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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, May 15, 1777, Image 1

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< ke L T AR
ERPORT Ph e <9
o ennd ? ’.\L(\&.‘-‘;-;;gf. .Yo ol
: 5T A RNt S/ \ PORE |
pusttswen S A HNNE «
- N N "PATHI Niv 4 : : ’ sy :
> 4 o T S GRS S :.:,;,' ol s
nz His E X GELLE N cY
o the- st idxorifdle d:de'r of the
; B 2 | ofi;.s u‘jv!’,,. Oomm‘ifioncr:
for le2B¢ieg Pc.ce to the Colonics Ges
actal and Comma der ia Cuef ot ali His
Majelty’s PO c 29, within che Celoares Iy
“iag om th: Aianic Geean, from Nova
#ou:ia 0 W.iR-Floida, incicfive, &:.
j &ec. &e.
' 7 FIEREAS for the mare fpeady and
\\ «FeQual Sepprefian of the unaars
-lal Rebetlion fubfiting in North.
Ame:j:a, it ha: been theught p urer to levy
& Number (i Provincial Troops, théreby
aff rding to dic Majelty’s faithiut and well
&fposed Su'yj &s, Inhab tanis «f the Colo
84, aa Oppariusity to Co.nperate in re.
lievieg Chemfeives from th: Miferies at
%3c3nt o Anarchy 2nd Tyranay, and in
Refloring the Bieflings of Peace 2nd Ordey
Wi jaft and law'ul Governmant:— As a
Rewa:d for (e Fromptitede aed Zeal
Waerawich Hig M jefty’s faithful Subj &
daee entered fnto ihh Corps mow faiang,
8d 3t & furcher Encourzgement to Ochers
B iGlom sheir Juadoble g, -do
PRRNERE B aetics o° A horicy to Me
e Spe s ltky, pronife aod cugage,
SLL. w4O have, or d» h:reaiter,
AR into iy of th. (2id Provincial Corps, 1o
Recc foriwovea-iord aring the\Var in Northe
Awevics, and hal contivee Aita elly w 0
fe:ve in say of the faid Corps agrezable 10
foch their Ba-ggements)” hall, afier being
Idaced 8¢ 'd anded, ob ain, according to
their rafpetive Stations, Gren s of the fcl-
Yowiag Qaancities 20F vicans Lands in the
Colovies whe ein tMir Coras have heen ¢
Bail be raifd, or fc fuea oiher Celony as
Hio ¥Maj &; & 8 think § : via.
Evey ocecommiToa.d Cliicer 200 Acred.
Boory private Soldier - o di.o,
Tre fane tn be g'#a:d w fuch of k. faid
Poo comMmifioned Officers 2ad Soldiers 1s
thal) perionally apply fo: the fama, Dy tite
Gavernors oi Ihe refpe€tive Colonise, with
crt Fee 0 Rewe.d VU, gt N Exoiive
ton of Te:u Yeas, to the { me Qoic Renee
B othe " ands are oey 19 in ihe Provipee
Vithia whice tror s ke gronied, a~d
f}' %je& to tae fame Conditio.s of Cpitiva
s a.d Impreyimany, o
Giver eader =y Hand, ar Me.d Qnar
ters, in New Yook, (his 211 Cay of
&piil 1797,
. W. HO WR,
fi" i Ercel'eney’s Commard, :
. Roperr MACkEnzlp, Sccrerany,
\Y’/ TEREAS, T Paccraration
\ voed Ly Biv fixzell~a, (he Lom.
minder 10 Joief, dated e 2oh D y of
l‘u:&, 1377, Toe* "0 i 1 esie ‘all
THURSBAY, My 15, 1777,
Baceuragem Security of fuch Pare
foms “‘cm e L‘aday ia their owa
Rehals, % i¢ Fuiherance of His
. jelts’s Servics, :
la Order, therefo-+, the more efeually
to execate chefe, his Excelleace’s humene
Inienticas, 21l Cfacers, S.ldie:s and O hers,
withio :h's Ilamd 2nd its Deperdencies, ase
hereby emjcined 10 pry the RriCteß Arten
non thereante, vader Faia of the fevereft
Punithmen: ;:
And, on the like Pesalty, oader ro
P ewonce whatfoever, to atiempt deftrojieg
F:nces or other [zclefures. exc:pt by pro
per Autherity, and for the King's Service.
And wha'ea: many L-ts of Land, whofs
Owrers have ablcorded, e now laying:
Walte :--- Avy indaftriovs Perfo:s, willing
to culiivate 2ed imp.ove fuch Lards to
their own Advaziage, and he Besefit of the
Pablic, will be put into the Peflefion of
them, for the piefenr, by apply'ng io
Capeain Savage, Depuiy Quarte:-Magtep.
