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Eatounragement !¢ Cruelty and Tahomenity.
The Argemeat drawn from the mere Cir
canftance of the P.ifoners having been re
ceived, is of mo Validity,. Though, from
their wretthed Situation, they could not, at
thet Time, be decmed proper for an Ex
ghauio. ouwr Homanity required that they
fiould be permitted te retura amoigit ws.
1t may perbaps be Tairiy doubted, -fi.mr’
an Apprehenfior of thei Weatk, or s great
Part of them, did aJt contridbute fomewhat
to their béing fent ot when they were,
Such an Fvent, while they remajned with
y6+, wou d bave bren truly in erefjing, be
ceufe it would have deftroyed cvery Shadow
of Claim for the Prifoners én our Haeds,
sod therefore Policy, concurring with Hu
’:)";K;g mu ed ‘hh.:dd;: :::n'u : fhoald be
adoptyd. . Happy a, if the Expe
ditnthid becn thonght of befors thefe ill
fated Mgl had been redeced to fuch Ex
:;‘flzy;‘ Itis 9:’:::6. hov_nv'ct;h os .:::
07, that a‘ter . Delivery, they &i
continsad your Prifongis, sad md- fo,
sill nglnl; exchanged. I ackmowledge
that I fhould be, sgd Igfi been always
willag, wmf " ‘ eo.e‘ eflion, te
account for every Map ;'y- was ia s proper
Coundition, sod fto be pxdm‘uf, .’as.lh
Time fi?«u eui, ‘fo far as the Propor
sion of Prjfonsra_with o¢ would exrend.
With what Propriety, or on whet Founda
tion of Jalige, can” more be demanded !
This hes beea mgdod. or whet i the
faws, -was ok clearly implied, ia the firt
Ariicle or Obje&ion made by Liewt. Celo
nel Hanifog, and illiberslly reje@ed fince,
as inconfiftent wtu.{ Degtee of Reafon
o: Common Sgnfe. Palaful aritis, I am
compel'ed to confider itas a Fall, net to be
queftioned, thas the Ufages of our Prifoa
ers, ‘whill} ia yoor Poffeflion, (the Privates
at !eat) was fuch as could not be joftified.
:Pi.' wpi_ pragipinied, "by the concarrert
eftimony of all thar ¢ame out, theid Ap-
Fivinaly Bepe.soaeh to the fpeecy Deah o
e . 10868, jo t cedy Death o
;i&'&' ‘aré:gmmpfg it with infal
. S‘f to ‘fhe fecond Article inGified
on= diferiminuting Maj. ‘Gecersl Lee
from fl#fifin Officers beloaging ta ‘the
Americad Jrmy, demanddd my pariicuiar
-Atvention.” ' T whs Kathoriged 10 ;oqc_lq::.
‘Fom you!ajfi:g‘ ‘hida wbder particelar Re
‘fraiats, snd from yoor Letter q']nfc 23d of
Jasvatylek, that you confidered bim i a
fingular Point'of Viéw, and mesot. to ex
tlade hjm from the comimon R ght of Ex
change, flipali‘ed ‘or wl} Office s in general
to me, Thi« DiftinQion, the nfore injuri
ous ‘awd ‘omwarradisble, a 0 you. mever <-x
cepted him, thongh you knew him té be an
Officer in-dar Army 4t the Time, sad Jong
Bélore, the Agresment wes entered iato,
wale & my'Dagy to affere’ hls Right'ia 2n
explicic Mauner, 88d to endeavour to put
‘Matier on lo whequivecal s Footiog as
to lifiire Kis Ra'argement, whegever an OF
ficer ol nul lm!: belopging te your Ars
my GouMd bevin our Power. This was at
tempsed by, the Arthls, -aad nothing mors,
nor iv any orher Isference to be drawn from
it Ris'tae, o Propofition was made fece
his Captivity, te give & cerrain Namber of
idr § ‘_j} Exchaege for
him, inot clstged as & Mater of
mg‘h :Nass ghoy does that Pro
ceeding » ¢ is fuggefted that
geu imoudiate - Gsacral Lgfihqd.
s Withoot Bavisg s Officer
of sq@l Raak o give foriip ! The Seg
gefiom cagaat b (apperted by the mofl wor
tyred Expofition, q.will i* have Credic,
whirs Candosr 30 deemed 8 Viuwe, and.
