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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, August 07, 1777, Image 1

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‘: "'io :‘ "‘ > " ‘.:' ?‘}ff ‘l ./?‘ . ( v g ;
§| ? i) b 0 \ KA\ Rl i o’ 4
| '{."/ g ,},' QW: eP N -"'f 2 _' o Y
PEBSLISUED Y (&' 72'5 2L o&2B T
g ; ‘ \'-A“” :"6 P R Y % : \t : W
&2 fi‘%}‘“v:;f ¢>§og«u;,4 i d s !«t.
‘h—-—*-————_—__g § 1 ’ . —~ S . ’
E"‘f.&. fl'flm RC’bCl ‘P!'P—c!g.
s EVD o'B.’l‘7o' N, Jaly 24.
TotheProrre of the Mit:acmusser’s Bay
e Friexds and Breibrin,
ESENTMENT has fir'd
‘i the Soul of cvery Lover o his
Couniry, at the difgracefu! E
» vicsa ios ¢f TICONDE
ROGA. Every Cirom
- fa-ce t.at we bave yet heard
sf, maks Viilsiny and Treuon ia i's
frangeft Colours, All ear Accognts agree,
that our Force im Ticondercga zeariy e
qalied the Eiemy in Numbsiey that the
Qreanty of Riovifioas there wou'd have
{ippcried them ac fall Allowaass, durivga
siaz¢ of Half s Year; that thoy were we!l
fozpled wiiis batieriag Canncn and Field-
Aiilery) that the Ltores of Gurpowder
we e imaacr(e Juhat the Eaemy's Fo:ce was
ssiisely infofficient to-icveft the Piace cem-
Fletely § aad thet the Works were fo farm.
86 as to facure o Retreas, if they were driven
f:om fuch Pofte ‘as wers I.:cfl'uily .xpo['cd
0.0 th:‘ firt Ateck. Tied the Enemy at-
Sorvied 0. oazy by Sioreey shey could
pa ¢ mide the Attack cn » Part that was
sally manped. They mult have m:rched
agsiaf 2 dreadini Fire of Cawnon, while
sheir March was retarded by the Situatian.
of tiie Greesd. Bven, fappofing them to
have ferced Ihe QOat-Lires, their Succefs
gaunld not have ferved theme A Reticat te
¢he Citadel remsined for us;, and, in Cafe
of a fecoed Retre t, Mount Indejerdecrce
vauld have been ours, ahich cffeévally
tommanded 31l the Qat-Works, Butfach
were the Circamfances, that- an Ausck
gced not be feared, B:iier Succels they
eo4'd ot ex 4t from a Siege & Ths Stores
were (uficient far Half 2 Yoar, et leaft
In lef: than cne Month a Rcicforcement
wou'd have a-rived, 2nd rifed the Sirge.
*The Army thers was difpofed to d-fexd the
Piace, "ull every Man thou'd bs . cu: off.
Mooy of cer Oficers declared openly a
gainft quitiing a Pukt of fuch Impertance.
Eut the Qiders weie abfolate; and out
Traops lefs the Place with aii the Difordec
f a Mob, . Scarcely kad they bezen t 2
:love.. wizd 29 FIOUM ~wes fet wuw Pi-ay
which iaformed the Baemy of thei: Des
ggr. Thae Britith Forces fl!m.’n-fd. and 2
Rumber of cur bravet Officsn and S:]-
diers fell by their Haads, Ia 3 diforderly
¥liht, @5l Men were incopable of sxert.
ing hemlelves =ith Efc&, and were flangh
per:-d by the Evemy. ; e
Jt.ls 14 vais t 0 pl”iltl fuch Conded, b’
afizsizg Fear .es the Cauls Fear was
Tiesfon, It cqually in vaih 10 cxcu’s
foih Corduéits by Wint of *kil'in War,
Eviry Qfser osght 1o kaow the Extent ¢t
Bis militay Abiiiies, Lefoze he undertakes
3 Commacd, ‘lt thewfere as eresfazuble
20 wske epon him 8 Commerd, withuut
$s nescficy Quairfisatiens, a: it s ©
THURSDAY,«Avgusr. v, 1777,
negle@ his Dupy §fdis hda diewt, Pabiic
; ,-.‘ 2 * "'N 3 3
demand en Enqoirg iowa thisd ronin.
'L:t this Enqpirs be.made by Congre( -
I'te Call of tht whole Coatinenc dp -to
them. The Corfiience of afl America is
repofid in them, 35 jn ihe wifeßt and beft
of Mtn, 'T:iey are thereloeg the moft
proper Perons 190 make tne Bogui-y ; Azd
np Daigrmieacion but theirs wi,l (stizly the
P:ope. iy ,
In ‘he meen Time ous.Duty is galarged,
The Blood of our Biethrea crieth from (né
Grousd for Veageguce, Rowfs thes, sy
Cosatrym:n, giit ox ycut Sw.ids, and ris
val t'e moft celebraea Feau of An.igaity.
L:t us ‘akke this {o¢ our Motio, *¢ Cur/ed
““ be ke that Kyperd baok bis Sword from
“ BLOOD.” Iy isin cur rower iill to
retrisve cor Chascflats. Let us chen
do it. _ e Eorea
4 Icanvot fizifh thiv Addrels without tak
ng Noice of a foriie Publicajion in left
Weak’s Paper, preie d:d to be & Lecen
from s 0 Oificer of Digoction ip the, Nors,
tharn Army. Tas Wiier -of this. Leer.
feoms to vindicaip 0-e R.treat, by.refl Qibg.
gn the Afg‘.{':,«&wmm 4
not the Oiticers grastsr Experience in War
thaa they had the [sf.Y ar? Yet the laft,
Year the Place was de ended ) shi: Yaar it
is de‘erted. The lait Year it wss de'eaded
by Miliiia, agsioft-a much fazesdor Force,,
whea the We:ki wore incomplete ; this.