Geaeral. A ‘
Given vader my Haa, st Hesd Quarten
in Mewpory, this 7tk Day of Ma), 1777,
By e Glbcaießigginsd,
DA GORR si:er von dem
Cemmapditeialitoencral o Che,
unter dem Js'eh. MBRH, aulgepsngenes
Proclemation,” gu Enco® splmiigmad Sich
erheit derjenigen Por e Gds
Lazd entweder g 3 {hega ¢ SESR @cer 20
dem Beftca Sr, Hiteß jyiflellea
wolien, aller mocglichee Vo, fgheh gehaa
wordsa. Aerki pfi Rk
Alr wird hierfnit; | 8 Jiefle aadi
Intention Sr. E:cclh‘n"l#"dn 7:’0&& l‘:
voliziehen, Allen Offeiers, r Golga.en
auf diefem Bilande uag was dagggenaers:,
eut das Schae Hire lfip‘*t.\,fi“fit«
Prociamation aufs friflefle psche fhmen.
Defy viches wiid on ¢v dér hartafen Be
ra’ang die Oidrs ulbcilc-..‘u'gr Q?&u
e ueterteky, vate’ K “odrley ’ patex s
clz Feaces over Sonitig. Umzicimn
reini =n, e Séye dann ud“’f‘ufi _ !l
uad 7o dem Dienlt Sr) Majeflaet, .
U.d da vichls Stoscke Lok gacon B,
fiiger fich bi-wom'%
mchro waefte lieg - wid e de.
werjcagen Perfoncn welche willeas Rid,
felbiges zu ihrem gigengn wad A Publicl
Bedea fulz flel en, Me‘gl. *‘“‘“‘y
warti,e 'n Befi s gegebin: augd | shén ch
grdachis Perfonen #ésfol's bey dem Depute-
General Quarticr-Merder, Capitain Savage
Zu melden, :
GEGECEN a-~der weincr Hend, is
Huuprgomtier za New- Past, dea
7.en Ma:, 1777,
Aafde. Gurzpagr Refeht,
. Fram the Rayak AMERICAN URERTF
v 20 thefe b, s “fibW 7S,
- CONGRUEDS. o 8 Ve Arlp i 3
t My dear Conntrymedy '+ . gt'
| T is with ulifibate Conc .. fl}
gu; behold you muely geilitt ofi:
Y 1 Ve tume cioufly peifutng the tvil Bx=
@' ) ample, anc bllli“_l, .‘bflu“‘f_k.
kf‘n.’f to fecond the wig “and AWIRLUR
Meafures of an avandonst, '“';'“Q ‘}.
Gefigning S4B of Men, whi, FRTOREAGE.
with ana ambirious ot Power, béxe jitufi-.
bly led you frem your Duq. ““J“m
Happiuefj and Repefe. and m“.h‘ ’.‘h(‘
. the Verge of Rwn } feemivgly, withows be
iog feafibla of the Danger. Tbrz’w~
tsught yoo to admize and pu-(ae. the Phaa=,
tom ot Liberty, by which.Mi:ane you baws,
unfortusatbly lof «he Sacfiarcel acd We
now lanuoufiy labourlag to:forge the Jrumy:
Chain of Republicsa Ohve? dc¥ yourßivens .
80d to repair the de perare Fatreass ol your:
Demagogaés, -at your atve Exjuncty and.
tae Rutn of ‘your Qe uatry 3Rt Bave it pag.
Une o your whels vori: mous Kadt 5¢ Betes -
zans, Dot havd; il er¢ Rad uiap laborr
' obin, t ibevlys & ..r g
Mluded Gountrymen, mott abd-01l - P
mu-f& foom willl thay: theét -ol
with ybur Tre: fare, scd lewsd chig \ha
feminal Vallein Papers |i- g tice]
At was wieni skl Pleatute 1 SDEf ehudorg.
. gracians - Proclaination; iffasd w'&"
- Mujefty’s Commifioners, for the Res
Ro:ation.of pablio Trasquithcys. snd e~
;ud myfelf y¢ would h.ve ‘::;rm u“?
partuniry, und scorprat the Blespy of '
Pcace o kindty hisid cuc (o wu--lu:?bl"
my flaitenivg s aro’ gong 7 the iy iy -
palt. In vale-kes. che M"‘f'- L
been'held cut to. you : Pawc'af:pry Tave -
sailed yourfolf "of it's prifosed Berofis,
owing It &'great Mostam; rmm*
indetatigadle Pain rhat Wive | , s -
Demagogucs; to feppiels it ss
mace its Appearshce, sad: the 00l
Pkt Vil omo ovl bl
v iz Villainy, " . woi heolsr
winlid. *-l-b;::: u& nn,::v -
208 G s you blindlp foller chote Pive g
of S sltiey '32‘“‘" oatiecivec il
led. w them, - ‘ ”?m“ P i
P »w' yB T p
i wßlSediony | creid -‘x':-"r;*ah.
onte etk o am et g
%&o Sl D B oil
plem’ Vo feffer IV Pudi Biud f N 0 I
their D. mic #¢o. H-mun“ yin B
and deluded Cobatryitien, noc te uffir yoush |
febvas obe impofed ‘.lp'tj'U{ oY n :
f:ph fiell Restoning, ‘mar iw phas
voroc lneel'igrnce, “t:utped 8. Pracs,
zo'r Favour; (he Prefpe® of zd‘t ‘
filfl!’, snd the honid, vae finmm
ofbesgecllaved. Fave they npt replate ‘1
.d}"ha? the Effroavery o flire you of fbs .
feiga 4id 8 maintuin yeme indeptadaepd -

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