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L,ONDON, Apil 8.
Al . Hls Mrjeliy’s Trident, of 54
zun“' now 4t Chatham, b pat in 0 Com {.
40, the command of which is piven co
L’am, D gE‘S’- ® > '8 .
The ta'lowing autheaic antizle of intn) -
gerer will prove the fullef sefutatica of the
waricus accoints of the prodigions {uccours
snd alifances givem by the Cowt of France
to our re-¢lliane colozies 1~ I'he Marquis
dc Faye:, an officir in the French army,
pesrlu re'sz.ed 1o the Duke de Noa'lle, and
il T of & vary large fortane, ‘ouk i in. 2
fi,. hepd that he wouid embaik for Amzrica,
to jo th; Reoviacial fgrees with 4 etriain
aun ber of bis dependents ; but knowing
thai tle French Mrmiftry, fo far tiom csus
genanding fuch a mealp e would immedia ely
ev+at it by an arreft, if it came to their
{'fluwladgt,--- he came over (0 E-"Z!"‘
fore Yew weeks fince, and parchafed an ele
gane (rigate char wat laely buils for the fe
of & lady ; fhe faled immedisrely for
Rochille to take in bec gars, and the ne
o-fTs4 ftores for her voyags to the other ide
the Acdeotic, which beizg completad, the
‘Morquis with bis whole fuite embarkrd, and
Jefc ‘43 portabeut an hour bafere a |:tire, de
sacchee szived ia puifuit of him ; a ffom
hewaver anfing elmalt immediately after.
ward{, the irigaie Joft her forema, in con
fequekce of which the wes cbiged to put
ia.e Kochelle that night to refic, when he
sad hi: wecle retinue wire taken into cufto.
@y, and cariied 1o Parie under a ftrong guird,
wheii: they a 1 now esnfived clafe prioners,
waiting fer tis {entence of his Msjefig’s on
this xerrordinary tranfaion. ,
‘The Frerch Kiag‘h'iag figrificd his
caya] approbation for say of his offizeg
joinipg the forces of his frieadly bm..-,’,
bpe Brfttp.ic Majefty, ie fupport «f his joft
aatharity avar hia rsbeliions colenies ; f:ve.
nlhimh miliigry gesielmen are aboat (o
13 the exemple of Comst Bulk'cy, by
embirking jimmediately for Ameiica, as
ulaue.ju e Britiih Army,
¢ Exiralt of a lotter from Sl. Germsin,
,** An Baglith geatelmen o (ew days ago
@ame to onr Vauxiall with a large maltiff,
'».':h was refuf:d admi‘tance, whea tbe
geatlemas left him to the care of the body
gux:ds who are placed thore, Lhe geaile
mas, fome time after bo had grined admit
esnde, rciarped, and ilfomcz the guards
&b g he had loft his watch, sad told the fer
jeast, :hac if he would permic him to tais
;;,, the dog, :fl mld;ful‘di&::n the thief,
is 19qe ing grasted. t eatlem:a
m‘m‘rm 10 the deg of what h'o had loft,
wpho jmmedistsly ram sbout amicft the ¢om
ye wad traverfed (he 1’“30” till ac Jaft
E&fgldd of s mas. Thegentleman in.
that tkat perian had got his waieh, and
®p Yping fea:ched, rot only thye waich bat
fix othe:s were difeovered in his pocken,
# wore remarkadie, the dog peflefied
8 pufc@ioa of inflis& w 10 take his
fe:’s watch frcm the otie: Ax, and cary
&b bim.”
An Awmerican gellsl is cArvied into Clyde.
epure is the Gporge, Capr Coacas,
ade:, S¥e fil:d . frem Chirleg-
Sowid-Carcllus, snd-was beund for
; s%, inFranca. The Mate, a Bri
r, whe way taken about fix weeks
:z'. and had eatersd into'tbe Rebl fer
£B,'vofe with the reft of the crew, coufized
the Captain, and brought the flip imo
She it loaded witk 540 Larrels of
Rivar, and 19 tone of iedige. For ihis car
| wis ta receive arme aad smmusition
ggrm The Mais bas breaght a large
-wuf Jetters, direéted to Dr. Fravklia
other, pof.az, . Thay are (appoled to
materal intelligouce irem tae Con
' aed mire fen: £ by the Commif
.of 4y Cofiome, by expies, to the
« of ‘_‘:wo st Losdon.——=Ths
¢ . Shat ther fliip fiiled with
® 't Care ‘.:r Pulu? and feve:al
WMOrS #'ooo Propiring te fail iu a few daya,
Aastler mescuat fag, ere Ceatlemsn
fid tan [.adice we = [vr{":t.ge g, BuC e iirs
were ‘ound on Beard fo- L, Frakliin and
Mr. Moiris, whi htic Casin had bosa
oriercd to deltroy, it attacked Ly ady
Englifa thip.
