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Fhis_Mujeity , and willnot take. up arn¥g®r encourage others.to take ud arms, in oppofition
.»‘;_-:“..- g anthority,’” ihalland may obrain a full and free pardon of all treafons and mifpriflions O‘Z
1 : "_\O_lp,by I;im heretofore commited or donc,_ and or'. all turi'citu'rgs, ;attui‘m!ers,.aud penalties fus
} ;“g“ e ; and upon producing to Us, or to (.'l[htl‘ of Us, a certilicate of fuch his appearanceand
geclaration, fhall and may have and reccive fuch pardonmade and pafled to himin due form,
' GIVEN at Now-Yorx, thls ‘Thirtiech Day of Novemeez, 1776,
By Command of their ExciLLENCISS \ O WE,
@ET " Hene StracHey. W. HOW E.
e > ——— -
oy N"‘ Y. R‘. D'f. 2%.
f‘;‘h Lorw L Daezgxacx Packt, whe
' arviwed bere the 15th inflant, in jewin
¥ ‘Wxiteks from FarmoutTn, we bave the fol
ot lowming A-ticles, viz.
‘WromheLows w Gazrrre Bxtraerdinary
_ Whitebail, OR. 12 1776
HIS momiag M:jor Cuylor, firfk
i Aid-ds Camp totse Hon. General
S Haope, arrived, wiih the followiag
Jetter from Genaral Mowe o Lord George
Geipaine :
Lamp ot Neww-Yows, Long-Yfasd, Sep:. §.
My Lor», o
.. ON the seth of lak month, in the morn
. - the Britih, with Col. Dorop’s
srps of Choff-uis and Helian Greradiess,
difembarked near Utrschr, on Loag Iflind,
withoat 1’:‘!", the wholc being !anded,
with 4o chanon, ia two hcurs acd an half,
.mpder the dircQion of Commodore Hovham ;
ZLigwterant - General Clintca commanaing
Ahe ik divifiom of the troop:.
" The eacmy had only fmall parties on the
wecaft, who, upon the appearsnce of the
Joats, etired to the woody heighis, com
_msading a principal pafs oa the rcad from
Flat-Befh 10 their works at Brookiys. Lord
‘Cerswiallis was immediately detached to
JFlat-Bah with the Referve, two baucaliens
of Light Infantry, and Col. Dorep’s cerps,
*with it Bicld. piece:, having orde:s not te
5k sn atiack apon the pafs, if he fheuld
“find it cccapscd : which proviag to be ihe
‘safe, bis Lorodhip souk pelk in the vilizge,
;‘ the army ex:onced from the Ferry 10 the
‘Narrows, through Uticcht sad Graveiead,
80 the yillage of Fiatland.
¥+ Oa the sgib Licuienant General de Heift
with «wo brigades of Hefliaas, frem
“SRa- 18 a 7, joincd the zrmy, leaving one
e of bis woops, a detschment of the
S4thgagiment, from Yirginia, fome Conva-
Jejcantl asd Recruits, under the command
- ’;’ el Calonc] Dalrympie, for ihe
‘Setadiof that ifland.
2 16 b Licu:, Gen. de Heifter took
S fisn of Flat-Esth, and in the cveric
. Corgwaili-, with ibe Britifh, drew ci
' .;:l‘“. Abou’ nine o’¢lock, the fame
the vzn of ke army, comma-ded by
“Gse.Lliston, co: fiting of the Light
e rd brigade of Light Infantry,
opder the command of Lo:d
2 , sECepting Ihe 42d regiment,
'Was pufled 10 t{c left of the Heffians,
Abe iR ,J;do, ond the 71t regiment,
‘with 14 Seld piescs, began to move frem
'$ atland, acrofs the cuniry, through the
‘New Lotr, 10 fe:z: 2 pais in the heights,
h.:-li’ fioca ¢alt to wefl, through the
“middlc of the iflscd, and aboot thiec mile
“Siom Bedford, on (he rcad to Jamaics, is
sorcer 10 tara the enemy’s lefi, pefled
’m Cliotoa b:isg arrived withis
Balf & wile of ihe psfs sbsot two hewis be.
