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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, April 10, 1777, Image 3

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NN Cosvar wrsant, ke, ve Thiraas A=i7o,
Warans ¢ . L © 1 @
Servic. vi di o, - g 3. .9
Sgb. ey " . » © ¢ 4
Egitwia iFr, ontd v righ, ©l2
Sur monie, te) wiiiedl s, - e § O
E try Com Jatat e o 0 0
'1:!1!, - - - o 2 o
Making wn J 4 giasat, - ® 5.9
T.ciag bl, - . ® o 3
i. 2 3 &
N E W P O R T, Aprl la.
Lit M -n"ay arrived hee ky a € ooy (2
ge.al Mizihipman vwho have b Cn tag-u 22
diffc ert Lrnes oy 12 @ huls Tavy la.
fo u iha: a Bucy the K-’ Yrop, hiad
forp ized a 'a p» M oawziie of he Ron s
a: Peeks L.t ani ha o itophd and aken
ghoatloooo BBives k@ by 0 Q a i of
p ou'e yDe S"{'-wd) cregßas VLB 4. mUa
s o M tar 5.0, .2d sa toe whole
was off:ted w: hoat ‘A Lot o' & Man
They ) ¥ew: enfora thad reco he Ree
bl Ga'levan the Rivep aas oesu bDlowig wp
pc' ka: 8 Al & peihed ia Re.
The Tono W rne's w.te ndered to
paiic 60 M- a tor thevo trental’A o
butony § have ystbeen Bt i oery
ohes Town iseqaly cx €% noai gihcie
Q 0’23 af Mon.
Wi Rea inata Party of Robels from Ti.
eonc2ro a, conhidne of abeat 40, bad fal-
Jon ‘o watia NNu owber ot 1 diane, who fut
thétma all to Dahexces 6, 7 who we ¢
wourded, 1 ¢% India satr 2d, %llia
wth a Num er ot Waggens beloniag to
the Reoe's al! of whith thwy to k&, and
I’l thofe tiat wer v h t.oem
By a rferv. finz: ariv:dia T wwn we
kave ondoub ed nc lig vnce 'hat St Gay
Carletwotacofd hel k s2nd is nowar
Tic nd ropa. Luisloeldigra - ve Inor
mar afur sue, was beoughi by a Ceclin
who vides P R € om v.auQuace . Lo hing
headds, off Qs:h (New Layadesi ke he
Dieid of this Amy, C » ufiovsid (.
miy 0 obefeninalm Revay U v e
wances S metak hi -, hut hy e o 0 ji
wation to fi :h'. vevong the Reaca of shesr
Cinaney Cvanvs Bvea then o Ll
ing Parivos find tha. their avfineerefod Z.al
wil not maiutais taem, ard deir Paper s
fofa kinisVa e, ciat & wiiino boaver
anfwar the Pacoofes of hsie Ava oo aud
Viaiy. Tals w.o aewell aft ded o
G v ramenz, Lave b.chfo lo g d agooned
by h frim;e i-ns Villiins, tha: hevcaa’t
yet mufter Rzoiaiion 2nough o 0 hake off
theis Auhonty. e 03 who have rot
planged t.emf Ive (9 ‘ariato the b2l -
ea as tuo imas o hereira y Receat ‘or
them, begin (o grow pa cicula 'y <ruiions
ho . th2y c@, aud thofe whofe Crimes ara
fo no.oiicus a 8 ‘cads them to think that no
tning c2a exc.ude (hem f:om Panthmen:,
are in Imiaton of tae Farh® of R.be's,
zui‘yi:.g there infernal Dilp i i'ns by
siering ever;K nd of Waatwn Dettrullioa
gound them.
