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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, August 21, 1777, Image 3

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Ia :0° Heuls of Reprieainiives,
‘ Yaue 21, 1777- '
230LYED, That sach Tiwn and ye- 1
R wmeetp rgied Yaniatium ia hiv Coiony, :
| nt g.ving fuch a Quaatity of Powdaer :
in Whei public S eree, 31 will 1a mith the
M:n Borae o 0 the Fraiziag-Band and' A-
Jamiat, wik Hyro Pound 1o each Mn, 1
b aljowad e parchafe i eiher af thé |
}Pmdcg Mils ia this Coloar, fo much
| swier az wl ke vp the Qrmiity &
fi,.{.i,(. which Mll be lold obe Selct |
Mzn of aid Toxas, of C:mmiitees of @n
r-_xwu.d P angaiions, as t asit caa bs
}l I:ed. 3t he Rate o’ Fivg SHiLLING: per
.lruud_'. fare Seled M:n and Commitiels
e ebtisely cernifying to (n: Keeper of
foeh Pewde: - Mitl, the Mamber of Mo
\orae 80 ibe Lits afor (aid, roge har wih
"‘O while Pewgier they hardin siock, Pie.
' farénes being given 10 the Coeld Vewisand
' g-tecr poiawd Plactations atjrining the
§ea, Wacn mo ¢ apply han can be fup.
F ’lu‘i. .
" True Copy Com the R:zar Is of the Ge
“adref Cowrs. : !
: Ausit, JOHN AVERY, Dep. See.
'h the Houle of Reprafentatives, Oob.r
} 28, 2;76. 3 ;
| WHER!.AS g areloive of tiip gourt
' .@f she a 4 june Jail, (e keepy? of
gitne: of shd powsier milyia (his Slate wal
, gepawer~d and directed ro fell to the felatt
' mia of cach tawa in this State st these e Gl
- Frve Skitlmge ter pound, 2t much Gui
. ponder as fha | bz want.d in teeir relpective
y 8D Recks, to furn iy es b maneat e
plarm aed waia Land liks wadh nat 2 gounl
weght. ‘
" Aad whezess it it mpch safizr and more
| eeayemignt far diveis towss o fead tr the
~ Commiflary Gemerai's flore in Wateilznn
for fach fupples of pewder, thin 10 atoer
3 of the '”d‘l’ mitile.
' Jt-Ae sherafore refolved, TEat the Coms
midary Geaesal oi this Stete pes, snd here-
By is empawered and dire@ed fupon fuch
sariificate far is proferibed ia taa refolve
' abovs@entioied, to feli and deliverat Wa
teriewn 0 (bt {el:@ap of cvery toOwN, 6F
. 4h~ commisec of any iazo porated plucti
| o in i 3 Snte [ woo (hal) mppiy ta him
- Shaefor, luch qugi:y_ot»(}m,cai:r at
- the price o Five shillizg par ponnd as the
" kesge: @f either B (ne faid jowletmills’
}» “Was 77 the Raloive aboveiad o iell.
‘ A woe Scralt Lowm the Racords of the
i Gecr ) Courn, v
Atjelt, : '
} ~ JOHN AVERY, D»»o. Seery.
Ia the {lvafe o: Reorelniaiives, Jene 10.
y -RBSQLVED. That the oveifery fufths
. Powde: Mils imtms State, be awd
Rerely are dire@ld to dsiiver to the Selelt
pcp of tay Tow in tiis otai® who may ap
ply ihoefor, 0° 12 theit Order. aay Qusti
ty o Powde’ they mey requell of thww ;
' they paving thercfor ot the Rate of Fiveshil
| Mags a Peand, provided the (ame -de wmot
: o 2 o9d Balf @ Pound to cach Maafin their
wipe& ve Toeas, includ'ng the Alarm Lilkk
e Addien 10 half a Pourd 3 M.a hertoiose
. tllewed 10 bed zwa by them + And thr se
-1 Qe a'e dire@ed to &ifpni* of the (ame
~ (ror exzeed ng hal' 8 Poand et Mar) to
~ tht lahabicants of their reipritive Towns
| #h. are mot slready provided thsrewith'a
!‘mb g to the Milit'a A& of 12i+ Sture, the
‘ verfosry of :he (3id powder millvm be gc.
{ e able 10 this Court for the M.acy they
temive thera'or.
L Tiza Copy from tas Resords of ikt Ge
wol Court,
JJaN AVERY, D:p. Se:,
STATE »of t‘A*ACh“m EYS-ptY,
{ eaec ) Chumber, Jaly 15 1-77.
RDERED,. FThet 122 Seelt Mz a-d
O Cmunw:‘ uc:n'-: 4 owns an
P 102 dons witsd@this Siate, that have nct
ve eived tneir favers! rovorasms of Powe
dsr, 8 recable 19 the ad ve Raolviy wi
Coure, be, and heteby a ¢ leq cledy asthy
regad ihe Intered o thar -.M".uy, to ap
piy for the fame, that ahe Midna may L 2
furpled »ith Ammunt Is, segording t*
Law, tor the De cnce of tass aed the United
A true Cpy. Aveft,
Extrr®& of a Loiter from Saratoga Aug. 2.
