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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, April 24, 1777, Image 4

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By BRITANNIA, oa recovering from her
Def ondency.
\V HEN Soas wagrawfal o kind Paserty
And break thol Bands whick Doty fealrd
with Love,
What Trains of Illstfrom {cch fad Difcerds
What gleomy Scoass appall eur languid
1--hoplefs Parent ... feli this racking Woe {
L. -faw my Children *om their Duty go,
Acd moura'd, ala:! ehg emviows Tyins of
"hg (udden Revalation of my State!
Rut, methinks, a g' &’ning Ray appears,
To'fooshs my Serrows.-ta dry up my Tears |
Asd mke my Laurcly, which 1 thought
would fade,
Bud ogt aftefh, sod fpresd an amploer Shede |
May Hows’s viforisus A.ms pcr{om the
Deed ! i 9
‘Make Glary afier Glory fill facceed !
Bid (miliag Pecce at Leagth expaad he;
Peor .
VYith'gieater Joythan ¢'¢er (he knew before |
Then futare Ages th:ll revere Hoaws’: Name,
And praife thef¢ Brotherse.-Brothers both to
L O ND O N, Jumeuny 3.
Qa Fiiday Nfiht, about T welve o’Cleck,
the following melancholy Accidesnt kappea
od ot ibe Swae, Wekmitts-Bridge 5 Capt.
Gee, Ksith, of the G4'h Regimeat, beirg
™ Liguer, cailed artde faid Houfe to drink
s Botie; but bring sefuled by (he Lisd
le:d, she Captsia broke ths Daer cf t:2
Bar, sad with hisdrawa Swerd stismpred
by Feice to gater the Baz; the Landlord
witk o grem S&k"“filfl himfelf ; a
Clergymon, it oa o jeurely, had
;:“u lor two wr %Ni{hu‘;‘l:;__
Inhw, fe whe -
ping jnto Bedy QT-.O‘ his ~sm'i
t;imcnu.a:‘d";ndlfl d}:%o&i‘ ::l
¥ ik, Img Lhat lae
Roodlbd won reumidp, 454 parßion i
Afuilagt’s. , od o thy Officer
'M&” Rmedint ..ig.
¢ ¢ thet Lnad jiackeyg the Gle:gy.
;:l-.*vh th -from hini; Raldivg the
iatogt, aad 18paatsdly Degpisg M not
&ndu'qvfio‘) fod 8§ fre
Nigcie R ww' TG Ths Oficas
a,i sdvenced, bi :“"‘W 5 Fipe and |
d—'4," whaa she. GRRREHS h'x
iy 12 hie Power 0 agiamiainy 89, o 0 Ao
et Vlt STI b, il plog the Swerd
ve:y -;:;tr Beeeg, -was fpddond tireugh
" o, 1o ) . . "'.u.
fil. for b Offcerli s 8 his
%fiflt iL4 Py’ 'V"‘*’r“
e ' N ’ '
M GVaRN ’%v Rarts :
A RRCT b Tiiehasg” 8} Libes to
“ ? ; e »“M o
g I LRt SR L .
“#.p)(‘_ | [ iy B - > -
" "h‘ Lg W “M.""‘ il 'h
the S 0 IR | s o & iy
fi?’% hen, fron ,"}‘ C%_!.
iep aish 580 Barrels of Rico sod 99 Bar
el ) 2P th.ds gpwerds of
’g"‘. - ‘N{Y ! > "‘All """‘"
s & et 2 N
rdmg otale of b
Vet B Knalo7, Apd e Gopoichrg
pout,Suth 8F Whout sliebercd shel bor
whi g o Cibighi (,' Deys.
The wtin mac Jopsh 12 Bigedpaax,
with Ordas to_ (ol A 8 Coage; asl 3B -
chafe Wiip poaesl, & ke Averi
‘“m. » '.'." .~ !
MRWPORT: Priassd by JOHN HO WE, in Thages-§iroos, acar the Parade,
Shirte, W:"A!'lih.’.'ve,‘.n" ‘m.‘u’:f"'
M cdiciam ; limiding the Quanrity of eve y
é1 ferent Aiticie, &¢. and il the Produce of
the Curge was more thaa feflisient for fuch
Purpefz, the @ rmander was Impoered 12
coniradk ror oae or two fatt fal ng Viffels,
and tc fit them s Piivatees topiaedtthe
abavs Bhip tothe ceiprasd Pasy of Curoine,
¢ Thefe Inftrutions were this Day thewa
at the Confsl's Office here~=A Gentlzman,
Paffenger ia the American Veflei, beiag
ak:d by fome People here, what th: Ams
tican Uniforms were, eeplied, they w re
onte Blee turned up with Bf; but he
taought by this Time they were all Buffs.”
Yeiterday D 7, Beilby Porteous bilfed (he
King's Haud a¢ 3., Jamz's, .on his Promo
tion 10 the Bithoprick of Chefler, He i i 0
hold the Re®ory ot Lamb:th in Com
Extral of a Letter from Exeter, Dec. €.
¢ The Ciccumflance of the ictaking the
Eiliot, Squires, from Qporto, ar.ived in this
Po:t, deferves, 1 think, to be made public.
When the above Veflii was made Prize of,
the Provincials ok owt of her the Maiter,
3 Paffeoger, and five Seamen, leaving cely
the Mae and one Hand more oa wvuird,
~and put in a Prize-Ma'ter and fv¢ others 10
navigite the Velel to Sa'em. The Mare
getting acquainted with one of the Piiva
rveer’s Men, who is a Londoner, they 2g.e2d
to retake the Vell 1, whica they did in the
» Night, and conbning the Maftes and the
other Hands, brocught her fale into Top
fham. What is extiaordinary, all ibe Wea
pone they had were a Cutlais and an Axe,
though the Provincials bad Fire-Lrms,”
Somes Time lak Month, a Duel was
fought is Hyde. Park, betwecn an Offic:r in
the Army and an eminent TradefQan in the
City, whean the iawer received a monal
Wound in the G.oin, from the former’s
Pitol going off by fome Accideat hetore
they kad cogaged.
