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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, March 06, 1777, Image 1

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- TN e
¥ 5 i \ g y
&EW PO RT: @L e\ o R :7;;5 .
g Sl 0 o S S oL
B =L IP7D o
Do P-E D, .
- A aed FOUR._SALTS v Whoever
thes, on pioviag their Property,
may reflored, By applying to the
!. so'p‘u‘,o..
.k, ® N D O N
' Whesbell, Nevember 4. 175
~ The foilgeiog letters fiom the Honorable
' Gener! Sir Wiiliam Howe,to LcrdGeorge
Ge'maine, were received in the cvening
. ofthe ad inftant, by Capiain Ba!four, fe
¢ond Aid de-Canp o General Sir Willi
oo Howe, wioo arrived in the Lord Ha
- lfax from New-Yo k.
. Reod Quarters, New York Ifend, So¢p. ii.
. 1776,
.« Ny Los, .
HAVE thé fausfaltion to inform
I r Lovdihip of his Majety’s Troops
o N m'npa potic AO, of the city of Newe
L * Upon, the rebels abaddosing their
- Faes a: Brocklyn, the King's a my
. gtwed frems Bedford, Jeaviog Lieatenant
- @eoersl Heiflee, encamped opon the beights
of Beooklin, with teo brigades of Heflians,
aad'one brigade of B itith a: Bedford, aad
took: five ;:Inbn in the wighbourhocd of
) th ick, H:ll gate and Flofhirg.
The two iflands of Montrefor and Bu
- thanean were occuvied, and batieries raifed
sgaint th? esemy’s work at Ho en’s Hock,
' commending the pallage at Hell-gate |
. Outhe 15th iaflani in the morning, taree
‘fhips of war paffed up the Nor:h River »s
for & Bisomiegdale, to draw the en:my’s
stieatign 10 that fide, and the si-# divifon
O‘lhl?"t. confitvag of the light infae
ty, the Bitlh Referve, the Heflian Greaa
dien #sd Ch. fleurs, under the command of
Liest. Geperal Clinton, haviag with h'm
Liswenast Geners! Ea:! Coraws 'is, Mijor
~ Geterdl Vaoghao, BrigadierGeneta! Leili€;
- and u_":l.‘blop. embarked a: the head
. of Newtown Creel, sed landed about nooa
rl.m MY&& i“tdo three md“ ham
, the own, st & place called Kepp’s Bay, us
4ot the Ges.of two forty gen thips and chree
frigaes, a 3 per margin,Commodore Hotham
L‘,.'g,*m of the fhips asd bosus.
g sobels bad wroops in their works
- rousd Kepp's Bay ; bue their atten‘ios be-
F~~ 8 expeltation of the King’s
1 og 8t Suxyvefant’s Cove, Horen's
e 8t Fisrlem, which they had rea.
Iye conc! Kepp's Bay became cnly a
| WeSacary obje& of iheir care. The Sie of
hipping being fo well Girefled and fo
1 r. the ememy could vot reimain in
"Wi wosks apd the defoen: was made with
) 104 .
L ¥ wdm of Ihe cficers of the Navy,
- och booowr ; and the behavior
Wil feon H-g;. t 0 the Mno‘ war
- | P eMmployed 10 row the boa's,
WS- Righly ‘mbritorions. Mach praife in
“h t:!“:ut‘c.u and mea of
wNuipos the town on the
g « ’A‘a{, oadsc & beavy fusc,
THURSDAY, Marcu 6, 1777.
beifig vo'unteers, to take trovps om board
vor the fpe.dy difembarkatien of the feccnd
. The Britilh ilnmedistgly ook polt upon
the commanding height of leclenberg, and
the Heffiaes marching towards New-zYovk.
fel in with a bedy of the Rebels that
were leticing fom Stoyvelant’s Cove ; fome
fiing enfued, by which a Brigedier-Gene
ra', other officers, aad feveral men, of :he
Rebels wase k'lled and wounded, with the
loa of 4 men killed and sight wounded on
the part of the Heflians, _
As looa as the fecond tmbarkation was
landed, the troops advanced towards a
torps of the enemy, wpon a rifing ground
three miles from Inclenberg, towsrds King’s
B-idge, kavieg M‘Gowaa’s pafs in their
rear, upom which they immediately retired
to the main body of their army upon Mor
ris’s height.
The enemy having evacuated New-York
foon after the umyfiudd, a brigade took
poficilion of the works in the evening.
The prifoners made in the courfe of this
day were übcut 30 officers and 300 mea.
