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gt hive you ebtained it > Do mst Aatter or
em {2 yourfclves any longer with the Ex
peltati 1 of o eign Support, for you have
not the moft diflant Hope ofuobuioinu, it
and 5 y u had, it wou!d avall you noth'ng,
but pethaps ie frolonging the Wa. But
notwith 2andirg thir, have they mot lately
Yad the matchiefs Impudsnce to affert the
Arrval of a Fench Foeet to your Aid ia
the Harbour of Boßton ? 1 need not aflre its
Falthood ; becavfe I am fure you sre, e'er
pow, feufible of its Fall cy yourielves.
With” what View dhey gropagate fuch
pliring Falthoods, unlefs to animats your
§sirit', and lead y-u il farther up the
Path of Ruin, | cannot conceive, But how
you ¢an fuffer yourf+lves to be fo egregionly
impofed ypon, wiihou: properly refentiag
the Abufe, is afonifhing to me. But lo
add 10 their Vilainy and -Daception, they
Rave l:tely edufed to be gubbihed in ieveral
of Ihe Pravinéial Gazegter, which-you can.
wor be igeorars of, the lltililfi{ of the
fo.eign £'roops, both here and je Camade;
shei* Jnsention, whea an Opportanity offets,
of going off 1o you in a Body ; the weak
State of the whole Army. ther Difaffection,
and thei’ d,'x’n" by Thoufands : But if you
have Paish in ‘uch Pa'slica ivns, [ finctrely
Jament your Credg'ity, 1 folemnly d-clare
ard affu:e you, \h? whole Army, Briufh
and fdieign, is'in good Order, well affct
ed, in I’T«’d add the highek Spirits, and
impatiently waiting for the Opening of the
Crmpa gn, which will be fooe ; when, if
you wanioaly continue refraltory, you will,
thoagh then perhaps too late, lameat your
Felly and curie your Leaders, who wiil thea
decamp, sad leave you in the Luich, to pay
for their Villainy.
I fincerely lament your Sitwation, which
is truly ca'smitous ; for yoer Wants [ know
are slready ibfupportable, and your Dift efs
for the Neceffaties of Life iatolerable,
which yoar Paper Money canadt purchafe,
but a: an exorbitant Price, asd fome indif
ribb Articles are not to be had st any
ate. Look around you, ead { e to what
Dikrefs you nte redoced. Imevitable De
!Mm‘onh over your Head ; for how
can yoo hops for Succefs, when the v
Sinsws of your War, your wv('nm:a
ot which your Su-cefs depends. ir funk be -
low it; acm'nal Value, and the Exigencies
of your wi'd Meafures, if aot foon ndecd,
will reguire 4 sew Emiflion, which will de
preciae it to mothing. I have o lacered
feparate from your's in View; and & a
Fiiead t 0 Himanity ia rma'.- and the
Welfare and Happincfe o n{ Couatry in
perticular, [ uvi& you, nay, I cesjare you,
a: you teader your own Happinels, 028
with 20 honeft, maoly and becoming Bpirit,
ia avenging your Wroags, and ’Q"
ioar Decsivers sad fallious Demagogess,
y whem yea have been dclguma
from your D ity and Allegiance 10 the
,» whofe Af:@ion and Peidon you
regain ; your Country fave
frol impgn io, Defo'stien and Ruin, and
canciliate the Frieadfhip of yoor moft faich
ful and befk Coustrymes, »ho hava
iajored, obuftd’, and driven a
for their Ready and firm A .
od Order snd Goverameat.—
‘ for now or never is the Time
BLo your -~ A Me-
A be omnmx a 8 Ar
of Sorrow, from mmyu. or fe
care thofe oppréffive and del ‘L}'yrue,
whom yos have sawarily eats w.
Prvq 10 damiceer over you ; and boldly
dilayow 01l grefas, Commitices, and
their m Pmo. and once more
tva Rhanaw saiid saad hasien Ine
NEW.- YORK, My 1
By scensats from Albany we learn, that
the Commitese of that city and county il
coatiana to narlben ¢ the Friends of Gae
have filled the Cicy-l{ulr.gort O-ang®, tad
the Presbyterian Meeting-Houfe, with thefe
wto refu’e to take part in their Rebellion ;
where they fuffer every iasoaveaitacy snd
infult .that th: implacabls m.l'ce of thofs
daring Imps can infli&l, .
