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@ SR gfi‘“\ Sy & 1
. TS LR o
PUBLISHED -« % ‘ié’? - WEEK LY
: Q '\:l gfl.'fl <- A J ‘
&SR o e 1) ) | C e
» -~
1 H BRB AS Tundiy Tallaveniencien
mey and have arien w 0 his Ma
fty’s Sea ayd land Forces, from
Pofom inthis Towa flling (pirtous or
otser Liquors, without haviny krd obtain’d
thglicence of the Command v or Deputy-
Commandeat of the I'own for (o doing :
[n Order, thereiore, (0 preveat the hiee
P rlices in fwture, and to al.etuin the
Muamber (O licanfled rto fell Liquors, all
Poel-ns having obtained, or who may Rere
after ob'in, fach L ceaces, ace heraby re
qured immeietely 1o rogifler thim wich
tbe Tawu-M jor.
And all Perfomr prefoming te fell Li
quors, cnontrrry to this Order, muil exped
w huve ibeir EF.Q. immeliately feig-d on,
Green undar my Hand at Nowpert, this
sh sof Macen, 1777,
By Qrder of tht Commandant,
Hiney Bangy, 1" wn Musior,
-5 Wi I
’1 sod FOUR SALYS. ——~Whoerer
’m loft the o, on proving their Pioperty,
may have them relorad, by applyiag to the
CORUNA, Sep. aB, .
N Wedae@sy LB, wt two mis
nu‘es paft fever o'clock in the
B even s, we Jiad o very (mart
i ockof s ca thquake, which
th ew dowy fowme wally, bat
did wo further J.nl-r’f.
PACGUER, O& 18. The Stater Gene al
have prllifhed 4 P oclemation, foruidding,
wnler the faine penalies ae bßafore, toe
EXp rtatin of warlike flores and ammeni
the toth Mritfh colonice in Awmecica, or
' he Bricadh brccomae, for the ipace of one
Yeur, fiomihe preclamaiion, which is the
oth of th's mont).
MARSRIL LS, Sept. 30, The (qua.
adton eominanded by M ’Abou, aazhored
the 210 of this month in ihe ralph of jua,
wedr Crnmer, and on the 28th entered the
port of Toulon, where the flect has received
oid=is po: to difarm
! HANO V&R, O&oier i, A few
ays ago, Col. Faucit took the route 10
Broafwick, in ord:r te proceed furber into
Germany, to negoeiate 2 gres-er anmber of
loops dor the fecvice of (Gieut-Britain.
Priace Charles of Macklenbur,, Lieutenant
Genersl and commandant of this ‘cily, is
Moot from Duwmfladt with the Princels
his con‘ort, on a vifii to the Prisce of Heff:.
It is faid, that oo his retura foms new
thanges will take place in the military de-
St James's, Oldober 25,
WHAREAS it is requifiie for the public
fafety, iu the prefent counjur tare of affa re,
¥ preveat the cxportation of proviGiens ; it
THURSDAY, Marcn 13,1777,
e e e e
i 1 therefore hereby ordered, by his Mjelty
i Councily thm argo be forthwith
laid upos fl lader, o 10 be
laden in the ports of Britgin snd Irelaad,
wich black cstle and hige, beef, pork,
Lot er, and cheefe, orany fort of prosifions,
except fithy, corn, or grain of eny kind, or
palle ; and that the faid e burgn do cna.
tinue aed remain upon fuc? thipsand v . e
anti! further order ; but 1t 1s hjs Majs. /%
pleafure, that the {aid ephargo fhall act
extemad to epy (hips or vellols chat thall be
employed in cariymmg provifi e to any of
hiz Majeity’s Went.lndia iffende, of any of
his Msj 2y's eolonies in North Amerjcs,
except caofe mattual rebellion,
St, JAMES', Ottoberjzg Tte xing hes
been pleated o conflituc: and ap, vine James
Wallece, Kiq; St Rnp_er'l)uvg"yw, Bart,
jonas Hnway, Alexagcer Chorley, Thomes
Colbe, Joah daicd, snd Henry Pelham,
Efgre. to ve Commiflioners for vi€luailing
kis Mrjety’s Navy,
Lh: King he been plealed to mominate
ard apmwoint James Fear' of March, 10 be
6t C mmiflionedof the Police in Scotland,
in the coom of the righr henoarsble Che les
Lo e Catherre, degenfed,
Ton King has been plen(+d ¢ i
Johm Berl !Ir!uthwoflo b V%i‘?fi"
ral of Scorlard, in the reom of jahn Larl of
" March.
LOND ON, OfQober 24. Y fterday
merni o ewrly, feme difpoiches were re
corv ol at Lord SWilo /K% cflice, miought by
»pefon ol ek, e the Lards of the
Regercy ol the Electorage o Hanover ; they
wer: imimadiately iranfmict’d 0 his Majeity,
aod ace (aid (0 be of very groat mdporiance.
