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The following Hymn by Mrs. H. Moorx, has nev
er before appeared in print iu this country :
Where e’er I am, what e’er | see,
Eternal Lord, is full of thee ;
1 feel thee in the gloom of night,
I view thee in the morning light.
When care distracts my anxious soul,
T'hy grace can every thought control ;
Thy word can still the troubled heart,
And peace, and confidence impart.
If pain invade my broken rest ;
Or if corroding grief molest,
Soon as the comforter appears,
My sighs are hushed and dried my tears.
Thy wisdom guides, thy will directs,
Thy arm upholds, thy power protects ;
With thee when I at dawn converse,
T'he shadows sink, the clouds disperse.
Then as the sun illumes the slies,
Oh !sun of Righteousness arise,
Dispel the fogs of mental sight ;
Being of Beings ! Light of Light !
From Frasier’s Magazine for May.
Speed, speed, my fleet vessel ! the shore is in
sight, 2
The breezes are fair, we shall anchor to-night ;
To-morrow, at sunrise, once more | shall stand
On the sea beaten shore of my dear native land
Ah ! why does despondency weigh down my
heart ;
Such thoughts for not friends who reluctantly
part ; |
I come from an exile of twenty long years,
Yet I gaze on my country through fast-fulling
tears !
1 see the hills purple with bells of the heath,
And my own happy valley that nestles heneath,
And the fragrant white blossowms spread over the
That grows near the cottage in which 1 was
It cannot be changed—no, the clematis climbs
O’er the gay little porch, as it did in old times ;
And the seat where my futher reclined is still
there ? |
But where is my father >—oh, answer me—
where ?
My mother’s own casement, the chamber ahej
Is there—overlooking the lawn where I roved ;
She thoughtfully sat with her haud o'er her
" brow, e
As she watched her young darling ;—ah ! where
is she now ?
And there is my poor sister’s garden: now
Were the innocent spoits of that beautiful
child !
Her voice had a spell in its musical tone,
And her cheek was like rose-leaves :—ah !
where is she gone ?
No father reclines in the clematis seat !
No mother looks forth from the shaded re
treat !
No sister is there stealing <lyly away,
Till the balf suppressed laughter betrayed where
she lay !
How oftin my exile, when kind friends were
I've slighted their kinduess, and sigh’d to be
here ! )
How oft have I said—*‘Could I once again see
That sweet little valley, how blest should I be !*
How blest ! oh ! it is not a valley like this
That unaided can realize visions of bliss ;
For voices I listen—and then I look round
For light steps that used to trip afier the sound !
But see ! this green path—ll remember it well—
" Tis the way to the church-—hark ! the toll of the
bell !
Oh ! oft in my boyhood a truant I've strayed
To yonder dark yew tice, and slept in its shade
But surely the pathway is narrower now !
No smooth place is left "neath the dark yewtree
bough ! 3
(Ver tablets inscrib’d with sad records T tread !
And the home I have sought—is the home of the
dead !
And was it to this I look’d forward so long, |
And shrunk from the sweetness of Italy’ song ’
And tun’d from the dance of the dark girl of
Spain ?
And wept for my country again and again ? ‘
And was it for this to my casement 1 crept
To gaze on the deep when I dreamed that I
slept ? : ey
To think of fond meetings—the welcome—the
kiss— -
The friendly hand’s pressure—ah ! was it for
this ?
When those, who so long have bLeen übsem.‘
retarn |
To the scenes of their childhood, it is but to
mourn ;
Wounds open afresh that time nearly had healed,
And the ills of a life at one glance are revealed.
Speed, speed, my fleet vessel ! the tempest may_J
‘There's calm for my heart in the dash of the
' wave,
‘Speed, speed, my fleet vessel ! the sails are
‘ unfurl’d.
‘Oh ! ask me not whither—my home is the
[ world !
