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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, July 17, 1777, Image 3

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#OOBO Dangitand, aad Ae Tande wr
pargln ine Swie ' New Vire, Filher's
]lu; ouly exveped, do apd ther fl!a!l
be Mivad ta decirmine. Asd the Civil
Aeaprity, S::B.men, aad Comaiteers of
].-,“Q.’oi in ihls Staie, are herehy diceQed
aad wajdined, for tha faae, ast to gramt
P: mits ¢ Licznces b any Porion or Pirfons
wietloever, 12 p3oo @ Long-i{ll+4, ¢ othar
plases, in tha S:aim of NiwYork, in the
power or 20l fion o the Rasmy, (Flaer’s
[fsas waly excented), upoa a3y pciteres
o- fareme propre whsifsevar, ;
A s Ext a 2 from the }.{l}l‘" of Crareil
Aot Jans Watinaia, jux. Clerx P, T,
Bxtralk 57 a Lerter from & General Ofizerat
Camp Middle Brooz, Jun= 23, 1777,
s | bave (ot Pistfue to lalo s you | faw
the Briwon: rea Yeiturday; Geaerst Howa
ssd all air Aarmy lofi Bran‘w'ik with the
yjeai«ft Pracipitation ; thele ars th: moaft-
L, Ramass taat wee ty cvre Corqueft
th cogh Amarica. Groe al Walhiagtoan e
at tee riaad of a fite Army, palsraby well
cloathed, arme?, and d-fiiphsed, tas laccer
imsreving cariy ; 3 fsv Moaths will render
tre Amr-ices Forca i Peiat of Difcisline,
eqiritanay in ke World, Where Genor.l
Hows wl lead Ris Aramy most it uncertain;
h: threatens New -Baglasd, bue [ belisve he
daro not aitempt eny Thiag feiivas thare ;
the M itia of this Staie te 234 ou! zimeft
to ¢ Man; sy havs dons themielrey grea:
H mcar ; aevgr was tha Coen'ry haf fo
wol. wait:d 92 gt thi» Time. Giea, Howe
cifptave a iittle diriy Spite aguicf the poor
lnvabitante in his Powser, by bu nieg ali the
Hoetes, Barns, &c. witsin biv Regch; this
Cendelt miay diftrefs Individuals, bet 1t jn
ersr @) the Rafentment of the Country.”
Tre lae A-counts from the Waltward
meat.on, shat Howe's Army war a¢ Siaten.
iflaed, sad that it was expelted they wou d
foon procesd up the North River,
A Goniltmen from Postfmoutd, New-
Hunptire, infarms, that aa Exorefs ar.
rired (he:e @x Synday Evcaing, frem the
Nertowerd, ¢ud brought A« vics thae a Body
of s Eseny, from Lake Champiaio, hav
h;b.‘n denceed t 2 deftroy 2 Quantity of
§role) Dilopgivg TS@wr Ariay, that were de
pefited ncar'Skeenefberough ; they were at
wcied by oar Troops, who killed a Nem
be: of them, put the reft 1o Flight, and te
¢ared tho Searce. One P ifoner was 12k :a
paiar:d ia the {adiamn Maraer; he proved
ts be a 3 Amecan, and wie immediately
hiagup o s Spr. :
By an Expre's which errired this Mra
ing from Liehanns, in Conn+Qicut, (viter a
e cf iy Das’e Papers wore prigied) we
Joarn, thet [Hove's whoele Army have em
bexed ot Scacen-iflaed, and fa!l down :a
the Narrews: Tacir Deflioation 39 et
knain, Toe KBzprels afo informs, that
Aivize o received in Coner@icet, that osr
Pices bave avaceeod tae oid Freach Lives
8t Ticaleroga, and retived, with their
Cainan, Seotes, &c. te M gat Indepeid
snze, apowt Half & Mile diftzat. G.oat
Nenbere of Mifitia were on their March,
te reiniorca the Gorrilon; and (hoe!d the
Riem; sicemp: Ihat Fo-trefs, it wes not
dautred byt & good Accoans wiil bs givea
®: thim, ;
The Carge of HeSazo, lotely mercioned
¥ hure boes token avd carded into Towaf
,Ol!.¥ the Eoftee d, arrived ot Boflom lag
Wee¥) ciider ®proper Geard.
-, Tadliny 'lat's Prize Br g arrived ot a
sfe Pors, with 19 dogiheads of Rum,
Whes by o P ivawe Brig belengiag to Baf
®a, She @8 bdeuad from junnic, e
Beg'and. Thae Prirower was lafs in Chals
& oma orther V. £ s tha: failed in Compeny
wi:h (bg Prige.
