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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, April 17, 1777, Image 3

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Bh, Be takea o a Capme of Belac
war . A‘l*!
Tar( m. Day wa [ent in heey al™, the
v Schoon Jove, Flyrn Muter, * 2m
Padlaie'phia bowas O dodop, wil 830
B‘,(?'_g ot .ul"”‘, ass & 1 onsand & Llal
o lran, owvned by Wian Porveliy, and
take o by bts Mok, s igate tae Latar,
Cant. ) aasncy.
lpmne i\‘,f:u wloay 'h. :) vir fl 1 Of II)’
Qeore: 20 Peck’ K 0!, the Reb Is*emo-ei
every T‘v.flz of we Kiad (any had ne«r
fad o' River, a 3 kac back «s Deshy, in
Vo near that 2 .':u übrv of R""t'. Cl"
P.n(g J vAve Detn ey k..ZLJ, inz othars
talge o, newr FrtCoa alpisia, by loms Inite
aas § om Cadadn; in Uodfequece of 2 h ch
fs:6rai Wo kmen, vhwe € Gu the P iy
nyto Lieo der 00, had [EMTLEL L 0 Toagh.
kup.iu. t.h K o &0
Q3B Naght 1n lue Weer b ‘org ik, 2
Parcy of R:be's ¢ m: over rum Lon
pelicut 2 th: H ate o M SHi moa
daith of smih ewvn, on L"Y'.K i ¢,
and obbded ny so° & the Cloa bi gof his
F.nal).. HIAJ f)mS H waihh va Pernituer, Un
th ir Retuin the Boa: cve for, asd "t fap
pddenc wao'e Poiy ponyth-d, a 3 the b al
89¢ | .a-dmd Bodie woe (und oo the
8308, ae.r Mr. saiiia’s, wi hia a Day os
twoaf erwards, ;
By o interc pe=d [iotier 3gkes fom the
Rescls we 4:e intom ¢, tha svery N cef:
fwy o' Life fo vy dear. 3192 growing
daily “earer, 3 Purladet hid, aad ¢ome 12
Hog Meal of Sagar were lately foid a; taae
Piace or he eaimous P go’ 1294 .4 49,
gd. H l'peazy. Al ohr A ticies are ia
Propart o i, cacept Gong-efs Nokzs, which
are aear 1000 pe? Cent. celrw Par,
A few Days fince the Targar Frip-te
e\a;ed a lerge Ameiican Veflcl. . The Re
bel Crow, finding ne oth~r Wy oi mrking
the r Brcape, ran her sfhio e 0a ¢he Jerfey
Ceall, whese the Tortas’s People harnt sad
deftroyed her.* She hed on' buard a wvery
Vilaadle Carga, i T B :
* - The Reeti comé dowe 10 Secac-s laft
Weda«fcay, sad carid awty ali the Geaie,
Hotler, Chws and sbe.py th:y'dould got
ber) which they wem vbirged ¢: fwim
Wflukinfui River, for Wase of Eoats.
y [ veta] Pecloen come ia frem the
Jerleye, we gr informds (nat Walhington’s
whole : tce i that Colon » does gor ;;x:ud
4900 M-+, who are ju'a'very raggéd Con.
dision. Thile P bfifiu:: a’:!‘l k.:!ifc very
Bed and (.s:ce, MoR of theik Seefa .d Po ks
inking, for Wanto' Baif (0 edrs it pro
rtly; 8T 15: feveral D.gs Bey wire ot
ant Allowasee. TN ’
‘& We h-ars N""{"W’.’ wte cbl.
