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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, March 27, 1777, Image 3

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@cran it fhip of 9O puns, € tis faid,
oo Copraia vkt Ue vied for ne L, €, A% A
‘ .."._,.\.' Al the :“r_}‘.. t-arfpors
. .4 l‘.x‘\' .'” L New “, Ta (, f'):»f«"‘
. C:1 1A Nea rv pe anamilna )vl were
yrt ten (NG
r""\ EW.-Y OR K. Mach 20,
comn We ks age, 'h 11 ule ¢fa ot
o about twe Mi'es iom f’-‘fw’!w""‘».
"' . L under d i) a Party ©f rneaels, uraer
ko mmand «f Farmer Punrm, acd .he
i‘ i/. cairied to Pat'adelphi ¥ "u' i€ Iswas
{ad Pt Vendue forirzool. wh vaas
gprropiiitt 110 he Ufe of the Con~rad,
}(_»,. e Nigtt cf Sundsy the 160 lnfl. a
Detachment ~f the Queen’s Rergurs, and
New York and 2 subaitern, vecer the
Command of Capt ins Jobn Brinden, @ d
A chbuld Camolell, were craeed cotro
ceak a Paity ol che Retelsat D Lincey’s
M iy, hut by, Bavieg livellige. ce of the
povemenr < f oar De a ument, fA«d 10 the
Houle o Sieshen Ward, wbostvies Miles
N oron rom ting's Bidige, where e ivzny
gt ked tlem & cul @o’ lovk at A\!,‘;hl.
ki ed Doowtes 40 and 50. aud took 27
Priiore s, emon . home were & Major, &
C pan, (wound d)enda Forage pdaiter.
Tiry brovght o 8t the fame S e, 24
H.2d et Catiry ird & arfes, Pareo! v hica
they 1:od e Lhee tre Foends of Gove nraent
of ba: Dav. OQur Lofs would bave been
vers luConficeini @, h:d it not !ven for the
Da:th of the grave Capt, Cany 1l whoe,
airtte Vilipe Ggg'e fo (L o teig, weut
into the Finofi, and wes Imsedsaiely fhot
thren hoibie Heat, VWe had g Poivares Lil
led e the Srev, aud 6 wewnded, one »f
wrom is finee dead,
Lc the fawwe "7 me the P que’, unde- the
Cormard <t Liews, Danlap, #od Lifign
00l marek:¢ ‘tm Mort Indepeidance to
te Ladge n;' Diunx iver, wihete hey at
tekteti avotter Beor i th: Rebels, anl
Crove themy off, rreceeded to EafiCh fler)
where they rock 8 2if pers, smcoit whom
wa Coaunls y Crantord v b di e of his
¥ cunde o he Hoed jo this City 671 ame,
a 2 Veror Uxs o Nowowe of our Par
ty were kurt,
On Sanday faft, Cape, Stenhen Hey?, of
the Diicce of Wa o’y Royal Americas Voo
Junteers, re 0. ned from an f.<psdiiten 1o
Norwalk, in Conrediiiuy, baviry browong
from Doree the Uhaiimaa ¢f ihe Con mt.
tes cf £aid Place, five coaun flin d Olic vy
a3d fithe pivare Perfons, laves iz Arm
ceiher min 1 2raptt of Arme, e mp'eat,
with the Lofs oy of ond Man, who icie
NEIIIR G deisreed.
Go ‘l'velday sk a Perty of onr Trooss
Wire ‘ram Ambtoy io Woodbnd. e Rawov,
wacrs ibey sitackhed a Peorty of the Rebels,
kilid.a Number, rocted the Reft, and
brovg M off =e Fi=+d of Cuitle, ane! 4 Num
ber of Sheep. W= had one of the Ligit
lefaairy Ligh 1y wouedid,
A corfiiersble Firing wae head Yeler.
