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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, April 10, 1777, Image 1

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t ™M E [}!'. !3.
A .
i E* e R
’ ¥ A Tt T el NS & .
R o |
m}; TR W REREE =
-.y,"'.;; r - h‘;’}" ‘.’7" - ' : .
PUBLISIIE D 4 fo\ a 0 WE E K LY,
i O e, S NNV =
To the P R I N T E R.
‘&void ke p&‘r‘tié, the (ot .cus Roo',
The bufy, bazzing, i3'kong, harden’d
Yhe quairt meoth R-goe, that fins agaiail
his Reafom,
Calls faucy loud Sedition padlic Zed,
Acd Murioy the Dictaies o his o it
F;:‘i'-. I o'l the ba efaced Ablv dtey,
*A Na et haveysltoom palmid upon
.“x O )“ the Pone, nnre hive M varsd
e xxd tomne oy glaneg them one [
.e( wild, Dy or teD fince,
in & Bofon Paper of Maich ze. 't 8 he
fr# Propsfitioe laid down in an OQiniea,
€-liversd by Mr. Benjamin dichb ra. fle
there informs b s cronded Aed ence, 4 ihat
“ the Rght (har ewery lodivideal has
“ (0 realon freely wpun the Nacere of
“ that Gover.wmeat he iy osied e fub.
& ;i 00, Mar ooy Natne for s degree,
© §yro tels O iieat and derceptints; ard
¢ Rausc. fe e nrc.ir.py Fouadaticn for the
« Fyercu= of thi: Right, 1 defire vl -
G bty to e KOL @ Gewemmear Ay [ aver,
“ mae agecable ty Cherters, Bris of
“ Righ, of Compalls, dut Power ex'ils
“ ing in th: People er'arpe, ot ary e,
& {0 any Cawe, 0r for ae Core, tut toctr
“ awa jovereinn Will and Pleature, toals
« ter or #pnihyate both the Mode and Et.
* fence of any furmer Gove mment, and
o giep: a new Oae, ia it’s Siead.” |
Bave tranf cibed 1, Sir, hoging thaet we
hkewife myy profit by this wonde fui (-
eove.y, equsly with theie for ahom eur
O o d fx;:cé ir. 1 dare fay, thare 13
pet & Cobler, Ticker or Tayler, wyea the
£:% oght ef iy, bur mal feel el that
Importamce it i iucrndsd © ctaver. |
g2oros, howseer, lor my uwa Part, et con
tzeccd with 3 conemdant Jiegle ol Woide,
wkB (he Al anirg coaveysd ie ‘o evident.
lp celiotie ¢ all human Heppires,
Suiting alsacer trole l-i'.m(.u which
Ro'd Sczitty tegether. Mr. Ficadern,
it accommelating his Seatmeants to the
Conduct of his Countrymes, caen't fail,,
atle &, of precoring Papuariy ; (he in
toxicrrng fsfoesce of whick, on the C'n
& of tro many Am? wais, fom whom
beiter Thirgs might nave Doca expected,
Yar fernithed 8 mof (hocuivg Bvileace
of ‘he Deyarir of buman Heture.
‘Twe Miaries o.ten agt up-n cvea the
® ! ‘eccelpfal Revo'wting, to Oee the leltt
gcc. 2 sted with Hitore, mafi il him with
Horoor, evem atthe Do fic@) o avd thorenghe
ly ccawisce hmtkatve taafan b hdiece
o jeliy i, mat cary e preawe ! apparead
Neeeffi y b thom beingt yoelirereffeopie
from Enli £ greater e soy thes cuuld
yohiniv eccomps v their cowucivea Becr
ot Hoefsr gy u=vaiu 3 War wan one
v sotered 1010 BY @atrcr 2N ::J'\;:ht:d
Lot meseilay Lone of trucence., mufl
veevideal o cvey Ve, who tern-ciy had
a* Ou;0 tuaity 0 b L.igiag the gnvicd
$i . tee of thie row ruine. Peop'e, be' e
@& g lßiasd je the 87ea Arw of ad Fuae
CrHURSDAY, ArP2IIL 10, 1777.