A Vig ie olio arrived ot the (ame Port
'v--rEmco. witk o barge Quesiity of Dy
' C C‘u‘zl. iaa 3
«.,.‘.'.muzurm fats, ;'xt'u&
27 8 12% Pore from Pronee ; hethas brought
e la;ge Qawntity of Arm:, Ammunicion,
' Blankeu, &c. e ;
| The fo!lowing Accoast of theTranle@ion
of laft Thertcay Night is takea from the
Piividence Gazitie,
Thaiidsy Evening laft, o P‘"!. of 38
M, of the Troeps telorgivg to this State,
vzder the commasd of Liewt. Col. Witliam
Yawom, of thuu Town, accompanied by
Majo: Adimas, of the Train, Capt. Phitlips,
L.icaten<nts Potter and Babcock, and Ea
fizns Stsmton and Wilcox, went 1n five boats
trm Warnick N-ck, with a view to taks
Major Geazera! PRESCOTT, Commaader
12 Chief of the Britfh and Joreiga Treops
on Rhode - Ifland, whofe Hesd Quwriers
were thea at 2 Hoefe about jour Mues
from Newporr, The Celone! and his Party,
efces pailing ihe Eaemy’s Ships 2nd Guard-
Eoats, .acvdred sbout ‘l'weive «t Night, and
wits *“ infinite Addrefs and Galiantry,”
got to Prefcon’s Qrarters undicoversd. A
Cexiael at the Dver haled, buc was imme
diaialy fecured, and the Pacty inftantly
breaking the Deoors, ard entering the lioufe,
teck «hs General in Bed. His Awd-ds-
Cemp leaped f-om a Window in his Shirt,
and attampted to sicape, but was taken a
few Reds t-om the Howfe. The arty fooa
ahier retuceed to their Boats, wich the Pri
fomers. and forme T'ime atier they had put
off, woe E.xemy fired Rockets f om their fe
ve:a! Poits, as Sigwals I¢r an Alarm ; but
teo la.e—ihe B.rd aad fled. The Pritpnar,
werd lafaly leanded atost Diy B eax, at
Warwick-Neck. On rzceivisg Ihe inteili.
geace neuia, a Coach was immediately foat,
and the Gensrai, wi h his Ajd-de-Camp,
atiended by Loi. Bartea and fome e:her
Oftcers, arrived in Town at 12 o'Clock.—
The Rebels contefs’d that the Capture of
the Geneial was a Matter fome Time in
Agitition, but for Want of proper Intelli
gence 1t was deferrsd "till their FRIEN D
cr Fricads in this Town remov’d every Scra
p'e which ihey had of his unguarded Sita-
B, the Fieg from Providence on Sunday,
and leveral Gentlemen who arrived ¢an
Mondsy Bveniag, in a Fisg from New-
Landen, . ws haie a Loaflmuion of the
Dafiat of the Rebel Army at Ticondorega;
w—:hat that imporiant Fortrefs is now in Ihe
Poflztlisn of :he King's Treops. Various
were the Reports of the Rebeis concerning
it, though ail agreed that shey bad lof ic.
In gereral they declars, thac only gco of
thsir I.oops, er cather, av (hey mo.e peo.
perly term it, their “ Flyisg Army,” have
d.rived Bezefit onoagh fman their Heels
to efie;B ihs Vigilance of owr T'reeps, who,
it is app.chended, would {oon reach Aibaay.,
Capiain Fresbody, who-arrived in the Fiag
frem New Londen, faw a Pe.fon from New-
Ywike, which Place he faid hs Jefc Jag Fii
day Se'en:izght, whe inforwed bim, that the
Army pnder Sir Willlam Howe had quitied
the Jer(eys, a7d ware then on Seaten IRtind;
that cseis Dettination wa: not known, th.’
grae:ally hought to be the North River;
that an Embargo had been laid en gll Kinds
of -3aipp ng.
Thae Acceurts of the Movements of one
Troep: ia the Jerfeys, as delcribed in the
Rebs. Papors, wome Exira@s of which we
have givea cur Readers, afford the moft
ftiriviog Visw of that Spizic of Gafconads,
Conrradillion and Adferdity, fo peceiiarto
thofs mighty lo#on. IJ she z:l Place
we are tald, tWR Geasral Howe marched
to Somserist, in Order te diaw Mr. Wath
isgtca from Nis ttrong Hilde ¢ am Ea
gagemen’ . This Mr. Wafllil:,ln declined.