The lak lour packets from Hopllszd
brought over a number of recruaits raded in
Germany, who a'e quartered in Lienguard
fors, Gl fech time a 8 hianfpois anive o
take them oa bosrd.
Iti (aid that the shove rvecrojts ate in
tendea for the 6oth or Ruyal Ami@fcsn re
gement, mow at jamaics, many of the
officers of chatcoirps bring Germans.
Recruiting partics are feat from the three
reg m:ns of the foot guards, for compleving
their complement of men to the (ame num
ber as they were before the I drauvh: was:
made, to form a brigade to be fent to Ame
rica. R €
A Commirtee of Sequeftration is appoin.
ted in cach of the rebel colories in America,
who proceed in their, deliberstions with the
(ame moderation rowards the King’s friends,
as thee in Cromwell’s time did in Boglaad.
Lady Howe was on Saturday laf at the
Queen’s Palace, and met with & moft gra
cioas recepiion from their Majefties, "Fhil
woirthy Lady has bad the fingular happinefs
of feeing threc of her fous head the Bri.ith
armamecnis avaioft the common enemy.
Her oldeft. loit his Jife in America in the
year 1758, imche arms of vitory, In con
fequence of his desth, the pr-flot Lord
Howe acceded to the sitle, .and vacated his
feat ‘or tie town of Notiegham ; . when the
Noble [ idy above mentioned, fet the fol
::.wing ;dfiuf:*il me'fl"i.-fl‘m
»n, to the pabiie papers application
wo:hy of a Roaiaa l:uu'&'g the virteoas
times of the n;m:lic. .;:d -‘fifi.utld sot
fail of Succefs, where the isa W”fl
lie virtue wmifed. "0t RASTED 5
To the Gestlemen, Clergy, Frapholdors
ard Burgefles, of the qwn and cosnty of
the tav n of Notdegham, !
“ As Lord Howe is now abfest upoa
‘* the public fe:vice, and Liontenant-Celo
* »el Howa is with bis regimeat at Bawife
** burgh, it rafts wpon'me (o beg the (a
“ vour f your voies asd 'l!'!‘. -“QI
“ Lieateaant-Colonc! Howe mey. fepply
*“ the place of his late mt,.p }qfl‘*
‘ prefeatativ in Paclin P b adey Sk s
“ Permit me, therefore, to tmt
* prote@tion of every ont of you, a 8 ¢
“ mother of him wlo ‘Pfi hu l’fa in she
¢ fervice of hi' coumtry, A v, i)
We are affured, that snother body of
6000 Hellians will be Laken inio.the pay of
G eat-Bricaio, st the -ur'u‘ of. ::ab-_
ment, ok . ‘t- )."”“
General Carleton’s aephew i+
to fucceed Col, lObiof-)’.. mm.fl'
nenr Chimblee. as Licutesant<Cologbl of
tho 29 h regiment of foue, L
We hesr, it v inonded t 0 M
Howe' & Duke, "."‘P“
Extra@ of & Lettor fram Litbon, Gept. 24,
“ \We sre very ealy hare with re(peél o
the formidabl® armament p epating o' Ca
dvz, though faid to be jatended lx" our’
fettiements an Am-rica, our plichs ju that'
place «f th: wurld being ia the bet ; :’J
delcnce, our trodps numeross, #4d
rine the molt flourithing. The! ;
of two fhips of 60 guas, two of 53¢, OPB o
52, one of 44, & acw velfel af s'b. ond
another of 30, formiag 'Q'.M‘im’.f
thipe of war, withoat Dd“h‘ " of
leflar bariben. All the sbove are
the orders of the Marquis de Is Bradio,
arc ftationed ot Rio Janciro, the Bay ¢ "
Catherine, Rlo Grande, and Rio Pyrdg,’
The commander is an Buglith afficer, who
has he'ited a flag o 8 bosrd ‘he Bt, Catte.
therine. The land forces confift of be
tween tea and ewelve thoofand men, and’
two battalions of artillery.® 7 % :
A\ . . g
"Wov. 1. A private locter from Jamales
fays, rhere kre great plenty of feames a 8
that place, mucbers of .“qp Joave, the
merchanc-fhips foon after their’ agrival ot
Kingflomtfid ¢ater oa beurd t&fi.
war, craizers and privateens, (o paiafl
ths Americans, On Sccount, of the i
they meet with in taking prizes. A'ng
crew of a privateer fitted out at Kinghos,
it is faid, has already thared aboat> A
common failor, prize-monsy. e
The following Lords are to tske. the
oaths and their rfm in the Ho'fi :
at the opeaing of Parliament, vig. ¢ 3
quis of Lothian, the Earls of - -
l.‘d. lkic’m.‘ ka.'p. C " “’1
Mansfield, Lord Vifcesat Hedibdan, Losd -
Onflow, and Lord Codogap. ~ "'/ ' .
Lesters from Sc. Kita giWp 3
counts of the graas fire which, &
ed in thet ill’.y.:il wi‘i:‘l. ‘g? ‘ v
doae fo much damage, t pes.
(carcely ln'icnk.“ = L

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