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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, April 17, 1777, Image 1

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' . L TN, A 4
PUBLISHE”‘ ':‘)‘,r_q‘.qa J‘l"\\ "‘; WE EK LY.
FEA A oo 0 o eol
4 W tve Chede ks of the £ pro*
) A g ~f M roce, bhave ¢ kia 2
"“ ’‘ { v = ’
k‘;{ “ Dach YV (el ofi eas Caanry
AT flady, Ldn wan Crwaon
Powder, and otier Ammuaison, aaving
2 P Oas oa boaid, I.cidimg P flrgers,
?fii- P ge~if2 /s d, \asiinry forad on boird
this V 42l 108 092 32a ih Piaftris, and
20 000 Porgavarie,
Caiie N:v 26, TaConl qienceof
Expels fom M.ded, the & rgatr Doa
Pri'ip, of 38 Guaz, Yiko wav fipped ner
Cables, and pus to Sea, ia Quet 1 five
M.a f War end Fugate, ior M n'e
Chnlli, i the Weit-lade., wih Q .«re
for the AD v¢ >qlalrsa to retu n‘m i
ately, eue Miaitey having received Affuc
gazes from tha Court of Verian s, that
the F-en h were detzrmiaed not t» lavo ve
them clves ia & War with eny Eucopeaa
Powir, on 2ny Pi2L3o¢B WiateVer.
LOND ON, Jan .
Extralt of 2 Lotter {rom on board the' Ty
ger P isatesr, C pr. Powe {l, b loeg.
| i.g to [ hif = i%flun-.k.) 12, daed
1 Halif . x Harboue, De:. 1.
“ His Ex:elleacy Marriot A bathait,
Ey; hiving fitedloatcn V T2t hsorn
Exp.ne, in order £ cra z¢ a-anit (¢ Re.
bel Americans upoa the Craft of New-
Engia-d, we too% our D:prtuce from
here o the 38 h of O@sser lalt, ani afcec
¢reizing (>me T'ime about “spe A ne, we
fellin w th iwo {mall $ 038 beloagiig to
Salsm, laden with Fiour aud liv: Steck,
‘°f?lh-C\ro?ial, which ‘el eafiy into
our Hands, rnd we fent th m tnio this
Port. On the 14th v't. being ab ut 30
L‘!glu §. W, of Uape Anne, we m+''e s
B.il, chat we pays Chace to, *nd tur Vel
fel bziag & faft Sailer, we g+'nrd wpon her
much. She then tacked and ft «d £ us,
asd prov-d am American Sloo> Privateer cf
tea Guis apon Deck and fone Swive's g
fhy fc:d her Broacfide, snd an Eagage.
m*nt b:gm. which laßei three G afivs,
when the fruck, hiving been raked fore
oud aft (hroe fucceffive Times. EBhe preved
%0 be the U ijon, Pe e Diacaa, «f Boftoe,
Brd wae wne of Hopk'ad's Squadron. She
She carried 66 Men, owt of whch 19 were
kiled, acd 14 Jn‘?nufiy wound. d. We
Bount'd tweire G.us and had 54 Meo,
ot of which eizht were killed a.d fiv:
womaded. W ariived iafe wi b on: Proze
oa ihe 28th ylt,
A Geotlem n fram Penfacols, in a 2 V.-
el ar ived fiom Jimaica fave, that Wit
Flori'a bas increafed amazicg'y wiihia
thefe few 132 Y:ars, rart'y from the Tadit
tryof the (+ hubicsmts, and part'y ‘rom the
g'¢at Nombers which are come to Tut'e
there, in Order to svcid the T.cubles in
the d (affz*ted Colonies.
, Tae Owness of the Datzh Tranfports in
9% Se.vice, we:e very fond of theur Bac-
FTHURS PN Y™ ApPprilL 17, 1777,
oh e ' ver [2oative; but the M-t s
afd Szpm n had narfo 5 Jpclfl\‘.orit.
%m% t* to be u.ri.l’.‘r them Le do
ing what Buliuels they'may s sud cthe R g«
lith Icis well kecwn, =x2cute 3]l their ravel
N ccsivies wico en Exprdition wiich fur
piiz's every One; and coufquee ly the
D ch Tra-{oet:, whea i 1 the Flest, a 7
¢tgonized to go cut ¢f thuir i Pace,
tc k ep wp +ith the Koglith,
A Ltuer foma Gentleman in Halifay, ia
Nova-Scot'a, to & '[rade!man in Fire'-
strert, fass, ¢ Caotain Barnfour of the
F i arn.ed Ship of 12 Guns, (Mr. Barafar
ist e Ger'eman thy ki'led Gero Monts
gomery a: he Stormicg of Qurbec) having
gt Leare o/ i Exce'lency Ger, Carleton
to cra (2 ag int the Rebels fo- the five wia
ter Months, has taken al sodv three Pozes,
cne caled the e, of 13 Gues, Lazt
Neve!, and 190 M2y, wh cn the ook afer
a 1 i gagement of two Howvesr ; her Cago
m fty co: fits “feoare Woe lenr 5 the has
io her Wlicg Billav Accouat of ;000 Pair
cf Bankety hat Me Sasor boa d; the echer
a P ivacer o cight Guas g and he id @
Briy from Ciroling, 'aden wi h Rise, Indie
go. &, brund to Fra ce”
Mexaalt o j9n. 16 Jpthe Conefpof 128
Yeur 697 608 haldron of Coals wo.re 'm
porertin he et of Londia from New
caftie ond Sunderland, whilh iy 37,237
Cha drecs more than the Year 1774 and
gre ter thaa the Import of 1773 by 27,237
Exus& of 'a Lever from Chatham, Jan. 8.