Yerr a Randiog Ammy, well p ovided, asd
with :h: Works completed, have fied b.f.rs
equal INumbers, Bat what Digmity of.
Sant'ment do we dicover in the ¢ neluding
Senience o this cgricus Epiltle .|
« t-jak myl:lf happy, wpon the Who'e,
¢t in havieg meda & Retreac from eader
¢ their Nofe.” Js id poflible that chis Sea
t¢ace could come. from an Offiter of Dil
[email protected] ? It is inereditle thy & Man of
a'y Fe:ling could be the Autzor of it. Be
not deceived. Rawsed Morit wherever
you find it ; but pesith Villainy, however
exaltsd their Scation m y be,
Copy of a Letter from G:a. WaanincToN
"“to Concriss, dersd Middie - Brock, |
~ June 38,1777, o
#On Thu-fday Morsing Ganzral Howe
2dvarced with :II whole. Army 10 feveral :
Columns, from Ambay as far ae W:ftfield.
We are certainly ioformed the Troopt feat
te Siaten-I{land returasd the fecceeding
Evening, aod it is faid, with a 8 Aug.
mentaticn: of Juiua; fo that carrying °
thom there wes & Feint, with Intention to
deceive as. Hy Difign: in this fudden
Moveraert wes either to biing on a geas- .
ral Engagemest, ®poa difadvastageous
Terms, a,fi‘gl’ Matiers ja Po'mt cf
View,. Or 16 Cat. © ..c'n-fitit.?lfli“. sad ¢
Lord S irlieg’s Dieifion, .which was feat.
eown 10 fappock them, of to piluie himielt
of the Heihts and Prifyq in s6ie M>Matain
-g..;a.y& ; soa w 9
Bowe e 2 SN R
1 d cated a'hfin(mfpc P 10N 40 5. ™ e BTN
Pafler. In this Sitvd i aof Affais,” P
thowght abf.lately n:ceflaty tha:’ we (how d
move eur oce from ou;‘lew Grouads, i@
occupy the Heigh s beford te, wikic. weap
effedled. . A: thoy sdveilced, ‘they 'LI 'Te
7’ h fome of our xißm Pirtier. ‘#od Parg
of Lerd Siirlng’y Diy’idn, ° with whick
they had. feme precty ‘eirt kirm'thing,
bst with very little Lefy, I bélieve, 04 oe:
Side, ex:ept in three Fic,ldo?jom. which
wafurtonately foll facs the Baemy®y Hands,
Bise mot having obuioed Retuwag rot, [
Caanot deie ming it with @értainty § nge
c'n we afcertsin wihat the Baemy’s Lo
was. As {2OO 2a we had fll’ld th: P.‘fl"
I detachad a Body of light Troopi, undm 1
Brig. Ge:. Scott,, 0 “Q‘ on, therr Fla ke,
and warch theig. Motions; “and ‘prdéed
Margaa’s Co-py of Rifle-Men w#lq‘h' |
fizce. The Enemy semai-€d .4t l_xa .
Gl Yelterday Nu;a%g.’,;?a'qbbn' hred
o’C ock thlcy moved tanikdi Spenk Towny'
N&"ffi g &&n 52 Iy <heir Rosy ‘fi ,
before them; “gus g?f' w;& ;
Hbaufes. 1 haye the -‘ndg » o,
Eltrad of » Letier from the fame to Cona -
g-efs; Cited Elad. Qarer, Middlse
B-ock, June 29, 1277, Nise.o'Cloclgy ¢
-P. Mo' ‘ ) R ’ : b '
T have. act bort bt elbarif oty
S¢ | have not beell ais '!
with any Degite Ll’vfi;n.l the a"
fuflained by the Bn ic cud feveral Skiow
m:fhes os Thurfday; thongh.we have many
Rexfons 10 beliove,. that it was mach miorg
corfiderahle than - what it was.appebinded’
to be, whea [ had the Hosour cfi'“nfit‘ !
you on the Subjed... WX 104 eAo RSE
#1 ‘As to our.Lofs, lam slismed by Lird
Stirling, chut.it was triflingy dad byv(}::
Deferiors s have come in; that they
bst very ‘sw Prifoners: iglica.: It woold !
have certsinly besm konowo e shisy
(chae is thy Nomber. mo: 'yet se 13-
not fome :: the 'Pu& and § belivve b 8
moft, whicki were ut, Joined Ul
£arme Goy § e"‘ ‘s
2¢ Jone go'h,. P\ S THe Fal-nem .
by ualcn.mmu.! wwo of whithgre ":' é
D:agoons, the it befaitey ¢ - ¥ "0 J% :
: 0 upo“w SHIL 1"" , i
. ) 'fl'."'»":'_ S
Publihed by Order of.Coagrefss.,
‘ CH-\lms THC 't-u ra
o« . ‘ . 4 ‘ ;
Laft Seterday. a Conrier palied Shel Sui
this Tows, o 8 hir Way te PhiIGSNpEME.
with & Packet, foid 'sw costmie- Dol
of- fmportance from *heCdure. ol FMNe
which arrived st P 100’ bBN &
forthe Honoursble yhe: Rpuiaiutuyy
she Uaised Saios of Columpty-. -"5

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