tereity of Priels samd Lawyers, of wiich
ont O awor hils air to make fo relpedt hie
a Member. [ d-'v.che mok prejodiced to
fay, toat it was peliode fir Mea 10 enjor (o
amply o 1 the Bleflings ¢ nneited mih So
ciev, with fo few of 118 Relteeafnte—R -
Praine ! criey Mr, brichmors, | aiizre, that
Civit Lib.rty 18 not + a Gove'ament by
Laws.” socmen cnce declared that “thoe
wss nothing mew upder the Sua ;" but if
th Aiferie n & d noeoriginate with Mr,
Hi tborn 4 woncar what e blun ciiag
Ssp-s of Antiquity have been ar, rMeErs
w. ds of o 0 Yerrs (hould have elapfid
wihout therr having ‘o nified the Warld
with this imporiant Difcevert,
“ We cail our Fatbers Fools, > wi's we
g 5
« No Daade cur wiler Sons will esll er fo.”
b am farced, o~ewsr, Mr. Prancer, to be
o much of a Foul, €49 agice with (hote
that kvve lived Lc.o'¢ we, Ihat Ihe very
Jdea or Civ) Libeogy aapiics a coancilioa
PN ooty snd e fuppofe @ Losiely
wothoot Lowe, va 00l it ! fhafl oot ace
ept 1o wandde. Preveiing uoon Do
vages to forake inie metuiel Vioice e
2o fiomt tocornn Lows sed Rerrttions,
I have sver uedurp .*0! R
Inceed, 1 cumnct trace Manknd back 10 10
n. k d &3 20l Nature, as fo {u;pult hku
Cuneey oot tate ot Laws.— 1 her. wic cer
a:a Lowe iplaattd on the buwmwan Hevre,
by ke Siuevoleng Cregrvor of M., tue
kap ¢ Dittoges of !lnb chy if Ateviod “.:fl
wilo el ctunliy ut‘.rj’l‘im from that wiachy
v ouid be ujarious gmbis Neijtbour, but
a‘the vho e L‘cnd& fut Amziicans has
teen evicesily 2 gfi%. for ** 2 Go
verument aichou' Laws"Qf fach :n Abioi
iy can b conceived of) ihe wholetou't: of
Netu e mujt be .'c-.'.:{,'.i.".n Order tolquare
with theie Plan; acd Mr. Hichbore, no
Do tt, will fland oWmoR amozg taee
noahioslc Auventarers==lf we had beem
10.6, Jieiic was noi a Governmest by ar
bitrary, cruel, or P”Vq* Lawe, we fhoud
aot Lave worderes 34at, Ay that s what
every Lngiithmas wiikreacily allow sTS
onr U ator turtuer lg‘t us, I\.:.\( ‘,'. lois
« got 2 Gurernment inede agrecsble to
w Chareers, Bl of, Righta, or Comralls;
o putaloworexiting b e Peopleatlaiges,
¢ atany Time, 10! agy ‘tfl‘ or Nn%
¢ butiher owa Ic\';:m¥.tl“’ o sltec
¢ conrnihiate booo tig Wiods and | 4
“ of ary e U verfmentyand soopta’
a t2w Die, luats fia‘.”: Wia l.rap-‘
piscis &91 accrue _Ho»k‘!nd, if tors
faistn'y Daclriee cn‘\l enc+ become fa-
Mioca b 2 Lifead ot aßebeyion ovcein a
Nomber o Years, w flté fiav. Murders,
Deo'ation ara Milergy 9 48 corftaze Suce
«iiiom as ke 5»--’.&!0, p': Civi. Libety
¢ wid be ouinyed aizhou" /s, s lurprizing
whei the et Mentaigd Ages bave boen
a¢, ' N ‘g thrm F [+ b@'cm-ei
wi b (ech ud ecenary ractions. Tuere
is fomeh ing v evid nt .t‘@*‘i"e of tue
Condull of the Les ..ie'“vf thi ußhappy
Pio.le, in this curt -.u{i;-'. fiton, thae |
could w il thuis of B Coveir, e smc g,
woom yous toooer oy ciigul 1y weou 4 o 8
jmuve; soihicr o Akey mafl 2l ense
- g s Y .