Worde prefetes their Porm and Measiog.
~Av-te the Charge of Defay in not returd®
jug he P :fon;’or} oar Huud;,-:-upo dif
rfed Sigd¥7 4 | 90“:00 ata mo.e
:‘qjy Pyr‘od of t\l, ar, thrpugh the dii-.
NE W PO RT.¢ Printed'by JOHRN HOWE, ia Thamgs-Strect, near the
farent States, aciling from e Clroamßance:
of thcir Captivity, and & Kejard to their
better Accommndation, made their De'ens
tion for a conlderavle Time vuaveicalie,
Waen the Agreemens feblit'sng betweea us
took Place, the fpeed’ef Dieflions wer2
given 2 bave them collelted, that as Lx.
change m_‘ijht be cffzéted. This was coae
im Part, and ¢t 2 Time when Motive: of Pe
hicy oppoled he Meafsre, oat were mude 10
yield to rigid Maxims of good Faith. We
wére purfu ng the Ex:hnfiq, and continued
out Exertions to gccomplifh it, till ithe m'{e
rable Appearancs, indicating an appreach
ing Cataftrephe, of thofe fent eut by yeu,
made it propetr. For feeing that a Bifficul
ty might arife, and that it wighs be expef
ed I thoueld accoust for the Whaele of thew,
.which I by mo Means theught equitable,
it became nece(ary that the Matier fhoeld
be adjufted, and the due Pioportion fertled,
for which I omght to be re/ponfible, betore
any Thing farthet could be dome on my
Part. Upon this G ound fands alfo the
De:ention of thofe who havs been fince cap
tared, . "
""" Added t» thofe Confiderativns, the Dil
crivination fet up in the Inftance of Gea,
Lee, is ta be regaded as unerly irrecon
cilegble to the Tenor of cur Agreement, and
an infeymounatalle Obfacle to a Complianee
with yoor Demande.
" Thav, Sir, bave I'explained the Metives
of my Cosduf, aad, I wyM, vindicated
myfdf, in the Eye of Impartialicy, from
the improper ard groundlefs Charge, which
you, and the Genilemen sing by yosr
Adthority, bave been pleal:d to alledge
l*i.l‘fl me. If ia deing this, I have de
pafed, in the fmalle® Degree, from that
Delicacy, which 1 always wifhed fhould
form & Part of my Chevalter, you will re
member, I have bheen forced into Recrimi
nation, and rthat it ha: becoms an A& of
necefla y Jakice.
1 Aall now declars it to be my zrdent
Wifh, that a gemeral Exchamge may iake
Piace on generons and liberal Princigles,
as far as it can be cfcfted, and tha the
Agreement fubfifing b:iween us- for that
Purpole thould be inaria‘bl{ obierved ; and
I call on jou, by every Obligation sf good
Faith, to iemove all Impedimenis oa . vour
Part to the Accomplithment of ity If, how
‘sver, yoo de por, 1 confole nybf with &
Hope that theic uafortunate Miu, whole
Lot it is to'de yoer Prifoners, will bear thesr
Sufferings # becowming Fortitade and
Maegaasimity, * I am, Siry with due Rs
fpe&t, ycur moil obedient runbie Servaat,
His Exeellsncy Gen. Sir Wirrianm Hows.
- (Cepy) , |
Publithed by O:der of Congrefs,
. Cuarrss Tuomson, Sccretary,
NEW - YORK, My 12
Oa Teelday laft, & fmall Slocp, Alex
sader tlill, Mafter, arrived here in 16 Days
fram St. Euftatia, by whom we are informed,
that an Account was joft recoived chere, that
s of War belongiag to Admiral
Young's B§u'dn- had taken a Reb:l Fri
wu& ilss- Donne of Conreticut on
, aad canied her inip Aatiguz. This
w.fllnd st Martaics fome Tixe
,with Stores #Bd_othet valwsble Ar
ticley en board, of which Ci,comftance Ad
wiral Young baviag received peficive Intelli
gente, commanded two Ships to crwiza for,
her and intercept ker m
YV hear, that the d Frigate in hor
lait Cralza teok aad dellzoysd 19 Ships and
Veflels beloagiag to the Robels.