“ Wt anivid at thiz Place Yederday,
whare we fouid vhe chist Pare o' cur Notin
ea A'my moch oilo ds’a by the Re:
vieat. The lndisns are atl arcund us, they
me very boid, they efAza kil and fcalo
Centries 2nd othery, ia Sightcf the Armr;
th y h ve kil'ed acd fezslped sbori 60 Meo,
Women a:d Ch idren, miking ne D it néti
on betwern Wags and ‘Tories. We fhall
b:pin our RETRUAT 2o sul! Weier I'o
poirw, as the oemy are on their Mach
towaidy vr Sl Water s adeut 25 Mues
fium .-\ib'.ny. 44
Extr#® of 3 Let'er from an Offiver of Di-
firéton, dated Mancheßer Avg. §
w 1 arsived here the 2d laftann, oz
Militin frem ‘he Hattera Siwaies ae sl m-
Lliag vt this Pelt, 1 expictin a tow Days
1@ sdvance nearer 1o S Reensmdrough anc 1 i
condercga, ®hich it i feme Sorufaliing in
to the Reaf off Burgeyre’s Army. Ths
Moavement will ob! g= bim 10 lcave fuch Des
tickments 10 {ecure the sereral Pofts ot
which he hath peflei’atimieitard which
at 2’l Hi2zards he mull attompt to maintain
as w.ll grealy wesken his main Beody,
. NEW ~¥.%L,}J' 11.
iR Nigh. arvived-hoce hre Mg s5O
Cyren; en toird ol which 14 tratmo ed
PIRATE MANLEY, Commed we of toe
Rebei Sqandrors NE was taker bys 81-
¢ty Mam of "War, sud Bis Ship feat taty
Ha! tex, being {0 fha'tered & 0 render it
ito pFi le for her 10 reacs this Poct,
A l.age French Snow, with a valwahle
Carpo of Wares, ard tound 1y Virgizty,
trhen by the Lmerad, arived afs lal
N ght.
D ed, 1t Tuefday in this Clry, theami.
abie Qenfort of kiz Ercel's ¢y Wiliam
F aekiing Eig; Goversor ot New- e iey.
D“. at "flnic.. s‘f B.fiil hoit., o
vermor of thut ifland,
NERBX.P7'O KT, Angufl 21.
Yererday £3:3 on taeir Cru'zs H s Ma.
jefty’s Bhips D asond, Ficiz aed Lesk.
In ke B fos Paper of the 2 gth leftant,
is on. Advenifement figa’d by Willigm
Cooper Town Cléik, callieg upon a'l Per.
fons that have Waggore and Carte, 8o noti
fyhim thereof, that the Goods may bz .a
xov'd ot of the Town, as they gxped
daily to be s'tatked, - -
The greateid Cen afion prevails in every
P2t of the Couviry, ewery cnejfearng chac
the Army will {.on be ainongft them,
The People Parg a logg Whils ben
arafed with Acconcts of igs Quanticics
of Arme, Avmanvica, Cloathing, &c &c.
faid 1r Lerecii et tom F ancé; bat what
bas rgen I aie ot Ticondnogs, has raied
a ;i ef Enguiry which may ba fata’ t 0
Peopagatons o f fuch infam-us Frithoode.
Co'. Ma:fhal e Boflon, who wea: wth o
Rigiment to Ticonderogd, hun réton’d
H:me alowe, ali his Msn havieg lefs him.
Died, Capiia RANNEY, of the 544
Reguasas, : ‘
A farge & compleat Afl'd‘n;cn:
IR?)?»:MC\'GE&Y ' Sorp, \
Braziee’s & Cats ‘ Caedles, 5
fery Wares, ‘ 2 alias, .
Taslh asd Lleraia | Spties,
G uts, Vepper, &¢. &e. &
s‘('l\h, 4 g
Which will b SOLD, at m LOW
a Rate as any in tae Lowm of Newpori.
Aug. 21, 17772
For NiW - YORK, fo fuil the
firft Convey, "
Jarees Nixox Maftear, lyizg 2 Ho
neyman's Whatf, a prime Satler, avd fin 3
A ¢ mmodaion ior Pefl ngers. For Fregat
of Pall gey apply 10 land J.lbf o boaid.
Aug. 21, 1777. :
Te be SULD, at the Camp on
On WEDSNEsDAY next, the 27 h Tofteant,
'1“ HE LFFEC US of Caplain
R AN 50 E, deceafed, of the g4th
Regimeni ; conlit ug of Waariag Apperel,
Camp Furniure, &g, ——— (hs SALE 10
begin st X, o'Cl.ck, A, M. aad ¢oaiinue
trial awe f2)d. p
Acg. 2%, 1777
Containing Four Lancets,
With a broed Prece of 'hrc abeu: it, and
s barr'd BaceLexa li@l‘fip&}i&g**’f'.
was LO>T, en Mounday, betoeen NEW.
requetted, if acy O.e thouls fied either of
the above Anticles, h y »oy'd befo Sblig
ing 4+ fend (nem 0 M., Howe, the Phnter.
July 14, 1777+ W :
Jut Imported from N ew-York,
SOLD by JO fl_'N,“flO WE,
Privting Office fo' ¥ hdmes-itrees
. The fcliowing ArTicLes of .
POST.. | Wafers, :
¥ool's Capy Red 2=é black W,
Port, ¥ Qyke Ink, - i
Let €, Red ard black lok-
Cartridge, l ,Powder,l =
Booaer, and ¥ Pewter Ink-Chettny
Mardle Paper, Di'ty Ink Siands,
Qills, , ‘ink-Holders, .
Acsount Bocks, { Peacile, - -
Orderly Books, G-anvm.&
Pocket-Backs, Dieids 2
M.morazdum-Bagks | Sleces dod Podcils,
Poahce and P.unce Pn.!(niu‘{.v tnd ."‘
Boxes, Liguid Blatkipg, .
Sard,. ; PR T DR
warranted. Enguwire of she Pilbecs, |
“Aegsh 21, 1277, Ll

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