We are informed, char JOYCE, junior,
meationed ia our aft underhe Bofon head,
about two weeks fince, appeared early in the
mornisy, malksd and armed cap a-pee, ard
gauded the freets of that town, with a mum.
er of hi: heroic aflociates, dragged fix To.
ries out of their beds, placed ithem om a
cart, aad dreve them out of tova; thea
tiltieg the cart foddcnm. draw his wai
like feord, sad with ¢ ice of a Stentor,
fwore ke would put eve y oae of them 10
deaih, if they ever enterd sgala to esjoy
tbeir eßates or foppart shdir families.
In confequeace of informacion recsivad
of the Rebels having colleéied Jarge muga
ziaes at Dacbury, in Cganelicor, » de
tachment of 250 wes frond eath of the fol.
lowing regiments, 4'h, wghh, 234, #7eh,
44th, and G4td, » (übaiters” command cf
dragoont, 300 of Govereor Brown’s corps,
and fix 3-peunders, under the co@mand of
Majar.Geaeral Tryon, aod Brig. Genera's
Agnew ssd Sir William Eifkine, proceeded
up the Eaf River, snd oa Frilay Kvening
left, at fix o'clock, landed &t Comps Point,
mear Norwslk. The debarkation beiag
comp'eted sbout tem, the treops got iu
motion, aad aftsr 3 march of 25 miles, ar
rived, without oppoficien at gmbmy, at
three o’clo.k on Saturday alternoen. The
remairder of that day and part of next
morning, were employed in deftreying the
flo.cs, which were fouad 10 exceed their
expeation, At nine e'clock they began
their march back to .he hhippiog, and pro.
ceeded withoat interruptioa uatil they ap.:
g:oached Ridgefield, whe ¢ they found
ody of the Rebels, under ths conmend of
Mt. Arsoid, who had fertified the ent-ance
ef the towa, which tasy warrisd after fimall
oppriition, with confiderable lofs on ihe fide
of th: Rebels; the Rear npnlfin{g saother
bady who attacized them st the fame time
M. Wooltery T 8 faved
g march ocay dorghy’ stlowr o'clock,
‘l" O ._ i s and a‘f’
but at iuck a diftew ) 80 them li'tle
injury. Abou¢ hili s from (h: (hips,
whe'e the croops halusdiFpan of the Rebel
army, which cosfif ot lea foar thom
fand, kept ap o B firs from behind
floae walls, whil} two colomns mado a
thew of attackiog; but part of th: de
tachmeat chn&. with fixed bayo
sets, and pet 0 o total reut, with
confilersble flaoghter, T'se troops, afier
‘remainiayg fame tisle uwpoa the ‘ground,
embarked with the gteatall order and rogu
lavity, without fers§e isteerup ion fiom the
Rebels, whoe norer hawed ihemfelves more,
The fpirit satd frmngls ‘hewn by ghe
¢roo7s on this occtlion, does them infinite
The lofs foained was 14 mea killed, 10
oacfl 8o men wonnded, mefl of Jhem
fl .
A T of the scoren, Ordnance, Pro
&e. % nearly 3§ coald be sfter
tajoed, found at the Redel Sto'es, and
' M’, s T'roops, at Dan
» 5 ‘ , April 2%,
1777+ - .
A quanvty of erdntacafores, with iron,
F :ur thoofand barrels of bee! and pork,
Oae thoufand barisis of flzar.
‘One hundred large tisrces of bifcuir,
Righty sine barrels of rige.
Oae hondred and twenty puncheons of
ram, & v
Seve-a' large Rares of wheat, oat', sad
ledlan corn, in buik, the g entity thereof
could oot pofibly be afeeriarned,
Thirty pipes of wine, )
Fifty ditts of molaffes,
Tuenty catke of ¢ i 0.