Capt, Baifewr, of Lis I7sjcfly’s &'p the
Culiodes, wri et fcmn Torlayp, daed the
16:hof April, that vo tae zgea of (ac he
feil in with asd trok 2 (h p from Laieling,
c iled tha Libety, Thomis Sheermsn,
mafter. of aboot 400 tons, ocand to Bours
ceerr, ladea wiia rice, 1:dgo, deer-k.as
ard rebacco,
I key write from Lisbon, that four armed
(hips, fitted cut Ly the merchants, a‘efoiled
from the Tagu, €3 clear the cralt of Keoel
Privateers. And feveinl more viflils ara
fisting out, in order to ciear the coult of
Po-tugnl of thole Freebosters,
Extn& of a Lsgter frem Gofporr, daced
Apiil a 3,
* Arrived late iaft Night at Spirhend,
a 8 Americar Privawter of 16 guns, fad to
be named the Rifiog Stade, fent tn 7 hie
Majefty’s fhip Terrib'e, Sir Ricbha:c Bick
The Trident msn of wir It prt ia
cemmiflion, and the command jivem to
Capuin Elliot, who acienied and tovk
T herot's fqaadren the lsie war.
Licwrtensuc Colensl Joim Camrbell, of
the 47:h regiment iz Awerica, is sppuinted
Aid ‘de Camp o the Kir.g, in the ricm of
Sit Thomas Speacer Wi fon,
Sir Thomas Spevecer Wilfen, lats A'¢ éra
Camp ‘ot ¢ King, is appointed Colens! of
the soth regimens of feor, with the rack of
M jo: Gegere] 1o North- America, v
By o Jetter received from the Supercargo
of the Egmon: Eait-lrdicmun, datei rlae
sift of January left, we icars, thai they wr
rived iafe in the harbowr of Fomchal, ia toe
ifland of Mideira, .0 Company with the
Royal Charloice, Capt. Eiphintione, ifie/ a
quick paffege of nine duys, frem Porel
mouth. Ou the ob of Janwary, ia the
xouin&cfi' the eait end of the ifland, the
Royal Charlotts, beiag the hindermot fhip,
was sstacked by the iwe [New.Bngland pii
vateers, who defired them te fiike to the -
Coagrefs, on which a (mart cagagemest ene
foed, acd che privateers not besng of {:&ici.
ent force fheered cff. The writes 2dd;, that
tke cbove veflels, after a faort flay at Ma
deira, pregefsd makisg thedbeft of thei #ay
to the Cape, keeping togater, sed appoint.
ing Capt. Elphiagsue t boit a brovd red
perdant as Cemmudcty, t 0 make £34als,
sud protef each eser curing the rema ndes
of the wyny.
May 6. Yeflerday his Mujefty riviewnd
ths firft and fescnd regiments of horfz-gaaids
on Bisckhesth. The weaiker being raiay,
hre Mujeity fat in his chaite darieg cto re
Orde:s qre given for the Apsrtments of
kis Jate Roya! l’ignm the Duke of Cuame
betlaad, iq the Stableyard, St. James's, 0
be got reedy for the reseption of his impe i
sl Highne{s the Emperor of G_clg.ny. wae
travels under the title of Ceant Faulkesficin,
The St, Bas, Fiyso, fiom New-Yok, is
{afe arrived off Dover, &he is faid to buve
brought fome .dvictl"nq.Gmnl Howe. -
The Micforsane thet bas laely be'allsn a
cortain jonlows hu&‘, nct » tundied miles
from the Huy- Market, celis to iand ke fol
lowing fa&, reiated i the hiftory of tas Flie
gellancs, lately publifhed : ‘‘ A woman wip
was goce to meke ber coniefiomy hed besn
fscrecly folliwed by her bulbind, who was
jealouvs of ber,aed he hed hic hiafos 1. fome
pince in the chargh, whines he m'ghi (py
her; vat a 3 fiee a 8 be fuw her led vakind
the altir by m:h&, in orde: te bs diici
plined, he Ms sppearcnce, «bje&ted
tha: fhe was tes tender te bear it, &'¢f . red
to receive it in her Stead. This propefal
the wife greatly applavd:sd, asd thejuan had
pe fconer pleced bimfeli wpon his knees,
than fhe exclaimed, Now, =y Facher, lay
oo fisaily (o T am g great” frre:. ¥
Fiom Hawe's Cansinniaw Garerris
Intailigence from enr Goire poadsnis.
