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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, April 24, 1777, Image 2

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s?cg to be reifed ty reinferce thofe is onr
el mies.
There has boer » d-endin! Fire ot B eft,
anid. he Hoflpitai was 1n Fiames before avy
Help c2ud be broushe, Abare 50 Giy
ves, and 2 va®t Nomwbeér o fi k terlin:,
?i‘.‘ 3 the ‘r:f ware wounred By the
wins, or efeaped by Flight. To Binder
the Galley: Slaves from getting fee, ibe
Conngm made them ail go 100 a large
Court, efcorted by 00 Fefilss s, cut as they
weve not loflicient to guard them, the Slaves
wflw dowe on the Ground
u’nfi."\l} Jand 'O &g wieve riven
fyhse. %fl‘.” raife tdeir Head:,
Every Taiog fi‘.‘ on with all the
Tranquillity that the ratwtal Conivfi.a of
the -Accident will sBmit of, avd by great
).cbo:; the ProgrcG of the Flames wae
?wah‘ \ whe ran feme Horles
_ mmnu?: quairelled abos: a Lady
at the 'alias Thabje, and ome fruck (he
©iher, upom which 'flry both west out to
‘Sgbt, but the Guard feized them ; however
she Aggre(for found Meaas to ticage, which
has nevert selefs ot prévented the Tiibusal
of the Marfhal of Prance fiom taking Cog-
Rizance of this Afair,
L O N D O N, Jewairy z.
Yeltérday fevenal .’ Si§ Joha Picldidg's
Men wers cifpatched from the public Odize
io Row-Si.eet, to Po tfmovth, ix ‘order 10
::.fnhulf Mufyicious Perfl ns that
imagined 0 hyve had fome Haad in fer
fll*‘lzn 40 the Dock-Ya d. 5
Momuh;‘ lmfaq‘,&ngs were con
tafted for, to ) ‘h pd 3od falied for sbe
ST 100 TRAEO S 0w foc Ao
Bxtrad of & Leup r;: 'fl..;. Mardach
B'Lesa, % ighlagd Bmi
g:-ug‘." el by, Li:?u...woul
o 109 Manleman ie Bdiaburgh,
dired'H 1. Now.. 55, 126.
2We el from. _H_c,dé’o the 36h
‘ ’ .;;;";'~' v " g"hz
PRIOES } 22 3me; »>ey
“of the Valture and Hanter Sloops of War,
By the Atweation sad Vigilance of car Con-
Ivay, n&'kept Company tlll the 7th of Oc.
toter, whea s violest Storm -feparated the
whole Flgbt, hot leaving wo Ships togeiher,
Yu rive Dn r we #2)l in vi b the Hon
tor Sloop, wad comticucd with .bes titl tha
26th, when amofl impeastiable Fog, & hich
Jaked 48 Hours, apue deprived us of her
Prox&ion. Ie this Stuation, findicg my.
1 rppcoachiog th: Enemy’s Co. 8, ot ibe
.fiz; Recreits +ad 4 Volsniosr, on
w* Ob.m alone I canld depend, |
“thoa}bt it TIWE 1o tske Steps for our De.
denes, ip. Cowaf an-Auack. laccordingly
mm wy latentivn to the Maftsr
of wre? » and lieinferior Officers, who
ehudily faid % woald Vbey my Orders,
atd give. mb: all Whie ‘Affiflance in their
Dut that they coald mot anfwer for
arov ';:Wm:pw [ immediacely
[ - Cre.y, olior ag out to'
e e N
‘;“! - >
3‘ Wnb : P hepid
-3y bebave like Bruith Seamen.
& 90w Conditon | shar if sk
R 4 U fue Coedition: 5 if they
-m&e, thyy had %6 Clam oa Go
vergdiant; abd that even if they tock a
Pries, the & RiMas of War they met woirld
take ik psi hom.”’ To obviate thefe Ob
jiions, asifed them & pecanisry Re
: jon M th{ fhnoald receive
apon which, with the Help of
shat perlnglive: Liquor calied Grog, hey
give me thres Cheers, and (prore they woeid
fo¢ ‘i’d.b::lnu: Jd:»ppn. On
the 254, shout ¢o 14s Cape Race,
»t 'o'dl'i’ci.ek n sho?:t'emn.".we‘ faw.
