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';;i R [Ne 16.
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NEW G st Ay '
PorRT (% ¢uy G 3 GAZETTE:
eg % s '.)Lto ‘-‘x::"?
%g I'l‘} AR o~ % > { |
o 7 R 5/ R é‘.“f-\’x}\ 2 ’!
| ‘fi'?cg' \/E‘ gflé Yy’"\v ¢ ‘
570 F 57 N T LA\ &
PUBLI SH (7@ s S‘E"Q (}\’T‘ \,@ ‘
HED %62‘ fii%’{'@"fi%‘i‘ %9 W EEKL Y,
VIE'NN A, Jaway 9.
X BHE laft Letters fiom Cooflanti
%X aupie Jdviie, that an Ambaffa-
T, dor from (corgia was expected
- fl W at the Pete ; that the Motive
5~ of his Mifiop is pot knnwn;
that meverthelefs it was knowa that the
Court of Petzrsba gh had aspoiated the
Coupt'de Weyrowiiz, to refide a« Conful-
Gemeral in the Archipeiago; that none of
the. Ruflisa Mhios tha: were expect.d at the
Dardenelles, kad apreared th-re as yer,
a'd it was esven affured, thar tre Po e
raifzf mary difficaltizs about foffzring the
Ja gtklufl'no veflels o pefs, whill the pals
fage .gran ed 10 tht merchanimea of that
pan i
Ra ibon, Jin 18. The taking of the
Fartrefs of Prccop in Crimea. by the Raf
fiane, canvet 2 looked upoz 23 ths Sign of
an approaching War with ta: Tuiks, tco
enfecebled wi h tre Succels of sheir Arms
ever them, but rather as a Step to comp:l
then to k ep to the Conditions of the aft
Treaty of Piace, efpecia'ly thofs which
fipulate che [zdzpindence of Crim Tartary
and the Naiigaion of the Biack Sca; the
i:al Ariicles which bz Mafielmen ficd
-:::ha‘d. and not e%f'g_m}el ‘The:e
fore i. s ibat Ruffia feized on that Forirels,
#s teinz the Key of .Crimea, ia Order to
keep ic u til the Turks fulfil the T'eaty ia
iswhile Foteve. Betider, 10 i crefumed,
tase the Fl:d Marthal Count de Rimanzow
wio is fei oui for his Governmeat of the
Uwaice, #i' find Means to coaci iate, in
anamicable Maoaer, his wew L ficrence
wich the Mi iftirs cf h- Porer.
Algie s, Dec. 20. The Dy b:ing fi'mly
prefuaded thar the Span th Armame s at
Cad z wre ner deftined for e ica, frefh
Or.ars ara piven to work Nipht and D.y
on the Furtifications of (ks T'swa, to put
tiem o he oot 3:ate of D Jece.
Wa:faw, Jas. 18. The Ruilian Troops
2¢in Mou nrow rds Crimea; a'moft all
th? CoMa ¥« of Blez nave e:a a:ted Pod 2lia
to mar. h iate Tartary,
Caifel, Jan. 21, 1 heraifing of a Body of
Chaffea s, which is ‘0 cuuti f 1000 M. m,
and the recrviing for the Troupa 12 #ne
tica, Tcis faid, ‘ha: 8000 m re HeMacs
av¢ © be tak:n iato the deivice of Great-
B itain.
Pade, Jan. 31, Marhal and Vice-Ad.
mical de Confans died tes a fow Days
LONDON, Feb 3.
© Raxwtaft ot a Lewer from Lifban,
*“The Zerhyr Sloop of War has bought
inh ety P izes ; one of them the A g,
Cape. Waid, bat casno: learo the Nam: of
the other.
W= are yfTared, that ansther Dra-pht of
eight Moo from each C m any of the
G ards will £230 be made, 3ud embarked to
fer.cin Ameiica.
O Sararday Alvics was broaght 1o loxd
$F 1% Oflice, of (ke Death of he Righe
Fon %ir G bzer E'diot, Bare, in'th Sosra
of France, (where e weat for the Recove y
Of his kol s) Member fo: the Shi ¢ vt Rox.