Sgmmday.-bierk, he'ied, aad feriled bis dif
_ pofision for the aitack. Ouoof his patro’
tialiing is with o pecrel of the cxemy’s ¢ ffi.
opi, o &; snd the General learning,
Sy theis gion, that the Rebels had
98 Besupled the pals, detached a butialion
ddghs ' hf::l:i‘;. and adv lcin’
A on ¢ appearsnce ©
“ding, Poile _.'a" of the beights, wich
e ')' pefition 2 mull have infared fue-
Lol he fonnd ih¢ saca) iy tesce so
The main body of the army, confillag of
the Guards, 2d, 3d aad sch bi_ades, w ih
ten field pieces, led by Lerd Percy, marche
¢d {.on atier Geaeral Clinten, sad halted
aa hour before day, ia &is rear. This co.
luma, (thc coantry mut admitting of twe
columas of march) was followed by ths
49¢h regimeat, with 24 medium twelve
puuaders, and the baggage clofed :he rear,
with a feparate guard. ‘
As foon as thefe corps had pafled the
heights, they halted, for the foldiers to take
a little reirethmeas 3 after which the march
was continsed, ard, about balf an hour pafg
eight o’cleck, haviag got to Bedferd, in the
rear of the ememy’s left, the at ack was
commenced by :ihe Light Infantry acd
Light Dragecns, upon large bedies of the
Rebels, ba/ing cannon, who were quitting
the wecdy heighis befere-mentioned to re
tarm to their lines, upon difcovering the
march of the army, iaftead of which they
were dreve back, and ‘he urmy £ill moving
on 10 gais the enem)’s rear, he Grenadiers
and 334 regiment, being in front of the co
lumn, foen marched within mufket-fhet of
the enemy’s lines at Brockivn, from whence
thefe battzlions, withoat regardieg the fi-e
of cannon aad fmall arms upoa them, pur
fued numbers of the Reels tiiat were etiting
from the heights fo clofe to their principal
redeudts, and with fuch tagermels to attack
1t by Rerm, that it required repeated orders
o prevall wpon them tv defit from the at
teinpt. Had they been permiiied te go on,
itis my opinion they would have carried
tihe rcdoudt ; but it was spparent the lines
e:ult bave been curs, at a very chean rate,
by regular apprcaches. 1 weald not rifk
the lofs that might bzve been fuftsined in
the 2faclt, and cricred them back to a hol
low way in front of ihe wo:ks, out of the
reach of mafkeiry,
Licut. G:a. de Heifter began, foen after
day-sra:k, to canncnade the enemy in his
front, and, upen the spproach of our right,
ordered Col, Docop’s carps to advance to
the ateack of thg hill, followieg himfe!f at
tne head of tie brigades. Twe Light In
fantry abeut that time, having been rein.
fereed by the light company, the grenadier
compeny, and (wo orker companies of the
Guards, wh> joised (hem with the greatelt
afivity and fpirit, bad taken thre: picces of
cancen, and were warm'y engaged with ve
ry fupecior mumbers in ths woods, when,
on the H. flians advaacing, the ecemy gave
way, and was entively rosicd in that quarter.