Tieth; Me cory, Cape. Wiliaa sexinng
‘lO-’h L ‘oy b"l’.‘ fir hus l“.d. hh..
was token by a flvop privateer Lilewgioy @
Ssl:m, v (he 27:h ot In Dn'lgfiu.,fi‘
firce laiaten by hiv Mojefty’: fary the Riclte
mon, &iived fa ¢ here @1 Saturday [eft,
Ive i lowing istiers, exhibii. g & cori
eus fpreimea of Yonkes siiquerge, w.re
fourd on board the Me«reery, ane wloch
webeg icave 10 g ve cur Readin e laiin &)
iilsi & am.
Dslewtr. 22. 776. . v e
ai sisin ke Laud, 32 4o loaptd 3y vcew
Jenteim n Oawrs: | have the Pleviore o f
fending You a Pioye of the 3‘(’l.!‘ Rcuver
and a Cargo of all Koyods I ihcwld have
made a foyer Crule Lf fo be ot hid boca:
Muider: but hos Bvsr I am “n hopes thet I
) dui fmloas weil, Tdhal proeed as €2
a Midart and Ef {0 be thar IGn we were
Velfoi @f sy Viiley I dall jrofecd w ide
Viliinges, my vefiol reize 2 pocd Dea) of;
Waite, 1w more a Pielint Bur 1 Ram
Yow s o farvae abijan B.den
Ai Staln he Latted of g 2 40 Lengd 27.
Capi. Ditiniere .
: SUR. =
You are Defired to Repap .
ard take vpon you the chog: and Command.
cfthe fhip Murkerey and o make the ook
of your way ior Sticm er ary viber Caa.!
veuiat Care io owr Prouiceffes that is mclt?
Cenveast ‘or you azd Ihe's ta feac by dll.
speed to cur Onare and Ajent &ad oy Gll®
yew bove @iders bow 10 piiseid o | woall
y-t a gcod Pafhage tnd faf. Retorn W
tiivew andes owi hencs ok busrd <he f-ap
Ronver by Avijet Bodea Deismber 27, 17752
Mefe Dinimo ¢ Sess . j |
Pie.fc ¢y Yoa's the Captiin a 0 9 Jozielmen: |
oud ace fefler axy thing takes nem bim
By eny sweiss keept Com with the Soap's
t©® No’"h( tad l':mu t&fd‘.&c Cayin, het’
be fhal! have cu thac bslénps vo Rim n%"
Jom weuid tblaygn yours to farve. = T
" ) Abijah Bcoden. g
I beve feat ihe Rogerfier 1o you by the Crp
I have uaderfiooed that ghq?n{:h hhn@
derrdaiied fo 1 expe& you po Lve it, sad’
take giaw Care of ig il L rerere,
" ! Youri 1o farve X
Atj.h Bodeh ;
D.lemb, 37. 1776. ‘i
Copta, Muga'ord SURI feod yeu 3{.
Capin Dilhscie to acquesnt yor that Leds’
iz & Ship Calied ihe Miarker; Hur Carg
Contans undrys of ali Koyrd: Wrend allé
fend you th: lavoys Ly sae Bearec 2cald ap
ix the Lactar and I hops thit you won'dd
have the Pleaure of recervio g. ov I wilje
Yon well 3ad Remoia ycurs to fueve >
- Abijah Boden . |
Dear Loving Woie fea Lovd 3. 43 &
Longd. 23
I have had Prity gowd Luck wa
Crefic asd fo be Bf mothing hid hap 3
we fhoade have bis well of bui 0 be. yutt
1 aopes 1& have o goud Cruffe yet. Froudi
Capn Dithmore to teli you all how thex
times is and de'ivere 10 yos Thico plecwy
Liricg anc You melt tike them for youb -
o~n ofs. acd give Abigsl. Six Shifres ahichh '
zay be Inopgh te farve ber \he Wiorer ou
give Zoharputh a fow trifui. Capia Dl&
more will give youw what the Peopls bat
P.uacird, tell Cofiue Adim™nad wed ali o
Red Hook howde | fhail E? @ the Wells
Incos. if fo be I take Such Amatier Rushs
Bhip 66 e mwis ot Prefeme but Rrwwime y£
Loviip Heiband. Siooup Makes o-g in: desl)
ef Wener. Abj, Boden, -
Such are (he literery atilities of cur Priend
AL b bet (Sow:h he migit fall duare of
lite:ery praifz, yeu he canwot fad! wf tfif
ingevay muR o f acwinaivelwilih e \
dgu dyim ves. Siaion hme expflM
Feueud Abijah’s mderiwon, ics be was vari
decenily robied, and ibea wksied 00§
yon/ed 25 3 Jentsiuinn. &

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