b crpvivced, that'it was th Overrord of
tl] Goversmeny, Ocder 61 Happinais, thst
theic M n hrvg €er simed ag, ox to ekablith
oie of fo hu‘floluq ‘l\'"'(""n that seay
“ could, ‘ol amy Canse or tor mo Canst, Bot
“ their own v wu.g&‘_l’h“uu,"d:flbivt‘ifi.
wh s they ¢h (-, .
I the'¢ Charms fuflic’ent in this horpy.
Dcét ire of Anache and Conlufios, 10
¢ o rniate ‘or the L fs of Beitifh Liter y.
a 6 Lews? Wouls aay Am2ican enteust
the cerel Brjeyments o Life Imo fodtu
tipg 2 Soeiits 2 Ldareverture to aniwer
for you al', ttat the Mitery you have al
rcaiy (,\"'rvifn\rfl, would decesmine you
otherwile. Mruy cf you have began, with
Gel, 1o lo k ba k to your former eavied
Sitvaion: Aac bappy fhould 1 thitk my«
felty if, by exh:biing thele Abfurdities 1@
vour Voew, | ccul®, for a few M meats,
‘ul thole Paffors which heve sflumed the
P sce. o f Reslon, snd (uitch cue fiem the
Piccipice over mhich yeu are bovering.
G. A,
e e Picis que tmpener ¢ Morem,
Farcere xby &, ot dvbeiiars japerbes. -
¥ Virot.
HE mad Oppefi:ion of #n intoxicated
I Robble, againtl Ibe wildcht of all
Governmests, i 3 tow diminithieg
corfideiatly, s L areis are o forger
abe tw prevent the Troth fom reachieg
the deluted Multirvde; and it neeled 2o
pgres Foredight to pronouece their lufluence
vut pire Way, when once the Pecpe
fhou d be re.defed ferfible of Iheir real
Situa'ion. . "
No Lirg tends more ta their Reecvery,
than the Aiiice of their AmsassAponr
w Pasic; whioathey row fee chro.“_.‘g..
ced, 't wzt no Preof ef their Underflafd
ings het chey fo readily fhould credit, the’
for ¢ M ment, ene of the grefli 2 Fradda
ever pridt:fed on Crediliry, .
A Rebel Deputy, froa. a Rebel Mcb, fo-
Jici » i the Court of a defpotic Prinee, mnd
begs Afiflance ‘or Revellion ! beps of a
Mena ch to corvince his Sutjedls, ldbepre
ing uncer heavy, though neceflury Takes,
that Rebeliion js, wiith Preprie¥, to be ¢p
«ouagie ! !fa few remaining Mombert of
he G Ccugrefs faveured (bg Decei,
it & -?mp:izing, they wimedbg:*hu
- Hozey thry bad focked, if % Ree
.«,Cu?y iv Europe ; byt the comm¥sa Pyoe
pie (' meap the common People ;W
rot of the Comg efs) weré tritaial ]
franpe Sefpenfive of their Flw‘.“l,}lo
pals over an Abfureny fo glairg. This
Jrick has been fuccets'ui 16 it’s Invenior,
who is now emoyed fem the &uflfu,tf
his Cogntry, which Lis gentla Nawme Wil
rot cves Jet k'm thirk of, and @ ’0.3‘3"
anufay Kisfelt, in ihe Bo om of ftcg ce
and Euj ynent, wik e Help of s gbd
F ricne, cextecully extialled from (be
cear Creatures, ihe Aflertors of Ihe glorions
Cav'e! Wiile thele are laging in *he Ago=
miss . f Ange: a' toen Stopidiy, cobvieced
Be iz a Man ot too much Senfe 0 p cfif s
Ludgiag in the Balile to an lpcn::c
gormie at {Hoed &’ Bwrragunes. Orhers,
pive mot yet made vp the sumo they waat,

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