We bea- t'at the Peovle of BTon talk
of molleding a Numter o 8 M n ard mach
ing into th Councry, totike P ov.fis o by
F.ice, a 1 & Country People re weto bring
it to th m,
S ace oar 'aft two Prizes hove besa feat
in hore: “ne b the La &, from Gi daiope
bouid t» New-Lozdon, the otaer by the
Orch us,fom Pir'adelphia bovm ! taßuios,
lade.: with Floar,
Yelt tday Mor-ifg (alled @ Numher of
Trafpuite tor New-Yo &k under ihe Cuavoy
ot .he Anbalrale,
Two or thice of the Rebels have th's
Week ftoleupon Yrufance 10.a4, and bu nt
two Nuule, Suer gronivwe fst o 0 a 9 thela
thee are oo Steamges ‘o,
Moe Juno has tak 1+ the Starion of Le
Ceo o, whick has fuil'd widh toe Fiect
ior Nen-Yoik,
Al Tak ¢f comiag unrnn this Jflard
-w . .
among cae Rebels, ncw 1 fi.rs, and 10 I's
Jiead JDey begia tc fiar 3 specdy Annay
-8 ce o the Troops,
s ne Peop e in geoeral in the Ses.port
Towsz, b iz o dup 1o of their Expedta
t:ous irom the Frencn, and to have therr
kyes cpencd 1o beh nd maoy siher Alfu di
tes hai wave been imo.ed upoa ther Cios
Ciliye Tns Couptry Peope csnnot i 3
Bisca o gzo doceived, rs o Time 19 2t
s ciapiag tor tha Aflidsnct to arive
Gity have beea f 2 Doy exp cliag; and
1 15 ppzhesd vgy d judg sy ¥roha @
®cea wite th: o, tha. thiy Suamie will be
Prosvcuve b leen Doviaoas smong this
veha py Qeoyie (whooaealr ady jzaiont o
Diciwe cteachith £) 28 wold o & &ae
&y sornviate she Bebeiiaa, if the drnilh
AN were evea g iematn nact ve,
Wa teai t at the Kzoes i.¢ moviag off
thei Carser, & 1o Buttal 5 aad ihag
many of az Iphatitants 8 5 kewife re
@ -10 g, wihßer Bf Q. A Provigencs,
Bony o cem gegas !l ng ioceto rrmove,
We nzve julk recrived an A¢lount trem
B %op, that o R 82l Pavaeer New up there
wfem Dy Luge, aad ikat aveut 109 Men
Poonn.a ie er,
Lat Tueicay Fy*nijng w2s ma'ried by
the Lv. M BlS.ce T, Keltor or Tiaity
Cha ohintali Towa, JOH N Mo RR:3ON,
I'ig; D puiy Cemmivary of yoreg, Pio i
fiovs; &z, 0 Mifi POLLY WANTON,
¢l et Davpherot C lons WANTON.
EXLAVA Forthe Words O.m, et 204
Sem, 10 (hs 24k and 280 mines ui s
Poe’s Coner of latt Wk, read Q) wiias
and Siens.
A G riem 2 hom pock dila dhastavor.d
or with o toliowng.,
In Generag Asserss v, M ch, fecond
tefian, A.D. 1777.
B 3 E-0O VED, that fuch of the Trhabitante
AN o N Shoretiam, en Blick ill od,
and wow ca ths Maio, aschuferor.tu 0o t 2
vhew tloafey, hwe Lidecty to retarn, under
th: laic&uion of the commescing Gffloer
of ths Diltr & frem wheoce they ha | doe
part, uctil Le leih Davei Aprii mexty, and
toofs now 1 ving in faia Town, who sie ce.
fi 029 t 0 re.nove tu the M 3, a ¢ ye mitted
todoic wirtha the Tuaz afirelail; afier
v hich ali [arercourfe Mall g af2 betwesn (ha
Trhab tents of the faie Tovn a 4 th {2 oa
th. A2zin, natil fer ot Qiders ficm the Af
t mil, fivicgonly comiflioned Offisers,
in he Cowuental Battalions, for ihe Pug
pofe =t reccu ting.
(A trae Copy) Witn=fs,
Willizm Muz‘rd D Ses.
