w3.
Men Die their Prejudices! 1
There have been thousands doubtless, who suf
fered disease to destroy their happiness hero, and
even life itself, rather than resort to the Use of
what are generally styled " Fatent Medicines;"
no matter what health-improving virtues the-m
may have possessed. Accustomed to hear a cry
against these remedies, they choose to deprive
themselves of the happy benefits they might have
received from them, and vainly endeavor to bolster
np iheir lolling condition by the ordinary pations
of the day, which were less efficient, though per
haps more fashionable and costly. But we rejoice
that these hurtful prejudices are fost losing their
sway over the minds of the peeple, by the many
ruly wonderM! enres performed by the successful,
combination of medical agents for the removal of
all diseases of the lungs and chest. DR. WIS
Dr. Snklson, Fayette; Dr. Henderson, Glas
gow; M a look Si Oauth, HunUville.
Of 1 ut ere t to All.
ALL the following nomed medicines, which
have gained unbounded popularity, are sold
by Comstock dj- Brother, GO second street, St.
Loins, (under the ftlunroe House) Dr. W. It.
Snetson, Fayelte, and Knox dj- Bceman, Rochport.
The Genuine Balm nf Columbia, fnr restoring tlU
'Long hair is a glory to woman,," soys Paul,
And ail feel the truth of ihe Pious quotation;
Preserve it then, ladies your glory may fall,
Unless you protect it with this preparation.
If jou wish a rich, luxuriant head of hair; free
t'rnm dandruff and scurf, do uot foil to procure
Ihe Genuine lliltn of Columbia. In cases of
ba Idnes il will more than exceed jour expectations.
Vlany whu have lost their hair for twenty years
have had it restored to its original perfection by
the ue of this balm. Age, slate or condition ap
pears to be no obstacle whatever; it also causes
the fluid to fl,,w with which the delicate hairtubea
is filled, by which means thousands (whose hair
was crny as the Asiatic eagle) have hod their hair
restored to their natural color by this invaluable
remedy. In all cases of fever it will be found llie
most pleasant wash that can be used. A few ap
plications only are necessary lo keep the hir
mm lulling out. It strengthens the roots, it ne
ver fails to impart a rich glossy appearance, and
as a perfume fur the loilvt it is unequalled; it holds
three times as much as other miscalled hair res
toratives and is more effectual.
Cautinw Never buy it unless you find the
name of Comstock df Co , Proprietors, on the
wrapper of euch bottle, or you are cheated with a
counterfeit article.
The VVoTf iJVmdir Pronounced so by all who
j )liave ever used it.
White Stt'Sflings, Inflammation in the back,
weak limbs, lender or sore feet, and all scrofulous
sores ore speedily nnd permanently cured by Con
nel's Magical Tain Exlraclor. AfTectiTS of tho
lungs, ague in the face, breast, tic doloreaux.
chronic sore eyes, blistered surfaces, lie. It is
equally beneficial m all lands of inf?.iiutnatory dis- .
eases, such ts sore nipples end eyes, sprains,
rheumatism, v.liite swilling ond ulcers, bruises,
burns chillblains, erysipelas, t iles, &c, will quick
ly be relieved by the application of this salve.
'ibis remarkable sanative possesses many virtr.l-s
ncw-r found in any other article. It has the most
prt'i ct power over all pains by fire, positively al-
luvihg the kuiieriiig ur'u'st iniuiCiiu'-cly Ly-ii its
application. If any dislelicve the statements, we
would earnest')' invite them to call and examine
llie n"ii crous unsolicited certificates of remarka
ble cures wrought by by this salve. It box for
months past been sold upon the following liberal
erins iii-wit: If ihe u-er was not perfectly satis
fied, nnd even delighted with its effects, and fur
ihermnre, if it did nut fully answer our recommen
dations, their money was retorned immediately
it their request. On these terms this absolute
h'al-nll is now sold, and we simply ask if the
public can demand anything more reasonable.
Kind parent keep it constantly on hand, in cases
of uccident by lire, life may be losi without it, but
by its use all burns a-e subject to its control, un
less the vitals ore destroyed.
Caution No fain Extruclor can t? genuine
unless you find the signature of Comstock & Co.
on ihe wrupper of each box. Beware of counter
1 . Fur colds and feverish feelings and preventing
4 For asthma, liver complaint and bilious af
fections, ,
3. For diarrheal, indigestion and loss of apetite,
4. For rus'.iveness in females and males, and
nervous complaints.
5 For stomach affections, disprpsio, piles,
rheiimaii-m, -c
The Griat Paints ore, it is not bad to take,. ne
ver gives Pain and Never leaves one Costive.'!
Fc r all these things it is warranted unequalled,
and all who do not rind it so may return the bottle
and get their money. Comstock 4' Co. proprietors.
Use Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil, for the cure of
deafness. Also, all those disagreeable noises like
the buising of insects, failing of water, whizzing
of steam, which are symptoms of approaching
deafness. Many persons who have been deaf for
ten, fifteen, or twenty years, and wee subject to
use ear-trumpets, being' made perfectly will. It
lias cured cases of ten, fifteen, and even thirty
years standing of deafness. Price 41 per flask.
tiri. sroHn's sick headach remedy.
Why will you suffer with that distressing com
plaint, when s lemedy is at hand that will not fail
10 cure you? Thin remedy will effectually destroy
any attack of headache, either nervous or bilious.
It has cured cases of twenty years' standing.
mother's belief incian discovert.
AH expecting to become mothers, snd anxi ous lo
avoid the pains, dislrsssand dangers of cAi'dbear
ing, are earnestly entreated to calm their ears, al
lay their nervousness, and sooihe their way by
the use of this most extraordinory vegetabte pro
duction. Those ho will candidly observe its
virtues, must approve or 11 i meir neon, rvery
kind and affectiona husband will feel it his most
solemn duty to alleviate the distress his wife is
exposed to, by a safe and certain method, which
is, this woiners nenei. ,
Keep Your Feet Dry. Remember, to pre
serve health, the feet should be kept dry, and that
ihe Oil of Tannin renders leather water-proof snd
doubles its durability. Alto Used for harne.s snd
carriage tops.
(Kt-AII the above srticles are sold by CoHsToca
dj-Brother. 69 Second street, St. Louis, and Dr
Wm R. Snelson, Fayette.
May 27, 18i8 -ll-6i
Georgia 3
ticulars will b'l lurnisnea.

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