Cay im tus Jo f ys, fopiofed to bs between
Ch. ol wur Foraging lactes ard the Rebeo,
Latvebave vot yat been avle to learn che
Porti ulars,
Treataw, s M .jc:“._v's Ship Dipline,
Cipam Chennaly, arrived bwrey from a
Civze, 2o d'd his M 2% Shis Prasin,
'Ct_ul. €+ ker. The former has brougtt
it Feot, exclefive of feveral pivarical Vel
£ 5 which ¢ erz Lurnt at Sea, a finz Clip,
baden with Lrad, Powder, and Cloa hinp,
8 iy, and a Joge Top ! Schormer,
€oil=d the Sally, Wikliam Yonoos Mailcr,
bideo with Ruw snd Salt, al! el ngirg to
ond boeuid for Philadelolia. "Thaoy wire
takes off e Urpes of Delaw 10,
St Wit o Blowear ived in Town frem
the Jarhes 00 Sunduy Alirrnoon the ?'h
Lofeot. Tis focelevev's Bicor. ae Gred
Eocn by e Rebels i pafling trom Heuals
wick w Aboy, buiwee fsoa pucie the
PRI dbuus by « paity oi thie Lo pr
N KR W PO K T, March ¢y,
Thi: Marntag grroved hore froomn News
Y.k, ths Halifax zrmed Brig, wits 2 Fiaafs
peri wader her & voy, haviag Oa Ol a
Mamber 2 lefiew Proops,”
T he (veshoend, Diamcad, aed Orpheous
Frgzres, €sl°d Yefie dav on 2 Creize,
V! Accoupty by ths Packets winch have
& niverd at New-Vork, sgres thetiarge Riia
foriements mry be cally ex;céted.
Vhe 1o h Feflont (veral Peifons artived
at New-Yok from Boften, who inform,
that every Thing there was fcaree ana desr,
zud thar G ods cuuld not be boughe for
Piger Morey,
L 2 of a leatver from Londoe, dated
Taanary i, Y 777,
“ W this Dy had ‘he sgreable Newsof
General Houe’s feccefles to the 24 alt, and
hr wea: we can learny it fecns 2aal cor ce
tuded Cruttymer mait loor (e coavinged of
their Fllly sed Masdnels. We tyopote they
g:rend cn e AfiPapes of fome Faropsan
Powr, but from (he beft Inteligen izl zan
pet, they will be d'fiproimted. —"l'ne M:-
Eiliry have not been neyligen: in waiching
aad fezarag their Koropean Neishbours,
and 1 have no Doube but they "ave Foeers
trd A mies enough 2t their feivice (v <on
vitce the Wurid thay they are 1e dy for s
Wer wee——l am really furprized (o (o€ how
lit d= ahis Poople Ramn 0 el the Bxpences
et the prefc « War. N wilhiardivg the
Noiis of Slavery, Reir; &e. & Soiathe
Paparg, youite s¢ o wlo-eelfe. Tey feenn
ao Dirprv as v VWVI can make 2 P oopla.
The ch=mon ven < Ihe Pesp'e (com wiake
ablcafirein blam'ng the Minider and faulie
iag thole . uwer; aad ¢te Miaiitry io
teetr Tura et as ' tpiie wae pOVILD sfiden.
U. on the whrois, | hav: fuch an ¢ .nn:-m of
thia INz fon tiac § e Bad no Frars Sace ]
have bres fcre, of e wanung Men or
M nevocsiivaav Point they ces fog vpnn,?
NG pui., Mo 27, l/I"
¥y O. R g & .3 N
Ve bead the CHARMING vOLLY,
ivieg 2t BANNIS FER WHA«F,
0 Levee r S('l i A ira l:!' ‘,‘:.\:3 0"
B.'e:f ea N I Qe f{\!’l
Sce e Quenges, by | Pers avd Medeira
toe Rox orHuendicd | Woae, Ly the Doz,
P (ki va'mon |t ppie’e Snof.
oo Be A hie Bty bora will be thore
the zbove Aricie: will e inid low, for Cath
TS s
, Mew ort, March 27, 1777,
rF 9 U N I
T The Gentleman who kas loft it, may
have 3t apain, by 2 vlving at Capt, JOUHN
LAYVTON, rear the Ve Guard-Houfe,
pa,ing the Clarge of adre.tin .
f r“ B NEwrPoaT AsseMBLY
and Cox-unT are clofed.
