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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, June 12, 1777, Image 1

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N E Wi E
EWP ; 0 .
7) ,'! o “ b ‘..'4‘ .
H T ‘Ef%» ; .'w,‘ g, IN‘- 22,
g nosag éfi*i S
eAT ~.é o GAZET
st/ }‘*‘fl i CABEY el .
FUs o{2 ~f"-{,";_;i‘;—’?;':’_.-.'f_g ) SEERE
:LI S - ‘\"\"d’: ;,.J:T‘,t’ O\w;‘é{'::' vQ:
il IED A& AR IF o B
- f:;" "“’Jfi}‘@g‘?‘;- ;;“\q;//;-‘._;.’ ‘{;“ : ) )
i*"‘,,»;..g*;;:if;;?m YN W E
oY AT 3y \A 3 [)g; L Y.‘
U 0 E PUBLIC is héreby
a ‘~%vw=ed, thar e the Requeft of the
<% i abitante, tae Grwenag hes been
pra‘ed to rcduce the Frices of FIS H
wie o i Towa, to the following Rutes,
waiiothe 58 Doy of November gext. vig
C-d.Fifn, - Id. ¢ perla.
P:oeh, - - 1§ dito,
Tetsoe - -24 d. ditto.
- M 1}:.1, - . I¢. 90,
Hod Fosa Taveofda, 34. Ci'to,
Latite -, whees bond, 2d. éitio,
Brs, - - = 4, <ired.,
b » - - 2 4. d'7'°o
Mac e-e, . 14 dites,
Be K, - o 32 éite.
S:eeg, - . vd. d e,
Fogntrs, <« 13 dito.
Shep 's [Head, . ¢4 ditos
Sca prage, e e« 1§ cinve,
Avd =il other Frsu t-at mey b brespghe
¢ M. -k-t, nue 10 exceed One Pency oer
Dared at Newrorr, this gh Day of
Tane, 1777,
By ihe Genriat’: Commned,
JORN SHi'Tel, Sesretary,
N. B. In Cenfidc-ation o’ the Diltracs
o i"e Camp and asa- lncoiva emen, frr
} .'fmu}in to cay the r {Filk the =, 22 .3d.
viree ct OQoe i pecay er Pouad wia a 2
giten on each of th ab veSge '+ i~ Camp
& O N 8 @N.
FPrim tde Garzvazn ven:ixg Posr,
Cicy of WINCHZRS T ER.::
Tre vo'nseary CONFESSION ef JAMES
AVTKE N, eccmmis'y cened JO LIV gue
PA'MNTER. fow 8 Dione i« tne Couae
.!}' Gazl of §>sthampiann, & d eni.p Ses.
penge of Do, fur firn a 2 the Deet yard
@t Porymout, iz 20 levew h Day ol
Mawh, 1 77,
S\'T.‘-I. {hat ba war barn 2t Fdlaburgh,
he 28th of §..trmaur, 17525 his O
ther n w livi g, #s o 2 beijoves, Curt
ef:7 !.d L i Vi:gi“l. in America, at
}h- agt of *weoty cne, ts aa s¢ventarer, 10
Bek 1t for.eae.—L«'t America in Narch,
ie Of%ahe, 1775, by the same of James
Belv !, iel fed o civard (aldies in che 32d
b iricar o+ (=r-vygrd, marshed ty Can-
Riri mex & ¢, { i wlsnce he foeu cefe t-
Ol : svt convd ne 3a the Fireg in Teme
ple-ot-eat, 3R, sep pidvy to i, Broke
ih() M.. :,.2;.._..'-, vareh @ alvre, 1 ;‘
£on conemrsn’t w 3 hiw in chag, or acy
@i acgiduar ther oo feed 19 that oity. He
Boooudae 6o lx Boe atve voaleer an Po e
Bmoe ), ia #eér o em iar the cayines,
Wrl B R grq mieo g dewed o DT OLar
yerd, B.okes . RTwean’c waehrale
8t B itel imord £ v cpre ity iha (W en.
Bic: m -ht bethrs pa iryed, wi il e
ip.ing wes burusg, 2»d 03 ey, Jor
THURSDAY, June 12, 1777,
whieh purpole he left 2 cangle burring ia
the futd - warsboufc ; aczd becau'e Ihat fire
did n. ¢ take effe®. ho alternarcs fot £ra o
the warebonfe 10 Quuy-Lane, by gettirg
over the tp of the Zoor. Mr, Derne
to.¢ Rim, when the work w 39 done (mean
inp v ning the Dock-ya'd at Portimou'd,
W o wich, and Erille]l ha:brar, bos aet the
bovies) he fhowd aaks his efcape, sad
¢ me, it p fble, te biw a3t Pa.s, and be
fovd te revarced, As 2 rsward, his owa
exp éations prempred him to hope, tnte he
fhouid be profered to @ cemm flion i the
Am=rira Srmy.
"Urer after [wiring fta ta the repesyard,
be l2fc Pertimonth, 10 wii, the eexi wight,
bs 2z Sinil;, hereched Lordos, and wens
™D . e———, in Wefminger, v whem
he n:d a verbal recemmendation from M,
Deare, who gare hiia #t Patis. the Dodto’s
pame 1a wiiting, and place of ebode; but
tae Delor wopid givabim no ccui tenance,
avd Werefore did notrei: i@ {he pariiculars
of ths mifciief he had core, te him, bus
Lint:d 0 ki, thes he would foon fee or
bear, by the Papers, of sa exeracrdisary
cici ent that aad happered.