' Tue Becixyixe or Eviv,—Young men
for the most part, are but little aware of
‘the danger which attends the bcgimzingaf
!qf evil. Noone becomes suddenly aban
'doned and profligate. There is alwuys!
a gradual progress. e begins in slightl
:ocuuionul departures from rectitude, undi
‘goes from one degree of guilt to anothcr'
till conscience becomes seared, the vi-'
‘clous propensity strong, the habit of in
dulgence fixed, and the character ruined. l
} Nothing is more obvious than this con
nection between the beginning and the
consummation of evil; and yet, lmrdlyl
any thing is more diflicult, than to con-|
vince the young of its reality. In enter-,
ing upon wrong courses they have not.
‘the least expectation or fear of the dread
fulissue. They mean not to proceed be-|'
‘yond the point of safety; and they have,
no doubt they can easily effect an cscnpe,:
whenever danger appears; but ere theyi
are aware, they are arrested by the iron
grasp of habit, and ruined forever, l
Take for example, a young man who
occasionally drinks to excess in the social
cirele: he does not dream that he is en-|
tering upon a course which will probubly!
end in confirmed intemperance, ]le:
means no harm; he says of the sin, is it
not a little one; there can be no dangerl
in this. But soon his hands are made |
strong, and he becomes the slave of a!
sottish vice. '
l Thus it is with all vicious practices.
However straight at first, they tend by a
strong and necessary impulse,to the point
of utter depravity of principle, and ruin
of character. There is no safety but in}
guarding against the first approaches of‘.
'evil. To step upon forbidden ground, is
to throw one’s self into the power of the|
destroyer; and if’ God interposes not to'
deliver, ruin is inevitable, Itwasa wisc;
saying among the ancients, that the way |
of vice lies down hill. If you take but n!
few steps, the motion soon becomes so
impetuous and violent, that it is impossi
ble for you to resist it. [ Philad. Adv.
’ ArprenTicES AND CLERKS.—AII those
‘that serve are bound to execute the du
:ties they have engaged to perform, with
‘the greatest and most strict fidelity; |
i would consequently advise their doing too
'much rather than too little, promoting the
‘interests of their masters as diligently as
‘their own, acting always with such cran-!
|dor, and being so regular and exact in
‘the execution of their task, as to be enn-l
‘bled at all times, to give a cheerful and
'satisfactory account of their conduct tol
‘their employers; never to make an im-,
‘proper use of the confidence of their mas
ter; nor to disclose the errors and dc-‘
feets of those whose bread they eat: nor
to sutfer themselves to be tempted l)y'
their passions to violate the respect which |
they owe those to whom Providence has,
lsubjccu-d them. (Ih. ‘
‘! Bl T 0 LET,
’ W:; And possession given on or previ
’, i ious to the Ist of October,
=2 TIHE front and back shop, own
ed and occupied by the subseriber, No. 85, Thas.
‘ street. ‘l'he stand is one of the best and most
central in Newport—is in perfect repair, and will
be let on accommodating terms to a good tenant.
| aug 11, ‘
" Jwyl TO LET, :
1 THE chambers in the house, No.
mfir J.; 45, Broad Street. Possession given
e inmediately sor the lower part if
preferred. '
. May 12. 6
m/@ A convenient tenement for a small
n family, in a central part of the town,
= consisting of four rooms, together with
a privilege in a commodious yard, which contains
a well of water.
T'erms liberal.
June 2.
Apply to
, T THAT pleasantly situa
| Qi ted house in Elin-street now oc-
SBl cupied by George Turner Exq. The
previr house is in good repair, and fit for
the reception of a genteel family ; the cellar and
yurd are paved : a well of good water near the
door : a large garden, and on fhe premises is a |
store two stories high and 32 feet by2o. For fur-|
ther particulars apply to W. CALLAHAN. |
April 7. it |
! THE building adjoining the sub
fim scriber’s store in Broad Street. A
good stand for a shoe maker.
TIIE subseriber has to let, an elegant and com
modious Carriage, together with a beautifal
span of perfoctly gem:jm black Horses, which he
intends to keep in the best order, to accomodate
his friends and the public
June 2, 1830,
a U ST received from New York—another cheap
lot of merino und thibet shawls—green barage,
wide and handsome colors, for veils—a few pieces
more fashionable English calicoes—six pieces
black lasting, fashionable for pantaloons—with ¢
variety of other goods. Constantly receiving from
New York, supplies of new and fashionable
GOODS, which will be sold very cheap.