Yeftceday, shast Qne 2'Clock, a Deel was
fought with Piftols in the Ring of Hyde-Park,
besween Capiain Roathe u:o Mr. Englifh,
-eybfl.’-;dowif Ircland, Toe Seconds
mu ket out the Ground ad twelve Yarcs
sfuader, when Capt, Roache fired his firl}
Jhot, end te«ln: thet of Mr. E. withoug
asy e, npon which the furmer advanced
lwflfifmo ‘and Krad bis o:her Pidol,
#: Sid:Mr. E, his focond, w:thout any Exe
“qeton, Capt, -Reachy adlrefled h's Adver
fary and fiid, That Qr? 2 Pifol wai'sel 3
fulfjciaing “Ba'is altion -for the Inful; he had
‘»«nfl. snd therefore infiled upon their
ath lfiqn:‘m M. E. upon chis ze
plied. that b« fhoald have made him §a A
gy for the Qffence bofose Matie o hed
‘drivea to that Bxwemity, had he not appré:
~hended iy ight nvz beea attribured %
ear; thersiv ¢ 20w like » Gontlernan mek
[ the Apology, 38« he §sccad: interburs
ia .;“w adijylled 10 he Hono
gad. Satifadtion of bath Parties, Clk
- @isgs wip Secand 10 Co& Roache, nod
, Sgudiford 1o Mr, £og ke
. ; e
: ‘NY Perlon-of Perfons whe
' age inclined 10 cougrpl} for she fup
;;,x.,;a. MAJESTY's x?\m. HOs
- with Frofh Proyilioas, ot tuch
otber Negellaries aa fick Peopls may re
' are defigd 10 lead in cheir P.ppo-
Isy 40 Writing, 30 the Sublcriber, who,
sxspiniag thels Terms, wiil give ihe
:‘W $0 the lowel Offerqr.
I Ageat 10 shs Sick and Hory
To be Sold, by dofq)h Durige,
by the BOX, stks HO U § k.
S the Time is sew come, whon Ihe
Friondy and Bnemies of Briicig mu®
& be diftingu.thed ; when (ko forides
thall be reea ded, end the latier mect wigh
that Punfhmant Ih:ir treforrble Progred.
ings deerve—C.lonel WIGHTMAN, pives
bis public laviiscion to ail thofe wno ere
wiliing t® anie together to throw ¢ff tha
Yoke of an abardosed Set of Mes, thai
have §!l’d this oec® heppy Country ik
Mifery aod Ruin, and by the unfigflifi_\blc
Power which they tave aflemed, p'aced
every Elj«_?mul of Li'e vpoa she m £
precaiious Teaure, 80 menifofl tlcir Anache
mnent 0 His Majeity King GEORGE Ihe
Third, by in! it'ng wits hm, for the Term
of Two Years or during he Rebe'lica, in
his Regiment of LOYAL NEW.ENG-
L.\’wggs; where they will beve ag
Opoortynisy, By their fpirited ‘Exenidne,
to wipe away the Shame and Infiavy theis
usheppy Couu‘ bath jecuired ; 2nd 8
convinc® the Woild, that there ars ye! mnay
in Mew-Eoglend, whe detest the Nome of
Rebels, equally with that of §laves; snd
who not cnly acksowledge the Supremacy
of the Britith Parliament, Dus sre willingto
rilg (beir Lives, in fupporting its cun flitu
tional Aathorisy over every Far. of she Bi
tifh Empireé ;---And, for theis fu:ibir Eng
couragemeat, each Perfon will ke intitled
to » B‘unty of FIVE DOLLALS, bs fare
nithed oith Cleathiag, snd evamry Acccus
trement negeflary to compleat 3 Gerleman
Culenel WIGHTMAN will, wiih the
greaieit Pleafure, leceive say who ar« willin
to ialift, at the Houle of éa;miu jOSl!‘
DURFAR, iu this Towa. G
JR#R3ADOSS RUM, by 1 hophesdy
tigree, uhbrd- R
“Molafies, by the bogfhesd, tierce o basrel,
Choice green Cuffce, by tha barrel,
» Tallow mowld and crpp’d Candles,
Spermaceti Cardl:s,
Qit, by the derrel,
Beit Botded Port Wise by the Cakk,
Poreer in Hogthead:.
trith Beef, pew and frefh,
Men's'Sboes by the Dosen,
Ruitia Duck,
Cearfc Lisess, g
Laadon sexp, by the Box,
Exceleat Od Weft-India Spiries, by the
hogheedy baresl, or quanies-caft,
@oae Lime,
BEJ'm Heffifchen Commifiary
g‘REDSLL. it befler MATERA
WEIN, von Ncu-York 3p komes Volker
dic Poufelge, 2 Schilling, wed befer MUS
sP:A_ga WEIN, 3 Schilling 208, Civilie
el , . ’
o Newgo:t, Mareh 20, 1799
o WOZRTE e ;\?-'v’c’fia
i 'Ac the PRINTING QFFICE in Thagyse
Y, Srip, the tollowing Ariicles of
. ROYAL. Fine red aad blycly
Syper-Royal, Wax, :
\ Demy, Ink Pcwder,
‘Thick aad thia Pohl, | Ink Holders,
Fooilcap,ailt & plgia | Pocpee and Poungy
eetter. puper, gm ’
l‘volo,'lp,' Percils, asd
“Quills, ivo.y Folgery ;
ot Booke,

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