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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, May 29, 1777, Image 3

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fxiradis irom Rebel Pa'pcrs.
HE coours oi he Amzrican Ree:
I haves fske with thirecn rasties, he
foutteenth budding, delcribid in the atu
mas dF golog to fiike, with this morto,
ON'T TREAD ON ME. Itisasiein
Pera'dry tbat the woithy properties of the
‘abime-) Tn the creß boroe fhould te cerg.
dered, #»d the Dafe opts corno: be interded.
Tre ARciants accounted 3 Taszke o 1 feipest
ot emblem of wifddm, and, in certain ari
gades, ©f endlels cu:ation. The rarle.
faake s pioperly a Repreicatative of Ameri
€s, # this 2qpme’ 72 frund in no other part
of the world. I Le'wge of thi: Cresiuraigx
ct!s in brigh:nef: moft of any other rn'mai.
~ She has no eyz lids, and io thers‘ore an em’
[Blem of viglawcs. Sha"dever begirs se
stack, mnor ewsr fu(yq\du;!' the 13 there
fore.3n emb'ein of migragimity *nd trué
goarage. When injured, or is denger of
bairg injured. the never we,fl till fie has
gvn notice 10 her enemics of their dasger.
o ather o' ber kind (h-ws fuch gererofity.
When undißarbed, and in- peace, fht cors
pot spoesr t> be furn fhed with weapems of
dny kind. They are Jatent in the roof of
ber mom:h; and eves when rxiended for her
deispcs, ancepr to thofe who sre mot we
qra:nted with her to be weak snd contedop
uble; ves her woards however (mall. are
@e ifive sad fata). She is folitary and afl
fociacer with her kind oaly, whent is necel
fa.y for their prefervation. Her poifcn is
a: orce the nee: Tary means of digelting her
¥o'd, 2nd cirizia d: “u@ion to ber enemins.
The ;ower of fafcinatioa a't'ibuted. to ber
by a gerxroms conftrucd on, ref:mbles:Ame
tice. Thafe who look feadily om her are
deliphied; and imnvolemtarily advarce to
wurdi her, axd having once approached,
pever leave her, . She 1e frequently fouad
Wi thirteen rait.es and they increafe yea:-
ls. Sie is bezuriisl in youth, end her bees;
‘ty iyc.}afu,_-mkh.‘h%r age. ler wongpe it
bluc dad ferked as the lighthing. e
“We leavrn by an exprafs arrived in towa
yed2 dry that Gezn. Carle'en is within forty
five ni'es of Tincundercga. The garrifon
ot st gitce 1o commanded by Gen. Weyne.
Pennfylvania WAR-CFFICE, Philadelphia,
Aptil 17, 1977
1. Re‘olved, That a Gomwirtee of Fifty be
pprinted to bave tkhe dire&i n and fupern.
terdzence of the remeva! df all the provifions
and other fotes wew in this City, or beer the
sviver Delaware ia this fate, below the Fal's
of Trertor, that wi!l bé uvfefal to cur ere
tm'es, thonld they grt peffeflicn of them, o
{hat may be nec: fiary 10 the army of the Uni.
ed States.
11. Tha: (ke inhabitanis of (his city and i
beriios ke allowéd to retain as moch provifi.
oar of ol kinds #s:ls ufual and cuftomary for
fagllios to e pcfitficd of at this fefa, it
being the inteaticn of this Bosrd to remove
G oxreaardinary ft res only of thefe who
Bave boem retys- ed; ss having grester quar
tities \byr ir efeally laid wp by families of
fniler cirtumfiances in ccmmon times.
111 Thet g!) grovifions, the g;ope_r:y of
privae perfors, fo returned 101 is Beard,
ever and above what is cilomsry & afore.
feid, be removed ime the countdy, to fuch
piace or pleces 8¢ this Board thay diredl,
LiG Monday » perce! of togies frem New-
M lio:d, and ~ther places, were cOrmitted
toi'e rll io (hi¢ plece, two of whith dre
wader fiience of death by a Cewrt martisl,
bi: :hc&'m of \beir exccution is aot yeu
o * from Ulfer County, that '3
¥ armed Tories marched, in open
s dorongh VVulkill gad Lictle-Britaia,
pa thelr Way to jora omes Arsy. "Waey
were puriued by Partier of Milius. whe
kllléd one, amd took 1§ or 20 of thedi
I'nforers, amolg whom is one Rools, &
daring Villiafi, who had, feme Time be
fore, cosdu®ted two Parties of Tories 10
New-York., It iy faid, Major Stroag wii
mortally weuedd. : '
N E WP O RTMay 2.