e bodd 90 the Windward, bewring diwa
Jooa v Wi fooa difovertd her 10 be »
r Rebe! Privuser, * immpdistely ovd -red
evesy Mon to Bis Swrion, and we focd
s cur Courfe, A litt!;:_‘ul’ Five o'Clock,
y fhe com+ within 30 Yards of vs, 0v ouws
y Lersoaid Quiter, aud, efter ordering us ,
y frike, M salutad a. wich @ Broadf 'e,
¢ her Certisge Guns, Swivels, and Small
r- Args; but beny prepa‘ed for her, we ro
& turncd ¢he Co nplim:nt fo biikly, that in
2 I'fs then ea Hour fhe thought proper 10
y theer off. Tn Hopes df penieg clear of
)} ber gader Favewnr of the Night, we croadsd
| all the Saji we could [:t; bai we Tove per
| crived that the was much the fafber Seiler,
aud ealy lazged x-ftera o keep Sizht of us
till Mormisg, To pr:rn. therofoee, ia
"~ the bet Manaer I ¢onld for avether Neceye.
. wmeat, [ ordered wp all (e Hawmock:, o
- barcicade ol the Dochs, £2d after refrefh,
ing the Mon, I kept them oe theic Arm . all
- Night. Abost Faur o’C'ock in the M ora
| ‘D{ wsfewounr ¥ Fresd clofe at war
-Hesls, and ¢oxfidoring chat by keepieg to
Witdward B 2 weold attack cur Lie, ky
which ear Deck would be expsled, s.d bis
fcreened from our Fire, we determised e
baul up eur Ceurfas, sod go befor: the
Wiad, to bs ea as rqual Terms as p-fi> ¢.
Tais baing dane, \nqfi ed 8 Gas by Wayef
Sig al that we were ready for the Acteck.
He Nemad o mech difcoseerted ae this
‘Mueavre, that he 13id his Sa.l 0 Mft, sad
teok Half sn [ar to dee:mins. Aftar
whrich ne adveaced 03 ep7 La bisrd.Qar
ter, a:d raked @3 aft. Hstnen caue on
os: Starbonrd, and the D fpate was maein.
teived with eqetl Kesuaefs titl Elevea
o'Clock, whea ewr Antagonift found it »e
-esfliry to theer off, with the Lafs of feveral
M:a; axd mach Damaze depe to his Vailel,
She apseared to be abeut 200 Tons Bu-thee,
meanted 10 Carriage-Gass, 12 Swivaly, and
carried upwards of sigily Moes.
It is very remurkanis, tacs wa had no: a
Maua killed or wounded, thoaph tha Bad ding,
of whick we made s B ¢:ff Work, wys full
of Balle. Severnl of tas SuldinrsM.lkete
m-%.fi!jfl n their Hyewry und
-gonfid Demsge was dons ¢) esr Ship
snd Rigging.
"+ By this Affdfr, T bave had the good
Fortune te fave 20 oce ). Starliag o Go.
verement; and as che priacipel Port of war -
Loading wes soldisrs Cleathing, the Rebats
were buulked of whit weuld have been o
mok vilzahle Boety foz tham, in their pre
font rag;ed Condijon, Sh e
* Tie A®ivity and gord Bobavigsr of |
Capt. Caiey, Lhis Officers 2¢d Crow, conaet
be too highly coumendel on thls Occuliva,
We kbd saly 6 Th-ee-peuaders, a tew Swi
vels, aad 1| Safloss” ' |
STATE of the Britisn Coystrrurion.
The true charalte: of bz tamgper uf 2 popular
fiste, json y e li,bwz‘fn i y:?u to be
flavas wa'she wild, a.bicrary, asd exirava
ant humoure of s giddy, rath, and iacon
iug meltitude of foo's, managed by a fet
of more cannirg knavey, . Plwarch,
\ HILES tbe mock patriots of this coun-
Y i®y are c;yh" vp A-fericu liberty,
aad ciMfi" the tyranay of his Majeiy’s
government, I ¢ _hi-.flze above words ,o!
Pluarch worthy of Mfi%m
we confide: the order, regelarity, a ;
ty, of freedom 12 this country, the ¢ountry
in thy wor'd wheie law is the fupreme So.
ve'eige, I apprehend, RO man in his fesies,
who reglly mcans well 10 the co flita jicn of
his cauntry, can wilh for faccefs to the Ame
rican rebellion, in order that what is called
fre:dom may yet have fome covntry 1o take
refage in § for this is the light in which it
has beea Tet by fome. American freglom
s licentioafnefe in exirems § ot the genersl
licendoulnels of gencrs! tresdom bat of
party sage ; frecdom in the ex reme 10 the
goveraisg party, 0 do whas they pleale
with every ore thet difere fa oplaion
them : in cther words, the very «yrarny e,
feribed by Vie a ch.