{ Joux F. Towxsenp.
- April 28.
- 4 “4
Received by the steamboat B. Franklin,
A gencral assortment of NEW GOODS, adap
ted to the season, which will be opened and
ready for sale TILIS DAY, June 9th, 1830, at
No. 162, Thames-Street.
C ONTINUES to carry on the above business,
as usual, and keeps constantly on hand, a
general assortment of I''N WaRE, and other ar
ticles in his line, to suit the market, and positively
’will sell them as low as can be purchased in this
State, not excepting of pedlars ; those who wish
to encourage their own townsmen, ‘will do well to
call and satisfy themselves of the truth of this as
sertion, |
ALS 0,
A large supply of Soar StoNe FUrRNACES,
by the dozen or single.
OVES for baking before the fire, warranted to
answer to the satisfuction of the purchaser, or be
returned after proving the same. All the above
articles cheap for cash.
3L My friends will please to take notice,
if they do not wish to be led away.£§
S'I‘II,L continues to furnish the store No. 95
»3 Corner of Market Square, formerly Lept by
Benjamin Marsh jr. with all kinds of |
of the best quality, and on the most reasonable
terms. All kinds of Boots and Shoes will be
manufactured to order, by the best workmen, and
warranted good. Rips mended gratis, and repair
ing done at short notice. He feels grateful for
past favors, and solicits a continuance of the cus
tom of his friends and the public. ‘
April 7. Inf,
]’l'S'l‘ received by JENNET DRUM.
¥ MOND, | Cuse of Fine Straw Bonnets,
of the newest patterns. Also, Elegant Straw
Bands. J
l‘ ESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the
public, that he has removed from the cor
ner of Market-square to the well-known stand for
merly occupied by his brother, 'l'. Stacey Jr. two
doors south of Banister's wharf, where he intends
keeping a general assortimnent of Groceries of the
ohoicest kinds—FßUl'TS, PRESERVES, &e.&e.
which will be sold as low as at any other Store or
a sumilar kind in town. June 9—lo
A great vaviety of Palmarins;
PLaix anp Printep Barrist,
Stormant Mixtures for Boys wear, |
Pongee and Gauze Handkerchiefs,
Beaatiful Crape ditto
Thibet Wool ditto
And at least One Thousand other articles,
June 16, 1830. g
T"E handsomest Assortment of GOODS ever
offered, were this week opened at TlLe
LEY’S.—Among them are a great variety for
Ladies’ Dresses ; Ladies and Children’s Navari
nos ; Flat Chips ; superb Cloths, and Fancy Vest
ings. Nice Cloths for Children’s Clothes ; and, in
faet, every article called for in a Dry Goods Store.
His friends are requested to give himn a call before
they purchase.
Newport, June 8, 1830, 10 |
[ ILTOR BALL hue jost reveived, and
! now offers for sale, a few half quarter casks
of LISBON WINE, at the very low price of
|75 cents per ?:nllun. Also a few casks Rosillon, a
superior article, at 90 cts. per gallon, J. 0. ‘
H ARVEY SESSIONS, has received and
opened this day, a complete assortment of
SUMMER GOODS---among them are the
following: |
' Dark and light prints, pink ginghams, French
[ditto, moumin; ditto, brown battiste, colored ditto,
rcote paly, sattin levantines, pongees, brown Can
lton crapes, black do do., bluck nankin do; blonde
‘gauze veils, Blonde do. hdkfs, fig'd gro de Nap do.