The Svferings cf bis Majefty’s liege Sub
je&«, whoere in the Power «f thofe imperious
Drmapognes, ave beysrd Dele xi&,tion.
We hear that itie Tokn of WeR Green
wica have, xlmoit to a Man, refufcd to
goard the Shere, or to pay ahy Firer.
We laft We k forrifhed our Readers with
&h A& of tle mock Affembly of (his Colo
vy, for the Reief of Perfors of tender Con
fziceces, 3 Title efiaal’xor'ufncndilg with
its humane Contents ; fivee which byPeriobt
fa tb?hqs which sw'n'd bere, we htve
been informed, that » Warrant of Difirfiac
had bi=6 iffuéd oo Mr. Simeon Tucker, of
Welt Greeawich, The Perfons empliyed
tn cdrrying it idte Ex:cution attached a.
Part of his Stock, to the Value of the Fine,
&c. among v hich was stavouiite Ccw, on
which Mr, Tucker’s Pamily placed ihe
fircare& Deptndance, #ad which he defired
them, by ali Mcans, rot tu take away, as
the Lofs of it woi!l eccafion the greatcfi
Diftrefs o his Family ; this ocafomtlc Re
queht, (though Steck to 33 great an Amoune
was cffered them) was refeéted with Jafu'c
and Abefe. M:. Tuker then ateempt:d
to d:ive the Cow back, whze three of (r.m
Viliaine foupp’'d their Ficces at him, ane of
which wen? ¢ff, teok Lim in the Head, end
Riiled kim ib Rently. The Peifun who Mot
him wgs one Devins, whbe was carried be
fore their ATembly : They approved of his
Cendult,-and difmiflcd him immcdiecely,
- -Such are the Piocozedings of thefe Scis
of Devilry. o
We hear that one Vaimim hes ror bim.
felf et ke [3cad of abowt 40 Villzins, who
maka it thyir Buficefh-t ttom Tswn 0
fing the péaceable Inpabit:nté, and tfking
up all Peifoms who ase fnfpc%e_.d of being
friendly to 'Goun_hin'q._... bis Vilain
apprehelidec M, J-Ra Hare, belengiog o
New. York Goverrthent, arnd €anied b'm (o
Providence, where Me uvucersent a fham
'l‘rial! for cer'zin fuppofed ,Qfinna agsingt
their impious Gevertimert & They declarcd
him guiity, carniéd hiin immediately from
the Place of Trial to thé Place of Execu
ti n, shd there hoag bim. Spch de the Im
pudence of thots Cind'daies for Tytore,--w
It is nwell knsewom b weve comcarmed iz ihe
Death of this unfor:unnte Man, and i¢ wwiil i
as well rememibered. .
We hear thas Mr, Hart m3de s 2:", bat
very pathetic Speech, .to the Pirfons con
cuned in his EXecstion, told them that
their Concuft was ewirg to an Infepfibility
ef theic ezl Situation, wa.nid them of hofé
Cenleguerces trat weuld in & few MonSs
enfue, and thes, Wil the preateft Screnity
ot Mind, fube iusd fificfy{f.__go hiudf jane
He bas le‘t s Widew, with feveral Gk ;
to join that Tidin of difconfolate Mosinzss,’
whofe Cries have Aw extviiced 10 the
remoteft Cornerdof wobeppy Contic
nend. o ,
" A Providence” Paper of lafk Saterdey was
biceght by the Fisp ; the meft material p»:
formetion in it, ivaa Acconnt ef AL, j£|
Ha:t's Execitricn tie 15th fnfas a 3 Proyi
deate ; ard a Lewer frop Fith Kill, of May
Lith, giving #At‘:u“ of leelve Tories,
féntence. to (M€ fame Faie, Fefider feverdl
more apprehonded for tbe likz humans Pus:
pale.—— Deiertions and Defectorsy« od infi}
xifpm §"" Mcu'd thiy spprekend all thar or
tiifed, it wo'nid require » iew Emfiion’
of Paperte pay the Rewsrds ; cthough the
Price of an- Americax mihitary Patrioe 1s ,'O7 \
riafenabd, »Ap7, they su'y ¢ Two Dol
ors for, tka highefl Prige is $ x § {Tes and
ITwelva for WNegreas defaried irom Private
Mafte;t, maeln tais Lond of Libezty the oo
vorflow oF Patitest §o fuch, thit fifi, i
iwice the Price for a Slave t&lt they wealdz
chiife to givg for the Dafeaders of tha, Pri
vilege hinded dowa te them By their 1K cae
tic Lawgivers, _ .
