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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, July 31, 1777, Image 4

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Fxtra& from a ‘atc'f’.(:finn.“aper
(AMER CAN L biR LY exsmpoh €),
ul. EDES\
Ou it pu bi fh ng the foll ‘wirg 2° your Peril.
\\/ HEREAS, oyayexp el LCommand,
this Day, fi.e Cory Villains were
carne over the Lire oo Bofloa.
Neck, viz. Wil om Ja kloa, N th:me: Ca
-Iy, J mes i€ ain, aed Richa @ @reen, of
€ 1s ') wn, #ud aceran tdes, Se jeant of
Ltp- An ¢ Pe (.02 Wik (, tomerasters havs
beer. o uniorm ior {ons Time paR, as n ¢
¢ b manes even with .ne 8 sdow or &
V i :=——AND wheitas there aie many
morc 0 the fam=olaep twthiaTo-z, 20d
eihers dml ¢ miagwe fr m the Couaury,
bec.ufe the T .must ey efided is cou d no
Jor,er be r th ir wiparelll d Wik daef,
Jert hey make the as Lad as th mf lve:s
e—— AnD brea Iha eeciain ia crma
tioo {aG ng ot Tories, vhsave Weeciy
M eings, s paticus H ufes in ths
7 a, uad r Lovir of th Night, then
8 d there ¢ pfulusg and wi K.aly con
gL:iving 10 ruin, of .cflible, this once hap-
Py L d.—— AND wh re.s there a e fe.
we: . woererapis, Shopke psis. and Others
fin this T'w , w 0 have la (e Q_ niryof
Diy Go os ane W fi.lndia Prod ¢2, whih
thyhve weed, a d il efule ¢:le}),
thcwgh th good People ©. bis Srae, and
gbe A m , sre - mm dizte Waatot fu h
A i il :; ard others ha! do { |, ere guiity
of m .ny w ched and evil [email protected], in adul.
vra o, cetdizof he. G ode ndcces
gc tin. Pp r Cuiency e AND he:e.
as a cwithit ndir'; the mamy v od and
w. com¢ Laws of hi State, Vil 22s
ca nof t & toregoini D.acm o3t ony, eicher
b; Evifioa-, o baviag ther Cau s fup.
“"wd by a certai C.al*, ca ied Moderate
o e ias Hypoc itss, e.caps conciga Pu.
‘tfllfll. e
l\-IAVB the'efoe th~u-ht #t te ifl s this
oy ~OVIF CATION, tnB'y ch Igi g
aad comma din ¢ Pe fins who ar guilty
of'an oral heV ces and Bao m' ics he e-
In belo - ¢n merated, that they .or hwirh
Geal frm all uch .eari us P alices,
O he-wif tey may elyo- Ju'g eni, w the
cat M r . ; 2 | maets mined to patifh,
w ih Rig u, 01l 'uch eotorlods OF nders,
@6t «hita dug ths mooten Fhigats 0 a
c'ra'n livce retailing Sh pkeeper cedr the
Com 1, B zie, a d oth:zs, Perfons who
I o'W neve were bleft weh e b ft of
Chara@® r ia po'iticel Maters, and wh , f
1 car any moe of t .ir Imperincace,
¢h | end avor w 0 iea . tham Wi oam.
I do horeby -equi 8, ia Lomp iaece wi'h
the g+ and »h le ome Law ot hi: vae,
sad frr h~Go d f the Po lic, f r whom [
@ nd fo th, T 2t a!l who have lefi Bachere
ing, D ovia-, Horfe-j cueying, Shor-mek
ing Saod driiug, and affum d fetling by
Wa 1 ail or R 21’ Wedt India Goods, and
all eh s o tne fame Budnefr, an: of
Haxteri-g hat rhey for h vith open th ir
S 0 e sad Sh p, axd fell opesly and
pbuky Rim. Sugs. Molaf s, Coton
:’ o &c. &.. st b Prices & pult.cd by
W, \ . &
IDO wrther cemmand ond regrire, ell
Mac.ings of T rie. v carcfrom h s Time,
© [fha! take a» O p riunity of bre.king
up t «ir ‘ar her goflip ing* at the Widow's,
Ard [ docaatio hefl 1a Wid. w from per
mit ing be som gowy i hany more 'et
g€+ o Readng sn Cooce d. Im ftof
feQi navly retars my Thanks 10 .h fe frea
Sg_n bogave m th ir Affifance this D v,
I thal evedy when i would be g'ad to fee
th @ »ai . 10YCE, Jun,
WARRANTED Gwd an? Ne , o
“e od y CHAR".LS DUNBAR,
s CALFR EaR E 5 wbßioad Sue t.
NeWPORT : Pristed by JORN HOWE, i Thamesesirest, near Whe Pasades
Ju# Tmperted and to be SOLD,
at Mrs, BELL’s STORE, in
by Wholefule and Retail ; viz,
SUPERFINE Sewir 2 Sitk,
it.ipp’a Camo,c | B-ows Buckram,
trens, F-fia 3,
Coa fe Cleths, ¢ bu'd and Noa's
Ca:l mascees, Th edd,
Du sai, Getmag derges,
W men and Chlle | Wiiiens,
dre:’s Shoei, Loud = 5k locae,
Trifh Liwensy L secH.adkerchoeds
Sheeti. g. Callitos ,
Combs, Chintges,
Plard a @ gilt Bute | Niek.cus,
wont, Tkl -Cio hay
Deatn's Head and | Camb ik,
Champague citeo, P atills, Reyals,
D wias, Whie scd (pested
D teh Tape, ‘ Jearets,
Cotton Checks, B ows Hsllsnd,
L odn amd Shocl White a d bak
Qu lny, Carger,
Funiatts, ’ Whi: sme b kfi
Wo tted end Sik » o'd Gauze,
K «-Gartens, Biak Ferhar,
Wiiiisg-Paper, Gvz Handker.
