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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, June 05, 1777, Image 1

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’ T e B | . YT
e . i . .
I.)S g . s
: ' e SR : Ly i,‘; : \ ;
- ,‘5 . P 4-.»"‘3. I "‘"- ‘h e
’ 3 . \‘ g 7\;’s = \a’fri‘fi(’\ ..";Z .‘ ".‘ .
"~ %“ ¢ “\‘g{égtegv\“;}-h ‘
4o i . = O] PRI NN . N T - " % gaa A o
WL e T ¢ TVe T e
\ MEATION gvin received,
: "._fl“ 3 bflm)cn’dm wmads s
B 0 ot guing on, axd returoing frem
~'\. ‘ly. 21 n“d’. :
e ol 'mufilt.‘akt Like ia Fature,
E ) Wereatier ¢o wiGed of fach iri-
Bredecdings, 30 wall a 1 their Aiders
.hm, v& be dvemed SPIES, and
' " the’ wimott Rigeurs of Mattiel
@l IN andir my Head, at Head Quar:
‘;§ in NawporT, tais 26:h Day of
. )y, 1972 i - /
By e QovensPs Command, '
0 Jonw Bmrta, Setrediz).
gwgflnnflhd Dollat Rewaid.
! HBREAS s T:afeastle Paper
Y wse thic Meraiag fonad JnMCp
& "3:"“' of the Gpfl_«:‘!:x e; usder
o 10glams iffced kere. Why.
‘b _lfi-mn of the Auther or
‘shocgof, 1o a 0 Roar they mey be con.
+RYTEN wader my Haed, et Head.Quar
-4o ia Newrorr, thh 29th Day of
{ ‘.',9 ”17-
By o orgl’s Commaend,
L SPm¥-Srusr, Secretary,
: ‘ !
" 360 L OGN, Feb. 21,
: l'll\:lw‘iu r,:‘- ‘fghconia. thet
- the Margravé of Bra Ao-
AR feae .fe‘enm, ha o{&,‘go
v e feira ."G"c;t-itirgu ;;;‘ 49%
>Bo2l 4 Wy epfoi ampeign in A
e - Autliew :3- fr Siibgltn.
AN, that the Doke of W;:cm&v' sllo
A eogeged o furaifh 4000 Mien lor the
3 'fidc.""-,"'
<5 1 ros 'v e, ”‘ ’
L) M“*&? .‘&l
g “to e ' Be Grand
y A “ N & ber
% o eB, b
'wip. . f t berelf,
g $4 3 ,P’u q’m&ng
X*& i 'h:.l :‘hc Trealy :jf
IR, - 4 ing the In vmd'-‘),‘ ,
. ;"a":‘i‘ ';-‘A-fwn had Desk 1y
. w. y B 1
P 4 q,“ Jeae. 26. Tie Ruflian Tieop:
n‘wm. wasds Crimen wof
gl oF Giex ‘have evacsated ‘v t
M”ijty. e 2
P 3. Sa:e-day (D 4 Rev. Dr. Dodd
-l'“(.fiqlqbioh, s Broker, wam
Sharged the Locd Mager, ot Gailde
THURSDAY, Jone ¢, 1777
hell, 5y Henry Pleveler ead Semuel Prach,
Bige. fimw‘:w‘nfin teoe, ‘z
of tha Barl eof Th- ufiaf w u&“‘h
Docteris chopitin, for the payment of 42001.
‘with isfeat the (sid Meffrs. Flotcher sad
Peach 'to cheat end dafrazd, o '
Some fefpiclens having avifen, Mr. Mun
1y called .”1 Letd Chetorheld, snd théw
ed his Lordthip the bend, 3nd renuefind to
beinformed whether it wes of his {xecolion.
The noble Liord ficed amez:4, and declared
the: hi never befo.e had hght of she deed.
Samuel Phach, Efq; depofed. that ‘Re
publithed to him the bord, and Nid it wes
excoured by Lord Chefterfield ;3 and paid
him the 4200 l 2t M. Maly's champbers.
Loid Mayor. Mr. Robinfon, you hear the
tharge, and what has beea faid agrisg you,
it beheves you te make an anfwer toit; what
heveyou to foy ? - - 2
Mr: Robinfons défence, '2)'* My Lerd, I
receired this bond fremD:. Dedd ee witnefl
#d by bitm, to the exeeation of it by the Eat)
of Cheiteifisld, My confidepea’in the Doc
tor huiled my fefpicions of the <aft degrecof
fraud being blended with the tranfaction.
Ia confegqeence of a fectay, -(N‘dfl‘ti'? it
| 'hi‘ whe 6 How-w“ A "‘z‘
M. biod-wap Wmde 00l R 08 £
icit che loan 8f 4200). for & yoang noble”
men jult terned of swesty-oneryvars of age)
1 caied wpen De, D. and, by sgresmert,
went to Mr, Menn; who refefed to sdvarce
the moeey, becaufe he was not to fee the
bond cx.coted. 1 retwroed, and told Dr.