Thofe whe wil: {orm cosly mEsy
foa beiween Britith a.d Azcri il,
mull eft.cm tha pr; fea. unornrgl laMa]lion o
the mofi abfured and p ep-ftzous rovols ¢y
eve: dilgraged the aonals vf homen ty ;
people eveltirg “fiom liberey, it ercer tg
eflac) th flavery, ‘
Infesd of corm-edivg the Aweric
for {ich an sbominab'e concudt, we oeg
1o blefs God tha: me Jive in 2 csuntry w
liberty s found, 2ot in the Jecigration: of’
Party, but in the allions of 2"l mankicd)
where every mae’s petfon if facr.d, and hyg
propeity {:cure ; whete the ypeafem hoidy
8p his head ‘in the prefence of his Pricce,
ad fub@its 10 RO Jaws that dG rot biad ¢ne
proud«ft Noble. A ccoutryy which for
fingu'as (iegdom, is the ;axy of okl the
of the -"@‘f ¢l ,amm? h%\ o
Monarch 38" the univerfe who knéays 2 )
faperior to his wi'l. Conm'emplate the he~ge
ty of the fabric; defilc W pot with he.
fenfelels complainua o%nfliou difcoptent,
; NEW.YORR, April 10,
y By aGeotleman ir>m Baitimere, we have
E received the f.llawing intelligence,
r Afer the precipitate retreat, or rathes
» fl ghtcfibe Cong efs frum Philacilikia, oy
' affaivs of the tremeacous Siates were torally
fuf ended, 288 the few members whe fled
- Baliimo:@ lemained sear three weekd i o
Rate of fepur.and ina&ion, truly 'l%lfli
| evento magy of their cun hétiog. "G im -
horror 2nd cosfla mativn fac pi@ared on the.
. cou:ennibf cach in‘einal chilain, and
it required'@very exertion of ihe clameuwivug
Chate a:d fub ile Adams to co'le@ 3 M.
ficizet number cf the fopisive bandit ; ]
¢cnliuw s hoole for the purpofe of vanfe)
alting the grand concerns ..f the defpcads
lag coofsderacy,
- Atthe Timeour inforimant Joit Balei:
mo:e 3 mifunce:Lacding fubfißed betwees
the Councit of Seiery af Marylaed 87.d:heir -
Hirh Mightio fas : Mutna) Jeal vfice and
Mif cfts bad s@aaly creps ino tre Couns
- calg of the latter, o
The new §lf - confituted Afl'mbly of"
Maryland” mot in Febroary ; they. were..
chifly compofed of the moft tiosogs and
viateat of the hde;{mxdont Faliicn. Agere’
. tsin Thousas Jobalen, s.{ubile, ning,
sich Rebel, lwu chafen Gonr::fi‘;fi )
Joba(om, et ths Time of hie A '-:-«n,‘"
was in the Recel Camp, ae the‘,m‘d cf the'
Militia of Fredesi k Coeney, fu;poied 1o
ke 1500, macy of whom, by the b & Ae.
coun(sy died through Sickeels nad Fagi as,
“The batered Remnentof M .w.m_:'éu.' '
Crew, .M o few W.ck- dwy, retarmed
homewards, ex:c ajing th- Coegels, sad -
rsfolyiag never ag:ia 10 be-feduced in.o -
lh‘i' SOV;CO. . g \ . ’.
The Sufferings 28 peneral Dift¢fscfths
Rebehs for evary Coaveniency, T‘ sven. -
Necefiary of Lie, i inexprefiible : wnd, '
lo&withhldin‘ the gdén Promifes J
Cosgrefs, duily held vyt o !Rfid:du?no
Muliitede, & genoril Difeon prevaile,
Qcr Informast, ‘rem his Siteatiog in Life,
had every Opporturity ¢ inveftigase. che
resl Difpofitions sad In:lications of meay
Mg of Towh dnd Counicy, sad can |
affere, wi h hdgDCe, - that o Mazjurity of,
the Pesple are prows icpe of the Tye .
ranny and Opprefisn of their et
weit moft acxicully the. Airival of
Kieg’s Tiosps, with rg 10 be reflared g 0 |
the Ec\j'») meat of true Lonfimtional Libercy . |
ead tbe folid Blefings of Peace, wodar the e
Aofpices aid Proreflian of (Jrnt-llviu;.,, :
fo grasionlly proffered throsok he Cle. 4
mrrey © toe *ft of Liag:, snd the Leoiey
of His Cocmmiffionses, &
Qi the +soh o Febiusry laf, ‘in Coslee a*

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