We are then told, that Gea. Hore, fright
oned by the formidable Appsaracce of the
Miiiria, fied with the grassest Precipitagion,
0 Ambey, heraing all before ki--—dnx
~llthcocxtnntllbl.flu.hvuf. ‘
liberste, as net to defirey any Hemie bs
longing to a Tery.—Brapfwick, they fay,
was te hive boet Daral § Bar sney foddans .
fy meking dembdver 2oafterr of 2, it wr
prevenied——thoogh Mr. Wahingiom, im
his Letter, declares, that the Raia prevented
his trkitg Poffeflion of it cill the Day afour
our Troops had qeitted it,—They Milrd
betweea 3 sad 300 of our Troeps—ihoagh
Mr. Wathiagton declates to Congrefs, thar
his Accoon's were vagee aad ancerstis 2
which me Ose can doabt, whea ne tells
them, thefe Accoures were from Defortors.
~Ard, to crown ths Whels, the famony
Mr. Sterling, (who knowing himfelf te be
deflitute of Merit, fpent his Fortane te ob~
tais @ Title) unfertuzately fell ia with 2
Bedy of eur Treops, and took, with bis
siual Dexteddty, to his Hzels, ltfing three
Field-Pieces, and havisg, they fay, se kili’d
aad 40 weunded. '
B; a Perfon who made his Kfcope from
Tz2unton Goal, arnd errived here laft Thorf
day, we sre infermed, that Lhere az¢ 8 Num
ber «f Frieeds to Goverament confined im
that Plsce ; likewife, s Number of High
!anders had besa cosfined in clofe Gosl lii]
very lasely ; thag cheir Allewsnce had heon
mifsrable and feanty § and that the Sufos
ings of the Highlanders had been fuch, that
they were at latt giad to accept the Offer of
the Rebels to work upen their Lands, as
all Kinds of Laboure:s were difficult t’
We are affared that s grest Py
Rebel Army whick has been raifed at
is compofed of Bailo s, whs have been cap
tared by American Pirates, Thsafe anter.
tunate Men, hav.ag rothing to fubfift epon,
ware reduced to l!l Aitcrastive of either
Earving or inlifting,
Dr. Byles, of Boflon, whefs Condemnz~
ticn we lotely pave our Resders frem ¢
Boflon Paper, is cenfined to his Houfe, sad
a Centinel fot over him. About s Foripighs
fince, the D:&or was much abefed by the
Condinrel who was fixed over him ; whon,
with a folema Air, pecw'int 40 himblf, he
eried oat, *“ Let Fire come dows ‘frem
Heaven, and confume the unfodly.” A¢
the fame Tine the Doflor, by the Helpof
8 Sun Giafs, fet Fire to a Jerge Quantity of
Sheviags, wrich lay mear whers the Con
tinel war walking, The Pdh". in the
reateß Ageny, fhritked cat, imagiving
fha: the Di&or’s Prayer was hasrd, sad thee
the V‘:luncc of the Al-i’t%mfl im-
METINETy CONTNmY Niw, - s with the
gresteft Bificnl«y he senld bs nrdeceived
aad pacified. |
We hear that Rum' is five fguare Dollars
8 Gallon st Providence; and (hat Tea bad
beea fold st fifteen Dotiars per Ib. in Mow-
London. Giaia of Il Kinds is very fiarce,
——Peftilence ard the Sword are raging a
mongft them alresdy, and Fomine, with iy’
sfi’&ive Horrers, will compleet the Scene.
Several Slsops have srrived heve, tiom
the Esft Erd of Long-Ifland; ‘within: thete
two Days ; het bring nothiag vew,
’l‘flbkk is wanted immedi
stely, for MAKING HAY, for the
Ufe of. His Maj*fy’s Troopa, a Nuniber of
Thefe are therefore defiring fueh ag Ny,
have got gither 'Q.l' thefe Articles by w
o¢ proper Weed for makisg them, to
tyem immediscely ta the C&-’fiyd
Forige, wha will pay themr ohe soméae
Prices. TR
Ncwpon.{nly 16, 1777.
N.B. It ASH cagnot te had for B
Pitchiork-Tails, Pine will do o .
A NY Perfon or Perfoas whe
20 wiiling © cantnn@ for che
fach othir Neceffa.ico o 0 fick Poep
reqni e, ni¢ defired to fond ip
fal, in Wiitieggno the Sabigriber
on examiviag their Terms, will ‘-
fntuuuumm:)r. =
e Vg e s

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