|i|nitation berage do; company choppas, green
Iworuu:d berage, women’s 11 8 gloves and mitts,
men’s IS, and beaver gloves, black Italian lus-
Itring, ditto sinchaw and sarsnetts, black worsted
jean, wave stripe drilling, brown French ditto;
| Rouen cassimere, blue and mixt cassinets, compa
‘ny nankins, striped Jeuns, women's black cotton
Those, ditto white ditto, men’s mixt and white do,
ditto ditto § ditto, ditto Randowm § ditto, patent (:ru-}
[vats, blaek Halian ditto, merino white and rml|
shawls, do black shawls, plain white and ('ulorvth
'do: Valencia, Murseilles, und silk vestings, Russia
(diapers, cloths, cassimeres, stripes, plaids, checks, |
ginghams, tickings, cottous, cotton yarns, lhmud.-t,i
&e. all of which will be sold low for cash or ap-|
proved paper. Newport, may 19, 1830, |
l'l ILTON HALL, has just received from
A Boston, 50 flag bottomn chairs, new pattern;
60 Windsor Chairs; 100 common do. at 50 ceats
each 5 2 elegant sofus covered with hair cloth ; 1
common sofar; Mahogany and Card T'ables; Cherry
do. 5 common, field and high post Bedstead.—
Also, new and second hand Beds; live geese, Rus
sia und common Feathers 5 Bed "l'icking of supe
rior quality at 23 cents per yd.; 100 pair Pruncllo
punps at 80 cts, paic; Cotton cloth from 6 cts, to
1 slulling yd; Broad Cloths ; Calicoes ; Men’s and
Boy’s Fur Hats 5 4 new and elegant "I'ime-pieces,
warranted. Also, as usual, Groceries, Crockery,
Glass & China Ware. |
Also—Postley’s new and second hand COO K
ING STOIES, the above goods are ofiered
very low for Cash or short approved Credit,
lOIIN B. NEWTON has received from
¥ New-York the past week, the greatest varie
ty of
Fancy and Staple DRY GOODS,
ever ofiered in this town
N jelf an endless variety of fashionable goods
at prices lower than ever oilered, are any induce
ment for purchasers, they now can avail themselves
of un ‘extra’ opportunity, by applying instanter at
1 50’ Thames-Street.
Newport, June 9th, 1830,
JAMES MUMFORD, No 99, Thames
street, has for sale, blue, grecn and mixed
broadeloths; blue and mixed cassimeres; sattinetts;
fashionable calicoes, very cheup? London black
and white mourning ginghams; black stout Flor
ence silk; black gros de Naples; circassians; Fng
lish ginghams, ladies white and cotton hose, very
cheap; silk and cotton flag hdkfs; bobbinet lace;
white and black stout Engiish ladies silk gloves?
Swiss and Scotch wusling furniture chintz; colored
striped jean; brown bateste; American Kid gloves;
black silk vestings; men’s mixt cotton hose; great
assortinemtt bleached and unbleached cottons, very
cheap; bedtickings; stout twilled stripe, for men’s
wear; home ginghais.
Assorted linens very low; pongees; horseskin
gloves; stout blck lasting; brown diilling; berage
hdkfs; Nainsook & juconet musling fine yellow
MISS BRENTON opened her school a
gain on Monday last, at her dwelling in
Church street, where she contemplates making her
permanent residence, and flatters herself from her
present prospects, that she may establish a useful
Seminary for the education of young misses. At
the commencement of her next quarter she will re
ceive a few more scholars, June 30—3 w
JOHN F. TOWNSEND, has just receiv
ed from New York of the latest importations,
a supply of NEW end FASHIONABLE
G OODS, among which are : |
Flegant Foulard Calicoes—French red Calico,
very fashionable in New York for children—A
large assortment of Merino Shawls, borders work-}
ed with worsted—"T'hibet Casshmere and other
shawls much wanted at this time—Black Bohbi-}
net Lace Veils, cheap—White & Black Bobbinet
Lrces—Bobbinet Footing, a great assortment—
Irish Linens, much cheaper toan usual—Cotton
hosiery, silk do. good and cheap—Mourning Ging
hams, (fust colours,)—do ecalicoes—s-4 blk ltul-“
lian Crupe for veils—Good blk Italian Lustring
—Ladies horse-skin gloves some of a superior
quality—Dßlack and white Sattin Jean—thin Juck-l
onet—figured do. and Swiss Muslins—superior
yellow nankins—elegant Swiss Capes—a great
assortment of Batistes—German & English Birds-|