“ Yeterddy th: Royal Artillery ma ched
f em our Ba-racks to Woulwich Ba rackyy
st which Plzce they are quartered, in order
th make Ro-m 2 the Rocruits, which are
dalv ¢omicg fiem ali Parts of E-glarnd,
Sco land, ard Ire'and. o be traines, We
have no lefs than 130 Reerwis at prefent
“ This Day 2 Derathment of Maria‘e of
this Divifion embarked on beard his Ma.
j- Ry’ Ship Prince George, of go Guns, at
this | ort, which is to il in a iew Day: to
join the Fle.t 6f Obfervatioe at Spit ad.”?
Early in the Mornine of Fday Se'nnight
M:. Bew o' York, a-d Mift B-own, (a brau'i.
“ul apd acce mplhifthed yteng Lacy and a Na
tive of Steckholm in Sweden) fet ff ona
meairhponial fixpedi Ica to the Vemple of
Hymea at Greras Green g the young Lady
not mo e than 18, ci.‘:o‘.gd a 3pl it and
Pe'olution o th's Occafion that docs Ho
poar 13 her Age and Sex. Her Motive it
fecins for taking thig Seep was (o prevent
a facrifice .l her Clha wig f.ch in‘eed as
§wecan bolt, to an o'd Geat'eman, her
Goa d'an, who, fitange to'teil ! had fo far
o' Raken his real Wants as to become ena
mon #4, even in the Winter of Li'e, o' hia
Slooming Wad, asd 1o whom he was 1o be
matried in 2 fevera.
A Letes from®lafgow fays, ** Trude'n
gereral woe never kmown to be o b ifk ar at
pelen’. ‘il'he Demand for gouds is mach
more than they can anfwer. Wi hin the'e
laft Gix VWeelks, ihe M..chaals of Glalgow
snd G eenock h‘q’auen. and fent out fo°
Mew Yo k a.d He'ax, no kis than 10 of
12 Ships wua ‘é‘w.-}.f Merchant G ode,
befices many Ships Jy ug-1o dai'y foi the
{ame Pu’P( {=. ]t 13 ho;‘d._‘(hl‘ br ‘b‘
Sp ing, Tiade to thar Pat o' the Woild
wi | be cariied cn 10 a picaier Rxteat shan
Thoy wrize from Mount’s Bay, in Co s
wall, that 2 few Days ago (hree Ships wete
oet in Diliefy, about fix Leagues V{c%of
that Place, by & fmegyliog lug-fail V flel,
who'e People heard feveral Gnns 6 ed as
Sipral 4 but culd not diftinyuith whit
Nuticn he Vefel belongd 1o ; ihe Maln
mufl of ove ct thepn was cut hy the board.
and anciher of them bad k& her Rudder
and Bow.piit, but the Smugger faling in
fo n sfier with a Guernty Sieop was in
tormed a Flect of Swed fh Ships bad [.oke
with ber the Day hetare, icme ¢! walch ar®
fuppefed to bs loft, as feveral Spars, tlena
coops, &c. were takem up z.ong the Coaf.
Ext a&@ of o Leier frem Wilian Miller,
Madler « f the Snip Calar, dated Kirgllon,
in Jamaca, Nov. §. to Rutert Guiuos,
Eiq; s Byittol.
¢ Ve arrivec here Yelterday after a Pafe
fage ot 25 Days, ficw Newicundjand. On
e I'3ch of Ufoder, in ket 30 43, bone
50 a One P. M. ¢eli in w ih an Awericen
P ivaeer of 10 Carriage Guns, who fired &
thot a* us, but fhemed noColcurs and im
me jacly alternardshe fired 3 teco d Shoi
we he ifled our Colou s. snd ebth2 5 o 8
from one of cur Stern Chace, having huilled
two of ow- Gunr or the Quaner Deck 1w
that Purpcfe, at the fame Time m.krag all
the Saii we ccu'd the Privateer coming, up
but flowiy, »pd keeyi g a conilan: Frip
with ber tao Bow Gun:, nhich we eru.vci
#s bt as pollible. We thought fh. irtea
ded to board uej wpey which we greall
cur Guus over to the Lea Side, aad gave
them al! at -nce, which made her beeve g«
bout o rep:i her Ripging for s ‘ew Mi uigg
and ihen gave Chace ag in; bui Night ecma
ing on we 2lte:ed our Cou'ie, and faw heg
no loore, Witeram Mivean,”?
On Saiurday a Seifure was mide wi Purife
mouth by a Tceder bilosging. (o his Maas
jefty’s Ship the LCouragewx, w:o trok @
Smupgling Cutter wich goo Cakks of Brane
dy a:d G.neva, and lanced them i. 't in bis
M:jetty’s Warenoules there.
T he Lords ofthe Admtalty have put hia
Maj-Ity’s Frigate Bolue, of 32 Gups, nowt
2t Desttord, Isto Commifhen, Ihe Com
mand of which is given to Capt. Atking,
and flre ir fitting Oar for Sea. ;
The Camelford Figate, av Deptford, is
pu: into Commiffion, snd. the Commacd
given :0 Captain Maitlaad, f
The Hc@or, a rew 74 Gos Ship, at
Portfmoerh, is put inio O mmifkion, o-d
the Command g vea to Sir Joha Hamiliosy
Baroaer, ’
By & Li& of kis Pruffian Majefty’s Fo ces
lately laid beltrs him, it apiexred ke hed
in Swvce 76,200 Horfe, 152 coo Foo,
7590 Caascaceis, and 36,060 Mutiey

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