Mrl agein o¢ Pe*k’? R .d'bxnhl
Pudeflion of b-ie Berheisae Oill%s MHill,
#bout three M les Diffancs, They s fuid
h#‘qorpcohflupfnt I Be
Hiv Maj cay’s slsop a'w‘qymm
Cap:. Lindfdy, Bas Jar Iv Wad's very fbart
'chm jn the Wet la‘ies, s fow
33 as A
288 Gume, a Ploop ) be
Sloapgoc of, idie B'ip sruck ; but
g B ; bbt '.1.".' s J
Piods; i) Teveml oo Give Wibod oßd
Wah the Rovel & Woisk, 1o
g Rg'ys Hevge ~Tope s
Dumo s baiogs Prince Wi M
b Reck:), Rowndirg;. Poly, Selys
“WO ' '
m."finé - Sestony y* "
w :il ,A,mfty. Read § n‘
‘BB 308 af Dsc.md e N
h‘o 1§ -‘z“sclw.o
of Bedfef, Cluk:j and |
from L 2 Lt ol RSV ETAR
Copr. Wikintod, BF e Peint Frigare,
late'y died m: Antigned & worthy, gadant
Officor, sno g, be reckoned & puliicf, (s
N E W P O'R T, April 17,
Th: following h&tra@ (rom toe Joa-s
vol of & Rebel Soldier at N:v Londoa,
fhews the Ma vinefs of theie Sitasti h,
* Mach 28 ', 1777, Yeikerday, sfter I
tame .way, toere wa, a confiderable Ném-
Dor of the M enjered & Compinint to
the Cagtain ab vt their Provifions, and he
went ta the Mujrr; aud theas & Muomber
curied sheir ok ng Allowaeze 10 the
Commiflary, ] ha Dc%\m $ and h: feemed
vot ' liks it very woll, and (g d, that if
27y Man fa'd the Mot flunk, he wouid
whip him e 8 1) g. The Captain faud 1g
¢ld, ana fo cid Jumes Ryen, snd then Des
thea # uck thom witn s Svick, bows the
C ptaiz end Jums Rysn, spd it s choaght
Ryan 1 ol able ta Ho* n{; sed t°@
C morillay Li 4, thar if Mot 3 My reid
i flu ky, he would whip him nk: s Dog
too; end-wok fod of his Shoulders, and
d m.Jd bim, Whea | returped, the Men
made grigvous Compl logs €2 me, end we
{ympaihiz'd with ene spother, vith ove
Vi e, and ownel it 10 be sard and ¢ uel
‘Trea ment.” ,
Thy foll.wing Bxirall, fom the fame
J winal, fhe s the Homari y with weich
they treat th (e who diffcr is Opi.ion trem
theia, in that Land of Livesty,
“ Much 3oh, 12777. Ac this Time [
mer wich that which 1s enough to make a
Coiitias Heart ske, whichis the Exesorion
o' Mofes Dunosr. He was carr ed t 0 he
Place of Ex cuiion, snd when they diove
the Cart trom azder him the Kact ¢id mot
fliy, which brooghi the Rope op aguistt i
Chin aed nei herchosked Wim. for br: ke
his N:ck.. They thea souk hold of bis Legs
snd paijed him dowsin 0 e’ t» kil bim
that Ways -‘U'bis Risiched the Rops fo as
o bri g his Feei 3o souch ibe Ground, sad
then they dug awsy th: Grodnd ender his
Jiees, awd let him ha sbout 50 Mindtes,
ehd GIPW ¥R Bim ' W%, 20d it is ceclorad
that he was ot dead when they cut bim
dove j bat they beried him in g Gravg
where thire was Wakir vnd (0 drowaed Nim,
Afie- 2!} what civel Wor. j: 1’)0.
‘Uhere are leveral Raticny J‘u Cows, from,
Wew Yoo, ':;‘;;&w t:n PPWire
vi g 0 Nave ‘M. Walkie
;o:oc in-with chely' ‘N%
Howe's Mt Promemetion) . 7~ 1 o
inln “V:H‘ M:r.fiblflkn fi"'
daily imgt amorg (he gond
B, £ e i
'd, hey begin tothic _ e
dizce m_" laft the O: pheins has sesirned
€om Ber Craife, - v v 3
Thy follawieg T was breaghte by the
rlflag:'n:;‘nd&dc i) .‘”- _
Yor'tlie Sas uj&' of the Peoples
M_ncurable Nicko'ss Cv: ke, Bfq: Governot
""'_'%W' WAL Mk g o L)
Hozonracle W, Bradley "Mfo
A \. 3 % .y 8 : ;
{.n-r..mz.. ok
‘MI ’ " 4 d " .