eye dinper—wide FEnglish damask. Also——ele-’
gant belt Ribbons—Clark’s spool cotton—wad
ding—worsted braids—fancy hdkfs of all kinda—l
linen eambric hdkfs—a great variety of shawls, &c[
for children—one piece superior steel mixed Ca 8=
SIMERE—one piece superb blue BrßoapcrorH|
T'he above, with a variety of other Goods not’
mentioned, will be sold as cheap as can fie pur-|
chased in Newport. Ap 14. '
J()B SHERMAN, has received from New
York and will open this day, a large assort
ment, of staple and Fanecy Dry Goods, among
which may be found a great variety of English,
’l’rcnch and Scoteh Ginghams; Calicoes; blk. &
col’d bombazine; Italian lustrings; gros de Naples;
gros de Swiss, a new article for ladies dresses; b’k
and col’d levantines® nankin ecrapes; furniture
dimity; book musling plain and figured jaconet;
furniture chintz, vestings; rich fancy silk; barage
and Cyprus crape hdkfs; fine linens and lawns;
8-4 linen damask, damask table cloths and nup-i
kins; ribbon; a great variety of cloths for children;
fancy buttons; silk and cotton hosiery; white and |
straw colored Navarino hats ; gloves, &c. '
Avrso,—Just received a fresh supply of heavy
Oznaburgh, yard wide tow cloth, and Russia |
Diapers. 4th mo 28th 1830, ]
"V M. JAMES TILLEY, was in Boston
a few hours last Suturday, and purchased
some nice and cheap GOODS, and us he is in a
measure overstocked for the season, is determined
to run them off'at low prices.
Newport, July 7 1830,
at Law, has removed his oflice to the
House, directly opposite to and north of the Court
House, where he may be found at all times his
office being contiguous to his residence. Here
after his thne will be devoted exclusively to his pro
fedsion, [April 7.
4 informs his friends and the public. that he
has taken the Store in Broad-street, opposite Mr,
Joseph Fizh's Boarding house, where he will keep
on hand CROCERIES of all kinds,
S FURNITURE repaired, and at
tention rnicl to grinding scissors, &e. Al favors
thankfully received. Newport, July 14,
Jmm J.STACEY will keep on hand dur-'
ing the warm season, a constant supply of
1 € E, of the purest water. Customers can at any
time be supplied with this article at his Store, two
doors south of Bannister's wharf, as low as can he
purchased in the state. June 8013
F(DR SALE««cPew No. 50, in 'l‘riuity'
- Church. Inquire of {
Receiving daily from New York, at
TIUS day opened a fine assortment of Nava
| rinos, (new style) Oriental Battiste a new
and fashionable article for dress, French Ginghams,
Fancy Guauze hdkfs and searfs, merino shawls,
gentlemen’s stocks, and a variety of Seasonable
Goods. . June 2, 9.
| SR |
{ Bush. Elam White POTATOLS, of:l‘
5” very superior quality for family nse,
Just received and for sale, by BB I‘IN-‘
JAMIN 11. WILBOR, Droad Strect, where
also may be found a very extensive assortinent of
AN 14
As low us can be purchased in this town.
Newport, May 12.
' Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
'l‘ IE subscribers’ connexion in business at
' M this place and in Wilmingtou, North-Caroli
na, under the firm of MUMFORD & PECKHAM,
luml BENJ. MUMIFORD &co. is by mutual consent
this day dissolved. All persons having demands
'nguinst them, (or either of them) are requested to
(present the same without delay, and those indebt
ed to make immediate payment.
Bens. Mumrorb.
Jog A. PEcknaMm,
Newport, 28th July, 1830,
W/\NTF.D— a girl to do the work of a fum
ily at New-Bedford. One of industrious
habits, and well disposed, may hear of a perma
nent situation, and good wages.
Three or four girls as apprentices to the MAN
TUA MAKING business. Enquire at this office.
July 28th,
South Wing R. L. Union Bank Building,
(bottled & draught,)
Madeira, (March & Co. and Oliveira brand)
' Brown Sherry, Sicily Madeira, Marseilles Madeira,
T'enerifle, Malaga Sherry, Port, Calabrian, Claret,
Hoe, Sautern, &e. &e.
TEAS. lmperial, Gunpowder, Ilyson,
Young Hyson, Tonkay, Hyson Skin, Pouchong,
and Souchong.
| LIngRS. Brandy, (Ouatard, Dupuy,
& Co. and Weis brands,) Scheidam Gin, St.