Yatterday artivdd the Diaseid dnd Greyy
hou-d ‘7ol their Craife. ,
The Revels hsve th st 8 Miast Previdehce
f» Dafiriien. : ‘i
Ybi sollosving Cakdid Oficriu, ari thied Yo
ki @ BePon Piper. " :
theks ce any propriety if & peopld
fafing and priying, :sbipn. ’Ab‘l v !dref
'lu to Heaven, for delivgrance from. th.op
prefli n of ‘heir caeniios; whi'e atvha fpmé
time, they are wintonly preQicingthe vileflt
opprellion vpon oue a-ofhes ? a 2
~ Have the government alted with prgpee
fpiric and Vigor, for pawting l‘hp?‘to-'ght'
epp:éfli.n anidng. _oi\r. felves which i¢ fomoo
- p evalent, which, is-of banefol
iofluznce; and which bears an ‘p‘?"m“
direfit} threnthing 2 - -g, A
NFORMATION fhavivg bees mmoel
I that fundry Perioas have of luie madé s
Pratice of going u,n: rénening fsbm
the Maia, Clandeltinely. R
To tinder, therefore, the Hfi:}i’!flu
All Perfcxs herenfigr convilted @f fach ini«
quitons Preceedings, a 9 well a¢ their Aldérs
end Avettors, will be deymed SPIES, wad
trenied with the wmimoft Rigesr of Martlal
Law. : :
GIVEN sadet my Hzad, ac HesdiQuars
ters in Nawporr, this 26th Day of
May, 1777. ; Lhia .
By the Ganersi’s Command, Ity
Joun Smiry, Sceretmry, | |
" Vit vl
Two Huundred Dc:%al‘a R,e\"'a‘i'_é'a
RA7Z HER EAS & Treafywitil Rigid
W wis fillAMO:ifii fi*wfi‘
at he Corner bf the Grand Pasdils, 'gut
oxé€ of :hs P.oclamaticns fgq i‘!w\-. m
‘ever will give [nfarmation of MZQ%Q
Authors t!qnéf,fo.ghm they migy b 9 %
v.&:d, fßal! receive tire IMV&A P
GIVEN ende: my Hand, st Hed:Quars
" wers in Neweorr, shis dgth ‘Day of
May, i 777. . 2" sl
By the Gengra’s Command, AT
Jinn §MtiH, Sectetary. "
HE 9sb'cfiber riguefts all Pielony’
. who have any’ Duwands oa the'E:
: tates of Cap. ROBERT SHOP
decear’d, to bring in the fame thas NSNS
receive Paymine. And lfl& deitegt
¢o eci.her of faid Eftates dte defived
pry the fome immedlately, -1 g -
SIMRON PRASE, Eyecetor fy faid Rilteg
N. B. 33d PBASE, hs for Sala, ShbDibk:
fer of it undon Clemat; Londaties Tad
baceo in Cafks, ¥ . L T .
Sperma.Geti . Caadlity and A "Cladaty
Corki in c*d ¢ ».-:’:'. 2 “ f","&t‘f;""
> 2 >t ’ 83 4 N 1
AR T A o -,7.;_
BY the Rétueft of foms. Bat :
tlemen there isto be !bhfdrlu ope :
tte Aflcbly.Roem, fof 8 BAIk ‘o TO%
KING's Birth Nighs, ~-~ - -~ 73
"7 to atiwnd OFFICEKS. "h % 4
they (rouid heve L hareßuvsy' 2 3 e
tuke Care of Horfes..«-Fa2 p P o
gui ¢of the PrinT2AR, e 'g
~ May the 19ub, 1777% : i

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