Ard he gjierwa ds wiote {ach rn sccrunt
ina luiter eo bim, whaich he lait him eif at
the DeQlo’s bou'e, wite a peticn who came
t= 1 dnor ; which for the {ake of trutk he
relates, gnd wiikout 1o en ion i cafling asy
Liccathe ¢hargller of zn janccent e,
‘lpat he faw the Dalior he day foliowe
170 10 e s ¢ fre@-NoOV{E, ans told bim,
tha he weuld do ab Jhe pizjudice he could
1o bis kirgdrer 5 2t which tes Dollor I€+
piied, ¢ be could nct be of opinion wilh
him, ia ihet ref.cle, for thar ke got an
bread ie this Kiaglom, and iherefore would
rot be concerned with him.” Awd {sasg
trut the Do €lor did mot gppicve of his con
d.& te beped he would noticlorm agsiag
M, onhenthe Dellorfay’, * hed 2 not
like tofrterem 2281 ft awy war,” Wiea at
Fai.g, he was cfiitied by M. iscame wiLh 12
fulivie picces; Le .(ieo for ro moce, neie
ther id he recsive om bim any bank wily
drat, or nole wantaer,
Ater lacviry Lerd-n, at High Wy
c inbe, h: b sie into a heols, and .ouk
tway uiew liaess, ce. Gflivg of Lags, hand
terchies, tot mothinp of viue. Ie then
vert to Gxlord, from the.cz .0 Ab gaea,
where be atiempled to b fag (O (™0
houfes, filve fmiths or waich:2ke's, but
wiheut «f 7 &, From thouce he went to
Far.ord, w.crec ke breke ito 2 houfe, asd
took frory themce 2 numb r or loikiags
and handkcrchisfs, avd » metal waick, ad
n a fiey fhillinge, in fle2r anc Raifpence ;
e wach re ol dged for 16 (hli ags 16 the
n e el jrmes Kol at a pawsbreie’s i 3
Lviie gtrect, gittel. Atter this, wub ut
g mting 2ay Ling, tat Peving prepered
fans o' Lt imgrediesis, Le wnrt fom 8-
oot giymou ny Wlth ietent 1O el RIG 1O
v+ 4.°k-yasa there; tw ez he reach d the
t o oiothe wall, but the watchmes Seing
r. 2, bhe could- hear them ‘alk togeihe:r,
efpecially the laft sight, Ihgrgrore, he do.
filed, He never cemmicted, or swempiad
to commit esy. rebhery, bus mbes he was
like 1o be dreve (hert of motey,
Afer leaving Plymoaih, he rcterned
cnce more to Briftel with 8 dateimieed re«
folet on then i» {ct fiie to the fhipping im
the harbeur ; aad is iis way to Bnikof, at
Teauston, hs attempied to brezk inse the
houfe of a filverfmity, or watchmaler,
withent effe®. S
He aucmpted the fLipping a focond dme,
bat on acccunt of the vigilance and ftei@-
pefs of ths waech, then hept on the (.);o:'y
svd in the fiipr, his ettetipt preved -
tive. He likewife atiempted on the Satnr«
day merniag, but in vaws, to ‘ger in.De
fabie or coa. b-houfe cn ihe quoy, in erder
to for five tc il3 bet feeing & min lying ia
a care mear the place he defiited. '~
‘On the Sonday mcining lellowicg, he {lt
fize to the winchoufe ta B iftol, in Quayq
Lice, which be offe@ed in the (ouowi:
wazaer, viz, Il: besght fome comfe |
on ths quay, and & ms terpenting 4t snotkef
place, bat where ho caunos ;¢member j sud
with thofe and chai¢oal, makhes and ga-~
p-wder, and thiibing 8 fpark of .igh: on un=
der, to which he fet a o oper maich, e gfe
feßed b s purpofe. ‘Ths march was maldel
toych-paper, and as ihat cosfumed 10 the
end, the pewcer being Jiid, ard wu;to:i
lixewi‘e 10 tonch pajer, 1t of conrfe t
fice, snd v, h- prefemaes, it iaflantiy mounte
ed inta 2 blaze. Then Le loft the \own,
bat fiaing »o fice bohind, te retarsed back
pa't cf the way, tiil ac lakt, hearing ihe city
wzs on fize, he then weat on tc Socbary, and
fo citfled che couatry to M.fhfield, snd to
Chippenham asd Caine. Bouibe fi R aight
sfter the fie, he feps at Sodbuy; the fee
cend night hs broke opes the door of 2n
eu:-h‘o-# nesr it, where he flop:, cnd lefg
behiad Bla in t¥s moriing & durk lswera,
Oa the Wedneldey nighe + e wint io Calae,
and being mear fhort of money, brake opex
Mr. Lowe’s houfe; which rubbery, asitis
Rnown, he pesd noc enlr g upen it. He
le’t a parce!, with a pißul aud ocher trings
ic it, 12 thagharch-psrch of Cilne.
At Briftol, he fiilt biogh inio Ms. Mors
gan’s wahsuie, and thee pre tha
vombuilitles Yor feuing fe to flliprllfi
He rever was ‘n the 45vh regithen:, acie
thir did he go 1o Amerna inny'fug
He nevir faid hat ane Be offy, #
cirer prifoner in Newgate, v ould Do
¢d, »s wag I orn agzi. fhm ;n bis vy
neitber doth be hnow so)y mio Dy ihe pame
of B-ooks, . - .
His fa hrr was a blafkfmird at m!
bugh, and he wes apprenticed to a yu;-’ni
th re, ferved hie tims ¢ut, end \hen bad his
ivderteres deitve ed up, which he ¢fualiy
carr.cd abous iw Bis pocker,” and a terwards
burue thew, which gave nfe wihe floly of
bis deftroyizg papers 0 the vilue o dusd
buzdred pounas.
Thots wese the ikinge of valce, whick bo
meaal to expiefs by what he had busniy

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