T S Fogbrap
2 W, 2 4 g Y F
wes'Arn f ;-.1;,.. _'{':
»:fi‘lg '. f' , 3 :". "-.. ~,'l’.
eve? Phillips, Bigietodbiw: | 517 111
W illisc P > gt
- by f‘"l ' e ‘}"",f 7.
"'.M —-r'y.t\;?"‘ tha (Thasules 1
: .‘; et M‘A "‘m‘ g A 5 o,
'l g TRy e e
- Giudral Srtaporsvi! PR SRArR. By
o ~.q NORRSS, "
fitfl hoo Biryy _.‘;.j.‘,f*mw» 5
, | RN T D A R uh s ), ST e
Y ARSIFIED, i i Hy: b of €ic Memorp:
el = < e-et oa— .
B.iicrs me goad People, ior your Salsty and
Bale AN o
There Oi!; Men are eaale, 16 dojult asthey
f ledfe. _ ¥y (s
‘T 18 Judicioully'2Bos to pit ONd Nick
‘ the Arik's = LRSS NS
Tho', th r R arc fall 84, te by farls iné
woft s
Wiliem Biadprd, comes noxi—how happy,
h?¢ vee, IPNE §N
Elud ie minded his Noßramsy: hor Nich'lds
o etor feen, ) ,
Joba Coliine fands firfk 90 advife dnd to
Covotl § v aviw) tof s S aißle¥
1 wifh ok their Heads may be ibump'd o
Mms Aovil, v
Not forgettng John Taaner, (bo’ eali’d an.
Flgoitay 41, 52 vy gt ot aol g
Wio » uld turm llZ‘M!hc{s. were he u’"
. in the Firg, Tl e B
Amb:ofe Pige alm endeavors o pet riw
Commend, ~, ¢ «.o - .
P .x.uasz,-:.,mmj‘m thé Ship fafely ¥,
I'2 out in my Geefy if A ot fen in |
ths Saad, el
1 .e}af. J hisy Bdyles’ o sériin 16 his
o RIONEA §o 1+ 4sk e it i
Asd Dansel Cahoon Roibia mi? 2
‘Bath the m%;-ufl@fl. nd P
and Gay, DO R e
Would makt witly cosdnt u’M » ?
fame Way.) o a 0 iw s and
I once kasw mfigqflg e
"T'was pleafant. b‘%,, i;"w,
| : s.‘ ’,"" 7 ".‘, o e '*‘.s &r
Bet he _mult be s 'Qx *%m
bolltemy . 7o o e DRt RBT
When & Pob §i 5 Elord corfiie'dwiika
H ter ] .t.' ".‘;" ‘; ;,-J ' ". .‘
Willinet eifi“"}“ ol Al ofady k'
i ? *g§~”"r:‘;‘:‘"'gr{"/“:‘?f";;f{4 ’
”* M - es Y
vMO LMM b B v
chfil’:r,m obbichms Suw Hopy ) oy
Bo g ude gt EE TRS
4“‘ »“‘f’“ ! ‘””wa'f: ,",'t,":‘h "",t. .
©fth.fo whe la st gk ombwni ol
...- Q”.‘ ; ?...‘h ;"' ‘_f e .A‘?fi ,:‘;:i :.
igw ' A, 4 .a'~'¢-H, " «i:, R
> ~ on Bai T - ""
Loy g eGI g <el
_ L b* - -i‘.!vi"f",fl
Aton EC e
"y e«; L m“_:‘\'(""*l g“;
“. i : “;mi }L.“'\:‘ Corg 9.‘ & ¢
i OGPy el a
’ gy o ';viz?i}?" F "a}b J
‘ P h‘.!'f;-l,;'\_ » . e SO
ot ) 'M‘:(':“'Q\”' ,:..,’.a;‘.l N 4
ITHL oiih: Gt " Boori e
! o r‘o’ . " 4 "
iA e b S L S
o epamioiiy hoie Eenmßl.
""*"v,"? Mgy 3g o FEY G
e v-?/:’ .o; f 1' 4 "
S 0 s Re o b e
e 4 3 y 7oy oF ok
bé BN 'fi?/’? Dk DEF ;
f ’JF.Y w‘f S 'l‘l'f' Jr‘).'-.

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