Ribbsuds, coe s,
Ba cel na Haudkei- l Faacy W illcost Pat.
chie s, tres,
Craas, !Bo k soed C.ouck
R mais snd check Mull as,
S.x Hincke ¢ iets | F a,
B.aver aad Lamb ‘Huv,
Glorves, Wome:r"s black
M.a"s Silk, Threed, ‘ W Rec M.t
Cotton & Worfted | Wate ord,
Hoefe, lM rea G w.g,
Bia.k, buff, and | Lawas,
whiec B.ecchess | B ck M de,
Pieces, Birg ls,
Silk an. H.ir Twift, | B'2a k P long Sa'tins
Juft Imported-from L.oNDON»
A b HOUSE wbere Mr. Fp» asp
Tuwr:iTon latdy lived, in tre MAIN
STREB ", mear the Ferey Mangrr,
Wacle ale a~d Reteil, :
Tée foliowing ArRTicCLES S
SU-VE& sad wetal | Siiver ald brafs
. weiches, thimb es,
R: p tiing ditto, Gi 4 fiiver, corre.
Stone fhockaee, ftock lian, f-ueand scs
and Shir: buckle, leiv’d buttons and
G:s net, hoop, pearl { fads,
plain gold &lcy J P - der charges,
14ngs oar rings and Marxiag intraments
* hatr giu. ‘Cli‘d'rl’o m.lal al-
Go d, fiiver, 'nd foil pbabets,
@t ue &i'_.buckleg. Pe kni'tl. rigors,
Di.to Seals, Jockets f, cons,
ead wi ¢ oar-rings, Garpet beads,
Ladies bon coabs l Wa ch fprings,
and wax teads, Chsins fio,v.m've‘t
Pearl d:op "3-'-13030 ' ard Plated oock
end p.nv, les - f &1} fores,
Torsoife-Mhel] inl-id ! Ditro b idl: andfazfe
tocth pi k ta'fc?} fls Bi s,
&(meil ng boitle, | Blue and biack bue-
Co:palian, _lougl)c." kles,
chryftal asd cypher | B cci tia, ditto,
feals, of allforts, , &c. &o.
Gola t inken, Gilt wstch chaies
Box bsam fcales,lace of all forts,
fitvered feuls gold, ! Gi'tand platedfizeve
quer, and velvas bute.ns,
i m.ument bo ke, | Swords axé bais,
Morocco pck ts I e, ke &co
bliok‘. 0{ .l' {N‘..
Alfo, to be SOLD by AGNES N'CHOLS
R UM Sagar, Molaes, Wine, Cofize,
les, &s. &c.
A NV Perfon eor Perfons w
are wiling 19 contzs@ or ke 1y
plviog Mo MaLSTY's NAVAL Hg
f.ch cther Necofia ies as fick Pe ple m
reqni 6, alt dilied o iead in (heir Pre
fal, in Wilieg, 10 the Subiuiber 3 whe
on exeminiag thewr Teams wil give
Prefeicnce to 12.¢ I well Offecer.
Ageat 1o the Sick end Hart
’I" HERE 1s wanted immedj.
siely, f + MAKING BHAY tor,
U of Hit M jr'y’: T oops. 2 Nubas
Thetz are therciore deliney ivch & way
b.ve gos either of shefe A iicl s by themy
ot poper Wood for muking thew, o fh‘
t em immecizisly to the Come iffary o
For ge, whe will pay thom t.¢ cencay
P“Lce. \
J MES C AMPBELL, Com:. Forage
Newpo't, July 16, 17°7.
N.B. It ASH cagrat te had for (g
P iwchito k Tail., PANE «ill do,
Tobe: cld to the hig heft Biddep
T the Amcurcof FVEo SIX EUNs
DRED POUNDS St (g t 0 ¢ .fray (b 4
Bxpence cf b Mejefty’s Naval Hef il
Wh eser ¢ d i ous to pur hafe th: Wtolc,
or any Ps ¢ herect, wult feed in thuir Pre.
F) alsto ket fctber whe wilgve g
ele ¢¢z 1w b Pefoa iha. cfion e ol
sdventagecas Termee |
s ge inWoniof SCYT kS, by ape
phyingto M CAMPELLL Depury Come
mff ry ot Foiage, msy e ls,phied, by
g'vieg & Recei t 1o resurn the fae i. good
Qrd r. July 34, 27
At her Skop aext Dov:to M s ‘ALmsy'y
| NEA ' Atforiment of
Lisboa snd Shery Win:, by ike Pije e
Quarter Cukk.
Paik. i’s Lo wa a bottl d Port by theD zewms
L S gvr, Hyfor and Bobes Tes Rarii 1y
Curraots by th- C & and 7, Figos Ly the
Balkst, B tlea M .nard, Acchovies, Capery
F oreece Cil by 1e Cak, Siaich iy ths Bar
yel aad St ar Bae, Limem v, bz mon
Juice by the Bote, Coft € and Chotccla.a
by the Hogfthead, Ticrcey
Barrel, or fmaller Quantity.
By Simon Peafe.
iie N S A
Coutaiming Four Lanccts, °
‘“With a b cad Pie ¢ of Tsre abour il, ead
2 b 2 ’d Baceresa HANDKER. HIRF,
wes LOST, ox Mondey, beter-u NEWe
regueted, it any Owe fhocld find cither of
the abo € Articles, b y wou d be fo cbli‘f
ing 3 fend thew @ Mi. Howe, Qe Priater,
Jaly 34, 3797+ Aoadain

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