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PISH.KILL, July 24, 1777
‘His Exceliency Geaenl Wafbiogton's
ghny a:e edcamped ia the Clove, sbrut
gightecn miias from this rown.
Major-Giaeena! Sulliven’s ¢ivifire march
ed tréin this pla.e jat Monday; for Pesks-
Various are the reperts of the fitattion of
the Britith fleet and army. Oae day they
ore all faled—the mext they are ready to
{ly ~——2gsin they aie difemba-ked on Saten-
Il sd. Mowiibftaudizg the variety of
the iz marcouvics ; g where they will, it is
not sndoubted, but thcy;ill meit with a
{uficiEat forth torepel theat.”
. ‘5 E {g-llfi‘* V E (N, July 9.
Lag Sunday right a nembsr of the enemy
Yanded from their fhipping, four miles to the
wétward of Norwalk asd ook off it is faid,
more than 40 beed of catile; the next night
they adempied 0 jand a little this fids che
‘Town, but wert p'uealod by the miliua.
B O 8 T.O.N, July 3t .
Rxtal of a Leter from a Gsntlemen,
~dawed Otm;;{ ‘“..l.’uc:uk. 5 Mileg be
low hfi& ;;I!:'.‘43\\&!2{.,' ’6’o"¢qlall.y
*v 8 and uscerwin ; It muft, therefors,
be a‘reub:e to be alceriaiced of our Affdirs
{a this Department. Ihave ast Time 10 bs
very particul.r, fo you muft accept of a
generd] Accoust. The esemy had colle@ted
great § rength upos the Lake, viz. Thares
20 Gun Ships, the Thuader, mounting 18
b:afs 25 Poanders, twa 13 lach Motais,
foveral Iwtz an Coborrs, befidss Schoo
pers, Sleops, Gun Boati, &c. == Their
St eog'h by Land for expeed cur ExpeQad
tions, and th ee Times ouk sumbers lotaat,
fo. wantef Mea, we cou\li‘xt freveat their
cut.ini‘of our Pafs to e George, by
which Means pod.:d themicives ofticights,
from which, toge:ber with twe bateeries ey
had built on tie Rat side of Like Cham.
rnn. aad th ir Skip;ieg, they would have
nvaleeded ghe French Liaes, sad made Ti
comderoga 'ba hot a Place to livain; we
muft bav: §.d to Mosat Jadependence, the
Conf quence of vhaywould have been tzeir
. ”".‘”W’ yith ppiag, and cut
tng © . p from
*la they wep d effoltod (oan,
l}d ‘we maft Kave bn%filf!'d ia o Come
plisnce witkkheir owa Tesms. In thefe de
} Lh.u. M-m for ‘t" &ré not
4 ; nary, the - s Am:tiou was
dod. 10 fave.the Azmy, which could be no
ptheywife, thaa by a precipiate Retreat.
W«n te wiee recsived; chic gth la
gl T M ;40 0P Npoa +8 the
wbq i Oden flh‘m“‘ aven.
ng for evesy Man 13 prel'vp what beeould
arey, ",."P“.F'\“_ % W Tosts
ck, and fuch Storeq y wite
ca boatd cur: Vefl:le dnd Baaty'd abour
|o'Clack ia the Mm#f tNe6:h, the
bdy of the Army, (et ¢ Jor Callietown, to
iwrch roa: d nw'nv.m« tom:et
m who cimp up by Wace', adout 300
Rh thé luva'ids, but the Easmy pu jued
whWays; we had resched Skeantburough
it & fow Minates when they sttaked u 3,
having heavier Motal,obliged us to leave
'V Ssones sad Bagpdge, fomein
agbets rousheir Pofetlions sad p e
- Y ki Be
% Regimept or Qusea’s Light D agosas,
||# landed up 2 Bay, S. W.‘f‘o- ;fmr.
‘BgP, 10 iatrrcept owr Retreat to Fory
. 1 but were got foon ensn_ h to miwer
ad. A Party ofours, 100 Men, were
ot fcoutieg in the Morniag, foom met
artocked snd drove them fron a lfrtle
work theyjhag boi ¢, thoagh more thaa
{frong ; a Reinforcament of saother
¥ was feat o ours, who purfoed them
gigreat Slaoghrer; and almot furrovad:d
s and je alt Prebability would have
J'g 8 lolal Congoeh over tham, dad mot
3 falled ; weteok their Sur
“oun’ D". C.
L gl i"’ asd
:"0" .. Nun.h‘.“ C.P'- M
ok y 15 ! ‘M' and o O‘tg
w 0§ of yt 0 ot amery,
88 i kee the ook i ther rYs
bclr “1 mo "t’or (,‘h~ O & I a'd
g:m g drei re than eugh R the b
wa e rg‘cr'cd ot Alo or .l de:d. e c.,”'Y
3 ¢O ived Qe 2. T Qar ed
pre meg that vt he G Lef
did!xt;' "’.c:o the .l“: l"ulc.:' aud r' .‘SO:
""’-e g lr.arc“:‘ :nmy "onflf‘%rcn““i
our Ar A la tant, ."1 beit ’ it w‘.mcn‘
R o v e )
° ' v } ~
T Jbbarls bk . B 4
the sidc.n‘d ll;u‘:;.r ‘0;‘.'“0""‘(; ];:c”“‘a
;xlx.-l.l’ like ‘l7 'ofl'h.bl,c' bi(“c I.’\;‘?o].
