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BIR, »
HE following. i i‘\ Fa-al HoM
- toe Litargy of 4 Man &t Duthizeti
op in Eagiacd, suo uicd saily ia
’l. Family in thetr Momiog and Byvening
D.voiont.- It fesmes n 2;led 10 th. Times,
zid 13 ecemmended 10 he ferous Pauial
of your Readers.
L O R D, tavg me, G God, for thoe
O ban (mi cen @1 nibe ERcnadsy o the
Cetkßone « 1 hon vall broken the Toeth
of the ungod'y. Plalm 1. v. 7
They i tended E:11 & ainft thee, O Lord §
they imagined a wichieyous Device, which
they aie not able to peiform. Pl zxi. v,
" They fre:k of Peace, but they devife de
eeivfu Matiers agaie®t them that a'e quict
in the Laod, Pf, xx 37. v. 20,
- I will not b 2 a¢-aid of Millions of People,
that have fet them( lves aguicft me round
about; P iii. v. 6.
Thot hatt deivered e from the Striv
fogs of the Peop ¢. and thou haft made me
the Head of the Heathen. For thou katt
fusintained my Right and my Craic ; thou
fivet ia the Thione, judgicg right. Pl x.
v 4.
1 h:rcforc wi'l I pive Tharnks to Thee, 0
Lo.d, among the tilut\u:n. and fing Praifes
muts t.y Name. Pl xviii. v. 49.
I bave fet my King wpon my holy Hill
of Zion. Pf .v. 6. PBetill thom, and
know that ]am God. 1 will be exalred a
song the Heathen, ard my Church fh-1l be
¢xa ted upen Ba th. The Lo dot Hofts is
Wik us: The God of jacob is car Refuge.
N E W.Y O R K, Mach 31.
An Officer, who was cn the 'a ¢ Expedi
gion 10 Peek’t Kill, has favored ss with ihe
fel'owing Account.
**.On Saterday It and the two follow'ng
Days, an imporiant Baterprize was effeled
upon & lafgs Mapazire, which the Rebels
had formed s Peek’s Kiil, n-az the High
lznds, under the Conduét of Colonel Bird
sad Major Hope, a by Lieat. Duzaford
of the Engireers, with only 500 Men. The
Treops were embarked on boa d four Tranf
po:te on Sata day, with every Precaution of
Secrecy as to thenDeßination, and proceed
pd wp the Normh-Rives, ghider Convey of
the Brune Friga‘e, {Rain Fergufon, and
an armed Galcy. y came upon the
Rebels, almoit unappriged cf -he Adventare,
on the Seaday Aftcrnoon, who foon ran a
way frcm thelr Poft (though they were at
Jealt equal to the Troops in Nuazbe:) with
the g cateit Pregipitaticn. Before they quit
ted ‘he Spot. they fe Fire to the Mills up
Grepopy’s Crerky io which were ftored a
boregz Barrels of Flour, and 85 Hog
fhesds of Ram ; slfo to two large Store.
Lou s, coniaining an immenfe Quan'ity of
milita'y Stores; and 10 their Forage-Yard,
with 2!l the Hay, Siraw, and Coin. They
likewife faved a g eat Number of Hos
fhesds of Rum, during the Appgoach of ¢
Ships. Imme iaicly op‘n landirg, the
Troops advanced 10 the Exe-ution of their
Defi -0, and ba-at avd deftroyed the ‘whele
Magagine, the Baracks, Work-fops, Store
houtes, and all the A;pur:¥nma of this
p incipal Depefitof military ursiture aad
Stores, whica the Rebels had been forming
for 3 long Time, with the greateit Expence
and Labon Bclides the Barracks, which
were exceedingly weil couftre&co, and fe
veral othee Bnizliop. &:. above 150 New
Waggons wiré commited to the Fiames,
toge her with a vaft Colle@ion of istrench
ing Too s, Carpente ’s Tools, an immen fe
Q antity of Beef, Pork. Flowr, Rice, and
Bifcui', all in Calks, and above four Hun
dred Hogtheads of Rem. s Many Catks of
'l'allow, Boxes of Candles, Hoj fheads o
MolfTes, about a’ Dnzufam of Ceffee,
{ me B xes of Cheeolate,” Ches of Arms,
Artillery S10:085 thir:y Calls of Nails, iweA
b Rosee of Grabb ah 4, gndd baemas Spane
try of Bar and dist Lion, mers o e, (V
-veydd 1o the 2hiot or ertiiiy dcttioy d.