Qa the left, Major-General Grant, hav.
ing the 4th and Gh brigades, the 42d regi
ment, snd two companies of New-York
Provinciais, raifed by Goversor Tryoa ia
the fprizg, advanced aloag the cosft with 19
pieces of camnor, to divert the eacmy’s a¢-
ilcation from their left. Abest midright
be fell in with their advanced pacties, and
st day break with a large corps, having
cannon, asd sdvantsgeoely pofted, with
whom there was (kirmifhing and a {nart
cacnonade for fome hovrs, unmtil ty the
fizing at Brosklyr, the Rebels, fafpeling
their re‘reat would be cut off, made a
movement 1o their right, in order to fecare
it acrofs & fwamp a:d creck that covered
the right of their works; but beirg met ia
tacir way by & part of the 2d Gromadiers,
who were foon after (upporied by the 711 t
regiment, and G:meral Grant’s left coming
up, they fuffired canlide:ably : Numberns of
them, however, did get into toe morafy,
where many were fuffoczied or drowned,
The ferce of the enemy detached from
the lines where General Putnam command -
ed, was not lefs, from tae sccounis | have
had, thia 10000 men, whe ware
snder the orders of Myjor-Geneal Sale
livan. Brigadier-Gererals Lord Siriing
and Utell. Their lofs is computcd obe
about 3,3e0 killed, wounded, prifoners and
drowned ; with five field picces and orne
howitzer taken. A retura of the prifoners
is inclefed.
On the part of the Kirp’s troops, fise of -
ficers, and C 6 ron-commiJined ¢ fllcers 2nd
teak and fi'e killed ; 12 officers and 245
rea-comamflicned cincers and rank and ale
v.einded, One oflizer and 2o grenidiers
of the marines takee, by miftekiog the cnee
my for the Heflians.
The Hefli.ns had two privates killed,
three cfhzers and 24 rark and file wounded,
The wounds are 1a general very flight,
Lieut. Coi. Menckien is Mot througi the
bedy; but there aie ke greatet hepes of
his recovery,
The behavicur of beih efficers and fol
diers, Britifh and Heili ns, were bighly te
-their heneur. Mure deiermired courrge
snd fleadinels im treops Bave never beca
axperienced, or a greater ardeur to Ciltin
guith (hemielves ; as ail thofe wie had an
erportunity heve amply cvinced, by thcir
In the exsning of the 27th, the army en
camped im fremt cf the enewmy’s works,
On the 28tb, ut night, breke gresad 6eo
yirds difane frem 2 redoubis upon their
Jett, and on the 2¢:d at might, the Rctels
evacuated their cmiresch.menis, snd Rod
hook, with the vimeß fiecce, gud aeuiged
Gavernor’s ifland (he iedvwiag evening,
lsaving their camnen and a quantity §l
fiores 1m 2l] (heir wo ks, Atdey brsak, on
the 30:h, theis Eight was difcevered ; the
pickes of the iine tack pefleili~a; and
ihote mof 2dvaeced reiehed the hoic op
poitte to New Yu.k, as their rear-guard
vas guing over, and fired fome (hot among
The enemy is &'l Nn pcl %ioa of ths
town and Ifland o New-York, 1n force, and
making demunfrations of eppcfiog us ia
their works, en do i kdas of hing’s-nldge.
The ichabitanis of this ifl..d, muny of
whem had been forced into Reselliom, have
sii fubmitied, aed are rezay to teks the
eaths of allegiance.
This dilpatch will be delivered to yeur
Lordfhip by Major Cpyler, my firft Aid-de-
Camp, whe 1 tiuld will be able to give
your Lordihip: fach further informative as
may bs requived.
1 bave the bonear te be, &-.
P.§. 1 heve rmitied to take norice, in
its proper place, of -a movement made by
the Kiog’s thips towards the town, on the
271 k, with a view cf drawing off (he atten
tion of the eaemy frem our real defigh ;
which, I believe, [email protected] safwered thé
inteaded porpofe,
NEW-.Y OR K, Decem. 30, 177 .
We hesr, that maay Theufands from : 8
Provitces of New York, New-Jirfey, C 10
vecticut and Pearfylvapis. hove aliec'p
come i 8 and claimed the Ben:fic of ine 1a:8
Proclamatio for his M:j:ity’s tree Pard ng
aad they bring laiciugiace vf great Nu-g

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