Croix and Jamaica Rum, Curaco, Martmico and
other Cordials. |
~ FRUIT. Bunch, Muscatel, and bloom
Ruaisins, Grapes, Almonds, Madeira and Brazil
Nuts, Currants, Figs, Citron, &c.
~ PRESERVES. Anchovies, Capers,
Olives, &ec.
’ Nutmegs, cloves, mace, pimento, pepper, cas
sia, cinamon. SUGARS—Ioaf, lump, white,
brown, Nedv Orleans and erystalized. Soda, wine,
and butter CRACKERS ; rice, buck wheat, maca
beau, rappee and Scotch snuff': I>. A. L. and P.
G. Tobacco.
Hibbert’s Brown Stout, qt. & pt. bottles.
American Porter do do.
May be prepared in Wine or Water.
l‘ HESE celebrated Bitters are composed pure
ly of vegetables of the most innocent, yet
specific virtues; they are recommended particalar
ly for restoring weak constitutions, cleansing and
strengthening the stomach, and increasing the ap
petite; also as a preventive against the cholera
morbus, removing nauseas, vomiting, heartburn,
weakness of the breast, pain in the stomach, and
other symptoms of flatulence and indigestion. One
box will tincture one gallon. |
'_l_‘“]S choice and safe Ointment is said to be
superior to any now in use for that disa
greeable and loathsome disease the Itch. It is so’
certain in its operation that no person, troubled
with the above disorder, ought to be without it. It
is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic uf-‘
fections of the head, salt rheum, chilblains, or any
breaking out which arises from sharp hwmnors of
the blood. |
§_j*Price 25 cents per box.
A fresh supply has just been received by Dr.
Rowland R. Huazard, Alexander P. Moore, S. W.
‘\'inxon, Newport: By Gardner Thomas, Ports
mouth: by Drs. Thomas P. Moore, and Jeremiah
Williams, Warren: by William Almy, "T'iverton:
and by most of the apothecaries in Providence,
Boston and New-York. eowYmolo
'THIS is unquestionably the best and safest
. remedy ever yet oflered to the public, for
that obstinate disorder the Salt Rheum. Where
every other means have failed, it has succeeded,
and the fact that it has been extensively used by
eminent practitioners, speanks volumes in its praise.
It is equally etlicacious in all diseases of the skin,
scald head, inveterate Itch, ringworms, &e, &e.
Numerous certificates might be obtained, but
the proprictor chooses that a fair trial should be
the only evidence of its superior efficacy. ‘
i Price 50 ets. a box. |
cstablishment to No 84 on the west side of
Thames street, cormer of Stevens' wharf, re
cently occapied by the late Wm. Crooke eq.
where he will be very Impp{ to wait on them—
neknowledging the smallest favors, May 12, '
TIIH most complete nssortment of GOODS,
for the present hot season for gentlemen's
and boy’s wear, can be found at
July 21, 1830.
North Wing R. 1. Union Bank Building.
8 0 crates and packages earthen ware con
sisting of
Blue printed dishes, plates & twiflers
do do mullins 356 & 7 inch
do do jugs—ds 68 125 & 24y;
do do howls—l2s 24s & 30s;
do do teas & coflees;
Enamelled teapots—-sugars & creams;
do Jugs—4s €s 128 & 245;
do bowls=-12s 24s & 80s;
do tens & canns;
cC C dishes—plates & twiflers;
do Jugs—as 65 128 & 245;
do bowls—l2s 248 & 30s;
do bai<ons—ls €s & 9s;
do chambers—ls & 6x;
do mugs—tis 125 & 245;
Blue & G edged dishes—plates & twiflers;
do do muflins—4 56 & 7 inch.
b= Beware of Counlerfeils,
:WIIF.RI",‘\S I have lately understood that
I certain individuals are now preparing and
vending throughout the United States, an imita
tion of my celebrated CATHOLICON, purporting
(10 possess the same virtues 3 and as it is presumed
it will be for sale in Newport R. 1. the public are
‘particalary cautioned against purchasing it. It is
supposed to be similar to the Rob of I.’Afiecteur,
or Syrop de Cuisinier, which contains corrosive
'sublimate, and calculated to do much mischief,—
I trust the unsuspecting will be on their guard
‘against these frauds, and purchase of no other
‘person but A. . Moork, m. D. who is my enly
‘authorised agent for Newport, R. L aud from
whom the genuine Potter’s Catholicon can be
had fresh from my factory at Philadelphia.