THURSDAY, Mavy 1, 1777.
bergh, Treafurer of the Navy, Keeper of
e srgact e Sgotiand, and a Commifiioner
- of hufeited KA in tha Kicgd 'm, -
Tre late Si: Gilbere Elliox is fuccceded in
~ Tile and Eftate by his eldefl Son Gi'bert
Ellict, B/q; of Linzoln’s lan, Counfilor
at Law ; « bz, itie 014, will b= a Cardiiae
"o iepefent the Courtry of Roxsoogh, ia
ibe Roem of bis Fa:her.
Chirl=: Jerkinfon, Efg; it i (24, will
ke a- p'_,in od Lrealurer of Ihe Navr, in the
Reem of Sir Gilbers £iliug, Borr. ¢ ceaied.
Yeilerday a new Writ was iil»d for el Q
ing a Member fcr Roxba ghihue. ia ihe
Room of §i Gi'tert Elife., cecealed.
Admiaalty CFce, dun, 27, Cant. Giif
fith, of his va-}L"‘."’s b":ip tke Nonfuch has
feat to Piyip.uth a Revel Priveteer of 1o
Gues, acd §o Mes, call-d the Charming
Saliy, Francis Brown, Comrn.ander, which
fhe rock the 15:h laftane, to the Wefiward
of Care Finitte.re, and belinged to Da:t
weoth 'n Maffachufers Bay.
And by a Letter received fiom Vice-Ad.
raira! Gayton, cat d the 16th ©f Noverber
le7, it appears, that fince his L tier of the
4incf tha: Mon b, the Cruizers of his <qua
@cn Bad teken «nd rent into Port Royal,
five mire Norch-American Veflels. ‘
Fer. 3. We have the fir ngeft A rances,
that Do Fiacklin’s Relid-nce io Peric, is
merely az A&t ol ozlf-Policy 3 and that the
French Court, 5 “ar from ¢ eatpgwith him
oz dowa Up.i him withche wok Soveiciga
Contem e,
L 1d North wiil on Monday next, anpcint
a D yfor laying fome Papers be'o e the
tieufs of Comnaions; ard foonding & M
tioa 9u then Igiadive to t.e Sectiement of
It is faid, that Peovifion i making for’
frrcing 10 Aeeica, ea'ly in the Spriz;, mo:
'efs than 14,000 Lawd Forces, itcioding
Tue Bill prefented 10 the Houfe of Com
mors of Tuelday !2& by Lord Nortk, is for
erablivg ihe Commiffioners for execw ing
the Officeof Lo-d Admire] of G 5 ea: B irain
to gran: Commiifions, er Letters of Marque,
tothe Commandes of privat: Ships ard
Vil t 5 takes and make Prize of al Ships
ana Vefl:!s, aad cheir Cargoes, belon.iag
0, or pe I-f°d by, any o! the Inhabitants
©. the Co'or erof Maffichu'ei’s Bay, Rhode- '
Hiavd, Coane@icur, Ne«.Yorz, New Jer
fry, "enn'yivan’a, the Th-ee Lower Coun- ‘
ties ¢n Delasars, Maryiand, Virginia,
Norik Caoliva, South Carolina, ard Geo:- l
gia, for a limiied Time, :
WNoiee is givea, That on Wedne day .
vest, a Mail wll £l f-om Pdmouth tor |
Now Yok, by wh o allo will be ‘ent the ‘
Leviers for Halifux, &c. .
The Mew Vore Ficke's now employed :
moun. 18 Gu's ted eanry 50 Men, (he ‘
{ m+ s the Mar Eftab! fhnent, t
Yele dav a-0 her Draucht war made ]
f--m the Foo: Guards, ia Osder to form A,
Troos of Lighs iefancry o go to Ancrica, \
The Harvi of the American Privateers
inihe 2ry ord on the Coafls of Bp:iz 122
Pewgal, lat.off puiaz Bad 10, by the !
f F-ench ‘orbiiding them ”‘.‘",i’ Auy C
r tu'es inte their Porgs; and it 1s "'”""‘:s
the frme Politics are ufed & ".‘!“W
v Verfailles, a Bh:b_!dd'."ujg,s-- o
t SPfi'n. as already hss te -".""' ' klc .