The Camp !'guipaze, Stlocg vy W 0 '
Doughl, who comma-ds 102 Acte s iy that
'Q-uxw't. wat in Pa t deroved, and W Part
Urought tway, eih fome Ciligers Unitorme,
% Colors, 13 the Lorfagration, which
"mch a Col Gion of comtuttinie Mt
ters thay bc.%;fi?y imagined w have loea
prodigious, a largg Ofsvrig of Harle tor
Tam in.:.o? of Lasther v Shoes & o
ther Purpofes, was conin . 10 ihavt, (he
Deft-übtion wal ‘compltts aud (il ay
fcace anyiThi. g efiopiag, that coud ot
of Ufe eicher 1) it.e Proops or (0 the Revels,
Severa! Stocns and Hoats were hikew { ds-
Rroyed, end cthers brou it off adin with
fome of the mof valuab.c Aricles. A En 2
Twelve-pouader, whish the Rebels ad
piaced there, wag dipon: 2 and lett with-
OIIt i“ 'lflllnliO&. A.The vhoe “".fl.l'.f *’
carried on. wih ihe vtmo?t Cpiiiand tar
mony ; and 10 e osor of e Scléiers it
may be fad, (ha: not cne of hew, among
the Streams ot Rum that ran 2pon in eve
ry Quater, was in he lealt &1 Cer d ia
his Daiy. They only ex) elied their Du.
appoin ment, in rot having haia B vt with
the Kebels. Nobing cond exceed the
cool Intiepidity anu Precavtions of the com
mandi g Cfiv.ers throughoaut the Eater
prize ; nor the Alacrity ani V.gor ¢ the
wihole Party. Nota Mar wos leit or burt
upon the Ocguli-n. The Sav o rerfo med
their Part wi b eqo2l Lpi 1 aod a B-iith
Sesmen are n'ed o cdo. The Lofs of the
Rebels cannot be ead y calenlated, Their
Difapp intment and \vant, in Conicqueace
of it, may b 2 mo ¢ cafily guefi=d at asd the
more; zs 8% Luis 1. aow irrcpanbls.”
We have aldo the ‘olloiay Re'ation of
this Affair from a 2 Inha itanc wpon ths
S.ot, who came off wi h the Troors. '
at PEREK's K!L L
.fD;nicl Bi:d‘al’s Houfe with 700 Barrels
‘logr, and 8 Quantity of Graia for
soctos, d s Quasuy f
Capt. Jehnfton’s M:ll, with 2e@oo Bufhels
of Wheat and 500 Bufhiels of ocier Gaia
for Cartie.
Jofeph Travers's Stove, with £OO Sufhe's
of Buckwheat.
Nathaniel Merrit’s Hoafe and 3-ore, with
300 Hogfheads of Rum, 500 >tand of Arme,
150 Hogfheads of Molafles, and abeat 250
Barreb of Flour rnd Pork.
Pelathish Hawes’ Siore, with a large
Quantity of Wheat, . ;
Welch’s Siore, with Candles, Secap, &c.
to a great Amoun:. 2
Peama k’s Store, containing 2500 Buihels
of Wheat 10 El-gheads or Rew, 17 Bar
rels of Pitch ard Ta:, 20 Barrels ©f Pork;
"one Pipe Brandy, and une T'n of Tram ;
befides 500 Bundies of straw, and « ae Stack
of Hay.
There were many othér [Toafes a=d Si-res
busnt, contiining great Quan:iiies «f Coup
try P.odace of every Kiad ; the whele Coft
to t:¢ Reb:ls muft famount to an immenie
sum befides the Expesce of Labour in col
leQing them, aad thels Didrels for many of
the Articles. , ?-_"
The Rebe! Troaps ot Fifh-Kill, were two
Regiments uader the Commaad of Corte.
Jsadt, and Robeet R. Livingfien. Five Col
ours were taken.
Above 1;0 young Mco came down in the
Shipe, and have fince eniered inio the Pro
viacial Corps.
Forts up the North-River.