®a Friday Jak, feveral TPiasiperts failed
uwder Convoy for lrsiaad.
-Tha Aibany Sloop of ‘War and ke Els
plisat Stee Salp, flom Eeoglard, bui iat
irom Ha'ifix, arrived here Yelerday Mosge
'_l?‘.‘. . A .
100 Robe] Priratozr Cabot, Capt.
wrs ‘acely d ovs sthere o the Coaf
Nove. Scatin, b the M.lferd Prigacs
we bear fhe b [lace been gos cff, d
ried intc Halifex,
Nigtreon Reue. Vellsis htve been
telrea and carried .00 T ctula, and fo
inte St Krtrs aad Aniizuz, by his Majy
Snips. aed fome fmall Vefle's firted
tve [flagdas. 8
Lat Weck was marriad by the Revd. IgR
Inglis, Retor of Tiiaily Churgh, Mr. 30l
thies, Surgeen, to Mifs Borgefs ot shis Ciy
an smizble Lady, with erery Requife,
make the Mariicge-Siate anppy.
Lafi Week was slio married Licot. Bres
of the 14th Regiment, to MiG Folly Frene
Daagater of Joleph French, E'q; of Ju
cs, on Leng Ifisnd ; 3 yeung L .ay o greg
Beauvsy ard Merit.
At his fl'lOP va the North Side of thy
GRAND PARADE, aadethis »wir.
Ling Hewss on the Porar,
(42 Cunar as at any Sbopin Newoport)
The followisg GOOPS, juft {mported, vig
Y ARD - WIDR | Loaf Sugar,
and 7 Scthe do, | Mufcovade diste,
Cotton Checks, Coffee,
Yard-wide Irith Lia- | Peppes,
aen, " Alfpice,
Royal Platillcs, Mace, .
Irith Skeeting, Nuimegs,
Railfis citto, Sweet 61'.',
Cambrick, Crackers in Kegs, }
‘An Affortment of | Corke,- :
LinsnHoendkerchiefs | Madeira, Red-Port,
Black Bareeloca do. | aad Claret Winui,
Coleused ditte, Jamaica Spivits ard
Ao Affortment of | ° Batbacoes Rux,
Lateitring dice, | Mulland’s Genevl,
Ditto Negliges ditte, ;| Beft Leadca Boided
Barcclema d .20, ! Porter, g 1
‘An. Allariment of | Spermgceti Casdlds,
Sco's Theead, Tp:'llon dinre, . -
Bot white Silk | Seap, - ' - . -
_ Srockiogs, f Cor and Pigtall To.
W'gni., Silk M, _baco, .
Blask' ditce, Geasird Kinpin's.
Wemen"s ¢ hoes, Scuts Saeff,
s«_:&_.nf Tes, Whale-Zene,
i’ole“ ts,
A geniesl Afirriment of Glafs snd Earthes
Waie, and many ciber Articlss, nct here
eromecated, i, : .
SA LT, by the Buthei or issrger Quanviey
Maa’s aed Woemen®s ‘Shees, Black Pee
per, Women’s Closks ready made, Wef
ladis Rum. ALSO, s Negro Wench about
30 Years old, a good Cook, and can bs wel}
I;RISH Me!s Beef, | Ham:, '
by the basrél, Reflis Dack,
New Fiour ditto, Englith dine,
Coffee, -} Bweer O,
Wefh Indis Rom, by | Batky, in guarter
the hogthead, tierce catks,
or barel, Talow Caadles,
R.‘ Wi..o b’ ‘h l H"‘. 8"?! ¢
hogthead, - Bobea Trea. :
AHAN G E R. Any Pérfon
. who bas lof the fame, may hear of
it, by afplying to the PrinTER.

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