The inclofed recurs will thew the artil
lery and flores taken,
The pofition the King’s army took on thé
19¢h i the svening;was irh o lighs to
Horen's Hook, and the left gt North River;
near to Bioomingdale ; the ecnemy octupy
irg the ground with e¢xiwenfiva works on
both Gdes of King's B idge, and a redoabt
with casncn upon & height on the weft
fide of the North River, cppefitc to the
Biue Beil, wne.e the enemy have their
principal work, in whigh pofiiions both ar
mies fill costinue,
~On the 16th in the shoraing, & large psr
ty of the enemy having pafled under cover
of the weods ecar 10 the advanced :ofla of
the army, by way of Vandewsie:’s height,
the 2d and 3| battalions of light infantry,
fupperted by the 43d regiment, puthed for
ward and drove them back to their intrenche
meats, from whence the enemy, oblerviag
they wase aot ia force, attacked them wich
ocar 3000 men, which cccaficned the march
of the referve, with two fiald-pieces, a bats
talion of Heflian gresadiers, and the com
pany of Chafleurs, to prevent the corps ou
gaged from being farrounded ; but the
ligit infantry and 49d regiment, wilh the
affiitanse of the Chaficurs and field-pioces,
repuifed the ememy with confiderable lofs,
aad obliged them to reiire within their
own works. The enemy’s lofs is mot af
certaingd ; but from the accounts of de
ferters it is agreed, that they had not o'
thas 300 kilied and wounded, sed smong
them & Colosel and a Major killed. We
b d 8 cfce's wounded, fome of them very
flightly, 14 men killed, snd about je
Mzjor - General Yauphan was flightly
wounded in the (high, on the isth, by s
readom - thot, 8s he was sfcndi.? ths
beights of Inclenberg, with the grenadeers ;
snd | have the plu!clc of informing your
Lordmhip, chat Lisus. Col. Mosckion is 0
well recovered, he his beea fralking about
fome days. :
_Cact. Balfour, my fecond Aid-de-Camp, |
will have the hooour of delivering yoer
Lordfhip tMis difpatch. And with the moft
proleund refpe&, :,
I tave the hohour to be, &2,
; W. HOWE, .
Hied-guarters, York-Illand, Sspt. 23, 17764
My Lovd, o G
B! WEEN the 20th and the 41t infte
at mideight; & moft horrid attempt was
made by a aUm'er of Wwretches to
burn the town of New-York, in which thep
ficceeded too wrll; having fet it on fire i
feveral places, wi'h matches and combufti..
bles, that had be«n prepired with great ar¢
andirgenuity. Many were detefled in thy’
fa@t, and fome killed on the fpot by the en !
raged ueops in the ganifon; and had it
not beem for the exertions of Major-Géne
ral Robertfon, the <flicers undes bis ¢ ai:
maad in the towh, ard the brgade of
guards detached from the camp, the whiclg
muft iefallibly have been confumed, 2s thd
pight was excremely windy.
The defrultion is computed o be abhue
one guatier of the town ; and we have rea<
{oa_uz fuipect there arg Vvi'laips Lill lmk"q?
Nere; iea y to inith the work they hav
b g ; one perfon eßsping the purfa:: of
a cectincl ‘he following night, baving de<
clared that he would agaim for fire (0 the
town the fi:f opportumity. The Arictek
feareh is making sfter thafe incendiarie-,
and the moft effeita:l medfures taken 1o
guard againl che perpetration of theic vile
lainous and wicked detGgns.
I have the honour to be; &c. | .
tabea ju the City of New Yorx, ans is
the adjacert Batteries and Redoab 3, ofrer
thr Ret eat of the Runers
Ordnance I'ght brafs, mounted on trat=be
ling carrisges, wich limbers : One fix pouns
der, one five inch and bali howitasr,
Ia New-York and the adjacent redoabts 1
[res Ordnance. '
Modnted on garrifon carrisges : Fifteen
thirty two poutders ; 7 twelve poundcrsy
9 mine pounders ; 1 fix pounder; 6 four
pounders ; 2 three powaders. :
Oaatravelling carriage : One three poen
der. Difmoasted, 26.
Sbor. '
Rouvad-loofe. 965 thiréy two pounders;
9,200 twenty four poundérs ; 276 eigh con
p onders ; 1343 twelve prnders ; ;2 fix
pounders ; 41 three pounders, :
Double headed. 747 thirty twa pova
ders ; 460 twelve pounders ; 12z nine poan.
ders ; 19 fix pouaders. ;
Doabie headed with fliding bars. 100
thirty two pounders ; 170 iwe!ve poorders;
7 rine pounders. :
Onr quilted. 71 thirty two prunders;
69 twelve pounders.
Calt fixed & ithgpowder, 33 pinc puane
ders ; 12 thrse e - :

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