R’.‘lx L 0%,"" ;g°°d SOU‘ riend ‘:Ec gre:‘n
Pc:‘r'." 5 ifl.,wfl:-c"““ l';::'i,""!;'dgl'-l:‘al"
§h.£o‘¢ tof :\b.' fi{‘ aw fia 'ubl‘ic "‘h Part
m, ® 'l‘,¢g t (hem Nll:.' ‘l‘“r'(d L;. u‘ D 8
Nu":h‘ I Milidi whep in Len fon
Syt bery cone ia a 1 ever gta, .
hr.i":(.' 1 ‘h“.;{ ot Bi'e : co'fla:e can :n d
i o oy i
°f l ant icn Df a (.k O.r‘ s d e car
Gl Cavin"‘fl‘d s thefr A‘. Phqlc.":-“
doyv.‘}" !’: '.c°dc,a jft \;n,. kfl'-, Fezh'i“
whof not th’;c S (r“" &¢ * of th he ab;P'
‘.'hc B“fi..c“ng The B 1 he ¢ Reaf ve
ad efs to am pe wi ons
500 Mi it M. S
0 “. l a ¢ A 3 g_.
B. : iti.y 2¢oco l’\ to fu ry mcert .‘°
‘fld’ '“"h. to frn:';“‘inrplY o ".b," ".-'nn
{po* fartic er ‘A rend anial T ith u.c.(,
ki c. ‘hcr:""y c{'u“‘l Yl‘h 35 "o nd
o w ki ] i r cO.” »
g L"“'“rof . gu Tice -
that | was ¢ eare i re rel .enuer\.nd'ro
n ortief: etermi nform Icd on nan on ga,
2 s, of s, Ou ined od, by the
a! off: &i ove army mak 2t who
.rg.. Ive SCCO co.ffic.fl' at .h
P'lg tllec migh m: .l ed ight the
e w ght b n s b fic
bad jniwa' wakce : . ‘b_'u‘h'l o.‘y the rm
g e zh.""‘ toth" nc t SOO o b
""";ul" n."'h( e ticag whicx:h-e
et ’ .“d o'ic' on (ntm’ ébe{‘)' i
a we tkere tha: b'k“ l;' infL o 0 11.i.]-‘h..
mng. .'l"e efides -c mcn’m"l lia
beef for ‘o"d.‘"l' ulke we'e‘ook
k. ’-P'ri‘h'-"‘g.: " funumbe'r."“ b:'“
and iln ‘h.’ rice, 9 perior ”‘f f .‘Yo.
of eng bigh ’}‘:'ifn“"‘; rf'g‘o‘.-. the buy-
In 2 ". 'w acm ex min 23, & ’
dia l“.fli y. B reme) hea! ¢.
o B el th
f;:; m.o"rb.;”l of a nem . M:"fi-o‘!
r ( 0 s
o S e
’ 1 ned)
and two e were on od 500
.o il g s withi s i e
”"‘.fi:-‘“igi-‘h'm... ':f. ‘“fl a Di;mi’eg
Jjor itg oR fo ‘n on near cof o .
ou whi be A © one ar
th PN iwh tw aed ppoli an
e wg"e eh them o Gdes,
. u” b ‘L‘-" ...'n O ten ."
o f d
might § judicio hye o | ixtremely
““..‘ h." fb;»;. "‘_. “‘ k.d 'Ppon.t?l,
-.:_'hsJ."a..s o 5o i
'l ey e o m T,
b'r.’pt“ah ‘-o-cfi‘. O'lb'f"'in g o mzht
'.::“ r’d. ‘,c“‘ "0..“ up ‘-m)’. P:‘h
"‘h. 'Wdr.'y . o . l'."rm': “orflk"
%’f’ h‘d oa i..."...w.iCh mey fal '
gene iiweD cut ! lome R ey
"'bo' ,;a.-n; » .5:." .0.i..e0l % 'oo.,
had "hs-n’ uu'"' . s wc'
winds ¢ e of mi Ny s e
th prob ong’ my W {
par Yy fto .ble )"4. b , and as ?rl
'h..d' ran 'o wa l"t L fi. 0‘ e
y ..d' r y ot ) | wall thof
thaa wi the whi rec at th ‘n ¢
h ght y ch vei o and
of sbard e hoes v sl e o
m .’d'. - M! [. ¢e e ll ’
al nefi in given .ui‘cq we'l ace
’; r'°'o‘ i s “‘!lb ,',-d in pre-
C.E °bab-,,'t ; Ba fro fe ad thi
a fow b Bl by o ' vil vad rasuge
ia brev ! has . cléfo end m‘ln'c
Wm‘. men ‘b.'.m"d .lg.ckba ':'
b li ’ U.d"w (ata! muft ‘
intée M& ' to in
- - i ".b. ‘o‘;‘n.