D. I afterwards propoed tc endeavryr whit
1 conid de in the ciiy 3 accordingly [ met
with Mr. Fleicher, who, ieintly with Mr,
Peach, agreed to lend the money. Mr,
Farcher at firk objefed to my receiving the
money ; ai which ¥.to'd him that I had ne
doubt sf procwring a acre from the Earl
for me 1@ be paid it The next merming [
called upon the do@or ; he faid hg bad u‘.
with Lord Cheßerfitld, asd faen the bon}'
executed by his Lo:dthip. He then figaed
Lis name 80 8 witnefs, anc I, kaowing Mr,
Fletcher 1o be o particu sr mae, and one
of thofs #ho woo!d stjeét t one fubfec:ib
ing witnels only, pat my name sndier the
Do&tor’s, | thes want and received the mo
acy, which I peid igt® the h2nds o Dr, D.
soel. in nptes of Sic Charles Ravmoud and
Lo, the icmaining 1200!. was in bank not:e.
D, D. sfk:d me #h§t ©y cemmilion a
g led w 0 7 | to'd him we could mot ke
Efln 100 ¢ apitce; Dr. D. paid me
aad kant, 28 1 thod.bt; the other 100'.
i e tronble. 1 hope DL D. will pub.
nly d:clare mo wuocest; he kaows T am
fo. Whes de was apprehenddd, he opesly
@xclared | k-ew eotiding of tRe forgery ; he
fad, 1 nad aled an homwn-ch'e pust.
Dr. Dodd’s evident p.rin binoa of §piiis
slmofl dope.ved him of thois friming facel.
tiss of {prech, which im the pul,it hzve [0
often bers ! foned W with afloaithmen ', acd
bees Favesied wick spprovation, - This great
e 200 wos o (Genk ander the apeflore of
m:lpabaly eoliefticar, *herhih covitabaace
indoc vef MY woigliny Drrown of iy wiad,
After he recovered his. ‘pisits a liule, B 8
fpoke oo followe :¢ . T bt
’ D~M"‘ '“ ’.,. “fi "‘ " ‘
o offtr i fuoki-d Arestiel X Ral A 0 Suse
tien to defrapd my L Chielinda ~_
hops, thet the fatigfaction [ hade u“’p.n
tureing the meney, will iswoxe for theofe
fence....My life con be of 0¢ f@vicheorny
body, theugh if it maft be farfeited, take ity
w{ thall be wjlliag to refigt ite-.1 -mc:
fed exceedizgly for 3001, tD pey fome bi
dus to tradeimen—r-1 teole thit Step.os. @
tezmporary refonrcem—| fhould:Aave .:m
it ia bai a 2 yewr.-—~My Losd Chefie -
cannot but have {ome tendernefs for meab
my pupil.---1 |owe himy (ber€ Mis tears in<
terrwpted him for fome time) hekenows it
He has axpericaced it of me.~wd tfifi‘.
hit horour a 1 my ewn, --Tha pis 80 bedg
wifhee to profecute.«—Prey, my Lord-mayory
confider my cafe; and ag thers is mo profes
tution, difmifs me---U'm fuse myolord
Cheltorfisld does not want my life.---I hepa
~he will-fhew clemeacy. --Merey fould tei<
umph pver jultice.” 0 itk o |
- r.gh. R. "1 hope, Dofter, {u*flldo me
the juftice to dcda%re bere;publickly, thas 3
_am vo waye g " ,-« €2
DD Ldo! sdol ] dol M. Riwasid
;99 e costainly deOdENLL ek iihF
v M#. Flewher having receivad hack 39sely
and dccepred o power of atterney from the
Dolftor ter the remzinder of the qiade ks
which he hed advanced, now fhewed es fore
werdacfs for a profecution, Qa the tene
trery, Me. Manly contended, thatif ie wos
incumbant on 2ny perfen, i} was upon the
ncble Ra:l, who had beea fo floely chan
tioned iw the bofinefe. As to the bogd pies
daced, It wes now & public infk:ameat,.--t0
Mr. Plawcher it was ne better ting hlank pa
per--«it is new handed to the psbiic, sad
sny perfos may ufe it as ag irfrement in
the hands of juftice. Bat it dehoves the
noble Earl in penicelar, fays Mr. Maaly;
to fhew to the world, that A camé his
been improperly spplied w 0 cficPhghe dafie
achh ; for it was the cieditc whi {'given
to his Lerdfhip, thar occafisned'ihe income
veaience. et et R,
Theé Lord-mayor was of, & differ¢et opie
zion---he called apon Mr. Fletcher o pro-.
{reate, whe was bound in » recagaigasce off
soo |, and the prifonerk wezp 55 9 Weoads
tirce Compter, % rl .
Dr. Dodd was rec Baved 0o @f be sl
olebraied prsschars, and.giepick etaier of
the age; bet his ex B fp
puled, hae broaghs him iste 1l _abere
d.eadfygl fitmation.
‘ -"‘-*' : .
From the Avtiiva Maps
The Goveraos at w* e
rated three Raglith ve whith the Aston
rican pirares had carried i theres snd fops
bidding them to at'empt 0 teke any Rog'tth
vaflel wikin & geilaio deftance ofl:. iflasda
‘The Putoam piivateer, of twelve tene
ponsd:re, which took the Ogferd and Craw
fo'd Treeiporte from @lgde, sad Greal
WeR-Tndiamen, iv taken by the Periland
man of wis, and carried in hewes

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