Indepenay:ce, one Mile from Peek’s-
Kill, on the Baft Side, mounts five 5 Poun
Montgemery, fire Miles* bigher up, en
' the Weit Side, mourts fix 32 Poonders, acd
' “feveral Guns of fmaller Bores, in the wiole
about 20. :
Confittuion, sboot 10 Miles zom the
. JaR Fort, on the Kall Ade¢, mounts Ligh.cem
A Pourdems, ¢ : )
A Manioftzems fa fom 27oeds Tord
fass, LPwru\oa gacee ol e jie or, of
the arrivel 00 65 ar 2o Shise (L) ia
Chelapear Bay, ¥ . WaTiingron lad cidiigs,
¢d horr oo ol fhie Virginta Qe fmentd
fiom o lc fla,
We Leas, thatof the 30 205 fe that larely
teok Caiz.of Ihe Sick 1 "he VWeolud opong
Fof i2i, no les than 27 ol th o o 1 418
i ""‘d-
Therewstdno Rebels bei=ceg thi Ulacs
s‘»6&“}( eck latMoacay § ' wtone Ton a
fend =i ha Panyv of avout 25 Men w nicß
the f~‘.:ou:“prerty often, 'n @rcor 10 pinedef
the Coan‘ry ot 21 b2y conid take away,
Ky a Perion ). ft o ivea 11om ; hilacels
riia we hear, tiai the Nember ol Gu.ias
from the Rebe-Army, hay rodipaod a
hosot that Urty, €u ing the Micte’, nuw a
nunts to abhove 4000 accorcr g oir cx.
%l:{hm kept by fome Pe ple on e
i iie Rebels are innocsiating great Neme
bers fo the Smail bex at Havcover in the
yetfies, M. Wafhi gien remains as yotat
Morii-Town, wih pot zbove 4 or §od
Men. Fhe reft of hig Perple are {lO ved
ab ut Qu bble 1w wn, ard cther Perte of
e Couniry nca the Tioop:, wat by g v ir
Motions, and rea y tor S;e & aganit the
expect d Tme of hedr Jiaviig Winter
(waters. Moft of the New Englind Peos
pic ae gore Home, fome 1o their Farme
and others to their Meschancize. “Ihir
new Levies bave foccredid very it and
M-'n are not to be had upom almott 2oy
1 crme,
'T'he Corgres, by a Refclutioy of 26 h
Felruary lali, bave ia (ed the Ini2ref v on
L cany from 4 06 re Conts per A 6ume
1. it be jnit the {fame to thea, wore Loy
to fay 2t on¢s 15 cr GO,
By recent Accounts frem Coanedl cv®, we
learn, that the Goals in st Ualony (pare
tice.a:ly Baitic ¢)ae fil'ed with I'i'ercs o
Goave nment, who sie veaed in the on it
croe! manrer,-- Some of. thetn. chaized on
their Bicks to the Foor, a 2 o hers ‘vaded
wih itens to fuci a Dogree ihat they can
haradly walk.----
Beiween g 0 and 4o Head, of far Caule
beicuoiny to (he Ret) Army, were dre ¢ in.
to t:i Cicy laft Tuelday ficm Rye in Come
peflicut, '
Sivce rur left a Number of Perfans have
lefi the Rehe! 2:my (. the Jerhies, acd came
in with their Arms, &c. to owg, Treeps, ia
Confeqoente of the General’s]ace irdo'g:
P oclamation 3 and have joiued the fcvfi
Provircial Corps aiready appoiatcd, whiclf
are LOW very hearly complete,
As foon as the News of the takirg of the
fon- Men at the Brplifh Neigh'our socd, a 9
mentioned in ovr laft, ar ived at Acgvaka
nock ; all the Rebeis im and abuue that
Plac: took to theic Heels, and ne'er beited
ti ) thay acived at Smi.a’s Clove la Orange
Fiom gond Andsoity we are informed
that 20 ©oo Ruliaas are to astive in Ames
sica «ariy in the Summer,
In o der, as'tis fuppofed, to increale the
Credit of the Cont nental Currency, & vaft
Number ot Paper Dollars, cw.lm‘bd in
a very mafter y Mann<r, bave been throwm
jnto Circula ton in the feveral Colonies,
within the Courfe of 'af Fa'l and Winter
Muany Reams.have Leen browght cver by
Meichanis and othe:s, and difribwicd fof
that Yorpofe, - . :
; ArriL 7. .
In ene of the Rebel Hufpitals, where ae
bcut 200 Men wers lai? wpwith the Small=
P.x, caly twe ovt of the Whele farvived.
There are feversl {{undreds new dews
with that Diford:r among them.
Wedreldey laft was font in here by the
Da;hse Frigste, Capt, Chiunery, a Prize
Brig, called the Cornclin Moliy, Jche
Lockhart, Maller, from Martinico for Pri
ladz!phie, lcaded with Gurpowder, Saile

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