- A Lesger from the F ontipry of Tatkey,
. Dec. 26. favs, *¢ The Difcoptent a.ndCPl~
; fuian which reign :h:ou‘hgut th!s'lun,.
dows, aad particslarly at Coatsntivopley
4 fa ggest, that the moft du'g.rou.l (.ov!fl
| quences 2re to be expefied, if (ame proper
‘M :aiures are not 001 taken. HaPP'ly\ Ra=
therto we have not been in Want \%f ’,""::
~ fion, if t*at fhould happea, it”would:
a 1?..;.;‘5 g Stroke te eur .prefont Difcon
tcn, and, added to the prefent Circam
ftances, mizhi nct on'y put the Life of m‘
Grand Vizier, but even that of the Gr:l"
Sigrior ia Daeger.,” . - . :
“Awthentic Linen from Vienna,. d“i"
Jan. 13, declare. that the _Pttfiil ‘lw
comma.ded by Zendi Kerim .Kh‘,.' =
tuzea the City o 1 Bagdad, afier ,rs'%%s
fecvea Weeks, by Capitelaiion. h,‘: %
rifoa cozfiled of 6ceo Horfe, 10‘,'““"
»nd 50,000 Janifliries, moft of ~"“‘%
Trrcefmen, and very ill gfifmph.l )
Chiiftiss and Armesian.. Fam €8 wers .
trested with greas Lenity b ‘b&% -
ors, The Surrenders of she Ik g J2IG%.
was occafioned by a PI'E‘Q Pewb.“. <R
135 ed during the latter End 9‘_ th
with preat Yiolesce, and carried 0‘1"",
fiarth Part of the Tnhabitasts. Rt
Bagdid form:rly belong:d to OIM
fisng : ftis z3O Miles trom Baflor, .’#
litaated on the Eatt Bank of the River Tie
grit, in Afiz; it is about th:ee Miles hf‘
Ciicumference. has a ve'y Rr.vl& Qafi_h_
f-at'd by the Side of the Rives ; the'e has
lirely beon tu'it an additional Towa with
cut the Walls, which wes defroyéd by the
Vanguard of ‘hs Perfiars, upom thgr Gkt
Attack @p m the City, i cbc,Mdnh&ffn-
I+ lait, Bagdad was lorme'ly ihe P“’. >
of the Saracen Empire, till it was.sakeh by
tie Turks in 1638, wio kept itgill ite lgte
Sarreader to it old . Meflers. The cole
bratsd Thom:s Kouli Khan bde.d it
tw> Moaths wichout Succefs. o
The ahove Advices mention | i:t t'e
Pe i n Army wes in fgihrch"h_g ‘ '?.
a3d that thefe T anfolßisns have pees 7,
€l a grear Difturhance at Conftmhtinog o
emoagl the Janilugies, 30 000 P ‘
upon being ordered tg jon Se i ? ‘
Pacts, had mut‘a‘ed, pad n tg do
part, without a ¢ nfideribie fres Gift fro |
the. G:and Signior, -+ . _ .
There never fure was 2 happier Chany
efeQed ia the Minds of all Men, then hes
becn af:Qcd by the Awmericans declarie |
f.r [ndepend:ncy, Before the m i
o' tte Congrefy, in every mix'd Com-any,
Am:rica hed Bearly ar mony Advoiaigd a 8
G verament ; now every Ma« h”?‘ )
t:rell infeparadly iovolved in he Sncepfiof
Fdl“{: 0: the Atm“\s‘of the Mazher-Conlle
iry, the efore every Man narural) wilinte
hzar thog Bs de umyii‘ui’ to b‘._{*\; ' “
Ar Enfiirs Paper fays, iy i.qm &
reported that toe Hop, &dnb, 8o & Lork’
Nezih, will 28 8 Candidate for Wekmafter

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