Cape. D’AUBANT, IM-fieriof Ce
Capt. MALTZLURG, f remonies,
l\'cw:mrt. March 27, 1277
To be Sold, by Joieph Lurtee,
by the DOX, aths HOU sK.
Newpert, Morch 27, 1777,
I T is 1 "lx::.:'m’o that all the
FARM' =5 whahave ifiued FORAGE
toany of Hs MAJLCTY'S Tioocs, ouare
NPw' &i h ie, v f."\‘ (}.P OFF‘(_]‘RS
RECEIPTS rrerefor tothe Commiflary of
FORAGE's Ofice, 0a br belcre the 1t of
Arvre weet, e ibey will net be alierwarce
receivid,, :
POLLY, itom NEW - YORK : ard 0
Be LOT D, acene LOWEST RATES, by
Arbi*Svopin NeW . CR'L, the'cllowing
. 1) Q 1) .
l) OR'T WINE Pickied 'Tong 1
Placciia Starch end bßuue
Luetry Engiifll Hosp
Clarne P Groveeiter Chesfe
Freach Brapdy | Loaf Saper
Hlaiv Poawdes Brown ditto
Lavea er VWater ‘ T'ith Lincos
Rappes SaoiF Manchefier C Micoes
Scoten ditto Nails of all Suris
Bog! Ty 'Tobacce Shelioems
French Reifne Black Callimsenco
Tiaemegs O'zaburgs
Moace Sheviiag
Cliutaox \Vriting -psper
4. sves Lawx aed Gauzd
'zoper Apronx
Muftard Rrocaded Lutsftrings
Ke'chop P'ak Peslivg
White WinaVizegar | Wi, Perfiaa
Caffece Calicnes
Tsa Fize Nock Muflles
Crecoiate Cambrick: & | awns
Rita Fo:ket - Hinclkor-
Seowh Barley chiefs :
I'iour Men'sThraed Stocke
Cluice 0."33@; irss
¥l azice Oul ‘ Cardersvs
Mould sna dipped | Blick snd other Riba
Cindles baeds i
& et Ceacles | Wanne.’s Sheee
Ceulis Bleck Guuze
sy Chi® Thes
Auwcneviss Kaive: 2nd Forks
[ langrey j Eeglifh Hams
A dn giest Variety of cthar Gooade, tog
Saal e Aan anie o o il S B B RIS LA el e
i"«‘——; 87 N TR TS 1T 8% SNV YSeTY Oy v,
] wlt lxx)g::-."tc'(l from NC\\»—Y ork
posiits (he dotom ot ahe Choered-laze,
At .he very Jowel! Raicr; confllicg of
the toilowina Lrucies, vis,
SHA!,iC:).\’S Luwtizings
Tommies Sitk M us
Call'mexcogs Sewing Silk
Cordercys Stk Twiit
Duaen Coud 2. Knee-Garrers
Seaw ce Nett Tapes and Lhoc=
Weitcoat Shance | Bindiape
Figa'd Dawilke Breeches Patterns
Suniped dinte ' Workkga H-fe
Mizzebes ' Browa and +«hita
Marer Gowns i Tarend dic o
Piivied Uottone t White Thr: .d
I.:th Livens i Coloured ditoa
Do Sasting | Ivory Combs
B:owa Holiend ’ Horma ditto
Dewlsfs Befl Bohea e, My
Olnsburghe l the Hund. o¢ Iba
Cotton Checks apren | Coffze
Width l Suger b
Tinea ditto ! Rice
Piinied Handker« |Ba oy
chiv's M:flard
Cumhricks Fepper
F pured and pleia t Hozey
Lawas ' Smeff
Lewn Heackerchiels | Tobacee
Gauze ei'te | A ‘ewßarreltof Eage
Tedia "Uaffety « lithßeel pick'dpieccs
Do. i wive Parfia Pict'ed Tongues in
Peicrg taties Kegs
Bleck,white,and red Sm o':tcd ditte
Se {anet - Tripe in Kege
Floweied and plain P kies, of verious
Ribbeeds Kinds '
With many other Articles peally vicfuly
But we tedious 1O sRUI. Sates

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