Newpot, Acsil 11, 1777,
H Lrcby iaforms the Public,
that he bes opesed a LCHOQL, 1n
ihe Hate taicly cecaped by Witlism Lake,
near the Church, for th: Ja% u@® on of
ARITEHMUTIC &i=A'l P rlons wic i@
pea‘ed to faveurbim with the To'tion of
their Chiid en, may de, ead n h s F.delity
in difchai i g ihe Trait repcfed 1n him,
and chei. Favours kind'y eck owledgea,
BF.ym Heffifchea Commifair
FREBLLL ift Voo!die Herrn Officier
zu b k nwmen befler MATERA WE'N,
vasl 2 a;:d'ing,z&. bot. dis Ton’olp.
2Dz, 1 Ss‘hiflia‘.
NTWrORT, Apft 4, 1992,
S the Timz is rew came, when the
A Focade aud Zasmies of Brita'n mel§
be d.itinguithed 3 when the former
{1 11 be rev a ded, snd che ldtter mest with
trar Ponihiment chwr treafon b's Proceeia
lag: tebrve—Culonel WIGLHITMAN, givu
this pubie fovistea g 2 il tof: whoare
w lirp t» enice opether (0 throw off the
Y ke 2f a: aba-doret Set of Menm, trat
h veil 'd ihis owce Lappy Country wi'h
Miwry a d fuin, and by the unjuitifivrie
Puwer which they bave :flumed, paced
every Ecjoyment of Lie wpon he mof
p rctious i ure, i 3 ma aifcf (veir A ache
aent o His Mijelly King CEORGRE the
T hid, by inlilting = him, f.r th: Torm
of Two Ycare or dui'ng the Rebedirm ia
his Resimeet of LOYAL NEW ENG.
LANUDERS ; wheie they will hive an
Cppuiten., by their (pisted Exertipns,
to wipe away thy Shemg aad lafamy their
ush o-y Country hith ircasred ; and to
conviac: he Worll, i} @' there are yer many
in cew Gugland, who dete@ the Name of
Roerels, equally with ehat of Slavee; aad
whs not enly acknow]'dge the Supr macy
of ¢ e Eruun Perlamins bac srewi'ling to
rif teeir Live , ia fuppovidng its conftriu
tional Aa hority over every lert of the B i«
t{a Empire :-=-And, fee their furh r Ene
couragemest, cach Perfon will be imtit'ed
t> » boun:y of FIVE DOLLALS, be¢ fure
pithed with Cloathi g, 2nd evi'y Accons
trewsnt aeccilary 10 ¢ mpicat & Gertizman
So dier.
Col nel WIGHTMAN wi'l, with 'he
grea oft Piealure, € cive @/ who are willin
to i ' ft, ac ths Hou e of Capuiin jOSEPi
DUXFEE, in this Towse,
] tiere will be 2n ASSEMBLY
next MONDAY.
Cart. D’AUBANT, 1 Mafters of e
Cept. MALTZEURG, § Ceremonirs.
¥ OV N D,
Ths Ge tl:wa wh» ba: loft it, may
kavs it :zaie, by applying at Capr. {l")é—-fl
LAWTONe, near the Mzir Guard -Houfe,
pe, irg the Crarge of ad entifi -g.a
o . Newgo t. Jan. 6. 1279,
ANY Perfon or Perfons who
are jaclined to e*ntralt for the fu
plying his MAJE TY's NAVAL 305:
PITAL with Frcfh Provifions, or fach
oher Necefls ies a» fick Peopla mey re
quir-, ars defired (0 fend in theit Propae
{l+ in Wrtine, t 2 the Subfc:ibse, who,
o exxniniag their Terms, will give the
Pret:z2nce to the lawe® Oferer.
Agen. ¢2 the Sick aad Harg
To be Sold, by Jofeph Durfee,
by the BOX, at W HOUSE,
Ner~rort, March 20, 1977. .
At the PRINTING OFFICE in Thanen
Sirear, the foliowing Articles of
'l‘) OYAL, { Fioe 7ed snd biacly
\SQ “er RO’“. WIl.
D-n,, Ynk PO'“"
Thick acd thin Pol, | iuk Holders,
Foofeup,ili & plain | Pevace and Foungd
Letter. ooper, Boaes,
Maibie-piper, Peocil:, and
Quills, tve:g Roldess -
Accousnt Bogksy

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