Fift en large cafk:, fitled with mediciet
sbarreds of faltpetrg, v~ ~ - -
Oune thouland and (weasyitent; and iawve
’ A nomber of iren boilers, -
A lar,e quantity of hofpitel.-belding, &e.
E gineer, p'oscer, and carpeaiers (oolfe
A printing-preh, complete,
Tae, Tallew, &c.
Vive theslagyd pajns o fhicer asd ncdim
At a MILL baraceen Ridgelonry and Ridgeful
One handred bar:els of four, and a quarge
tity of Irdian corm,
At tie PRIDBE cwer the Wiff E'nob_{
WNoravalk River, and in Ithe WOQD
Contiguon,. '
O:ze bund d hogheads of rum. :
Soveral chais ol ame, -
Paper caruidges i
Fitld forpes. i
Thtor hurdrod ot a *“.\
The piratical fcbcover lately diove os.
fhore, by h's Maj: 5% i) M rirwid, scar
Epp Harbcur, was the pro,eity of thitsrue
Friend to Gowermment, Nadraie: Shaw, of
John Fe!l, one of the nemical courcil for
New-Jer(iy, snd Wynani Vaa Zands, were
brovght to this city lat Sewaday, _
'On the sight ptécc&‘n& toe agth ult, A
parsy, canfiltiag of ¢6 Rebels, atevmpted
to furprize owe picquet-guerd at Ambey,
but cur troops gave them fich a warm fe
ception, that only two went back 1o inform
the redenbiable GEORGE, thar the se.
mainder we:e killed and lukea. The pii.
mm were brovght to this city ou Fiicay
His Excellency General Tryon. ind Ge
paals Sir Willism B kiné and Ajoew ar.
rived here yefterday a‘termoon.
Yeftarday the following prises taken by
the Broas and Metlin arrived Aeie : L
A flgop frem Balton, ladsa with rum agd
fugar. bouod for Seuth-Carolina, llm‘a'
the 17th alt, : a 8
A fchoanes. from St . Thom a’
COCk. ';-I. :
18:h ule, e e :
A brip from M ¥
wing, canvay, cordiale, a > :
the 28.1. :
A fehocrer frem Care Fear to Bofiaa,
laden with pitch and ter, tasen the 21f8
The feliowirg, it she Rebel Aceon: ¢ of .
the Dcfira@ion of their Slores in Conneétia
cui: Contrafled with gl prececding cae,
it appeaisin its propesrLighs,
NEW-HAYEN, April 0.
On F idayabe 25th fatians. weoty fix £ il’
of. the encmy’s fii;s Bp;cirid of Norwalk
iflands, fianding in ler Cedsr Puin’, where
(bl:q n:‘h;rcd ot 4 ¢’clock P M.’ '.“:z f:ot
an handiog troops 3by 19 o’clek they
g.i la.ded h‘vo bri P:u:, u&h of .v
wards of two troufu} mea, and 'nw:‘edl::'
med ately for Danbery, where thay artived’
toe neat day at 2 o’clock P M= The hsnd.
fal.of Contineats] Traops ihere, were edM.
rd to evacuste ihe towm, bavicg « revioully
cared & part of \be forer; provifiens, &c,
The enemy on their arrival began bu'ning
nl'czhoyinmm.“lflnflmé .’Nb}(
& Oa the &) pesrance of \he, e
eountry was ala ::d + Eatly the m"::
ing, Brig. Gen. Silliman wi:b about goou ails
lide, (all tha were colle@nd) pu:(ced. the
en my ; at Reading he nmm by Majot’
General Woofles and Brig Qureral Ars
no'd.~ |he beavy raiaail the adon, rée
tarded the match of dor troo Mucha (hat
'y did noe reach Berhe! (a vj two miles
om Danber ) till v o'clo ks much
favigued, ard their mms rend:red afelefs b
be ag wet. 1 was hought preden: 1o nfn&
the men, and st'ack the enemy on their 18«
1,0, == Early the .nexs .onh’. (whish
aanatd salacal 2Ahae ahale s TR SR

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