*»* The component parts of this medicine are
purely vegetable—it is therefore one
of the safest in the world !
” In diseases of the Liver, Ulcerated Sore
| Throat, Debility resulting from Intemperance
|land Dissipation, Serofula or Kings Evil, Old
|'and Inveterate Ulcers, Puins in the Bones,
| Rheumatism, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Dis
’fflmes of the Lungs, Syphilis, Blotches on the
| Face and Skin, W hite Swelling of the Joints,
| Tetter, Mercurial diseases, Piles, §e. §c.
The certificates of wonderful cures performed
by the Catholicon, have become so numerous, as
'to preclude their insertion in any newspaper.—
!|'l‘he unrivalled and very extensive character which
i;it has enjoyed, for the last six years, as a complete
| renovator, and purifier of the blood and humours
both in Hospitals and Private Practice, is a
|substantial basis for its future support. It has ob
tained its present great distinetion by the extraor
~dinary successs which has attended it in the HNeal
ing Art, while every avenue and every track have
been searched in vain for its parallel ; its discov
ery is one of the most sacred boons that can be
afforded to the unfortunate nartyr of disense, and
lil is most sincerely hoped, that the sympathy of
‘the public will be aroused to the promulgation of
linestimable merits, Proofs of the value of Pot
ter’s genwuine Catholicon—its healing powers—
(its usefulness as a general restorer of health, the
city of Philadelphia alone could furnish thousands
|of witnesses, to contradict the base and malicious
fabrications which dailyemanatefromthe jealous.
What, we would ask, can be stronger ‘proof of
great utility, than its success in the PENNSY L~
‘Y()RK PENITENTIARIES, and in other public
:institulions alike serviceable, where the eminent
skill which presides over them had been exhausted
nvain? “These facts speak trumpet tongued’’
—and cannot be gainsaid. It is much to be lamn
'ented that there are so many spurious mixtures
‘manufactured in imitation of this invaluable medi
cine, some assuming to possess equal virtues, and
'\'endml under the same title ; others under differ
!cnt titles—some have gone the daring extremity of
refilling the old bottles with the labels on—whilst
others, to filch the public, have published for their
benefit the very certificates which the proprictor
of the genuine Catholicon had obtained from
those who were cured by his medicine, of various
distressing diseases.
| Thus, has he been assailed in every form by
Envy, Jealousy, and Fraud ; and thereby pre
vented extending the usefulness of this great and
ong wished for remedy.
Just received, direct from the manufactory of
the proprietor, a fresh supply of the Gennine Pot
ter’s Catholicon, and for sale by A. P. Moork,
Market Square Newport R, 1.
~ Where also, may be had, Potter's Treatises
on the Catholicon,” containing nceounts of sonie
of the remarkable cures preformed by its use,
DO(‘T. FALES has removed his oflice to
No. 143, Thames-street, where he may he
found hy those who may wish his services in the
line of his profession. Residence at the Rev, Mr.
Kerru's No. 4, Church street. June 30
Orrice, cormer of Thames-street and Sher
man’s wharf, a few doors south of the Brick
Market Jt=7~Entrance first door down the wharf,
Price two dollars per annum, i’ the whole is
paid in advance—two dollars .12} ets if paid in
six months, or two dollars 25 cts. if' paid at the
expiration of the year,
Inserted at the customary prices,
Mr. George A. Potter, Providence,
Dr. Lemuel W. Briggs, Bristol,
Dr. Thos. P. Moore, Warren,
Capt. George Lawlon, "liverton,
Mr. Thomas Cook, New Bedford
Mr. J. Southwick, Fall River,
;%Awu/l«éu lo thes ..%/(0
Are respectfully solicited.
i - W. POTTER,
Ninth Street Philadelphia.

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