e n s, b’
" Bel et the milida that kad enived 2' Ti.
condercga, ard were ¢ miag to rein’crce
that place, it i 3 well known thuitec o t @
fallelt regiments of this Sia‘e wers a. A._'.a
ny, snd migh: fcom heve jaie’d the ga ri.on
had they been call’d for, i o
The Gentleman abon.mtr.no'.ed_fau n
wih the Tour gemesal ofiicers (cireating, of
rather Ascivg from Ticonde.cgs. He jer
fomally knew each of them: Teere vicio
about an hundred of our 2rmy beicie §h¢"' ;
fo ihat ro general offiter was cither with (he
crntre OF rear, .
By a Gemileman arrived in Town Y Rere
¢ay, and who left our Nerihera A 1) ot
Faday, we learn, tbat they bave u.iman ied
For: Edward and retized s 8 Mcls Cieek 3
where they are determiced so make a >znd
~——1i!l Gineial Burgoyne eppears vSt hice
L:ft Tuef-ay fe’nnight a Pany of laciime
attacked Genersl Nixon’s B.igads, ke 7
and toek 17 Prifoscra.
Lift Thurfdsy s Licutenant azd §:'geact
were fcalped gy the Savages, s “‘?“
O Americal Ameriea! | isment fo- y-ur
S'mpicity ! May yvur Chid ez ¢x..ti.ema
felvas with more YVigour, ssd leek .utwi h
greater CireamafpeQion, orih.y wil b vne
dcne !
By sn Expre’s whe anived Y flir'ay
frem Head-Quarters, we are in‘urm d,
That 173 Sail of the Eaemay’s Trem por s,
&:. foiied from Sandy Hock, with, i is
fa:d 10,000 Troeps en tcard : Va icas
a:e the Reports relative to therr deftion i n g
fon:e thigk they are bomsd to this Po'tg
maay corj Cture they ;tod to fireich fog
Virginis, &c. but 8 very fhort time xi.. ce
terminge thoir duling obj:t.
Kxtra& of a lewer from 2 gentleman ecPeck’s
Kill, to ens in tbis Towa. dated July 25.
* The ssewy filed laft Wednefcay iem
the Hook, with abent 150 fai', baviog om
board about 16,000 loups. They leit fol
§oco at Kisg's bridge andjis’s eavitode, sud
oa Yirk lflsnd=~PFrom the fiream of intal.
I'gence, and other circamßances from the
enzmy, the gensral officers ai this pcft ire
of opinios, they Gisersl Howe intends for
Donen: . Tine, RIiAGE pUmic Bte ot
3 foended, | jedged it my dqu”:nom a
:'!"; to your ‘“mq, te give this e rly ad.
. ;;:” Y the expreis who cairies public loge
Extie & of aletor from Fot M E‘l.r' dated
A Jaly 13,1777
“Ibave been xow icven days ca the
retreat from Ticonderops thr. o, b hew ode
witheu: ome mouthiy’ fbeac; we hive
fome f:¢th mea: and that is.k : Lug we ;rc
now artiv’d 3 Focc M e, her fve get prod
piovifica-of all kizds. We are ¢~ - 3 ey
to-morrow, bat for wieré | known ¢ |
da fuppofe ths news of the resie st will greate
ly (arprize you, and weli ize.ay ; the occs
fi'n of 1t mult be leit to b gher pcweors th g
1 am to julge, fer owr ticops were hesity
and in fighing (pidis.— Weney r knew of
the ret eat hiif an hour before we lefc Jhe
greucd, which wae atout two bours belera
day, thea the nbole ArmYy wss in grest Come
fufiob as weil they might be, The sy
puileed aed cack all our bag: age at Skeexss
borergh whers sn cbflinate erps SRGA} SR
(med srd n scmbe- fsil oMfi ’dfl. We
brought ¢ ff 25 prifinere,
Ex t;& of a lettor from Fort Miller, Jalripy
‘‘ Suaday lift arrived here Gaceial Noxe
o’ Bigede fiom Pecks Kille, with o fize
Cempany of Artillery : they have le't all
their bagpsce here and gome cut woon 8
fcout. Yeßr day the ememy took twe
Waggone wih Previfisns, A Namber of
Officers are uader Arreft a¢ thic Place for
Cowarel e.”
We Fave it frem the beft Aotk
the Gorrifon of Ticederogs, ?rb.:’:l‘::: h::
e ifl?l:‘&b". Koemy, confified +f soco
reops, .well arm'd; w' a'd, clonis
axd a Plaaty of Provifone, akoi ‘.

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